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THE LAMP!--Let the Oil Flow!        DFO 1427        3/83

       (A Prophecy which came while watching one of our leaders on a dance video:)

       1. THANK YOU JESUS! PRAISE THE NAME OF THE LORD! "HEAR THE WORDS OF THE LORD! SHE IS ONE OF THE TRUE LOVES OF DAVID! She gives David very much much love. She loves your father very dearly & sacrifices much for his love. To whom much hath been given the same loveth much. Kiss ye the Words of David! Praise Me for the Words that I give thee from my father. Jesus gives the Words that I give to thy father. Give her the seven kisses of thy father. Hear the Words of the Lord through thy father! Praise ye the Name of the Lord with the seven kisses of thy father & be thankful & give praise to thy Love!"

       2. THAT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DANCE!--BEAUTIFUL, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS! (To Maria:) I think she needs to learn, like you have, to be more of a Queen & not be too free with her favours. She is trying to give too much. She wears herself out. She can't give to everybody the same. She is a Queen & she should be very very choosing. She's a Queen! She should command only the best! Like she points the sceptre only toward those who are worthy. She should bestow her favours only upon them who are worthy.

       3. A QUEEN SHOULD HAVE THE BEST! SHE SHOULD BID COME ONLY THOSE WHO ARE WORTHY. Like bestowing a high favour from the Queen--that's not for everybody. She should be choosey & save herself for only the best, only the most important to her kingdom. I wish I could show her how much I love her! She's already shown me how much she loves me! She needs to rest. She gives too much, until she has nothing left to give. She has children?--She looks like a maiden! But she's wearing herself out. A Queen needs to save herself, as well as give herself, know when to give & when to save. She can't give to everybody.

       4. LORD, BLESS & KEEP HER, GIVE HER STRENGTH & WISDOM! Help her to know when to save & when to give. Teach them more respect, she needs to teach them she can't give to all. She needs to save herself for all. Like you, Honey. I give her seven kisses of David. Thank You Jesus! Three times seven. And she shall have more, much more, many more. She's a Queen, & she needs to remember she is a Queen, & she can't stoop to all.

       5. SHE NEEDS TO SAVE HERSELF FOR THE KING & HIS WORK & THE KINGDOM! They all need to bow their knees to her, but she needn't bow her knee to any except those of special worthiness & value to the kingdom. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Give her strength & wisdom & teach her how to save herself for Thee, Lord, & Thy Kingdom & Thy King, that she might minister to all in the Spirit & not only in the flesh. Like you, Honey!--She needs to be taught of The Queen. It's good for you to teach her thy ways, Honey.

       6. SHE NEEDS TO LEARN THE WAYS OF A QUEEN, to be more sparing in her favours, more choosey with her suitors. She can't satisfy them all in the flesh. She must try to satisfy them in the Spirit. She must teach them it is the Spirit that prevaileth, & the flesh profiteth little.--Like you do. She needs to learn the ways of a Queen!--When she must be high & when she must be low, lowly, when she should yield & when she should forbear, for she cannot bear them all!

       7. SHE NEEDS TO SAVE SOMETHING FOR THE KING & THE KINGDOM, HER BEST, LIKE YOU DO. Amen? You save your best for me & your most for His Work. You can't do it all. You can't please them all. They need to learn to respect you & that you're very very special, & it is a very very great honour when you give to them & bestow on them your love! You can love them all in the Spirit, but you can't love them all in the flesh.

       8. SHE'S BEAUTIFUL! SHE HAS A WONDERFUL SPIRIT, but she can't feed them all in the flesh. She has to learn to feed them in the spirit & not give so much in the flesh. That's why her flesh is so tired & worn! She gives too much, beyond her capacity. She needs to save some for herself, for her King & the Lord & His Work. She has so much love, she's been too generous, & she must learn how to choose what's best for the Kingdom, to save her best for the King--Jesus! Thank You Lord!

       9. WHEN SHE IS TIRED SHE NEEDS TO REST. When she is weary she needs to retire from the fray & give the battle to others. She needs to know when to fight & to be still, when to give & when to save, when to work & when to play, when to feed & when to pray. As the shepherdess of the flock she must feed of the firstfruits, like the husbandman & the shepherd, for strength. She must feed of the flock as well as care for them, & they must care for her. They must minister to her as she ministers to them. When she saves others, indeed herself she cannot save, but there are times when she must save herself if she is going to save others & still others & yet others.

       10. SHE NEEDS TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THAT WHICH IS GOOD & THAT WHICH IS BEST FOR HER & THE KINGDOM. What is good for her is good for the kingdom, because she is very special to the King & she must save her best for him, give her best to her Bridegroom & not waste her oil upon all, save her best for the Lord & the first place for Him! This she needs to learn.

       11. "FOR BEHOLD THE BRIDEGROOM COMETH! COME YE OUT THEREFORE TO MEET HIM, & WASTE NOT YOUR OIL UPON THE UNWORTHY BUT SAVE THE BEST FOR YOUR BETROTHAL, UNTO HIM WHOSE RIGHT IT IS! For not all are worthy!" The Queen must save her best for her King, give first place to Him, His fellowship & His Love. She needs to learn to rest in His arms & not to work so hard, & to save her best for Him. Than You Lord! Praise You Jesus! It's a very important thing for Queens to learn to save their best for their Lord.

       12. FOR QUEENS ARE VERY SPECIAL, CALLED & CHOSEN TO BE SPECIAL BRIDES, VERY SPECIAL PARTS OF HIS BODY & VERY VERY SPECIAL TO THEIR LORD! They must save the best place for Him. "In quietness & confidence shall your strength be! (Isa.30:15) For He shall sustain thee! Cast thy burden on the Lord & He shall sustain thee! (Psa.55:22) In quietness & confidence shall thy strength be! Cast they burden upon the Lord & He shall sustain thee! For behold My yoke is easy & My burden is light! Come unto Me all ye that are weary & heavy laden, take My yoke upon you & learn of Me, for I am meek & lowly in heart, & ye shall find rest unto your souls, for My yoke is easy & My burden is light!" (Mt.11:28-30.)

       13. SHE TRIES TO CARRY TOO MUCH, PULL TOO MUCH! She needs to leave more for the Lord. "Cast thy burden on the Lord for He shall sustain thee! Trust in the Lord & do good & verily thou shalt be fed & thy days shall be long in the land, for He shall sustain thee!" (Psa.37:3) Thank You Lord! Praise You Lord!

       14. "FOR STRENGTH COMETH NOT FROM THE BED BUT STRENGTH COMETH FROM THE LORD. Who giveth to all abundantly & upbraideth not! For if ye ask for bread will He give you a stone?--And if ye ask for fish will he give you a serpent? Therefore if ye know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that love Him, to sustain them!" (Mt.7:9-11) Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

       15. SHE NEEDS TO DEPEND MORE ON THE LORD, LEAVE MORE TO THE LORD.--SHE CAN'T DO EVERYTHING! (To Maria:) That's something you've had to learn, amen? You would like to, but you can't. It's humanly physically impossible to do it all! You just have to do what you can do day by day, & leave the rest to the Lord. If you can't do it, He has to. I love you, my Queen! She needs to learn to be a true Queen who saves her best for her King & His Kingdom, & learn that she cannot give everything to all but only to Jesus!

       16. "HE KNOWS, HE LOVES, HE CARES! NOTHING HIS TRUTH CAN DIM! HE GIVES THE VERY BEST TO THOSE WHO SAVE THE BEST FOR HIM!" In Jesus Name! Lord, give her this wisdom of how to be a queen, how to say no as well as how to say yes, & sometimes to say wait until she can, how to apportion her time so she can save the very best for Thee, Lord, & rest in Thine arms from her labours, that she may give her strength to the King, & that he may give His strength unto her, the strength which she will find only in His arms & His love first of all, as she gives her very best to Him & Him alone--to Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

       17. LIKE YOU, SWEETHEART!--YOU LOVE THEM ALL, BUT YOU SAVE YOUR BEST FOR ME! She must learn to love her Lord above all, & save her best for Jesus!--In quietness & rest & confidence & faith in His arms, rest in the Lord. Rest in the Lord! She really needs to rest. (To Maria:) You could never carry the load you carry if you didn't get lots of rest. You just have to have lots of rest so you can be your best when you're working.

       18. "THE QUEEN'S BEDCHAMBER IS A SACRED HALLOWED SPOT WHERE ONLY THE CHOSEN MAY ENTER, & WHERE SHE MUST SAVE HERSELF FOR HER KING & REST IN HIS ARMS FROM HER LABOURS! So that all may not enter therein, but she must choose only those who are called & chosen & can do their best for their Queen, to strengthen her & help her & uphold the crown & the honour of the kingdom, in love for her Lord first of all!--And she shall find rest to her soul!" Do you know this means body?--Not many people understand that the soul is a body with a spirit. If she doesn't rest in the Spirit she is going to wear out her body, & she needs to learn to rest in the Spirit to save her body, so she'll have strength to minister.

       19. FOR STRENGTH COMETH FROM THE LORD WHO MADE HEAVEN & EARTH & HER BODY, & HE KNOWS WHAT SHE NEEDS MOST OF ALL!: Rest & peace & fellowship with Him & feeding on His Word. For the Queen must be first partaker of the fruits, that she might feed others. She can't feed others if she has not fed herself. She must first feed her own soul before she can break bread for others. This is a lesson she must learn. She cannot give it all & have nothing left to give, lest she burn out & have no oil left for her Bridegroom when He cometh & desireth her in the night season!

       20. SHE MUST NOT SQUANDER HER STRENGTH ON TOO MANY CHILDREN, LEST SHE HAVE NONE LEFT FOR HER LORD! BUT SHE MUST SEEK FIRST THE KING & HIS KINGDOM! Then shall all these others be added unto her by His power & His strength & His Kingdom & His might & in His time, if she gives first place to Him! In Jesus Name. That's a good lesson for you, Honey. She needs to learn that poem my Mother loved, "I Was Longing To Serve the Master". (ML#74) She needs to learn that. That's for her:

       "FIRST PLACE"
       I was longing to serve the Master,
       But alas I was laid aside
       From the busy field of workers
       In the harvest field so wide.
       They were few, yes, few in number
       And I could not understand
       Why I should be left inactive:
       It was not as I had planned.

       I was longing to serve the Master
       And the need indeed was great.
       For me it was easy to labour
       But oh, it was hard to wait,
       To lie quite still & be silent
       While the song was borne to my ear
       From the busy field of workers
       In the harvest field so dear!

       I was longing to serve the Master,
       But He led to a desert place
       And there as we stopped & rested
       His eyes looked down in my face,
       So full of tender reproaching
       They filled me with sad surprise!
       Did He think I had grudged my service
       Or counted it sacrifice?

       Oh, Master, I long just to serve Thee,
       There are so few at the best,
       Let me off to the fields, I pleaded,
       I care not to stay & rest.
       I knelt at His feet imploring,
       I gazed in His face above.
       My child, He said, don't you know
       Your service is nothing without your love?

       I was longing to serve my Master,
       Oh, this was my one fond thought,
       For this I was ever pleading
       As His footstool in prayer I sought,
       But there in that lonely desert
       Apart from the busy scene
       It dawned on me slowly & clearly
       Where my great mistake had been.

       My mind was so full of just service,
       I had drifted from HIM apart,
       And He longed for that sweet communion,

       Well, I sought & I found forgiveness,
       While mine eyes with pain were dim.
       And NOW, though His WORK is still precious,
       The FIRST place is kept for HIM!

       21. SHE'S BURNING HERSELF OUT IN SERVICE TO OTHERS, TILL SHE HAS NOTHING LEFT FOR HERSELF OR THE KING! She needs to learn to save first place for Him & her time with Him. She belongs to Him first of all. The first place must belong to Him & peace & quietness & rest & feeding & fellowship with the Lord. For she cannot do the Master's work without the Master's power. He must come first. She must save first place for Him & his Word & His Love & His power, & from this shall her strength be. She cannot do it alone. She must let Him do it through her, so that it comes with effortless ease.

       22. IT MUST BE THE OIL THAT BURNS & NOT THE WICK, FOR THE WICK WITHOUT OIL SHALL DESTROY ITSELF! She must let Him burn to light the way, & not try to burn of herself, or she'll soon burn out & have no light left for her Master! It's beautiful, so plain.--Can you see it? The flame burns so beautifully & brightly & clearly, so strong with oil! But it gets so smoky & confused & stinky when it just burns the wick! Remember how I had to turn down the lamp because it was turned up so high it was burning the wick & giving off black ugly smoke instead of bright shining light?

       23. THE WICK MUST BE DEEPLY IMMERSED IN THE OIL! Most of the wick is in the oil, but only a tiny tiny little tip of it is exposed to the air & to the flame & to the house, & it's mostly oil that burns & very little of the wick, almost none, but the oil flows freely through a wick that is yielded & deeply soaked in the oil! Then it is the oil that burns & not the wick, & gives bright pure clear light to all the house in the beauty of His perfection, in the holiness of His light! For it is not I that burn but Christ that burneth in me! For the life that I now live, I live by the strength of the Lord that liveth in me! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

       24. SHE MUST LEARN THAT!: IT IS NOT I THAT LIVE BUT CHRIST THAT LIVETH IN ME! (Ga.2:20) It is not I that burn, but Christ must burn within me, to give pure light, smokeless light, clear light, beautiful light! She's a beautiful wick but she's burning black with so little oil! She must soak herself in more oil, that she burn not but let Him burn through her to give light to all the house! Praise the Lord! Praise You Lord!

       25. THAT'S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL VISION! I CAN SEE IT SO CLEARLY! When I was a boy they had these beautiful kerosene lamps in every home on every table, & they had a lovely glass bowl full of oil so you could see the wick & the oil & you could see the level of the oil in the lamp so you knew when to replenish it. You could tell when the oil was getting low & when too much of the wick was out of the oil, for the lamp would get smoky when there wasn't enough oil to really soak the wick.

       26. FOR THE LAMP BURNED BEST WHEN FULL OF OIL! IN OTHER WORDS, IT WAS THE OIL THAT BURNED & NOT THE WICK! Not I that burn, but Christ that burneth in me! She needs to learn that verse. Isaiah said "Come! Why spend ye your substance for that which is not meat & your strength for that which is not bread, come & buy of me!" I don't know the rest of that verse but it's for her,--"Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, & he that hath no money; come ye, buy, & eat; yea, come, buy wine & milk without money & without price. Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? And your labour for that which satisfieth not? Hearken diligently unto me, & eat ye that which is good, & let your soul delight itself in fatness." (Isa.55:1,2)


       "Jesus, only Jesus,
       Only He can satisfy!
       Every burden becomes a blessing
       When I know my Lord is nigh!"

She'll only find true satisfaction in the Lord!

       "I have found no satisfaction
       In the fleeting joys of Earth!
       I have built me broken cisterns
       That have mocked me by their dearth.

       --Every spring my soul has tested
       Failed to meet my deepest need.
       --Christ alone has filled my longing,
       He has satisfied indeed!

       Christ is not a disappointment!
       --Every longing in my breast
       Finds in Him complete fulfilment!
       He has brought me into rest!

       I have tested Him & proved Him
       More than all I'd dreamed He'd be!
       Christ is not a disappointment,
       He is all in all to me!"


       "Only Jesus, only Jesus,
       Only He can satisfy!
       Every burden becomes a blessing
       When I know my Lord is nigh!...

       Leave it there! Leave it there!
       Cast thy burden on the Lord & leave it there!
       If you'll trust & never doubt,
       He will surely bring you out,
       Take your burden to the Lord & leave it there!"

So many take their burdens to the Lord & lay them on the altar, & then pick them right back up again & walk off with them!

       29. SO JUST LEAVE IT WITH THE LORD, KNOWING THAT ONLY HE CAN SOLVE THE PROBLEMS & ONLY HE CAN DO THE WORK. We cannot solve the problems. He has to do it. Let go & let God! (Sings again:)

       "Let go & let God have His wonderful way,
       Let go & let God have His way!
       He'll fill with His Spirit & burn day by day!
       Let go & let God have His way!"

Praise the Lord?

       30. MOST OF YOU DON'T KNOW TOO MUCH ABOUT OIL LAMPS ANYMORE, BUT SOMETHING YOU ALL HAVE IS A WATER FAUCET OR TAP: WATCH! I've turned on the faucet.--Is the faucet working? (Maria: Yes.) No it's not!--The faucet is doing nothing! It's the power from outside & the pressure that causes the water to flow through the faucet! All you do is turn it on & it flows with effortless ease! The faucet is just the channel, just a hole, to let the water in & out. You say the faucet's working? The faucet is not working!--It's the water that is working! The faucet is just letting it flow! The power isn't in the faucet. The power is outside. The pump is outside, but it creates pressure in the faucet, so all you have to do is release it & let it flow. Just open the faucet & let it roll!

       31. (SINGS AGAIN:)

       Open your heart to Heaven & the glory will come in!
       Let Jesus have possession!
       He'll cleanse you from all sin!
       Open your heart to Heaven & the glory will come in!"

See, self-effort is sin! It's a mistake! Even abusing your body! You need to let go & let God! All you have to do is just let the Lord through! Just let the oil flow! Let the water flow! Let the Lord flow! Let Him do it! Let the Lord do it!

       32. THE LORD HAS HIS CHOSEN, HIS FAVOURITES: THERE ARE ONLY A FEW WISE & MANY FOOLISH & THE WISEST HAVE LOTS OF OIL, OIL TO SPARE, & THAT OIL COMES FROM THE LORD BY HIS SPIRIT! It's so amazing how these revelations come! I'm almost startled at the sound of my own voice! It's like somebody takes over my voice & talks! It's just as miraculous as speaking in tongues!--Even more so, certainly more edifying, & almost always I get pictures with it. It just flows so effortlessly, no work at all! Every now & then I'll stop to watch the movie for a few moments.

       33. PROPHECY ITSELF IS AN EXAMPLE OF EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT, JUST LETTING THE LORD FLOW THROUGH YOU! And Jesus said "I can of Mine own self do nothing, but what the Heavenly Father showeth Me!" (John 8:28) And I can of my own self give nothing, of my own self see nothing, but what the Father giveth through me & what He showeth me. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! If there was anything my Mother needed to learn about her ministry, that was it! The Lord had to put her through some hard experiences in order for her to learn that, because she was such a natural dynamo! Particularly with people in the natural who have a lot of drive & dynamism, it's hard for them not to just really boom boom boom, push things through in their own strength! But that has its limits, the natural force. Men of force are men of faults, & the biggest fault is to keep on going in their own force instead of letting the Lord do it!--Amen? May the Lord bless & keep you & make you a great blessing to many!--In His strength by His power!--Amen?

       "Then we'll give all the glory to Jesus!
       And tell of His love, His wonderful love!
       We'll give all the glory to Jesus,
       And tell of His wonderful love!"--Amen?

       GBAKYAMYAB by His Love!--And I love you!--In Jesus' name, amen!--D.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family