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MARIA & FRANCISCO--Mysteries of the Spirit!       DFO1430       18/8/77

       1. DO YOU LIKE THIS! (Maria: Yes!) Does this bother you? (Maria: No!) I'm like a little baby, I need lots of love, I'm so starved for it, I just have to have it because I went so many years without it. I was raised on the breast, but then I didn't have any for so many years, I was really really starved. I need your bosoms, Honey.

       2. MAYBE SARA MEDINA (TIME MAG. 22/8/77) WOULD LIKE THIS? (Maria: Yes, yes, I'm sure she would.) Then she could say "I've been to bed with Moses!" (Maria: That would completely win her!) She was very very cleverly favourable in an almost imperceptible way, she slanted the whole thing our way, you know? It was terrific, the whole thing really went our way. You could tell that she liked us & she was trying in a way to defend us. (To Maria:)

       3. YOU'RE MY LIFESAVER! You saved my life when someone else was trying to destroy it. You brought me back to life by your faith, like a little tug pulling a great oceanliner. You are the rarest of all jewels scintillating with His light! There is no diamond like unto you, so beautiful! You scintillate with light, all colours of the rainbow! You have every colour & every light & every facet!

       4. YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF THEM ALL, more gorgeous than a diamond, more beautiful than a jacinth, more royal than all the stones of the Heavenly City! You are magnificent, Honey! Can you see it? Look! See how you rotate and scintillate & display your beauty to all, your naked beauty seen by all, so gorgeous, so resplendent with such light of the seven rainbows! Hallelujah! TYJ! What a spirit! What a spirit! Such beauty! Such gorgeous splendour! So beautiful, so radiant, so colourful, so wonderful! Oh, I love you! How I love, love, love, love you! In Jesus' name! TYL!

       5. I LOVE YOU SWEET BABY, YOU'RE WONDERFUL!--So beautiful, so gorgeous, so magnificent, so divine & you're mine, all mine! TYJ! PYL! So precious, so wonderful, so gorgeous, so divine, & you're mine, all mine! It's true? (Maria: It is true.) Si? Seguro? (Maria: Yes!) You're sure? (Maria: You know that!) You're sure you'd rather have me? (Maria: Ah, there's no comparison!)

       6. YOU'D RATHER HAVE ME THAN THE PRINCE OF DARKNESS? You'd rather have me than Francisco? (Maria: Than who?) That Coosa? (Maria: Of course!) And all his kingdom? (Maria: Yes.) And all his kingdom that he asks for you? (Maria: He asks for me?) He has. (Maria: He has?) Yes, of course, if you want it. (Maria: No, I don't want it!) He'll give you his whole Dark Kingdom. (Maria: Uh-uh!) He'll give you his whole Dark Kingdom & take you from me (Maria: No!) He would like to. (Maria: That's not nice.)

       7. HE WOULD LIKE TO GIVE YOU HIS WHOLE DARK KINGDOM & TAKE YOU AWAY FROM ME. (Maria: His happiness doesn't last.) Ah, he has no happiness. (Maria: No.) He never had happiness. (Maria: It's just phoney.) It's delusion. Yes, delusion. He only has physical satisfactions. (Maria: That's right.) But he never satisfies his soul. (Maria: No.) In politics he thinks, yes, he satisfies his soul. If he attacks someone & destroys him.

       8. WE NEED TO KEEP COMING BACK. WHAT'S HAPPENED TO US? (Maria: Where? To the Casino?) We need to keep coming back to the people. They need to all learn to drink of love, you understand me? (Maria: To his kingdom?) No, I don't like ice, it's too cold. I don't like ice at all, throw it away, Honey Baby! Please? (Maria: All right.) Oh, thank You Jesus! Now what did you say?

       9. (MARIA: WHERE DO WE NEED TO KEEP COMING BACK?) Ah, Honey, of course, always, to his kingdom to help him in Jesus' name. In Jesus, name, amen. I love you, go to sleep now. Go to sleep, Baby, in Jesus' name. I love you! (Maria: I love you!)

       10. THAT'S ONE THING THEY LEARN ABOUT THE GIRLS, they never stumble or get sick apparently as long as they keep themselves connected to our girls, you know what I mean? They have got to go to mine. (Maria: To yours?) Yes, of course. Our destinies for sure cannot change, all is fulfilled.

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