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EMAN & GENESIS--A Photo Reading!        Tenerife        5/10/74
--The Genesis Story Part 1.        DFO 1431

       --While being considered for our Creations Staff, although having never met, Dad got all this by holding & studying their photo!:

       1. EMAN HAS RATHER HURT, SAD DREAMY EYES. He's a little suspicious & sceptical, like the type that says, "Yeah, yeah! I've heard all that before!" The miracle is that we won him over at all! The left side of his face, that's the sceptical side. The other side of his personality is rather childlike & a little fearful & sort of wants to find...Jesus, Lord Jesus!

       2. HE'S LOOKING FOR A BETTER WORLD FREE FROM ALL EVIL--IDEALISTIC! His art comes out from inside. But this other side is probably why he's with us. He got fed up with the System & this World. This sceptical side got fed up & a little embittered & sceptical, & this other is the dreamer side.--The left side--the heart side--is almost always where the heart is, shows where the heart is.

       3. HIS HEART'S IN ANOTHER WORLD--A DREAM WORLD!--& of course, that too could be one reason why he's with us, because we do offer another World beyond now & hereafter! Because that's what the Lord gives you, the Dream World of the Spirit right now & the Dream World of reality in the future! I don't think he normally is as cheerful as he is in this photograph. He's not used to being quite that happy. He's not that accustomed to smiling. (Tongues, interpretation:)

       4. "HE LOVES HIS FATHER VERY DEARLY & DAVID IS REALLY HIS IDEAL!" But because he looks at me through rose-coloured glasses, idealistically, what he wants me to be like, it might be difficult for him to come down to Earth & see me as I really am. His eyes have been a little sad & disillusioned & they can still be a little sceptical. His eyes look very penetratingly.

       5. THE LEFT SIDE IS ALWAYS THE MOST SPIRITUAL SIDE--THE HEART SIDE. His left side tends to be a little more cheerful. The right side is the more human, down-to-Earth side--more practical, almost businesslike. He can be very practical & down-to-Earth & businesslike when he wants to be, but the other side's a real dreamer with that far-away look! That's the inspired side. That's the very sensitive side, too. The right side is the grown man, down-to-Earth, can tackle the problems. The other side, the dreamy young boyish side, is eagerly looking for a new dreamland, & he's really sort of found it. I like him!

       6. GENESIS: AGAIN, HER RIGHT SIDE IS THE DOWN-TO-EARTH & A LITTLE MORE NORMAL HUMAN PRACTICAL SIDE. Very sweet. Could be very tender, gentle, loving, really a wonderful girl in some ways. I don't know whether it is just this picture, but she's a little bit fearful, but normally I think she's probably pretty cheerful. I think she's normally a fairly happy & optimistic type, fairly optimistic--wants to believe the best. Really wants to be helpful & cooperative, or at least tries hard to be. That's the down-to-Earth side, sort of where her human body is.

       7. THIS LEFT SIDE IS VERY MYSTERIOUS, VERY, VERY MYSTICAL--THE SPIRITUAL SIDE IS REALLY SPACEY, ALMOST SPACED OUT! This side is extremely sensitive in the Spirit. She can almost be like a medium. Very, very sensitive to spirits & spiritual things. And people that are that way, unless they've got a lot of humanity to hold them down, can almost flip out if the spiritual strain gets too heavy. And for that reason this side can be very fearful in the spirit, almost frightened--the heart side.

       8. IT HAS GREAT SPIRITUAL POTENTIALITY EITHER DIRECTION. It can either be very ecstatic in the Lord, lost in the Spirit, or on the other hand, if under the wrong influence, can be so fearful as to almost become hysterical! But still very sweet. In some ways under some circumstances she would almost be a good teacher because she wants to be helpful, also idealistic, wants to be optimistic, but sometimes has a struggle along that line because of that spiritual sensitivity to fears. Lord, deliver her in Jesus' name from those fears!

       9. I THINK EMAN HAS BEEN GOOD FOR HER BECAUSE HE'S A STEADYING INFLUENCE IN ONE WAY, because he's now, I think, fairly cheerful & reassuring. They've been an encouragement to each other. He's inclined to be a loner, but she sort of has been a loner herself, in a way, because of her peculiarities, so in a way they sort of sympathise with each other & understand each other. That's sort of like you & me in a way. And they're real seekers of the Spirit--really hungry spiritually, both of them really. I think they're good for each other. I think Hope was too wild & carnal for Eman. They're both much more spiritually-minded. Their minds are both on the higher plane & that's where they both get their real ecstasies--in the Spirit.

       10. THIS GIRL REALLY NEEDED US, I THINK POSSIBLY SHE EVEN HAD PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS, POSSIBLY BECAUSE OF HER SPIRITUAL SENSITIVITIES & RESULTANT FEARFULNESS. She's really very sweet. She's really a beautiful character, there's a real inner beauty about her--very deep, very high, lofty, noble ideals really. I think perhaps if she had been stronger physically & nervously, with a little more drive, she probably could have been even a good leader, but because of her weakness & fears she's a little unsure of herself. She needs security.

       11. EMAN IS RATHER QUIET BUT HE'S SORT OF A STEADY TYPE--NOT FLIGHTY. She could be a little flighty & excitable, & to her he's a rather steady sort of soothing influence & she sort of really needs him to calm her fears. I think they're good for each other. He doesn't get too high. The sceptical practical side of him keeps at least one foot on the ground. I'd say he's probably rather even tempered. She could be rather emotional.

       12. THERE'S A GREAT DEAL OF TENSION THERE IN HER, BUT HE PUTS HER AT EASE & sort of relieves that tension. She feels sort of at rest by his side, whereas alone she's inclined to be a little frightened & fearful. I don't think she really likes to be alone, she really needs somebody. But I think he's good for her--down-to-Earth enough to sort of hang onto her, & yet spiritual enough to satisfy that spiritual craving she has. She's much more at ease in the pictures where she's next to him, but alone she feels a little insecure, unsure & unsteady.

       13. I DON'T BELIEVE SHE COULD STAND TOO MUCH PRESSURE. Her spiritual sensitivity, & maybe you could almost call it a nervous weakness because of that very very mystical spiritual sensitive part of her, can cause her to be almost jittery. But with him she's almost a changed person, the very best in her comes out because that fear leaves & she feels more relaxed, happier. The fear is almost gone when she's close to him.

       14. IT SHOWS YOU HOW REAL SPIRITS ARE & WHAT A STRONG INFLUENCE ONE SPIRIT CAN HAVE ON ANOTHER! His spirit is much stronger than hers, in a way, & just being next to him like that, with him, sort of steadies her & her spirit. She has really been through it & really suffered, & because she is so sensitive, physical violence really frightens her. She's very feminine. There's a potentiality in her of a more masculine spirit, but she's very much of a woman & feels that feminine weakness more than most Taureans do.

       15. THIS PHOTO BRINGS OUT THE STRENGTH IN HER CHARACTER & shows what she could be if she had enough of a stabilising influence & felt secure. If she could be sufficiently reassured & kept in a fairly secure atmosphere, almost a quiet atmosphere, a feeling of stability & secureness, it would bring out that strength in her more. Beautiful! Beautiful! This is the only photo in which she is really in repose & relaxed, this one with Eman. Boy, kids grow old faster nowadays. Amazing, as dreamy as he is, that he can be so practical. Very very attentive to details is Eman--cautious.

       16. I SEE THAT HER SPIRIT IS SOMETIMES INCLINED TO BE LIKE TROUBLED WATERS! I see almost like a seething pot if stirred too much or the fire gets too hot! But he's like a cooling soothing breath of fresh air that sort of calms her & cools her off & the surface becomes quiet--her inner spiritual surface--& of course this reflects in her outer surface as well.

       17. GOD MADE THE PHYSICAL TO PRETTY WELL PORTRAY THE INNER PERSONALITY & SPIRIT. Our faces are not there for nothing, but faces really say something! They really portray what kind of person we are. This is like your astrological picture, there is the strong side & the weak side--strengths of your sign & weaknesses of your sign--& a great deal is up to you what you do with what you have, the decision you make as to which way to go, whether like Pisces, to go in the strong direction upstream, or just drift with the tide.

       18. GOD LEAVES THE CHOICE & MAJESTY OF DECISION UP TO YOU to choose what way you want to go & on which side you want to be.--Sort of like He gives every person two sides & you can either be strong & saintly or weak & wicked, & that part of the choice is up to you.

       19. OF COURSE, HAVING MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE TO REALLY WANT TO BE STRONG & GOOD & GODLY, THEN THE LORD CAN STEP IN, because you receive Him & give Him a chance to help make you that way & help you be that way, to help you overcome that weak & wicked side of your nature--the weak wickedness or wicked weakness, whatever you want to call it--of your character.

       20. AND EVERYBODY HAS IT! I'VE NEVER SEEN A FACE THAT DIDN'T SHOW A WEAKER & A STRONGER SIDE. But I have one very strange peculiarity about my face that's different from most faces--& I've studied physiognomy a lot: The personality characteristics that are shown by the face--& with most faces the heart side is usually the spiritual side & the weaker side, & their right side, the physical side, their strongest. Their right side is usually their better self, whereas their left side usually shows their bad self--spiritual weaknesses.

       21. MY FACE IS JUST THE OPPOSITE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I used to look at it enough when I was a boy & worry about it! I remember studying it & wondering what I was really like, after I learned something about studying people's faces & reading character from them. I've always done that since I was a little kid, & it seemed like I got something from their face about what they were like, because God made your face to really show what you're like on the inside!

       22. THE EYES ARE THE MOST EXPRESSIVE TO SHOW THE SPIRIT, BUT THE REST OF YOUR FEATURES ALSO MANIFEST WHAT YOU'RE LIKE. The eyes are the deepest most permanent evidence of the inner self. But my face, believe it or not, is just the exact opposite of most people's faces. My left side, the heart or spiritual side, is the strongest & most noble & the purest with the highest aspirations, very, very strong, believe it or not, in comparison to the right side, but the right side or physical side is very weak by comparison.

       23. MY SPIRITUAL SIDE IS BY FAR THE MOST STRONG! My right side is more carnal, more weak carnally. In other words, I'm sort of a weak character when it comes to the physical. But the left side so over-balances the other side that it overcompensates. But where I'm weak physically, my spirit can be so strong it will sustain me in spite of the physical weaknesses, so strong that sometimes it's been all that has kept me alive when the other side would have gladly died.

       24. AS FOR EMAN & GEN, I LIKE BOTH OF THEM & THINK THEY'RE PROBABLY GOOD FOR EACH OTHER. He needs a lot of sympathy & understanding & a great deal of affection, & she, I believe, has it & wants to give it to him. She has a lot to give & can be really generous with it if she finds somebody that needs her, but she needs him as much, if perhaps not more. They seem very well-suited to each other.

       25. THEY MAY NOT ALWAYS GET ALONG PERFECTLY, BECAUSE IN SOME WAYS THEY'RE OPPOSITES, BUT IN SOME WAYS THAT'S GOOD. He sort of helps calm her down but she helps to comfort him & make him feel loved. Of course, she needs to feel loved too, & his steadying influence makes her feel loved & cared for. She has a feeling that he is concerned about her & this gives her the reassuring influence that she needs to relieve her tensions. I think they make a wonderful couple the more I study them.

       26. IF THE DEVIL HAD GOTTEN HOLD OF HER, SHE COULD HAVE BEEN A WITCH, but she has in the Lord great spiritual potentialities, real real deep spiritual potentialities for real trips into the other World, & I think maybe he senses that because he wants to take trips into the other World, too! He dreams of it, but he's so down to Earth & sceptical, his doubts sort of keep him from letting go--except in his art he can sort of let go.

       27. HIS ART WITH HIM IN A WAY WAS SORT OF A PRIVATE THING, AN EXPRESSION OF HIS INNER FEELINGS & NEEDS, & it's not always been too easy for him to make it public. But the Lord has given him a great measure of victory over that & really set him free & liberated him in this field of art where he doesn't have to so totally escape completely into another World, where he can keep one foot in this World. But he's visionary & imaginative enough that he can get inspired & create. He's pretty well balanced, half-&-half.

       28. SHE'S OVER-BALANCED IN THE SPIRITUAL, BUT WOMEN SOMETIMES TEND TO BE. That's why they make such good mediums--they're better receivers, more responsive, more surrendering, weaker in some ways. Weaker vessels are very receptive & open, but also much more fragile & have to be handled with care.

       29. THE MOST DELICATE & FRAGILE VASES ARE USUALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL & greatest works of art, used usually only for decorations to inspire peoples' longings for beauty. Whereas the strong bodies, more carnal & fleshly like a piece of pottery, if it's thick enough & tough & coarse & crude enough, it can take almost any kind of battering around & even be dropped on the floor & not break--like a potty.

       30. MEN TEND TO BE A LITTLE MORE LIKE THAT, BUT WOMEN ARE THE MORE DELICATE & FRAGILE--weaker, yes, but more beautiful--& she's extremely so: Delicate, fragile, weaker, but a much more highly sensitive nature which can be terrific in the Spirit--very responsive spiritually.

       31. IT ALMOST FLIPS YOU OUT SPIRITUALLY EVEN TO LOOK AT HER! You could really flip out & she'd sort of flip with you & love it! She'd like that sort of spiritual orgasm far better than the physical. She's very fragile & delicate in the physical too, but much more sensitive in the Spirit & would prefer by far the spiritual to the sensual. She's had plenty of the sensual & it didn't satisfy her spirit.

       32. SHE'S REALLY REALLY HUNGRY FOR THE SPIRIT WORLD & SHE'S VERY CLOSE TO IT! She lives almost like on the borderline & can easily flip out or into that other World very easily. She has to be very cautious which direction she flips, & probably before she found the Lord she had some pretty frightening experience that way that nearly scared her to death! But because she was already a child of God as far as God was concerned, God kept her & perhaps even let her go through that maybe to scare her enough to want the good side, to know that the occult & witchcraft & black magic, the evil side, was not what she wanted at all.

       33. THOSE WHO ARE REALLY TURNED OVER TO THE DEVIL REVEL IN IT, but she was interested only from the spiritual standpoint. She was hungering for something spiritual--the supernatural--but God gave her a taste of some of the evil side to let her know this wasn't what she wanted, & this is no doubt why the Lord lead her to us where she could find what she wanted. TYL!

       34. I'M SO GLAD THEY GOT TOGETHER. People make mistakes sometimes when they're in a hurry, but if they really want the Lord's will He brings the right people together finally. And of course, sometimes they have to go through these other things--get out of God's will in order to find that's not where they belong.

       35. I THINK BOTH THESE KIDS HAVE ALREADY FOUND OUT WHERE IT'S NOT & have found through bitter experience what they don't want, so that now they really appreciate each other more having been through the other. They appreciate their present companionship even more by comparison. Thank God we're not so bound by convention, we can more easily make these changes. Jesus bless them, in Jesus' name, Lord.

       36. HE CAN BE A LITTLE HARD & COLD ON THE EXTERIOR & pretend like he doesn't really need it, but he needs love & affection. But real love & real spiritual affection she needs like everything! She really needs love, she longs & hungers for it & clings to it, so he's got to be very very cautious with her & not be too unfeeling, because she's so feeling & sensitive spiritually.

       37. HE'S GOT TO SATISFY THIS LONGING SHE HAS FOR REAL AFFECTION & TENDERNESS, because she's very tender & gentle herself, or has that capacity at least, if someone brings it out in her. And she needs it, she really needs it. No doubt of course that's one reason the Lord brought her to us, so she could get lots of love & the spiritual strength & help she needs. We all need spiritual help but she needs it more than most people. (Tongues & interpretation:)

       38. "BEHOLD I HAVE CALLED THEM, FOR THEY ARE MY OWN & CHOSEN!" Even one word that the Lord gives is so wonderful & important, perhaps not only for my reassurance but for their encouragement. One word can be a message in itself, but several words are certainly a message! It's sort of like a key in a thing like this. A key has varied serrations. They file those little notches, but those notches have to be in exactly the right position & in the right position relative to each other to make the key fit & work.

       39. I'VE FOUND THAT USUALLY IN THE LORD'S MESSAGES THERE'S SOMETHING PECULIAR & SIGNIFICANT EVEN ABOUT THE ORDER OF THE WORDS, because even in this message so few words can have a very significant meaning. If this message were relative to salvation, it's as though everyone who hears the message of salvation is called, but they don't all receive it or respond to the call. But those who receive it are chosen because they have made the right choice.

       40. I DO BELIEVE IN HUMAN FREE WILL! I don't believe in such total predestination that human will plays no part in it whatsoever, that people don't have a choice, that everything is predestined & you don't have any say in the matter. I think Adam & Eve really had a choice. I think God knew which choice they were going to make, but he had to let it happen that way in order to have a demonstration to show His plan.

       41. SO IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE THEY HAVE BEEN CALLED, THEY ARE HIS OWN--they're already saved--& I believe the reason the Lord tacked "chosen" on the end could be because of the decision we're trying to make. I'm so damned sceptical myself I have to test & feel & try & prove things. Maybe I analyse the Lord & His ways too much, but I would say under these circumstances it could mean they are chosen for the task. I certainly hope so. I was praying desperately at the end that we wouldn't make a mistake because they could still be the wrong people if it wasn't of the Lord.

       (P.S. They were finally tried & tested on our Creations Staff in Tenerife, but there were serious problems later, as you can see by the following Letters, which very truly bore out the accuracy of this reading.--Eman our Artist made it, but poor frail Gen didn't, & her witchy side caused very serious difficulties! May GBAKY from yielding to such evil influences!--INJA!)


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