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FIGHT FEAR!--With Faith in the Word!--The Genesis Story Part 2       Tenerife, 21/3/75       DO 1432

       1. NOTHING HAPPENS TO US WITHOUT SOME SPIRITUAL CAUSE! In this case of Genesis & her baby, God is undoubtedly dealing with the parents. The child has not sinned & must be clean in Thy sight, Lord, if these two have been born again & love You. We ask that somehow You'll speak to them & straighten out their hearts.

       2. HELP THERE TO BE NOTHING HELD IN RESERVE OR HELD BACK, nothing which is displeasing to Thee or not pleasant in Thy sight, which is either unrepented or unyielded. Jesus, Jesus! (Tongues & kisses.) Satan, take your hands off that little one & deliver him in the Name of Jesus!--Even for the sake of your father, Lord, even for our sake, Lord! Precious Jesus, help us, Lord! Rebuke the Enemy in Jesus' name!

       3. YOU KNOW, SOMETIMES JUST AS WITH WHAT I SAID ABOUT THE MUSIC, SOME PEOPLE DRAG A FEW HUSKS WITH THEM WHEN THEY COME TO THE LORD! We all have a problem with some things from the old life or our past or the old self which we still have a battle with. And believe it or not, those who have been involved with demonism or witchcraft or Devil-worship, sometimes this is a very hard thing to shake.

       4. I WAS HOPING FOR THE BEST IN THIS CASE, but I knew that Genesis had been involved in demonism long before she came to the Lord & had hobnobbed with witches & was studying the Book of the Dead--searching, of course, for reality of the Spirit. Because what do the churches have to offer? So I thought, "Lord, I've known some of those deliverances haven't been easy!" I don't like to talk about these things but sometimes you can't be ignorant of the Devil's devices, & this little trick is nothing new!

       5. I KNEW ONE WOMAN WHO WAS STILL HAVING PROBLEMS WITH THESE DEMONS ATTACKING & PLAGUING HER, just causing trouble--although they couldn't get in her because she belonged to the Lord. Her mother pronounced a curse on her because she'd forsaken witchcraft & turned to the Lord, & she knew her mother's power was real & she was having a real problem of shaking loose.

       6. THE DEVIL TRIES TO SCARE YOU TO DEATH, & sometimes this woman would be scared stiff because her mother had pronounced hexes on people & they worked. Her mother said one night, "If you don't believe I still have power over you, go home & open your pillow & see!" What she should have done when her mother said this was to rebuke the Devil & refuse to look! But she looked & all the feathers were tied in funny figures & funny knots which she was familiar with.

       7. THE LORD HAS NOT GIVEN US THE SPIRIT OF FEAR, BUT OF POWER & OF LOVE & OF A SOUND MIND, SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEAR! (2Tim.1:7) Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!"--And in a way, that's right! You must rebuke it in Jesus' name & not fear! Genesis still has a great deal of fear! Nobody who has been into witchcraft has an easy time shaking it off--the old Devil doesn't always give up without a struggle! I don't like to speak of these things to raise fears even in your minds, but this definitely sounds like a spiritual thing to me!

       8. IF THE DEVIL CANNOT ATTACK YOU, HE WILL EVEN TRY TO ATTACK YOUR LITTLE ONE, which is why you really have to pray over children, lay hands on them & dedicate them to the Lord in Jesus' name, committing them to the Lord & the faith, even though the child himself is not old enough to believe & trust God for himself. The parents have vicarious faith for him. The Lord says, "Else were your children unclean." But if even one of the parents loves the Lord & has faith, even though the other is unbelieving, the child is still clean or saved. (1Co.7:14)

       9. THIS KNOTTING BUSINESS IS A VERY KNOTTY PROBLEM IN SPIRITUALISM! It seems to be one of the Devil's favourite little tricks--knotting things--almost symbolic of the problems he causes. Like the knots in the feathers, not even touched by human hands. The moment I heard of that child's birth, that there was a knot in the cord, I thought, "Oh, Lord, is Genesis still being followed?"

       10. I DON'T KNOW HER AT ALL, REALLY, BUT THE LORD KNOWS HER! It's always really bothered me though, there's a real fear in her eyes. I tried to go easy on her in the reading I got because I knew she would be seeing it, but I saw terrible fear in her eyes. She has a lot of fear. There's something very strange about her eyes.

       11. THOSE CASES THAT COME OUT OF THE OCCULT HAVE TO BAPTISE THEMSELVES CONSTANTLY IN PRAYER, soak themselves in the Word, memorise & quote constantly to the Devil & to themselves. They have to wage a militant warfare against the Enemy! Now we all have to do this to a certain extent, but not quite the same. The minute I heard that cord was knotted I thought, "Oh Lord, that poor girl is still being plagued by those demons, & for some reason or other You've let that happen!"

       12. THERE'S SOMETHING STILL IN HER LIFE THAT'S NOT RIGHT OR YIELDED, because if you're really right & open with the Lord & others, the Devil can't touch you. He may try & tempt you & give you trials & tests, like he did with Job, to test your faith, but he can't win any victories--at least in the long run, not as long as you're claiming the victory & have faith.

       13. SOME OF YOU REMEMBER LEILA, NOW CALLED RUTH--SHE WAS LIKE THAT. She had that same look in her eyes & a horrible fear, & I had the strangest experience with her! (See "Freedom From Fear!", No.947.) It wasn't just a physical or mental problem, but the Enemy was trying to snatch away her mind & she needed faith to take away the fear & to replace that fear. Her eyes would get starey just like Gen's with real fear, frightened! I think Leila was probably one of the biggest miracles that happened through our prayers other than that girl that had been in bed for eight years, also with a spirit of fear, & she was delivered just like that when we prayed for her & rebuked the Devil!

       14. IT WAS JUST LIKE SHE HAD TO BE PERSUADED SOMEBODY LOVED HER! Love is God & the beginning of faith! Any form of love is a form of faith, & any form of faith is a form of love! God gives us faith for His Love! So the Lord got a real victory & Leila really came through & finally joined us with her children.

       15. HER FIRST HUSBAND JUST BLEW UP WHEN HE HEARD ABOUT IT ALL--even though she came back to him totally changed with the love of the Lord--& he beat her up because he was in the same type of demonism. He was just full of the Devil! So I told her, "You don't have to stay with an unbeliever, you've tried to win him, but he rejects it." So the husband took one boy & Leila kept the other. And you know, that child was four or five & couldn't even talk yet! That whole thing had an effect on the child.

       16. THAT SORT OF A CASE WHEN YOU'RE DEALING DIRECTLY WITH ENEMY POWER, YOU'D BETTER KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP AGAINST & know how to pray hard & get hold of the Lord! So when I heard this baby was having this particular problem, I thought, "Uh-oh!" But you see, I just don't believe the Lord would let that happen unless there's something He's dealing about with the mother, or the mother & father both. So we really need to pray for them.

       17. LORD, YOU KNOW THE PROBLEM THERE & HOW THIS MUST HURT THE PARENTS. She evidently doesn't know how to deal with things in the Spirit. Instead of really praying desperately & rebuking the Enemy, instead of laying hands on her & the child, they try to deal with it in the flesh. This shows something is wrong there. You can't scream, "Stop, stop!" at a little baby! After all, it's just a baby!

       18. THERE'S SOMETHING THAT WORRIED ME WHEN I SAW HER PICTURE. People who have been involved in that, who have once been a channel, sort of carry those things with them unless they really have strong faith & can really fight the Enemy. Jethro's mother was involved in things like that & could even read my mind! And you know what her job was?--Teaching handicapped children! Well, they were handicapped, all right, a lot of them just handicapped by the Devil! I think she probably brought home some of that stuff with her!

       19. ONCE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN A CHANNEL, THEY HAVE A BATTLE & IT'S HARD TO SHAKE IT! So you really need to pray for Genesis. "Perfect love casts out all fear. Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee." (1Jn.4:18, Isa.26:3) We don't have to worry, fret or fear because we have You, Jesus, Your Love, Your power, Your strength, Your Spirit, which is stronger than anything the Devil can muster! But we need to remember that & stay close to You & quote Thy Word & take a real stand & fight & rebuke him in Thy Name!

       20. SO LORD, WE ASK YOU IN Jesus' name TO REBUKE THIS THING! In Jesus' name, deliver this girl & her child & those around her & help them to know what they're dealing with & to lay hands on this girl & pray in faith! You want us to know we can't do it in our own power, we have to have Your help! It's a hopeless case unless You come to the rescue. Help them, Lord, to read & stand on Thy Word, to take a real stand of faith, obeying Thy Word & Thy injunction, laying hands on her & rebuking the Devil in Jesus' name.

       21. HELP THEM TO REALISE WHAT THEY'RE DEALING WITH--not any little birth defect or physical weakness, but something much deeper & worse--but just as easy for You to get rid of if we'll take a stand of faith. Help us to remember to pray for these, we know it must be very wearing & tearing on those working there. It's the Devil's own trick to get near the Source! We rebuke You, Satan, in the Name of Jesus! We rebuke you, Oplexicon!

       22. THE WEB THAT THE DEVIL WEAVES IS A TANGLED KNOTTY HORRIBLE WEB, FULL OF KNOTS & DISCORDANT NOTES! It's a crazy pattern! It's not the beautiful rich symmetric pattern that God Himself weaves like the spider's web, with straight perfect lines & jewels of dew, God's blessing of water, but it's horrible like a knotted fisherman's net, full of tangles & knots! O Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus! There was something in "Oplexicon" about knots or tangles. (See No.261.)

       23. YOU CANNOT DO THE MASTER'S WORK WITHOUT THE MASTER'S POWER! You can't deal with these things on a natural level. They say that happens very rarely about a knotted cord, but you just tell me how a baby could swim around in the water enough to tie a knot in the cord! In fact, I would say it takes a miracle!--In this case a Satanic miracle! The Devil would just love to get in right here in the Creations Colony where they're putting the Letters in print.

       24. WE THANK YOU, LORD, THAT YOU'RE GREATER THAN ANYTHING! We don't have to worry but we must be concerned & pray for them. Deliver them, Lord, & help her to yield, whatever is standing in the way. Deliver poor Eman & help him. (Lydia tells about a dream she had where Eman says of Genesis: "She believes you're all deceivers!")

       25. SOMETIMES YOU GET WEAK IN THE SPIRIT WHEN YOU GET WEAK IN THE FLESH & THE DEVIL REALLY TRIES TO KNOCK YOU FOR A LOOP! And living in those quarters with two babies, new babies at that, can be quite a physical & mental & spiritual strain. I was so shocked when I got those pictures of her with the baby & she still has that strange look! Now, if your dream is true, this means that down underneath, no doubt the Enemy is telling her this & she is tempted to believe these lies.

       26. THE DEVIL WORKS ON PEOPLE THAT ARE WEAK! When you entertain the Devil's lies in your mind & heart, eventually they're going to come out of your mouth. "Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh." (Lk.6:45) Then you become a witness for the Devil. If your heart is filled with those thoughts, sooner or later you'll mouth them, & that's when you begin to get others down too.

       27. THE DEVIL COMES TO YOU WITH THINGS THAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE FOR SOME ULTERIOR MOTIVE. Like with someone who is jealous of another person, the Devil will come to that person who is jealous with lies about the other person which the jealous one wants to believe. And then he will begin to voice these lies & doubts to try to drive a wedge between others & the person of whom he is jealous.

       28. IF SOMEONE HAS A WEAKNESS ALONG THAT LINE, THEN THE DEVIL PLAYS ON THAT WEAKNESS, especially if he can find a motivation for it, some sin in the mind or heart which will give that doubt or fear a little extra push, that they would like to believe that doubt or sort of enjoy having that fear. Apparently Genesis still has a very serious spiritual problem & the elders of the church had better get together & pray for her! I think you all should get together. Things don't just happen to God's children, there's something there & it has to be dealt with sooner or later & it had better be quick before it goes any further & takes that child's life or something!

       29. THE LORD HAS TO ALLOW THE ENEMY, BECAUSE OF THE RULES OF THE GAME, TO AFFLICT OR MANIPULATE OR OPPRESS TERRITORY WHICH BELONGS TO THE ENEMY, which is yielded to the Enemy. Sin in the heart.--That's the way he gets a wedge in. If there's something there in the heart that's not right, it belongs to the Enemy. Paul said some bodies had to be delivered to the Devil that their souls might be saved! (1Co.5:5)

       30. THE DEVIL IS THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY & if there's something he can lay his finger on, he has the right to do it. That's the rules. He has a right to afflict that body or person as punishment or chastening because of sin. That's why sin in your heart is a very dangerous thing, especially to allow things like that to creep in--doubts & fears & a critical spirit which the Enemy uses as a channel, especially if there's some motivation of jealousy.

       31. WHEN WE'RE GOING OVER THE TOP & MAKING AN ALL-OUT ATTACK, THE ENEMY IS GOING TO BE QUITE BUSY TRYING TO STOP US!--But he can't stop us if we don't let him. If in some way Genesis or Eman are surrendering any territory to the Enemy or listening to his doubts or entertaining his fears, this is a partial surrender to the Enemy, so of course it's going to cause trouble.

       32. THE ENEMY WILL QUITE OFTEN USE CHILDREN TO DEAL WITH PARENTS. I know that there have been occasions when I felt the Enemy was even attacking little David & he was really upset. I suppose the Devil will try even to scare little babies to death if he can. You just have to keep rebuking the Devil & pleading the blood of Jesus for the Lord's protection so that the Devil can't touch him! But if you get out of touch with the Lord, watch out, because then the Devil gets in touch with you or some member of your family, & that's his privilege if you run outside the Lord's protection.

       33. THE LORD SPOKE ONCE & SAID THE REASON THAT CERTAIN PEOPLE WERE HAVING SO MUCH SICKNESS WAS BECAUSE THEY WERE RUNNING OUTSIDE THE TOWER OF THE LORD'S PROTECTION & that they were not hiding in the secret place or staying under the Lord's wings. You've got to stay close to the Lord like a little chicken under the wings of the mother hen, in tune with God & in touch with Him in prayer & really touching God!

       34. YOU CAN'T LET THINGS SLIDE & get so busy with a new baby or anything that you neglect your inspiration or the food that you can get the spiritual nourishment from. They're not my Letters, they're the Lord's Letters. I know lots of times I would be really down if I didn't feed on God's Word.

       35. THANK YOU LORD WE DON'T HAVE TO FEAR OR BE AFRAID OR AFRAID OF THE DARK OR THE ENEMY IN ANY WAY! Help it just to remind them to stay close to You & quoting Your Word within the aura of Your protection. Help us to stay in the secret place under Thy wings, then we can claim all the protection that's in that great Psalm 91! We cannot expect Thy blessing & protection when we run away from You out of Thy will, even spiritually in thought. So keep us close to You with pure thoughts of Thee & Thy Word in the secret place, in Jesus' name! Resist the Enemy in thy household for deliverance.

       36. YOU PROMISED, LORD, IF ANY TWO OF YOU SHALL AGREE AS TOUCHING ANYTHING YOU SHALL ASK OF THE FATHER IN MY NAME, I WILL GIVE IT TO THEM! You promised that anything that is bound on Earth will be bound in Heaven, & anything that is loosed on Earth will be loosed in Heaven! (Mt.18:18,19) So here we agree in Jesus' name, deliver that household from the Enemy, those attacks on Thy children, that precious little baby! Deliver it from Satan in the Name of Jesus! We rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name!--All your powers & angels & evil spirits!

       37. THANK YOU FOR THY GREAT MIGHTY ARMY, LORD, THAT SURROUNDS US, that resists all the powers of Hell, though they be let loose against us. Even one angel is enough to deal with them all! "The angel of the Lord encampeth around them that fear Him & delivereth them!" (Ps.34:7) Thank You Lord for all Thy goodness & mercy to their father! Help us to stay close to Thee in the charmed circle of Thy protection, in Jesus' name.

       38. THAT PRAYER, I'M SURE, WILL HELP, but I feel we haven't fully obeyed the Lord unless we obey His injunction to lay hands on these afflicted ones & really rebuke the Enemy & ask for God to deliver, to cast out the Enemy! When we make it public amongst us & take a definite act of faith in prayer, this then manifests our dependence on God. It's a testimony that we're trusting God & have committed the case to Him. Therefore when any change comes, He will get the credit because we've made it known. We've prayed & expect God to deliver.

       39. YOU DON'T JUST BEAT AROUND THE BUSH IN THESE CASES OR TRY TO SAVE FEELINGS BY NOT TELLING THE PROBLEM. If they have any pride about it, that's as bad as the rest of the problem. The Devil never likes to be exposed, he likes to do his dirtywork in the dark & behind the scenes so you won't really know who is doing the damage, making you think it's some mental problem or some disease, blah, blah, blah!

       40. YOU'VE GOT TO NAME THE OLD BOY & SOCK HIM STRAIGHT ON WITH THE WEAPONS GOD HAS GIVEN US! "These signs shall follow them that believe, they shall lay hands on the sick & they shall be healed, they shall cast out devils in Jesus' name!" (Mk.16:17,18) The Lord will answer your prayers as much as mine. The Devil trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees!

       41. WE CAN'T JUST PRAY LITTLE PRAYERS, "LORD, HELP THE BABY NOT TO CRY!"--YOU'D BETTER START CRYING YOURSELF & rebuking the Devil & stay on your guard, close to the Lord constantly, thinking about the Lord & quoting Scriptures, not only MO Letters. The Bible has worked for hundreds of years!

       42. IF SOMEONE HAS THAT SPIRIT OF FEAR IT'S VERY CONTAGIOUS! It's really a spiritual demonic devilish thing! If the mother has that fear, babies are very sensitive in the spirit. Little David watches "spirit movies" when he sleeps & laughs in his sleep, & I got the verse for him, "Young men shall see visions!" (Joel 2:28) But the baby may see horror movies if the parents have a spirit of fear! Genesis wanted to gloss over the seriousness of the problem because it was a reflection on her.

       43. THE DEVIL CAN KILL THE BODY IF YOU ALLOW HIM, OR GOD ALLOWS HIM, BECAUSE OF YOUR SINS--or in some cases the parents' sins--but he can't kill the soul! (Mt.10:28) If the child is killed by the Enemy, if even one parent is clean, the child is the Lord's. The Devil may get the body but he can't get the soul. It's his due because of sin, because without sin there wouldn't be any death & he's like the Executioner & it's his privilege to do the final death dealing. He's in a sense the Death Angel.

       44. I KNOW BECAUSE I'VE HAD SOME BATTLES WITH HIM! If I'd let go, he would have taken me before my time, but the Lord promised He wouldn't let me be taken before my time. We all must die sooner or later because of the sin which has affected our bodies, but he can't take our spirits!--Amen? TTL! GBY! But you must fight him with faith & "the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God!" (Eph.6:17) Amen? GBAKY!


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