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BAN THE BOMB!--Inter-Home Sex!--And Its Bums & Bugs!        DFO 1434        3/83

       1. (MARIA: I ALMOST FEEL LIKE BANNING ALL SEX AT AREA FELLOWSHIPS BECAUSE OF THE PROBLEM WITH SO MANY CATCHING SERIOUS VENEREAL DISEASES!) I agree! You can have sharing & "Romantic Nights" without having to spread Gonorrhea & Herpes & other VD all over the place! There's just too much going around & some people are just too carnal & too selfish & too inconsiderate! Others don't want to be branded as selfish for not sharing & some don't want to admit that they do have a disease. At these meetings it's even easier to catch things because you're tired out, rundown, your resistance is down & you could pick up almost anything.

       2. THE OLD FEAR OF BEING ABLE TO CATCH VD FROM THE TOILET SEAT IS NOT SO IMPOSSIBLE IF THE TOILET SEAT IS STILL WARM & MOIST!--VD is extremely contagious! I don't think restraint is too much to ask. I just don't think the alternative risk is worth it. I don't think we should impose that obligation & burden of sexual sharing on the poor people that are free from disease by making them feel obligated to share with those who have them!

       3. I THINK WE OUGHT TO MAKE IT A RULE TO BAN ALL INTER-HOME SEX AT ANY AREA FELLOWSHIPS to prevent catching or spreading disease, as some places the situation has gotten pretty bad! I would like to absolutely forbid it! But to say the least, anybody who refuses to have sex with a member of another Home at an Area Fellowship should not be condemned or criticised for it. It's their perfect right to keep themselves free of the danger of communicable diseases. They have a perfect right to refuse to have sex at Area Fellowships without being made to feel out of line or condemned or selfish.

       4. I'D LIKE TO BAN INTER-HOME SEX ALTOGETHER BECAUSE OF THIS, but at least if we lay down the law maybe it will have some deterrent effect, even though we can't necessarily enforce it. We're not in a position to try to enforce it. People will do what they want to do, but at least we can free those who don't want to risk contagion & infection, from any stigma or reflection or criticism just because they refuse inter-Home sex at an Area Fellowship. That's their right, & any people who defy that rule & insist on having inter-Home sex together, then that's their fault & they can simply bear the consequences!

       5. THE SAD PART ABOUT THAT IS THAT SOME SELFISH INDIVIDUAL WHO DOES THAT SORT OF THING CAN THEN CATCH SOMETHING & BRING IT INTO A HOME THAT IS FREE OF THE INFECTION. So I would say, until they can find some way to prevent the contagious spread of some of these very infectious venereal diseases, they absolutely ought to ban all inter-Home sex, Area Fellowship sex!--These so-called "Romantic Night" orgies with anyone but your own mates & home members! I think that's a stand that we are going to have to take, considering there is so much going around & so many people selfishly spreading it with no consideration for others!

       6. I THINK THE INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE FREE OF SUCH INFECTIONS SHOULD FEEL THAT THEY HAVE A PERFECT RIGHT TO STAY FREE & CLEAN BY REFUSING TO HAVE INTER-HOME SEX AT AREA FELLOWSHIPS WITH ANYBODY BUT THOSE WITH WHOM THEY'RE ALREADY HAVING SEX AT HOME! Whatever they've got, let's keep it at home! As the old saying goes, "Charity begins at home!" So let's have charity by keeping it at home! Amen? (Maria: So would you say that they should just completely stay away from each other, or should they go to bed but refrain?)

       7. I THINK "BAN THE BED!" IS THE SIMPLEST RULE to make sure to eliminate or at least limit the risk of such contact. Because when you're sexually excited it's a little difficult to worry about such things, & usually precaution is thrown to the winds, & in the state of high sexual excitement you're not apt to care what happens! You have that strange irresistible urge that she or he is worth it no matter what they've got! So I think it's safer to stay out of bed with them altogether.

       8. THERE'S ENOUGH SHARING & VARIETY WITHIN THE AVERAGE HOME WITH HUSBANDS & WIVES & HELPERS & FFing, WITHOUT HAVING TO GO HOGWILD AT AREA FELLOWSHIPS! I think that's an emergency announcement that needs to be made quickly! For all we can see from the fruits of such unlimited sex at Area Fellowships, the results have not been good physically & it has resulted in too much risk & too much spreading of communicable diseases.

       9. I THINK PEOPLE OUGHT TO STAY AWAY FROM AREA FELLOWSHIPS IF THEY EVEN HAVE A BAD COLD! We isolate people right here in our own house who even have bad colds!--And too often, especially with children, bad colds are the first sign of the most highly contagious & communicable diseases, childhood diseases such as measles, whooping cough, chicken pox & all the rest of them! So I don't think such people ought to come to Area Fellowships at all!

       10. I DON'T EVEN THINK THEY OUGHT TO COME TO THE FAMILY TABLE AT HOME IF THEY'VE GOT A BAD COLD OR ANY SIGN OF ANY KIND OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASE! They ought to stay in their bedroom until they're over it! That's what we require in our Home, & I think it's worked! We've had fewer colds going around to everybody. When Alf got that bad cold he couldn't keep from giving it to the children who slept in his apartment, but at least we could keep them apart from the rest of the family so that they didn't eat with us & come in close contact with us, & as a result they're the only part of our Home who suffered that round of colds, he & his wife & the children. Nobody else got it, thank the Lord! (Maria: It was a real sickness too.--It was more serious than a cold, it was something quite heavy, with headaches, fever, aching & a very deep cough.)

       11. YOU CAN'T TELL WHAT A PERSON'S GOT WHEN THEY START HAVING A COLD OR HEADACHE, FEVER OR COUGH! It could turn out to be any one of a score of diseases in the initial stages! That's the way nearly all of them begin, the first sign is similar to an ordinary cold. So just as soon as anybody detects that anybody in their family has such symptoms, they ought to isolate them immediately & keep them to their bedroom away from close family fellowship even within the Home. So my God, if we do that within a Home of a few Members, how much more are we to do that at Area Fellowships where hundreds of people could catch the same thing from one child or one adult through reckless & indiscriminate social or physical contact!

       12. SO LET'S DO A LITTLE SEX-FASTING AT AREA FELLOWSHIPS! It's not going to hurt you, it'll keep your minds more on the Lord & off of the carnal & the flesh & more on the spiritual, which I think is far more important! I think your spiritual inspiration & spiritual fellowship & spiritual planning & organisational work is far more important than sexual fellowship, except with your usual sexual partners.--And it certainly is not worth risking infecting the whole bunch by someone's selfish incontinent uncontrollable sexual urges & desire for "strange flesh"! (Jude 7)

       13. WE JUST OUGHT TO BAN IT, THAT'S ALL! There's too much going around & it's too contagious & too infectious, too dangerous! It's not going to hurt you to forego sex with anyone but your own Home Members while you're at an Area Fellowship! (Maria: It would get them to bed earlier too.) You don't have to go lusting after the Members of some other Home to do what you call "sharing", which too often winds up sharing each other's diseases & germs & VD! You'd get through the whole meeting in better shape & not so tired & not having to stay up so late every night! You'd get more rest & wouldn't become so totally exhausted & hardly able to even stay awake in the sessions! (Maria: That's true!)

       14. LET'S KEEP OUR MINDS MORE ON OUR MAIN BUSINESS OF FIGURING HOW TO EVANGELISE THE WORLD, PARTICULARLY OUR OWN COUNTRY & COMMUNITY, & NOT HOW TO INFECT THE WORLD, especially our own part of it! So I think we just ought to ban any inter-Home sex between Homes that are not accustomed to sexually fellowshipping together! If charity begins at home, let's keep it at home! Especially let's keep our sex at home, & particularly our sexual diseases, & not spread them abroad throughout the whole area & all the other Homes so that everybody gets it!

       15. IT'S SELFISH! IT'S INCONSIDERATE! IT'S DOWNRIGHT CRUEL!--AND IT'S ESPECIALLY SO IF ONE PARTY IS INSISTENT & THE OTHER IS RELUCTANT! I think the people who don't want to have sex at an Area Fellowship have a perfect right to refuse & in fact they should refuse & they're disobedient if they don't refuse to have sex with members of another Home who may or may not be infected, but it seems they usually are or somebody is! (Maria: Yes, that's right! Yes, I think they've gone overboard on "fellowship".)

       16. I THINK THAT THAT WAS ONE OF THE DRAWBACKS OF THE VSs: THEY GOT THE IDEA THAT TO BE A VS YOU HAD TO GO AROUND FUCKING EVERYBODY IN EVERY HOME in your whole area & thereby carrying diseases from one Home to the other & spreading them all over the place! (Maria: Yes, that's right!) So I think in the case of VSs & visitors, perhaps we ought to ban sex also, if they're not their usual sexual contacts. The dangers of communicable diseases today are getting worse all the time, particularly with Herpes, & always with the more common sexual diseases of which there are about 20 different kinds, some of which are very serious & extremely communicable, with dire results of serious sickness & at least discomfort & annoyance, & certainly not worth the risk for a few moments of sexual pleasure!

       17. WHY NOT HAVE A LITTLE MORE SPIRITUAL & MENTAL COMMUNICATION INSTEAD OF DISEASE COMMUNICATION? I therefore charge you to ban all inter-Home sexual contact! In other words, ban the bed, or even if you do it standing up! We'll also have to ban the grass & the trees or wherever for sex between Homes or at Area Fellowships & any members not accustomed to having sex with each other, which usually means with anyone outside your own Home!

       18. THIS RAMPANT SEXUAL PROMISCUITY & SPREADING OF SEXUAL DISEASES TO EPIDEMIC PROPORTIONS COULD DESTROY US! I'm sure the Devil would love to do that!: If he can't destroy us spiritually he'd like to destroy us physically, & that would certainly hamper our spiritual ministry! Keep your sex at home! Don't insist on giving your diseases to other people who don't want them!--And you who don't want other people's diseases insist on flatly refusing to have such contact with anybody outside your own Home & feel perfectly justified in doing so! That's you're right & you have a right to your own personal freedom & freedom from disease!

       19. IT IS BECOMING A SPECIAL DANGER NOW THAT WE'RE HAVING SO MANY AREA FELLOWSHIPS, most of the fruits of which have been very good & very effective in most fields--in fact in everything except sex! Although some have seemed to have enjoyed that fellowship as well, it has had a lot of bad results in spreading diseases from Home-to-Home, so I say quit it! Stop it! And let's hope it's not too late for some & that you haven't gotten something you'll never get rid of!

       20. I HAVE NEVER BANNED THE USE OF SANITARY MEASURES SUCH AS CONDOMS, PARTICULARLY WITH OUR FFERS, IF USED FOR THE PURPOSE OF PREVENTING CATCHING COMMUNICABLE DISEASES. But I do not believe in the use of contraceptives for the purpose of preventing babies! I think we should leave that up to the Lord. But I don't think we need to leave it up to the Lord as to whether we catch VD or not! A lot of that depends on us & our sanitary measures & keeping ourselves clean & free of contacts which can possibly incur contamination.

       21. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN A RISK WITH OUR FFING, but that's part of the sacrifice of going into the gutter & the garbage pail to save the dirty dishes (ML No.566) & get'm clean, as Jesus did. "He saved others, Himself He could not save." (Mt.27:42) But these FFers should be particularly careful that they don't bring it home & pass it around to the Family, & especially beyond their local Family.--And I certainly will not blame any Home Member who refuses to have sex with someone they're not accustomed to having sex with who might have some communicable disease! You can be nice about it, polite about it, loving about it, but firm about it. Just say, "Sorry, but no. Dad doesn't think it's wise." In fact it can be very foolish & very dangerous & you stand a chance of selfishly inflicting your afflictions on others against their will if you insist on it!

       22. SO I DON'T BLAME ANYBODY FOR FLATLY REFUSING TO HAVE SEX WITH ANYBODY OUTSIDE OF THEIR OWN HOME! (Maria: And if you are in a position, like with a fish, where you're not sure, there are a lot of times when you can just have them masturbate.--I mean you don't have to fuck! There're a lot of times when you shouldn't, when you're on your period or if you have something, so you can say, "I'd like to watch you masturbate, it turns me on!" or something, & just have them masturbate. You don't have to fuck!) And he could do the same for you. You can masturbate him while he's goosing you, & get just as much pleasure out of it & just as much sexual satisfaction. You & I often do this. (Maria: Yes, it's great! I like it!) In fact you are more satisfied that way than with fucking! (Maria: Yes!) Right? (Maria: Yes, that's right!) And at my age it's easier for me to be satisfied as well. (Maria: Yes.)

       23. SO THERE'S NO REASON WHY YOU CAN'T BE SEXUALLY SATISFIED WITHOUT INTERCOURSE OR ORAL SEX, which are the main sources of infection. Of course if you're not even clean about washing your fingers or hands afterwards & sticking them in your eyes or ears or nose or mouth or something, you're just as apt to get infected as if you fucked or deep kissed--& that's another danger!--Deep kissing, French kissing, you can get some of these so-called venereal diseases just as easily that way as by fucking or oral sex! I don't think any girl should feel she has to submit to deep kissing if she doesn't want to or if she is afraid a strange man is apt to have something she doesn't want.

       24. YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING FROM MONONUCLEOSIS & HERPES TO GONORRHEA OR SYPHILIS JUST THROUGH DEEP KISSING, SO WATCH OUT FOR THAT TOO! (Maria: But with a fish, when you're almost obliged to do some of that, you just need to really pray, really really pray!) And you need to take special emergency measures immediately afterwards, such as thoroughly rinsing out your mouth with wine or at least water, & thoroughly washing the affected parts with soap & water immediately, & using any other antiseptic measures that are possible.--And urinating immediately afterwards if possible!

       25. URINATE & WASH THOROUGHLY WITH SOAP & WATER ALL AFFECTED PARTS IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS & RINSE YOUR MOUTH THOROUGHLY WITH WINE OR WATER & PRAY that you don't get anything! But certainly we don't have to take such risks at Area Fellowships! I mean we always have to keep clean from all these things. But we don't have to run the risk of such contacts & infections through foolish sexual promiscuity & rampant inter-Home sexual intercourse at Area Fellowships!

       26. SO I THINK IT WOULD BE WISE TO BAN ALL SEX BETWEEN HOMES, to try to limit the spread of these communicable sexual diseases which are reaching epidemic proportions in the World! (Maria: Pretty much in our Family too!) As the Lord says, "Receiving in their own bodies the recompense of their errors," or punishments for their sins (Rom.1:26-27 & Heb.2:2), for their reckless, selfish & inconsiderate rampant sex known as sexual promiscuity!

       27. LET'S KEEP OUR SEX AT HOME & keep ourselves free from the sexual pollution of indiscriminate sex between Homes, just in case anybody should have something whether they know it or not. Don't take a chance on it, folks, just refuse! Simply refrain! Keep your sex at home! Or if you must bring it with you to an Area Fellowship, please only share it with your usual Home Members that you're accustomed to having sex with, & don't go spreading it around with others or taking a chance on catching VD from somebody else & bringing it home with you or making them take it home with them!

       28. FOR GOD'S SAKE, HAVE A HEART! PITY THE POOR PEOPLE THAT HAVEN'T ALREADY GOTTEN IT, & DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM!--And those who haven't got it have a perfect right to refuse it & refrain & simply kindly excuse yourself! Say, "Sorry, no can do, my mama & my papa say 'No pitch the woo'!" And this is your Mama & Papa speaking, like the old song which was quite popular in World War II, especially in the Orient & for good reason!: "No can do! No can do! Mama & my papa say no pitch woo! No can do! Mama & Papa say no can do!"

       29. WELL, THIS IS MAMA & PAPA SPEAKING & THAT'S THE LAW & THE RULE & OUR VERY URGENT WARNING EMERGENCY ADVICE TO YOU: DON'T DO IT! Don't be guilty of it, whether you're to blame or some one else or whether you have it or somebody else has got it. Don't give it or get it, & the only way to do that is not have inter-Home sex! Some of you ban-the-bomb enthusiasts ought to be a little more enthusiastic about banning the bombs of sexual disease infestation & pollution by keeping your sex at home with your usual Family members & not spreading it abroad or taking a chance on catching it from somebody else!

       30. SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO CATCH DISEASES OR RUN THAT RISK by having sex with someone who is not a member of your own Home nor an accustomed sex partner, you have a perfect right to refuse to do so! In fact we're urging you to refuse, to prevent the spread of some of these diseases to either your Home or others' Homes!

       31. NO MORE INTER-HOME SEX ORGIES AT AREA FELLOWSHIPS!--That's about all I can call them! Some have gotten so out of hand & some so hogwild & rampant that we're just going to have to forbid it! It's not had good fruit, especially if everybody gets it, whatever it is! So stop it!--Period! No more sex with non-Home members, except for FFers, & please you be careful, & be careful with your FFers as well.

       32. WE HEREBY FIRMLY FORBID ANY INTER-HOME SEX AT AREA FELLOWSHIPS! KEEP YOUR SEX AT HOME! There you can have all you want! You can even carry it to the Area Fellowship if you carry Home Members with you, but keep it within the circle of your own Home Members! Don't go running around to a new tent or cabin every night just to see what he or she is like!--You may find out! He or she may have a bad serious venereal disease, & you'll certainly find out what it's like to have one!

       33. SO LET'S STOP IT! I FORBID IT! STOP ANY NON-HOME SEX, EXCEPT FFers! I love sex & I have as much as anybody, but we keep ours within the Home, except for FFing, & we're very careful about that, careful & prayerful, & thus far God has wonderfully spared us from anything extremely serious, thank the Lord! (Maria: Amen!) He's healed us, & although once in awhile we had a problem, the Lord has delivered us. But for God's sake, we don't have to go running unnecessary risks at Area Fellowships by going on wild sexual sprees with anybody & everybody there!

       34. LET'S KEEP OUR SEX AT HOME, AS WELL AS OUR SEXUAL DISEASES IF WE HAVE ANY, OR KEEP OURSELVES FREE & CLEAN FROM SUCH IF WE DON'T! Thank God! Keep your sex at home & quit spreading these diseases to others, or quit catching them from others, by keeping your sex at home within your own Family group with partners with whom you are accustomed to having sex. Let's ban inter-Home sex at any Area Fellowships, period! And anyone violating this rule is risking not only reprimand & exposure but also excommunication from any further attendance at Area Fellowships if they can't control themselves, or total excommunication from the Family if they flatly refuse to obey this rule & insist on imposing themselves on others along with their diseases at Area Fellowships!

       35. IF THE GUY GETS TOO AGGRESSIVE, GIRLS, JUST SCREAM! SOMEBODY IS BOUND TO HEAR YOU!--Or if the girl gets too wild & demanding & insistent, fellas, just take off & run! It's worth it to keep from getting something you don't already have, or from giving it to somebody else! Keep your sex & your diseases at home, please! Don't insist on imposing them on others under the guise of loving, sharing, fellowship! Love in such a form becomes unloving lust & by any other name it still stinks, so let's stop it, quit it now!

       36. NO MORE INTER-HOME SEX AT AREA FELLOWSHIPS! KEEP YOUR SEX AT HOME! We don't think this is asking too much, & there is plenty of Scripture to support it. (Pro.5:15,19-20; Mt.22:39; 1Cor.6:12,7:2,13:5) You know the Apostle Paul had to ban some things after they got out of hand. He had to cut off their liberties because of their license, they were becoming licentious instead of merely free, so he just had to ban such freedom to where there could be no such freedom because they were abusing it & their liberty was turning into license & licentiousness instead of simple pure loving thoughtful considerate & concerned freedom. So we're going to have to do the same. (Gal.5:13-19)

       37. THERE ARE ALWAYS THE FEW GUILTY WHO CAUSE THE MANY INNOCENTS TO SUFFER! But because of those few guilty ones, you others will have to refrain & curb such freedoms & limit yourselves because of the unlimited licentiousness of the few guilty ones who don't care who they hurt, contaminate or pollute or infect with any one or more of the 20 communicable sexual venereal diseases! As a doctor, an authority on VD, recently said, "People who have them seldom have one alone, but usually have several, so if the one doesn't get you the other will!" So stay away from them!

       38. QUIT HAVING THIS EXCESSIVE SEXUAL FREEDOM WHICH IS TURNING INTO LICENTIOUSNESS & SEXUAL ORGIES AT SOME OF THESE AREA FELLOWSHIPS!--And if your authorities in charge don't clamp down with this rule & help to enforce it & protect you from offenders of such offences, I wouldn't blame you for if you don't go to the Fellowship at all to protect yourself! Better to have no fellowship than the other fellow's diseases! Stop it!--Quit it & now!

       39. NO MORE INTER-HOME SEX AT AREA FELLOWSHIPS OR OTHERWISE, unless they are your usual customary sexual partners with whom you've already had sex before & are frequently accustomed to having sex, which usually means just those within your own Home! That's enough! That ought to be enough for anybody! The average Home has a population of half a dozen to a dozen or two dozen adults, & that ought to be enough variety to satisfy any sex-fiend without spreading your diseases to other Homes or taking a chance on catching it from other Homes! So let's ban it now!

       40. BAN THE BOMB, THE SEX BOMB!--VD!--At Area Fellowships or anywhere with anyone outside of your own Home, except for FFers!--And they had better be mighty prayerful & careful! Please don't bring it home with you & infect the whole Family! Stick to your usual sexual partners. Avoid the risk of contaminating & polluting others & causing others to suffer, the innocent for the guilty! Keep your sex at home! Ban the bomb, the VD Bomb!--No more Area sex!

       41. ENJOY HOME SEX ALL YOU WANT, HAVE A GOOD TIME! THANK GOD FOR IT! But don't abuse this liberty & freedom that God has given us sexually by overdoing it & going overboard by insisting on fucking everybody in your area, or even anybody else in your area outside of your own Home! Is that clear? (Maria: Yes, you made it clear enough!) Maybe we can broaden that to "Ban the bomb, the bums & the bugs!"--all the bugs that are going around & the bums who insist on spreading'm!

       42. LET'S BAN THE BUMS & THE BUGS & THE BOMB OF SEXUAL DISEASES BY KEEPING OUR SEX AT HOME! Have fun, but at home, or at your Area Fellowship with your own Home Members! Don't take a chance of getting it or giving it to somebody else!--And if your Fellowship won't observe this rule & insists on going hogwild in sexual orgies, then just refuse to go to the Fellowship & report such violations to higher authorities in the Family so that we can put a stop to them or excommunicate them to excommunicate their communicable diseases!--Amen? Praise the Lord!

       43. BAN THE BOMBS, THE BUMS & THE BUGS! KEEP YOUR SEX AT HOME! Keep your sex bomb at home!--Or if you must take it with you, don't share it with others of other Homes! Keep your sex bombs & bums & bugs to yourself! Keep your sex at home or within your own Home Members at Area Fellowships!--In Jesus' name & for God's sake & your sake & the sake of others & the sake of the Family & the sake of God's work & the sake of lost souls & the evangelisation of the World!--In Jesus' name, amen! (Maria: Wow! That's quite a revolution, ha!--Almost as big as the RNR!)


       45. (MARIA: I WONDER HOW SOME ARE GOING TO TAKE THIS? Some go around to the different Homes all the time without their mates, so I wonder how they're going to handle this? They've almost got to have sex...?) Well, they'd better take a mate with'm if they can't refrain! But I don't think that would stop some, it never did before, every Home they went to they had sex in every way with everybody! But maybe this will slow some down, I think they're going to get the point that it's somewhat aimed at them.--Amen?--Are you a guilty one? God help you to have real love & concern for others & try to protect each other from these dangers!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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