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MILLENNIAL RE-EDUCATION!--A New Job for You!        DFO 1435        18/10/82

       1. BEING IN THE MILLENNIUM IS ALMOST LIKE AN EXTENSION OF THIS AGE NOW, because the World & its people will still be in time & there will still be Wicked here & a lot of churchy Christians, etc.! Well, I guess if the Church Christians are saved they'll be in the Rapture & have their Resurrection bodies, but I don't see how the Lord could trust them with very much power, except to direct the Wicked or something. They're going to be like the little spiritual babies of the Millennium. We'll have to tell'm what to do & how to do it, since they don't have much experience serving the Lord from just going to Church.

       2. IT'S GOING TO BE A MESS TRYING TO CLEAN UP THIS WORLD AFTER ALL THOSE WARS, THE WRATH OF GOD & ARMAGEDDON, the slaughter of so many Wicked! They've got to spend months burying them & years getting rid of all the junk! (Ez.39:9,12) I wonder sometimes why the Lord would even want to bother with it! It seems like it would have been easier just to have the New Heaven & the New Earth then!--But He's so merciful!

       3. BUT IT JUST SHOWS YOU THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO LEARN YET, including the Wicked & a lot of self-righteous Christians who think the Lord's just too hard on the Wicked to destroy them immediately & think He ought to give them another chance or something; so He does, just to prove to the too-soft-hearted Christians that the incorrigibly Wicked won't change! (Is.26:10)

       4. IT'S GOING TO BE QUITE EMBARRASSING FOR THE CHURCHES & THE CHRISTIANS TO FIND US RUNNING THE WORLD & BOSSING THEM AROUND after the way they persecuted us, criticised us & opposed us! We're going to have to have a lot of charity & mercy to get'm to dig ditches or whatever they're gonna do. But maybe they won't be diggin' ditches, the Wicked will have to be doing that. But since we'll obviously be superior to them, they'll just have to take orders from us as to what to do!

       5. MAYBE THE CHURCH PEOPLE WILL BE RUNNING THE LITTLE TOWNS & VILLAGES, since there're so many of them, hundreds of millions of them, & by that time, of course, there'll be billions of them! And since they're the lowest strata of the Saved, I guess they'll at least be local administrators if nothing else. You've gotta have a lot of them, you know, at least one in every town, the mayor, etc.

       6. THERE WILL BE ALL KINDS OF LITTLE JOBS FOR CHURCH FOLKS TO DO! They know a lot about construction because they specialised in church buildings!--Ha! So they can be put in charge of the reconstruction. And they all had jobs, so they knew some kind of trade or skill. They never quit their jobs to serve the Lord. So I can see where they'll have their place--just barely above the Wicked!

       7. HONEY, IF YOU WERE COLD, WHY DIDN'T YOU COVER UP? What are you sneezing for? Here you are even snuggled up to me & sneezing & still cold. How come you're sneezing if you're not cold? (Maria: I thought I was hot!) Well, you thought wrong, didn't you? Sometimes, Honey, you're almost as dumb as the Church people! xxx! That's pretty dumb! (Maria: Oh, I agree, I'm very dumb!)

       8. WELL, I GUESS THEY'RE REALLY, IN A WAY, GOING TO BE PRETTY MUCH NEEDED because they're just sort of an intermediate stage, barely above that of the Unsaved--only because they're saved, otherwise you couldn't tell too much difference between'm! They're used to working with the Wicked & with Worldly people & their bosses, etc., so they'll be able to handle relations way down the line at the bottom somewhere pretty well. Especially since there're so many of'm! There will be hundreds of millions of them compared to us!

       9. THERE'S SO FEW OF US, THE LORD MUST HAVE SOME PRETTY TOP JOBS WAITING FOR US, HUH?--Ha! He knows He can count on us to do'm because we were faithful with what we had to do now. We obeyed, we went into all the World & preached the Gospel, forsook-all, suffered persecution & sacrificed. I can't think of anybody better qualified than us, except for some of the Saints & heroes of the past & a few of the present. (Maria: Yes, in some of the countries where they really suffer for their faith.) Yes. Amen! GB'M!

       10. IT SHOWS YOU THERE WILL BE ALL STAGES & DEGREES & LEVELS & CLASSES, but surely the Church people, even those that are saved--& there are even a lot of them unsaved--are going to be at the bottom somewhere. But even they'll be needed. We'll put them in charge of relations with the Unsaved--since they know'm so well & they're so close to'm & so much like'm! It's pretty hard to draw a hairline of distinction between'm! About the only difference is that they have faith in Christ & believe. They're just barely saved by the skin of their teeth. I think the Bible makes that pretty clear--barely saved, but their works burned. (1Co.3:15)

       11. I DON'T SUPPOSE TOO MANY PREACHERS & CHURCH PEOPLE & BIBLE COLLEGE STUDENTS EVER THINK ABOUT THOSE THINGS because they figure they're the cream of the crop! I don't know whether we really need to think about those things, but I guess I'm just curious! But that would make an interesting study, a little guess-work as to just how the Lord's going to do it! And I would figure that's about the way He's going to do it!

       12. SOME CHURCH PEOPLE ARE JUST BARELY SAVED, & THAT'S ABOUT ALL! They live just like the rest of the World, you know? About the only difference you can tell between the Church people & the rest of the World is Church people go to Church on Sunday & maybe some of'm are a little bit better & more honest. But there are a Hell of a lot of things they don't do! I'm sure they'll be just barely one step above the Unsaved--whatever Unsaved the Lord's merciful enough to spare through the Wrath of God & Armageddon--the survivors!

       13. HE'LL PROBABLY PUT THE CHURCH PEOPLE IN CHARGE OF THE WICKED, & THE FEW REAL SINCERE SAINTS & WITNESSES THAT YOU FIND IN THE CHURCHES OVER THEM.--The real good Christians that pass tracts on Saturday night & really do try to witness & invite people to Church. They didn't know too much about soul-winning, did they? How many of the Christian Church people you knew, knew how to lead a soul to the Lord & get a decision?--Very few!

       14. CAN YOU THINK OF EVEN ONE THAT YOU EVER REMEMBER LEADING SOMEBODY TO THE LORD in your own personal acquaintances, experiences & people you knew? I'm talking about someone besides the Pastors & your Mother! Pastors & Pastor's wives were about the only ones that knew how! You think maybe you knew somebody, but you're not sure. (Maria: Well, they taught soul-winning...) Maybe some people in the Campus Crusade.--At least they were taught how to witness & win souls & how to lead'm to Salvation. (Maria: I think a few Church people knew how to do it, & probably a few did it.)

       15. PROBABLY THOSE ACTIVE CHURCH PEOPLE WHO REALLY WITNESSED & REALLY KNOW HOW TO WIN SOULS ARE GOING TO BE A STEP ABOVE THE AVERAGE CHURCH PERSON. The Church people will probably be in charge of the Wicked because they know them so well, they worked with them & lived with them & lived like'm. And the good Church members who really loved & served the Lord in Church & knew how to witness & win souls--those select two or three in every Church--they're probably going to be in charge of the Church people, since they know them so well!--Ha!

       16. AND I'D SAY MAYBE THE CHURCH MISSIONARIES NEXT! THOSE WHO DID ACTUALLY FORSAKE-ALL! How would you class the ones who forsook all & went away to Bible School & went to the mission field & really tried to win the heathen & go into all the World & preach the Gospel? I'd say they'll be about the next step up.

       17. THERE'RE ALL KINDS OF VARIOUS DEGREES OF WICKEDNESS TOO: The guilty Wicked, the innocent Wicked, the ignorant Wicked. Or maybe I should use the term Unsaved instead of Wicked, because they're not all so wicked! It's funny how you get in a habit of saying that, because the preachers are always preaching: "There's no difference, they're all wicked!"

       18. LET'S CALL'M THE UNSAVED, BECAUSE THERE'LL BE VARIOUS CLASSES OF UNSAVED. There'll be the ignorant & the somewhat innocent, & the good who tried to do the right thing. The Bible says so! (Rom.2:12-15) Then there will be the various degrees of the guilty & the very wicked, the horrible, the cruel & on down the line! (Lk.12:47-48)

       19. BUT JUST RIGHT NEXT TO THEM & OVER THEM WILL BE THE AVERAGE CHURCH MEMBER, RIGHT?--Because they lived with'm, worked with'm, lived like'm, & you couldn't tell the difference between'm, except one was saved & the other wasn't! And over them, the few really good Church members who really were sincere & trying to serve the Lord & witness & win souls.

       20. WELL NOW, WE'VE GOT TO HAVE SOMEWHERE TO PUT THE POOR PREACHERS & PASTORS, HONEY! Maybe we'll have to put them in charge of the workers, let's call them the Church Workers. First are the Church Members, then there're the Church Workers & then the Pastors. (Maria: It just depends, because some of the Church Workers are better than the Pastors!) Yes, it all depends.

       21. BUT LET'S SAY THEY WERE FAIRLY SINCERE PASTORS really trying to take care of their people & feed their sheep.--Like your Daddy & some of my folks, etc., who were really sincere & faithful Pastors. I think they would come next. Well, of course, they never really hardly left home or their home fields & lived pretty much like the rest of the Church people, so they couldn't be too high up.

       22. AND THEN OVER THEM I'D SAY WOULD BE THE MISSIONARIES! It's funny how they're at the bottom of the Church totem pole today, they're really not considered too important. (Maria: Well, maybe over the Preachers would be the Evangelists.) Yes! That's very good! This is almost according to God's list in the Bible! (1Co.12:28) OK, the Evangelists over the Pastors. Maybe we've gotta help the Lord figure this out since we had so much experience with'm! That's sure how I'd classify'm!

       23. WE'VE GOTTA PUT THE TEACHERS IN THERE SOMEWHERE TOO! When I was a Christian teacher in a Christian school, I was pretty much like the rest of the Church people, except I was a Church Worker. Put them with the Church Workers. They'd be pretty close, similar to the Pastors, only they taught in schools, taught young people & students. That was their pastorate. That was my pastorate, really, my 50 high school students!

       24. ONLY I'D SAY I SURE WORKED A LOT HARDER AS A TEACHER THAN A PASTOR! I'd put'm on a little higher level because they had to pastor those rapscallions all day long, every day! That's a lot harder work than any preacher I know of does! I sure worked a heck of a lot harder teaching at the Christian high school than I ever did pastoring! (Maria: Yes, but most of them just treat it as a secular job.)

       25. I'M TALKING ABOUT CHRISTIAN SCHOOL TEACHERS--SECULAR TEACHERS IS A DIFFERENT THING. Christian Church people who taught in secular public schools & all, I would just say they were like any other Church people. (Maria: But even Christian schools, it's sort of like their job, they teach geography & history. Sure, they put their witness in too, but it's almost like a job.)

       26. WELL, I'LL SAY I REALLY WORKED A LOT HARDER AS A CHRISTIAN SCHOOLTEACHER & I REALLY DID TRY TO INCULCATE THE WORD INTO THOSE KIDS & GET'M SAVED & EVERYTHING ELSE! (Maria: You did, Honey, but you're different! You're one of the few that do that. I don't think there're very many.) Well, we'll judge each case on its own merit. If you want to put Pastors & Teachers on the same level, OK, but I wanted to give the Teachers a little bit more credit myself!

       27. AND OF COURSE EVANGELISTS, THEY REALLY SACRIFICE & SUFFER! And although they're glorified like a shooting star in their flash of glory at each meeting, they were treated like dirt & mud in-between & had no place to go & no place to lay their heads! The Lord did take care of us, TTL, but Evangelists in some ways were kind of looked down upon. They were kind of homeless strays.

       28. THEY GOT A LOT OF GLORY DURING THEIR EVANGELISTIC MEETING, BUT THAT WAS IT! When it was over, the Churches dumped them & didn't care what happened to them in-between! Sort of like migrant workers, you know? We were just plain unemployed & out of work in-between meetings, & we could be thankful if we managed to survive the unemployment periods. So I'd put the Evangelists above the Pastors, because they really worked harder & sacrificed more. They had to travel a lot & leave home, etc.

       29. AND THEN ABOVE THEM I'D PUT THE CHURCHY MISSIONARIES SENT OUT BY THE CHURCHES. They were considered more sacrificial & had to not only leave home, but leave their country, learn a foreign language & preach the Gospel to the pagan & the heathen & the foreigners! So I'd say they rate being up above the Pastors, Teachers & Evangelists. Besides, there're so few of'm, you'd have to give'm top jobs!

       30. WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT ALL THE DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENTS & CHURCH ADMINISTRATORS? I'd say they'd just be Church Workers & Pastors, denominational heads. Well, some of those guys are good organisational men, & we're going to need a lot of organisational know-how, so we can probably put them in charge, like they are now, in charge of the Church people & the Church Workers & the Pastors. They knew how to run their own people & denominations, & it was a pretty tough job being the head of an organisation, so we'll probably keep'm on.

       31. --JUST LIKE WE'LL PROBABLY KEEP ON SOME OF THE MAYORS & GOVERNORS, ETC., OF THE UNSAVED, because they're already proven leaders--at least leaders of their own people, the Unsaved. (Maria: Oh, the Lord's going to have such a tough job! It won't be so tough getting them into categories, but within each category ranking all the different intentions & motives of their hearts & degrees, etc.) Yes, well, the nice thing about it is we'll know things just like the Angels, & like He knows right now!

       32. WHO IN THE CHURCHES WOULD YOU PUT OVER THE MISSIONARIES? I think we've about run out of Church people! Well now, let's see, I think above the Missionaries we would put the especially outstanding Saints & Martyrs of all ages, right? We're probably going to have some Saints & Martyrs too, we already have! But maybe we'll just be classified along with the rest of the Missionaries, only I think we are a little bit better than most of them. (Maria: I think we'd be the next step above the Church Missionaries.) OK! Fine!

       33. WE DO HAVE A LITTLE MORE TRUTH & LIBERTY & FREEDOM & KNOWLEDGE, & WE'RE OBVIOUSLY QUITE A BIT MORE ACTIVE! I haven't read too much, even when I was in the churches, of Church Missionaries doing all the witnessing, etc., that we're doing! Most of'm were just running little mission stations trying to persuade a few of the heathen to come into their meetings. Isn't that crazy?--Instead of really going out amongst them like we do!

       34. I'D SAY WE RANK ABOVE THE CHURCH MISSIONARIES! We'll show them how to do their missionary work which they never could figure out how to do! They never could get away from the churchy meeting idea, you know, of just having meetings within buildings & mission stations. We'll show them how to really get out there & witness & pass out millions of tracts & literature & hold meetings in schools & old folks' homes & get on TV & radio & show'm how they should have done it! So I guess we'll rate a little bit above the ordinary Church Missionaries.

       35. SO I GUESS WE'D SHOVE THE ACTUAL GREAT SAINTS & MARTYRS UP A LITTLE HIGHER, & WE'LL HAVE A FEW OF THOSE OURSELVES! The great Saints & Martyrs will come next, above the normal run of the Family of Love! (Maria: Of course, winning souls is pretty important.) That's right! Some members of our Family are almost like Church people, way down at the bottom, still back in their home countries just supporting us financially. (Maria: But the ones of our Family that are winning souls all the time, they must be pretty close to being Martyrs!) Well, they suffer persecution & sacrifice & have privation & all sorts of things, so in a way they are martyrs dying daily!

       36. THERE ARE EVEN DIFFERENT CLASSES OF OUR FAMILY! There are some that are really working hard & dedicated & sacrificing & really winning souls & really out in the field & really going, & there are others that are pretty much backslidden & not doing much for the Lord. Some of them aren't much better than the Church people!

       37. BUT THEN I PRESUME ABOVE US & THE OTHER MISSIONARIES, ETC., I'LL HAVE TO PUT THE GREAT SAINTS & great Church leaders like Moses & the Patriarchs & a few of the kings like David. (Maria: And you!) Great leaders of the Church & of the people of God. The great leaders--Paul & the Apostles & all those very famous characters of the Bible, not the bad ones but the good ones.

       38. THE LORD SAID HE'S GOING TO GIVE THE 12 APOSTLES 12 THRONES! (Mt.19:28)--But I saw a lot of other thrones there too, so they're probably not the only ones. (Maria: You'll be there with'm, Honey!) Well, I don't know exactly where I'll be. I hope I'm with you, Honey! (Maria: Oh, I hope I'm with you!) I'm sure I'll have to be with you. You'll have to be with me, or I wouldn't know what to do! If you weren't with me, who'd be my secretary & write down all my thoughts & ideas for running the Millennium?

       39. I'LL PROBABLY STILL BE TEACHING! People are still going to be writing letters & reading, & the World's still going to be much like it is today. They'll still be publishing. Imagine having all the newspapers & books & everything publishing only the Truth & only for the glory of God! So maybe we'll still be doing what we're doing now!

       40. I WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT TODAY: ALL THESE BOOKS & KOMIX & EVERYTHING WE'VE WRITTEN, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE WASTED! I think we're still going to be able to use them! Really! First of all, the first people outside of our Family that need our education are the Church people, the Christians! (Maria: Let's print enough right now for the Millennium!) Oh, Honey, we couldn't possibly! No, we'll have to do it in the Millennium! Goodness gracious, we don't have the money or the facilities right now for so many billions!

       41. MAYBE THE LORD WILL PUT ME IN CHARGE OF PUBLICATIONS! (Maria: Oh yes!) Every printing press & publishing house that survives will have to be publishing good Christian literature!--Maybe even MO Letters & True Komix to educate the World in the full Word of God & the Truth & to teach'm the full liberty & freedom in the Lord that we have!

       42. MAYBE WE'LL BE IN CHARGE OF EDUCATION & PUBLICATIONS! That's what I am, a Teacher, & you're a Publisher! So maybe we'll be going right on & continuing our work we're doing now! We know how to do it! We've had experience in it! We know what to do & how to do it, so I'm sure the Lord's going to put that experience to work. We know how to publish books, mags & all!

       43. THERE WILL BE NORMAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, LOTS OF'M, WHO ARE GOING TO HAVE TO BE RE-EDUCATED, RIGHT? Think of all the older people who are going to have to be re-educated, & all the young people & even children! Surely the Lord's going to let a lot of children survive into the Millennium & not have to be slaughtered in the horrible Tribulation, Wrath of God & Armageddon! If anybody deserves to survive, it's probably the little children. (Maria: Maybe that's why our Family's doing so much with the children now.) Yes, of course! Probably lots of children are going to survive! The Lord's going to spare them & give them their chance in the Millennium!

       44. SO I THINK THAT'S THE JOB I WANT IN THE MILLENNIUM, THE SAME JOB I'VE GOT NOW! OK? I don't want to be a Ruler having to govern people & organise countries or towns or be a Governor or King, I just want to be an Educator & a Publisher to try to teach the people the Truth!

       45. --AND THE FIRST PEOPLE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO TEACH ARE THE CHRISTIANS! They've got to be re-educated so they'll know how to teach even the Unsaved! I mean, we're going to have to re-educate all the Missionaries & the Christians & the Church people & the Pastors & the Preachers & the Evangelists & the Teachers & all!

       46. WE'VE GOTTA GET THEM ALL ON A MO-STUDY COURSE, HONEY! We'll start all the kids on the Komix, & we'll probably have to start the Church adults on the Komix too, because they're not smart enough, hardly, to read the Letters!--They're too complicated. Besides, they'd go to sleep! (Maria: We've got some Condensations for them, they can start with the shortened abbreviated form!) OK, we can give the adults the Condensations!

       47. AND THEN THOSE THAT REALLY PASS THE COURSE WITH FLYING COLOURS & really show genuine sincerity & interest & look like they're really gonna make it as pupils, we'll start giving them the really heavy Letters to read! No wonder it's going to take a thousand years! It's going to take years & years just to re-educate all the Christians, & for the little kids to absorb all the Komix & the adults to read all the Letters! I don't know that the Lord could get any better study course anywhere than we have! I never found one like it in any Church or Bible College that I ever went to! Well, at least ours certainly could be integrated maybe into the general program.

       48. MAYBE I'M GOING TO BE IN CHARGE OF PUBLICATIONS & EDUCATION, HONEY! (Maria: Amen, you're the best!) We did a pretty good job of that with our Family, so maybe we're going to be in charge of teaching! We know Church people so well, Honey, we were reared with them, & some of our folks were too, so we know what they need. We're really going to be able to sock it to'm then! I'm going to get a lot of satisfaction out of that!

       49. "ALL RIGHT NOW, CHURCH PEOPLE, YOUR LESSON FOR TODAY IS THE A,B,C's OF THE GOSPEL!" (Maria: How to win a soul to the Lord!) No, how to be sure you know you're saved!--Ha! They're not even sure that they're saved! "Assurance of your Salvation"--that'll be the first thing we'll have to teach the Church people! (Maria: Or how to get saved!) Well Honey, they're supposed to be already saved or they wouldn't be in this class! We're going to teach the Saved Church people how to know they're saved, & the Saved Church people are going to have to teach the Unsaved Church people how to get saved! That's about all they can do. But they don't know how to stay saved or how to know they're saved, so we'll have to teach them.

       50. OF COURSE, WE CAN START THE KIDS RIGHT OFF WITH THE KOMIX, BECAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNLEARN KIDS & BRAINWASH'M LIKE THE CHURCH PEOPLE! One of the toughest jobs with the Church people is all the stuff they've got to unlearn & all the brainwashing! But the children can start right off from scratch with Komix because there won't be so much to have to unlearn'm! Some pretty good ideas? (Maria: Very good! I like that plan, Honey!)

       51. WE CAN HAVE THE KOMIX FOR THE CHURCH CHILDREN & WE EVEN HAVE KOMIX FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE UNSAVED. I'm sure the Lord is going to be extra merciful to them. We've got all kinds of Komix that are good for Unsaved children & Unsaved people, & lots of Komix good for the Church children to re-educate them in true Christianity instead of Churchianity! And then working on up to the Condensations, MO Quotes & Daily Might. They'll go from Komix to Daily Might to Condensations to the simpler Letters in full & the heavier Letters & on up!

       52. THEY'LL GRADUATE FROM THAT COURSE AFTER MAYBE THE FIRST TWO OR THREE HUNDRED YEARS, because it's going to really take a long time to re-educate those Church people! I think it's probably easier to start from scratch with the Unsaved that don't have so much Churchianity to unlearn! That's what Fred always said: It's a lot easier to teach the Unsaved & get'm saved, because they don't have to get rid of all that bunk learned in Church! You can start from scratch with them. I'll bet some of them will outflank the Church people in nothing flat! They'll learn real fast because they don't have so much to un-learn!

       53. ANYHOW, THAT WILL BE QUITE AN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, HUH? There's going to be a big use for our Komix! Just think, we've already got ten books of Komix, Honey! The Lord sure isn't going to just have them all tossed away! (Maria: That's encouraging!)--And all of our other educational books, etc.

       54. HONEY, WE ARE NOW ORGANISING & ESTABLISHING AN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM FOR THE WORLD!--The whole World & the whole Saved Church & unsaved church!--All the Churchy Christians & their children, & the World & their children. It's going to be a pretty big job! No wonder we're writing books on so many different subjects, Honey, we've got so many things to teach'm!

       55. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT ME & YOU, I GUESS WE'LL BE UNDER THE GREATEST OF THE SAINTS & the greatest of the leaders, the ones that outflank & outrank me--of which there're going to be quite a few--who were more sacrificial & suffered more & were persecuted more & martyred more probably. I know you're not going to agree to that, but I think so. I'm sure there're going to be lots of ranks & flanks--no Yanks!--well, maybe a few--above me!

       56. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS ON THAT VISIT TO SPACE CITY I WASN'T AT THE TOP! (No.75A) Contrary to some people's ideas, I wasn't right up there at the peak! There was something going on up there, but I never got to get up that high. I was close, close enough to know...(Maria: Maybe there were just Angels up there getting it prepared.) Maybe so. Maybe I wasn't supposed to see that for some reason. I never got to see the Lord on His Throne & all that up there at the peak.

       57. SO I'M NOT QUITE REALLY RIGHT AT THE TOP. (Maria: Well, that doesn't mean you won't be.) Well anyhow, I'm going to be pretty busy. I won't have much time to just sit around with the Top Brass! I'm a Teacher, an Educator! I'm busy leading the army to re-educate the World! That's a pretty big job!

       58. AND RIGHT ABOVE US, OF COURSE, WILL BE THE VERY TOP LEADERS & MARTYRS & PATRIARCHS & APOSTLES & FAMOUS LEADERS OF THE CHURCH, like Martin Luther & Tyndale & Calvin & all those famous men! (Maria: I don't think they'll be above you!) You don't think so? (Maria: No.) Oh Honey, they're famous! (Maria: Well, you're famous too, Honey!) I'm infamous! (Maria: Well I know you're tops in the Lord's Book!)

       59. THEY MIGHT NOT WANT TO ASSOCIATE WITH ME because we have a pretty bad reputation with all our sex & sexual liberty. (Maria: They will when you get there, don't you think?) They may be a little ashamed of me & all of our sexuality, which most of them looked down on. (Maria: They don't now!) Maybe they'll be surprised. I'm sure they know better now, so maybe they won't feel so bad then.

       60. WELL ANYWAY, WE'VE GOT A BIG JOB, HONEY! We've got to get up & get these books going & everything! (Maria: I think it's too much for me!) No Honey, we're even going to need the FNs, because we're going to be studying Church History! That's a part of the History of the Church--the History of our Church! Right? Church History! Old FNs! People are going to be referring to them & checking cross references in the indexes about the different events.

       61. MAYBE THOSE THINGS WILL EVEN BE BROUGHT UP IN COURT in their cases when they're judged by the Lord for their works & deeds! (Maria: Oh dear, I hope I don't leave anybody out who's supposed to be in!) Maybe they'll have a stack of FNs there to corroborate the testimony of the advocates that they did a good job & they did their best & to judge what kind of degree of reward they should have.

       62. (MARIA: BUT I THINK I'D RATHER LET THE LORD CHOOSE THE LEVELS.--I think that's a little beyond me.) Well, of course He will, Honey, but I'm just guessing at what He might choose! Now listen, He says we're going to judge angels! (1Co.6:3) We're going to sit on thrones & make judgements. I'm doing a little judging right now, what my guess is of what the Lord's ranks & classes are going to be!--And I think we're pretty close! (Maria: You're qualified, but I don't think I am.) Honey, you know those Church people! You already contributed a lot of thoughts & ideas to this discussion. You know good & well we got'm pretty well sorted out about what they deserve & about what they're capable of.

       63. ANYHOW, THAT'S A HAPPY THOUGHT, ISN'T IT?--THAT ALL THESE BOOKS & THINGS WE'RE PRINTING CAN STILL BE USED to re-educate the Church people & their children & even the Unsaved & their children!--An educational program for the whole World! (Maria: "Here & Now for There & Then!") (No.1092) Yes! They're going to really need a lot of educational material, & what better material could you find than what we've got?

       64. WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO USE A FEW OF THOSE CHURCH PICTURE BOOKS, Bible picture books & storybooks for the children of the Unsaved, the children of the Saved have already had'm. So we can start using our books for the children of the Saved because they need to be re-educated, the Komix & all the rest! (Maria: That'll be exciting!) And all the "helps" books & the facts books: "History According To Us!"--History according to the Lord & His Spirit & what He's taught us & showed us!

       65. IT'S A TREMENDOUS CHALLENGE WHEN YOU THINK OF HAVING TO RE-EDUCATE ALL THOSE CHURCH PEOPLE! I know them pretty well, I think I know just what they need! In fact, just what I've been giving them for quite a few years, but they wouldn't take it! Now they're going to have to sit down & study all the MO Books & the kids read all the Komix! (Maria: That'll sure give you a lot of satisfaction!) I'll be pleased!--They really need'm!

       66. I'LL HAVE A LOT OF MERCY ON'M, HONEY! They'll be so embarrassed & so humiliated, they've got their punishment! I'll have to try to encourage'm & comfort'm & tell'm, "Hey, isn't this fun? Isn't this more fun than going to Church & listening to all those dry sermons? Here, read this Komixbook, isn't this good?" I think they'll enjoy'm a lot more than some of those theological books & seminary textbooks, junk like that that they used to have to read. Oh me, all those dry tomes that the preachers wrote! I think they'll enjoy our Books & Letters & Komix better!

       67. HONEY, THEY MAY BE VERY HAPPY & RELIEVED & CHEERFUL & PRAISING GOD THAT THEY'VE GOT MO BOOKS & TRUE KOMIX & all this wealth of material that they can read! We'll get'm to read'm all to re-educate'm! By the time they get through reading all the Komix & all the MO Books & all the helps books, Childcare Books, flannelgraphs--we'll have to teach them how to show the kids the flannelgraphs--& studied all the Church History of all the Saints & Missionaries in the FNs, then I think they would deserve to just about graduate & be ready for a position of responsibility in helping to run the World! But it's going to take a little while, of course.

       68. MEANWHILE, OUR KIDS WHO HAVE ALREADY HAD ALL THESE ARE GOING TO BE RUNNING THE WORLD, BECAUSE THEY'RE ALREADY PREPARED FOR IT! They're ready! They've already been runnin' it as far as the Lord's concerned! They've been out there preaching the Gospel in all the World to every creature in over a hundred countries & learning languages & winning souls--who better would deserve to run the World than them?--Besides the other great Church leaders that were faithful Missionaries & Prophets & Apostles & Patriarchs, etc., will be too!

       69. I THINK OUR FOLKS ARE GOING TO BE SOMEWHERE NEAR THE TOP! Maybe not as great as some of the great Saints & heroes of the Bible & Church History, but maybe some of them will be! Maybe I'll at least be permitted to talk to some of them! (Maria: Honey, you're going to have one of the biggest rewards!) I really want to talk to Paul about some things & discuss a few things with Moses & David & some of those guys! They're some of the ones I want to meet. And Noah was a great man, I want to hear all about the Flood & how they managed to survive over a year on that Ark & all the details! Wouldn't that be interesting?

       70. AND I SURE WANT TO TALK TO ADAM & EVE ABOUT THEIR EARLY GARDEN EXPERIENCES! I'm not so much concerned about what happened after the Fall, but it must have really been quite exciting what they did in the Garden of Eden when they had all that freedom & all that sex & nudity & Paradise! I want to discuss it with them, how they liked it, what they thought when they first met each other & all those things! Wouldn't that be interesting?

       71. AND THEN I'D LIKE TO TALK TO SOME OF THE OLD GOOD KINGS OF ISRAEL & SOME OF THE GREAT PROPHETS!--THE ONES I WANT TO MEET MOST ARE DANIEL, JEREMIAH, EZEKIEL, ISAIAH & SOME OF THOSE BOYS! I want to talk to them about their prophecies & how they managed to get along as Prophets & if they had some of the same problems I had! There're a whole lot of people I want to talk to when I get there if I ever have time!--Ha!--Forever!

       72. THERE'S A THOUSAND YEARS OF MILLENNIUM, BUT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO IN THAT THOUSAND YEARS! And if we're going to be catching up on visits with the Top Brass, all those great Prophets & Kings & Apostles & Patriarchs, etc., & re-educating the whole World, that's going to be a thousand-year job! I can see that for sure! No wonder it's going to take a thousand years!

       73. AND THEN WHEN IT COMES TO THE END OF THE THOUSAND YEARS & you see how some people still wouldn't change, the Lord's really going to have to wipe'm out, you know? Well, at least we'll have done the best we could & given everybody sort of a second chance. Actually, it's sort of giving the Church people a second chance too, because they're still going to have to teach the World & try to totally evangelise the World! It'll be their second chance to do the job that they failed to do in this life.

       74. IT'S KIND OF LIKE A SECOND CHANCE FOR EVERYBODY TO DO A BETTER JOB NEXT TIME!--Of course, with a lot more help, or at least a lot more knowledge, a lot more power, a lot more visible comprehension & understanding, face-to-face with things as they are, & direct knowledge of people's minds & reading their thoughts & all kinds of things, nothing hidden. It's going to be really a step up in a lot of ways, in some ways easier to do the job.

       75. NO WONDER THE ONES THAT ARE DOING IT NOW ARE GOING TO GET SUCH GLORY & SUCH REWARD, BECAUSE IT IS PRETTY TOUGH TRYING TO DO IT NOWADAYS! We'll look back on these days as really the rough old days of the Earthly life of real hardships, alongside of which the Millennium is going to look like Heaven for sure!--But still a big job to do!

       76. SO HANG ONTO THOSE BOOKS, KIDS! You're going to need'm to help re-educate the Church & the Church people & the Christians & all the rest of the World & their children! (Maria: Maybe we can reprint them!) Of course!! They'll have to be reprinted by the millions, maybe billions! We have to hang onto'm now so we'll have enough copies to distribute just to the printers for reprinting, just for reproduction! I mean, every copy of every Book & every Letter & Komix book we ever printed is going to be a Master original copy for reproduction by the millions! (Maria: So we'd better print as many as we can now!) Well, we are! So let's get up & do it, shall we? PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       77. WE'RE GETTIN' READY FOR THE MILLENNIUM, HONEY! We're gettin' all these pubs ready to be a great tool & blessing in the Millennium! So let's get to work! PTL! (Maria: Maybe we can even print our Poetry Book yet, even though it's one of the frills!)--Ha! Well, we'll probably have to wait till the Millennium for that!

       78. MILLENNIAL RE-EDUCATION, THAT'LL BE THE BIGGEST JOB OF ALL, REALLY! Just think how much the World spends on education! Think how much time & money & personnel is spent on education in the World today, both Christian & unChristian. Then there will only be one educational system!--Ours! Hallelujah! It's going to be a big job re-educating the whole World, both Christians & non-Christians!--So let's get with it!--Amen? God bless all you who're doin' it NOW!--And He will & does!--ILY!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Amen?--GBY!

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