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A MILLENNIAL SECOND CHANCE?        DFO1437        23/10/82

       1. I FIGURE IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME TO READ IT NOW, MAYBE YOU'LL HAVE TIME TO READ IT DURING THE TRIBULATION! If not then, you can always read it during the Millennium, you'll have a thousand years then! Wait till you hear our Millennial Re-education programme! (No.1435.) People don't realise how down-to-Earth the Millennium is going to be!--You're still dealing with people, nations, the physical & physical kingdoms & people.

       2. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE ONE MONUMENTAL JOB OF RE-EDUCATION TO DO! I think that's what the whole Millennium is about, is to give people a second chance, otherwise there's no point in the Millennium! If it's just as the churches teach, to give us a chance to wreak vengeance on our enemies & be mean to all the people that were mean to us, what good is that?

       3. IF IT'S JUST TO SHOW HOW THE WORLD SHOULD HAVE BEEN RUN & just to demonstrate what man will be like under us & the angels & Jesus personally, & just to kind of show off, what advantage is that?--Unless it's going to save souls or make some people better in some way or improve things somehow.

       4. ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO EVENTUALLY BE UNIVERSALLY RECONCILED TO THE LORD, they're all going to need the same kind of education we're getting! They need to learn the Bible & they need to learn the Letters, they need to learn everything we know if they're ever going to make any progress. So I'm not about to give up our literature & our publications program.

       5. I MEAN, IF THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO NEED TO BE RE-EDUCATED to wipe out the Godless, anti-God, anti-Christ educational system of this World, what are we going to put in its place?--Ours! What better? We certainly couldn't use any of the denominational programs! That's like milk & water for babes! It may be OK for the Church people where they're at right now, then lead them on a little deeper into something better. But there're still going to be all classes & all grades & all stages of progress & development & mental development & spiritual development programs needed.

       6. JUST WREAKING VENGEANCE ON OUR ENEMIES, IT DOESN'T TAKE A THOUSAND YEARS TO DO THAT! The Lord's already done that in the Tribulation, the Wrath of God & Armageddon! We don't have to keep that up for another thousand years to feel satisfied!--Ha! And we don't have to just show off how we could have run the World & rule those God-damned wicked who are just as wicked as ever--unless there is some chance or hopes for improvement for some of the people!

       7. THAT WAS ONE OF THE GREAT CONTROVERSIES OF THE CHURCH, AS TO WHETHER ANYBODY WAS GOING TO GET SAVED DURING THE MILLENNIUM, & IF NOT, WHAT WAS IT FOR? Well, I'm inclined to agree with the side that believes that if those then are not saved like us, at least they will be somehow improved & certainly have a better chance. He says, "More blessed are they that having not seen, yet have believed." (Jn. 20:29.) Well, in the Millennium they're going to see & believe. They won't rate A-plus-Number-Ones like us, because we were willing to believe without seeing, but they will believe having seen, like Thomas. The Lord didn't completely condemn him for it, He let him see, & he believed.

       8. SO IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE THAT'S WHAT IT'S GOING TO BE. A SORT OF A DOUBTING-THOMAS PROGRAM FOR ALL THE UNBELIEVERS WHO NEED TO BE CONVINCED & TO BE SHOWN. "Show me, I'm from Missouri!" The Millennium must be for some kind of improvement & to accomplish something! If it's not going to accomplish something & if the burn-up at the end means that the Millennium was a flop--it was a failure & not a success & accomplished nothing & the Lord finally had to burn everything up anyhow, including everybody--what good does that do?

       9. ABOUT THE ONLY COMFORT I EVER GOT OUT OF IT BEFORE WAS WHAT THE SCRIPTURE SAYS, & WHAT I HEARD ONE PREACHER SAY: "Well, at least we will have shown that though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness.'" (Is. 26:10.) But my God, do we have to spend a thousand years just showing that the wicked are still going to be wicked after a thousand years of mercy? That seems like a helluva waste of time if they wind up just as bad as they were to begin with! Why waste all that time, a full thousand years, when it's not going to do any good & God's got to burn up the whole works in the end anyhow? Isn't that ridiculous?

       10. SO I THINK THERE IS GOING TO BE A CHANCE FOR SOME PEOPLE THAT DIDN'T KNOW ANY BETTER! What about all the people that never hard, never even had a chance, never really heard the Gospel, never really had a chance to receive Christ? You say, "Oh well, everybody's heard something about Jesus." Well, we have missionaries, our own people, running into people in China all the time that have heard the Name, but they don't know anything about Him or what He's supposed to mean or Who He's supposed to be or anything. They haven't really heard the Word, they haven't really heard the Gospel, they haven't really heard the Plan of Salvation, they haven't really heard how to get saved!

       11. MY LORD, WE HAD PEOPLE LIKE YOU & PEOPLE IN THE CHURCHES & A LOT OF OUR FAMILY WHO SPENT THEIR LIVES IN CHURCHES & NEVER FOUND OUT HOW TO GET SAVED, WERE NEVER TOLD, WERE IN IGNORANCE! And I'm sure if there were that many, as many testimonies as I've heard from our own Family along that line, there must be millions in the churches right now!--That if they have a chance to really hear the Gospel & really hear it explained to them & really have somebody show them a little real love in Jesus, they'd receive it! Well, the churches certainly failed to do the job, & we certainly can't do it all, so who's going to do it? When's it going to be done? Is God just going to send them all to Hell because they didn't get a chance to hear the Gospel?--I don't believe it!

       12. I BELIEVE THE MILLENNIUM IS A SECOND CHANCE FOR THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T GET A CHANCE UNDER PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES. They won't be saved like us, because we're the elite! As one guy said, we're the stormtroopers, the elite, because we had to have a lot of faith to believe & suffer a lot of persecution & a lot of trouble & harm & sacrifice. In the Millennium there's not going to be any persecution or any martyrs except the wicked! We might persecute them a little bit, martyr a few of them that don't obey, but that's not going to be to their credit!

       13. SO THERE ARE A LOT OF REASONS WHY WE'RE GOING TO GET THE HIGHER STATUS & GREATER REWARD FOR WHAT WE WENT THROUGH IN THIS LIFE! Whereas the people who live in the Millennium will actually see the Kingdom of God on Earth & us & angels & maybe even have a chance on occasion to catch a glimpse of Jesus, who knows? They can see the literal physical down-to-Earth Kingdom of God on Earth run by us, the Saints & the Angels & the Lord--& Brother, they're bound to believe!

       14. AND I BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF PEOPLE THAT NOT ONLY BELIEVE IT, BUT RECEIVE, who probably didn't have a chance to really hear the Gospel before or really understand or believe or receive or perceive or whatever you want to call it! The Lord's not going to be defeated! They'll be another class, probably just below us, who having seen have believed. They're going to receive & believe & really accept & be ready & willing to be re-educated, brainwashed, re--trained & learn all the things that they need to know!

       15. THEY'RE HUMAN BEINGS STILL IN THE FLESH, THEY'VE GOT TO LEARN THE SAME SAY WE LEARNED, reading books & papers & magazines & GNs & FNs & MO Books & the Bible & whatnot! How else? This idea that everything's going to be magical & supernatural & you'll suddenly know everything. I don't believe it! I don't think God is going to let some people get by with it that easy, for one thing--not the human survivors.

       16. IT'S GOING TO BE ANOTHER TESTING PERIOD, ANOTHER TRIAL PERIOD FOR THEM--NOT US! Maybe for us too, in a way, to see what good rulers we'll make!--Just like the many movies you've seen about the novice angels & apprentice angels & amateur angels etc. Well, I think the Catholics have got a point there, I think they're right! Certainly from my personal experience with Abrahim, I'm convinced they're right! He hasn't always been perfect or always been right, he still has quite a few human traits!--Ha!

       17. SO I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE ANOTHER PERIOD OF LEARNING FOR US, LEARNING LEADERSHIP FOR THE WORLD. We've learned leadership this far within our ranks, our own Family. God said so!--He said, "Because thou hast been faithful in a very little, have thou authority over 10 cities" or "be thou over 5 cities." (Lk.19:17-19.) We're going to rule literal Earthly down-to-Earth Worldly cities & countries, nations, continents, & train human physical down-to-Earth people just like you & me are now!--Only they will be the select few who have survived both Tribulation, the Wrath of God & Armageddon! They certainly must be a chosen few to survive all that, but there will be those who do!

       18. THE LORD DOES NOT ANNIHILATE EVERYBODY AT THE COMING OF THE LORD, nor even in the Wrath of God to follow, nor Armageddon when we return & wipe out the forces of the Antichrist & his followers, otherwise there would be no Millennium! Where would be the followers of the Devil that he rounds up at the end of the Millennium & gets to rebel again? Where would they come from? There's been no resurrection of the wicked yet, the resurrection of the wicked doesn't occur until the Great White Throne of Judgment after the destruction of the World in a fireball at the end of the Millennium!

       19. WHERE ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WE'RE GOING TO RULE OVER IN THE MILLENNIUM WITH A ROD OF IRON & ALL THOSE NATIONS IF THEY ALL DIED IN ARMAGEDDON? It's obvious that there are going to be lots of survivors! So who is the Lord going to let survive? Well, probably the most worthy & deserving, & maybe a few of the most unworthy just to show that they'll never change!

       20. BUT I BELIEVE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO CHANGE & I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE PART OF OUR JOB TO RE-EDUCATE THEM, BRAINWASH THEM & TRAIN THEM! They're going to be just as human as you & me, they're not going to be any more supernatural in their intelligence or their mental capacities or their learning capacities or the ways they have to learn than we are right now. They'll get a little help from their friends, us, like we get a little help from our friends, spirit helpers on the other side right now! We will be there to help them & enlighten them & kind of help things along, but they're still going to have to learn, in a sense, the hard way just like we did. They're going to have to study & read the Bible & Letters & Books & all kinds of things. I wouldn't be surprised if the Lord is going to be able to use all of our publications! Believe it or not!

       21. I'M JUST TRYING TO SHOW YOU THAT WE'VE GOT A LOT TO DO, it's not over just because the Lord's there! That's just the beginning of the next phase! It's going to be one grand job to have to straighten out this World & clean it up in the first place! Think of the mess it's going to be in from the Tribulation, the Wrath & Armageddon! In Israel alone they're going to spend seven months burying the dead & seven years getting rid of all the junk! Think of it!--in one little tiny country! (Ez.39:9,12.) And it's going to be Worldwide!

       22. IT'S GOING TO TAKE A THOUSAND YEARS TO CLEAN UP THE WORLD, CLEAN UP THE PEOPLE & TRY TO SEE WHO CAN BE SALVAGED & WHO CAN'T! If you don't want to use the term "saved" let's say "salvaged". By the time we've got the next crop salvaged, of those who can be salvaged, & when they finally do hear the Gospel they gladly receive it & obey & follow & learn & study & progress & deserve something better than Hell, then God's ready for the New Heaven & the New Earth!--And we're going to enter the New Heaven, the Heavenly City, & they're going to enter the New Earth! Where else? What else? It'll still be Heaven on Earth compared to what Hell will be!

       23. BUT THERE ARE STILL THOSE WHO ARE SO INCORRIGIBLE & STUBBORN & REBELLIOUS & WICKED & UNREGENERATE--that bunch that follows the Devil right at the end of the Millennium--that they're going to merit Hell! After all that, they are going to really get what they deserve, & everybody in the World & the Universe is going to know they really deserve it! They had every chance to repent & change & receive & believe & obey, & yet they rebelled against Christ's visible Kingdom!

       24. BUT IN THE MEANTIME, IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SAY "SAVED" I THINK WE'RE GOING TO "SALVAGE" A LOT IN THE MILLENNIUM, & I think it's going to take a lot of education to do it, re-education, including our literature & our publications. What better literature could they have for the job? Whose is the Lord going to use? Is the Holy Spirit simply going to waft Her wand & create something out of nowhere? Huh? Oh, the Lord doesn't exactly do things that way, He uses material means when they're available. He uses what is available, like you & me when we're available. He doesn't create Saints out of the thin air, He creates them out of flesh-&-blood & salvation. That's the whole idea of the whole thing from Creation on!

       25. SO I EXPECT THE MILLENNIUM TO BE JUST LIKE AVAK SAW A LOT OF IT. He wanted to know, & believe the Lord really showed him the kind of villages & Governmental organisation they were going to have, those circular villages & all that beauty that he envisioned & that he claimed the Lord showed him. I believe that he really was a sincere man, & very mighty Prophet of God, & the Lord honoured him, even though I think he got out of his ministry when he chose the U.S.

       26. WELL, MAYBE IT WAS FOR MY BENEFIT, OURS, BECAUSE I PASSED ON TO YOU. IN A WAY, A LOT OF THINGS I LEARNED FROM AVAK. I was already pretty convinced that the Millennium is going to be pretty down-to--Earth & practical--it's pretty plain in the Bible. There's oodles about it, more about it in the Old Testament than there is in the New Testament! That's what the Jews were looking for. They got disappointed that Jesus didn't start it right then. Well, some're going to see it, & at the rate they're going, they're going to be on the bottom somewhere, that's for sure. They're probably going to lead the revolution & rebellion under Satan at the end of the Millennium to show that they'll never repent! They never have & apparently never will! They are the Antichrist forces of Satan himself!

       27. ANYHOW, I'M JUST TRYING TO TELL YOU THAT WHAT WE'RE DOING IS IMPORTANT & IT'S NOT ALL GOING TO BE WASTED. I gave you something along this line before in "Here & Now for There & Then". (No.1092.) And a lot of the present physical equipment is going to still be used by physical people just like you & me that survive all those things & the Lord spares, & for some reason manages to let them live through into the Millennium. Otherwise there is no Millennium! Otherwise there is no Kingdom of God--there wouldn't be anybody to rule over!

       28. IT'S THE NEXT PHASE, THE NEXT STEP, EVEN WITHOUT THE HOLY CITY! The Heavenly City is not going to be down to Earth yet, but who knows, it may not be far away! We may even be going back & forth! But God is not going to even trust it in this filthy dirty World until He burns it up, purifies, it, remakes it & then brings the Heavenly City, Space City down to Earth! But I have a notion it's not going to be far away!

       29. HE CAN'T EVEN TRUST HIS HEADQUARTERS TO BE SAFE ON EARTH DURING THE MILLENNIUM! His capital is going to be at Jerusalem, that's quite evident from Scriptures in both Old & New Testament, & He's going to be here part of the time anyhow, but obviously if we're going to be able to be like He was & fly & transport by thought & appear & disappear & have all the physical & supernatural qualities & properties that Jesus Himself had in His Own body when resurrected, then we can go back & forth to the Outer Space Headquarters in a flash-Space City! (See No. 75A.)

       30. THEY'RE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT THE SPACE CITIES & THOSE SATELLITE CITIES OUT THERE SOMEWHERE, & man never gets these ideas & imaginations unless they have been inspired somehow. He's got the capacity to dream of things like that & it really means that those things are possible. I believe the Lord lets a lot of these sci-fi movies & stories be made to give you a glimpse of what the future is going to be like or what it's like in Space City, New Jerusalem! It isn't going to be anything like the Jews are talking about, so material & so physical, but it's going to be kind of a blending of dream & reality.

       31. I REALLY BELIEVE THE LORD WAS ALREADY TRAVELLING AROUND IN SOMETHING THAT RESEMBLED THAT WHEN EZEKIEL WAS AROUND (Ez.1 & 10), & He's probably going to be closer-by when He's trying to run the Earth through us! In all those Scriptures it doesn't sound like we're going to always have to wait forever until the end of the Millennium to be in the Heavenly City. I think that's where we're going to enjoy the Marriage Supper of the Lamb--it says that--& I think that's where we're going to come from, down from Heaven out of the sky to invade the Earth to wipe out the Antichrist & the Devil & his forces in the Battle of Armageddon! (Rev.19:11-21.)

       32. SO IF IT'S GOING TO BE THAT CLOSE, I GUESS WE'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO GO BACK & FORTH! It'll probably still be about the only safe place--I started to say on Earth!--I mean off of Earth! That's the only safe place to be with all those wicked still around, nations still rebelling in the Millennium! It's described in the Bible in the Old Testament, Zechariah & a lot of other places--they obviously rebel, & it says so in the New Testament in Revelation 20:9.

       33. SOME ARE GOING TO OBEY & BE BLESSED FOR IT, & SOME ARE GOING TO DISOBEY & BE CURSED FOR IT. ALL DURING THE MILLENNIUM! It's another trial period, another testing period, another chance to repent, just like God's giving them a second chance & He is going to manage to somehow salvage some more that are a little more worthwhile than the others.

       34. ANYHOW, WHAT I'M TRYING TO TELL YOU IS THAT OUR WORK IS NOT WASTED, OUR LABOURS ARE NOT IN VAIN & THEY'RE GOING TO LAST A LOT LONGER THAN SOME OF US THINK! We're not going to lose & have everything washed up, maybe we'll even salvage some of our equipment in the Millennium! We're certainly going to salvage a lot of people, that's for sure, & don't think we're going to lose all of our lit either! You may think I've lost my marbles or got a screw loose, & I'm sure you think I'm a nitwit, but I think we're still going to be able to use our lit! Why not? They're people just like we are, living on into the Millennium!

       35. IF THEY'RE GOING TO BE TAUGHT, TRAINED & ENLIGHTENED & LEARN TO LOVE THE LORD & SERVE HIM, HOW ELSE COULD IT BE BETTER THAN THROUGH OUR LITERATURE? Amen? You say, "Now, Dad, you've sure got an egotistical big-headed idea of how valuable your lit is, when all these books in all the World have been written by greater men than you & greater philosophers & greater theologians & greater saints, & you're talking about your simple little childish lit to re-educate the whole World!" Well, I don't know anything better!--You show me!

       36. YOU SHOW ME SOMETHING BETTER & I'LL USE IT! We're using a lot of Worldly lit & Worldly informational stuff & WNs etc., as long as we feel it's true & valuable & helpful, we'll use anything! We'll take it right out from under the Devil's nose, out of his own books & papers & magazines if necessary! I don't mind using the Devil's stuff, I've used a lot of his people!--Ha! I don't mind using you & them for the glory of God! We'll use anything that's true & helpful.

       37. BUT MY LORD, IF WE CAN USE SOME OF THEIR JUNK TO HELP OUR PEOPLE, WHY CAN'T THE LORD USE SOME OF OUR STUFF TO HELP THEIR PEOPLE WHEN THE TIME COMES? Well, I believe it anyhow, whether you think I'm a nut or not! It's really not important what you think I am, it's what God is going to do & what the Word says & what's true, & I believe it! I believe that's way it is & that's the way it's going to be!

       38. WHAT WE ARE DOING IS OF ETERNAL VALUE! I think there're Scriptures to prove it: "Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven!" (Mt.6:20.)--What treasures? Just souls alone? Well, we know they're indestructible & forever, but what about all the hard work & the books & tapes & everything else we've produced that would be helpful in the Millennium! It will all be valuable!

       39. NOT ONLY ARE ALL GOD'S PEOPLE GOING TO BE VALUABLE, BUT I THINK ALL OF HIS MATERIALS & THEIR MATERIALS ARE GOING TO BE VALUABLE. Their talents are going to be valuable, their skills are going to be valuable & useful & used to carry us through this next phase, & to rescue & salvage some souls out of it for His glory!--And the rest of them can go to Hell with the Devil & his forces in that final battle of Gog & Magog! (Rev.20:7-10.)

       40. THE MILLENNIUM IS ALMOST LIKE A REPEAT, LIKE YOU'VE SEEN THIS MOVIE BEFORE, BUT THERE WILL BE QUITE A FEW DIFFERENCES! We're going to be running the World instead of them, & we're going to have a lot of advantages. And the people who suffered from ignorance in this phase, are not going to be so dumb in the next phase during the Millennium, they're all going to be enlightened! "No man shall say, Know the Lord, for all shall know Him! Righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas!--To the uttermost parts of the Earth, with the heathen for our inheritance!" (Jer.31:34; Hab.2:14; Isa.11:9; Ps.2:8.)

       41. IT'S GOING TO BE A WHOLE NEW KETTLE OF FISH IN SOME WAYS, but it's going to be a similar operation, except with a lot of advantages, We're going to have supernatural bodies & wisdom & skill & power & protection & we're going to run things instead of them! We're going to be running the World instead of them & the Devil! We're going to be saving whom we will & who we think deserves it & who does deserve it! (Jn.20:23)--& when we've done the best we can & salvaged all we can for a thousand years, then He's going to let the Devil loose for a little while to go out & deceive the ones that are left, just to sift them out again to see who would be stupid enough to try to rebel against the Kingdom of God after all that! Think of that! Man, that covers a lot of territory! (Rev.20:7-9.)

       42. THERE ARE A LOT OF STATEMENTS IN THE BIBLE THAT COVER A LOT OF TERRITORY, & WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM COVERS A LOT OF TERRITORY! When you get to thinking about the details & the physical properties & the mechanical operations & the organisational aspects & the personnel & the tools for the trade & the job, such as educational tools & literature audio-visuals & all the rest, that opens up a whole new almost unlimited field of what we're going to be able to do & we will have to do during the Millennium to try to help re-educate all those people & salvage all that we can!

       43. AS I SAY, IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE SEEING THE MOVIE OVER AGAIN IN A WAY, BUT WITH SOME MAJOR CHANGES, A WHOLE NEW FORCE IN CONTROL! That's a big difference! God had to make it a little easier for some of these weak people that are going to come through, & still give them a chance. So here we are! Who's He going to do it with? Who else but us!--The faithful Christians all over the World who were faithful & diligent & sincere & did their best. And with what else? Besides the people, what's He going to use?--Whatever audios, visuals & literature & everything else that's available on the subject, as well as the Bible! I believe it!

       44. I BELIEVE WE'RE JUST GETTING READY FOR THE REALLY BIG JOB AHEAD! The Bible talks about resting from your labours, if so, well, maybe that will be for a little while when we go up to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb & have a little vacation! Ha!--Our Honeymoon!--But obviously the Battle of Armageddon is going to be no rest! That's a big fight, that's a job, that's work! So if there's some work left, there's going to be some other work left, & that's running the Millennium! PTL? (Screaming neighbours!)

       45. ISN'T THAT JUST LIKE THE DEVIL TO HAVE ALL THOSE SCREAMING HYENAS NEXT DOOR?--Like a bunch of little demons raging against what I'm saying! There's nothing you can do about it, but they sure are handy distractions, making all that racket! Don't tell me that just happened by accident, I believe that's of the Devil, probably demon-possessed, with all that racket in opposition to the Truth of God that's being spoken here!

       46. SO ANYWAY, WE'VE GOT A BIG JOB TO DO & I THINK WE OUGHT TO BE GETTING STUFF OUT AS FAST AS WE CAN! And that's how I started on that whole attack, is that I don't think we can get it out fast enough! The whole idea of what I was telling you is that even if the Family can't use it right now & they haven't got time to read it all now, they're going to certainly have time to read it in the future when we can no longer publish it, when the whole System closes us down, the Tribulation closes us down, & all they're going to have is what they've already got!--Not to mention how all this is going to be used in the period thereafter during the Millennium!
       47. AND WHAT ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE OUTSIDE IN THE NEW HEAVEN & THE NEW EARTH? If they still need healing of the Leaves from the Tree of Life, they probably still need a lot of other things! Maybe that's going to be another whole phase, a new phase of their continued education & their continued edification & instruction & learning how to live for God! Who knows if we're not going to use lit out there outside Space City? What are these "Leaves for the healing of the nations"? Maybe they're book leaves, lit pages! (Rev. 22:2)

       48. WHAT KIND OF HEALING DO THEY NEED THE MOST?--MENTAL HEALING, SPIRITUAL HEALING OF THEIR MINDS, BRAINWASHING, RE-EDUCATION! My Lord, if there's any Tree of Life in the World, it's the Word! The Word of God is a Tree of Life! The Word brings life! "The Words that I speak unto you", He said, "they are Spirit & they are Life!" (Jn.6:63.) So maybe those leaves on the Tree of Life are going to be literature too, literature leaves to enlighten the people, to take'm one more step after you've got'm that far!

       49. OBVIOUSLY GOD IS NOT DONE! If we've got to take leaves off the Tree of Life that grow along the sides of the river in the Heavenly Holy City, & we've got to go out & heal the nations, there must be something still to do! I don't have any idea of just sitting around doing nothing, that's my idea of nothing! I don't think God has any such idea, He's always busy, He's always working! He takes a little rest now & then, maybe once a week, I don't know!--I don't! Well, sooner or later it catches up with me & I knock off, but mostly I work daily!

       50. BUT I BELIEVE EACH OF THESE ERAS, OR AGES AS HE CALLS THEM IN THE BIBLE, IS A NEW AGE, A NEW ERA, A NEW STAGE IN OUR DEVELOPMENT & THEIR DEVELOPMENT & OUR HELPING THEM to develop in education, & then re-education & then further improvements & developments! You talk about the underdeveloped nations!--Ha! They're all underdeveloped compared to what they're going to be in the Millennium, & much more so compared to what they're going to be in the New Earth! So we've got a long ways to go & a lot to do, & we'd better get busy!

       51. BUT ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, THAT I THINK WE NEED TO GET OUT OUR LIT AS FAST AS WE CAN, WHILE WE STILL HAVE A CHANCE & it's still possible before somebody stops us, get as much in their hands as we can get! I don't care whether it's due yet or not, I'm not going to wait until the next issue is due! If I've got it ready to go, it's due now!--God thinks it's due, or He wouldn't have helped us get it ready to go! So let's send'm out three or four at a time if necessary, double issues at that! 180 pages instead of 32! Praise God! Amen? (We're now up to 256--Four 64-page GNs a mailing!--HAL!)

       52. WHEN I STARTED OUT MY LITTLE GN I THOUGHT IT WAS ONLY GOING TO BE A 32-PAGER! In fact, I think it was only an 18-pager to begin with! They were awful big pages, but first it was an 18-page newspaper, then a 32-page magazine, & now it's gone up to 36 pages, 48 pages, 72 pages, 76 pages, & if we put these three out together it'll be 192-pages! The equivalent of almost an FN! If they're ready, why not? Why delay'm? Why stall'm? Who knows, somebody may need'm now! Are you game? Have you got the faith for it? Are you willing' to pay for it? Let's get'm out!

       53. WELL, I'M HAVING ENOUGH TROUBLE & A HARD ENOUGH JOB TRYING TO DO MY JOB RIGHT NOW WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM! The only reason I rang that in was to encourage you that none of this is wasted & we're not doing anything too fast! We're not getting ahead of anything, much less God! As fast as we get it ready, I think we ought to get it out! If we can't use it now, we can use it later! If we can't use it between now & the Tribulation & the Coming of the Lord, well, we'll use it when we come back in the Millennium! PTL? OK? HALLELUJAH! GBY!

       54. AMEN, LORD, THANK YOU FOR THIS LITTLE TIME TOGETHER TO UNITE OUR HEARTS & ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER & INSPIRE US WITH GREATER UNITY OF THE SPIRIT! "For where two or three are gathered together in Your Name, there are You in the midst of them." (Mt. 18:20.) Here you are, Lord, & we believe You have inspired us & encouraged us to go on, in spite of our upsets & disappointments, sometimes discouragements & mistakes. "All things work together for good to them that love Thee, Lord, that are called according to Thy purpose." (Ro.8:28.)

       55. WE HAVE NO IDEA HOW GREAT THY PURPOSE IS, BUT WE'VE ANSWERED YOUR CALL, LORD, SO WE'RE DOING THE BEST WE CAN! But do help us to do the best we can & not less, Lord! If we can get out three GNs instead of one, or even a double issue, if we can get out triples or as much as we have the capacity to produce, Lord, & our office people have the capacity to process, Lord, & as much as the printers have the capacity to print & mail, help us to do it, Lord, as fast as we can!

       56. YOU PROMISED YOU'D POUR IT OUT SO THAT THERE WOULDN'T BE FROM ENOUGH TO HOLD IT, & THERE NEVER IS! So we've got to keep turning it out, Lord! Maybe the dear people we're sending these to figure they haven't got room enough to hold it either, not even read it all, much less maybe even keep it all in their suitcases! Maybe they have to leave some behind that they've already read, or pass it on to others who haven't & who need it, or share it with others or leave it behind to come back to later, whatever. You know what's best, Thy will be done.--They can at least save it for later!

       57. JUST HELP US TO DO OUR JOB FAITHFULLY & DILIGENTLY & COMPLETELY, WHOLLY & FULLY & FINISH IT & get as much done as we can & get out as much as we can & get as much in their hands as we can, Lord, since we don't know how long we'll be able to continue to do it. Help us to haste the King's business right now, Lord, "to work while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man can work!" (Jn.9:4.) Help us, Lord, to get this work done while we can before the End, in Jesus' name, so we can get the benefit of it, Lord, as much as possible before You come, even until the End!--And even later, Lord, in the Afterworld of the Millennium, maybe even in the New Earth!

       58. YOU KNOW WHAT'S AHEAD, YOU KNOW ALL THE DETAILS! You haven't made them all specific, Lord, You didn't have to. We don't have to know that much. But we do need to know what we know now & we need for now. So help us to know it, hear it, see it, learn it, obey it, do it & get it done as fast as we can while there's still time, in Jesus' name!

       59. BLESS FOR FOLKS OUT THERE & HELP THEM & STRENGTHEN THEM, LORD, & HELP THEM TO BE ABLE TO TAKE IT & ABSORB AS MUCH AS THEY NEED TO. Help them, Lord, & make it a blessing. Help it to feed them, encourage them, inspire them, strengthen them & arm them for the battle, so they can do an even better job! Help us to help them all we can so they can help others till You come, in Jesus' name! Amen. PTL! TYJ!

       60. THESE SESSIONS SURE KEEP OUR HEADS & HEARTS STRAIGHT & keep our minds & spirits together in love & unity & obedience so we'll know where we're at & where we're going, & where we ought to go! It's just going to be in a mess if we don't keep together, so let's get it together, amen? PTL! GBY! ILY!

       61. I KNOW YOU'RE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN, & I KNOW I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN--& EVERYBODY IS DOING THE BEST THEY CAN--I HOPE SO! I think I am! I work day & night & so does Maria & so do you & our WS Units, while it is still day--"for the night is coming when we won't be able to work!" So we'd better get it done now, amen? Are you agreed? Let's get as much done as we can now & as much printed & pubbed as we can now & as much sent out as we can now, as much as we can, while we can! OK! PTL! GBY! Thanks! ILY! In Jesus' Name, amen! Remember!: This may be someone's last chance!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family