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THE REBELLIOUS WOMAN!--A Spirit Problem!       DO 1438       Tenerife, 7/4/75

       1. "MY MAMA DONE TOLD ME, SON!--

The real song ("St. Louis Blues!") goes,
       "A woman's a two-face,
       A worrisome thing
       That make you to sing the blues
       In the night!"

Thank God we don't have any women like that around here, they're the most loyal women in the World! We don't even know what they're singing about! Well, some women are two-faced! It's amazing, when I make a false statement the Lord really checks me in a hurry! We're dealing with a two-faced woman right now, sad to say! Poor little girl, she's trying to present her best face & I feel sorry for her. (Faith: I was really glad I went to see that "Exorcist" movie because it really brought out in the open how the Devil operates, it really puts you on your guard when you see things similar to that!)

       2. I BELIEVE THAT MOVIE WAS OF GOD BECAUSE IT EXPOSED THE ENEMY & THE WORKING OF SATAN! Look at the mercy of God! He has this movie sent all over to try to deliver people just by watching the movie, & I believe a lot of those people were literally exorcised during the movie & were delivered! PTL! God even knows the desire of your heart, some watching saw that that was what was wrong with them for the first time! Psychiatrists were telling them everything else, but they realised then they were really demon-possessed & wanted to be delivered, & God in His mercy delivered them! Just a little faith did it, a mustard-seed of faith!

       3. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD, WE DON'T LIKE THE DEVIL OR HIS WORK & I DON'T EVEN LIKE TO TALK MUCH ABOUT IT! We have to know about it, but we'd better not talk too much about him. We had an assistant pastor in Miami that got so interested in demonology that he got more interested in the Devil's works than the Lord's work! He went around seeing the Devil in everything, the Devil in everybody, till he finally got possessed himself & had to be sent to an asylum!

       4. SO IT DOESN'T PAY EVEN TO TALK TOO MUCH ABOUT IT, BECAUSE THAT GIVES THE DEVIL TOO MUCH CREDIT, TOO MUCH GLORY! We're to glorify the Lord & talk about His wondrous works! We've been spending a lot of time talking about the Devil & his work lately because we're faced with such a problem right now, but we need to spend an absolute minimum just recognising the facts, not spending too much time dealing with him & exalting the Devil's power & his strength & what he does & his works. For every word you say about the Devil, you should say several about the Lord!

       5. SO I'LL TELL YOU, THAT MOVIE WAS REAL & I THINK IT DID A LOT OF GOOD! It woke a lot of people up to what's really going on! It was the mercy of God to get the message to the people through that movie & that book! Maria & I saw the author on television about a year before the movie came out, talking about his book. He had been a priest & it was based on an actual case. (Faith: Her mother was an actress & they say that Doris Day was the case he based it on, Shirley Maclaine or Doris Day?) Really?

       6. WELL, DID YOU KNOW THAT SHIRLEY MACLAINE CAME OUT WITH A MOVIE SHORTLY BEFORE, about the same time as she began telling the truth about the Vietnam War & cussing out the government because of the Vietnam War. She went over & visited Vietnam & North Vietnam as their guest to see the results of the bombings & destruction like Jane Fonda did. Shirley Maclaine also went even to Moscow, & all of a sudden you didn't hear of any more Shirley Maclaine movies!

       7. THE LAST BIG MOVIE SHE MADE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WAS A KIND OF A "B" MOVIE THAT WE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF UNTIL WE GOT DOWN TO LONDON, & it wasn't one of those big spectaculars. It was called "The Possession of Joe Delaney" & was about this son of this rich woman in New York who hobnobbed with this Puerto Rican boy, & the Puerto Rican boy turned out to have a devil & murdered several girls in the park, gruesomely in typical fiendish fashion, & when the Puerto Rican murderer boy was shot & killed by the police, her son got the devil!

       8. IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE TERRIBLE PROBLEMS SHE HAD WITH HER SON, who tried then to kill her & his sister! He would jabber in Spanish when he didn't know a word of Spanish! (Faith: That's what it brought out in this girl, she used to talk in tongues & they discovered when they were playing the tape over & over again that it wasn't another language, but she was talking backwards! We got "The Green Door!" [EDITED: "No.262"].) No kidding! Think of that! Backwards!

       9. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD, THANK GOD THE SPIRITS ARE SUBJECT UNTO US, we don't have to worry about them, but they do cause trouble with the people who hobnob with them or let them in, & that causes trouble! (Faith: The little girl in the movie got the spirit by playing with a Ouija board, & that brought to mind what Gen said last night, "The reason I didn't tell you about the seances was it was just a childish game, I didn't think it was important." Some childish game!--Lifting people up with your fingers! Doesn't sound like a childish game to me, it sounds like the real thing!)

       10. WELL, SHE MAY OR MAY NOT BE INNOCENT, SHE'S TRYING TO BE EVASIVE, THOUGH, & DEFENSIVE. She may in some ways be an innocent victim, but she's nevertheless a victim, because she had to do with such things before, that are apparently still hanging around.

       11. I WAS STANDING IN THE BATHROOM SAYING, "LORD, WHAT'S WRONG? WHAT IS THE MATTER--WHY?" And the Lord so often gives you just the key words, just enough to look it up in the Concordance & find the reference, He said, "The rebellious woman!" (1Sa.20:30) Well, I got the point right away that he was apparently talking about Gen! She may not know she's rebellious, she may even be trying not to be, but there's something there that's rebellious! In Lydia's dream, Eman came to Lydia for help & said, "Gen says they're all deceivers!"

       12. WELL, WHETHER SHE REALISES IT OR NOT, WHETHER SHE'S RESPONSIBLE OR NOT, THERE'S SOMETHING NOT RIGHT ABOUT HER SPIRIT, especially if the Lord uses that strong a language & calls her a rebellious woman! And in the Scripture it says the perverse & rebellious woman! "Then Saul's anger was kindled against Jonathan, & he said unto him, Thou son, Jonathan, of the perverse rebellious woman!"

       13. THAT'S THE ONLY SCRIPTURE IN THE WHOLE BIBLE WE COULD FIND THAT USES THOSE TWO WORDS TOGETHER: "REBELLIOUS WOMAN"! Isn't that something? God knows just the right words to give you so you won't get sidetracked on some other Scripture! "Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman, do not I know that thou hast chosen the son of Jesse to thine own confusion & unto the confusion of thy mother's nakedness?"

       14. IT'S ALMOST AS THOUGH SHE ACTS LIKE, "WELL, EVERYBODY'S AGAINST ME! Everybody else is believing this story about me & you're all against me." Dear Mother Eve, when it comes to spirits she has almost no discernment! She didn't even get the point, she said she's just an innocent victim! Well, it doesn't sound like she's too innocent!

       15. IT'S AMAZING HOW INNOCENT PEOPLE CAN SEEM, CAN FEEL EVEN TO THEMSELVES & THINK THEY'RE INNOCENT! In fact, the people who think they're the most innocent, are often the most guilty! Like the people I quoted in the last Letter were saying, "Wherein have we robbed Thee? Wherein have we done these things? What's wrong, Lord, why me?" (Mal.3:8) They protest their innocence & they can't even understand why God's pointing the finger at them!

       16. (FAITH: WHEN THEY ASKED GEN IF SHE'D BEEN TO THE CHINESE EXHIBITS IN LONDON she said, "No, no, no, but Eman was there!") That's just like the Devil to point the finger! The Devil is the Accuser of the Saints! (Faith: Then today when Eman was sitting there I said, "Genesis, what did you say to us today about the Chinese Exhibit? Did you say you were there?" She said, "No, no, no, I wasn't there!" "Well, do you know of anybody that was there?"--And she wouldn't come out & say what she'd said earlier about Eman because he was sitting there.) Oh, she had said that with him not being present? (Faith: She told that to Sally earlier in the day, trying to get sympathy, blaming him for the picture & trying to make it sound like Eman was affected by a spirit.)

       17. I WAS WONDERING IF ANYBODY HAD GONE IN THERE OUT OF CURIOSITY! (The Chinese Exhibit in London. See ML #273.) It's a dangerous thing to fool around with these things just out of curiosity! I remember hearing about some Moody Bible Institute students who went to a seance--Moody Bible Institute was against the Holy Spirit, healing, supernatural, miracles, all that sort of thing, & they went to this spiritist's seance just to make fun & ridicule--& two of them wound up in the insane asylum! It doesn't pay to fool around & to ridicule, like the Seven Sons of Sceva! (Ac.19:13-16)

       18. WELL LORD, IT'S ALL IN THY HANDS! We're in Thy hands & You know why You're letting it happen. We know that it will all work out for good somehow. Thy will be done, in Jesus' name. (Faith: While we were sitting in the room with Genesis the living room lamp turned off, blinked, & then went back on, & I said, "Has that ever happened before?" Justus said, "No!") This is a very common evil spirit manifestation for the electric lights to go off! (Faith: And just as we walked out of the house everything went black!) They say in spiritist meetings the lights stay off because they are lovers of darkness!

       19. DON'T FORGET TO GLORIFY GOD & NOT WORRY! "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee! Perfect love casts out all fear. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power & of love & of a sound mind!" (Is.26:3; 1Jn.4:18; 2Ti.1:7) Amen! TYJ! I don't like to talk about these things too much.

       20. (LATER:) YOU SEE, THE KIND OF REPORT THAT WE'RE GETTING IS LIKE THE KIND OF REPORT THAT WE'RE GETTING FROM THEM: EVERY TIME WE ASK THEM HOW THINGS ARE, THEY SAY, "FINE, FINE, EVERYTHING'S FINE!" Well, we all have to take some of the blame. I have known & felt that all is not well down there, that they weren't telling us everything. They seem to have the feeling that they're sparing us by not telling us everything, because they don't want to bother us with their problems. But it would have been far better if they had told us, that's their fault, & also we shouldn't have taken their word for things.

       21. I JUST ASSUMED THAT LYDIA HAD BEEN CHECKING ON THEM, BECAUSE THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HER JOB, BABIES & CHILDCARE, & that's why she was sent for. It didn't really dawn on me that she had not been down there for so long. So it's partly Lydia's neglect in not getting down there & taking care of making sure the baby was taken care of. Sometimes you have to kind of pump people if they just put on their report, "Everything's fine, fine!"

       22. YOU'VE GOT TO BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR QUESTIONS WHEN YOU'RE CHECKING A COLONY! For God's sake, don't go around visiting Colonies & say, "Well, how's everything here, folks?" like Josh did one time in Denver, spent two hours there, chatted & joshed with the boys a little bit, & came on home saying "Everything's fine, fine!"--When everything there was horrible! It was terrible! They had no water, no sanitation, couldn't flush the toilets, & he didn't even find this out while he was there, think of it! That's why I got so upset & I finally made out a checklist! I said, "When you go to a Colony, you check on this & this & this & this!"--& what Lydia should have been doing was not just taking Gen's word for anything!

       23. WE'RE INCLINED TO SORT OF NOT WANT TO OFFEND PEOPLE, & NOT WANT TO POKE & BE TOO NOSY. But I want to tell you something right now, I am a doctor, believe it or not, & when there's trouble, it is my business to get nosy & to poke & probe & question & find out what the problem is! And you as leaders ought to learn this lesson--don't just take people's word for it! Lydia was just taking their word for it over the phone, "Everything's fine, fine"--but she didn't go down & investigate herself.

       24. FAITHY, LED OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD AS SHE USUALLY IS, GOD BLESS HER, SENSED SOMETHING WAS VERY WRONG & even told them two weeks ago that she didn't think the baby was getting enough to eat, which was exactly right, & sensed that there was trouble brewing down there. But then Faithy didn't report back to me! I mean, that was a serious situation!

       25. WE NEVER RECEIVED ANY EMERGENCY WARNING THAT SOMETHING WAS NOT WELL! The first thing we heard that things were not right down there was what we had heard from the beginning, that the baby had these spells, & this we felt was definitely Satanic, as has been proved. The baby hasn't had one spell since Lydia's been there probing & taking care of him, but he had six this morning while the baby was alone with Gen & Eman & they didn't even report it until the fifth! And six, I suppose you know, is the Devil's own number!

       26. I WILL NEVER FORGET THE BAWLING OUT I GAVE STEPHEN ONCE IN LONDON! The trouble had been brewing all the time, but finally the storm broke & then he came & told me! He said, "Well, I knew so-&-so was going on, & so on, & so on, but I didn't want to worry you about it!" I said, "Well, Stephen, you knew they were breaking the rules, you knew it, & you didn't report it to me! You know enough about criminal law to know that if you see a crime & don't report it, you're held responsible as well!"

       27. IF YOU SEE SOMEBODY ROBBING SOMEBODY & BREAKING INTO A HOUSE OR COMMITTING MURDER & YOU DON'T REPORT IT, YOU'RE ALSO RESPONSIBLE! What do they call it?--Criminal responsibility or something. So I said, "Stephen, you're just as much to blame as they are because you didn't report it!" "Well, I didn't want to be a tattletale, I didn't want to cause trouble. He doesn't like me anyhow & if I'd gone & told on him..." I said, "Listen, buddy, it's not your business to decide on whether it's going to cost you anything or not, or cause you trouble by telling on somebody else, it is your duty to tell whether you like it or not, or whether he likes it or not!" It is your duty to report something, & if somebody knows something's wrong & doesn't report it, then it is their fault as much as the other people to blame!

       28. WELL, THEY KNEW ALL WAS NOT WELL, THEY SHOULD HAVE REPORTED IT & DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT! It was only reported to us that they weren't getting along too well together, & that was bad enough! I told them they'd better get along & they just had to get it together! It's their responsibility, they're living together, they've got to! They're in the same Colony & they've got to get it together!

       29. SO THEY SAID, "WE'RE WORKING ON THE PROBLEM!" This was the report we kept getting! "We're going to get on top of it," etc. But instead they were apparently just withdrawing themselves from the problem & isolating themselves & kind of washing their hands of the problem. The way to get rid of a cancer is not put a Band-Aid over it so you can't see it, but it's to go to work with a scalpel & cut it out & do something about it!--Not just ignore it!

       30. I THINK GEN MUST BE A LITTLE CRACKED to have let that baby go for a whole week without having a doo-doo & not reporting it! That's terrible! (Faith: She claims she knows a lot about little babies.) Yes, she's supposed to be a product of the Childcare Department!--Deb's Childcare Department!

       31. ONE THING YOU NEED TO LEARN WITH THESE SITUATIONS: DON'T LET YOURSELF GET CAUGHT CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE for someone's illness or a death in the family or something by not reporting it to the authorities! I had them immediately call the doctor! I shouldn't have had to give that order from up here, for God's sake, Justus should have done that a long time ago! I had to tell them to call the doctor immediately, not because we felt that the doctor could do anything or save the baby, especially when it's a spiritual problem, but so they couldn't be held criminally responsible!

       32. BUT AS YOU CAN SEE, IT WAS GETTING INTO A PHYSICAL PROBLEM because the baby was getting weaker & weaker & unable to eat, losing weight & suffering malnutrition, unable to eliminate. When you don't eat enough, you don't eliminate, & then a toxic condition begins to take place. Apparently the baby's got an infection or a toxic condition for which they're giving it some kind of drug, penicillin or an antibiotic. They've got a new antibiotic now which is chemical or something that doesn't have these adverse side effects that penicillin has on a lot of people.

       33. SHE'S NOW GIVING HIM EXTRA FORMULA THREE TIMES A DAY BESIDES THE BREAST-FEEDING. She apparently does have enough milk, but the baby's been getting so weak that it just can't take it! If a baby gets too sick or too weak, he doesn't have the strength to suck it out. You see, she wants to be so proud of being the perfect mother! When was it she got into Childcare? I want to see her testimony again! (Faith: The first attack Sharon ever had was in Genesis' arms! Even though Becky was in the room, Genesis was holding her when she had an attack.) (When Gen took care of Becky's baby!)

       34. I WANT TO TELL YOU, WE'RE NOT WRESTLING AGAINST FLESH & BLOOD, BUT AGAINST PRINCIPALITIES & POWERS & SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS--wicked spirits is the literal translation--wicked spirits in the atmospheric heavens, believe it or not, in Heavenly places! (Ep.6:12) And I don't understand why people don't see that! It's a mystery to me how people can be so dumb about discerning some of these things! I even discern a lot of things I don't tell everybody, because it's not always good to tell everything you know. (Faith: Didn't you tell us she had a breakdown & went out to Hollingbourne & that was when she got into Childcare?) That might have been it. I think it was then that she got into Childcare. (Deb's Colony!)

       35. WELL, I WANT TO TELL YOU WHY I'M STILL TALKING SO MUCH ABOUT HER. You boys haven't been here, but we got something from the Lord on her this morning, straight from the Lord! She may think she's innocent, but sometimes the most guilty people in the World are the most utterly deceived & actually think they are innocent! Like the people in Malachi's day & like I put in that Letter about using local medical services. (No.330C) They said, "Wherein have we robbed Thee? Wherein have we done these things? We're not guilty, we don't see we've done anything wrong! Why me? Why us? Why do you keep picking on us? We're not guilty!" (Mal.3:8) They didn't even know they were guilty, think of it!

       36. PEOPLE CAN BECOME SO BLIND & SO DECEIVED! It's like the Lord says, if they reject the Truth, then He will send them strong delusion so that they should believe a lie! (2Th.2:10-12) They can even believe that they're absolutely guiltless! The self-righteous sinner is the hardest one in the World to deal with! The very pious churchy Systemite is the hardest one in the World to get saved & won to the Lord! (Faith: Gen was like that, she never had sex, never went out with a boy, real self-righteous.)

       37. (HOSEA: REMEMBER THAT GUY WE HAD WORKING WITH US A LONG TIME AGO, he was an alcoholic & he was in prison & he told Mother Eve how he stole from little children when he was a boy. So Mom asked him, "Didn't you ever get convicted?" And he said, "No, I was before the judge 29 times before I ever got convicted!") Ha! Ha! He didn't know what the word convicted meant! Ha! Ha! That's about how stupid some people are! They have to actually wind up in jail & still wonder, "How come? Why me, Lord? How'd I get here? What did I do?"

       38. IT REMINDS ME OF THE STORY ABOUT FRED'S LITTLE BOY! He'd seen the workmen pounding around with the hammers, so he picked up a hammer--he was about three years old--& he started pounding away on the washing machine! And Fred just grabbed him & gave him a few real good swats & he started crying, "Why me? Why are you spanking me, Daddy, when I fix it?" He was fixing it, all right! But he thought he was perfectly right & being unjustly treated because his Daddy spanked him for pounding on the washing machine with a hammer! Well, that's about how stupid some people are! There are people who apparently don't even know when they're guilty! They're so blind, so deaf, so dumb, that they don't even know when something's wrong!

       39. WELL, HERE IS ONE OF THE BIG MISTAKES THAT THEY MAKE WHEN THEY ASK FOR THESE TESTIMONIES, because then they do us absolutely almost no good at all! (Maria: When they knew who it was to!) Genesis' testimony begins, "I love you both!" Maybe nobody even told her, maybe she just discerned it! Because then when they know who they're writing to & for what reason, they're going to gear their testimony accordingly & they're certainly not going to cough up too much information--especially if they have a tendency to be a little deceitful & try to hide! Instead they give the best possible story & cover-up, like she's still doing, still trying to cover-up, & you don't really get the whole story.

       40. IF SHE DIDN'T KNOW WHO SHE WAS WRITING TO OR WHAT FOR, WELL, MAYBE SHE'D TELL A LITTLE BIT MORE! But when you know you're talking to the boss, you're real careful what you say! You have to gear what you say to what you think he wants to hear! (Maria: Her first testimony was just how she was on the Team, & then we said, no, we wanted to know her background too, & then she wrote another one.) Yes, we asked for her life story & the first thing she did was write this one little page just on her life after coming to the Team.

       41. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, OUR JOB IN DEALING WITH PEOPLE IS A LOT LIKE PSYCHIATRY! We need to probe around into people's past & see what their past life was like--& you're apt to turn up a few rocks with a few bugs under them that are still troubling them, as we have found in this case! (Faith: That was one of the main things she told us about her salvation, she didn't think she was a sinner!)

       42. DEAR HO, IT TURNS OUT HERE THAT SHE'S ONE OF YOUR FRUIT! God bless you, Son! "Hosea & the team came up there to Michigan, Ho led me to the Lord & the Holy Spirit. I forsook all & went to Detroit Colony with them that evening, received babes training in Kentucky under Josiah, later going to Cinci & staying as it passed through the leadership of Shadrach, Nahum, Tabitha, Uriah, Aquilla & Megiddo, etc. Nine days after I came back from Homegoing I was betrothed to Simeon Simple & married." Sounds to me like she was still pretty much of a babe, I wonder who was responsible for that one?

       43. (FAITH: SHE TOLD US THAT IT WAS MENTIONED IN A MO LETTER TO THE GUY WHO WAS HEAD OF THE KENTUCKY FARM, & it was like an indication that she was in a round-about way pointing the finger.) He wrote me a letter, that was it. (Maria: And you said, "Simeon was in Genesis" or something.) (Faith: She quoted that last night.) (Faith: And then I asked her, "Does MO love you?" And she said, "Oh yeah, like Jesus loves you." It was so weird the way she said it, like a machine!: "Jesus loves you, MO loves you.")

       44. SOMETIMES THE WEIRD ANSWERS THAT SHE HAS GIVEN YOU GUYS REMIND ME OF THE WEIRD ANSWERS I HAVE GOTTEN FROM SPIRITS IN PEOPLE when I was dealing with real bad spiritual cases! (Corny: Almost all her answers were "I imagine so," & the first thing I got off of that was like in the Letter "Oplexicon," where it was an image, & an image was what she was projecting. She tried not to commit herself to anything.) (No.261) Well, the Scripture speaks of evil imaginations. (Pr.6:18)

       45. YOU CAN TALK RIGHT STRAIGHT TO THE SPIRIT & SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO DEAL DIRECTLY WITH THEM, THAT'S THE THING. That's why the Apostle in his admonition along this line says, "Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God." (1Jn.4:2) You'd be amazed at some of the weird answers you get on that from people you even thought were saved, which you were having spiritual problems with! They'll sometimes read it or quote it, but they'll qualify it or they'll say it in a way like they're just reciting a tune that they memorised, without any real conviction. You can tell it isn't their real personal testimony or experience.

       46. AND ONE OF THE STRANGE THINGS ABOUT THIS VERSE IS THAT IT HAS A DEEPER MEANING THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE DON'T REALISE! One of the pop questions to ask them is: "Do you believe that Jesus Christ has come in your flesh?"--& that one they have a harder time parrying than the other one! A lot of them say, "Oh sure sure, we all know that Jesus was the historical character Who once walked the Earth, & He was here & so on, sure!" "But do you believe that Jesus Christ has come into your flesh?"

       47. THAT'S ONE OF THE $64,000 QUESTIONS THAT YOU NEED TO ASK HER, because a lot of times when you're talking to these people, you don't even know it, but you're not talking to them at all! Their spirit is taken over by somebody else, & that spirit is popping the answers to you, & it's very cautious to try to give you the answers it thinks you want! Sometimes those spirits are not even as smart as the people you're talking to, believe it or not, they give some pretty dumb stupid answers sometimes!--But they have to answer!

       48. I TOLD YOU MY EXPERIENCE WITH TYNDALE IN LAURENTIDE. Dr. Martin used to wonder what his son's problem was, this famous preacher & missionary whose camp we were using. His father was a pioneer Christian missionary of Canada amongst the Catholics & suffered all kinds of persecution & was really a sincere man, really loved the Lord & had some success with them, but here his own son was a Buddhist! He lived right there in the camp with our folks & he was always a kind of a foreign spirit. One day he was their friend & the next day he was their bitter enemy, they couldn't figure him out!

       49. JOSH WANTED ME TO GO UP THERE & TALK TO HIM, & I DID! I felt sorry for the poor guy, I knew what it was like to be a preacher's son! He'd gone through a lot of disillusioning experiences & a lot of hard trials & great tribulations which he'd apparently been through with his father, when he got his eyes on the flesh & the man instead of the Lord. He knew his father in the flesh but he really didn't seem to know him in the spirit. My Mother was just as human as anybody in the flesh & made her mistakes & had a lot of faults, but you had to remember her in the Spirit, the way she was when she was really anointed!

       50. SO APPARENTLY HE'D GOTTEN HIS EYES ON HIS DAD & IT HAD EMBITTERED HIM & HE & HIS DAD WERE AT WAR, AT SWORD'S POINTS! His son was living right there at the camp, & his Dad was still trying to get his son to do something for the Lord. His Dad had given him the job of supervising us, so to speak, supervising our kids there to make sure they took care of things & did their job & all. Sometimes he was very nice & other times he was just downright nasty & mean! So they tried all kinds of things, even tried to come up there & yank his Buddha away from him & toss it out the door, or some crazy forceful exorcism which didn't do him a damn bit of good & just made him mad!

       51. SO I DECIDED, "WELL, LOVE CONQUERS ALL THINGS! LOVE NEVER FAILS! I'm just going to go up there & love him, talk to him in love!" And I just went up there & sat down for a cup of tea. We just chatted about the past & his life & interesting things that we could share & talk about, this & that & the other, as much about himself as possible & his past & present & what he hoped to do in the future, just as anybody who really cared & was concerned about him should do. You've got to tackle a lot of these cases with a lot of love & patience because they themselves are the victim--until you have revealed themselves to themselves, then it's a different story! (Something happens here with Ho as the tape flips:)

       52. HO HAS GOT A GOOD PRACTICAL SIDE & HE'S A GOOD ENGINEER, BUT HE NEEDS TO LOOK TO HIS SISTER WHEN IT COMES TO THE SPIRIT A LOT OF TIMES, because she's a lot more in tune with the Spirit. Women are just naturally more spiritual, did you know that? There are more women mediums in the World than men mediums! There are witches by the dozen for every warlock, sad to say, because women were created to be submissive & surrender & be yielded & channels & tools & to be used, helpmeets, servants in a way. So it is their natural inclination to be yielded to things like that, spirits, or the Holy Spirit, TTL!

       53. SOME OF THE GREATEST PEOPLE OF GOD I EVER KNEW WERE WOMEN, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! It seems to still run in the family, praise the Lord? Faith seems to be so much more sensitive in the Spirit ... what? (Faith: I didn't want you to forget your story about Tyndale!) Oh, I'm not! I may go up all kinds of little side-paths picking daisies, but I always come back sooner or later! Ha!

       54. SO WOMEN ARE JUST NATURALLY SUSCEPTIBLE TO SPIRITUAL INFLUENCES, GOOD OR EVIL. If they're the Lord's, it should be the Lord's Spirit. But if they are not children of God, born-again, they can be very naturally susceptible to evil spirits. So how did I get on to women? There must be some connection between Tyndale & women! Where did I get on that daisy path? (Ho: You were referring to me listening to Faith.) Yes, we were interrupted by a little engineering by the engineer! When it comes to practical things, she should listen to him, but when it comes to spiritual things, he'd better listen to her because she really is Spirit-led! She hasn't got much common sense, therefore the Lord had to give her a lot of uncommon sense!

       55. SO WITH TYNDALE I WAS SORT OF FEELING MY WAY & TRYING TO PROBE IN THE SPIRIT! At the same time I'm probing in the physical with audible questions, I am probing in the Spirit asking God, "Lord, show me something, reveal something to me! Help me to see, give me a key, put Your finger on something!" And I think I sat there & talked to that boy for four hours & couldn't quite figure out just what it was!

       56. WELL, I COULD TELL A LOT OF OTHER THINGS, THAT HE HAD CERTAIN PROBLEMS & WEAKNESSES, but then he seemed very sincere & in a way he still sort of believed in Christ. The thing I got off it was he became a Buddhist just to spite his father, that he really in a way had faith in Christ, but not in Christianity. Well, I heartily agreed in that!

       57. HE TOLD HOW THE CHURCH HAS BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR SO MANY WARS & PERSECUTION & HORRIBLE THINGS IN THE WORLD, crimes & atrocities, & I just heartily agreed with him--which of course rather surprised him! I agreed with him on nearly everything because he was right in a lot of these things. He was a radical, virtually a Red as well as being a Buddhist, & quite a leader of youth in the city of Montreal, leader of demonstrations & all kinds of things! He was quite a leader, really!

       58. BUT I FINALLY GATHERED THAT MOST OF HIS REBELLION WAS A RESULT OF HIS BITTERNESS AGAINST HIS FATHER! He just didn't want to please his father about anything because he held so much against him. He couldn't stand the way his father had done this or that or the other. Well, I still didn't quite get to the root of the problem, why he could be so sweet like he was in this conversation with me & some days with them, & then be an absolute devil sometimes! So I hadn't really ferreted the rat out of the garbage until about the end of the conversation when I was actually ready to go & we were standing up.

       59. WE FINISHED OUR TEA & I THOUGHT, "WELL, I DON'T SEEM TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS GUY MUCH GOOD! Lord, I don't seem to be getting anywhere. He's convinced of his convictions & that's that, & there doesn't seem to be any way of swaying him. But what is it? What is really at the root of his trouble? Why is he so bitter against his father? Why did he turn on Christianity? Why is he so horribly mean some days to the kids, & then other days so sweet & sympathetic?"

       60. HIS FATHER BY THIS TIME WAS QUITE A WEALTHY MAN, WITH A LOT OF PROPERTY & almost more interested in real estate than he was in the Lord's work--which is one of the accusations his son made. As far as he was concerned, his father was a hypocrite & more in it for the money than anything else--which by that time he might have been--but in his early days, from his own stories & from tales we heard of him, he apparently was very sincere.

       61. YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! Even though people go astray, you shouldn't forget all of the past & the good things they did do. Some people, the minute somebody makes a mistake, they want to forget all the past & all the good they ever did & all the good job they've done. A leader catches a guy in one thing & he forgets all his past loyalty & his past faithfulness & rakes him over the coals or tosses him out or something instead of being a little patient & more forgiving.

       62. WE'RE ALL IN SCHOOL, WE'RE ALL LEARNING & SOME OF US HAVE GOT A LOT TO LEARN, ESPECIALLY ME! Because the more I know, the more I know I don't know! But I have had a little experience & had a few years on you, so I kind of have a jump on most of you & you're at a disadvantage when it comes to those things, because I have had a little more time. I'm not despising anybody's youth, & you shouldn't despise anybody's youth, but there are some things you seem to learn mostly through experience. I think I learn more that way than any other way. So give credit where credit is due--don't forget anybody's good points when you just discovered one of their bad points!

       63. SO I STOOD UP TO TELL TYNDALE GOODBYE & I TOOK HIS HAND, just shaking hands as you would do, you know? I knew it would do no good to ask him if we could have a word of prayer, he'd probably say no. One thing you learn in witnessing is, never ask people, "Can we pray?" Just grab them & go ahead & pray! I've done that with some of the toughest cases to crack, even some of those sceptical old Jews on Miami Beach, & there's something about the power of prayer that will stop them cold in their tracks & shut them up! If it's nothing but respect for you & your religion, they will just stay quiet while you preach them a good prayer!--And you can say a lot in a prayer!

       64. I USED TO CALL IT PREACHING A GOOD PRAYER! If they wouldn't listen to you, "Well, brother, so sorry, God bless & help you! Now, Lord, in Jesus' name we ask You to help..."--& just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! You have a chance while you've got ahold of his hand & you've got him by the shoulder & he can hardly run away, & you just sock it to them with prayer! And there's something about the power in the Name of Jesus & prayer, I have never had anybody actually jerk away from me & run away yet while I was praying for them!

       65. IN BAY FRONT PARK IN MIAMI ONE TIME, OH, MAN, CONTENTION, YELLING & SCREAMING WITH THE JEWS! I mean, there's nobody who can scream louder at each other than us Jews! I mean, they were really harassers, hecklers! So finally I just grabbed my Bible & turned to Isaiah 53 & began to read at the top of my voice, just read! I said, "Well, now I'm going to read you what God has to say from the Prophet Yeshaiah," I think it's called in Hebrew, Isaiah 53rd Chapter. And you'd be amazed the calm that fell on the crowd!

       66. WELL, THIS ONE COMMUNIST WHO HAD BEEN GIVING ME THE MOST TROUBLE, HE STARTED SCREAMING & YELLING: "We don't want to hear that Bible! That's where that Jesus says 'I came not to bring peace but a sword,' blah, blah, blah"--& started to bring all the typical accusations of the Devil! You know what happened? The other guys yelled at him & said, "Shut up, shut up! We want to hear what it has to say!"--As long as I quit having my say & started just reading the Word of God to them! You ought to try that sometime, maybe even a MO Letter might calm some of these savages down!

       67. THE CROWD MAY JUST GET CURIOUS TO HEAR WHAT IS WRITTEN, EVEN IF THEY DON'T WANT TO HEAR YOU! They may not respect you, but a lot of people have respect for the Bible, or if nothing else, curiosity. So they just yelled at him to shut up & there was a perfect silence while I just read slowly right on through the whole 53rd chapter! Then the crowd broke up & dispersed & just about two or three hungry guys stuck around wanting to know more. Well, how did I get on to that?

       68. SO THERE'S NOTHING LIKE GRABBING THEM BY THE SHOULDER & THE HAND SO THEY CAN'T GET AWAY, & PRAY, & THAT'S WHAT I DID TO TYNDALE THAT DAY! My prayer with my mouth was, "Lord, bless him & help this dear young man who's trying to do his best"--& I believe he was in his own mind trying to do his best--"& help him to have the love that he speaks of that Buddha had, & to be forgiving, not only to others but his own father" & so on, kind of preaching a good little loving prayer! "Lord, You know whatever his problem is & You know he's probably got a lot of things to overcome, problems like we all have, & please help him" & so on, "in Jesus' name, amen."

       69. THEN WHEN I STILL HAD A GRIP ON HIS HAND & HIS SHOULDER, I LOOKED STRAIGHT DEEP INTO HIS EYES & I thought, "Oh my Lord, here I am leaving & I still haven't hit it!" And in that one moment, it wasn't more than a split-second hardly, I looked in his eyes & the desperate cry of my heart was, "Lord, what is this? What is it about this guy? What is it?" I definitely had the impression that he had a bad spirit of some kind, so what my heart cried in desperation silently, not a word out loud, was like, "Who is it? What is it?"

       70. NOW YOU KNOW YOU CAN COMMAND SPIRITS TO GIVE YOU THEIR NAME, & HIS MOUTH FLEW OPEN & SAID, "PRIDE! PRIDE!"--Like he couldn't stop it, couldn't keep from saying it! He almost yelled it, just like that! And the moment he said it he looked so startled! He looked scared half to death, just like he knew something supernatural had happened! He didn't realise how bad off he was, that something had taken him over! All of a sudden here he'd said a word that he didn't even mean to say, he said "Pride!" Just like that! The spirit gave its name!

       71. SO WITH HIM STILL BY THE HAND I THOUGHT FOR A MINUTE, "DID I REALLY HEAR THAT OR AM I IMAGINING THINGS?" But Josh was right there & he heard it too! If it hadn't been for Josh I might have gone off thinking, "Well, maybe I just imagined it." I said, "What did you say?" He said, "I didn't say anything!" ... "Oh, I'm sorry, I thought I heard you say something when I finished my prayer." ... "No, I didn't say a thing, not a thing!" You could tell he was really kind of scared, he was trying to cover-up then.

       72. I DIDN'T WANT TO EMBARRASS HIM THEN BY REALLY PUSHING IT, BECAUSE GOD HAD GIVEN ME THE ANSWER, & at the same time had really shown him what his problem was! And since it was pride, he wasn't exactly the kind of guy to pin down & nail & needle on the spot: "Now listen, boy, you see! It's the Devil & it's pride! That's what's wrong with you & you'd better blah blah blah!"--& just stick the knife in & screw it around a bit, because he wouldn't have taken it! I just thought, "Well, OK, Lord, You told him now, You've given him the answer & he's not willing to even confess it after he's heard it, so who am I to dwell on it?--I'll just leave it there."

       73. I THINK MY CLOSING WORDS TO HIM WERE, "WELL, GOD BLESS YOU, BROTHER, YOU KNOW SOMETIMES WE ACCUSE OTHERS"--like he was accusing his father & so on--"but we've got to remember that we too are not without our faults & we have to be humble." I just preached him a positive side instead of saying, "You're full of pride, you rascal!" I said, "You know, we've got to be humble & admit our own mistakes & our own faults, & if we want to be forgiven we've got to forgive other people." It was because of this bitterness with his father, apparently his father had hurt his pride somehow.

       74. SO THAT'S ON THE MATTER OF TALKING TO THE SPIRIT ITSELF, the evil spirit, & forcing it into the open & commanding it to give its name. Now that may shock you, but if you know what you're doing & you know whose name you're asking for, they cannot resist! They have to speak their name, & it might be helpful if you'd go down to Gen & just pray with her & look her straight in the eye & say: "What is thy name?" It would probably shock & surprise her, if nothing else, but you might just get the name of the spirit that's causing the trouble! I'll tell you, Josh was sure shook, he said, "Wow! Whew! Boy, wasn't that something!"

       75. THE DEVIL TRIES TO KEEP CERTAIN THINGS CONCEALED, BUT IF THE LORD IS THE ONE WHO'S WORMING IT OUT, THEY CAN'T HOLD IT, THEY'VE GOT TO TELL! But you have to take authority, a commanding attitude where you're absolutely firm & you command them to answer! You probably need to not waste your time talking so much to her, when she probably doesn't even know, like Tyndale, really what's wrong with her, but speak directly to the spirit & rebuke it, ask for its name & cast it out!

       76. SHE SAYS HERE IN HER TESTIMONY, "I WAS BETROTHED TO SIMEON SIMPLE & MARRIED. He had been on the team for one-&-a-half years, joined in L.A. The only counsel we had was they asked me if I loved him, & all I could say was I could love anyone with the Lord." Well, I never told them to get married, she may try to blame me for that, but I didn't! He wrote & asked me, but for God's sake, how am I supposed to know who he's supposed to marry? I didn't know him, much less her! "There's this girl that I'm interested in, should I marry her, blah, blah?"

       77. THAT'S THE KIND OF LETTERS I HATE TO GET! I probably shouldn't have even answered it at all, but I made some crack really, half in joking, & I said, "About the only thing I know of is that Simeon was in Genesis!" Let me tell you, I've found by experience of years, I don't like to get mixed up in these marital affairs! Matchmaking can be very dangerous, because if you're wrong, brother, they'll blame you for the rest of their lives! "Well, you told us!" Look at what she's doing already, blaming it on me! (Continues reading:)

       78. "WE THEN PIONEERED COLUMBUS, OHIO, AS SHEPHERDS. During that time Simeon wrote Faithy & Faithy called Hosea in the States." You're partly responsible for this too, Faithy! "We talked to our regionals & we were on our way to England. Simeon started getting nasty toward me before we left the States, threatened me he might not take me with him. I was one who had an ideal marriage concept & was sure that that was what the Lord was going to give me.

       79. "IN IRELAND HE FORBADE ME TO SING, TALK IN TONGUES, REVIEW & SO ON." Well, there must have been some reason why he forbade her to sing & talk in tongues! "Really kept me in prayer ... then of course later he went back." Here's the thing about Bromley. "Hagar & I became close, took care of the office, Hosea's papers for him & so on. Hagar left & the office became more organised." You certainly must know something about this girl if you worked that much with her, Ho! It says she took care of the office & Hosea's papers! I sure wouldn't want anybody working that close to me unless I knew something about them! (Ho: I knew what's written there.)

       80. HOW COME YOU DIDN'T KNOW MORE THAN WHAT'S WRITTEN THERE? I mean, you should know something about the people that work for you! You shouldn't just take anybody & everybody, especially when they're working that close to the top & it's a matter of security--not security just with the System, I'm talking about a matter of security with the Lord & security with God's work regarding the Enemy!

       81. YOU HAVE TO BE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT OUR SECURITY IN THE SPIRIT THAN IN THE NATURAL! You people might be very careful about natural security but mighty damn careless about spiritual security! I can remember some houses we moved into where there were already demons & we had to first of all go around from room to room & pray them out, believe it or not. We went marching around the house pleading the blood of Jesus over the whole thing to cleanse the house of evil spirits!--Especially some of these old places where witches had lived & spiritists & whatnot like that, they're usually full of them! (Continues reading Gen's testimony:)

       82. "I WAS CARRYING THE LOAD AT THE OFFICE, girls, Josh's secretary, phones, the international calls, & it was too much for me." In other words she's saying that she was overburdened. Well, that might be true. But I'll tell you right now, nobody has any excuse for being overburdened, I don't care who they are! People are overburdened because they let themselves be overburdened! All you have to do is say no!

       83. WE'RE NOT SLAVES IN THIS OUTFIT, NOBODY IS FORCED TO DO ANYTHING! It's all voluntary labour, & if you don't want to do it, for God's sake, you don't have to do it! Don't think you have to! If you can't do it, don't do it, for God's sake! I wrote on that in "My Yoke Is Easy!" (No.169). The Lord's yoke is easy! If you're under a heavier yoke or a hard yoke, you're not under the Lord's yoke, you're either under the Devil's or your own! You're making it hard for yourself, or you're letting the Devil make it hard for you, so there's no excuse for that sort of thing!

       84. IF IT WAS TOO HARD FOR HER, SHE SHOULD HAVE SAID SO & NOT WAITED UNTIL SHE CRACKED UP! (Hosea: When she came back from Ireland she was really really in bad spiritual shape, it was like she was in a state of shock.) Yes, because he sent her away & then he went back himself. (Faith: But we found out there was more to it--she admired this book about Bridie Murphy, & the spirit that Bridie Murphy had was an Irish spirit, & she said this was a big influence on her life.) Well, the fact of the matter was that the name of the spirit, as I recall, was Bridie Murphy, & the woman who got the spirit had some other name. I read part of the book once.

       85. I THOUGHT A MOMENT AGO WHEN I WAS READING THIS ABOUT IRELAND, "BOY, THAT PLACE IS FULL OF GREMLINS & ALL KINDS OF IMPS! They are as superstitious as they can get & they really believe in spirits & spiritism & they practice it too!" So it just could be that there is more to that than she's telling here. Simeon may have had some experiences with her that may have scared him spitless! Maybe that's why he told her not to talk anymore or something. You see, people don't tell us the whole story. You ought to talk to her about that next time & ask her just what were these experiences & why did Simeon tell her not to talk in tongues & so on anymore. Of course, she's so scared now & trying to cover-up, so now she's afraid to say almost anything!

       86. I'M WORKING UP TO SOMETHING THAT I GOT STRAIGHT FROM THE LORD THIS MORNING ON THE SITUATION, & when God has spoken, as far as I'm concerned that's it! You may give me your testimonies, I may get them second hand, first hand or otherwise, & we may theorise & we may conjecture & guess & suppose & everything else, but when God tells me what the trouble is, that's it & I know that's it!

       87. ANYHOW, SHE DOES NOT SAY HERE THAT SHE HAD A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN! As I recall Joshua or Jeth or somebody told us that she absolutely flipped out completely, but she doesn't say it here, she covered it up. That's all she said about it. I mean she just absolutely went totally to pieces, totally out of her head! "I was carrying the load of the office, girls, Josh's secretary, phone, including international calls."--In other words it was their fault. "It was too much for me. I went to Hollingbourne, I think at Josh's suggestion, for a few days." She doesn't say a word about her nervous breakdown! We were really surprised that she didn't say more about that when we got this, because we had already heard that she had a nervous breakdown there, & that was one reason I was concerned about her, because that was helping to confirm what I got off her picture.

       88. I GET A LOT OFF THOSE PICTURES, I GET IT IN THE SPIRIT! I start off on the picture & then I ask the Lord. It's like a contact. Like Jeane Dixon, they give her some article from the person to hold in her hand & she gets a lot! It's almost like an antenna, it's like a conductor or something, that you get something in the Spirit off it. I don't know why, it's just that way. That's the way the Gypsies do with the crystal balls. Holding that picture in my hand & looking at that face, all these things began to come to me, & I got the lowdown on her pretty straight! (See "Reading on Eman & Gen!", No.1431.)

       89. I EVEN TRIED TO SOFTEN IT BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO MAKE IT SOUND TOO HARD, but I knew that she had been into something pretty deep which was pretty bad spiritually, & that it pretty much affected her mind. And I have heard that she had a terrible nervous breakdown & had to be sent to Hollingbourne to recover, & yet she doesn't even confess that here!

       90. SEE, SHE'S COVERING! She didn't want to tell us this, knowing that she was writing to us. Apparently she must have gotten wind of the fact that maybe she was up for re-consideration or something. So she said, "It was too much for me so I went to Hollingbourne, I think on Josh's suggestion, for a few days. I spent three weeks there re-establishing a relationship with the Lord." They said it was at least a week or two before she became normal again--& apparently it was more than that!

       91. "RE-ESTABLISHING A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD"--I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT! I have a good relationship with the Lord, as far as I know, that's never been broken! It's had its ups & downs, God knows, but I tell you, I'm attached! I've never been able to get very far away where He wasn't on my trail! Apparently she has got a lot of pride because she quite obviously has toned down anything negative & has not said anything about it for fear it might hurt her chances.

       92. "GETTING IN CLASSES & THE WORD I REALLY NEEDED."--Whose classes in the Word were doing so much good out at Hollingbourne? I never knew Hollingbourne was all that good! At that particular time, Hollingbourne actually was on the blacklist & it was the dumping ground for every problem case we had, including its leadership, Deborah, sorry to say! She was really out of it at that time, she had really gotten in bad shape! That was the time of "Alice in the Magic Garden" (No.290), & the Magic Garden was out at Hollingbourne!

       93. SOMETIMES YOU GET OUT AT THE EDGE OF THE TAPESTRY & THERE YOU CAN SEE QUITE OBVIOUSLY YOU MISSED IT SOMEWHERE, but then you sometimes need to trace it back & figure out, "Now where in the World did I miss that stitch? Where did I goof? Where did we goof? Where did we miss it?" How could we have had somebody around this long like her, or like Lakum for example. (See "Letter to a Labourer!" No.325.)

       94. THAT GUY LAKUM, AT LEAST HIS SPIRIT WAS A LITTLE MORE HONEST! [EDITED: "When growing up he"] tried to kill his father & his brother & had been in & out of insane asylums for years, & the spirit that talked through him in his own testimony that he wrote for us practically gave us the whole story! He even said he didn't want to leave, he'd like to stick around! And I no sooner read that, than I told Maria, "That guy's got a familiar spirit! He's got an evil spirit, he's schizophrenic!"

       95. SOMETIMES HE'S GOOD AS GOLD, CLEVER, A GENIUS, INGENIOUS, MAKES HIMSELF ABSOLUTELY INDISPENSABLE, WORKS LIKE MAD! They even had that guy as a Colony Shepherd, can you imagine that? He was a schizophrenic Colony Shepherd! He'd work his way into some real responsible job & position, then suddenly really throw a monkey wrench into the machinery! He'd get into a position where he could throw the monkey wrench in, & then do it! Then Josh would deal with him for hours & hours & hours!

       96. I DON'T SEE HOW THE HELL SO MANY OF OUR LEADERS COULD BE SO DUMB & STUPID & UNOBSERVANT & SO LACKING IN DISCERNMENT AS TO NOT SEE WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THAT GUY! The thing that worried me was not what was wrong with Lakum, but what the hell's wrong with our leadership that they couldn't see it? I mean, even if you don't tell the guy! I know some things about some of you that I don't even tell you! But I'm not stupid, I know, & the Lord keeps me on my guard & I have to watch out for your weaknesses. We all have weaknesses, we all make mistakes, but we have to beware & not be ignorant of the Enemy's devices!

       97. SO HOW THE GREAT SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP OUT AT HOLLINGBOURNE GOT HER STRAIGHTENED OUT WITH THE LORD, I DON'T KNOW, because everybody out there was having to be straightened out themselves! I mean, that was kind of like a madhouse run by its own inmates! That may not be a bad idea! They say it takes one to know one!

       98. IT REMINDS ME OF DOSTOEVSKI'S FAMOUS NOVEL, THE IDIOT! His mind was supposed to be deranged from a brain injury in the war or something, & he was dumb, stupid, but it turned out in the end of the story that he was the most sane of all because he had love, humility, simplicity & forgiveness!

       99. IT GOT TO BE WHERE WHEN ANYBODY WAS IN TROUBLE OR NEEDED A SHOULDER OR A SYMPATHETIC EAR, THEY WERE ALL GOING TO THIS IDIOT--the guy who was supposed to be some kind of a moron, not even mentally all there--because he was so sweet, so gentle & tender & loving & kind! Even though he didn't seem to have very much sense, he'd come out with some profound statements, very simple little things like a little child. That's what he was like, he was just like a little child. Well, that's what the Lord tells us to be like, doesn't He?

       100. PEOPLE ALWAYS WANTED TO COME TO MOTHER FOR HER MIRACLES & PRAYER FOR THE SICK TO HEAL THEM & BLAH BLAH, BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID FIRST?--She sat down & dealt with them for about two or three hours about their souls, their spirit, their problems & what was really wrong with them that caused them to be sick in the first place--whether it was demons or diet or whatever it was!--Whether it was the chastening of the Lord or the curse of the Devil! She was determined to find out what the cause was--not just treat the illness, which is nothing but a symptom of something spiritual.

       101. THERE WAS ONE GUY WHO HAD HEARD HER ON THE RADIO & SUMMONED HER--APPARENTLY TRYING TO PAY HER FOR PRAYER! He said, "Listen, sister, I'm not paying you to come here & preach me a sermon, I'm going to pay you to heal me!" She said, "Well, brother, I didn't come here to heal you, I came here to preach you a sermon! If you don't want the sermon, I haven't got the healing!" (Back to Gen's testimony:)

       102. "I WENT BACK TO BROMLEY & A SHORT TIME LATER STARTED WORKING WITH CHILDCARE. I worked with the Toddlers & the Childcare Office for almost a year, & then I became nanny to Sharon, Becky & Miguel's daughter, for eight months. During that time I was also transcribing tapes & started typing Ambassador Summaries & letters. Sharon became old enough to go into the toddler room & I became a full-time Ambassador's Secretary."

       103. SHE DOESN'T MENTION THE FACT THAT DURING THAT TIME SHARON BEGAN HAVING FITS, JUST EXACTLY LIKE GEN'S BABY!--Exactly the same kind of thing where they hold their breath, believe it or not! Did you get that?! While she was taking care of Sharon, Becky's baby, that's when Becky's baby started having those fits! Becky wrote us this letter, they were worried about it, you know, & I think I indicated to Becky I thought it was something spiritual, it sounded spiritual to me because kids don't have those things for no reason!

       104. SHE CAME TO BECKY WITH HER DESIRE FOR MARRIAGE. (Maria: Eman in his testimony says he talked to Justus & she talked to Becky, & then it was okayed by leadership.) (Faithy: She tried to say last night that she didn't know Eman was MO's artist.) How could she have been in ignorance of that? That's hard for me to believe, Beloved, that she could have been hobnobbing with Eman without knowing what his work was! (Faith: I guess she meant that she didn't know that he was your special artist.) Well, they're all my special artists, that's ridiculous! Eman was no different from the rest of them then, they were all on an equal plane at that time, all working on the Letters. (Continues reading:)

       105. "WE'VE GONE THROUGH UPS & DOWNS & HAVE BEEN LEARNING TO UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER & growing together & I really respect his work & love for you."--This is sort of a funny statement, as though he had more love for me than she had! Get this one: "I hope I'm saying what you want to know."

       106. "I HAVE ALSO TYPED ROUGH DRAFTS for Mother Eve & got the blessing of typing the rough draft of 'Are You a Good Sport' from a tape Maria made! Zowie! It was really inspiring!" Now how did she ever get that job?! That was pretty top security to be transcribing a tape made by you! (Maria: They were sharing the load, it was before Sally came.) (Ho: In Blobs you can get lost!) Yeah, they get lost in the shuffle & you don't know what state they're in, but God knows!

       107. WELL, THIS IS A VERY NICE LITTLE INNOCENT TESTIMONY, she doesn't really tell me anything very bad about herself in the whole thing anywhere. (Faith: When we showed her the picture of the throne & the face she thought it was a black face & she stuck to that story & kept saying that.) (Corny: She thought it was a black man & specifically she said Jimi Hendrix.) (Faith: So then I said, "Oh, did you ever want to make love to a black man?"--& she said that there was a period of time when she wanted to have a black baby because she thought they were cute. Then it came out that she thinks the Devil's black! Eman said, "I never saw any pictures of the Devil as a black man!") The Devil appeared as an angel of light, & I think he usually does, very handsome & very beautiful!

       108. WELL, SHE DEFINITELY HAS MENTAL & SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS! I've been trying to give the girl the benefit of the doubt & say, "Well, maybe she's the innocent victim, maybe she's just ignorant, maybe she just didn't realise what she was getting into, maybe she's just plain sort of dumb & doesn't realise the significance of all these things, maybe it's not really, in a way, entirely her fault, that she sort of got into it in ignorance"--but guess what the Lord has to say?

       109. WE NEED TO STUDY HER FIRST TESTIMONY TOO, HER BACK HISTORY. It's a strange thing, unlike most of our kids, she didn't tell anything very bad! She said, of course, she was involved in drugs & she drank & a few other things, but mostly that she stayed sort of out of things & never really did a lot of things the other kids did. Don't all Catholics know that the occult & that sort of thing is forbidden? (Corny: I think it depends on how far you were into actually being a Catholic. In Brazil they worship statues which represent their gods, but they come across as Catholics, so it's pretty strong down there.)

       110. YES, I READ THE STATISTICS A LONG TIME AGO, THAT ALTHOUGH 90% OF LATIN AMERICANS CLAIMED TO BE CATHOLICS, 60% OF THEM ACTUALLY PRACTICED SPIRITISM IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER, FROM VOODOOISM TO SOMETHING ELSE. They have quite a ceremony here that we witnessed last year with this particular statue, Our Lady of Candelaria, a big Madonna which they claim they found washed up on the shore or something supernatural & miraculous. It's a big huge heavy statue that takes about 20 men to carry on a platform, life-sized & all bejeweled & decorated & everything! The odd thing I noticed about it was it was very fair & blonde & looked a lot more European than anybody that lives here!

       111. THEY CARRIED IT IN A PROCESSION FROM THE CHURCH DOWN TO THE WATER WHERE THE BOATS ARE & lowered it into one of those boats right down there in Puerto at the fisherman's wharf. And boy, it's a risky business with the waves coming in & the boat bouncing up & down, trying to get that statue in there! I was practically holding my breath, I thought they were for sure going to dump it in the sea! It's a kind of an old heathen custom. The Greeks did that in Sarasota Bay, Florida once a year to bless the boats & the fishermen going out. It's a kind of a "bless the fisherman" deal.

       112. SO THEY FINALLY GOT HER ON THE BOAT & THEY CHUG-CHUGGED OUT TO SEA ABOUT HALF-A-MILE. Then they sailed up the coast about a mile, back down the coast the other direction about a mile & then brought it back in! Well, while it was going out there, boy, I thought for sure it was going to dump the boat over or sink it or something several times! Maybe that's what they want to prove, it's a miracle that they can do it! They have a big fireworks display while she is out to sea. Then we ate supper in-between, & before we knew it they had brought her back & we heard all this commotion going on, & they'd already loaded her up & were carrying her down the street toward Plaza Charco. We went out to see what was going on & we nearly bumped into them!

       113. AND THERE WAS THIS ONE GUY WHO WAS TOTALLY OUT OF HIS HEAD, WEEPING & CRYING, just like talking in tongues like he just flipped out in the spirit over this thing, & he gave me such a look! As I came up close to take a look at the statue & I looked at him--he was about as far away from me as maybe you are--I said, "Maria, let's get out of here fast!"--Because I think he had really caught the spirit! He caught the spirit of the whole thing & he really had it! (Maria: And that song they sang was like a dirge!) Yes, that chant! (Maria: It was sort of like the music of "The Parable," only the opposite, it carried the opposite spirit.)

       114. (HO: THAT'S WHAT MOHAMMED WAS SO MUCH AGAINST.)--IDOLATRY! (Ho: In the Cathedral in Tripoli, they took all the idols out & shipped them back to Rome.) The Turks did the same thing in Cyprus, in Old Famagusta. They took over one of the biggest & oldest cathedrals I think in the entire Mideast, or supposed to be the biggest one East of Rome or something, built by the Byzantine emperors or somebody, a huge monstrous thing! They ripped out all the idols & there's nothing in it now but rugs!--An Islamic mosque!

       115. THIS IS WHAT DISILLUSIONED MOHAMMED ABOUT CATHOLICISM! He heard about Jesus & read some of the writings & was quite interested & persuaded that Jesus was the real thing, then he went up to Jerusalem to see what the Church was like. Of course, this was 600 years later, after Christ, & he saw this idolatry & all this heathenism in the so-called Christian churches, temples & cathedrals, & he said he knew that wasn't of God! So he went back & refused to accept Christianity as such, but did accept the idea of Christ being a Prophet & a good Man, because he read what Jesus had to say. Thank God for the writings!

       116. BUT LOOK AT THE FAILURE OF THE CHURCH! They brought it on themselves--the so-called Mohammedan scourge, the scourge of Islam--by failing to be the kind of a testimony & witness & example that they should have been! Here was a man who could have become a great Christian leader if they had converted him to the faith, the real faith! If they had been the kind of Christians they should have been, look at the difference it might have made!

       117. WELL, LASTLY, ON THIS OTHER SUBJECT, ONE THING YOU NEED TO DO IS REALLY HEAR FROM THE LORD! I know she's fearful & covering & she's afraid. You might give her the benefit of the doubt, that maybe she wasn't altogether responsible & maybe sort of excuse her for some of the things going on, but I went in the bathroom after we'd had this conference this morning where they gave their reports from last night. I get a lot of things in the bathroom, believe it or not, it's a good place to get them because you're alone & you can go into your closet & shut the door! (Mt.6:6) It was a miracle that I didn't even expect!

       118. I WAS STANDING THERE SAYING, "LORD, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH HER? This couldn't have happened unless there was something wrong with her!" Even if she was ignorant & innocent & everything else, the Enemy cannot use somebody unless there's something wrong! They may not know it, they may be ignorant of it, but there is something wrong! [DELETED] There's a rat in the garbage somewhere. And whenever I really get desperate like that & I'm really asking the Lord--sometimes when I'm not even expecting it, I'm just kind of wondering about things--the Lord suddenly answers!

       119. AND I GOT THESE WORDS--"THE REBELLIOUS WOMAN!" I thought, "Lord, wait a minute, is she really a rebellious woman? Is she that bad? What's she rebellious about?" "The rebellious woman!" And right away it dawned on me, "That's a Scripture! I've heard that somewhere!" The Lord gives you the key, He gives you a word or two, & this is the key which unlocks the door! If you will look up the passage itself, the Scripture, maybe then you'll get the whole story! You get one little clue.

       120. WHEN I WENT IN THE BATHROOM I GOT A PICTURE OF REAL WARFARE GOING ON IN THE HEAVENLIES AROUND US like Grandmother got one time, clashing of swords & armour! Of course, spirits don't fight with armour & swords, but that's the way the Lord pictures it so it will help us understand what's happening! So you will be amazed when you hear the Scripture, which is the only Scripture in the Bible that uses those words, "the rebellious woman."

       121. WHEN I FIRST HEARD ABOUT IT I THOUGHT, "LET'S SEE, MAYBE THAT'S ABOUT SARAH, ABRAHAM'S WIFE, that must be back in Genesis somewhere. But it turned out to be in Samuel, 1Samuel 20:30. So I had Faith look it up & she began to read it. She said, "Do you know what that says, that's the baby's name, it's Jonathan!" I'd even forgotten that, I didn't remember they'd called him Jonathan!

       122. "THEN SAUL'S ANGER WAS KINDLED AGAINST JONATHAN"--of course Saul kind of represents the Enemy--& mind you, in this same scene he tries to kill him! The Enemy tries to kill Jonathan, get that, & guess what he calls Jonathan! "He said unto him, Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman, do not I know that thou hast chosen the son of Jesse to thine own confusion"--that was David--"& unto the confusion of thy mother's nakedness?" And then he goes on & finally chucks the javelin at him, tries to kill him, but Jonathan escapes, thank the Lord!

       123. I WAS SHOCKED ENOUGH TO GET THAT WORD & SHOCKED ENOUGH TO GET THE SCRIPTURE, & then that really settled it when it turned out within this passage Jonathan was the woman's son, same name as Gen's, & the Enemy was angry at the son of the perverse & rebellious woman because the son was David's friend! I know that the baby is innocent, I know that God's not dealing with the child, the baby is totally innocent, & in a way he belongs to me. But God in this verse calls Jonathan's mother a perverse & rebellious woman, & the anger of Saul (the Enemy) was kindled against him!

       124. SO THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THIS IS WHEN THE ENEMY CAST HIS JAVELIN AT JONATHAN TRYING TO KILL HIM, WHO HE REALLY WANTED TO KILL WAS DAVID! He was trying to hurt Jonathan in order to hurt David. The Enemy knows if he [EDITED: "hurts"] the baby it will probably reflect on us & try to hurt us in some way, you understand? We don't want to miss this point: Who the Enemy's really trying to hurt is me, through hurting Jonathan. But the specific thing about it is that it calls Jonathan the son of the perverse, rebellious woman!

       125. NOW THAT IS AN AMAZING SCRIPTURE TO GET! I don't know the Bible that well to remember some obscure verse like that & all the shenanigans that were going on then, but I got those words as clearly as I ever heard the Voice of the Lord! I said, "My Lord, there must be something wrong with her or all this wouldn't happen, & to her baby. You're not dealing with the baby, You're dealing with the parents & apparently her!"

       126. EMAN SEEMS TO BE FAIRLY IGNORANT & INNOCENT & RESPONSIVE & RECEPTIVE, BUT SHE SEEMS TO BE THE SORE POINT & she has been the one we've been having trouble with all the time down there, her attitude about the baby & her attitude about Eman & jealousy over Eman & his work & the baby & everything. She's the one that's been the problem. So I just wanted to know, what is her problem? And the Lord called her the perverse rebellious woman!

       127. NOW WHAT DOES "PERVERSE" REALLY MEAN? Give me that dictionary. Get this: "Turned aside from right or truth, obstinate, in the wrong, capricious & unreasonable in opposition, forward, wrong-headed, wayward, against the evidence or judge's direction on a point of law." "Turned aside from right or truth!"--The Enemy cannot get a foothold in unless somebody's holding back on something or rejecting some truth. They cannot be deceived unless they have rejected the truth in some way. If they have rejected the truth, then they become easily deceived. In some ways she has turned aside from the right or truth & is now being obstinate in the wrong! She is being stubborn in defending herself & more or less protesting her own innocence, that it's not her fault.

       128. "CAPRICIOUS & UNREASONABLE IN OPPOSITION, FORWARD, WRONG-HEADED, WAYWARD, AGAINST THE EVIDENCE!"--She is denying all the evidence that she's in any way responsible. (Faith: She said last night, "I want them to share the burden of it.") Really? She said those words? How come you didn't tell me that sooner? The Devil's the Accuser of the Saints! And in what way did she do it? (Faith: I pointed out how she had pointed the finger at Eman & she said every time Eman looks at the baby it has a fit.) Well, that's pretty strong language!

       129. WE KNOW WHAT REBELLIOUSNESS IS & WE KNOW WHAT GOD THINKS ABOUT REBELLIOUSNESS! What's the Scripture He gave to Saul by Samuel in this case? "Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, & stubbornness is as idolatry!" (1Sa.15:22) Well, how close can the Lord come? I mean, the Lord is as good as calling her a witch & a reprobate, that in some way she is rejecting the Truth!

       130. DID YOU HEAR THE DREAM THAT LYDIA GOT ABOUT HER? Lydia got real tired & went into Eman's bedroom, laid down on the bed & went to sleep. And she dreamt that Eman came & laid down beside her & said, "Please help me! Genesis thinks you're all deceivers!" And she woke up & Eman was there lying on the other bed. I don't think he said anything though.

       131. IT'S JUST AS THOUGH EMAN DOESN'T WANT TO TELL US THIS--these husbands & wives have a great habit of protecting each other--& yet the Holy Spirit revealed it to Lydia! And I wouldn't be a bit surprised that he came in there & wanted to tell her but couldn't get up the courage, so the Holy Spirit just revealed it to her in a dream! Now if this is true, this means Gen is rejecting the Truth & she's covering it up! And the sad part about it is, she may be right in pointing the finger at Eman, he's helping her to cover it, because if that is so he's not telling all he knows!

       132. I REALLY GAVE IT TO DEB ABOUT THIS ONCE! Dear Jeth had always been the sceptic, he had had a lot of spiritual problems, his mother worked with demon-possessed children & he used to hear voices & things like that. Thank God Jeth has grown tremendously, I mean he's getting the victory. It's taken years, but with patience & love & ramming the fear of God into him a few times, I think he really is beginning to believe. The Lord showed me once he was kind of like Doubting Thomas, he had to see it. But now that he can see the results & see the fruit he's pretty convinced. (But finally left!)

       133. BUT IN THE EARLY DAYS HE HAD HIS DOUBTS ABOUT DAD, & for awhile right there at TSC in our first Colony he used to voice those doubts to Deb privately & continually, his doubts & his fears & his scepticisms, trying to kind of pull down her faith. It's an old jealousy that dates way way way back from even before they got married, when we had to let him go because he didn't want to sit in my classes. He didn't want to sit with all these little kids & have to study the Bible & all that sort of thing & he was jealous over it. He was jealous of Deb's love for me & her loyalty!

       134. AT TSC HE EVEN TRIED TO PERSUADE HER TO LEAVE THE FAMILY & GO WITH HIM BACK TO MIAMI on an invitation from his mother to come & live in her home & go back to college & all this stuff, the old 10:36er sweet talk! Well, she held firm & didn't. Of course, all the time I knew this in my heart because you can't deceive the Holy Spirit, I knew Jeth hadn't changed any, I knew he still felt about me the way he always had, very sceptical & doubtful: "Well, Dad's only a man."

       135. BUT NEVERTHELESS I HOLD DEB RESPONSIBLE BECAUSE SHE SHOULD HAVE COME & SAID SOMETHING EVEN THEN! I didn't have the tangible proof & flat-out statements to face Jeth with, all I had was a feeling in the Spirit. But what are you going to do about that? You can't always throw that in a guy's face, you can't prove it. I could have said, "Jeth, I know you don't love me & you doubt me & you're sceptical & you have your doubts & fears about this whole thing"--& he could have denied it up & down & excused himself!

       136. I NEEDED AT THAT TIME THE PROOF OF HIS DISLOYALTY because I could have faced him with it then, & we might have gotten the problem cured then if she'd come out & been honest with me, instead of having to fight on with it for year after year!--If she'd come out & been honest with me. But it wasn't until we got to London that she finally broke with Jeth & came out in a blistering attack on him & told all those tales & all the truth & the whole story from start to finish of how Jeth had fought her coming & joining the Revolution, how Jeth had fought her tooth & toenail the whole time!

       137. I ONLY HIRED HIM MORE OR LESS TO BE BUSINESS MANAGER, BECAUSE I KNEW HE DIDN'T LIKE ME & HAD NO FAITH IN ME! But I thought, "At least Deb wants to come along, maybe I'll just give him a plain job." I said, "You just act like it's a job, Jeth, that's all. You don't have to believe in me or what we're doing or anything else, just handle the money & the finances & hold the bag!" Because I felt he was honest about that & good with money, he'd proven that by working for Fred for about five years. He knew about mail & all that sort of thing that we were doing.

       138. SO YOU MIGHT SAY I JUST HIRED HIM LIKE A HIRELING TO TAKE CARE OF IT, when I knew all the time he was probably working on Deb behind the scenes, because he was very very jealous of her loyalty to me. And we didn't really get Jeth's problem on the way to getting licked until Deb finally came out in the open & exposed him & told the truth, so I could really sit Jeth down in that living room in London & have it out with him! "Here's Deb, there it is, is it so or is it not?"--To where he finally really broke down & wept & was humbled & asked the Lord to forgive him, & we got things pretty well straightened out--& he's been better ever since!

       139. ALL THIS WAS LIES & DOUBTS & FEARS PUT INTO HIS MIND BY THE DEVIL! I said, "Now you know it's not true, Jeth! Look at the results, look at the souls saved, look at the kids helped, look at the way the prophecies have been fulfilled & we're spread around the World! You know those lies are not true now, Jeth, you ought to have a little faith!" Well, he began to see & confess that then. But you see, we might have made some progress on this case sooner if Deb hadn't protected him so, if she hadn't tried to cover up for him all the time.

       140. SO THESE HUSBANDS & WIVES COVERING FOR EACH OTHER IS A REAL PROBLEM! They don't want their husband to lose his job or they don't want the wife to be sent away as a problem, so they cover cover cover for them! And we've had this happen so many times! Haven't you had that happen with some of your folks, where the guy's got problems & he's honest with his wife & tells the whole tale, but she won't come out & tell it to you for fear it's going to get him in trouble? Or the guy knows the wife's problems & all about her, but he doesn't want to tell on her or rat on her because he thinks that's going to maybe get him in trouble or her in trouble! Right? It's really a problem!

       141. WHAT COULD BE CLEARER THAN THAT?--"TURNED ASIDE FROM RIGHT OR TRUTH, obstinate in the wrong, capricious & unreasonable in opposition, wrong-headed, wavering, against the evidence!" She refused to accept the evidence or the blame but instead blames others. Let me tell you, when I'm desperate for an answer & I get something that specific & direct from the Lord, I know that's the answer! She can deny it all she wants to, but that's what God said & that's what she is, & unless she confesses it & makes it right, she is not going to get the victory!--And neither can we get the victory as long as she is the traitor! (Dad then reads a note from Stephen reporting the events of the afternoon:)

       142. "WHEN I HELD THE BABY IT WAS ATTACKED & HAD ITS BREATH HELD FOR THREE TO FIVE MINUTES. I could tell that the baby was going to have an attack--his eyes would flit about & he would not look at you. Then his face would grimace & go into convulsions. I believe he actually sees the spirits bothering him. He's fine as long as you hold his gaze & his eyes are focused on you. It would take a real spiritual atmosphere of faith to help that baby make it, which I believe Eman has if he is free from other distractions & influences. It may be good to have him come & stay overnight here with Mom Eve & me for awhile, even with the baby for awhile if necessary, until the baby has gained enough strength & the situation has straightened out."

       143. I'LL TELL YOU THE TROUBLE WITH THAT--IN A CASE LIKE THAT, THE MOTHER WILL FREAK OUT, & if anything happened there & the mother's not there, you're really running a risk! (Continues Steve's note:) "This we're more than willing to do. What do you think & when shall we do this? I believe Eman has faith for the baby. As for Gen, I don't believe she is even aware of the seriousness of the entire thing."

       144. SHE CANNOT HELP BUT BE AWARE OF IT! She's deliberately trying to cover it, she's trying to ignore it, or she's just plain dumb & feebleminded or she doesn't really see the seriousness of it all! Maybe a separation would help her see it, I don't know. (Steve's note continued:) "I believe the crux of the matter is what you hit on at the end of the session yesterday, about sharing their lives & their wives as well. This I believe is a major factor & manifestation of their love. It may not be a total solution, but it would be a great help. We have a burden for helping Eman for awhile & he could come over here & do his work where the atmosphere is better & the view more inspiring." Well, this we've already decided. PTL!

       145. DID THE EYES SORT OF ROLL BACK?--THIS IS ONE OF THE TYPICAL SYMPTOMS OF EPILEPSY. Have you ever seen an epileptic have a fit? Epilepsy is definitely spiritual! Doctors have never been able to figure out what causes it & they try to say everything in the World, of course, because they don't believe in spirits. But if you know anything about epileptics, Brother, & the ones Jesus healed, they were evil spirits! The Bible makes it plain & simple. Well, that's a pretty serious thing for the Lord to say about that woman--I didn't realise being perverse was that bad! My idea of being perverse was being kind of contrary.

       146. WELL, LORD, YOU SAID IT & YOU GAVE IT, & NOW THAT'S THAT AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED! I believe it, & she is the one who really has the problem. You didn't say it was Eman, You could have given a Scripture that it was the husband or the father or a lot of other Scriptures instead of that one, but You gave that specific quote & that verse & that expression! The woman's son was even named Jonathan, which is about as specific, Lord, as You could get, & certainly out of the whole Bible it's an amazing verse to give us as a sign, specifying as clearly as could be just who the problem is & what her problem is!

       147. BLESS THE GIRLS & HELP THEM, LORD! We know they must be having some kind of problem or they'd be here by now. Precious Jesus, bless & help them, in Jesus' name! Deliver them, Lord! Rebuke the evil in that woman, Lord, in Jesus' name! The perverse & rebellious woman! We don't know what it is about her that is so perverse, Lord, & rebellious, but somehow or another she has gone against the Truth, rebelled against the Truth. What did the dictionary say that perverse meant again?--"Turned aside from right or the truth."

       148. SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE, LORD, SHE HAS TURNED ASIDE FROM RIGHT OR TRUTH! If this dream which Lydia had about her is true--& she's had a lot of true dreams, Lord--then the truth she's turned away from is our Truth, Thy Truth. She apparently does not have faith in us & does not believe in us.

       149. I NOTICED, BY THE WAY, IN HER TESTIMONY SHE MADE NO GREAT PRONOUNCEMENTS OF HAVING FAITH IN US OR OUR WORDS or anything like that. She said, "I have a great respect for Eman's love for you" & "you're a great lover with words," but never any confession of faith at all in the Words, evasive again. Lord forgive us for not heeding the checks of Thy Holy Spirit! I was checked about that girl from the beginning!

       150. I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING RIGHT NOW, THE DEVIL CAN PRAY IN THE NAME "FATHER GOD," IT IS IN THE NAME OF JESUS THAT THERE IS POWER! Because God has confined Himself to work through the power of the Name of Jesus Christ! The Jews & everybody call Him "Father God," but unless they use the Name of Jesus, God's just not going to do it, that's all, because He wants them to believe in His Son! Without faith in His Son, they don't know Him. I know a lot of people like that.

       151. THAT IS ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS YOU DO WITH CASES LIKE THAT, YOU MAKE THEM PRAY TO JESUS IN JESUS' NAME & ASK JESUS TO HELP & DELIVER THEM! That's the way we got the victory with that 17-year-old girl in Oakland who was having violent epileptic fits! Her grandmother was a spiritist who had intercourse with an evil spirit every night. Finally this one day the girl had 17 fits & she was getting down to skin & bones, weak, she could hardly eat or anything & was really in bad shape, had to have four men to hold her down this last day!

       152. HER MOTHER HAD HEARD FROM SOMEONE THAT THERE WAS A FAITH HEALER IN TOWN, & IN DESPERATION CALLED FOR US, SO WE WENT! In a way, the poor girl was almost like an innocent victim of the spirits in the house. Jesus, Lord Jesus! There's power in the Name of Jesus, Beloved, use it! So Mother asked the girl, "Honey, do you really want to be delivered?" "Oh yes yes, I do!"--And she led her to the Lord. She'd had some knowledge of the Lord, but Mother made sure she really accepted Jesus, was saved, born again!

       153. SO MOTHER SAID, "NOW, HONEY, YOU KNOW I LOVE JESUS & YOU KNOW HE LOVES YOU, DON'T YOU?" "Yes!" "Do you really believe He's come in?" "Yes!" "Now you wouldn't want anything that wasn't of Jesus, would you?" Then she made her pray & say it: "I love You Jesus, I don't want anything that's not of You, Jesus"--& just kept repeating this over & over & drilling it into her mind.

       154. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT THESE PRONOUNCEMENTS OF FAITH OUT LOUD IN WORDS & USING THE NAME OF JESUS, BELOVED! Don't hesitate to use the Name of Jesus & making the subject pray in the Name of Jesus & say the Name of Jesus & ask to be delivered in the Name of Jesus, again & again!--Not making them but asking them to pray in the Name of Jesus! "Jesus, I love You! Jesus, I believe in You! Jesus, I don't want anything that's not of You, Jesus! Jesus, please deliver me, Jesus, help me!" (See No.345, "The Name of Jesus!", about the same case!)

       155. USE JESUS ABOUT EVERY OTHER WORD! That's what I did with Leila, I just kept saying it over & over & over again until she memorised everything. She memorised every verse I gave her, I said them over so many times. It took me hours, but she was delivered, praise the Lord! The spirit that got in, apparently, was a spirit of fear, oppression, when she was under the influence of drugs. See, that's the danger of drugs, not so much the drugs themselves but getting into the spiritual.

       156. SO DID YOU EVER DO ANYTHING AT ALL LIKE THAT WITH GEN? SHE DIDN'T PRAY IN THE NAME OF JESUS? (Faith: She said, "I asked Jesus into my heart.") Well, apparently it wasn't said with much conviction or you'd remember it. She must not have made a very good impression with her confession of faith or it would have made a better impression on you than that, right? She didn't make it very clear, that's obvious.

       157. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, GOD HAS SPOKEN & THAT'S IT!--WHETHER SHE LIKES IT OR NOT OR IS WILLING TO CONFESS IT OR NOT! Her only hope is to confess it! She has turned aside from the right way & the Truth. Somehow, somewhere, some way, she's rejected the Truth. She has some reservations or doubts about some of the Letters or doesn't believe it all, or some scepticism about me or something.

       158. (CORNY: SHE DOES NOT USE THE NAME OF JESUS WHEN SHE PRAYS.) These people who pray "Father God, Father God," that's awful distant! (Faith: That's the way she's prayed ever since I've known her, I always thought it was the weirdest thing, "Lord Father God!") Well, why didn't you ever say anything? I'm always leery of people who don't pray in the Name of Jesus!

       159. WELL, THAT'S THAT! WHAT NEED WE MORE THAN THIS? LET'S QUIT WASTING WORDS! The Lord rebuked me the other night when we were discussing & discussing about something & all kinds of ideas & theories--& boom!--The Holy Spirit got a little fed-up with all this talk & then again gave just a key phrase that answered the whole thing! And I looked up the Scripture & there was the whole works right there, the whole answer. We talk too much! Amen, Lord, thank You for this answer!

       160. THIS IS KIND OF LIKE A LESSON & AN EXPERIMENT OR AN EXPERIENCE IN HOW TO DEAL WITH THESE CASES. We've gotten the whole history of everything & we've talked over everything & we know what the symptoms are & what's going on & all this, & we've come to several conclusions. We knew it was the Devil's work, we knew the Enemy was working through somebody, we have found out who it was & is, & the only thing we didn't know was what was wrong with them, why was he using that person, how come he could get in & use that person, & then the Lord gave us the answer to that. So now what is the next step? It just dawned on me what this is going to be a test of!--This is going to be a direct challenge to her & a test of her faith in the Word of God! What is the next step when God has given the clear-cut answer of what the problem is?

       161. SEE, NOW GOD'S GETTING TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM, where the fault is, where the sin is, what sin it is & who has got it. When a doctor finds out what the trouble is, where the fault is, what the problem is, then what does he do? The doctor has spoken & given his diagnosis, so now the patient has to be confronted with that diagnosis, & the patient has to either believe that the doctor is right & is speaking the truth & rightly diagnosing, or the patient is going to say, "No, I don't believe it, I'll go to another doctor! I'm not going to have my guts cut out, I think you're wrong! I don't believe in this doctor & I'm not sure he's telling the truth, that's not what's wrong with me, it's something else!"

       162. SHE IS GOING TO BE NOW TESTED WITH HER FAITH IN GOD! Would you say she's self-defensive? Do you realise what that means? God has now given me this revelation of who is wrong & what is wrong with her, so the next step is what? God is the Judge, He's the Diagnostician, the Doctor! I'm nothing but an orderly who passes on the Word of the Doctor.

       163. THE NEXT STEP IS SHE HAS TO BE CONFRONTED WITH GOD'S ANSWER & SHE IS EITHER GOING TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT--& that is a pretty serious charge God has charged her with! She is either going to break down, humble herself, cry out to God, confess the whole works & ask for mercy, or she's going to again be evasive, defensive & not really confess. She can't just say, "Well, I guess if he said so, it is so" & that kind of stuff. It's gotta be an all-out confession, absolutely all-out!

       164. SHE IS THE ONE & THAT IS HER PROBLEM & YOU HAVE TO FACE HER WITH IT & COMMAND HER OR THAT SPIRIT TO ANSWER! That's going to be the deciding thing, whether she accepts that or not. Judging by her past performance, it will be a miracle of God if she does! I mean, that's a pretty strong way for God to put it! If the Lord had put it in a little milder way, she might have gotten by somehow, but for God to say that about her & for her to be confronted, that she is a perverse rebellious woman & therefore the Enemy is trying to [EDITED: "hurt"] her son Jonathan because he wants to hurt me, striking at Jonathan in order to try to strike at me, that's pretty strong!

       165. IF SHE REJECTS IT, THEN SHE IS ALSO REALLY REJECTING THE CHANNEL! She's saying it wasn't the Word of God, he didn't get it from God, that's just MO. If she gives that kind of an answer, then she's not accepting it. The Lord made it sound bad enough, that she has either got to break down & confess it or she is really in bad shape! She's going to have to be impressed with how bad that sounds & how bad she is. She can't beat around the bush anymore saying, "If he says so, I guess it's so."

       166. IT'S SO WONDERFUL THE WAY THE LORD GIVES SUCH A LITTLE KEY TO UNLOCK A BIG DOOR! I was standing in the bathroom going to the toilet, or I was just standing up flushing the toilet. I remember my position in there, I was standing beside the toilet, I think I was stooping over to flush the toilet, & I just got desperate & said, "Lord, what is wrong with that woman?"--He said: "The rebellious woman!" And right away it came to me, that's a Scripture somewhere! The Lord knows I didn't know where that was or what it was about or anything, it just sounded vaguely familiar.

       167. I GUESS THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS TELLING ME IT WAS A SCRIPTURE, BECAUSE REALLY I DIDN'T KNOW! But that was it! She's a perverse rebellious woman! Faith opened the Bible & she said, "Look here, do you know what it says?--The son, Jonathan, of the perverse rebellious woman!" I mean, that just clinches it! How much more definite an answer can you have from God than that? She's saying that, "No, no, she's not been a witch & has nothing to do with witchcraft" & so on, yet there it is in God's Own Words, God's Word says that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft!

       168. SO NOW SHE'S GOT TO BE FACED WITH THAT--WHO'S GOING TO HAVE THE GUTS? Maybe you'd better go down there & face her with it tonight. I don't like these confrontations, I will confess, because they go one way or the other. When you precipitate a crisis it goes one way or the other, all the way for God or all out for the Devil!

       169. I SAID TO MARIA, I WANT YOU TO TELL LYDIA TO FACE JUSTUS DOWN! He is the Shepherd of that Colony & I am going to hold him responsible for anything that happens there, & it's been due to his neglect & failure to know what was going on & to find it out & to report it & to do something about it! The Scripture says if you can't rule your own house, you've got no business trying to rule the church! (1Tim.3:5) In other words, he's got no business being in any position of authority at all if he cannot handle it & cannot take care of his sheep! It's been his neglect!

       170. SO THIS IS THE PROBLEM, THIS IS WHAT YOU'VE GOT, & SOMEBODY'S GOING TO HAVE TO PRESENT IT TO HER! (To Faith:) Honey, you're so tired, I don't see how you can go down there. Besides it's so late, you'd be far better tomorrow in the daylight. I don't like to deal with the Devil in the dark, he loves darkness!

       171. IF SHE GIVES THE SAME KIND OF RUNAROUND SHE'S BEEN GIVING ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE, THAT'S OBVIOUS EVIDENCE THAT SHE DOESN'T ACCEPT THE EVIDENCE! What did the dictionary say? "Refuses the evidence." If she really believes it & accepts it & really comes out in an all-out confession & a real breaking & a real genuine repentance--which is the evidence, "brings forth the fruits meet for repentance"--she's going to show evidence of real genuine repentance. And if she does that genuinely, God is going to answer prayer & deliver her. I believe that much, if she really is sincere & really does it. But you're going to see how sincere she is when she's confronted with that horrible Scripture!

       172. THIS IS AN AWFUL CONDEMNATION! The first thing I thought of, I thought that it was a Scripture about Abraham's Sarah, I didn't even know where it came from. I said, "Well, you look this one up while I keep on looking & see if there's another one that says rebellious woman"--but that was the only one in the Bible! Then she said, "Look here, it says Jonathan was the son of the rebellious woman!" (1Sam.20:30)

       173. WELL, IT'S A RELIEF TO GET AN ANSWER FROM THE LORD, TO KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS, THANK GOD! You don't know what a relief it is to me! When it's just your word against her word, you can keep going 'round & 'round & 'round, but when God has spoken, then she's either got to accept it or not, that's it! Praise God! Thank You, Lord, for the answer, even though it's going to be a tough job! We'll have to pray for the one that delivers it. Facing the Devil down is not all that hard to do, because you have the power of the Lord, but some of the reactions are sometimes not very pleasant!

       174. IT'S LIKE THE OLD STORY ABOUT "IF YOU CAN'T BE A FAMOUS MAN, ASSASSINATE ONE!" These people who don't want to be famous with us can only be famous by turning against us. And there are very charming witches, in fact, all the witches I ever met were very charming people!--Real charmers!--Ha! I'll tell you right now the Devil doesn't always try to scare you to death, he quite often tries to charm you to death! Well, praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus for the answers! "I may not know all the answers, but I know the Answer Man!" PTL! God's got all the answers! TYJ! TTL! HAL! PTL! He knows it all!--Gotta problem? Try Jesus! He is the Answer! PG! TYJ!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family