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MILLENNIAL HOSPITALITY!        DFO 1440        28/10/82

       1. THE LORD GIVES ME THESE SHORT DREAMS THAT SEEM SO INSIGNIFICANT, but if I tell them, poof!--Like that!--The Lord gives me more! He just pulls the trigger & He lights the fuse! This one was so simple you'll be disappointed! Lord, You sure are tricky! All You have to do is give a little bitty dream & I'll fire away! HAL!

       2. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE DREAM COULD POSSIBLY MEAN! There was hardly anything to it, it was kind of like that "What Have You Done with Your Life" dream, just one big scene, & boom!--Sort of like an explosion! Just one big dramatic scene & it's a bomb!--At least that one was!

       3. WELL, YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO THINK, "MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING!" WHEN YOU HEAR THIS LITTLE BITTY DREAM! There wasn't hardly anything to it, but it was such a nice dream!--And it woke me up immediately just like those special dreams do, & I had such a good feeling!

       4. WELL, I COULDN'T SWEAR THAT IT WAS CARMEL, but it was a place just like Carmel, a beautiful little artists' colony village by the sea on Carmel Bay just South of Monterey, in Central California. You don't call it Northern California until you get past Monterey.

       5. THAT'S WHERE I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL, CLASS OF '38, WHEN I WAS 19 AT MONTEREY UNION HIGH SCHOOL! I think we had 3,000 students from all over! They came from 60 miles away on buses, all the way from Big Sur & from all over the place! It's a beautiful place, just absolutely beautiful!--If you've ever been there to the Monterey Peninsula & seen the Monterey Cypresses, Monterey seals, eaten abalone on the pier & passed by those stinkin' fish canneries, Cannery Row! John Steinbeck wrote several novels about Monterey: "Tortilla Flat" & "Cannery Row".

       6. AND OF COURSE, THE LITTLE RICH ARTISTS' COLONY OF CARMEL, three miles South of Monterey on the other side of the Peninsula, is just the antithesis of Monterey itself! Monterey was a dirty old stinkin' fisherman's village & Cannery Row with a typical fisherman's wharf & marina. They used to have hundreds of fishin' boats moored there & I always thought it was a fascinating place!

       7. THE MONTEREY PENINSULA ITSELF IS GORGEOUS, with Cypress Park & all those seal rocks & woods, they're just absolutely beautiful! I used to love to hike all around Cypress Point & wander around through the woods & along the seacoast & the rocks, it was beautiful!--The seals lying out there sunning their nice expensive sealskin coats!

       8. I'M ALWAYS RAVING ABOUT MONTEREY PENINSULA & I put a long spiel about Monterey & abalone in one of my Letters. I gave the whole history about high school & Mrs. Hoag, how I went out on a lonely biological field trip with her!--All by myself with my biology teacher! If I'd only known then what I know about women now, we would have really had a good time! I wondered how come she took such an interest in me! She just looked at me adoringly! I think she was really in love with my brother.--All very biological!

       9. SHE WAS WHAT SOME PEOPLE WOULD CALL AN OLD MAID SCHOOLTEACHER, but she was blonde & beautiful & young, only about 25, with long golden hair!--One of the early hippies! She used to wear it in a long blonde braid hanging clear down to her waist in the back, or sometimes she'd coil it up on top of her head. She was beautiful! I think Hoag is a Dutch name, but it could be German or Jewish.

       10. ANYHOW, I HAD A GREAT TIME THERE EARNING MY LAST YEAR-&-A-HALF OF HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS IN SEVEN MONTHS, & I graduated with the highest grades in the history of the school!--IQ of 178! I've gotta go over that so you guys will remember it!--Ha! Well, I mean, after all, about all I had was brains--& the Lord! I only weighed 128 pounds! Dear Fred used to say I wouldn't even weigh 80 pounds soakin' wet! He'd say, "Look at this skinny guy!" He'd get me right on television, wrap his grizzly-bear arm around me & nearly crush me, bless his heart! He'd get excited while he was talkin' & be squeezin' me till I thought my ribs were going to crack!

       11. BUT ANYWAY, WHY ANY GIRL WOULD TAKE A SECOND LOOK AT ME, I DON'T KNOW--& THEY DIDN'T EITHER! Well, one or two that appreciated brains were the only ones. There was one very rich little girl that appreciated a gentleman, I could have had her. She had a fortune & owned a lot of property, related to the Doles of Dole Pineapple--& there was a hole in her too! But although my brother tried his best to make that match, he couldn't quite persuade me, because she didn't even know the Lord. I was always testifying or at least witnessing about the Lord, but she wasn't spiritual.

       12. IT'S FUNNY, I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I EVER EVER LIVED & EVER SAW IN THE WORLD!--Monterey Peninsula, Pebble Beach, 17-Mile Drive! Oh, I mean, it was one of the most exclusive resorts too! You couldn't even get into the 17-Mile Drive to go to Pebble Beach without paying admission!--That was strictly a richman's town!

       13. THE ONLY THING MORE EXCLUSIVE THAN CARMEL WAS PEBBLE BEACH, where all the rich lived, & you had to have a special permit to live there & pay admission to even drive through!--A dollar-&-a-half then! That's like $15 today! Think of that!--Which is why I only took the trip about twice, once on my brother & once on my Mother!--Ha! I never would have shelled out that much money myself!

       14. MY DEAR BROTHER, HE WAS PRONE TO WANT TO SHOW THINGS OFF & be a spendthrift & extravagant, so he of course wanted to show his kid brother this gorgeous place where he lived--where he didn't live, really, he lived just outside in Carmel.

       15. BUT CARMEL WAS A NICE EXCLUSIVE RITZY LITTLE ARTY ARTISTS' COLONY. None of the houses had numbers, the streets & the houses just had names, & as a result there was no mail delivery! Everybody had to go to the post office to get their mail. That's why I said in one of those notices, that if you live in a town where everybody goes to the post office, well, OK. Otherwise give us an address or a box number. Well, they did have boxes at the post office, but a lot of people didn't bother to pay for a box, they just got it General Delivery, because that's the only way they could get it!--So let the Post Office pay!

       16. SO IT'S A BEAUTIFUL PLACE, JUST BEAUTIFUL! There's a really gorgeous little bay there, Carmel Bay, with a beautiful beach where the guys used to surf & where that poor Jewish boy that was in my class broke his back. Surfing is dangerous business! A wave hit him in the back with such force it broke his back! I went to see him some years later when we went back through there. My brother took me to see him because he thought I could cheer him up.

       17. ACTUALLY, MY BROTHER USED TO TAKE ME AROUND TO WITNESS TO PEOPLE THAT HE WAS TOO CHICKEN TO WITNESS TO HIMSELF!--Like we used to take my Mother around to talk to people we wanted her to talk to!--And like they take the preacher around to talk to the neighbours or somebody they're afraid to talk to. What was his name?--Levinson, Jake Levinson or something like that.

       18. I TALKED TO HIM ABOUT THE LORD & GAVE HIM MY MOTHER'S BOOK. This was 2 or 3 years after I graduated. My brother was quite interested in him because he was a brilliant student, one of the tops in the class, but completely bedridden, paralysed from the waist down like my Mother was.

       19. TWENTY MILES TO THE EAST IS SALINAS, "THE SALADBOWL OF AMERICA" THEY USED TO CALL IT! They grow more lettuce in Salinas Valley than anyplace else in the World! And just South of there are hundreds of miles of vineyards, probably the greatest vineyards in the World!--Just miles & miles & miles of vineyards where they make the Gallo Wine & Red Mountain Dew & all the rest of that joy juice!

       20. IT'S REALLY A COUNTRY OF CONTRASTS AROUND SALINAS. It used to be all owned by Japs before WW II, all those big lettuce farms & vegetable plantations. Then along the coast, all those farms right on the cliffs used to be all Japanese-owned & operated. This is one reason they cleared them all out & put them in concentration camps right after Pearl Harbor, because they thought they were going to invite the Japanese right onto their farms since they were right along the coast!

       21. THOSE POOR JAPANESE, THEY DIDN'T LIKE THE JAPANESE HIERARCHY ANY BETTER THAN WE DID! Most of them were born right there, kids I went to high school with!--Wonderful kids, smartest kids in school! Hardest working, best athletes, prettiest girls, best of everything! I would honestly say that about the Japanese!

       22. AND OVER IN SALINAS VALLEY, OF COURSE, THEY HAD ALL KINDS OF COTTON-PICKERS & RIFF-RAFF, ALL THAT MIGRANT LABOUR THAT WORKED THERE. Then there were the fishermen in Monterey & the kind of riff-raff that worked the canneries, sad to say. Excuse the word "riff-raff", I know my little hippie doesn't like discrimination! But they were really quite a bunch of bums & odds & ends of characters & drifters & migrants--like us! Ha!

       23. IF YOU'VE READ STEINBECK'S "CANNERY ROW" OR "TORTILLA FLAT" YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! Tortilla Flat was South of there yet, where all the Mexicans lived. Cannery Row was where all the poor worked, & Steinbeck writes about life in the canneries & on Tortilla Flat, all very sexy! That's how his novels got popular, of course, they had a lot of sex in'm! I get him mixed up with Caldwell, the guy who wrote "Tobacco Road" in the same style--raw!

       24. BUT I ALWAYS THOUGHT OF THAT MONTEREY AREA AS JUST ABOUT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE THE LORD EVER MADE: PEBBLE BEACH, 17-MILE DRIVE & THE PENINSULA SOUTH OF MONTEREY. Monterey was pretty too, there were a lot of nice places there. I thought the marina was pretty & was picturesque, but it was stinky! And the Cannery Row was horrible! If the wind blew towards our high school it almost drove us out of school! It was awful!

       25. BUT CARMEL, WHERE MY BROTHER LIVED & WE LIVED, WAS VERY ARTISTIC, ARTY & BEAUTIFUL, RIGHT THERE ON THE COAST! It was just covered with trees, hardly a place you could see the sun! And all those lovely artistic old houses, nice little arty village, everything named, no numbers.

       26. AND HOW I GOT THERE IN THIS DREAM, I DON'T KNOW, BUT IT WAS NOT WHEN I WAS YOUNG. It wasn't when I was a high school student, it was something more recent. And of course I don't know if it means it will ever be literal or would ever happen again, unless it's in the Millennium!

       27. I THINK I'D LIKE TO VISIT THERE! I'D LIKE TO GO BACK TO A LOT OF THESE PLACES IN THE MILLENNIUM AFTER I LEARN HOW TO FLY, & SEE HOW THEY BE! I really would! But maybe it didn't happen in the Millennium either, because of what happened. I don't think I would have been thankin'm for their hospitality if I had been runnin' the place, if you know what I mean!--Or would I?

       28. THEY HAD THE CUTEST LITTLE TOWN HALL THERE! It was real old-fashioned the way they ran things, town hall meetings & that sort of thing, everything on a real homey arty small town scale, but very exclusive. They were really kind of a tight little bunch, & almost impossible to crack into the society circle, their artsy clique!

       29. BUT BECAUSE MY BROTHER & HIS WIFE WERE TEACHERS AT THIS SCHOOL, THEY ALWAYS HOBNOBBED WITH THE SMART SET & THE RICH. The three main bankers there lived one block down the road, big mansions, & they were always visiting back & forth--I think mostly because they liked his wife!--For which I don't blame them, she was gorgeous, a real queen!--My sister-in-law, Elinor.

       30. NOW YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN BY THESE DREAMS! The Lord just has one little scene, but in order to work up to that I've got to go on & on & give you the background! That's sort of the way I told you they should write Prayer Letters. It gives you something exciting to look forward to!--Then you go all the way around Robinhood's Barn & up sidepaths picking daisies & giving the background etc. until you get to the climax! But I'm building you up for an awful let-down, because you're going to think it's an anti-climax by the time I get to the dream! You may say, "What was all that about? It wasn't worth all that much trouble, a waste of tape & time!"--And paper?--Well, we'll see!

       31. YOU'LL BE PLEASED TO KNOW, HONEY, IT WAS YOU & ME! You & I were strolling hand-in-hand, as we do, down a beautiful white sand beach along the cliffs. California's got so many cliffs & all those caves back in the cliffs where we used to make love & all. If I only knew about women what I know now, I'd have realised what they were taking their clothes off for!

       32. I WENT IN THERE WITH COREEN ONE TIME! SHE SAID, "LET'S GO BACK HERE OUT OF THE HOT SUN, I'M SO HOT!" So I said, "Okay!" It was Sunday afternoon & we were all dressed up for church, only an hour till church time. We'd just taken a walk & she was real sweet on me. Her mother was a millionairess who owned several hotels etc., & Coreen was our musician.

       33. MY MOTHER & HER MOTHER WERE TRYING TO MAKE THIS MATCH OF US! She was a wonderful girl, sweet as could be, but almost as ugly as a mud fence! Looks aren't everything, but I don't know, she was just too sweet, if you know what I mean, one of those gushers! She just oozed goo & it was so sticky it just almost made me sick!--And she was always oozing her goo all over me!

       34. WE EVEN HAD TO SLEEP IN THE SAME BED TOGETHER ONCE! Well, it was a double-decker, I was in the top bunk, she was in the bottom bunk!--Not that I didn't think about being in the bottom bunk! And from what happened afterwards, I know she was thinking the same thing! I think my Mother thought maybe we would make it, my little rascally Mother!--And we just about did a few times, everywhere from Pebble Beach to Niagara Falls, of all things! She worked with us a couple of years in Evangelistic work & we travelled all over the country with her.

       35. SO SHE SAID, "LET'S GET BACK IN THE CAVE HERE WHERE IT'S COOL, IT'S SO HOT OUT HERE IN THE SUN!" Here we were in our good clothes! And we got back in there & she said, "Oh, I'm so hot I gotta take this dress off! Besides, I don't want to get it all messed up for church. Why don't you take your pants off? They're going to be all messed up for church!" I said, "I don't want to take my pants off, somebody might come in here! You've got your slip on & that's different!" I was really shy! You'd never think it now, would you, kid?--Ha! We never made it till we got to Niagara Falls, & that was nearly a year later.

       36. BUT ANYWAY, THAT'S A BEAUTIFUL COASTLINE! I used to love to walk those beaches & explore some of those caves. But I never cared much about swimming there, for a Florida boy it was just too cold! That water was a constant 58 degrees F. (13 C.!), Summer, Winter, all the time!

       37. AND JUST AS REGULARLY AS CLOCKWORK AT 4 O'CLOCK IN THE AFTERNOON, IN ROLLED THE FOG that just enveloped everything, just like San Francisco! You could almost tell the time of day by the fog! Beautiful bright sunny day, everything fine, but you could see this big wall of grey fog approaching the coast like a cloud on the ground! Pretty soon the beaches & the cliffs began to disappear, & the houses & the trees & the coastline & the boats & the bay & the ocean & everything was all gone, swallowed up in the fog--including you!

       38. AND IF YOU HADN'T GOTTEN HOME BY THAT TIME, YOU HAD TO DRIVE HOME THROUGH THE HORRIBLE FOG! You could hardly see 6 feet in front of your car. Every day, every day! All Summer especially, because there's more fog in the Summer when the air was warm & it held more moisture. I don't know why, but it was just that way!

       39. BUT IN MY DREAM WE WERE WALKING ALONG THE BEACH HAND-IN-HAND. You were on my left side toward the water, the cliffs were to the right, the beach was here, the water was to the left & we were walking along the beach really enjoying the place. And then we walked back to town where there were all these little arty shops, everything real quaint & artistic & rustic! They just really tried to keep it that way, & they did too.

       40. I WENT BACK THERE ALMOST TEN YEARS LATER WHEN I HAD MY LITTLE KIDS & WE WERE IN THE ARK, & that was just about the only town in 20 years of living in trailers & ten years in the Ark that they ever chased us out of at night! We parked in different places all over town during the day: When the kids went to the beach, we parked down by the beach, & when we went in town to shop, we parked there.

       41. THEN WE FOUND THIS NICE SECLUDED SHADY STREET in the dark away from any street lights & we thought we had found the spot we were going to spend the night! Pretty soon about 9 o'clock at night: "Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock!" Big heavy knock! "Police!" I thought, "Oh no, what have I done now!" I went to the door & he said, "Plan on staying here very long, buddy?" I said, "Well, that depends, why not?"

       42. HE SAID, "WELL, YOU'VE BEEN HERE LONG ENOUGH! YOU'VE BEEN HERE ALL DAY IN THIS TOWN, WE'VE HAD OUR EYE ON YA!" Campers were not quite so common in those days, they didn't have all those little pick-up campers & everything. He said, "We think you've been here long enough now! We don't allow camping here overnight, you've got to move along now. If you want to camp overnight you can go up to so-&-so park or someplace like Monterey where they don't care, but we don't allow any camping overnight here in Carmel!" So they chased us out!

       43. WHAT A DIFFERENT ATTITUDE FROM WHAT HAPPENED IN THE DREAM! We came back from the beach & wandered around through town, looking at the shops & all, until we came to the town hall where there was a meeting going on. So we walked into the meeting & quite a few heads turned & looked at us surprised, & some guy was talking & sort of paused. Everything was real informal there. Everybody sort of turned & looked at us & I felt a little bit embarrassed & sort of on the spot, & yet their whole attitude was changed from the snobby way it used to be!

       44. MAYBE IT WAS THE MILLENNIUM! It would almost take the Millennium to change their attitude! They were so exclusive & so hoity-toity, real snooty people! If I hadn't been my brother's brother I could never have gotten to first base there! But he was always hobnobbin' with'm & inviting me along & getting me dated-up to some gal or something. And I was so shy, it always embarrassed me! I really was afraid of girls, believe it or not! Can you imagine me being afraid of girls? That's 'cause I didn't know'm as well as I do now. Now I know you like it & I know what you like!

       45. SO I SORT OF APOLOGISED: "EXCUSE ME FOR INTERRUPTING THE MEETING!"--But they all looked & smiled & acted sort of friendly, nodded their heads--& here's your punchline, with this the dream ends! I mean, this is all, & it woke me up like they always do!

       46. I SAID: "I JUST WANT TO THANK ALL YOU FOLKS FOR BEING SO NICE TO US & LETTIN' US LIVE HERE!" And they smiled & nodded & boom!--I woke up! That was it! I think it took me so much courage to blurt that out that I almost might have tried to say it out loud in my sleep, & maybe that's what woke me up!--Because I was always so shy in front of people, especially a crowd.

       47. I SAID, "I JUST WANT TO THANK ALL YOU FOLKS FOR BEING SO NICE TO US & LETTIN' US LIVE HERE!" Apparently we were living there, & my distinct impression was that we were now Family, definitely--we have been ever since Maria came along--& that they knew who we were! And that we were not the only ones, not just you & I, but our Family apparently were living there, I don't know how many more. And they knew it! And I said, "I just want to thank you for your hospitality in letting us live here!"

       48. NOW THAT MAY NOT SEEM LIKE MUCH TO YOU, BUT IT WAS REALLY IMPORTANT TO ME IN THIS DREAM! And it was such a change from the way I remember the Carmelites! I mean, they had one of the richest convents in the World right there on the hillside, the Carmelite Mission! In fact, I think it was the first Carmelite Convent in the World, organised specifically for rich women, all rich women.

       49. I CAN REMEMBER LOOKING AT IT FROM THE HIGHWAY ON THE SIDE OF THE HILL. It looked like a huge old Spanish mission, but it was as big as a hotel, a great big thing! My brother used to rave about it & say: "That's where all the rich women go who want to retire to the Convent!--Strictly rich women! Only if you've got a fortune willed to the church can you retire there! It's like living in a swank hotel!"

       50. SO CARMEL WAS REALLY AN EXCLUSIVE PLACE! I would hardly even call it a resort, although they did have some tourists & they rented some cottages. My brother rented his house there, a big old three-story mansion, beautiful thing, grey slate in the trees. I've forgotten what kind of trees those were. The Monterey cypresses were kind of small & runty, it was just their strange shapes that were interesting, the way the wind blew them. They were all leaning the same direction & looked like they were leaning with their arms out away from the wind.

       51. WHAT WERE THOSE GREAT GREAT BIG TREES? They were taller than that three-story house! They could have been redwoods, although you don't find too many redwoods that far South, usually they're in colder weather. But Monterey was pretty cold. If you see the temperature in the paper, every night San Francisco is 15 or 16 degrees Centigrade in the hottest months of the Summer!--The coldest place of all the capitals in the World in Summertime! London & San Francisco are about the same all the time. In fact, London & Paris were warmer during the Summer, whereas San Francisco was still a steady 14 to 16 degrees Centigrade! (60 F.)

       52. I CAN NEVER REMEMBER BEING IN SAN FRANCISCO OR OAKLAND OR ANYWHERE AROUND THE BAY AREA THAT IT WASN'T COLD, especially after 4 o'clock when the fog rolled in!--No more sunshine, & cold & clammy! The only thing I liked about it was the foghorns! When the fog rolled in you'd begin to hear the foghorns go: "WHOOOOOOOO-OO! WHOOOOOOOO-OO! WHOOOOOOOO-OO!" It gave a little extra umph on the end! I loved that when I was a kid!

       53. THERE WAS SOMETHING ABOUT THOSE BOATS IN THE HARBOUR THAT WAS SO ROMANTIC! I loved to ride the ferry! You had to ride the ferry from Oakland over to San Francisco because they didn't have the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge, either one! It was years later after I was married before they had those bridges.

       54. BUT WE USED TO TAKE THAT NICE LITTLE HALF-HOUR FERRY RIDE FROM OAKLAND OVER TO THE FERRY BUILDING on the San Francisco Bay front & it was so beautiful! The Ferry Building is a big beautiful thing, really a work of art, old ancient 1900 art. It looked like a big train station, & I loved that as a little boy! I can remember my Mother taking me in her arms on that ferry over to Golden Gate Park when I was about 2 or 3 years of age.

       55. I CAN REMEMBER RIDING THE KIDDY-CAR TRAIN WHEN I WAS JUST STARTING TO WALK, so I must have only been about 1-1/2 or 2. I can remember kind of staggering along & climbing onto the kiddy-cars in Golden Gate Park. You probably never heard of the kiddy-car train because they abandoned them long ago for something mechanical. You probably don't even know what a kiddy-car is!

       56. IT WAS A LITTLE WOODEN TRICYCLE, ONLY IT DIDN'T HAVE PEDALS, not even on the front wheels! That was before the days of walkers--in fact, I think that was kind of the first walker! It had two little wooden wheels on the back & one wooden wheel on the front & if you had one of your own, a little kid my age, 2 or 3, could get on & push himself all around! Only at Golden Gate Park they had about 20 of them all hooked together, & about 20 little toddlers like me would get on!

       57. AH, THAT WAS THE THRILL OF OUR LIFETIME TO GET ON THE KIDDY-CAR TRAIN! It went down a long concrete slope that was boxed in with curbs on both sides so you couldn't run off, & a lot of times the mothers would walk along beside'm holding them on. It didn't have any engine or anything, so the guy that ran it just went down to the first kiddy-car, grabbed ahold of the handlebars & pulled the thing along! But because it was so heavy with all these kids on it, they had it going down a slight incline. It went clear down this way, that way, & then it went around this U-turn, that was a real thrill! Then it went on down & sloped down that way. I think the whole thing was only about a block long--half-a-block each way--but boy, that was a thrill!

       58. THEN THERE WERE THE JAPANESE GARDENS WITH THAT STEEP BRIDGE where you had to practically climb the first part of the bridge like a ladder. And the Fleischacker Zoo, auditorium & museum & Golden Gate Park Lake with the swans & all that--a heavenly, beautiful place!

       59. AND THEN OVER TO THE CLIFFHOUSE TO WATCH THE MUSICAL MACHINES, THE WORLD'S FIRST RECORDED MUSIC! I can't even remember record players then at all! It wasn't until I was about 9 or 10 years of age & living in Miami, Florida, that we ever had a record player, called a Pathe, that played old 78's about a half-a-centimeter thick! You had to crank'm up & you set the needle on the record & the sound came out this big horn. But did you ever see those machines in the Cliffhouse there where you look out at Seal Rock, the rocks all covered with seals & the seagulls flying & always cold? I can remember it was always cold unless you got there about noon when the sun was shining.

       60. BUT TO ME, THAT WAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PART OF THE WORLD, & it was my baby World & I loved to ride that ferry over there to the Ferry Building! Then we took the trolleycar--didn't have to take a cablecar--but just a trolleycar from there up Market Street. As I recall, they had four trolleycar tracks wide up Market Street, a big main street that went kind of kiddy-corner across town.

       61. WE'D CATCH A CAR THAT WENT TO GOLDEN GATE PARK, & then I can remember Mother & some nurse with me, it must have been Adelle Grondorf or somebody with us. I can remember my Mother carrying me in her arms, toddling around the park & putting me on the kiddy-car. I can remember that just as plain as anything!

       62. I'LL NEVER FORGET WHEN WE WENT BACK A YEAR OR TWO LATER WHEN I WAS ABOUT 4 OR 5. We'd been to Oklahoma & Texas & back, & I wanted to go ride the kiddy-cars. I still wasn't too big to do that, 4 or 5, so we went there, but they'd closed the thing down! The kiddy-cars were all dilapidated & hadn't been used for a long time, & I was brokenhearted, I just boo-hooed!

       63. THE ONLY WAY MY MOM EVER SNAPPED ME OUT OF IT WAS SHE TOOK ME TO THE TOP OF THAT BIG SPIRAL SLIDE! Did you ever see one of those? They used to have them for fire escapes from schools, kind of a boxed-in slide with high metal sides & a kind of a rounded bottom, & it went down in a spiral. You'd go down from the 3rd or 4th floor of the school & you went real fast! I mean, it was a long slide & you came out fast at the bottom. Mother would take me up there & put me on, & the nurse would catch me down at the bottom! Oh, that was a thrill! That was the next best thing to sliding down the fireman's pole!

       64. WELL ANYHOW, THAT'S ALL THERE WAS TO IT! See how much the Lord can get out of me with one little dream? I woke up with such a good feeling! I thought, "Boy, they never were that nice to me when I was there!" I was a young teenage high school student & they were kind of snooty rich folks, you know, & I didn't think too much of them. They were kind of high society & I was very very religious at that time & extremely high-idealed & very narrow-minded & super idealistic.

       65. I THOUGHT MY BROTHER WAS HORRIBLE & WORLDLY BECAUSE HE SMOKED & PLAYED CARDS & WENT TO DANCES! All that was verboten (forbidden) in our church & considered extremely Worldly! I didn't like his friends & all those people coming to his house & sitting around smoking & playing cards. Then they'd push back the chairs & have a dance, & I thought that was the worst of all!--That was really evil, dancing like that! Ah, I just wished I could've! How I longed to hold a woman in my arms! But I knew since I wanted to do it so bad, like my Mother used to say, "It feels so good it must be a sin!" It looked so good I figured it must be a sin!--Ha! But I never cared too much for those high-society people & all that stuff.

       66. THAT'S WHERE AMY SEMPLE McPHERSON WENT TO SPEND HER VACATION WITH HER BOYFRIEND THAT TIME THAT CAUSED A BIG SCANDAL!--Or at least the Jews got out the story that she was up there in Carmel in a nice little cottage shackin' up with her songleader, when she claimed she was being kidnapped & taken down to Mexico! They claimed it was all a put-up story. Well, I really didn't care which way she did it! By the time I got old enough to hear about that & know about that & what happened, I thought, "Well, she had a right to, so what?" She'd already been married 2 or 3 times & she was about to marry him, but I think the scandal killed it or something.

       67. BUT ANYHOW, THAT WAS IT! I WAS JUST SO PLEASED! I THANKED THEM & SAID, "THANKS SO VERY MUCH, FOLKS, FOR LETTING US LIVE HERE!" Now that may not sound like much to you or impress you very much, but knowing Carmel as I do & did, it meant a lot to me! But they knew we were Family, so maybe I'm wrong. But about the only way I think that could ever possibly happen would be in the Millennium! And I think even if it was in the Millennium & they opened up to us & let us sort of come in & stay there, I would thank'm for being kind & hospitable to us.

       68. REMEMBER, IN THE MILLENNIUM WE'RE GOING TO BE DEALING WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST AS NORMAL AS WE ARE TODAY, ordinary people under more or less normal conditions. The only thing different is that you & I can walk around & look normal just like them--eat, drink, make love, whatever--but we're also very supernatural & abnormal! (Maria: Sort of like the television show!) Yes! Only we won't have a horrible appearance! That thing looks demonic! I'd like to say we'll be more like one of those movies where the guy's an angel!

       69. THERE'S NOT GOING TO BE MUCH DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE WAY THINGS ARE GOING TO BE RUN THEN & THE WAY THEY ARE NOW WITH THE ANGELS, WHO ARE IN OUR MIDST & dressed like us & walking around looking like normal human beings!--But who have supernatural powers, & can read your mind, communicate with you without saying a word & do supernatural miraculous miracles because of these powers! So for us in the Millennium it's going to be a lot like it is with the angels right now.

       70. SO WE CAN WALK AROUND HAND-IN-HAND UP THE BEACH & WALK INTO TOWN & COME INTO THEIR TOWN MEETING! They really looked at us like we were at least important enough to stop the town meeting! If we'd walk into one of their town meetings nowadays, they'd probably throw us out!--Especially if they knew who we were!--Maybe throw us into that little two-room jail they had there! About the only people they ever had in that thing were drunks, & they didn't have many of those because they didn't let the bums into Carmel!

       71. BUT I WAS SO IMPRESSED & SO PLEASED & I FELT SO GOOD! When I woke up from that dream I had a real good warm feeling like, "Oh that was wonderful! That's a beautiful place! I would enjoy living there & they sure were nice to us!" I had that feeling, you know? "Wow, imagine those people being so nice to us, knowing we're Family!"

       72. I THINK MAYBE IT MUST BE THE MILLENNIUM! That would be the only thing I could get out of it, because it couldn't have been literal now. I mean, I could have walked in that place & walked out & they'd never know who I was today! If they had, they'd've probably thrown me out, or thrown me in! But they stopped, kind of looked at us, & I apologised for interrupting the meeting. I said, "Thank you so much for letting us live here!"

       73. NOW EVEN IF I WERE AN ANGEL OR THE NEW SUPERIOR CLASS OF RULERS OF THE MILLENNIUM, I BELIEVE I WOULD ACT LIKE THAT, COURTEOUS & GRATEFUL! Because the normal unsaved people in the Millennium will still have their own will & they can still do good or evil just like they can now! The only difference is, we're going to be running the place! We're going to be the rulers, we're going to be the law, the court, the judges, the officers! We're going to be the ones that are in control & they have to obey us!

       74. AND YOU KNOW, EVEN IN THAT DAY THEY DON'T REALLY HAVE TO BE HOSPITABLE, THEY CAN REBEL, BUT THEY GET PUNISHED! There are going to be certain nations that are going to rebel, & it says the Lord will withhold the rain & withhold the harvest to punish them if they don't obey. (Zech.14:16-19) We'll rule with a rod of iron, in other words! (Re.2:27) That means by force, they've got to, or else! But apparently those people in my dream were being kind to us & hospitable & receiving us politely with courtesy.

       75. I WOULD SAY THAT'S MAYBE JUST THE OPPOSITE FROM WHEN THE RUSSIANS WALKED INTO AFGHANISTAN! THEY'RE NOT EXACTLY BEING WELL-RECEIVED! They're the rulers, but look what happens when they don't like'm & don't want'm! Or a lot of places that Hitler walked in: Some places received him, welcomed him & hailed him as a hero, but other places like Poland particularly--it's so Jewish & full of Jews, no wonder--just gave him nothing but trouble! So I can imagine it could be sort of like that during the Millennium.

       76. ISN'T THAT FUNNY? WE'VE BEEN TALKING SO MUCH ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM LATELY! That's the only way I think that dream could ever be fulfilled, because I had the distinct impression that they knew who we were & that there were more of us & we were living there in their midst.

       77. NOW WHERE ARE WE GOING TO LIVE IN THE MILLENNIUM? THAT'S A GOOD POINT TO THINK ABOUT! Surely we're not going to be traipsing back & forth to Space City all the time & having to always be taking space trips, even with the speed of thought! I'm sure that we probably will sometimes, & that we will be visiting our Heavenly Headquarters whenever necessary, but most of our work is going to be right here amongst the people!

       78. IN A SENSE, IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE A FULFILMENT WITH US OF HOW IT WILL BE WITH THE LORD DURING THE NEW WORLD! It says then God is going to live amongst man & He's going to make His habitation with us--not us with Him, but Him with us! (Rev.21:3) So during the Millennium, we're going to do something similar as His representatives, we're going to in a sense come down & live with them, the people of the World.

       79. WE'RE GOING TO GOVERN THEM, RULE OVER THEM, JUDGE THEM--organise them & teach them! He says we'll even judge angels (1Cor.6:3) I ran across some more good Scriptures on that, some of those Old Testament Scriptures. It talks about the Word of the Lord going forth from Jerusalem & they will learn the law of the Lord etc. (Isa.2:3; Mi.4:1,2)

       80. THE MILLENNIUM IS GOING TO BE A PERIOD OF LEARNING FOR THEM, again confirming what I said: What better could they learn than the Truth from God's Word, the Bible & the Letters? So I don't think our study courses are going to be in vain or our Komix wasted or even the Letters! I think they might even be interested in studying the history of the Family, going back through the old FNs! We'll have a new title for the FN Volumes: "Family News!--How We Got To Be Rulers of the World!" I mean, we're going to have to live with them!

       81. ANOTHER GOOD ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT IT WILL BE LIKE IS WHEN JESUS CAME BACK AFTER BEING RESURRECTED. He had gone to Space City to visit the Father, & came back again to Earth to visit His disciples. What did He do?--Did He go floating & flying around through the air all the time? Huh? Well, He did disappear & reappear a few times, which was necessary for quick transportation & to get safely where He was going & to avoid His enemies!--Even if He could have walked right through'm or annihilated them, whatever!

       82. HE UNOBTRUSIVELY CAME IN NORMAL HUMAN FORM, IN BODILY SHAPE, PHYSICALLY. He said, "Touch Me! Feel Me! A spirit hath not flesh & bones as you see Me have!" (Lk.24:39) He didn't say blood because "the life of the flesh is in the blood." (Lev.17:11) He was now supernatural. That's why God didn't allow them to drink blood & they must drain the blood out of a carcase to eat it, because that's the way it spoils quicker than anything, if you leave the blood in it. It immediately contaminates the whole carcase.

       83. SO JESUS DIDN'T HAVE BLOOD, HE SHED HIS BLOOD FOR US, PTL! But He had a body & it was physical enough to be able to see it, feel it, touch it! He could eat & I don't doubt make love! If He could eat & see & feel, He could certainly make love!--As I saw Him making love with Mary & Martha that time! Well actually, He was just lying there, they were making love to Him! I guess He figured if they needed it, OK! But I don't doubt He needed it too. He was in a physical body, why not?

       84. HE SUFFERED EVERYTHING THE SAME AS WE HAVE SUFFERED, although I wouldn't exactly call sex suffering! What nice suffering! As Shakespeare said: "Parting is such sweet sorrow!"--I'd say, "Sex is such sweet suffering!" You do feel so good that it hurts!--Especially if you go on too long!

       85. BUT IF HE COULD FEEL & HE HAD ALL HIS HUMAN SENSES, eating etc., He could enjoy any other fleshly pleasures too, & I believe He did. I know He did from what I saw! And from all the experiences I've had with spiritual beings since then, I know they can! I know from experience! All I can do is tell you. But lots of other people have had that experience too!--Sex with spirits!

       86. IN THE OLD DAYS WHEN WE HEARD ABOUT THAT SORT OF THING, WE USED TO BRAND IT AS ABSOLUTELY DEMONIC & DIABOLICAL, & some of it is, of course! I remember an old lady in Oakland that said she was having sex with the Devil or some spirit-being every night! My Mother said she was some kind of a witch! But it was her granddaughter that my Mother healed from having those epileptic fits, completely delivered!

       87. WELL, ANYHOW, DURING THE MILLENNIUM WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO LIVE WITH PEOPLE, AMONGST THEM, LIKE JESUS DID! He was from Outer Space, another World, He took on human form, He came down & dwelt among us, God in the hands of men in a sense, right? Only we won't be at their mercy then! I believe we're going to be very busy teaching them! They're going to be studying our lit! I really believe it!

       88. I BELIEVE THE MILLENNIUM IS GOING TO BE SO REALISTIC, PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE SURPRISED that they didn't suddenly just start floating around on clouds playing harps! We are going to dwell amongst them like God's going to dwell with us during the New World--the New Heaven & New Earth! We are going to give them a sample then, in the Millennium, & dwell amongst them, live with them.

       89. MAYBE WE WON'T NEED HOUSES, BUT JESUS CAME IN & ATE DINNER WITH THEM. Even though He walked right through the door when it was locked, He still abode with them, sat with them, let doubting Thomas feel His wounds & see His nail prints. That's pretty realistic, huh? And He walked down the road to Emmaus with a couple of disciples & argued Scripture with them. He was teaching them.--And broke bread with'm! (Lk.24:27, 39-44)

       90. IF THAT'S ANY EXAMPLE OR AN ILLUSTRATION--WHICH I THINK IT IS--OF WHAT IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE WHEN WE HAVE OUR RESURRECTION BODIES LIKE JESUS DID THEN, WE'LL BE ABLE TO SIT DOWN & EAT WITH THEM! He even cooked fish for'm! (Jn.21:9-12) He ate with them, He drank with them, He fellowshipped with them, He sat at the table with them, He broke bread with them, He in a sense lived with them. But He wasn't there all the time, He'd go & disappear & they didn't know where He went! So apparently we'll be able to transport ourselves back & forth!

       91. I THINK MAYBE THAT'S WHY THE LORD LETS THINGS LIKE "STAR TREK" BE PRODUCED, SO PEOPLE WILL GET THE POINT & GET USED TO THE IDEA! It's not going to be a complete total freak-out, something they never heard or saw before, they see it happen all the time in things like "Star Trek" & space movies! Those people disappear out of one place & suddenly appear someplace else! And I think that's what we're going to be able to do! Our enemies aren't going to be able to touch us if we don't want them to. Maybe even a look is going to stupefy'm or knock'm stone cold or paralyse'm!--Like in some of these sci-fi movies!

       92. THAT'S WHY I ENJOY SEEING SCI-FI, I REALLY THINK THAT A LOT OF THAT IS SIMILAR TO WHAT IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE WHEN WE BECOME LIKE THE ANGELS! God's Word says we are going to be like the angels of God! (Mt.22:30) We're going to be like the angels that are now amongst us! We're now normal human beings & they are here amongst us. I've met'm!--Scared me half to death when I realised what it was! And in neither case did I realise it was an angel until afterward, really! (See No.56:14-15.)

       93. BUT THE MOMENT I MET THAT BUM IN SAN FRANCISCO, I KNEW THAT WAS SOMETHING VERY SUPERNATURAL, because under that big sloppy-brimmed hat his eyes just lit up like a couple of light bulbs! You can imagine how I felt! They just burned like coals of fire & I could just hear inside me what he was saying! He said, "So what are you going to do now!" He knew what I was planning to do! I was going down to that bawdy house in Whoretown, San Francisco! I guess the Lord didn't want me to get involved at that early tender innocent pure age when I was so idealistic, & I knew I was doing something naughty then.

       94. LATER ON I REALLY NEEDED IT! I was alone on the road & needed women & they needed what I had to tell'm & the love I had. I really believe it! Some of them cried & begged me not to leave: "I'll go with you anywhere, do anything, please let me go with you!" Pitiful! But I had a wife & four kids at home, so I couldn't take'm, & the ones I tried to take home, Eve threw out! Maria is the only one she couldn't throw out! This one stuck, come Hell or high water! She was so stubborn, she refused to go!--And I wouldn't let her go!

       95. I THINK IN DREAMS LIKE THAT, THE LORD MUST BE TRYING TO SHOW ME HOW REALISTIC, HOW NORMAL, HOW PHYSICAL & HOW HUMAN OUR RELATIONSHIP IS GOING TO BE IN THOSE DAYS! We are going to dwell amongst them like the Lord did amongst us, & like the angels do now! We're going to look fairly normal to them when we want to, like Jesus did! I mean, down the road to Emmaus there must have been lots of people passing by on all sides & He must have looked perfectly normal, they were just having a discussion.

       96. THEY SAT AT THE TABLE & THEY DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS JESUS till He chose to open their eyes & reveal His identity! They didn't even know who it was! They thought apparently He was some stranger with some typical Jewish argument going on! Here He was quotin'm Scriptures & tryin' to prove to them that Jesus was the Messiah, when He was Jesus all the time!

       97. THEY WERE DISCOURAGED, SEE, BECAUSE HE'D BEEN CRUCIFIED & THEY HADN'T YET SEEN HIM RISEN FROM THE DEAD. They were wondering, "Could Jesus be the Messiah? Now that He's dead & gone, crucified & buried, where's our Messiah?" So He went on to say, "Don't you remember what the Prophets said about this & about that & how He would do this & do that?"--Trying to show them from the Scripture & prove that everything had happened according to God's Word & the way it was supposed to happen to fulfil the prophecies! But they just didn't catch on that all this had to happen that way. Savvy? They just thought He was a pretty learned guy, He sure knew the Scriptures!

       98. SO WE'LL BE ABLE TO CONCEAL OUR IDENTITY LIKE THE ANGELS DO TODAY! Many have entertained angels unawares, not knowing they entertained angels! (Heb.13:2) Today! Although a lot of our folks are getting a little wary of it now, aware, & usually after it happens it suddenly dawns on them it must have been an angel!--Because it's so supernatural, so miraculous, so unusual!

       99. THE PERSON JUST WALKS OUT OF NOWHERE ON SOME LONESOME ROAD & HELPS THEM OUT, gives them sandwiches or gives them a ride, all kinds of things have happened!--Or gives them tickets! Even tickets, think of that, for a boat trip, & then vanishes! They never saw him before, don't know who he was, don't know how come he knew who they were or even that they needed tickets or sandwiches or oranges or apples or a ride or whatever it was he gave them! The Family's had lots of miraculous tales to tell about meeting angels & not really being aware that they were angels till after they were gone!

       100. THE DISCIPLES WEREN'T AWARE THAT IT WAS JESUS UNTIL, AS HE BROKE BREAD, HE REVEALED HIMSELF! It says their eyes were opened & they saw that it was Jesus, & He vanished then from their sight. (Lk.24:30,31) He'd accomplished His purpose. He must've gotten quite a kick out of watching their faces when suddenly He opened their eyes! "You mean they were walking down the road with their eyes shut?"--No!

       101. IT JUST MEANS THAT HE HAD A WAY OF CONCEALING HIS IDENTITY SO THEY DIDN'T RECOGNISE HIM UNTIL HE WAS IN PRIVATE. If it had been out on the public road, everybody would have recognised Him! But they invited Him in to have Supper with them, very sweet & hospitable, & He accepted their invitation. They thought it was just a stranger who really knew & loved the Lord & believed in Jesus like they did, only He seemed to know more about Bible Prophecy than they did! And He really taught them! There's another example there that it's teaching that they need.

       102. HE CAME & DWELT WITH THEM, IN A SENSE, LIVED WITH THEM. It was for a very short time, but He ate with them, sat with them, talked with them, reasoned with them, drank with them, & then each time when His purpose was accomplished--proving to Doubting Thomas that it was He, proving to the others that Jesus was the Messiah by quoting Scripture after Scripture, then He would vanish!--Having done His little stint there, He went on to some other job of some kind.

       103. WE WILL BE ABLE TO LOOK NORMAL & HUMAN & EVEN DRESS LIKE THEM, LIKE THE ANGELS DO TODAY! I've often wondered how they get their clothes! That was such an interesting movie: "The Day the Earth Stood Still!" It was about this guy who was really like an angel, coming out of this flying saucer. He had this big robot that stayed like a guard & watched the saucer for him while he went & lived in a boarding house. And somehow he'd gotten clothes, I don't know whether he manufactured them or created them. I presume if we have that much supernatural miraculous power we can somehow or another get some kind of clothes!

       104. HE WANTED TO DWELL AMONGST PEOPLE, SO HE MOVED INTO THIS BOARDING HOUSE. The mother rented him a room & he got well-acquainted with her little boy, & the little boy was just fascinated with him & loved him & loved to sit & hear him talk & tell stories etc., & he kept using the little boy to help him because he didn't even have any money!

       105. I THINK WE'LL BE ABLE TO CREATE MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR IF WE HAVE TO, LIKE THAT DIME THAT DROPPED FROM HEAVEN! I'm sure some of those bills my Mother found, the Lord must have dropped'm! Raymond Richey used to say: "If you need any money, God's able to give it to you if He has to drop it from Heaven!--He could even get the serial numbers right!" So I think it's going to be a lot like that.

       106. WE MAY HAVE TO HIDE OUR IDENTITY FROM SOME PEOPLE, especially if they're enemies & don't deserve it. You don't have any record of Jesus meeting any of His enemies after His resurrection, do you? Can you think of any occasion on which He faced His enemies? Maybe He didn't dare, He might've slaughtered them or something, He'd have been so angry! I don't recall Him meeting any of His enemies at all. It was only His disciples & friends & women that He appeared to.

       107. SO I THINK THE MILLENNIUM IS GOING TO BE VERY REALISTIC! In my dream I had a feeling like we were somebody important & that we were really someone in authority. But even as a visiting politician will do, even if it was the Governor of the State, they would have been courteous to him & he would have been courteous to them for their hospitality. And even though he was the bigshot & the boss, he would have still thanked them for their hospitality, because they received him with hospitality.

       108. THAT'S THE FEELING I HAD IN THE DREAM: "Well, they know we're somebody important, but they've been very kind to us & hospitable & they have received us." I believe it'll be just as true in that day as it is now: "He that receiveth you, receiveth Me also. If you'd receive Me, you'd receive the Father." (Mt.10:40)

       109. SO IF IN THOSE DAYS THEY WILL RECEIVE US WITH FRIENDLINESS & HOSPITALITY, it means that they believe & they are receiving Jesus in a sense. As the Muslims call it, they will be Islamic, submissive. That's really quite a significant name the Muslims have named their religion, Islam, meaning "submission". A Muslim is "one who submits to the higher power", to the will of God.

       110. AND THE PEOPLE WHO SUBMIT IN THAT DAY & ARE IN SUBMISSION TO US & OBEY US & ARE FRIENDLY & HOSPITABLE & RECEIVE US, WE'RE GOING TO LEAVE OUR BLESSING WITH THEM just like we do now! Only it's going to be a lot more obvious & a lot more amazing, supernatural & miraculous! Because we can do a lot more for them then than we are able to do now!

       111. GOD'S ABLE TO DO A LOT FOR THEM RIGHT NOW & WE'RE ABLE TO DO A LOT FOR THEM IN GIVING THEM LOVE & THE GOSPEL & SALVATION & teaching & helping them in many ways. Then the Lord has to do the rest supernaturally, miraculously from the Spirit World, to bless them & prosper them & protect them etc. But in that day it will be more out in the open. We'll be able to give our blessing on a place & they'll be prospered & they'll know it's because they received us & they were hospitable & they obeyed & they submitted, so we prospered them & blessed them.

       112. THEY WILL BE LIVING ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE THEY ARE NOW. They're still going to have to go out fishing. They're still going to have to raise food. They're still going to have to make clothes. They're still going to have to live in a normal natural World, the same World we're living in now, only after it has survived the Atomic War, the Wrath of God & Armageddon & the judgements of God, & all of that! The survivors who the Lord has allowed to survive all that & live through into the Millennium must be a blessed class of people, because it's going to be like Heaven on Earth! It's almost like they deserved a little bit of Heaven!--But why wait till then?--You might not make it!--Play safe & take Jesus now & be safe & saved forever!--Amen? GBY!--In Jesus' name, amen.

       113. SO I REALLY THINK IT'S GOING TO BE VERY NATURAL & VERY NORMAL. In fact, for them it's going to be exactly like it is today, except we'll be the top dogs, the officers, the supreme rulers! I believe we're going to use officers of the law, perhaps even police, governments, mayors & city officials!--Just like this in my dream was a town meeting, but everything stopped when we walked in & I said: "I just want to thank you for letting us live here!" I believe if it was the Millennium I would have done the same thing!

       114. WE'RE GOING TO USE WHOEVER'S CAPABLE, ABLE & WORTHY AS OFFICERS, including not only our own Family--of whom there aren't near enough to run this World of 3 billion people--but also all the other Christians & the Church Christians. We were talking about this in "Millennial Re-education", about how they are going to be quite a ways down the line in the different classes.

       115. I ASKED MARIA ONE MORNING: "HOW DO YOU THINK THE CLASSES WILL BE RANKED?" There are bound to be classes & differences. Some are raised to everlasting stardom, in a sense, & others are raised to everlasting shame & contempt! (Da.12:2) Both saved & both raised at the time of the Resurrection of the Saved!--Not later at the Great White Throne Judgement at the end of the Millennium. These people are people that were saved & raised at the end of the Tribulation, according to Daniel 12 & all the rest of the Rapture Scriptures.

       116. SO THERE ARE GOING TO BE ALL KINDS & LEVELS OF CHRISTIANS & THOSE WHO ARE SAVED & in Resurrection bodies & with supernatural powers, but some of them are going to be way down, just barely the next level above the formerly unsaved normal human beings in their mortal bodies still alive here on Earth.

       117. BUT BECAUSE CHURCH CHRISTIANS WERE SO FAR DOWN THE LINE SPIRITUALLY & DISOBEDIENT TO THE LORD, THE LORD ISN'T GOING TO BE ABLE TO TRUST THEM WITH VERY MUCH. He says, "Any one who breaks the least of these commandments & shall teach men so shall be the least in the Kingdom of God!" (Mt.5:19) "And some shall be raised to everlasting shame & contempt." (Dan.12:2)

       118. A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE DOWN THERE AT THE BOTTOM, HAVING TO HELP US RUN THE WORLD, but ashamed of themselves for the fact they couldn't be trusted with very much.--Church people, Preachers, Christians & laymen who never forsook anything & never served the Lord, really, & never did anything but go to Church on Sunday morning & drop their offering in the basket!

       119. THEY JUST LIVED LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE ALL THE REST OF THE TIME, except maybe they were a little bit better, maybe they were a little more honest, maybe they were a little kinder & more loving & maybe they trained their children a little bit better than others. Or there have been a lot of Christians I've seen where there wasn't much difference between them & the rest of the World, especially Church people.

       120. SO THERE ARE GOING TO BE ALL KINDS OF GRADES & CLASSES OF CHRISTIANS! I know the great Patriarchs & Prophets & heroes of the Bible & history & the Martin Luthers & some of them are going to be right up next to the Top, & the Disciples, the Apostles, are going to be right up there with the Lord! I don't know exactly where down the line we're going to be, but I don't think the Family is going to be too much beneath them!--You & me & the rest of us!

       121. MAYBE YOU THINK I'M A LITTLE EGOTISTICAL OR A LITTLE CONCEITED, BUT I THINK WE'RE BETTER THAN MOST CHRISTIANS! I'm not being like the Pharisee who said, "I thank Thee, Lord, I'm not as this sinner!" (Lk.18:11)--But I certainly think we are more obedient & we preach more Gospel & do more litnessing & win more souls & have forsaken all & become Fishers of Men & done a lot more than most Christians, who only go to Church once or twice a week & just live like the rest of the World the rest of the time!

       122. SO I THINK OUR FAMILY IS A PRETTY HIGH GRADE OF CHRISTIAN, especially since nearly all of them are missionaries!--Even home missionaries! Even those that didn't leave home, I think most of them are witnessing, they're trying to influence their church & trying to encourage their children to get out & witness etc.

       123. SO I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE PRETTY MUCH NORMAL & NOT SO GREATLY CHANGED, except that we will not be on the bottom & persecuted & kicked around like we are now--we will be on top running things! They will be on the bottom & have to do what we say, or else suffer a rod of iron, force, punishment, judgement, famine! He says, "Withhold the rain!"--All kinds of punishments for the peoples & countries that don't obey!

       124. SO I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE EXTREMELY SIMILAR TO THE WAY THINGS ARE NOW, EXCEPT THAT WE ARE GOING TO BE ON TOP! In fact, we're going to look like them in a sense, when we're willing to appear to them & walk amongst them like Jesus did & like the angels do today! That's the way we're going to do, only we will be all-powerful & they won't be able to touch us or do a thing to us.

       125. ONCE HAVING KILLED US, AFTER THAT THEY HAVE NO MORE THEY CAN DO! (Lk.12:4) They've released us, & we'll come back with our Heavenly spirits & resurrected bodies & be beyond their power from then on! We will be in power, we'll be in control & running things. But I think it's going to be much more down-to-Earth, more normal, natural & similar to what things are today than most people realise. Do you get what I'm driving at?

       126. I THINK ESPECIALLY THE CHURCH PEOPLE DON'T SEE IT THAT WAY. They don't realise how real the Millennium is going to be! I really don't think they see it. They've got that Heavenly picture of floating on a cloud playing a harp or walking the golden streets picking up gold bricks, & most of them are goldbrickers for sure! Most of the church people I know weren't serving the Lord much.

       127. DO YOU KNOW WHAT A GOLDBRICKER IS, AS THEY USED TO CALL IT IN THE ARMY? It was a guy that was so slow & so lazy, that if he was, for example, building a building, he'd pick up the brick slowly like it was as heavy as a gold brick, & he'd handle it just about as carefully & put it in the wall!--Like those coloured guys I saw down in South Africa! It took'm 10 weeks to build one little one-room restroom!--Ha! About a dozen of them out there!

       128. I THINK I COULD HAVE BUILT THAT THING IN A WEEK OR TWO, ALL BY MYSELF! I built my church that way with bricks a lot bigger than that, great big adobe blocks! So goldbrickers handled the bricks like they were gold!--As slow & as heavy! Anybody that kind of slowed down on the job & was loafin' & lazy & slow, in the army we call'm goldbrickers. I don't really know where the word came from, but I presume that was it!

       129. BUT I THINK THE MILLENNIUM IS JUST GOING TO BE THAT REAL, only we're going to be then like the angels are to us now! They'll be able to see us, we'll be visible, or invisible, whatever we want to do! We'll even dress like them when we want to. We don't have to go flying through the air in robes of light every minute like the people I saw in Space City. Some were even floating with their feet hardly touching the ground, through these rings or tubes, like gravity didn't even have any effect on them anymore!

       130. THEY WEREN'T ZOOMING AROUND LIKE ROCKETS, they weren't just floating anywhere, although I presume they could've, & some were up higher. It's funny, they didn't seem to be exactly walking, but more like they were floating when they were walking. But if Jesus could come down & walk the road to Emmaus just like a normal human being, we'll be able to do that too!

       131. SO WE CAN BE VERY HUMAN TO THEM & SEEM TO BE VERY NORMAL & NATURAL & IN PHYSICAL BODIES THAT LOOK & FEEL & LOVE JUST LIKE THEIRS! Think of that! But at the same time, whenever necessary we can appear, disappear, travel with the speed of thought & have the power of an angel to strike'm dead if we need to or whatever! If they give us any problems & refuse to quit their evil, we can stick our finger out & zap'm like they do in the sci-fis!--Ha! Just like the laser guns & ray guns & all that stuff. Only we won't need any guns, we'll probably just give'm a look!

       132. BOY, I'LL TELL YOU, IT ONLY TOOK ONE LOOK FROM THAT BUM ON THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO, & I IMMEDIATELY RAN THE OTHER WAY! My foot never hit the curb! He was standing on the curb facing me there, & just before I got to the curb--I was going to go shootin' by him--he just looked at me & I heard his voice in my head: "And what are you going to do now?"

       133. IN OTHER WORDS, "HOW DARE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO NOW? And what are you going to do now? You've been to the movies, you've been running around here all day doing things you know your Mother doesn't allow, & now you're going to go to a whorehouse!" He knew what I was going to do now! He said, "And what are you going to do now?" In other words, "You're really going to cap the climax now! This is just too much!" And that's what he was there for, to stop me!

       134. BROTHER, I TURNED AROUND & I LITERALLY RAN! I couldn't get away from that place fast enough, I was scared stiff! I jumped on the nearest trolleycar & I was afraid he was chasing me or following me, really on my trail! When I got on the streetcar & looked around & didn't see him, I was never so relieved!--Ha!

       135. I REMEMBER THE CAR WAS SO CROWDED, WE WERE JAM-PACKED LIKE SARDINES UP AGAINST EACH OTHER, & this pretty little girl about like Hope here, she was pressed right up against me frontal to frontal! I thought, "Oh Lord!" She was so sweet! And if I'd only known what I know about girls now, I'd have probably taken her by the hand &...

       136. MAYBE THE LORD WAS TRYING TO GET ME TO MEET A NICE GIRL, A SWEET GIRL THAT DESERVED IT, & if I'd had a little more faith & a little more nerve, I could have talked to her. I was afraid to even talk to her! Maybe it was another angel, who knows? We were packed in! I mean, we were pressed right up against each other, bosom to bosom, & I felt it beginning to grow & I was almost afraid, so I got off pretty quick!

       137. WHO KNOWS, MAYBE IT WAS AN ANGEL THAT THE LORD HAD GIVEN ME INSTEAD! If I'd've had a little more faith & talked to her as I should have, we might have gotten acquainted & I might have had a nice time!--Even if it was a human being He led me to meet, instead of some bad disease-ridden women down in a whorehouse or something! I'm sure the Lord was trying to keep me pure then while I was still young, & look how He's protected me all these years on the road for Fred through all those whores & harlots & prostitutes & whatnot, as well as the Family!

       138. I'M TELLING YOU, THERE'S NO RELIGION IN THE WORLD LIKE OURS! I don't think there's a religion in the World where the whores & the harlots & the prostitutes & the so-called bad girls & bad women would feel as at home & feel as accepted as they do in our Family. We don't look down on them, if anything, we almost look up to them & admire them for their guts & courage & know-how & FFing technique! I mean, they really know their FFing! They already know the physical tricks & techniques, we just have to teach them the religious & spiritual angles. And what talent to put to work for the Lord!

       139. I USED TO THINK THAT ABOUT THE WHORES & THE GIRLS I MET! Some were wonderful girls & I really had a good time with them. Not just fucking them, but dining & dancing & talking & visiting & living with them for awhile. And I really led quite a few of them to the Lord, prayed with them, & some of them asked the Lord to come into their hearts.

       140. AS I SAY, SEVERAL OF THEM CRIED WHEN I LEFT, BUT I ALWAYS HAD TO GO BACK TO MY WIFE & KIDS. I said, "I'm sorry, but I've got a wife & kids!" (Maria: Good thing you did, or you would have had a whole harem tagging along behind you!) Well, when it finally got to that point, here I am & I have!--Ha! But I sorta had to educate'm first & get'm all saved & on the ball for the Lord! PTL!

       141. BUT I BELIEVE THE MILLENNIUM IS REALLY GOING TO BE MUCH MORE REALISTIC, EXCEPT THAT WE ARE GOING TO BE THE AUTHORITIES & THE RULERS & HAVE THE POWER & WE'RE GOING TO BE THE ELITE! I'm sure there are lots of Prophets & Patriarchs & Apostles that are going to be far above me, who were much more holy than I am & much more marvellous & wonderful & knew the Word better & prayed more & were better men, & not as bad & naughty & sexy & fleshly, as Eve used to say I was.

       142. SHE TOLD ME ONCE: "YOU COULD NEVER BE A MAN OF GOD, YOU'RE TOO FLESHLY! You just live in the flesh all the time!"--After I was fuckin' away! She always pretended like she didn't like it, but I noticed every now & then she was goosin' herself while I was doing it, so she could go too! She'd slip her hand down in there & go! So she wasn't all that saintly! She wasn't all that heavenly or angelic--except like the woman that was always harping on something, always up in the air about something & never had an earthly thing to wear!--She was that angelic!

       143. BUT I REALLY BELIEVE WE'RE GOING TO BE SURPRISED AT HOW NORMAL & NATURAL THE MILLENNIUM IS & that the World is the same, people are the same. The only difference is that we are running it & trying to teach & educate'm & improve'm & teach'm the ways of the Lord! It says in those Scriptures I was reading in Isaiah: "Let us go up & learn of them the ways of the Lord & the law of the Lord" & study etc. (Isa.2:3)

       144. I BELIEVE WE'RE REALLY GOING TO STILL HAVE OUR EDUCATIONAL LITERATURE & OUR BIBLES & LETTERS! We're still going to be teaching & maybe even publishing! I mean, they'll be human! What have we got to do but to teach them? We have a thousand years to try to teach & train them to love & serve the Lord as they should have. Those who are willing & believe & receive & are worthy of it, God is certainly going to give them the same chances we've had. They may not be the same elite & dwell in the Holy City, but they'll eventually be on the Heaven on Earth outside, & they're certainly there in the Millennium!

       145. THERE THEY ARE! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH THEM? They're human! Physical!--In a human physical World just as natural as it is today!--Except there's going to be one Hell of a mess after the war & the Wrath of God & Armageddon! But I'm sure we'll probably even have some supernatural ways to clean it up! Maybe we'll just have to boss them around & help them clean up the mess, like they're trying to clean up Beirut right now, only we'll be able to help them clean it up.

       146. BUT I REALLY THINK WE'RE GOING TO USE OUR LIT & OUR BIBLES! We're going to have to teach them & teach their children, much the same as we're doing now, only we will be running the whole works! We'll have a whole new educational system, new textbooks, none of that old evolution & paleontology junk!

       147. WE WILL BE RUNNING THE WORLD! We will be running the business of the World, in a sense, whatever necessary business there is. People have still got to eat & live in houses & have clothes & have some kind of transportation, & their children need education. There's gotta be governments, there's gotta be some kind of an economic system, there's gotta be some kind of an educational system.

       148. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A THOUSAND YEARS TO SHOW THE WORLD HOW IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RUN & to give the people who deserve it & who are worthy another chance!--And to show the whole Universe, including those worthy ones, how there are some people, no matter how much chance you give them, yet they will not learn righteousness!--Even though God has been merciful & let them live into the Millennium! "Though mercy should be showed to the wicked, yet they will not learn righteousness!" (Isa.26:10)

       149. SOME WILL EVENTUALLY REBEL AGAINST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM under the leadership of the Devil himself & try to overthrow it. (Rev.20:7-9) Imagine! How ridiculous! So of course they get burned up & the whole World & the atmosphere & all the wicked! God wipes it all out & cleans it all off & starts all over again: New Heaven, New Earth, with Space City, the Holy City!

       150. SO I BELIEVE IT, I THINK THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO BE, & I THINK WE'RE PREPARING NOW. And I don't think there's going to be such a tremendous change in the methods & things that we're going to have to educate them in, because they're still human & they're going to have to be able to read & absorb.

       151. THERE MIGHT BE FASTER WAYS OF EDUCATING THEM, SOME SUPERNATURAL WAYS--LIKE THE ANGEL OF JUDGEMENT or the Angel of the Book who shows us our whole lives in a few moments! Maybe we'll be able to do it that way. I hope so! It's a lot faster than printing & distributing literature! But there may be a lot of people with whom that's the way we'll still have to do it.

       152. I'M ALL FOR IT! If we'll be able to sit down in front of a class of students or stand before a great crowd of people & just be able to in a few seconds of "hocus-pocus-dominocus" stretch out our hands & impart all this knowledge to them, supernaturally, mentally, just by lookin'm in the eye or something, well I'm all for that, that's great!--And I hope so! It sure would save a lot of time & hard work printing literature & all that! But maybe it's not possible.

       153. AS I SAY, TAKING THE EXAMPLE NOW OF THE ANGELS AMONGST US, HOW MANY TIMES DO THEY TEACH US THAT WAY? It's a rare exception! Of course, angels amongst us right now are kind of rare exceptions too! We won't be so rare then. And those angels that I did meet, they communicated with me telepathically, mentally! I knew exactly what they meant without a word being spoken! So maybe we'll be able to do it that way, I'm sure we will, but will we do it all that way? Are we all going to be teachers & train their little kids there, & every teacher in a school stand up before the class & stretch out his hand & say "hocus-pocus-dominocus, you're going to know this whole lesson" or "you'll know this whole book"!

       154. OR LIKE THE GIRL IN THAT MOVIE "STRANGER WITHIN", will we be able to just rub our hands over the records & absorb it all? Or rub our hands over the books & absorb everything that's in'm? Or just absorb it as fast as we can turn the pages? Well, that would be fine, I hope so! But what if not? But if not! What if they still had to learn the way they always had to learn, by having to read it & be educated & taught it like we teach them today?--Maybe both, who knows?

       155. WELL ANYHOW, WE'RE GETTING READY FOR IT, WHATEVER IT IS! If we're not going to use any books or lit then, you'd better absorb all of this that you possibly can now so that you'll have it up here in your noggin, & when the Millennium comes you'll be able to impart it! Because I don't think you're going to be able to impart something you haven't got!

       156. WE'RE LIKE COMPUTERS! We're not going to be very able to impart information that we don't even have! If you haven't had the input, how can you have the output?--Unless the Lord does it in a moment of magic & a supernatural miracle!

       157. THAT APPARENTLY IS THE WAY THE CHURCH & THE CHRISTIANS ALL THINK THEY'RE GOING TO LEARN, that by the time they die & go to Heaven they're going to know it all! I don't believe it! I think we're going to know a lot better & a lot more, & "know even as also we are known" (1Cor.13:12), but I notice that some of the spirits that I've had contact with, & some of the spirits in the Bible didn't know it all! Some of them weren't even all-powerful!

       158. THE ANGELS HAD TO WRESTLE WITH DEVILS & MEN TO OVERCOME THEM! The angel was delayed getting to Daniel for three weeks because of the Prince of Persia, some demonic power. (Dan.10:13) Well, it's going to be different in the Millennium, we're going to be all-powerful then, no problems with demons or devils! They're all going to be in prison with the Devil, so we won't have that problem. (Rev.20:2-3)

       159. BUT IF THE ANGELS OF GOD ARE NOT ABSOLUTELY ALL-POWERFUL EVEN NOW & have to wrestle with demonic powers & princes & spirits in Space or in Earth--like the Archangel of God had to wrestle with some Archangel of the Devil here on Earth--well, there are going to be limitations to what we can do & what we can't do.

       160. BUT LIKE IN THIS DREAM, I THINK THINGS ARE GOING TO BE SO NATURAL, NORMAL & HUMAN THAT SOME OF US ARE GOING TO BE SURPRISED! And if ever I go back to Carmel, California & walk in on a town meeting & they do receive us, well, that will be a miracle, especially if they know who we are!

       161. AND IF, AS WAS OBVIOUSLY EVIDENT FROM WHAT I SAID, WE ARE LIVING AMONGST THEM & they have received us & given us hospitality & I say: "Thank you for letting us live here"--I think that would be normal courtesy even from an angel! Don't you think a lot of angels to whom we have ministered unawares have said thank you?--Yes!

       162. SO I THINK WE'RE GOING TO BE LIKE THE ANGELS! I know it, because the Bible says so! And if we're going to be like the angels, then there will be times when we look normal & act normal, natural, even though we're in supernatural bodies & have immortal spirits, the Super People, the Super Race. But we're going to still be human & physical enough & normal enough to say "thank you"!

       163. I WISH SOME OF OUR FOLKS NOW WERE THAT NORMAL! Maybe that's another lesson we can get out of that dream, that they ought to learn to be a little bit more courteous & a little bit more thankful to their kings & queens & hosts & people who are kind to them & people who take them into their homes & feed them etc.

       164. I WONDER HOW COURTEOUS YOU ARE & HOW THANKFUL YOU ARE, how grateful you are, & do you say: "Thank you for letting us live amongst you!" Do we? I wonder? I hope so! I hope you do, I hope I do, & I hope it's going to be like that. I hope it's like that now, that you people are mindful of kindnesses & thankful & grateful & remember to say thank you!

       165. JESUS SAYS, "WHERE THEY RECEIVE YOU, THERE LEAVE THY BLESSING!" (Mt.10:13) Do you? Do you say: "Thank you for receiving us! Thank you for entertaining us in your home! Thank you for feeding us! Thank you for the bed overnight! Thank you for your kindness & hospitality! Thank you for letting us live here with you for a little while! Thank you!" Do you? I wonder? I hope so! Don't you think we should?

       166. MAYBE THAT WAS WHAT THE DREAM WAS FOR, TO TEACH US A LITTLE MORE GRATITUDE & THANKFULNESS, if even as the angels of God in the Millennium & the rulers of the World, we can be courteous & grateful & thankful & polite & say to even those we are ruling over & whom we have power over: "Thank you for your hospitality! Thank you for letting us live here! Thank you for receiving us!" Do you think Jesus ever said "thank you" to Mary & Martha?--Or to Mary Magdalene after making love with her? I think He did.

       167. WELL, I THINK SOME OF OUR FOLKS NEED TO LEARN TO BE A LITTLE MORE THANKFUL, MAYBE THAT'S THE LESSON OF THIS DREAM! I can sure get a lot out of one dream! One little short dream with only one statement: "Thank you for letting us live here!" Well, I'll say to you right now: Thank you for listening! Thank you for letting me live here & talk so long! TYL!

       168. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THY HOSPITALITY IN LETTING US LIVE HERE IN YOUR WORLD & feeding & taking care of us & protecting us. Thank You for providing this hotel room tonight & this good meal & Thy protection, a safe journey, & keeping the folks at home. Thank You for the communication we've had with them & that they're all right.

       169. THANK YOU FOR THIS LITTLE TEST-RUN IN CASE OF A TIME WHEN WE MIGHT NEED TO RUN & MAKE AN ESCAPE, which is one of the reasons we're doing it, to try to learn where to go & where not to go, places we might have to hide & get away from where we are. TYL!

       170. BLESS & KEEP US & HELP US, LORD, TO HAVE A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP, safe-keeping, undisturbed if possible, Lord, peaceful, with the protection of Thy angels around us, thank You for them! Help us to awaken refreshed & strengthened tomorrow for whatever You have it to bring. If it's Thy will for us to continue our exploration & find other places, possible havens, hideaways, refuges to which we might someday have to flee, Thy will be done, have Thy way in Jesus' name.

       171. YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT I WAS NOT ONLY TRYING TO TAKE A VACATION & A HOLIDAY, BUT I HAVE A VERY SERIOUS PURPOSE IN IT AS WELL! I don't want to have to go out like Abraham, not knowing whither I went! Most of the time when I've had to flee suddenly, I knew where I was going, because I'd already explored the territory & had some idea, some alternative of what I would do, even sometimes when I didn't have to do it! I would rather know it & not need it than to need it & not know it! Amen? So here we are! PTL! TYJ!

       172. SO WE NEED TO LEARN HOW TO SAY "THANK YOU!" If that were the Millennium & I was the Mayor of Carmel then & I could say to my subjects: "Thank you for letting us live here!"--we certainly ought to say thank you when they're our rulers now & they let us live here! There's all the more reason to say thank you when they're running the place & they're providing it all!

       173. WELL, IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE MILLENNIUM, because I can't imagine them ever being that nice to us any other time, especially knowing who we are! And that was my distinct impression, that they knew who we were & that's why I was thanking them: "Thank you for letting us live here!" But it was as though I could expect it & had a right to.

       174. IT'S FUNNY HOW YOU JUST KNOW CERTAIN THINGS IN THOSE DREAMS! I just knew I was some kind of important person & they were showing respect for me, but I was still thanking them for being kind to us.--Do you?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family