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WILL THERE BE MILLENNIAL CONVERSIONS!--And How Long Is Hell?       DFO 1441       7/6/77

       1. THE ONLY PLACE IN THE BIBLE WHERE IT SPEAKS OF "ETERNAL" OR "FOREVER" PUNISHMENT or at least an awful long time, is where is speaks of the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet, that they'll be cast into the Lake of Fire "& shall be tormented day & night forever & ever!" (Rev.20:10.) However even there the word in the Bible translated "forever" is not the same word used for "eternity."

       2. THE WORD USED FOR GOD AS BEING ETERNAL, EXISTING ALWAYS, ETERNALLY is a totally different word from the one where it says that they'll be punished with "everlasting" fire or they'll be punished "forever." The actual word used about punishment is "aeon," which means for an age, & where He speaks of everlasting or forever punishment it says Aeon of the Aeons, the Age of Ages. Now the Bible uses this same expression elsewhere when He talks about the Millennium, & it talks about the Ages of Ages in the Greek. In other words, this is the Age of all Ages, the greatest of all Ages, the greatest of all times!--The Golden Age!

       3. AN AGE IS LIKE A CERTAIN PERIOD OF TIME WHICH HAS A BEGINNING & AN END. It can be a very very long time. You might say right now we're living in the Age of Man so to speak, but that's lasted 6,000 years already! The Millennium is spoken of as an aeon, an age, a thousand years, & the Age of Ages is a term used mostly for the period of time after the Millennium.

       4. SO APPARENTLY WE'RE GOING THROUGH ETERNITY BY STAGES & BY AGES, so that even that period is going to have some kind of an end. We speak of it as "forever" & "eternal," which in our way of thinking is true, but there will be then a following age, something different. We are progressing, we're learning, we're experiencing & we've got a long ways to go! Thank God we'll have our supernatural bodies to be able to stand it, thank you Lord! What were we talking about that got us on that? (Family: About the unpardonable sin!) Oh yes!

       5. YOU ALWAYS HEAR THE PREACHERS TALKING ABOUT "THE UNPARDONABLE SIN" & it used to scare me half silly wondering if I'd committed the unpardonable sin! You know? "Have you sinned away your day of grace? Have you resisted the Spirit for the last time? Have you sinned against the Holy Ghost? Have you committed the unpardonable sin, the sin against the Holy Ghost for which you will never be forgiven?"

       6. I USED TO WORRY MYSELF HALF SICK AS A LITTLE BOY WONDERING IF I'D DONE THAT? "Have I sinned away my day of grace? Have I passed the point of no return? Have I committed the unpardonable sin?"--Those Baptists, Pentecostals & Evangelicals loved to preach about that! Jesus said that the scribes & the Pharisees were guilty of the sin against the Holy Ghost, that "ye do always resist the Holy Ghost"!

       7. THEY ALWAYS CONTINUALLY, PERPETUALLY RESISTED THE HOLY GHOST & Her conviction, & in other words, resisted belief! So if you always resist the Holy Ghost it means you just refuse to believe! There's none so blind as those that will not see! So that was the sin against the Holy Ghost which Jesus said would not be forgiven in this World nor in the next! (Mt.12:31,32.)

       8. SO WE KNOW THERE ARE MANY SINS WHICH CAN BE FORGIVEN IN THIS WORLD, now, but there are going to be also sins that will be forgiven in the next World! It says, "He that shall break one of the least of these commandments & shall teach men so"--false doctrine--shall be what? Burned in Hell? What does it say?--"Shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven!"--If he's a believer who has Jesus, loves the Lord, but he's just mistaken about something. This has always been a comfort to me, since I'm a teacher, that if I am wrong about anything, at least, thank God, the Lord's going to forgive me when I get there, but I would be the least in the kingdom of Heaven. (Mt.5:19.)

       9. I HAVEN'T TALKED ABOUT THIS MUCH BECAUSE I THINK IT'S PRETTY STRONG MEAT & I didn't know if you could take it, but there're all kinds of scriptures in the Bible which indicate not necessarily that there will be another chance, or a second chance for people beyond this life, but maybe some people's first chance!

       10. TAKE FOR INSTANCE THE PEOPLE WHO NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL, heathen that never heard about Jesus, are you going to put them in everlasting torment & fiery hell forever when they never had a chance? Whose fault was it? They ought to put the Church folk in torment & fiery Hell forever for not telling them, right?

       11. IF ANYBODY'S GOING TO GET PUNISHMENT IT'S GOING TO BE SOME OF THESE CHURCH PEOPLE who are so responsible & have so much guilt for not getting out to preach the Gospel to the whole World! This answers some of the biggest theological questions that there are, that the sinners & the unbelievers & the sceptics & the atheists have fired at theologians for years!

       12. THEY SAY, "WELL HOW CAN A GOD OF LOVE CAST INNOCENT IGNORANT HEATHEN INTO EVERLASTING FIRE & torment in Hell for unbelief when they never had a chance?" Well, I don't believe He's going to! I think they're going to be outside the City. It says as plain as day they'll be outside. Some will be in the Lake of Fire & some will get pretty rough treatment, at least for awhile.

       13. IT WOULDN'T BE FAIR EQUAL PUNISHMENT TO HAVE THE SAME ETERNAL FIERY TORMENTING FOREVER HELL FOR EVERYBODY! It wouldn't be fair or just punishment, because not everybody has sinned to the same degree. It wouldn't be fair for some to be cast in the same Hell with some of these monsters!--I sure wouldn't want to be in Hell with some of these preachers! Well I guess you guys haven't heard me talk about that before, but I used to teach a class on this at the Club. (Maria: Not so detailed.) I've said a little bit in some of the Letters.

       14. THE BOOK OF REVELATION SPEAKS AS CLEAR AS CAN BE IN THE LAST TWO CHAPTERS about the people who are going to be outside the City, & that some of them will not be allowed to walk in the City at all. Only the saved will be allowed to walk in the City. "And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it," but it says that "the Kings of the Earth do bring their glory & honour into it." (Rev.21:24.) Well, if there's nobody outside, who's that?

       15. IT TALKS ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO WERE OUTSIDE & even some of their sins: "For without are dogs & sorcerers & whoremongers & murderers & idolaters & whosoever loveth & maketh a lie!" (Rev.22:15.) But at the same time it talks about the Tree of Life which shall grow on both sides of the river that flows through the City. It says, "In the midst of the street of it"--down the center of the streets! (Rev.22:2.) It says it bears twelve different kinds of fruits, a different fruit each month, & "the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations"!

       16. WELL CERTAINLY NONE OF THE RESURRECTED SAVED IN THEIR SUPERNATURAL BODIES ARE GOING TO NEED HEALING, so who's the healing for? It's got to be for the people outside! There's still going to be people outside who didn't make it. They didn't get saved, they didn't make it in when they should have. I'm sure by that time they will be believers, they'll believe all right, that's for sure!--Because it will be no more only believing, it will be seeing!

       17. BUT GOD IS NEVERTHELESS NOT GOING TO ALLOW THEM IN BECAUSE THEY'RE TOO LATE--they didn't believe when they had a chance. And there will be others possibly, according to Jesus' going & speaking to the spirits in prison, who are going to get their first chance & be saved & maybe be amongst the saved who are in the City!--In other words, the ignorant or the innocent who never got to hear the Gospel. Why should they be penalised?

       18. WHY SHOULD THEY BE PUNISHED FOR THE FAULT OF THE CHURCH? If they never got to hear the Gospel at all, it's not their fault, it's the churches' fault, it's the fault of the Christians, they're the ones that ought to be punished for it! We don't understand some of these things or just exactly what they mean, but He says if you don't "warn the wicked of his wicked way, his blood will I require at thine hand." (Eze.3:18.) What does that mean?

       19. GOD IS GOING TO HOLD YOU GUILTY OF HIS BLOOD, OR HIS PUNISHMENT or whatever it is. In other words, if you had a chance to warn him & you didn't warn him, God is going to hold you guilty! In some way you are going to suffer for that even though you're saved, think of that! I mean there are going to be all kinds of grades of Christians in the City--all kinds of levels & grades & classes!

       20. GOD'S SOCIETY IS NOT A CLASSLESS SOCIETY AT ALL! A lot of these Christians, as I used to say, are going to be down in the basement shining shoes or something because they didn't do their job! Quite definitely both Christ & Paul & the Apostles taught about degrees of reward, & it says, "Don't let any man steal your crown!" (Rev.3:11.) When I was a kid, the preacher said that meant losing your salvation.

       21. LOSING YOUR CROWN DOES NOT MEAN LOSING YOUR SALVATION AT ALL! Your salvation is not your crown, salvation is your gift from God!--You don't work for that or earn that at all! But your crown is your reward. Somehow or another you could lose some kind of reward of some kind of glory. "They that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars," but some shall be raised to everlasting shame & contempt! (Dan.12:2,3.) Well of course the preachers preach that that's in Hell,

       22. BUT I DON'T THINK IT WOULD BE NEAR AS BAD OR AS HARD TO BE ASHAMED IN HELL WITH ALL THE REST OF THE SINNERS as it would be to be walking around up in Heaven amongst the other Christians who shine as the stars & have lovely crowns of life & all kinds of rewards to show that they were faithful, & you're walking around with no glory, no crown, no nothing, to show that you were a disobedient, unfaithful steward that didn't do your job!

       23. WHAT AN EVERLASTING SHAME & CONTEMPT THAT WILL BE--which sounds to me like most of the church & most of the Christians that I've ever met, who are not doing their job & not witnessing & not trying to reach the World! I mean there are just oodles & oodles of Scriptures on it. My mother used to say, "I wish they hadn't written some of those!" Because they're so hard to understand & they get you into a doctrine which she didn't want to have to receive, because her denomination didn't believe it & she didn't dare preach it--universal reconciliation.

       24. IF SHE BELIEVED IT SHE'D HAVE HAD TO PREACH IT, BECAUSE SHE WAS A WOMAN OF CONVICTIONS, so she preferred just to ignore it & not discuss it.--"Don't talk about it, I don't understand those Scriptures, just forget it!" They'd have thrown her out of her church if she started preaching what's known as the doctrine of universal reconciliation. We who believe that are called by the rest of the church the Reconciliationists & it's called the doctrine of reconciliation.--In other words, that some will be forgiven & saved after this life! I knew a man who even believed that God was going to eventually restore & forgive the Devil for his sins after a long long time in the Lake of Fire!

       25. THE DAY IS COMING WHEN EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW & EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS CHRIST! (Phi.2:10,11.) Well, if so, then there's going to be a day when everybody believes! Oh, there are so many Scriptures! I've never really written a lesson on it or gotten them all together, & I'm just pulling them out of the hat right now.--He talks about how the whole creation groaneth now to be delivered (Ro.8:22), & it's all going to be delivered one of these days.--The whole creation, including man!

       26. HE ALSO SPEAKS OF THE "RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS" (Acts 3:21), all things are going to be restored! The whole creation, even the natural creation, nature & all, are suffering today from the curse in some way, but it's all going to be delivered. See, there are still things that are considered part of the curse--poisons, thorns, thistles, all kinds of things like that.

       27. BUT IN THE NEW HEAVEN & THE NEW EARTH, THERE'S NO MORE CURSE, no more death, therefore no more poisons, nothing like that! "Nothing," He says, "shall either hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain!" (Isa.11:9.) So things are going to be different, thank the Lord! There's another word I'm searching for that the other theologians call people who believe this--they always nickname their opponents! Restitutionists, reconciliationists & there's another word they use for them that comes from a Scripture.

       28. ONE OF THE DOCTRINES WHICH THE PROTESTANTS DEPLORE IS THE CATHOLIC DOCTRINE OF PURGATORY, & yet it's true!--That you are not going to be in the Lake of Fire forever, but some are only going to stay there so long until they've suffered for their sins! Well, the Protestants have totally rejected that doctrine & they've refused to believe it. But even before the days of the Protestant Church, the whole church came to agreement on that doctrine, that Hell was not forever, that Purgatory was temporary for some people, & this is where they got the Catholic doctrine of Indulgences, that you could do good things & they'd give you so many days less in Purgatory.

       29. THIS GUY JOHN TETZEL, WHO WAS OPPOSING MARTIN LUTHER, went around selling these Indulgences trying to prove that the Pope had the power to forgive sins & that he could even sell forgiveness, all you had to do was buy it! He was raising money really to help finish St. Peter's church, & I can sympathise with the poor guy, these preachers that have to raise a building fund for their big temples, they really are stuck with a lot of problems!

       30. ANYWAY, YOU'RE PROMISED SO MANY DAYS LESS IN PURGATORY FOR DOING YOUR GOOD DEEDS & PENANCE & this, that & the other, & the general idea is that the saints--those who are finally recognised by the church as saints--they were so good & so full of grace they didn't have to go to Purgatory at all, they're the only ones that really miss it because they're so perfect & so pure, they go straight up to Heaven! All the rest of us have to go a little bit to Hell first before we finally deserve to go to Heaven, they say.

       31. WELL, THE REASON THEY GOT OFF THE BEAM ON THAT IS THEY WENT TOO FAR WITH IT.--You were paying for your own sins in Purgatory which made it a works religion, & you could work your way out of Purgatory into Heaven without the grace of God or the forgiveness of Jesus! The truth usually lies not way off there or here but somewhere in between, & it's simply that some people will pay for their sins, all right, in Purgatory, but not in that sense of paying for it entirely themselves.

       32. THEY WILL BE PUNISHED FOR THEIR SINS, BUT WHEN THEIR PUNISHMENT IS OVER THEY'LL BE RELEASED, that's the whole idea.--Released by the grace of God & the forgiveness of God. God could have refused to ever forgive them, right?--Until either they repent or until they have gotten what they deserve. See, we get to Heaven by grace & forgiveness & pure mercy & love, we're not getting what we deserve at all.

       33. WE DESERVE HELL, PUNISHMENT & THE WHOLE WORKS, BUT WE GET TO ESCAPE IT BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN CHRIST & receive His forgiveness & His punishment on the cross in our place. But the others who have not done that in this life, when they wake up in the next World & find out they were very wrong & it was all true, then they are going to believe! But they're not going to be in the same class with us, because that's believing by sight.

       34. WHY DOES GOD INSIST WE HAVE TO BELIEVE IN SOMETHING WE CANNOT SEE & cannot feel & purely by faith in His Word, trusting Him just like a little child has to trust a parent? Like Davidito has to believe what I say. You see him looking up at you sometimes, he studies your face when you tell him something & he believes just because you say so, because he trusts you & he has faith in you. He just knows it's true because you said so & because he trusts you & he believes in you. That's why it's so important for you never to tell him anything that's not true!

       35. NOW YOU MAY THINK I WAS KIDDING OR TELLING FAIRY STORIES TALKING ABOUT THE LITTLE FLOWERS SMILING, but to me that's exactly what they were doing! I told David the flowers were very thirsty & they were looking sad, but after he watered them they all perked up & they smiled & they laughed & they danced in the breeze & said "Thank you David!"--They did! They smiled & danced in the breeze because they were so happy he gave them some water to drink!

       36. I WAS LOOKING AT THEM & THEY HAD THEIR BRIGHT LITTLE FACES UP LIKE THIS & it just looked exactly like that to me! Maybe that's my big imagination, but it looked to me like they were nodding their heads in the breeze & thanking us & smiling & very happy! So I told David & he looked at them & smiled & he liked that! They've living things, & science has even proven they have feelings, so why not?

       37. BUT YOU MUST NEVER TELL A LITTLE CHILD ANYTHING THAT'S NOT SO or any of these big fairy tales about the stork brought you & Santa Claus & all that baloney, because he believes you, he really trusts you! Otherwise when he gets grown up enough that he finds out it's not so, he's going to throw out everything you ever told him! He's not going to believe & trust you about anything! If you tell him about Jesus he'll think, "Ah, that must be a lot of baloney too!"--Or you tell him all those Bible stories, "They must be a lot of fairy tales too!"

       38. BUT THESE UNBELIEVERS WHO REALLY HAVE A CHANCE TO BELIEVE & ARE GIVEN THE GOSPEL & continually resist the Holy Ghost are without excuse!--Like the Scribes & the Pharisees who practically memorised everything Jesus said because they were trying to find something wrong with him to catch Him!--And like these magazine articles!--Look at the research they go into about us to write about us, & then tell all these lies about us!

       39. LOOK HOW GOD IS GOING TO HOLD THEM RESPONSIBLE, how God is going to hold them to blame! Because right there amongst all this stuff that they don't like, even if it's the truth, is all the truth & salvation & all the rest, & they reject it, they refuse to receive it, refuse to believe it! There are none so blind as those that will not see, blind leaders of the blind!

       40. PAUL SAID, "THEY ARE WITHOUT EXCUSE!"--Absolutely without excuse! (Ro.1:20.) People can just look at the Creation & see! This is why evolution is so damnable, because the greatest proof of the existence of God is His Creation! All you have to do is look at the Creation & you know there's a God! Any fool could look at Creation & see there's a God, so the Devil had to try to explain away Creation saying it just happened by accident & it threw itself together--isn't that ridiculous?

       41. TALK ABOUT FOOLS! SCIENTISTS THAT BELIEVE THAT SORT OF THING ARE THE FOOLS! Thank God they don't all believe that! About 50 years ago when evolution was most rampant & it was popular not to believe, the American Handbook of Scientists listed that only 25% of the scientists were believers in any kind of greater Power or design. But the more they have found out about the Universe, guess what the score is now?

       42. ABOUT 75% OF THEM NOW BELIEVE THERE WAS SOME KIND OF CREATOR, DESIGNER OR GREATER POWER behind the Universe! How about that! So it's not so popular to be an unbeliever anymore, it's pretty stupid in fact! It's pretty dumb! The pity of it is, most scientists no longer believe in evolution at all, they have debunked it. It's only the educational system that still tried to cram it down the throats of the kids & drill it into the poor children!

       43. IT'S THE DEVIL'S OWN GOD-DAMNED SYSTEM TO TRY TO INSPIRE UNBELIEF IN YOUNG PEOPLE & CHILDREN! As one scientist put it, "The public is so far behind it's pitiful!" Now that the top scientists in the World no longer believe evolution & really believe there's something behind it, all the rest of the World's 50 years behind them! They're still back there believing evolution & that things created themselves & that there was no Creator & all that bunk! But you see, it takes faith!

       44. WE WERE TALKING ABOUT FAITH TO BELIEVE, & GOD LOVES FAITH! Do you like it when Davidito believes you? You tell him a certain thing, you reason with him & you explain it to him, & he takes your word for it, right! You like that, it's form of love, really, that he trusts you, has confidence in you, has faith in you & takes your word for it. So does God.

       45. IF HE WAS REBELLIOUS & REFUSED TO LISTEN & REFUSED TO BELIEVE YOU & refused to obey, he would be a very bad child, he'd really have to be dealt with harshly.--And that's what God's going to have to do to people who reject Him all their lives & even on their death bed deny Him & curse Him & die! Well, they're going to believe! They won't be dead one split second but they're going to believe! They are going to know right away that they were wrong!

       46. IN FACT, MOST PEOPLE WHO CLAIM THEY DON'T BELIEVE, REALLY BELIEVE, but they're in rebellion against God! I told you about that fellow who was the head of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism, he got wonderfully saved! He published the biggest Atheist magazine in America, The Society of Atheists, & he told me one day, "David, all that time I was lecturing & preaching against God & going around writing against God & publishing a magazine against God, I knew there was a God all the time, I just hated Him!"

       47. THOSE WHO DO IT FOR HATE BECAUSE THEY'RE IN REBELLION AGAINST GOD & they hate Him will be the most responsible! I mean there are really very few unbelievers in the World! In fact the Bible says, "Only the fool hath said in his heart there is no God!" (Ps.14:1.) Now a lot of fools will say with their mouth there is no God, but all the time in their hearts they know there's a God! Only a real fool, an imbecile, a moron or somebody who's not quite straight in the head, would actually in his heart believe there's no God!

       48. MOST OF THESE SCIENTISTS ARE JUST FIGHTING GOD LIKE MAD & doing everything they can to try to disprove His existence by all these things they claim they discover. I mean they're still claiming & actually have textbooks in school & I've read newspaper articles now for years where some scientist claims he's created life in a test-tube!--And every time it has been debunked, it's just a lie, an absolute lie. But the newspapers pick it up, & who's going to disprove it if you weren't there?

       49. LIKE ALL THOSE CRAZY FOSSILS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE MISSING LINKS, nearly every one of those have been debunked now! Some of them were confessed fakes, like the Piltdown Man, the guy finally confessed that he faked it! But you still see that guy's picture in all the biology books along with the Neanderthal Man who is also now a known fake! They hate to confess, "We've been teaching you kids all this all this time & now it's not true!" so they just ignore it & it's still there!

       50. BUT THE LORD LOVES FAITH! He loves you because you believe Him, just because He said so! Of course once you believe, then he proves Himself in many ways. We no longer really believe purely by faith, because He's proven Himself to us by answers to prayers & miracles, even the changes in our own lives & the lives of others.

       51. THEY SAY, "WELL, I DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD, YOU CAN'T PUT GOD IN A TEST-TUBE!" Well let me tell you, you can put God in a test-tube & prove He exists, & you're the tube, Boob! Put God in you & see what happens! A human being is the greatest test-tube in the World, try Him & see!

       52. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Many Jews"] will argue themselves blue in the face day & night against God! Very few Jews still have any faith in God. Even the conservatives & the liberal Jews, they still keep up the practice in church just like a lot of Christians, but still are unbelievers like the Sadducees, & they'll argue & argue that there's no God! I've told many a Jew,

       53. "WELL, NOW, WHY DON'T YOU JUST TRY & FIND OUT! If you don't believe Jesus is the Messiah, I dare you to go home & kneel down by your bed or sit in your chair, whatever you want to do, & say to the God you don't believe in, 'If Jesus is the Messiah, reveal Him to me, show me!'"--I have never known a Jew who honestly did that yet but that he got saved! I've heard many testimonies of many saved Jews, & that was the thing they did it on--because the Jews require a sign!

       54. GOD ALMOST ALWAYS GAVE THEM SOME SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS SIGN of some kind to encourage their faith, because they [EDITED: "tend to be"] doubters & unbelievers! They've almost got to have God prove Himself before they'll believe. But once they have stuck out their faith like that & really asked God to show them, then they're giving God a chance & the benefit of the doubt!--Just like my mother did! What was the thing that saved her? She said, "Oh God, if there is a God, help me!" She was admitting the possibility then at least, & being an honest agnostic.

       55. SO THE LORD REALLY APPRECIATES THOSE OF US TODAY WHO HAVE FAITH JUST BECAUSE HE SAID SO & we believe His Word. So we are going to be the elite, we're going to live in the City! "Only the saved shall walk therein!"--Only those of us who are saved, the elite of the World are going to walk in the City. (Rev.21:24.)

       56. YET EVEN AMONGST US ELITE THERE'RE GOING T BE ALL KINDS OF DEGREES & GRADES & CLASSES & differences in glory & rewards, just like in the World today in a sense. This World is a dandy bad example, but it's kind of a sample of what the World of Tomorrow is going to be! God's society is anything but a classless society. The people who work hard & believe & who do the job & obey Him & please Him are going to be well rewarded. To them He says,

       57. "SIT THOU UPON MY RIGHT HAND! WELL DONE THOU GOOD & FAITHFUL SERVANT, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" But others are going to enter into everlasting shame & contempt because they didn't do it, like most of the church people. I think the preachers especially are going to be held responsible, because most Christians I know are just plain dumb & ignorant, they just don't even know!

       58. OF COURSE IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE! They've got a Bible right there they can read if they want to, they know it's the Word of God, right? Instead of using it for a decoration on the living room table, they ought to be reading it, so they ought to know & they are without excuse!--Especially Christians in America where they have the Word of God & you can buy Bibles in the dime store! You can buy a New Testament & if you couldn't get anything but the Gospel of John you're without excuse!

       59. SO, THE LORD LOVES FAITH, IT'S A FORM OF YOUR LOVE! When Davidito believes you, Sara, how do you feel? You believe he loves you, because he believes you! I believe you love me. I can tell you love me because you trust my word, you take my word for it & you believe me. Even though you don't know these things are all true, you just believe it because I say so because you have confidence & faith in me! A parent does the same with a child, a teacher does the same with his student & we do the same with the Lord!

       60. SO THE LORD IS GOING TO BE VERY GOOD TO THOSE WHO HAVE REALLY BELIEVED HIM & been good children & obeyed & received it & done a good job--those who have worked hard to try to evangelise the World & get out the Word to everybody! I tell you, some of the biggest rewards are going to go to our little newsboys on the streets who are out there plugging away, peddling away & peddling away everyday, getting out the Word! They're going to shine as the stars, they that turn many to righteousness!

       61. I CAN'T LIE & SAY I'M NOTHING, I'M THE LORD'S PROPHET & I KNOW IT & YOU KNOW IT, & God knows it, & He sent me to teach you & lead you into all truth, or at least as much as I can. But I often think that there's probably going to be a lot of people up there in line far ahead of me who I believe deserve more credit! I really haven't suffered an awful lot, in some ways I've suffered, but I haven't suffered as much as some--of course I may yet, who knows?

       62. I THINK MY JOB IS PRETTY EASY, I don't really have to hardly work at it! How can you have an easier job than that?--God just shows me things & gives me things, all I do is pass them on! I'm like a waiter, I get the stuff from the kitchen & I just set it on the table for you! Waiters & waitresses are considered almost some of the lowest of all servants & manual labourers, "Oh she's just a waitress!" (Maria: But they work hard!) They work hard, yes they do, they do! Well, I work hard sometimes too--I have to prepare & cook it too!

       63. SO PRAISE THE LORD, BELOVED, THE LORD LOVES FAITH, because it's a way of showing your love & your confidence in Him, Faith really shows that you have love." So now abideth faith, hope & love, these three, but the greatest of these is love!" (1Cor.13:13.) Amen? And love never fails! "The greatest of these is love!" That's another good verse we haven't used very often about love in the Family of Love. I like to use that one all the time, "God is Love--& Love never fails" which shows of course God will never fail!

       64. SO WE WERE DISCUSSING HOW THIS GUY THOUGHT HE COULD NEVER BE A BELIEVER BECAUSE GOD COULD NEVER FORGIVE HIM FOR BEING A HOMO. So I said God can forgive every sin except unbelief, which is the sin against the Holy Ghost--always resisting the Holy Ghost, the conviction of the Spirit. So that's the sin that cannot be forgiven in this World," He says "nor in the next"! In other words they're not going to be forgiven for it, they're going to have to pay for it & suffer for it & be punished for their unbelief. But eventually having paid the penalty, there will be those who are going to be released from that punishment.

       65. "THAT SERVANT WHICH KNEW HIS LORD'S WILL & prepared not himself neither did according to His will shall be beaten with many stripes."--He knew he was breaking the law. "But he that knew not, & did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required." (Lk.12:47,48.)

       66. IF MUCH HAS BEEN COMMITTED TO YOU, MUCH IS GOING TO BE REQUIRED OF YOU! In other words, if you were given a lot of talent by the Lord, God expects you to use it! If you hide it, He's going to hold you responsible for it. He's even going to hold you to blame & in some way you're going to suffer, at least your conscience or something, for the people that you didn't warn & didn't tell.

       67. SO PRAISE THE LORD! I'M CONVINCED THAT THERE'S GOING TO BE ALMOST AS MUCH VARIETY & MAYBE MORE IN THE NEXT WORLD AS THERE IS IN THIS--kinds of people, levels, classes, grades, rewards, punishments & everything!--Very interesting from what I have read & seen & heard! I don't like to say in Heaven because the next World is not going to be in Heaven, it's going to be right here on Earth--the Millennium & New Earth!--In fact, it's going to be for a thousand years in the Millennium before the New Heaven & the New Earth! Oh my, we've got so much to look forward to! It's going to be such an interesting World, such an interesting life, it's a good thing we're going to have supernatural bodies to be able to take it & enjoy it! PTL!

       68. DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE'S EVEN GOING TO BE SEX THERE? I've heard preachers try to say, "Well, they're not married nor given in marriage"! Well no, there's not going to be marriage, but there's still sex! The angels came down & picked the most beautiful daughters of men & had sex with them & they bore giants! So if angels can have sex, certainly we can have it! Imagine, without ever being tired, or being frigid or impotent!

       69. THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT YOU'RE PROBABLY NOT GOING TO BE ALL THAT INTERESTED IN IT WHEN YOU GET THERE, you're going to have so many other things that are more interesting! The boys are looking at me like, "How could anything be more interesting?" I agree boys, how could it be better than these sweet girls, God bless them! But you're going to be a little more spiritually-minded since you're going to be more spirit, & it's going to be thrills of the Spirit, which are probably going to interest you more--new things to conquer, new experiences & new Worlds to explore! HALLELUJAH! GBY!

       70. SO WHETHER YOU'RE SAVED HERE OR HERE AFTER IT STILL TAKES FAITH BELIEVING & RECEIVING JESUS!--& unbelief, now or hereafter, will always be unpardonable, because "without faith it's impossible to please God!" (He.11:6.) God help you to believe!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family