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UNTYING THE KNOT!--The Gen Story, Part 5.       DO 1442       Tenerife, 9/4/75

       1. I WENT TO BED PRAYING DESPERATELY, "LORD, WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT THIS PROBLEM WITH GEN?" Early in the morning I got up to go to the bathroom & then back in bed again. I remember telling Maria something I got on Corny's revelations, but that's the last I remember. I thought I went back to sleep again, but in the morning Maria told me I had gone right on talking & given the Lord's answer to the whole problem & what had to be done:

       2. TELL THE GIRLS, LYDIA & FAITH, TO GO BACK DOWN AS EARLY IN THE MORNING AS THEY WANT. But don't make a big deal out of it, don't browbeat Gen. Just merely present the Lord's answer & watch her reaction. If she is genuinely sincere & wants to be delivered, that verse the Lord gave ought to break anybody, because it just completely exposes her.

       3. IF SHE DOES NOT COMPLETELY BREAK DOWN & REPENT, THERE IS NO USE HAVING SOME BIG SCENE OF EXORCISM. The best thing you can do then is just smooth it over. We'll just have to phase her out somehow. Unless there's hopes for her, it's better to just phase her out, even if we have to lose him too!

       4. BY GOING AHEAD IN THAT MARRIAGE WITHOUT PERMISSION, EMAN GOT OUT OF GOD'S WILL. The first time I saw her picture I thought she was plumb crazy, mentally deranged! That starey-eyed, glassy-eyed look is peculiar to people who are spiritually deranged. Eyes are the window of the soul!

       5. WITH INSANE PEOPLE YOU HAVE TO HUMOUR THEM, not to confront them or precipitate a crisis. If you see she's obviously not receiving it & not contrite & not breaking down & not wanting to be delivered, genuinely, it's better just to pacify her & keep her as a friend, as you ease her out!

       6. IN FACT, I DON'T KNOW NOW WHETHER WE SHOULD EVEN GIVE HER THE VERSE! It might be far better to peacefully send them back than to have a big explosion, than to have her go completely daffy & try to kill the baby or something! She's not receiving treatment.

       7. JUS IS SCARED BECAUSE HE KNOWS HE'S REALLY IN TROUBLE. I feel a cold chill about Sally--Jus has done his work well. It was a great idea, but they muffed it because of their carelessness & neglect. I think possibly Sally & Eman missed God's will for their lives when they failed to get together. Justus is really a little weird too & has premonitions.

       8. SALLY SETTLED FOR JUS WHEN SHE COULD HAVE HAD ME! If she's able to be deceived, then she's won over. She seems to be perfectly satisfied with Jus & the baby.--And if that's all she wants, that's all she's going to have. Jus brought this problem here & he's going to have to take care of it.

       9. THE EXPERIMENT WAS A FAILURE BECAUSE OF MY FAILURE, BECAUSE I DIDN'T MIND THE CHECKS OF THE LORD. My motive was pure, to try to help the kids get the Letters sooner. But our security was more important than that. The preservation of the Prophet was more important than the speed of the Message. Better the Message be delayed than the Messenger be endangered.

       10. SALLY FORSOOK HER FIRST LOVE, & JUS FAILED TO BE A FAITHFUL SHEPHERD. Eman traded companionship for the will of God, & I failed to heed the warning of the Holy Spirit. I got so anxious to try to improve the situation--a dangerous thing to do! I should never have done it, apparently. Thank God I never saw any of them or let them know where we live!--That's given us a little time anyway.

       11. APPARENTLY IN THIS PARTICULAR SITUATION, GOD ONLY GIVES YOU ONE CHANCE, & THAT'S THAT! You can't take a chance on failure at all. Jus muffed it because he was selfish, more interested in Sally than being a Shepherd. Sally was more interested in Jus than she was in me. Eman muffed it because obviously he was more interested in Gen than the Lord's work. So now he's going to get her, & it's going to be his problem. I muffed it because I didn't mind the checks of the Lord.

       12. GOD IS REALLY FURIOUS AT JUS & SALLY BOTH, FOR NOT BEING CONCERNED ABOUT THAT LITTLE LAMB, & they're unworthy of being shepherds because they were unconcerned about that baby. The fact of the matter is, the unconcern of all of them about that little child has shown them all unworthy of the honour of being here. God was testing them through that baby. The protection of that little lamb was the protection of the Word!

       13. GOD IS REALLY ANGRY AT JUSTUS' & SALLY'S SELFISH UNCONCERN ABOUT THAT BABY, starving to death right there in the same house! Their spiritual insensibility is virtually inexcusable!--So they're unworthy, & may all have to be sent back. It reminds me of Sam's song, "Watch a Baby Die!" Professing themselves to be so concerned about the Words, they jeopardised the whole Revolution through their unconcern about one little child!--What a condemnation!

       14. IF IT HAD NOT BEEN FOR BECKY'S RECOMMENDATION, I WOULD NEVER HAVE SENT FOR THAT WOMAN! I knew she was crazy from the first time I looked at her picture! So what we're really doing, in effect, is sending her back to Jeth & Becky too. They gave us the problem, now they're going to have to take care of her.

       15. ONE LITTLE LAMB IN THE FLOCK IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN JUS' JOB! If we don't care for the lambs, the Words are of no avail. It reminds me of the way Nathan walked in & pointed the finger at David. David thought, "This is a small thing, nobody will ever know!"--But he lost the Kingdom over it, at least for awhile.

       16. THE LORD FORSOOK THE NINETY-&-NINE IN THE FOLD & went out to look for the one lost sheep!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family