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PRECIPITATE A CRISIS!--Gen Story No.7       DO 1444       Tenerife 12/4/75

       1. I'M SURE THAT GHOSTS LIKE ABRAHIM ARE PROBABLY INTERESTED IN THESE NEW-FANGLED GADGETS THAT WERE NOT IN THEIR LIFETIME. Spirits have been known to pick up things & move things around, so he probably could have taken a tape off of this machine & put another tape on. But that would have probably scared us half to death or something! Especially things which are electronic, which take just a little small electrical impulse, seem to be very easy for them to operate, because they apparently operate in a realm of spiritual power.

       2. WHICH SHOWS THAT ELECTRICITY IS SOMEWHAT SPIRITUAL IN A SENSE! Turning off & on lights & turning the radio off & on. Spirits have been known to make radios play when the knob wasn't even turned on, somehow they made the connection. Anything that takes just a little tiny bit of electrical energy seems to be very simple for them to operate. So apparently Abrahim figured out how to scoot those tapes along, the ones he wants to hear! (On the automatic tape-changer!)

       3. BUT THAT WAS FUNNY HOW THAT TAPE CHANGED LAST NIGHT! The first time it changed I said, "Thank you, Rachel!" And what was it that Fernando said when it changed the next time, & then it changed again? (Maria: He said, "Rachel's a little sick!") It's really funny! It must be that Abrahim didn't like that next tape so he just ejected it! Well, Abrahim was very interested, no doubt, in Fernando, & thought he'd probably play him the ones he'd like to hear! TYJ! TYL! PTL! Thank you, Abrahim!

       4. WHENEVER I TALK ABOUT THINGS LIKE THIS I GET AWFUL CLOSE TO THE BORDER & I ALMOST FLIP OUT! I'm sure it would be very easy to get the answer to that, but I don't know that we need the answer to everything! Hallelujah! PYL! TYJ! (Tongues:) "The answers are simple to your father!" PTL! Just like Abrahim is saying there's nothing very complicated about this, praise the Lord? It's that simple!

       5. WELL, I'M CONVINCED THAT IN A WAY WE ARE NOT REALLY GIVING GEN, OR THE LORD, IN A SENSE, A FAIR TRIAL. I believe I'll be disappointed if they leave here before somebody has the faith to go down there & give God a chance to work, even if it causes an explosion! I don't think we would be fair either to her or to the Lord to let the Devil get away with it without at least one good solid confrontation!

       6. HAVE ANY OF YOU EVER HAD ANY EXPERIENCE AT ALL WITH CASTING OUT DEMONS?--Certainly you've had experience with rebuking the Devil! Have you prayed over anybody that you felt was possessed with an evil spirit or drugs or something else & that the Lord delivered them? That's close. Well, even if you haven't, there's always a first time! It's a commandment right in the Bible!

       7. I COMMANDED YOU GUYS TO GO DOWN THERE THAT NIGHT while all the Prime Ministers were here & agree together in the power of the Spirit & cast that thing out! Now what happened & why didn't you do it? You all went down & just prayed?--Don't give me that kind of an answer! There's a difference between just praying & literally commanding the spirit to be gone! Now did that ever happen at that session that night? If so, who did it?

       8. WHO TOOK CONTROL OF THE SITUATION & ORDERED THAT SPIRIT OUT? Talked to the spirit personally, directly, & commanded it to leave? Why didn't anybody ever do it? That's what I told you to do! Well, I don't think we're being fair to Gen. My Lord, think of what you're doing! You're sending the girl off without even giving her a chance to be delivered!

       9. NOW IT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE SHE WANTS TO BE, or at least is not very receptive as long as it injures her pride. Nevertheless, to demonstrate the power of God & the possibility & to really hold Gen fully accountable, you need to go down there & literally command that spirit to depart! Then if Gen wants it back again, that's her full total responsibility. We & the Lord have delivered her & if she allows it to come back in again, then that's her fault.

       10. BUT IN THIS PRESENT STATE, SHE, IN A SENSE, IS ALMOST LIKE ITS VICTIM! It is because of sin, of course, God has called her a perverse & rebellious woman. It's because of her own rejection of the Truth, waywardness, stubbornness, pride, rebelliousness--because of sin. That's the only reason these evil spirits can take hold--because of sin. TYL! Hallelujah! I never thought of that before! Just in the same inverse proportion to which the righteous can have the help of good spirits according to their righteousness, so the evil are afflicted with evil spirits according to their wickedness!

       11. IN OTHER WORDS, WE GET WHATEVER WE DESERVE OR WHATEVER IS OUR REWARD! Well, thank You Lord, I'm glad I at least deserve the help of one dear old Gypsy, God bless him! Amen, Lord forgive me! I'm sorry! TYJ! I'm so sorry. I blew it that time, he didn't like that! Oh, I've got all kinds of spirits helping me & seven angels besides, Lord forgive me, I'm sorry. (Maria: That's another point, when you were talking about the seven angels the other night, you said you wondered if the other folks prayed for protection down there & who was keeping guard on them.)

       12. YOU HAVE TO PRAY IN FAITH & ASK GOD! He says, ask! I mean there's no point in prayer at all unless God has some reason for it, & if God has some reason to ask you to pray & tells us to pray--which He does all the time--then why don't we do it? There must be a reason for it! He has apparently confined Himself & His operations to our faith & our requests. Thank You Lord for a Scripture! He says, "Ye have not because ye ask not"--as plain as day! (Jam.4:2). People could have a lot more if they'd ask for it. TYL! PYL! Sometimes I ask for less!

       13. (MARIA: JUST LIKE WITH DAVID HOYT, everybody got together & tried to cast the demon out, but they never really did!) They went & laid hands on him or something & just kind of prayed a general prayer, but nobody really with the authority of the Holy Spirit took command of the situation & genuinely commanded the spirit to depart!

       14. YOU HAVE TO SPEAK DIRECTLY TO THE EVIL SPIRIT & COMMAND IT TO DEPART! If you don't know its name, you can even demand its name, as Jesus & the Apostles did sometimes: "What is thy name?" (Mk.5:9). This is one thing that even the dear Body people, I think, have been fairly good at, discerning of spirits, demanding their names & then commanding them by name to come out! That way they can't go beating around the bush saying, "Not me, not me!"--because you're calling them by name! No wonder the Lord had to ask the name of that one case, because there were so many of them! "My name is Legion, for we are many!" (Mk.5:9).

       15. (FAITH: IN A WAY WE ALREADY HAVE THE NAME OF THE SPIRIT--REBELLION!) Rebelliousness & perverseness & really witchery, witchcraft! God's Word says, "These signs shall follow them which believe, they shall cast out demons"--evil spirits! (Mk.16:17). We use that Scripture all the time about healing, why don't we take the authority & cast out the evil spirit? God has used me along that line several times to do it, but in this case, in a sense, my hands are tied. Because of security I cannot go down there & reveal my looks & identity--which I have never done yet & I don't think I should. (Maria: It's sort of like the Lord's hands are tied except we do it for Him, too.)

       16. ONE OF THE THINGS THE DISCIPLES REJOICED ABOUT WHEN THE 70 CAME BACK WAS THAT EVEN THE EVIL SPIRITS WERE SUBJECT UNTO THEM! And Jesus said, "Rejoice more that your names are written in Heaven! (Lk.10:17,20). Then they came to Him once & said, "How come we can't cast out this particular evil spirit?" And He said, "Well, this kind"--showing that there are different kinds & different powers & strengths--"cometh not out save by fasting & prayer" (Mt.17:21). I mean, a lot of real desperate seeking of God & fasting!

       17. THIS WAS WHY I TOLD YOU I DIDN'T WANT YOU TO EAT BEFORE YOU WENT DOWN THERE! You'd fasted quite awhile & I thought it was a good time, after the inspiration of that session, to go straight down & cast out the devil! Now why did no one take command of the situation? Who did the praying? What happened & why didn't you do it then? Think of all the agony you could have saved us since then if you'd been successful! (Discusses incident of his shoe being taken off the other night:)

       18. SOMEBODY SAID THE OTHER NIGHT I KICKED MY SHOE OFF--I DID NOT KICK MY SHOE OFF, AS GOD BEARS ME WITNESS, unless I did it absolutely unconsciously. Somebody took my shoe off! I have no recollection whatsoever of in any way deliberately taking off my shoe or kicking it off. (Sara: It wasn't deliberate. I saw it come off, you just uncrossed your foot. It didn't slide off, it was really weird, it just came off!) Sort of fell off. Well, I can show you that is totally impossible just from crossing my legs. I can show you right now that even if I loosen the shoe so that the heels are hanging off, just crossing my leg doesn't take my shoe off. I'd have to shake it off to get it off!--And look, it landed upside-down!

       19. I KNOW I DIDN'T TAKE MY SHOE OFF, I had no recollection of it, because I was so amazed when I looked down there & saw I had one shoe off. There was my shoe lying down there right in front of me straight open, rightside-up & pointing straight ahead. I don't think I could in any way have kicked it off so that it would land that way, even if I kicked it off, which I didn't! If I did, it was totally unconsciously, so it's still the Lord. Anyway, I know it was the Lord whether you believe it or not!

       20. (MARIA: WELL, ANOTHER REASON THEY DIDN'T EXORCISE IT WAS BECAUSE FAITHY SAID SHE DIDN'T REALLY FEEL THE UNITY BEHIND HER.) I want to tell you, you have got to be in total unity of the Spirit & really concentrating on it & really united together & praying desperately, all of you together, backing up the one who's leading in prayer. And if they don't, let me tell you, you need to turn around & command them & rebuke them for not cooperating!

       21. I'VE SEEN MY MOTHER DO THAT MANY A TIME! When people were talking or moving around she'd say, "Be quiet! Stand still! You concentrate & pray with me right now! No more movement, no more talking, every one of you pray!" She used to throw the fear of God into them & try to scare them into praying desperately, "You don't want this thing to get into you, do you?" That sort of shakes people up & makes them pray!

       22. WHY ARE WE SO AFRAID TO PRAY?--WE'VE GOT THE BACKING OF GOD'S WORD! If you believe in God & you believe in prayer at all, if you believe in the Word of God, it says there plain as day, that's the thing to do! Now why don't we do it? I don't think we're really giving Gen a fair chance! In a way, we're not even giving the Devil a fair chance to expose himself! If you really pray desperately & in faith, claiming the Word of God, "these signs shall follow them which believe--they shall cast out demons!"

       23. BELOVED, IF THERE'S A GOD, IF THERE'S A JESUS, IF YOU BELIEVE THE BIBLE, if you're saved, if any of this is true at all, that is true, & the spirit has to obey & depart because God's Word says so! All powers are given unto you through Jesus Christ! Jesus said, "All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth!" (Mt.28:18)--& through the Name of Jesus Christ you have that power & you can command them to come out! I know it, it's the Lord! It's by His Holy Spirit, no special credit to you except that you believe, because I've done it & it can happen! You can do it, a little child could do it with faith!

       24. THAT HUGE GREAT DANE THAT STARTED TO POUNCE ON ME WHEN I WAS A LITTLE KID DELIVERING HANDBILLS WAS FULL OF THE DEVIL! I had just heard some evangelist talking about rebuking the Devil & things like that, & that dog came bounding at me, it was going to kill me, tear me to pieces! But I just pointed my finger straight in his face & I said, "I rebuke you in Jesus' name!"--& that dog just froze in his tracks, put on the skids & skidded to a stop a few inches from my nose & turned tail, yelping as he went, just like somebody kicked him! You know how dogs yelp when they're scared. He tucked his tail between his legs & ran! So you can have authority over evil spirits. I'm sure that dog was demon-possessed!

       25. IT'S A SHAME TO JUST ABSOLUTELY GIVE UP IN DEFEAT, IT'S TERRIBLE! Why should we dump Gen & her problem on whole Colonies of people where she's already infected several children with her evil spirits that cause fits! Why don't we go down there & get rid of them? We need to give the poor girl a chance, we need to give ourselves a chance & give God a chance to do the job!

       26. GOD IS JUST WAITING ON US TO COMMAND THE SITUATION! He even said to Moses, "Command thou Me!" He's given such faith & power to man that you can even command God to do what you want Him to do for you! (Isa.45:11). If you're righteous, doing the right thing & trying to please God, love Him & have faith in His Word at all, you can ask God to do what you want Him to do. He's already promised to do it in His Word, to answer prayer, & I don't really think we're fair to that girl until we do.

       27. BUT YOU HAVE TO REALLY BE IN THE SPIRIT, LET ME TELL YOU, & WITH THE AUTHORITY & POWER OF GOD COMMAND THAT EVIL SPIRIT TO DEPART IN THE NAME OF JESUS! In the first place, I think in all fairness to her, she has got to be faced with the Scripture that God gave. (Faith: I think that's one of the things that will give us the authority & the power!) By that authority you know she is possessed or whatever it is, whatever you want to call it, & you've got to face her with it!

       28. AS FAR AS THE INITIAL EXORCISM THAT THE LORD & THE APOSTLES PERFORMED, they didn't necessarily always have the cooperation of the individual, but to remain clean, then the will of the individual is involved. They must desire to remain clean, as the Lord Himself showed about the one where the evil spirit was cast out, but then he went & got seven more spirits worse than he was & came back & entered in, & the last estate was worse than the first! (Mt.12:45). So there's where the individual will of the subject is concerned.

       29. THEY HAVE GOT TO DESIRE TO REMAIN CLEAN, & in order to do so they must be really saved & have the Holy Spirit, have Jesus to protect them & be repentant. As I say, you could cast demons out all day long, but if the subject's not cooperative, they'll come right back in again! So this also proves something else, & that is, whether she is cooperative or not & wants to be delivered.

       30. IF THERE'S ANY POSSIBILITY THAT THAT POOR WOMAN WANTS TO BE DELIVERED, WE SHOULD GIVE HER A CHANCE TO GET OUT FROM UNDER THAT POWER, & that demon has to obey! You folks should go down there in faith & pray in the Name of Jesus & command that spirit to depart! Show her the verse, read it to her, tell her how I got it, it was God's answer, & therefore we know what the trouble is & she had better confess it! If she confesses it & is repentant & sorry & acts like she really wants to be delivered, that's all the better! Then you've got the cooperation of her spirit too on your side to get rid of the evil spirit!

       31. BUT EVEN IF SHE WON'T CONFESS IT, YOU CAN STILL COMMAND THE DEMON TO GO IN THE NAME OF JESUS! She may let it back in later, but at least you can get rid of it at the moment just to prove & demonstrate the power of God! Then if she lets it back in it's her fault. And also show her that it's an evil spirit. The Devil may even have her deceived into thinking it's all natural. But one of the surest proofs as far as I'm concerned is the fact that every child she's taken care of has developed the same trouble, fits, convulsions & spasms, & somebody needs to tell her that.

       32. IF SHE ARGUES & SAYS SHE HASN'T GOT IT & SHE'S NOT THAT WAY, ask her flat out, "How do you explain the fact that every child you have taken care of in the Revolution has developed this kind of trouble? Tell us, how come?" That's hardly just coincidental! If it was one other case, OK, but three other cases is no coincidence! Not even by the law of averages does it come even close! It's about 100% hitting it on the head every time! In other words, there is really no child she has taken care of for any length of time that hasn't! So I really don't think we're being fair & I don't think we're really giving God a chance or the Scripture God gave us in answer, & I think we need to. God has given the answer, as far as He's concerned, of what the ultimate result is going to be, but I still think we have to give it a chance.

       33. GOD'S NOT GOING TO ALLOW HER TO GO BEYOND WHATEVER HE'S GOING TO ALLOW, but He does allow the Devil to operate, & his demons also, for a reason, but He expects you to be in control of the situation & command it. That's a part of our task--delivering the World from the Enemy & from his diseases. If they weren't here, you couldn't deliver them, right? So how is God going to manifest His power unless He has some opposition to show it against?

       34. SO WHY DON'T YOU GET DOWN THERE, FACE HER WITH THE SCRIPTURE & TELL HER THIS IS WHAT GOD HAS SAID. This will do several things. For one thing, like I told you before, it will show whether she really has any faith in God's Word through me, whether she believes what I say. If she rejects it & refuses to believe it & will not accept it, it shows that she has rejected me--which shows right where her problem is! She's rejecting the Word of God & God's Messenger! So that's bad enough even if she didn't have any other vices--rebelliousness & perverseness! Perverseness included the rejection of the Truth, didn't it?--Waywardness, etc.

       35. IT'S JUST LIKE YOU OWE IT TO THE SINNER, IN ORDER TO TRY TO WIN HIM, TO TELL HIM HE'S A SINNER! You might as well save your breath if he doesn't know he's a sinner. If you don't start off by telling him what's wrong with him, & that he is a sinner, how's he ever going to know he needs a Saviour? Your job is to tell him, "You are a sinner!"--& that's your job with Gen! You've got the responsibility to go down there & tell her she is a sinner, God has said she's a sinner!

       36. WELL, I DON'T THINK WE HAVE FINISHED THE JOB OR GIVEN HER A FAIR CHANCE! When I think about them leaving on the boat Sunday & that we're going to let them go, & go with that problem, I get all kinds of wild imaginations of her [EDITED: "harming the baby and/or herself"] or all kinds of crazy things the Devil can get her to do, anything to bring reproach! [DELETED] [EDITED: "A"]nything to try to bring reproach on us!

       37. THE DEVIL LOVES TO SAY, "AHA, SEE, YOU'RE A FAILURE! Your God didn't work, you couldn't even take care of or control this one little situation, this one little girl & her baby!" It's a stubborn situation, that's for sure, & it's a stubborn spirit, but it doesn't matter how stubborn it is, you've got the authority & the power to cast it out! Now you either have or you haven't! I mean it! If Jesus Christ is real, you have! If you haven't got the power to throw out that spirit, then you haven't got Jesus Christ & Jesus Christ isn't real, He never rose from the dead & we are of all men most miserable & our faith is in vain! (1Cor.15:19,2).

       38. SO IF YOU HAVE FAITH AT ALL, YOU HAVE FAITH IN JESUS CHRIST & HIS WORD & WHAT HE HAS PROMISED, YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO DOWN THERE & COMMAND THAT SPIRIT TO DEPART! We have done all kinds of praying from here, I've tried to think of verses, but I couldn't get you guys to do it! I was so disappointed when you didn't, I said, "Well, Lord, You sent Your Word & healed them, we've joined together & rebuked the Devil, & maybe the Lord can do it without us being there!"

       39. BUT NO, APPARENTLY GOD FOR SOME REASON WANTS HER EXPOSED PUBLICLY BEFORE YOU! HE WANTS THE DEVIL CONFRONTED FACE-TO-FACE! He's not going to do it some nice easy way by a prayer meeting up here & suddenly she's delivered down there. She is going to have to be confronted with the Word of God & confess or not! And I'll tell you what it usually does when a sinner doesn't want to confess, it causes them to rise up in angry denial! Well, if that demon then rises up in angry denial, he's exposing himself right on the spot, & that's the time to call a spade a spade & call him by name & tell him to get the Hell out of there! Just call him by name, "You demon of rebelliousness & perverseness"--that's what God said--pride--"depart from her!" Amen?

       40. WELL, WHO WANTS TO VOLUNTEER? WHO THINKS YOU OUGHT TO? Good night, you all ought to volunteer! You ought to volunteer to do it together! Well, somebody usually leads the way & has to lead the prayer. "One can chase a thousand, two can put ten thousand to flight!" (Deut.32:30). What do you think He's talking about?--Some kind of soldiers in an army or something?--No doubt evil spirits! So if you guys go down there & unite in prayer you ought to be able to chase thousands! I just don't think we have done right & we're not fair unless we do.

       41. THEN AFTER SHE IS DELIVERED FROM THE DIRECT POWER OF SATAN, IF SHE STILL WILL NOT REPENT or confess & her own spirit remains rebellious & stubborn & proud, well, your job is done, because then it's her full responsibility. You have given her a chance to be out from under the influence of the Devil, but if she muffs it & refuses to accept it, then her last estate's going to be worse than before! And as Paul says, if necessary, you can [DELETED] [EDITED: "t"]urn her body right over to Satan, if he wants to kill her, to save her soul (1Cor.5:5).

       42. GEN NEEDS TO BE FACED WITH GOD'S WORD & ASKED TO CONFESS & REPENT, WHICH WILL MAKE YOUR JOB EVEN EASIER! But if she refuses, then you simply have to hit the Devil head-on & rebuke him & cast him out anyhow, whether he likes it or not! If then when delivered, her own spirit is still in a state of pride & rebellion & perverseness, then there's nothing more you can do. If she lets it back in, that's her responsibility. She may have let it in before she was saved, in days of ignorance or something. But now she'll be responsible.

       43. SO ARE YOU GOING TO DO IT OR AREN'T YOU? Well, you've only got one more day to go. You're either going to have to do it tonight or tomorrow. So you'd better talk it over with those folks & get together in prayer & face her with the Scripture, ask for her confession & repentance even if you don't get it. If you get it, all the better! If you don't get it, command the spirit anyhow to depart from her & the house & the island, period!--Or we have really failed God if we don't give Him a chance to show what He can do.

       44. YOU ARE GOING TO SEE SOMETHING HAPPEN, SOME CHANGE IN HER, & it will be either for the better or the worse, because you've had to precipitate a crisis! Either she's going to be delivered or God's going to turn her over completely to Satan! If she goes stark raving mad & starts climbing the walls, well, then we've got all the better reason to get rid of her!

       45. IT WASN'T UNTIL EVE'S BROTHER-IN-LAW PUT HIS WIFE IN AN INSTITUTION FOR A YEAR THAT SHE FINALLY DECIDED CRIME DIDN'T PAY! He finally got sick & fed up with her shenanigans & just had her put away, & boy, when she came out, she was on her best behaviour, she didn't want to go back! She was the one I told you about that didn't like the shock treatments! (See "Shock Treatment!" No.1008.)

       46. SO JESUS, WE AGAIN COMMIT THIS MATTER TO THEE! Forgive us for our failures, forgive us for the fearfulness of some, forgive us for the lack of faith of some, forgive us for the disobedience of some whom we commanded to do this before & it still wasn't done! Forgive us for the slothfulness of some, Lord, even the lack of faith & spiritual power! Lord, forgive & deliver these here & those there. Help them to be able by the authority of Thy Word, according to Thy Own Word, Lord, & in Thy Name, according to Thy commandments, to cast out the demons, whatever they are, & deliver that girl--at least long enough to be in her right mind & under the control of her own spirit to make her own decision, & then, Lord, whatever decision she makes is her responsibility.

       47. AS LONG AS THAT DEVIL'S IN CONTROL, IN A WAY, SHE'S NOT REALLY RESPONSIBLE, EVEN THOUGH IT IS HER SINS THAT HAVE ALLOWED IT. But Lord, it's our responsibility to give her one more chance, & to give Thee one more chance to totally deliver her instead of just ending up in total failure & a continued source of trouble & problems, just shifting her from one place to the other. Forgive us, Lord, & help us in Jesus' name! Have Thy way, Lord.

       48. WE HOPE, LORD, THERE'S A POSSIBILITY SHE MAY WAKE UP WHEN SHE IS DELIVERED FROM THE POWER OF THE ENEMY, TO WANT TO STAY DELIVERED & ask Thee to fill her heart by Thy Spirit & protect her & keep her, & confess her pride & perverseness & rebelliousness & witchery & repent of it, Lord, & really ask to be delivered. If not, Lord, at least we have done what we could & we have obeyed Thy Word & we have given her a chance. If she prefers for her last estate to be worse than it was before, then that will be her choice, we will have done what we could. Help us to give Thee a chance, Lord, in Jesus' name. Amen! TYL!

       49. I BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO IT, BELOVED! I felt like chickening out & avoiding the whole thing if we could, because from what I can see now she has not been very receptive to yielding or accepting what the Lord has said thus far & rejects it, refuses to believe it, won't confess, won't repent, & this is a bad sign. But it could be because of the influence of the Enemy, who now has control.

       50. BUT IF YOU DELIVER HER FROM THAT CONTROL & she still by her own spirit makes her own free will & choice to serve the Devil, then may the Devil take her! Because we sure don't want her with an evil spirit & neither will God, & we will need to get rid of her for sure! So I think you all need to discuss it & decide on when to do it. I think we really need to have a confrontation & give the girl a chance & give the Lord a chance, give the Word a chance!--If it does nothing else but to expose to those there, including her husband & all, her true colours & her true problem.

       51. GOD'S WORD NEVER FAILS!--IT EITHER SAVES OR DAMNS! She's either going to be saved or damned! But you're going to know, you're going to know what she wants, whether she wants God or the Devil! If out from under the influence of that spirit, she of her own free will & choice wants to serve the Lord & be delivered, then the Lord will deliver her! If not, she'll let it right back in again & probably more also & be worse off! But who knows, maybe it will at least give the baby a chance by delivering her. If she cuts up hijinks so that she obviously shows herself to be absolutely insane or crazy, we've got a good excuse to put her away where she can't do any harm! I mean literally take the baby away from her & have her put in an institution! So she's going to do one or the other, & one or the other has got to improve the situation somehow.

       52. MAYBE THE LORD'S GIVEN US A LESSON IN THIS, BECAUSE WE'RE GOING TO RUN INTO A LOT OF THIS SORT OF THING. I understand we've got another one or two in the Revolution already. It's nothing in the World but the Devil! (Maria: Faithy's concerned about them trying to get in unity down there, because some have shown themselves to be weak before.)

       53. IF YOU FEEL THERE IS ANYBODY THERE WHO IS NOT WITH YOU IN SPIRIT, THE THING TO DO IS LIKE JESUS DID, SHUT THEM OUT! Tell them to get out of the room! We don't want them getting that devil! He made them get out of the room, & then He commanded the girl to rise up. (Mk.5:40,41). If there's anybody there you don't feel is really with you & in tune & united in the power of the Spirit, then ask them to please leave. Even if in your own spirit you feel they are weak somehow & their spirit bothers you, just tell them, "Would you mind not being in here? Please get out of the room."

       54. JUST CHOOSE THE PEOPLE THAT YOU FEEL REALLY HAVE THE FAITH & ARE GOING TO BE UNITED WITH YOU. However, if they're not there, in a way you may deprive them of a very good lesson that they would get to see. But if they have so little faith that it drags your faith down, it's better that they not be there. They can see the results afterward if necessary. They may not even understand it!--If they're so weak & vacillating as (Eve's) Stephen was the other day, one day convinced it's witchcraft & the next day saying she's a very good mother & it's all natural.

       55. GOD HELP THESE GEMINIS, SOME OF WHOM ARE SO WAVERING & VACILLATING! It's pitiful! One day they're convinced, the next day they aren't--off again, on again, gone again! They never seem to be able to take a real stand of faith & stay there!--One day in the heights & the next in the depths, one day they're convinced & the next day they're doubting. A lot of people besides some Geminis are like that too. Anyway, TYL! PTL! So who's going to do it? Of course, I'll be praying for you--I've already prayed for you. You've got the Lord going for you!

       56. DON'T SAY "IF" ABOUT ANYTHING! FAITH IS FAITH, YOU EITHER KNOW IT OR YOU DON'T KNOW IT! You either believe it or you don't. Do you believe if you pray for that girl in faith that God will do something? I believe it! No matter what happens afterward, He's going to manifest His power & obey the commands & show you His power & the power of His Name, the power of His Word. He has to or He's not God, He has to!

       57. I'VE NEVER PUT MYSELF REALLY OUT ON A LIMB & DEMANDED GOD TO DO A CERTAIN THING BUT WHAT HE DID SOMETHING! It wasn't always the thing that I necessarily was demanding--usually it was--but He showed me the answer or something. When you cry unto Him with a whole heart He promises "I will answer thee!" (Jer.33:3). Now do you really want us to get rid of that problem, or do you want that problem always with you & have to nurse her clear across on the boat & keep her from jumping overboard with the baby & all that kind of stuff? Wouldn't you rather dump it here & get rid of it & have her delivered so you can carry on, if possible?

       58. OF COURSE, IF NOT, THEN SHE WILL VERY LIKELY BE WORSE! If God's given her a chance & then she muffs it, then He will turn her over to the Devil, absolutely! She will really let the Devil in in full control, no doubt. One way or the other we're going to get the victory.--Either get rid of the Devil or get rid of her & the Devil with her! PTL?

       59. DO YOU BELIEVE GOD CAN DO IT? DO YOU BELIEVE IT ENOUGH TO GO DOWN THERE & TRY IT? Well, you're going to have to face her, first of all, & confront her with the Scripture & say, "This is the answer Dad got on you!" It was supernatural, miraculous, I had no knowledge of that Scripture, I didn't even know where it was! I thought at first it was someplace else in the Bible, I thought it was in Genesis about Sarah.

       60. I THINK MOTHER EVE MAY BE RIGHT, IT'S SORT OF A PASSIVE REBELLION LIKE SARA ULM'S WAS. But I don't think there is really any passive rebellion! It may look passive on the surface but it's very active inside! She's just the kind who just doesn't say much. But you've gotta bring it out! Precipitate a crisis! Go down there & confront the Devil & command him to go! Amen? Amen! PTL! GBAKY & help you, in Jesus' name, amen.

(To be continued)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family