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A MILLENNIAL QUESTION!        DFO 1445        8/11/82

       1. (FAMILY: I HAD A QUESTION ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM. I HEARD BEFORE IN OUR OLD CLASSES THAT WHILE THE DEVIL'S LOCKED UP FOR A THOUSAND YEARS THERE'S NO SIN.) Those weren't my classes, because the Bible doesn't say there's no sin then! I don't think I ever said there was no sin in the Millennium! That's the whole idea, to give'm a final test & chance! Well, the wicked aren't going to have the help of the Devil in all their wickedness, but it's kind of like that little story I used to tell about Fred Jordan's little boy, remember that one?
       2. HE GOT IN A FIGHT IN SCHOOL & WAS SENT HOME, & his father had warned him, "If you ever get sent home from school for anything, you're going to get a spanking!" So his father was giving him this little lecture before the spanking, as fathers do, explaining "why I have to give you this spanking & why it hurts me more than it does you" & all that stuff, as usual with fathers.
       3. I ALWAYS WONDERED ABOUT THAT! In fact, I dreaded the lecture much more than the spanking! I wished my father would hurry up & get it over with so I could go back out to play! That bothered me worse than anything, having to stand there & listen to those long lectures! But I guess maybe that's where I learned a lot!--That's what I needed most!
       4. SO HIS FATHER WAS SAYING, "YOU KNOW, IT WAS REALLY BAD OF YOU TO THROW THAT ROCK AT THAT LITTLE BOY! But then when he came up & started a fight, for you to even spit in his face on top of it, that was really bad! Don't you realise the Devil is the one that told you to do that! You don't want to do what the Devil tells you to do!--Do you?" But Fred Jr. said, "Well Dad, the Devil did tell me to throw the rock at him, but spitting in his face was my own idea!"--Ha!
       5. SO DURING THE MILLENNIUM IT'S ALL GOING TO BE THEIR OWN IDEA, they won't have to have the Devil to encourage them! They'll probably remember enough evil from before! There will still be free will & there will still be people who disobey, even whole countries & nations that will rebel or refuse to obey, & God will withhold the rain, He said so! (Zech.14:17)--Or consume them with fire! (Zech.14:12)
       6. I'M SORRY TO SAY, SIN IS HERE TO STAY WITH SOME PEOPLE, EVEN THROUGHOUT THE MILLENNIUM! (Rev.20:7-9) Even in the New Earth we'll still be healing folks from its final effects!--But without the Devil's further influence--he'll be in Hell!
       7. THE MILLENNIUM IS AGAIN A TESTING TIME to give the survivors of Armageddon a chance to choose between the Kingdom of God & the sin already in the World since Adam & Eve!--And there'll be a final test, the rebellion of the Wicked under the released Satan in the Battle of Gog & Magog at the end of the Millennium, when they'll all be burned up with the surface of the Earth to purify it for the New Earth!--Heaven at last! (See other Millennium Letters, Nos.1428,1435,1441,1447.)


Dream from Monday Morning, 21 March 1983

       8. (About 2:30 a.m. Dad had just gone to a sleep when he suddenly woke up & said:)
       9. THERE WAS A FLASH OF LIGHTNING & I JUST SAW A PLANE CRASH INTO THE SEA OFF THE COAST SOMEWHERE! I don't think it was a big one--it seemed like a smaller one. It looked like the lightning sheared off a wing. It was quite a ways away in the distance--quite far off the shore. I have no idea where it was. I saw it just as clear as anything & for no reason! I wasn't even thinking about planes. It looked like a wing just came off & the plane, sort of folded up like the wings of a bird, only they folded the wrong way, up instead of down, & the whole thing plummetted into the sea! Maybe we'll read about it in the paper.

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