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A MILLENNIAL DREAM TRIP!--To Russia!       DFO 1447       2/11/82

       1. PTL! TYJ! IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DREAM, ALL ABOUT RUSSIA!--A TRIP TO RUSSIA! It seemed like quite a long dream, it went on & on in such detail. I don't think I could possibly remember all of it, but several things were very outstanding.

       2. IT WAS LIKE SOME KIND OF NEW UNUSUAL TOUR OF RUSSIA OR A TRIP TO MOSCOW being offered by the tourist bureau, I think they call it Intourist or something like that. And the odd thing about it was, it was an entirely new kind of trip where you went across the Arctic & you landed in a town that was up near the Arctic Circle, quite a large town, small city maybe. Maybe it was Murmansk, I don't know. I don't really remember the exact name of the town. I don't know if I knew it.

       3. IT WAS THIS SPECIAL PRE-PLANNED TOUR IN WHICH YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW the itinerary, & it was either free or very cheap or it seemed like I was invited to take the trip, & it went on & on! In fact, I even woke up & went to the toilet once & after that I went to dreaming it again! It seemed like I just went on & on dreaming it all night! It's funny, because dreams don't usually go on that long.

       4. ODDLY ENOUGH, I SEEMED TO BE ALONE & YOUNGER. Why, I don't know. I never know until sometimes later as I tell it or as the Lord interprets the dream, explains it or reveals it, whether it's literal or symbolic or I'm being taken on a trip by somebody else or in the spirit or what!--Although this seemed quite literal & physical. Of course it was a dream, but I seemed to be very very much in a normal state.

       5. BUT ANYHOW, THE TRIP BEGAN WITH SOME KIND OF A NEW APPROACH, this special tour across the Arctic Circle. It wasn't exactly clear in the dream where we left from, but they were offering this new type of approach to Russia from across the Arctic Circle, & we landed at this small city.

       6. AND THE ODD THING ABOUT IT WAS THAT IT SEEMED TO BE SUMMERTIME & EVERYTHING WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! How it could be Summertime at the Arctic Circle, I don't know, but I remember the parks were green. And although it was quite cold & we were wearing heavy clothing, coats & all, it was sunny & very pretty. The trees were leafy & the grass was green, it seemed almost like Springtime! Really beautiful!

       7. IT SEEMED ALMOST LIKE THEY WERE SO PROUD OF THEIR COUNTRY & THIS BEAUTIFUL TIME OF YEAR that they were offering this special trip to show you how beautiful Russia could be in the Springtime, even so far up North. When I got there I could hardly believe how pretty it was!

       8. OF COURSE, I DON'T KNOW WHETHER IT WAS NOW OR IN THE MILLENNIUM OR WHEN! From a few things that happened, it seemed like it would hardly be in the Millennium, but it's possible. Things are pretty natural & normal in the Millennium, the people & all, & they were certainly being unusually kind & hospitable & seemed extremely desirous of having us visit & tour Russia & see how nice it was.

       9. SO IT BEGAN FIRST IN THIS SMALL CITY IN THE NORTH. Funny thing, I can't remember Maria being there. And because of something that happened later at the very end--the most impressive thing of all that happened about this girl--I'm almost sure she you couldn't have been there! At least you weren't there right then. Maybe you were somewhere else with the tour group or something.

       10. BUT I KNOW YOU WEREN'T THERE AT THE END OF THE DREAM IN THAT LAST VERY BEAUTIFUL CHARMING ROMANTIC SCENE!--Not that you would have objected, but there were just the three of us there, her male companion & me were sitting on both sides of her in the park where she did her dance. But that was the end of the dream--although it was the most impressive & sort of the grand finale--but I'd better tell you the rest first.

       11. IT SEEMED LIKE QUITE A BIT OF THE DREAM WAS WALKING & BICYCLING, almost like one of those bicycle tours of Europe where you stay in hostels, etc. We were invited to go as a group, & it was either free or very cheap or economical. Part of the time we walked, part of the time we bicycled & part of the time we seemed to be riding a bus. Apparently the longer distances we rode a bus, then we got off in the town & we walked or bicycled around to see things closer up.

       12. I REMEMBER THE FIRST THING WE DID, WE WALKED INTO THIS TOURIST BUREAU OFFICE, I guess they called it Intourist. I don't remember that name in the dream, but it was obviously the tourist bureau, & they were very kind & courteous & ingratiating & trying to be extremely hospitable & make a good impression.

       13. THEY WERE GIVING US THESE BROCHURES & MAPS OF THE PLACES WE WERE GOING TO GO. I remember the first town we were going to go to, they gave us this map, it wasn't in colour or anything, but just a black-&-white sketch of a fairly small town. The map was about a meter square & the name of the town was written on it.

       14. I CAN'T IMAGINE THERE BEING A TOWN BY SUCH A NAME, BUT THE NAME OF THE TOWN WAS THEME! It was written right on the map! It wasn't written in Russian, but in English, so I presume we were some type of English-speaking tour & they were using English as a medium of communication. I spoke English at the tourist bureau & they were spreading out these maps & showing us the route & the itinerary we were going to follow, & showing us these brochures of pictures of places & all that sort of thing.

       15. IT WAS ALL VERY VERY INTERESTING! It's amazing what detail those dreams go into sometimes! I couldn't say this one was like watching a movie, it was more like I was really there! I was really travelling! I just couldn't possibly remember it all, I don't think, all those details--it was so long & with so many things & so many places--but I remember several things that stood out particularly in the dream.

       16. I REMEMBER THAT WE WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO LEAVE THE GROUP & we weren't supposed to get off of the route or the itinerary that had been mapped out for us. I remember one small town where I got interested in something & I wanted to take a little different route through town because of something I saw, I can't even remember what it was. I was looking at the map to see which way to go & I was very gently chided not to part from the group & not to take off on my own.

       17. I ONLY GOT A FEW STEPS AWAY & I WAS IMMEDIATELY CONFRONTED WITH A "GUIDE" who said, "I'm sorry, but I can't allow you to leave the group or the set proposed itinerary."--And I soon realised we were quite definitely under control & everything was planned & there was no departing from the set itinerary that they had laid out for us. Lord help me to remember it, in Jesus' name, the important parts.

       18. SO IT WAS VERY VERY INTERESTING TO SEE THE PEOPLE & to hear the guide explaining this & that as we went along, showing us major points of interest. The people, of course, were the most interesting to me of anybody. As they used to say, "People are more interesting than anybody"--an old joke. But they really were & they were friendly & they would look at us & smile.

       19. ONCE IN AWHILE IT SEEMED LIKE SOME KIND OF STREET VENDORS WOULD COME UP & OFFER US THE THINGS FOR SALE from their little trays that they carried. Maybe some of them were pushcarts. But apparently they were allowed to sell things to the tourists, like souvenirs & things like that. Well, it went on & on & it was very interesting. Sometimes we were riding bicycles & sometimes we were walking around in a group, being guided around some particular part of town.

       20. I CAN IMAGINE THINGS MIGHT EVEN BE LIKE THAT DURING THE MILLENNIUM!--Because everything was very nice & peaceful & everybody seemed to be happy & friendly. The Russian guides seemed to particularly be trying very hard to be very courteous & hospitable & helpful, almost as though it was very important that they make a good impression, like we were some kind of official guests or dignitaries & they were trying real hard to make us like the trip & like their country. I just can't remember it all, but I'll give you a couple of outstanding scenes that really struck me. I thought one was quite funny & amusing!

       21. IT WAS QUITE A LENGTHY TRIP ALL THE WAY FROM UP THERE IN THE NORTH, & as we got further & further South, it got sunnier & warmer & prettier & there were more & more people. It seemed to be unusually nice weather! I can't understand that, because from what I've heard of Russia, especially in the North, it's a very cold miserable place!--Ice & snow & mud & darkness, etc.

       22. BUT IT WAS ALMOST AS THOUGH EVERYWHERE IT WAS SPRINGTIME! That could be a sign of the Millennium too, because in the Millennium the Curse & the results of the Curse will be removed & the Earth partially restored to pre-Curse conditions.

       23. I THINK THAT APPARENTLY ONE PART OF THE CURSE OR CONSEQUENCE OF THE FALL OF MAN WAS A CHANGE IN THE CLIMATE. Obviously Adam & Eve were created naked in that lovely Garden, which was apparently so paradisiacally warm that they needed no clothes!--Until they left the Garden, when suddenly they had to clothe themselves with furs & skins of animals! It must have either suddenly turned cold or it was cold outside of the Garden.

       24. SOME SCIENTISTS WHO ARE CHRISTIANS HAVE THEORISED THAT THAT'S WHEN THE SO-CALLED "ICE AGE" OCCURRED in which the Earth's axis, as a consequence of the Fall & sins of man, was suddenly tilted off of its perpendicular position in relation to the plane of its rotation around the Sun, so that there came severe cold Winters & hot Summers instead of the usual mild temperate same kind of weather almost year-round.

       25. THEY SAID IF THE EARTH'S AXIS WERE PERPENDICULAR TO THE PLANE OF ITS ROTATION AROUND THE SUN, that both North & South would receive the same kind of weather & the same sunlight all the time, & there would be hardly any Summer or Winter or change in the weather or seasons. Although it does say in Genesis that the Sun, Moon & stars, etc. will be for signs & for seasons, & that Springtime & Harvest would continue as long as the Earth endured, etc. (Ge.1:14; 8:22)

       26. WELL, SEASONS COULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE IN THE EARLY AGES OF THE EARTH without there being any extreme drastic changes in the weather or the horrible extremes that there are today, from hot Summers to freezing ice cold frozen Winters, that the seasons could have been much milder. Springtime & Harvest doesn't necessarily mean that they had to be especially hot or cold temperatures.

       27. AND SOME SCIENTISTS WHO ARE CHRISTIANS & BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE & THE LORD, THEORISE THAT THE CLIMATE MUST HAVE BEEN VERY MILD--it certainly was in the Garden of Eden to be running around naked--so it must have been very pleasant with very moderate temperatures. The extremes of heat & cold apparently did not occur until after the Fall of man, when he was cast out of the Garden & had to have fur coats, furnished by the Lord Himself to protect them from the weather which must have suddenly turned cold somehow or another. (Ge.3:21)

       28. THEY THEORISE THAT THAT'S WHEN THE EARTH WAS EVEN TIPPED OFF OF ITS VERTICAL ROTATION A FEW DEGREES. The poles are tipped a few degrees so that the Earth does not always present exactly the same angle of its surface to the Sun's rays, & this therefore causes the extremes of heat & cold, Summer & Winter, etc.

       29. BUT IT SEEMED LIKE ON THIS TRIP THROUGH RUSSIA, EVERYTHING WAS BEAUTIFUL! IT WAS SUNNY, IT WAS SPRINGTIME! There was green grass in all the cities & little town parks, the trees fully leafed-out & flowers & everybody really seemed like they were happy!

       30. SO SURELY THAT MUST BE SOMETHING LIKE THE MILLENNIUM! I can't imagine any towns that beautiful & that pleasant a climate & nice weather anywhere in Northern Russia, much less clear up near the Arctic Circle in places like Murmansk or wherever we were! But anyhow, that's the way it was. Sometimes there's no accounting for what things are like in a dream!

       31. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL & THE PEOPLE WERE LOVELY & FRIENDLY & KIND, BUT WE WERE NOT ALLOWED TO VARY OR TO GO OFF ON LITTLE PRIVATE JAUNTS FROM THE ASSIGNED TOUR. We weren't allowed to change our venue or menu of sights to leave the party or the guide for little jaunts on our own. We were constantly herded back together by these watchdogs, or maybe I ought to call them sheepdogs that sort of kept us rounded up!

       32. IF YOU'VE EVER SEEN A SHEEPDOG AT WORK KEEPING A FLOCK OF SHEEP TOGETHER, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! They're very very smart! They don't make themselves too manifest, they just sort of circle out on the fringes & don't bother the sheep at all as long as they stay together--until the minute one starts running away or running off on its own on a lark away from the flock!--Then they stop'm & turn'm back to the flock!

       33. SHEEPDOGS AREN'T VERY BIG, BUT THEY'RE VERY SMART, THE SMARTEST DOGS I EVER SAW! They'll run over there & bark & yap a little bit, & if the sheep is real stubborn & won't rejoin the flock, they'll sort of nip at his heels, & the little sheep runs back real quick when it sees it can't get away with its digressions, or transgressions!

       34. SO THE LITTLE SHEEPDOGS WERE THERE & THEY WERE KEEPING US ROUNDED UP WHENEVER ANYBODY WENT ASTRAY, OR TRIED TO! Of course, things will be strictly regulated in the Millennium. Well, it's a long dream, I just can't tell all of it, because I don't know that it's all important, but the general atmosphere & idea & situation is all I need to give you the picture of.

       35. SO FINALLY WE WERE APPROACHING THE GREAT CITY OF MOSCOW, THE CAPITAL CITY OF RUSSIA, & we were cautioned by some friendly person--I don't know whether it was a guide or just a fellow tourist or what--but he said, "As we come to the outskirts of the capital city, there we will be met by men from the Ministry!" I remember that very distinctly. "There will be at least two men from the Ministry that will meet us along the roadway & they will give us a little talk about how to conduct ourselves in Moscow, what to do & not to do, etc."

       36. SO SURE ENOUGH, THE BUS STOPPED BY THE ROADSIDE SOMEWHERE ON THE CITY LIMITS OF MOSCOW, which still seemed to be out in almost a village area, sort of like the beginning of housing districts, etc. I can remember the scene so distinctly! We were coming down this long mountain grade, sort of a curve along this hill, as I recall, & we stopped at this sort of a checkpoint, border control or something. We all got out & stood along the roadside as they were checking us out & talking to us, checking our papers or passports or whatever it was.

       37. AND THEN THEY GAVE US THIS LITTLE TALK ABOUT HOW TO BEHAVE IN MOSCOW! And I was really almost having difficulty hiding my amusement when they got to the subject of dress! This one tourist guide, sort of an old lady or upper-aged matron, was in a kind of a uniform, but she put this apron of material around her waist to demonstrate the kind of cloth that women should wear in Moscow!

       38. SHE WAS PASSING OUT THESE LITTLE TINY SAMPLES only about a couple of inches square for us to see & feel the texture & the density, etc., & it was made quite clear that the women were not to wear any clothing that was thinner or any more sheer or see-through than this particular type of material! I thought that was just rather amusing, & if they hadn't been so serious about it, I would probably have almost snickered out loud!

       39. THEY WERE BEING EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE & seemed to be especially concerned about the women's dresses & the kind of material they wore, that they must not wear anything that was a little bit thin or risqué or see-through or considered immodest! This was the thinnest material that they were allowed to wear. They were passing out these samples & this woman put on this apron to demonstrate this sample of material.

       40. I WAS REALLY HIGHLY AMUSED & HAVING A HARD TIME HIDING A SMILE, if not a laugh out loud, knowing our girls as I do & how they dress quite attractively & sexily & revealing their charms! I thought to myself, "It's going to be a little bit hard on our poor girls, on our women, because they're used to showing what they've got & all the glories & beauties of God's creation!" But they were quite serious & sober about it & were really concerned that the women must not wear dresses or materials that were any thinner than this particular material!

       41. THEY WERE APPARENTLY NOT GOING TO LET US KEEP THE SAMPLES, so as this middle-aged woman guide that was wearing the apron was collecting them after the little talk on modesty & dress in Moscow--"Moscow Modesty"--I said "I'd like to keep this one for a sample to make sure I know exactly what the material should be like that our girls should wear!" And she said, "No, no, I'm sorry, we can't afford to let you keep the sample! You just look at it & feel it & you'll know, you can remember it!" She was quite firm about it: "We can't afford to let you keep the sample!"

       42. APPARENTLY THE RUSSIANS ARE CONSIDERABLY MORE FRUGAL THAN SOME OF THE MORE EXTRAVAGANT WESTERN CULTURES, economies or governments where they freely pass out all kinds of expensive literature & samples & souvenirs & are considerably more wasteful. But the Russians, apparently, are quite economical & at least they were trying to be saving & they were not just giving everything away, not even a little two-inch square sample of cloth!

       43. SO I WAS RATHER AMUSED BY IT, BUT I SURRENDERED MY SAMPLE--somewhat reluctantly & not without a slight protest, showing my disappointment that I couldn't keep it! But she was quite firm & she virtually snatched it out of my hand! However, I seemed to quickly recover from my grief over losing that little sample of cloth & off we went!

       44. WE WERE BEING SHOWN THE SIGHTS OF MOSCOW & TOURING THE GLORIES OF THE CAPITAL when finally we came to this beautiful city park where it seemed as though I had almost gotten away from the tour at last! But maybe not, because I was sitting with this couple on a park bench & there were others around, so maybe it was just a rest stop.

       45. I SAT DOWN ON THE LEFT OF THIS VERY BEAUTIFUL CHARMING GIRL, & HER HANDSOME RUSSIAN MALE COMPANION WAS ON HER RIGHT, either her boyfriend or an acquaintance of some kind. They seemed to be almost like a part of our companions on the tour--not our guides, but sort of like a couple of our hosts, at least at this particular point of the tour--& it turned out that they were dance performers or ballet dancers!

       46. I SAT DOWN BESIDE HER & SHE WAS CHATTING MERRILY AWAY ABOUT THEIR PARTICULAR JOBS AS DANCERS & explaining about their cultural dances in Moscow--of which I presume he was also a part. She had her right hand looped through the left arm of her companion in a very modest friendly sort of way, & she looped her left hand around my right upper-arm biceps--as a woman would naturally do, taking the arm of a gentleman, even a casual acquaintance or companion. Walking, for example, or sitting with two men, it is considered a common courtesy for a woman to take the arm of a man & nothing too forward or unusual.

       47. SHE WAS NOT HOLDING ONTO MY ELBOW, BUT WITH HER HAND ON THE INSIDE OF MY ELBOW GRASPING MY RIGHT BICEPS, the muscle on top of your upper arm that bulges considerably when you fold your arm & tense your muscles. And I have a fairly good sizeable biceps there with considerable girth--I think probably from years of carrying suitcases & doing hard manual labour, such as building buildings & two houses & a church & always doing some kind of physical work of some kind that helped to build up my physical strength & muscles, & I used to be somewhat proud of my nice large biceps!

       48. SO WHILE SHE WAS CHATTING--I DON'T KNOW WHETHER SHE WAS DOING IT CONSCIOUSLY OR UNCONSCIOUSLY--SHE KEPT SQUEEZING MY BICEPS WITH HER TINY FINGERS, & IT WAS QUITE EXCITING! I was really being charmed & intrigued by this little playful squeeze she kept giving my biceps! I had my arm in this kind of folded position, my elbow between us & her hand was looped through the bend of my elbow & grasping that muscle.

       49. AND SORT OF WONDERING WHAT SHE WOULD DO, I tensed my biceps & folded my arm tight around her fingers!--And she didn't seem to mind! She didn't withdraw her hand or recoil or anything, it was almost as though she was expecting it! She kept playfully squeezing it like she was inviting more squeezes from my muscle! Why that was so important, I don't know, but it seemed very important to me because I really liked this pretty girl & she seemed to be really flirting with me & wanting me to squeeze her hand as she playfully squeezed my arm!

       50. SO WE JUST GOT TO THAT POINT WHERE I WAS RETURNING HER SQUEEZES & SEEMED TO BE MAKING A LITTLE PROGRESS WITH HER. She was talking & chatting merrily away all the time as though she was totally unconscious of what her hand was doing, but definitely squeezing my muscle continuously, giving little playful almost affectionate squeezes, until I felt like she was really trying to give me a signal that she liked me & that it was a promise of more! So I returned her little squeezes & she kept repeating them too!

       51. BUT FINALLY, ALMOST TEASINGLY, SHE SUDDENLY JUMPED UP! She'd been talking all about her dances & the kind of dancing she did for the Moscow theatre, & all of a sudden she jumped up from between the two of us, bounded away & said, "I'm going to give you a demonstration!"--And she began to run across the lawn & turn flips & cartwheels, bounding & dancing & jumping & twirling, so much like acrobatic ballet dancers will do!

       52. IT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL & QUITE EXCITING! It was as though she was trying to show off to me how pretty she was & how beautiful her body was as she turned over in these dances, her skirt falling down & exposing her pretty legs! She was really pretty & vivacious & playful & acted as though she was really trying to show off to me, & dancing for me to entice me for my pleasure, & I was definitely quite pleased & quite charmed!

       53. I WAS RATHER SURPRISED AT HER MALE COMPANION WHO SAT ON THE OTHER SIDE, THAT HE HARDLY EVER SAID ANYTHING & seemed to be quite quiet & reserved. It was as though he were merely her dancing companion & not her romantic companion, so she wasn't afraid to flirt with me though sitting with him.

       54. HE SEEMED TO TAKE IT ALL IN STRIDE AS THOUGH IT WAS JUST THE WAY SHE WAS & the thing she was supposed to do according to her character & personality! He was not surprised & it was to be expected of her to be coquettish & charming & flirty & to dance this way right out there in public on the park lawn in front of everybody, turning these flips & cartwheels & bounding up & down & twirling around, dancing very vigorously & beautifully in what were really her street clothes!

       55. IT WAS VERY VERY PRETTY & SHE WAS CHARMING & BEAUTIFUL & KEPT LOOKING AT ME RATHER COQUETTISHLY & TEASINGLY as though she were deliberately trying to charm me for all she was worth! And I had that warm glowing feeling that you feel when a woman is definitely trying to flirt with you & court you & charm you & intrigue & interest you, as I sat there watching her & enjoying the show!

       56. AND I WAS SO PLEASED & CHARMED & WARMED & INTRIGUED & INTERESTED & EVIDENTLY GOT SO EXCITED THAT IT WOKE ME UP FROM MY DREAM & FROM MY SLEEP!--And I woke up almost disappointed that at that point of the dream & the tour when things were just getting extremely interesting with an added romantic touch, I was suddenly catapulted out of that beautiful euphoric romantic atmosphere back into the World of the present reality at home in my own bed beside my own Maria!

       57. --NOT THAT I'M DISAPPOINTED IN MARIA NOR HER CHARMS--which exceed any that I know of--nor her romantic sexiness, which I enjoy more than any!--And no one could be more loving & sweeter, more charming, more beautiful & more wonderful than my own Maria! But I'm often intrigued by a little romantic side interest when a woman tries to interest me & touches me!

       58. IT REMINDS ME OF WHEN WE WERE TAKING A LITTLE TRIP THE OTHER DAY IN THE TAXI, when for some reason or other, although I usually sit by Maria, Maria climbed in first & then Hope followed her & sat in the middle & then I sat on the right side. Some of these small taxis are rather crowded & you sit pretty close together, & on this fairly long ride--I don't know whether intentionally or just in a rather shy gradual way--Hope seemed to sort of melt against me, & my arm just naturally went around her!

       59. AS SHE WAS SITTING NEXT TO ME, I ALMOST ALWAYS PUT MY ARM AROUND THE GIRL THAT'S NEXT TO ME. Like the old saying, "If you're not near the one you love, love the one you're near!"--Which is what I did! And I have a fairly long arm, so that when around Hope's shoulders, it goes clear down her side & my hand was resting on her hip & thigh, & I was almost unconsciously petting her hip & stroking her thigh!

       60. --JUST THE SAME WAY I DO WHEN MY ARM'S AROUND MARIA WHEN WE'RE LYING IN BED TOGETHER, I'm always petting her hiney & stroking her thigh & the lumbar region of her back, & stroking her little tailbone & thrusting my middle left finger into the little crack just below it. I've often told her it's too bad the Lord didn't put one of her buttons there where I could reach it, because she's usually on my left & my left arm is around her when her side is toward me so that her back is that direction under my hand. But she says it feels quite sexy anyhow & she enjoys it.

       61. HOPE SAID AFTERWARD THAT SHE WAS REALLY TURNED ON BY MY PATTING & STROKING HER HIP & ALL THE PARTS THAT MY LEFT HAND COULD REACH IN THAT POSITION! We couldn't do too much in a taxi with the driver glancing back every once in awhile, but she did sort of turn toward me & rested her right hand on my knee across my lap, while her left hand sort of naturally fell somewhat hidden & out of sight into my crotch, under my tropical shirt, where she was just naturally stroking & fondling things & making me feel quite good!

       62. --SO GOOD, IN FACT, THAT MY RIGHT HAND HAD MANAGED TO SOMEHOW OR ANOTHER FIND ITS WAY ACROSS MY CHEST & HER CHEST & just seemed to be naturally resting on her breasts & stroking them back & forth!--Until the nipples were protruding so that I felt like they were going to come through that thin sheer dress she had on, which was very sheer as it was! Our girls dress very sexily & very see-through, & at that moment I could not only see-through but could feel-through!

       63. SO WE WERE ENJOYING SOME VERY NICE PETTING & CARESSING, & AS IN THE OLD DAYS WHEN I WAS YOUNG, WE WOULD HAVE CALLED IT NECKING! By this time she was turned almost half toward me, her right arm resting across my lap, right hand on my leg, her left hand resting in my lap, right down between my legs in my crotch, massaging the various things that she found down there--protruding somewhat through my pants as well!

       64. SHE COULDN'T GET AT IT TOO WELL THROUGH SO MUCH CLOTHING--even though we don't wear too much in the Tropix--but even thin pants & thin underwear are somewhat obstructive to such play & feeling & fondling! But it was sufficient to give me a nice warm feeling, somewhat like even this Russian girl squeezing my biceps was almost as exciting! In fact, Hope & I both got so turned on & excited that I almost thought I was going to have to get it out! I think if the taxi driver hadn't kept looking back there, I would have!

       65. I COULDN'T QUITE REACH HERS THOUGH, it was a little too difficult in that position, but I did a good job on her bosoms & she seemed to really enjoy it! And we both got so turned on that by the time we got to our hotel, I'm sure we had both decided we wanted to go to bed together! So dear Maria kindly obliged by consenting to go to bed with Peter while I went to bed with Hope, & a good time was had by all! We enjoyed it very much, & after about an hour or two of play & exciting sex, we both returned to our respective normal companions & bed mates & enjoyed a good night's sleep in a very beautiful tropical setting in this small hotel out in the jungle!

       66. SO THAT WAS A LITTLE SIDE EXPLANATION OF WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, HOW EXCITING IT IS TO SIT NEXT TO A GIRL! It was always very exciting in any situation when I was young, sitting on a bus or train or any place where you got crowded up against a female form! Sometimes it got so exciting that part of you rose to the occasion, somewhat to your embarrassment, because even under your clothing it could be fairly visible that something was happening! Sometimes the girls looked slightly amused!

       67. SO SITTING THAT CLOSE TO ANY WOMAN IS QUITE A THRILL! You women don't realise, perhaps, what an effect you have on us men, just with a touch! Remember, the Apostle Paul warned even against the power of the touch of a woman, even touching a woman, that it was apt to be overpowering & irresistible! (1Cor.7:1)

       68. SO THAT LAST SCENE SITTING WITH THAT BEAUTIFUL RUSSIAN GIRL WAS QUITE EXCITING, having her squeeze my muscle & wishing it was a muscle a little bit lower down!--And she was acting like that's what she would like to be squeezing too! And then getting so excited she jumped up & wanted to do a dance for me! And I was so excited & feeling so good, I woke up hard & wishing that she were there & things were considerably more intimate!

       69. SO THAT WAS THE DREAM, & JUST WHAT MEANING IT COULD POSSIBLY HAVE, I DON'T KNOW, except that maybe it's another in the Millennial series, showing how normal & natural things will be, & we will be, at least some will be, & how that even maybe the Russians & the various other governments that haven't always been too friendly to some, will be extremely friendly & solicitous & desirous of showing their friendliness & hospitality & consideration & wanting to make a good impression on us, as we seemed to be some kind of travelling dignitaries or important people who were touring their country.

       70. AND IT'S A FUNNY THING, IN THE FIRST PART OF THE DREAM, THE ARCTIC OCEAN SEEMED TO BE BLUE & NOT GREY AS IT USUALLY IS, & I NEVER SAW ANY ICECAPS! I remember seeing a few floes & a few icebergs floating there, but they were beautiful & white in a beautiful clear crystal blue ocean! So things must have certainly warmed up there!

       71. IN FACT, I STARTED TO SAY THAT IT SEEMED LIKE WE MADE THE TRIP BY BOAT! But I thought, "Well, that's impossible, we couldn't have made the trip by boat! It must have been a plane!" It wasn't really clear, but it seemed as though we made the trip by boat.--It was a new route & a new tour & you could go across the Arctic Ocean by boat!

       72. I WAS ALMOST AFRAID TO TELL YOU THAT, but since the whole dream was so miraculous & almost supernatural, I may as well try to stretch your imagination & my credibility by telling you that it seemed that we crossed the Arctic Ocean by boat on this trip! Believe it or not! And it was sunny, & the ocean was bright blue & the few icebergs & floes that were still around were brilliant white against the blue of the ocean. It was not rough, it was cold but it was not too cold, & it was really quite pleasant!

       73. AND THAT'S AMAZING! I DON'T SEE HOW THAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN TODAY! It's never been that way in the Arctic Ocean! It's usually almost always cold & grey & freezing & icy, with one great big polar icecap almost completely occupying the entire ocean up there! They say there's no land at the North Pole, it's all ocean & all covered with a perpetual permanent icecap! But in my dream it really was a beautiful blue sea with a gorgeous blue sunny sky with fleecy white clouds! And even the few icebergs that seemed to remain, the icefloes & bits of ice that were floating on the blue surface, were a brilliantly pretty white against the blue background!

       74. IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE MILLENNIUM! Because it was so beautiful & peaceful & the Russians were so friendly & the climate was so temperate & moderate & what would be considered warm, certainly for the Arctic or Northern Russia! So it must be another in the series the Lord is giving on the Millennium, to encourage our folks about the beautiful days to come & what they have to look forward to in the days of our Kingdom on Earth, Heaven on Earth, the Kingdom of God under Jesus Christ in the Millennium!

       75. "THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!" I don't think people really appreciate the tremendousness of that statement when we pray the Lord's Prayer & how literally it is going to come true & be fulfilled! "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!" It's going to be like Heaven, Heaven on Earth, with God's Will being done & His Kingdom Come--on Earth as it is in Heaven! So it's going to be like Heaven on Earth! And that's the way it seemed in this dream: Even the Arctic & Russia & the Russians!

       76. AND WHY THE FINAL LITTLE CLIMACTIC SEXY EPISODE WITH THE PRETTY GIRL, I DON'T KNOW!--Except I guess the Lord knows I like that sort of thing, so He threw that in for good measure to really give me a very happy ending to my enjoyable trip! It wouldn't have been quite complete if there hadn't been a little bit of romantic interest & a sexy girl! I don't think I would have been fully happy.

       77. AND I WAS SEEMING QUITE HAPPY BECAUSE I OBVIOUSLY WOKE UP HARD & READY FOR SEX! XXX! But on this occasion it was quite early in the morning & my dear Maria was still sound asleep, GBH, & I didn't want to disturb her. So I just lay there thinking about that lovely dream & that dream girl & thinking, "What a wonderful trip that was, my trip through Russia via the Arctic Circle!"--Ha!

       78. IT CERTAINLY MUST BE IN THE MILLENNIUM BECAUSE THE ARCTIC CIRCLE IS NOT LIKE THAT TODAY! I was definitely under the impression that we travelled that first part across the Arctic Sea by boat, but I was afraid to say so. I thought, "No, no, no, it must have been by plane! They'll never believe that the Arctic icecap was gone & we sailed across the Arctic Circle on a beautiful blue sunny sea by boat!" But that was my impression, & that that's why the Russians were offering this new special tour now, that you could come to Russia across the Arctic region by boat! It must have been from Canada or North America.

       79. BUT ANYHOW, THAT WAS THE DREAM! PTL! It was very pleasant, a very happy dream that gave me a very good feeling & I woke up feeling good! XXX! ILY, Sweetheart! You're giving me a very good feeling too & make me want to feel & enjoy your charms & squeeze your muscles! XXXXXXX! ILY! TYJ! PTL!

       80. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL DREAM! And if it was to give me a sample of how lovely & happy & beautiful the Millennium is going to be, even at the Arctic Circle & in Northern Russia & even in Russia, then it certainly is a good sample of the changes that are going to take place during the Millennium, & how much more pleasant & wonderful & happy & beautiful things are going to be!--Even a change in the climate & some of the physical environment, as well as the attitude of the people.

       81. SO THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT LITTLE TRIP INTO THE FUTURE, & may it encourage the hearts of others with the wonderful things that You have prepared for us & revealed to us by Thy Spirit in the glorious, beautiful, wonderful, thrilling, exciting World of Tomorrow! In Jesus' name, amen! XXXXXXX!

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