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REBUKE TO STEPHEN!--Gen Story Part 8.DO 144812/4/75

1. I WAS AMAZED AT SOME OF YOU, PARTICULARLY YOU, STEPHEN & MOTHER EVE, AT HOW SLOW YOU'VE BEEN IN BELIEVING THE WORD, ME & GOD! Have you heard the tapes of the revelation that I got from the Lord in the bathroom? Who was it who first told you about the Scripture that I got? (Faith: I told them at the dinner table that day.)--The day that we sent you girls down to deal with her, that was the second time? Well, praise God, maybe the third time is going to be the so-called charm! The second time that I sent you down to do it, still you guys stalled around & didn't do it. And apparently, Mother Eve, I don't know how you did it, but I've gotten reports that you hurt their faith on the issue & argued & tried to persuade them that it wasn't really so! That's the way I've heard it. Maybe I heard wrong?

2. ANYBODY WHO COULD HEAR THAT STORY & NOT BELIEVE IT WAS A MIRACLE & TRUE, IS VERY UNBELIEVING, SCEPTICAL & VERY VERY WEAK IN THE SPIRIT! Did you or did you not, Stephen, believe that the woman was perverse & rebellious? Would you go get us the dictionary in there, please. Then the very next day, Stephen, why did you go over there & try to meddle in something that you knew very little about! He had a great deal to do with the situation that day, so don't try to get him off the hook! You did, Stephen, I've got a word-by-word, play-by-play, minute-by-minute account, a report of exactly what went on that day. You may have your version, but that's the way they saw it.

3. I CAN PRACTICALLY SHOW YOU THE POSITION I WAS STANDING IN WHEN THAT SCRIPTURE CAME LIKE A BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE, when I cried with my whole heart, "My God, what is the matter with that woman? There must be something wrong with her or she wouldn't turn every baby she touches into some kind of a blithering idiot! What is wrong with her?"--Almost like I was asking God, "What is thy name? What's the name of these evil spirits, what's wrong with her?" I think it wasn't long after you told me you thought she was perfectly innocent, just an ignorant little innocent victim!

4. SO I THOUGHT, "WELL, AM I CRAZY? IS IT TRUE? Am I so foolish as to think this woman is guilty when she's a poor little innocent ignorant babe?" And my cry was, "Lord, if there is really anything wrong with that woman, please tell me what it is! What's wrong with her?" And instantly I got those two words as clear as anything: "Rebellious woman!"

5. AND INSTANTLY I GOT THE STRONG IMPRESSION FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT IT WAS A SCRIPTURE THAT I SHOULD LOOK UP! And you know how dumb I was, I thought that Scripture must be referring to Sarah, Abraham's wife! That's how little I knew about what Scripture it was. Well, did you know that there's only one Scripture in the whole Bible that uses those exact words?--And it wasn't about Sarah & it wasn't where I thought it was at all, not at all!

6. AND WHEN WE LOOKED UP THAT ONE SINGLE SCRIPTURE WHICH USED THOSE EXACT WORDS THAT GOD GAVE ME, that I knew by the power of the Holy Spirit was the Scripture God wanted to give me as the answer, when that Scripture on top of that said that it was the mother of Jonathan, my God, how could you possibly doubt it? How much more of an accurate Scripture could you get? How then, Stephen, could you go over there the next day & call her "a very good mother" & say it was all physical & it was natural & she could do very well in taking care of her child! What are you nodding your head about?

7. YOU WERE CERTAINLY DECEIVED, TOTALLY DECEIVED, BECAUSE YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY DISOBEDIENT! We told you to do something else & you did something totally contrary to what we told you to do! You went the next day & called her a good mother, well able to take care of her child, when God had just gotten through calling her a perverse & rebellious woman! Perverse means "turned aside from right or truth." Get that? She is, according to God's Own Words, turned aside from right or truth. So she is turned to what?--Wrong & deceit, wrong & lies! "Obstinate in the wrong."--Meaning stubbornly persistent in doing wrong, according to the dictionary.

8. "CAPRICIOUS & UNREASONABLE IN OPPOSITION." Without even good reason, capricious, almost sneeringly, like it's a big joke, & we can look up the word "capricious" in a minute. "Forward, wrongheaded, wayward, against the evidence or judge's direction on a point of law." Against the evidence, she refused to accept the evidence. She's denying the evidence. Wrongheaded, I didn't even remember that! Forward, wrongheaded, wayward.

9. MY LORD, HOW MUCH GREATER CONDEMNATION CAN YOU GET, BEING CALLED PERVERSE? But you go over there & call her a good mother, well able to take care of her child, that it's all natural & physical, & you have the nerve to even call us on the telephone & tell us that, Son! Talk about being deceived, you were really deceived!--No doubt because of your disobedience. You need to really get down on your prayer bones & ask God to help you, if you can be so easily deceived & so easily disobedient! (As later proved by his defection!)

10. THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE, WHERE YOU SO EASILY & LIGHTLY DISOBEY & go your own way & do as you please because you think that's better than what you've been told to do. Now what are you nodding your head about? (Steve: That's right.) But is it going to be right tomorrow? (Ho: To pervert means "to turn wrong or from the right course, to wrest from the true meaning, to corrupt, to turn from truth & virtue, to divert, form a mirror image, to go wrong or out of the right course. A pervert is one who has abandoned a doctrine assumed to be true.")

11. I MEAN, HOW MUCH MORE EVIL CAN GOD SPEAK OF THIS WOMAN? And yet you guys have to argue with Faithy at the table for two hours when she's supposed to be down there exorcising her! She spent two or three hours there where she wasn't supposed to stay--that's where she disobeyed! She let the old prophet (Eve & Steve) draw her aside from the will of God, when I told her to go straight down there & do it! (1Kg.13:18-32)

12. I HAD A FEELING IF I LET YOU GO OVER THERE FOR LUNCH THAT WOULD BE THE END OF IT! Maria told me the same thing: "If Eve goes to that house, that's the end, that's as far as she's going to get!--Nowhere!" And sure enough, the "old prophet" took up Faith's time, three hours, & she got nowhere trying to convince you guys! (To Faith:) What was the use of trying to convince them? (Eve & Steve)--It didn't last but a day! The next day they were of the same opinion still!

13. "CAPRICIOUS: HUMOUROUS, FULL OF CAPRICE, CHANGEABLE, CHANGE OF HUMOUR OR OPINION WITHOUT REASON, A FREAK, CHANGEABLENESS." Capriccio means a sportive motion, not subject to rule or form.--And it comes from the French, Italian & Latin root word for Capra, a goat! (Symbol of the Devil!) Gen's like a stubborn goat! What more could God possibly say? And yet the next day some of you came back convinced that she was still innocent!

14. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS SOME OF YOU ARE PRETTY WEAK IN FAITH & PRETTY EASILY LED ASTRAY! When she was wrapping you around her little finger & so easily deceiving you, Stephen, did you never think of the verse that God gave, or had you forgotten it totally? Did you remind yourself when you were under the influence of the Devil? Did you cling to the Word of God as a strength to you when you were literally under Satanic attack through disbelief? Did you cling to God's Word, or did you think of the verse at all?

15. I KNOW THE HOLY SPIRIT IS FAITHFUL, BUT WHEN WE DISOBEY, then of course we reject the Truth & we are allowed to have strong delusion & believe a lie! (2Th.2:10-12) Did you that day while you were over there think of that verse or not? You never even thought of it! It seems to me if I were going to deal with a mad woman, demon-possessed, of whom God said she was all these horrible things, I would have really been on my guard & claiming Scripture every minute & remembering what God had said!--And you never even thought of it!

16. [DELETED] You're under the delusion of the Devil, Son! [DELETED] She really had you influenced, didn't she? You exonerated the guiltiest party of all--the mother! You don't remember that she pointed her finger directly at the baby & said, "Jonathan, you stop it!"--& it stopped just like that & never had another fit! You never even noticed that? Of course not, Son, you were in delusion because of disobedience!

17. SHE HAD YOU TOTALLY PERSUADED!--THE VERY NEXT DAY AFTER YOU'D ALREADY HEARD THE WORD OF GOD! You know what the Lord calls that, Son? He calls it "wavering like the waves of the sea" (Jam.1:6), vacillation, on again, off again, gone again! Here you'd already heard the Word of God, the answer of God, & that should have been it & settled it forever with you, no matter what happened! But in nothing flat, one day later you're over there believing that woman & she's got you convinced!

18. IF YOU'RE THAT EASILY SWAYED, HONEY, I WOULD STAY AWAY FROM SOMEBODY LIKE THAT, because you're too easily deceived, which means you're too weak in faith. That's what God's Word says. You need to get stronger in the faith before you face the Devil! What is your story, Faith? You spent about two or three hours there discussing with Mother. The whole impression I got from Faithy's testimony was that you were a little hard to convince, Eve!

19. I SUGGEST THAT WHEN YOU FINALLY GO TO CLINCH IT, THAT YOU DON'T HAVE ANYBODY ALONG WHO'S FEARFUL OR NOT SURE OR IS WAVERING AT ALL! If you're that easily disobedient & therefore that easily deceived & therefore that weak in faith, I would warn you to stay away from where the Devil's operating that powerfully, or you may become a victim yourself if you don't look out! I mean it!--If you can't believe God any longer than 24 hours, & turn right around & say the exact opposite of what God has said about the woman!

20. YOU MAY BE YOUNG IN FAITH & YOUNG IN EXPERIENCE, BUT THIS IS NO EXCUSE! God's Word says, "Let no man despise thy youth!" (1Tim.4:12) So there is no reason why you shouldn't believe what God has said. But of course, in disobedience it was very easy then to be deceived, because you were already disobeying God by not doing what we told you to do.

21. GEN MUST HAVE BEEN IN ABSOLUTE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION WITH THE POWER OF THE ENEMY! Unless you know what you're up against & know the kind of an enemy you're facing & what you're dealing with, all of your little ideas were just of no avail! I think she let it happen deliberately that way so it had fits in your arms, so that when she took it back she could turn them off & show you how much better the baby was with her than with anybody else--even with you, who supposedly believed in God & supposedly had the power of the Spirit! The Devil really had you on the run!

22. THERE ARE SOME AREAS IN WHICH EVERY ONE OF US NEED TO WATCH OUT FOR OUR WEAKNESSES & OUR WEAK SPOTS & not try to get into something where we don't belong & for which we haven't got the faith & we don't know how to handle the situation! (To Mother Eve:) Why didn't you feel led to go?--You didn't believe the Word of God! (To Faith:) So go without them for God's sake, go with God! You've got the Lord, don't depend on these people who are weak in faith & fearful & doubtful & changeable & wavering! All right, Beloved, I'm sorry we have to deal with this kind of a thing on this day which is probably your last to see me, & I'm sorry I have to depart from you on this unpleasant note, but I'll tell you, it is a serious situation!--It's driving me off the Island!

23. THE PITIFUL PART ABOUT IT, STEPHEN, IS IT HAS HAPPENED WITH YOU & EVE AGAIN & AGAIN & ALWAYS THROUGH DISOBEDIENCE, not doing exactly what we told you, having some other "better" idea & doing that instead!--Right? I don't care to go back into ancient history, but I can think of several instances where it's happened before, & this is why I got so angry before! You cannot have faith & believe in God & in His spiritual power when you're acting in direct disobedience & when you don't do what we told you to do! You were disobeying God, because we are your superiors in the Lord & you should have done it!

24. GOD PICKED OUT A SCRIPTURE THAT I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW EXISTED, speaking about Jonathan's mother as being the perverse & rebellious woman through which the Enemy was trying to kill David, through Jonathan! How you could disbelieve that the very next day is beyond me!--Except you were disobeying, so you were subject to the lies of the Devil!

25. I THINK YOU NEED TO REALLY STAY CLOSE TO THE LORD, SON, & WATCH OUT ABOUT SUCH DISOBEDIENCE, since you seem to be a little prone to this sort of thing. You have professed great love & desire to obey & be faithful & loyal & so on, & we've spoken many many times about being a faithful messenger. This is one thing that God has used you almost the most in, & yet it's the one thing that you've had to learn the most lessons on, along this line of being a faithful messenger. Apparently the Enemy really attacks you on it because God is trying to use you as a faithful messenger, so quite often you're very unfaithful! The Devil really attacks you, but you should beware of that & not be ignorant of his devices & be expecting his attacks! (But poor Stephen only grew worse, until both he & Eve departed from us!--May God help you to be warned by their horrible disobedient example! It could happen to you if you don't stay close to Him & His Word & His Work! God help you not to disobey & go back like they did!--In Jesus' name, amen!)

(To Be Continued!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family