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WHERE TO DEAL WITH GEN'S PROBLEM--Gen Story Part 9.       DO 1452       12/4/75

       1. [DELETED] Now, where & when you want to try to exorcise her [EDITED: "Gen"] is the problem!--Whether you want to do it here or on the boat or wait till you get to Italy. That's something that remains to be seen, but you have got to give the woman a chance to be delivered before she is totally abandoned.

       2. (MOTHER EVE: DOES THIS MEAN THAT IF YOU SEE SOME CHANGE THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP THEM HERE?) It would have to be a drastic monumental change in her! I would have to hear that she broke down, wept & had a real breaking, crying out to God & confession & begging for forgiveness & a terrific repentance, a great repentance & a great deliverance, obviously, before I ever would keep her here! (Mother: She cried her eyes out one night.) But according to the testimony of others, she's been hardening now & she's hardly even putting up a pretence anymore!

       3. SAUL WEPT EVERY TIME HE SAW DAVID, but he didn't weep because he was repentant, he wept because he was sorry he was getting caught! He wept because he was sorry over losing the kingdom! He wept because he was sorry David was taking it over! (1Sam.24:16; 26:21). (Mother: She would have to confess that she doesn't love the baby & she doesn't care about God's work & all those things?) Well, now, I don't know how far you can expect her to confess & say all those things.

       4. THE THING I'D LIKE TO HEAR HER CONFESS IS THAT SHE WAS MORE INVOLVED IN SATANISM THAN SHE'S BEEN WILLING TO CONFESS THUS FAR, & confess that it's had power over her, whether she realised it or not. The thing I would like her to confess is the Word of God & the Word of His Prophet, which God is sending down to her! If she confesses that one Scripture is true, that's the acid test, that's the test! Whether she confesses anything else, that covers the whole situation as far as God's concerned: She's the mother of Jonathan & a perverse rebellious woman! "Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft," which means she is just as bad as a witch! (1Sam.15:23).--And she has got to see it & confess it & be asked those questions.

       5. I WANT SOMEBODY TO ASK HER HOW COME EVERY CHILD SHE HAS TAKEN CARE OF FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME ALL HAD THE SAME TROUBLE! Even by the law of odds there couldn't be that many coincidences--it's impossible! It's almost 100%, every single child she's cared for for any length of time had terrible spiritual problems, almost exactly the same thing! I want somebody to ask her how come! We have the evidence that she has this kind of influence on children! (Frequent fits!)

       6. THE THING WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT IS THEY'RE SO PERVERSE & STUBBORN & REBELLIOUS & SATANIC THEY PROBABLY GET ANGRY WITH THE CHILD! The Devil hates little children, he tries to kill them right & left! He's in the child-murdering business, because they're so close to God, straight from Heaven! And in that Satanic spirit she probably hates that child & would like to kill it, especially if she thinks it's interfering with her own selfish life & her relationship with her husband. So she probably got angry at those children sometime or another when she was taking care of them & pronounced a curse on them or hexed them!--Or just her Satanic influence affected them!)

       7. AND BECAUSE THE PARENTS WERE NOT AWARE OF WHAT WAS GOING ON & WERE SO UTTERLY SPIRITUALLY INSENSITIVE & lacking in discernment & didn't rebuke the Devil & realise the source & what the trouble was, the hex took hold! The minute I heard about little Sharon, I told Becky to pray for her & lay hands on her & rebuke the Enemy, & I hear that she's been better since then, thank You Lord! It was not physical, it was spiritual! Now we know who the source was, or the sorceress!--Gen!

       8. RIGHT NOW WE HAVE TO CONSIDER OUR SITUATION & THE POSSIBLE RESULTS. Do we want to have this confrontation here, in which it is possible she doesn't respond in the right spirit & she will be even worse afterward?--Or on the boat where she may go crazy & jump over with the baby or something stupid like that! I hate to have her leave here out of the victory & without getting the victory over the situation, but frankly, according to the way she has failed to respond so far, I don't know if she's going to get it. Maybe you've got more faith than I have.

       9. MAYBE WHEN SHE'S DELIVERED FROM THE POWER OF THE ENEMY SHE'LL MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE, BUT WHAT IF SHE DOESN'T? What if she's still stubborn & rebellious & perverse & refuses to believe & refuses to accept & refuses to confess, refuses to repent? Though you may then cast out the demon & command it to leave her & the house & the Island, if she's still the same kind of woman & her own spirit is still perverse & rebellious, she can wind up with seven more worse than that one & in a worse state!

       10. SHE WILL BE TEMPORARILY DELIVERED BY PRAYER BECAUSE GOD'S WORD IS TRUE & the promises of God are powerful & the Word of God is quick & powerful, & the Name of Jesus is powerful & your faith is powerful! You're fulfilling the commandment to cast out demons, & it will have to be subject unto you & obey your commandment & go! But her own spirit is still free, it can make its own choice.

       11. DEMON'S HAVE TO OBEY US--HER SPIRIT DOESN'T! She still has free will & choice to do as she pleases, good or evil. If her own spirit rejects the truth & remains stubborn & perverse & rebellious, then quite possibly, whenever you press these things to a decision & a crisis, a confrontation, as we've always said, they either go one way or the other! She's either going to be totally delivered & have a great victory, or she's going to probably get much worse, as God simply then turns her over to the Devil, because that's whom she has chosen! If so, she could really go wild & cause a lot of trouble here! (Mother Eve: We read her "Gen & Baby" a long time ago, & that's pretty clear right there.) She didn't really receive it, from what I understand.

       12. THE THING THAT I AM CONVICTED ABOUT IS THIS, I don't think we ought to let her get away from us before we at least try to get her delivered! I don't necessarily mean here, but somewhere where you're going to have a lot of strength & a lot of unity & a lot of help. If she doesn't respond & goes crazy, runs amuck, wild, gets violent or something, where would you want it to happen? Here? Is this the best place for it to happen? Would we want it to happen here? (In Tenerife!)

       13. FRANKLY, THE WAY SHE HAS SO FAR REACTED, AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, THE CHANCES ARE LARGELY IN FAVOUR OF THAT HAPPENING, because, since she's not accepting the Word of the Lord thus far, how is she going to accept this? You know what the Devil does when you accuse him?--He turns around & accuses you & tries to cause you all kinds of trouble! Would we prefer that to happen here? Nobody's ever told us exactly, especially she herself, what her symptoms were when she got sick, & nobody seems to know but Josh, who's not here, & I forgot to ask Jeth--I was going to ask him.

       14. WOULD WE PREFER TO HAVE IT HERE? WHAT'S YOUR VOTE? Would you want it to happen on shipboard? Where would it be really better for it to happen than anywhere else?--Where you have a lot of strength & power of the spirit & where you bring her even before the congregation. She needs to be exposed before the congregation so that all may see it when it happens & teach them all a lesson in witchcraft & demonism, how to handle these situations & what happens if the subjects don't respond, if you're not successful, & where, if she goes stark raving mad or tries to get violent & kills herself or the baby, she can be put away in some institution where you have people who are strong politically & influential, a good king & strong personalities to handle it, such as Rachel & Emanuele & those there in Italy! (Ha! They too were to defect!)

       15. I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT EVER SINCE WE'VE BEEN TALKING, "Lord, I feel we owe her a chance of deliverance, but does it have to be here?" Because if she doesn't respond--which it looks like she may not because of her attitude--& if she's that perverse, if she's as bad as God says, she's not likely to. (Mother Eve: Well, she's had so many chances, we read her "Gen & Baby" & that was God's Word & she didn't take it.) I understand she's smirked about it since then & made light of it. Capricious--makes fun of it!

       16. WELL, THERE'S NO USE MY TAKING MY TIME TO TELL YOU THIS BECAUSE IT'S ALL WRITTEN OUT RIGHT HERE & you might as well go in the living room there that all may read & all may fear! The Lord, Faith, had to make some of you today at the table willing to do it, because God's dealing with us. Even though this may not be the wisest place for it to happen.

       17. I RANG THE BELL, CLOSED THE BOOK & QUENCHED THE CANDLE ON THE WHOLE AFFAIR! This verse I got supernaturally, as Maria knows, & therefore it was the answer as far as I was concerned, & as far as I was concerned, that ended the matter & it was closed! And I got so relieved of it that day that I was able to go ahead with you folks on some very important business discussions & decisions. And immediately afterward I got a major revelation from the Lord & God's will for you folks & all of us & what to do, I began to get answers just like that! (The New Revolution!)

       18. WE GOT SOME TREMENDOUS VICTORIES, MADE SOME GREAT DECISIONS ABOUT OUR WARFARE, & IT WAS A REAL TURNING POINT, BECAUSE WE HAD JUST CLOSED THE BOOK ON THE GEN SUBJECT! I refused to let that God-damned devil detract us from the work of God anymore! We won a monumental victory! I got a monumental revelation that morning & a monumental revelation a short time afterward when I put this thing out of my mind & began thinking about God's will for Ho & Faith. I got straight from the Lord what they're supposed to do, which is totally different from what we had expected & planned to do--which shows why we were checked about sending them.

       19. WE HAD THREE GREAT ANSWERS TO PRAYER THAT DAY! Number one, the end of this situation with Gen. Number two, stopping Ho & Faith from going the direction they were going. Number three, after I did this, then God revealed to me which direction I was supposed to go & we discussed it all day & made the decision.--Great victories for the Lord, great answers to prayer, real progress in the Word of the Lord, ignoring this other situation & going ahead with God's business!

       20. AND THE DEVIL WAS FURIOUS & HE JUST CUT UP THE HIJINKS DOWN AT THAT HOUSE! That's the day the baby had about 20 fits, one about every five minutes for an hour-&-a-half, & they had to take him to the hospital! The Devil was furious because we were going right ahead in spite of all the trouble he was causing.

       21. WELL, I BELIEVE GOD HAS LET IT ALL HAPPEN TO TEACH US A LOT OF LESSONS & TO SHOW US HOW TO HANDLE THESE SITUATIONS, WHICH ARE GOING TO GET WORSE & WORSE AS TIME GOES ON IN THESE LAST DAYS! You kids need to know about all of this & what to do & how to do it. At the same time, though, we have had to have this experience to teach us some lessons & to learn how to handle it. But we cannot let it all stop us from going on. When God is finished, He's finished, & this was the answer & the end, as far as God was concerned, right there!

       22. NOW I WANT YOU TO GO IN THERE & READ IT & COME BACK & TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, & therefore what you think we should do, & have we made the right decision in saying wait until you get to Italy & you've got a crowd of strong believers around to pray desperately, even young new bottles who are full of faith & the Spirit & power of God to cast out this demon & deliver this girl! I think that would be the best way in the World to expose her, if she's got to be exposed, so that therefore nobody will even listen to her afterward--they'll all know!

       23. THE FIRST THING & THE BEST THING YOU'VE GOT TO DO IS HAVE A PUBLIC SESSION where this is read to her as a revelation regarding the verse of Scripture I got, she's confronted with it, & she has either got to break down & confess it & repent, or explode & deny it & say it's not so, that that verse is not so & God's Prophet is not true & that she is not so, thereby exposing herself before the whole congregation & showing what's wrong with her. Then when she explodes, command the devil to depart from her!--Or whatever she does, even if she breaks down & cries like she's sorry.

       24. YOU KNOW WHAT DEAR SAUL WAS ALWAYS SORRY FOR MOST OF ALL?--GETTING EXPOSED BEFORE THE PEOPLE! That's the thing that bothered him the most! The Devil & his dirty work don't like to be exposed--except when they win the victory & get the credit for it! Like that picture, he would have loved to have gotten credit for that! (See "Chinese Demon," No.1436.)

(To Be Continued!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family