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POST-WAR OR MILLENNIAL RESETTLEMENT?--What Will It Be Like?        DFO 1453        30/3/83

       1. PTL! TYJ! HELP ME, LORD, TO REMEMBER THIS DREAM I HAD THIS MORNING! We believe You must have given it to me, because it was so clear & it was rather beautiful, certainly very different & interesting! PTL! TYL! There are three major scenes, well, maybe six or seven, that I remember very distinctly, & usually when I wake up from a dream--which I did this morning at 8 o'clock--I lie there in prayer & try to remain in that misty borderland state of half-awake & almost half-asleep, one foot in this World & one in the next, in the spirit--or at least half in the spirit--to try to recall what I've received. It seems a lot easier to do it that way than later in the midst of the business of the day, such as now.

       2. IF IT HAS BEEN A SEEMINGLY VERY SIGNIFICANT DREAM WITH A STRONG IMPRESSION THAT IT'S SOME KIND OF MESSAGE, I lie there & pray about it & think about it & go back over the scenes again, trying to remember each one clearly, & I sort of classify the scenes in my own mind & heart to remember them by association & relationship to each other in the major points, the major scenes. I make sure I have gotten those down in my memory so that I don't forget them if I'm not able to record it right at that time because Maria is sleeping & I don't want to disturb her.

       3. I ALSO CAN GO OVER THE DREAM MUCH MORE EASILY IF I DO IT WHILE I'M STILL IN THAT DREAMY STATE--eyes shut, lying quiet, motionless--just going back over the scenes again as they occurred & remembering just how each event happened, & I will go over those scenes several times. Perhaps this will help some of you who have dreams & have difficulty recalling them later. Try to go over the dream immediately after you wake up from the dream, & with these significant dreams, I almost always wake up immediately at the end of the dream, & the dream is still very clear in my mind & in vision. Therefore, I go over it scene by scene, & if possible, in the same chronological order in which the scenes occurred, remembering each of the characters, each of the people in the scene, what happened, & then going on from that scene to the next, etc.

       4. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD, IT WORKS FOR ME & I HOPE IT WORKS FOR YOU, although it's not always easy to recall all the details, particularly some hours later. We've already had a busy day & it's now 4:30 in the afternoon, & I regret that I don't always have an opportunity to record it immediately when the scenes are still so clear. But it was a very vivid dream & I still remember it very well, so I don't think I'll have too much difficulty recalling it for you. It was a very interesting dream, & I'm calling it "Resettlement!"

       5. ACTUALLY, IT SEEMED TO BE AFTER THIS ATOMIC WAR, but I had a good feeling about it & a good feeling about the conditions. We personally were actually a part of the dream, although seemingly perhaps not the kind of part you would expect me to play in such a situation. Therefore I think perhaps it was more symbolic of what may be the condition of the World & the status of some of its inhabitants & what some of the procedures & policies will be, plans & measures effected in order to reconstruct the World as best possible under such conditions.

       6. IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN DURING THE FALSE MILLENNIUM OR "PLASTIC PEACE" OF THE FIRST 3-1/2 YEARS OF THE ANTICHRIST'S REIGN when he will endeavour to do the same thing, to rebuild the World after the Atom Holocaust. So you can take your choice, whether you think it was possibly either the post-War Antichrist World Government era, or on into the Millennium. However, I had such a good feeling about it & the people were so friendly & good to us, I'm more inclined to believe that perhaps it was a portrayal of some of the conditions which may come into effect during the reconstruction period of the true Millennium, after all the wars & terrible Tribulation, the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon.

       7. WHAT WILL LIFE BE LIKE FOR THE SURVIVORS OF THIS WORLD? We know pretty much what life will be like for us who are saved Christians & members of the Kingdom of God already. We will have been resurrected & raptured & we will be like the angels of God, have a body like Jesus Himself when He was resurrected, & we will have enjoyed the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in the Heavenly City on High, in Heaven, somewhere beyond this Earth in Outer Space, during the Wrath of God on Earth below when He is meting out judgements & punishments to the wicked Kingdom of the Antichrist & his followers who bear the Mark of the Beast! Then we return in the great victorious Battle of Armageddon in which we defeat the Antichrist & the False Prophet & their Marked forces completely & entirely, & they're destroyed, slaughtered & cast into Hell, & we, the Saved Children of God, the Kingdom of God, take over the Earth under the visible rule & reign & power of God Almighty & His Son Jesus Christ!

       8. SO WHAT'S GOING TO BE OUR FIRST JOB? Well, obviously the World is going to be in a mess, the surface partially destroyed by wars & Tribulation & Wrath & Judgement of God in the Battle of Armageddon, so that it will be in quite a mess & it will certainly take all of our miraculous & supernatural powers to clean it up, as well as the cooperation of the Worldly survivors who manage to endure all of that & live through it into the Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth!

       9. SO THERE WILL FIRST OF ALL BE QUITE A MESS TO CLEAN UP! You can read in one place (Ez.39:12) where it's going to take them seven months in Israel alone to bury the dead where the final great Battle of Armageddon takes place, the decisive battle, which ends in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, the Valley of Decision (Joel 3:10-14), outside the walls of Jerusalem, which the Antichrist had made his headquarters & his capital, imitating the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, Who is going to make that His capital during the Millennium.

       10. OBVIOUSLY THE MAJOR ATTACK OF OUR FORCES IS GOING TO RUN FROM THE HEIGHT OF MEGIDDO in the Valley of Megiddo, the Valley of Esdraelon, about 100 miles North-Northwest of Jerusalem near Haifa, a large valley called the Valley of Megiddo, with a strange round mound in the middle called the Height of Megiddo, & in the Hebrew tongue it is therefore called Armageddon (Re.16:16). That's where the major battle of this war takes place, the Battle of Armageddon, beginning there, decisively, against the Antichrist forces, waging a final war against him & all of his followers. The course of the battle runs from Megiddo to the very gates of Jerusalem, & the slaughter is going to be so horrible that blood is going to run 200-&-some miles, some places as deep as the horses' bridles! (Re.14:20)--A very horrible slaughter to which God in His Word then invites all the vultures & buzzards of the World to come & have a great feast upon kings & captains & the armies of the Antichrist, the Devil in person! (Ez.39:17-22, Re.19:17-21)

       11. SO AS A RESULT OF THAT TERRIBLE SLAUGHTER, THERE'S GOING TO BE A VERY GREAT MESS LEFT BEHIND, & the first job, of course, will have to be to get rid of the stinking carcases of the dead, which the Bible says will even "stop the noses of the passengers"--in other words, the people passing by. (Ez.39:11) They're going to have to hold their noses or wear some of those nose-masks you've seen people wear in cleaning up such massacres as Jonestown or Beirut or wherever, while they attempt to bury the dead. He says for awhile the dead are going to be so numerous, "from one end of the Earth to the other", that they're going to be like "dung upon the ground, neither gathered nor lamented nor buried." (Jer.25:33) Such is going to be the horrible holocaust of the wars & judgements of God upon the Earth & its wicked!

       12. SO THAT WHEN THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON IS OVER & THE BLOOD HAS RUN SO DEEP, there will be so many bodies left that the Scripture tells us it will take "men of continual employment"--a fulltime job--seven months just to bury the dead alone! (Ez.39:14) The stench & stink will be so bad you'll have to hold your noses or wear some kind of face masks that they wear in such cases, & it says that as they search along finding the last bodies, they'll put up a little sign or marker showing the grave diggers where there is a body still remaining (Ez.39:15)--& there won't be too much remaining of some bodies after seven months of lying out in the hot sun with the vultures & carnivorous animals feeding upon them, the jackals & such animals that eat the dead, God's scavengers & garbage men!

       13. BUT WHATEVER IS LEFT, THESE SEARCHERS WILL SET UP MARKERS TO MARK THE BODIES THAT ARE STILL LEFT & UNBURIED, & men of continual employment will be busy burying the dead every day, all day long for seven long months before they're all buried!--Just to bury the dead in Israel alone! God knows how many dead there will be in other parts of the World! But that being the major battlefield, apparently it will have the highest concentration of slaughter & the most bodies & the most blood running deep! So that will be the first job of the Millennium.

       14. YOU SAY, "WELL, I THOUGHT THE MILLENNIUM WAS GOING TO BE HEAVEN-ON-EARTH!--THAT SOUNDS LIKE HELL TO ME!" Well, in order to establish a nice beautiful good clean Heaven, you've got to clean up Hell first--the Hell that the Antichrist & his demon-possessed people have left behind as they war against the forces of God!--And the horrible slaughter left behind by God's Own judgements & our Battle of Armageddon against them! There will be some cleaning up to do!--Seven months just burying the dead, & when that filthy dirty job is done, in Israel alone it's going to take seven years to clear away all the wreckage of the instruments of war, clearing away & burning the weapons & vehicles of war etc.! Seven years of cleaning up the rubble, the debris, the wreckage & the junk left behind by the terrible Battle of Armageddon! (Ez.39:9)

       15. SO THAT'S WHAT THE WORLD'S GOING TO BE DOING FOR THE FIRST SEVEN MONTHS & THE FIRST SEVEN YEARS OF THE MILLENNIUM--CLEANING UP THE MESS! We, like the angels of God then, will be the rulers of this Earth & directing the clean-up, whereas our former rulers & largely enemies, the System who ruled over us, will now be our subjects, many of them virtually our slaves, who will have to work for us instead of us for them! So that we're going to tell'm, "Get your picks & shovels, boys, & go to work! Now you're the manual labourers & you're the poor of the Earth & you are the unemployed, & we're going to employ you & keep you busy seven months just burying the dead, then seven years cleaning up the wreckage--so get busy!" So it will be, according to the Word of God!

       16. SO THAT'S OUR FIRST JOB FOR ABOUT THE FIRST SEVEN YEARS, DIRECTING THE WORLD & THE WORLDLINGS & THE SURVIVORS & THOSE WHO WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO LIVE THAT LONG--or blessed enough, as Daniel tells us (Da.12:12)--to actually survive all of these horrors & still be blessed with life sufficient to survive & enter the thousand years of the Millennium, the thousand-year rule of Jesus Christ & His Saints on the Earth! The Lord will set up His Kingdom here on Earth for a thousand years to try to salvage what He can & who He can & give some people another chance, or perhaps their first chance to see the actual Kingdom of God & hear His voice & His laws & His rules & His Words & repent!--To believe & receive & repent & accept Him as their King! So that will be their first job & we'll be directing it, cleaning up the surface of the Earth, the mess that's been left behind by all of these tragedies--which were necessary to rid the Earth of the demonic kingdom of Satan under the Antichrist & his Beast-Marked followers!

       17. ALSO, OF COURSE, DURING ALL THIS TIME, PEOPLE STILL HAVE TO BE FED, CLOTHED & HOUSED, & the portions of the Earth's surface which have not been destroyed & which are still in useable condition & still tillable & fertile & useful for agriculture--farms, plantations, rice paddies, wheat fields--are still going to be needed to feed the survivors, the millions who are left who have survived the horrible holocaust!

       18. THESE ARE GOING TO BE OUR SUBJECTS IN THE MILLENNIUM, THOSE OVER WHOM WE RULE WITH A ROD OF IRON because they cannot be trusted to have complete freedom any more. They'll still have freedom of choice, they'll still have free will to do the right thing, to believe, to receive, to obey, to cooperate & even be saved in a measure, thereby, & be blessed for it, but they will not have complete freedom of action & freedom of movement, because many with their free will & freedom of choice will still choose to do evil.

       19. EVEN THOUGH THE DEVIL & ALL HIS DEMONS ARE BOUND IN THE PIT OF HELL DURING THIS PERIOD OF A THOUSAND YEARS OF TIME OF WHAT IS GOING TO BE LIKE HEAVEN-ON-EARTH, nevertheless there are going to be plenty of devils left behind in human form, human beings who are devils at heart & still reject the King of kings & His Kingdom, who still resent our rule over them & their punishment & just deserts which we mete out to them, & who still rebel against our rule & power, sometimes whole nations who will rebel & refuse to obey the commandments of Christ & the dictates of His Kingdom & we His officers, & therefore will have to be ruled with a rod of iron--by force, in other words--& punished accordingly by withholding the rain, by famine, by force, by fire--even the fire of God devouring some who are absolutely incorrigible! If lack of rain--drought--doesn't squeeze'm enough to make'm say "uncle", then genuine famine--starvation--will follow! (Ze.14:17-19) And if that doesn't bring'm to repentance & to their knees in obedience to the Kingdom of God on Earth, then the fire of God will come down & devour them! So the unsaved Worldlings of the World, the rebellious ones particularly, will have to obey then or be destroyed!

       20. WE WILL BE LIKE THE ANGELS OF GOD WITH SUPERNATURAL BODIES & MIRACULOUS POWERS, able to travel at the speed of thought, fly, appear & disappear, being absolutely impervious to any kind of attacks or any kind of harm or injury from any Worldly source whatsoever, all demonic & devilish power having been imprisoned in the bottomless pit in the heart of the Earth for the Thousand Years! (Re.20:2,3) The only people we still have trouble with are actual human beings left on the face of the Earth who may still decide to rebel, & who do eventually! (Rev.20:7-9) Meanwhile, we're trying to recover as many as we can & salvage as many as possible. We're trying to bring to faith & belief & conversion as many as can be turned to the Lord through actually seeing His Kingdom & His power, & even perhaps seeing Himself, His Own Personage upon His Throne at His chosen capital of Jerusalem--if they be so honoured!

       21. THOSE WHO COOPERATE WILL BE BLESSED & CONVERTED & HAVE SOME FORM OF SALVATION which God will bestow upon them, & will no doubt be saved at least to inhabit the New Earth, if not the actual New Heaven or Heavenly City coming a thousand years later on the New Earth. So this Thousand Years of the Millennial rule & reign of Jesus Christ on the Earth with His Saints, His Children, His Saved Christians, will be another testing time for those Worldlings who remain, the unsaved who have survived the horrors that have gone before, whom God has blessed with another chance, or perhaps their first chance. They may have never really heard the Gospel before, they may have never really felt the Love of Jesus before or known God's will before, or His ways, so it will be a time of teaching, a time of training, a time of enlightening, a time of learning of His laws & His ways & His Love, again another opportunity to reach the lost for the Lord!

       22. BUT IN THIS PERIOD, INSTEAD OF BELIEVING BEING SEEING, SEEING IS BELIEVING, & they will be given that extra opportunity to believe by actually seeing the Kingdom of God & Christ on Earth & His Saints in power & ruling the Earth, so that it should be much easier for them to believe & receive under those conditions. However, they will not be as honoured as those who are now believing & receiving & obeying without seeing, as Jesus Himself said. (Jn.20:29) But in His mercy & the mercy of God, God is going to give some another chance, or at least their first chance, to really see & know & hear & feel the Kingdom of God on Earth, literally, visibly, powerfully--& who could help but believe at a time like that?

       23. SURELY YOU WOULD THINK ALL WOULD RECEIVE HIM THEN!--But not all do, sad to say, as we find out from the Word of God & the picture at the end of the Millennium in which some rise up under the leadership of the released Satan & will endeavour to throw off the chains & the bondage of the Kingdom of God that the Kingdom of God has placed upon them, the restrictions & the rule & reign of Christ & His people on Earth. (Ps.2 & Rev.20:7,8) Everyone then will see, & certainly all will believe, because how could they help but believe when they actually see it? Then they will certainly know that God is Lord & Jesus is King of Kings & we are His Saints & powerful rulers & reigners of this amazing period of another time of choice & reclamation & restoration & salvaging of what & whom may still be salvaged!

       24. BUT AS GOD'S WORD CLEARLY SHOWS, THERE WILL BE SOME, LIKE THERE ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, WHO REFUSE TO BELIEVE! Even those who saw Jesus & heard Him speak, like the Scribes & the Pharisees & some Jews, refused to believe Him & refused to accept Him & refused to receive Him, refused to obey Him & hated Him so they finally even killed Him, crucified Him! They saw, they heard, they must have felt the very power of God in their very presence, they saw His miracles, they saw Him raise the dead! But as Jesus said, "They have Moses & the Prophets, let them believe them! If they will not believe them, neither will they believe though one should come back from the dead!" (Lk.16:31)

       25. WE WILL HAVE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD! All of us who are saved, Christians who have gone up in the Rapture to be with the Lord & come back with Him as a victorious army, conquering the Earth for His Kingdom! There will be millions of us, perhaps billions, coming back from the dead to rule & reign with Christ on the Earth over the Worldly people who are left after the horrors of the Holocaust! They will see us, they will hear us, they will feel us, & they will feel & see & know the miraculous supernatural powers that we have as rulers of the Kingdom of God! They will see it demonstrated, they will know it's true, they will know God exists, they will know that Jesus is real, the Son of God, the Messiah! They will know it's all true, & yet they will not receive it!

       26. THERE ARE THOSE WHO WILL STILL RESENT IT & HATE IT & REBEL AGAINST IT! As some so-called atheists have said, "Yes of course we knew all the time there was a God, but we hated Him!" How could the Scribes & the Pharisees & the Chief Priests of the Jews of Jesus' day not have known that He was the Messiah, when it was so obvious? His power was so obvious, His miracles were so manifest & He so completely fulfilled every Bible Prophecy of the Old Testament that was to be fulfilled in the Messiah in every way!--Hundreds of them! And yet they would not believe! Yet they would not believe in the sense of truly receiving, drinking in. The Greek word "pisteuo", the Greek word for "believe", has a lot deeper greater meaning than just our mild little English word "believe", with which nowadays people say "I believe so" if they're not too sure! But the Greek word "pisteuo", "I believe", means "I drink in"! I really receive! I have faith in it enough to receive it!

       27. WELL, THEY WILL SEE IT & HEAR IT, SEE & HEAR US & GOD'S KINGDOM ON EARTH IN VISIBLE POWER & GLORY, & yet, though they see it, know it, & in the lighter sense of the word "believe", will believe it--they can't help but believe it, they can see it before their very eyes, feel it--they will not truly believe it in the sense of receiving it, drinking it in, accepting it, submitting to it as the Muslims say in Islam. They will not be Muslims in the sense of submitting, the condition of Islam or "submission". They will not willingly obey. They have to be forced to obey, & therefore some will be cantankerous & obstreperous & disobedient, renegades, incorrigibles, worse than delinquents, criminals, rebellious & disobedient!--Which God Himself says is worse than idolatry & witchcraft, which are horrible, the worship of the Devil! (1Sam.15:23)

       28. SO THAT EVEN THOUGH THE DEVIL & HIS DEMONS WILL BE GONE, THERE WILL STILL BE PLENTY OF HIS PEOPLE AROUND WHOM WE WILL TRY TO KEEP UNDER CONTROL & GIVE THEM THEIR LAST CHANCE. As Isaiah says, "Though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness!" (Is.26:10) That will be one of the lessons learned in the Millennium, that there are some people who will never repent no matter what! They are totally reprobate & incorrigible & totally anti-God, anti-Christ & can never be won, perpetual enemies of the Kingdom of God, forever rebellious, disobedient & only brute beasts to be destroyed, as God's Word says. (2Pet.2:12)

       29. SO THE MILLENNIUM WILL BE A PERIOD OF DEALING WITH SUCH PEOPLE & PUNISHING THEM & FORCING THEM TO OBEY WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT!--Or destroying them if they absolutely flatly refuse & cause us too much trouble. That's the dark sad side. But the happy side is that many in that day, having seen, will believe & receive & will bow & will yield & will obey & receive with gladness the Kingdom of God on Earth & become its happy citizens & members & cooperate & help us to rebuild & to reconstruct & to clean up, rehabilitate & give the World its last chance for salvation, salvaging, & future entrée to the genuine Heaven-on-Earth on the New Earth, & Eternal Salvation in the Eternity to come!

       30. THE MILLENNIUM IS THE EARTH'S LAST CHANCE! The Millennium is the wicked's last chance, those who still remain & manage to survive the Holocaust. For those who will be saved during that time, perhaps the Millennium is their first chance to really see & know & feel & hear & understand the Love & Power of God & His Gospel, the Good News of Salvation--so as some have called it, a second chance. It's actually a first chance for perhaps millions of those who never heard & never really knew or understood His Message of Love, because the Church failed to give it to them.

       31. SO IT'S GOING TO BE A DIFFICULT TIME FOR SOME, A HARD TIME FOR THE REBELLIOUS, because they will have to be whipped into line like slaves, driven to their work or destroyed if they refuse! But it will be a good time for those who at last see & understand & know & believe & receive & obey & enjoy the Love of God & the beauty of His Kingdom, the restored Garden of Eden on Earth! Some of the most marvellous prophecies of the Bible describe the beauties & the wonders & the pleasures of this Heaven-on-Earth, or at least Heaven-like Earth, restored Creation, restored Garden of Eden in the beautiful Heavenly Paradise of the Millennium!--With only a few of the Devil's pests whose hearts still belong to the Devil even though he's not there, still around to bother us & with whom we have to deal rigidly, stringently, forcefully & sometimes destructively!

       32. BUT THIS PERIOD SEEMS TO BE NECESSARY, GOD'S OWN CREATION & DESIGN TO GIVE SOME FOLKS THEIR FIRST CHANCE & OTHERS THEIR LAST CHANCE, to give everybody a chance before the final Judgement of God at the end of the Millennium after the final sifting & the dividing of the sheep from the goats by the release of Satan, as he comes back to try to get all his rebels together again & lead them in a great battle against the forces of God & the citizens of His Kingdom, the humans who are still on the Earth who have now received the Lord & are obeying Him & are now counted as His citizens & children, though they have not yet received their immortal supernatural resurrection bodies as we have. But they will be members of the Kingdom of God, having received it, obeyed it & cooperated with it & helped it & been given their chance to follow the Lord.

       33. SATAN & HIS FORCES, HIS INCORRIGIBLE REBELS, WILL FINALLY RISE UP AGAINST THEM & surround them & try to destroy them one last time in the great battle at the end of the Millennium called the Battle of Gog & Magog--Gog being the Devil, or the Devil incarnate! In the Tribulation he's the Antichrist ruler of Russia, Magog being the old ancient name for Russia. So apparently Russia or Russian Communism seems to be the Red forces of Satan both now & in the future, both in the time of the Antichrist Tribulation & even at the end of the Millennium! There seem to be some of those people who are just absolutely impossible, incorrigible, total reprobates that can never be changed & never won no matter how much mercy you show to them! No matter how much God's personal power is shown to them, they still hate Him & want to try to get rid of Him & His Kingdom & His people!

       34. SO ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN WON TO THE LORD ON THE EARTH DURING THE MILLENNIUM & won to His Kingdom & are following the Lord & living righteously & in cooperation & in submission to the Lord & His Saints on the Earth, will be saved in some manner at the end of the Battle of Gog & Magog at the end of the Millennium when fire comes down from God to destroy their enemies & even the whole surface of the Earth!--Which of course means that these people who have received the Kingdom of God, who are still human on the Earth & have become His citizens, in some way will be spared, because the fire is to destroy their enemies, not them! Some claim there's going to be a Second Rapture of these New Saints before the New Earth! Well, how God does it, I don't know, it's not explained exactly, but obviously the fire is not to devour them, but their enemies & the surface of the Earth, so that the whole Ball can be totally purified from all its pollution & contamination & horrors & wreckage & the mess that still remains at the Battle of Gog & Magog. (Re.20:9, 2Pe.3:10)

       35. SO THESE NEW SAINTS OF GOD AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM ARE GOING TO BE SAVED IN SOME WAY--although it's not specified exactly how--but obviously they will be, & then they will stand before the Great White Throne Judgement of God when all of the rest of the people who have ever lived are resurrected in the Second Resurrection. Perhaps that's how God has saved them, simply through death & then this Second Resurrection, at which time they will be judged before the Great White Judgement Throne of the Lord, out of the Book of Life as to who deserves what, & those whose names are found written in the Book will be saved. (Re.20:11-13)

       36. SINCE THEY WERE NOT A PART OF THE FIRST RESURRECTION--the Salvation of the first Saints of God, the Saved of this Day of Grace--but are part of the Second Resurrection, they may be in a separate class from us & permitted only to live on the surface of the New Earth outside the Heavenly City while we occupy the City itself. But to be able to enjoy the surface of the New Earth, a genuine Heaven-on-Earth, is a Heaven in itself, Salvation in itself, so certainly they can be thankful!

       37. WHEREAS THOSE WHOSE NAMES ARE NOT FOUND WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE ARE CAST INTO HELLFIRE, PURGATORY, THE LAKE OF FIRE, to be purged of their iniquity & sin & punished until, if it were possible, some of them too may repent & be saved in some way. We don't know, it's not clear, but it's indicated & hinted at & implied in some passages that in the end all will be saved! (1Ti.2:4; 2Pe.3:9) God's plan will not be defeated, His Creation will not be defeated, & in the end there will be Universal Reconciliation & salvation for all in various & varying degrees & states!

       38. NOT ALL WILL WALK THE GOLDEN STREETS OF THE GOLDEN CITY AS WE WILL, THE ORIGINAL SAINTS, but the New Saints & other Restored Saints--or at least restored souls, reconciled either during the Millennium or during Purgatory--will be permitted to be restored & reconciled to the point that they will be allowed to inhabit the surface of the New Earth & enjoy its Heavenly beauties, glories & pleasures by the mercy & Love of God in the end after great suffering. So a thousand years of Millennium for some is not going to be easy, especially for the human beings who are going to still be human, living through that time. It's not going to be easy for all, especially for the rebellious, but it'll be like Heaven-on-Earth for those who cooperate!

       39. AND OF COURSE WE, THE SAVED, OF THIS DAY OF GRACE WHO JOIN THE LORD IN THE RAPTURE AT HIS SOON SECOND-COMING, & at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as the Bride of Christ, we will be like the Five Wise Virgins who went in when the door was open & joined the Bridegroom at the Wedding Feast, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, to receive their rewards & live as His supernatural Bride forever! Whereas those who are saved during the Millennium will be a different class of the Kingdom like the Five Foolish Virgins, & though Virgins, not the Bride of Christ, but their handmaidens later, as they're saved in the Millennium & eventually enjoy the New Earth, God willing. (Mt.25:1-13)

       40. WELL, NOW THAT I'VE DESCRIBED THE WHOLE SCENE FOR YOU, WE CAN PERHAPS GO BACK TO MY DREAM TO HELP YOU SEE WHAT IT MAY BE LIKE! As I say, whether it was during the Millennium or the post-War period, the reconstruction period of the reign of the Antichrist, the False Millennium, the "Plastic Peace", the first 3-1/2 years of his reign before the 3-1/2 years of Tribulation that follows, it was not clear. I doubt if it was supposed to be literal regarding me personally, but that it was really more symbolic. I think you'll get what I mean. I was there in the dream & I was taking part, but I was not as I now am, I was more like one of the people, to sort of illustrate what it's going to be like.

       41. I WAS GOING THROUGH THEIR EXPERIENCE VICARIOUSLY AS I WAS DREAMING THIS & EXPERIENCING IT, PERHAPS TO ILLUSTRATE TO YOU WHAT IT'S GOING TO BE LIKE EITHER AFTER THE ATOM WAR OR AFTER THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, one or the other. Because at both times the World will be in a mess, the surface of the Earth will be partially destroyed & manpower will be scarce. God's Word says of one of those periods--either immediately after the Atom War or after the Battle of Armageddon--that seven women will grab ahold of one man & say, "Please let us be called by your name!" In other words, "Let us marry you that we might have children! We'll furnish our own meat & our own raiment, only let us be called by thy name!" (Is.4:1) It will be a blessing for the women to have any man at all, because men will become so scarce after the war! The male species is the one that suffers the most in wars, because they are the ones that fight them, the soldiers, & those who are slaughtered. God is usually a little more merciful to females; besides, they're not usually at the battlefront.

       42. ANYHOW, AFTER ONE OF THOSE WARS, WHICHEVER, MEN & MANPOWER ARE GOING TO BE SCARCE! As the Scripture says, seven women will even try to marry one man, because men will be so scarce. Some of you boys would enjoy that, I'm sure, but they'd have to happen to be one of the unsaved survivors, & I don't know whether the survivors are going to enjoy things that much, although I guess they can be thankful they survive at all! The post-Atom War reconstruction period of the Antichrist is going to be a fairly peaceful, good period of time in some ways, as well as the period of reconstruction after the Battle of Armageddon in the first part of the Millennium, either one.

       43. ANYHOW, MANPOWER IS GOING TO BE SCARCE, & ONE OF THE GREATEST NEEDS OF THE WORLD IS IMMEDIATELY GOING TO BE FOOD! And food doesn't come in packages, believe it or not, it doesn't just suddenly create itself on the grocery store shelves, but it must be produced out there on the surface of the Earth on farms & groves & ranches & plantations. Most of man's food has to be grown, from rice to wheat & all the rest, & cattle have to be raised & cared for & fed. So that the greatest needs of the World in these reconstruction periods, whether after the Atom War or the Battle of Armageddon, is going to be food for those who survive & remain.

       44. SO THE PRIMARY EMPHASIS, NO DOUBT, OF THESE RECONSTRUCTION PERIODS IS GOING TO BE FARMING, THE PRODUCTION OF FOOD FOR THE SURVIVORS. And since labour is going to be very scarce, there is no doubt going to be impressed or compulsory labour. Many people are going to be sent to the farms to labour in the fields who never did that kind of labour before, very much the same as has happened in some countries where the Communists have done this with certain classes of people or their enemies or those that they felt needed an education in agriculture. China rehabilitated many of its people & leaders & professional men & teachers & technicians etc. by sending them actually into the fields of the peons & peasants in the rice paddies to work hard farm work, manual labour on the farms, raising food for the people in order to teach them what farm life is really like & what a hard life the farmer has & how difficult it is to raise all that food that the cities gobble up without even thinking about how much hard work there is behind it!

       45. SO SINCE MANPOWER IS GOING TO BE SCARCE DUE TO THE SLAUGHTERS IN THESE WARS, those who are still able-bodied & physically fit for the hard labour of the farms & the ranches & who can be spared from any other duties, are going to be sent back to the farms. In past days, these days in which we are now living, there's been a great migration from the country to the city & all of its licentious pleasures & supposed benefits & riches & easy work, which has too often resulted in even worse poverty, worse squalor, squatters & shantytowns & lack of sanitation & living in worse conditions than they had back on the farm in the country that they left!

       46. SO THERE'S GOING TO BE A NEW ENFORCED MIGRATION FROM THE CITIES TO THE COUNTRY! So many of the cities will have been destroyed anyhow that there will be no place to go for some people but back to the farm. Farm labour is going to be highly needed & prized, therefore those who are able & have nothing better to do will be sent to the farms to help the farmers raise the food needed for overcoming the famine & the privation & the shortages that are going to be existent after these horrible wars!

       47. SO WHICH WAR IT WAS AFTER, I DON'T KNOW, WHETHER IT WAS THE ATOM WAR OR THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, BUT I FELT IN SOME WAYS RATHER GOOD ABOUT IT. But maybe I would have felt that good even in the first part of the World dictatorship of the Antichrist, as he tries to reconstruct the World & restore it & pretends to be the Messiah & the good guy, everybody's friend, trying to rebuild the World & restore peace & order & the economy & plenty.

       48. I'M NOT EVEN SURE IF IT WAS MARIA I WAS WITH, because I seemed to be sort of impersonating the part, rather than it being the state that I am actually going to be in in the future--although, who knows? The Lord has promised to spare me from the actual Tribulation, but I may still be here during the first part of the Antichrist's reign & his False Millennium, his "Plastic Peace", & it's possible this could happen to me. Although at this particular time I seemed to be younger & more like about 30! I just don't know how to explain it to you the way it seemed in the dream.

       49. ANYHOW, MY MATE & I WERE A FAIRLY YOUNG COUPLE & WE HAD ARRIVED AT THIS FARM where we were being put up very pleasantly by this very hospitable farm family who were trying their best to make us comfortable, not as royal guests by any means in this case, not like I was received in the dream on "Millennial Hospitality" (No.1440), but rather as one of their labourers. We were given a room just off the living room which seemed to be the only one available, separated from the living room & its activities by only a mere draw-curtain, so small that the double bed itself filled almost the whole room, but we were thankful for it & we appreciated their courtesy & their accommodation & we settled in.

       50. WE WERE GIVEN FARM CLOTHING & I WAS WEARING TYPICAL FARMER'S OVER-ALLS, rather rough clothing that farm labourers wear, & we were expected, apparently, to participate in the duties of the farm & the farmhouse. My mate was helping in the kitchen & I was helping on the farm, & that's the way it was! But they were kind to us, they were nice to us, they were hospitable, courteous, friendly, good & apparently good people who were doing their best to raise food for the famine that will follow a horrible war because of the shortage of food.

       51. I REMEMBER A COUPLE OF VERY INTERESTING LITTLE INCIDENTS. I was like a servant, of course, a lackey who obeyed orders, & there was a pretty young woman, fullgrown, I'd say in her 20's, who apparently was either a dancer or had been dancing, because she was wearing ballet slippers with these strings or ties or laces that you may have seen, that crisscross 'round the leg almost to the knee. She was sitting down trying to untie these laces with her one foot propped up on something, when she asked me to please come over & help her take off her shoes. So as an obedient lowly servant, I went over & knelt at her feet & untied the laces in order to slip her shoe off.

       52. I NATURALLY PLACED MY RIGHT HAND UNDER THE CALF OF HER LEG & lifted her heel from what it had been resting on so that I could slip her shoe off. Then I put my left hand under her heel, the back of her ankle actually, & gently lowered her foot back to the floor. And as I released her ankle & leg, my right hand ran lightly down her lovely calf! I felt a pleasurable sensation & she looked at me rather coquettishly & smiled & thrust forth her left leg for me to do likewise, untie the laces & lift her leg with my hand & slip off her shoe. And this time I made it almost a definite caress as I ran my hand down her calf to her heel, as I lowered it back to the floor. And she looked at me & smiled rather mischievously as though she knew, but liked it, & almost as a little look that perhaps promised more in the future if possible! So I was quite pleased & pleasurably titillated as I went on about my work!

       53. THE MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE WHO RAN THE FARM HAD A DAUGHTER & HER HUSBAND WHO WERE VISITING THERE--sort of a family reunion, apparently, after the war--& they had brought their three small children with them. The smallest was a little tiny girl, a cute little girl about like Techi, & I picked her up & hugged & kissed her playfully as folks will do, & she put her little arms around my neck & kissed me very sweetly, tenderly & lovingly. I thought, "Oh, how sweet, how nice! How that reminds me of Techi!" Well, maybe it was me, because how could I have remembered Techi unless it was me? Anyhow, I hugged her & put her down again & was quite happy in the service of this family as we did our work faithfully & well in such a pleasant place with friendly people!

       54. I REMEMBER ANOTHER SCENE IN WHICH OUR LITTLE BEDROOM OFF THE COMBINATION LIVING ROOM & DINING ROOM WAS QUITE NOISY because of all the activity going on in there during the family reunion, so I stepped out & through this hallway up these steps about half-a-floor & over into another wing of the house, where I found an empty room which had been a sort of a guest room or children's room. I don't know exactly what it had been used for, but I found it empty & there were several beds & a vacant top bunk. I thought, "Well, this is my freetime, I can crawl up in that bunk & maybe get a few winks of sleep, take a little restful nap away from all the confusion & the hubbub of the party that's going on in the main part of the house"--& I did! And I slept.

       55. BUT EVENTUALLY I WOKE & FOUND OTHERS HAD ENTERED THE ROOM, INCLUDING THE FARMER'S WIFE. They had not tried to wake me or disturb me, they were very sweetly letting me sleep, but their conversation had awakened me anyhow. She was sitting there in the room talking to an older couple, the very old couple who apparently were their mother & father, an aged couple who also either were visiting or living there, I don't know which. The old couple were being very affectionate to each other, showing that they really loved & appreciated each other in their old age, & the mother of the family, the middle-aged farmer's wife, was talking to them sweetly & kindly & they were discussing things. I presume they were visiting because they were sort of renewing acquaintances & discussing news etc. When I woke, I apologised & slipped down from the bunk, & they just nodded & smiled & I left the room.

       56. I FOUND THEN THAT THE YOUNG COUPLE WHO HAD COME WITH THEIR THREE CHILDREN, WERE PREPARING & LOADING UP THE CAR TO LEAVE. There must have been a few vehicles left, & this one was an old rattletrap, sort of an old touring car like we used to have when I was a kid, an old farm car. They were loading up with their luggage to return, apparently, to wherever they lived. I remember they couldn't get the car started, so the old farm truck was used to push it to get it going. They went on, then, into the nearby little village to the railway station where they loaded their bags & their family on the train & waved goodbye.

       57. WHEREVER WE WERE, I DON'T KNOW, BUT THEY WERE HEADED SOUTH TOWARD SOME BORDER WHICH WAS A RIVER THEY WERE TO CROSS. How I knew this, I don't know, but in some of these dreams you just know things!--Almost like in vision, like I had spiritual sight, ESP or something, & I knew that they were going that way. I also remember that they had been discussing with the family back at the house before they left that it had been fairly easy to go through customs coming into this country--whatever country we were in--& that they didn't anticipate any trouble going back.

       58. THEY WERE TAKING ALONG WITH THEM, BY THE WAY, NOT ONLY THEIR BAGS ETC., BUT A LOT OF HOMEMADE HOMEGROWN PRODUCTS OF OUR AREA there where the farm was, including some wood carvings I noticed in particular. I was interested in these lovely but inexpensive little wood carvings, like a lamp base & a few little things like that, useful items that they were taking back home with them, as I used to make things like that. And they were saying that they didn't anticipate any problem getting through customs because they were not of great value.

       59. WELL, I DON'T REMEMBER WHETHER MY MATE & I RODE WITH THEM TO THE STATION--& I TRUST IT WAS MARIA! If this was a real preview of the future, I'm sure it would be Maria. It sort of felt like Maria to me, although I couldn't actually swear to it that it was Maria. But I'm sure if it was in this life or the next, it certainly would have been Maria! If I was supposed to be living someone else's life, that's something else, but if it was myself--& it certainly felt like it was I--it surely would have been Maria! And whether we rode with them to the small train station in the little village or whether we came in some other way, I don't really remember.

       60. MAYBE WE WERE PUSHING THEM & THEN DROVE THE TRUCK IN, BECAUSE THE NEXT THING I KNEW, WE WERE THERE IN THE LITTLE VILLAGE GOING SHOPPING FOR VARIOUS THINGS. I remember that I had on these farmer's overalls & we looked like typical farm people. Maria, if it was Maria, was plainly dressed. I remember her gown was quite long, an old-fashioned dress like all farmers' wives used to wear when I was young. Apparently their dress there in that area was still very conservative, but it was beautiful. She had evidently been shopping for groceries or something, & I had been shopping for things that I needed.

       61. I RECALL DISTINCTLY STANDING THERE WITH A HANDFUL OF NAILS IN MY LEFT HAND--I would say they were 8-penny nails, the size most commonly used in building--& I must have had at least 30 or 40 of them in my left hand, & I believe it was a hammer in my right hand. I had purchased them there in the little town, obviously for the purpose of helping to do some construction on the farm--or reconstruction--as building happens to be one of my talents. I've built several buildings in my lifetime, so I was evidently getting supplies for such work back on the farm.

       62. MARIA HAD BEEN SHOPPING SEPARATELY, but I saw her coming about half-a-block away on the other side of the railroad tracks. I was evidently waiting for her, having gotten my purchases, & we were happy to see each other. We then turned & apparently were making our way back toward the farm, which was only a short distance, perhaps a mile or two from the railroad station. I don't know whether we were going back to the truck or whatever, but we were going to return home then.

       63. WE SEEMED REASONABLY HAPPY TO BE TOGETHER & TO BE WELL & ALIVE & IN GOOD HEALTH & ABLE TO BE HELPFUL & A PART OF THE REBUILDING OF CIVILISATION, doing useful labour on this farm to help produce food for mankind & the survivors & to feed the World! So that even though we were labourers & servants--in fact it seemed to be compulsory, therefore we were virtually slaves--we were being very well-treated & well-cared-for, well-housed & fed & clothed & were reasonably happy & very thankful to have such good folks to live with, who were very kind to us, working together with us, not only just us working for them.

       64. BUT THAT WAS THE END OF MY DREAM AS I GREETED MARIA & WE TURNED TO RETURN TO THE FARM, smiling & happy & seemingly at least somewhat contented & thankful that our lot was as good as it was. I don't doubt that the lot of many was much worse in many places where there was actual starvation & radiation & horrible human suffering, slaughter, injury & terrible conditions! It seemed that we had it fairly good, almost the best that could be expected in such a surviving World, out on the farm in the healthful pleasant atmosphere with plenty of food & shelter & clothing & good folks to work with & a very happy peaceful beautiful setting! I had a very good feeling about it all, that we were happy there, & that's where my dream ended!

       65. I GUESS THE LORD KNEW THAT WAS ENOUGH TO SHOW ME WHAT THE NATIONS WERE GOING TO BE LIKE, WHENEVER & WHEREVER IT IS! I couldn't swear whether I was either supposed to be like one of the survivors of the Battle of Armageddon & playing a part, in a way, or if it was a literal preview of the future, how things will be after the Atom War in this age. If so, if it was real & it's something that's actually going to happen, if it was really supposed to be me, then of course it would have to be after the Atom War during the period of reconstruction then, because during the Millennium, Maria & I will both be angelic creatures--resurrected, raptured & ruling & reigning with Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of God on Earth.

       66. SO IT COULD HARDLY HAVE BEEN A LITERAL DREAM ACTUALLY OF ME DURING THE MILLENNIUM, UNLESS I WAS SIMPLY EXPERIENCING WHAT SOME OF THE SURVIVORS WILL EXPERIENCE! I'm more inclined to believe that it was to show me what it's going to be like after the Atom War, during the period of reconstruction then, when there will be forced indentured labour to restore production on the farms etc., & you will have to go whether you like it or not, or want to or not, because we were quite obviously being forced to go & we had to go whether we liked it or not. But then it could hardly have been really me, as I'd be much older!

       67. BUT I WAS VERY THANKFUL THAT WE LIKED IT & THAT WE WERE IN SUCH A NICE PLACE WITH A GOOD FAMILY, DOING PRODUCTIVE CONSTRUCTIVE & NEEDED WORK, using the talents that I did have for natural physical labours, both the knowledge of construction & the knowledge of ranch & farm life--which is probably why I had been sent there & Maria with me, God willing. She's a good housewife, good housekeeper & good cook too, so it could be possible. Maybe she was even a secretary!--Ha!

       68. NOW WHETHER THAT'S ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN OR NOT, I DON'T KNOW, or whether it's just to illustrate to me what it's going to be like for those who survive the Atom War & participate in the reconstruction, or those who survive the Battle of Armageddon & participate in the Millennial Reconstruction, I just don't know! But it was a very interesting experience & it is an experience that no doubt many will have, as all available labour possible will be sent back to farms to produce food, the greatest necessity of all after such great conflagrations. Rather than all the foolish luxuries of today, food will be the most vital necessity & greatest need. So whether it be in the one reconstruction period or the other, all available manpower, or much of it, will have to return to the farm to try to help reproduce food for the millions of survivors of either holocaust.

       69. NOW WHY THE LORD WOULD SHOW ME SUCH A DREAM & HAVE ME PARTICIPATE IN IT & FEEL WHAT IT WAS LIKE, I DON'T KNOW, BUT PERHAPS IT WAS TO ENCOURAGE SOME OF YOU THAT IT WON'T BE SO BAD even during the first part of the Antichrist reign, the period of reconstruction after the Atom War. That even if the manpower is enforced & it is almost, in a sense, slave labour or enforced labour, indentured labour, it could be fairly good & not so bad & you may be given a fairly good job, doing the things that you are able to do to help reconstruct civilisation, doing worthwhile & necessary tasks in such reconstruction, & feel like you are doing something good & needed to help others & the World to rehabilitate the Earth for awhile during those better periods.

       70. SO WHETHER IT IS ACTUALLY TO COME TO PASS PERSONALLY, OR WHETHER IT IS AN ILLUSTRATION OF WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO SOME, & TO ENCOURAGE YOU that it's not going to be too bad to endure & could even be pleasant, in any case I think it was encouraging. I had a good feeling about it & we can be thankful for whatever the Lord sends our way, amen? Paul said: "I have learned to be content in whatsoever state I'm in, whether to be in want or to abound." (Ph.4:11,12) If we have the Lord & we are His children & in His care, I'm sure He will place us in positions which are best for us & best for others, where we can be not only a help & a blessing, but even an influence for good & for the Lord & to help many many people who will need help as the survivors struggle to recover.

       71. I'M SURE THE LORD IS GOING TO USE US IN MANY WAYS, IN MANY CAPACITIES! You who are learning various talents & skills now will be used in the period following the Atom War during the reign of the Superman as he endeavours to reconstruct & restore the Earth. We will have positions, I believe, of responsibility & usefulness & many will be used in capacities they have experience in, skills, trades, technology that will be needed & useful & where you can be helpful & a blessing, influential & even a witness for the Lord!

       72. SO PRAISE THE LORD, I HOPE THAT DREAM ENCOURAGES YOU! At least you had a synopsis or resume' of the whole period of the Future in my description & background preparation I gave you for this dream! As usual, I cannot tell anything without starting at Genesis & going clear to Revelation! I had to give you the whole background in order to give you the setting for the actual scene. So there you have it for what it's worth, & may it be a blessing & encouragement to you that in the days to come things are not all going to be so bad after all, & there will be many good & pleasant things to be thankful for, especially survival to help others & to be a good influence & a witness for the Lord! So may the Lord bless & keep you & continue to make you a blessing in those days, in Jesus' name, amen.--Amen? GBY! ILY! HAPPY FUTURE!

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