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THE DEVIL EXPOSED!--The Gen Story, Part 10.DO 145412/4/75

(After Faithy's session at the Glasshouse:)
1. THE DEVIL IS NOT LIKE GOD, HE DOESN'T KNOW EVERYTHING! He only knows what God's already said & already done. He knows what God has publicly predicted that He's going to do, like the prophecies, etc., so he knows the course of history & what's going to happen. But we can read it too, so we know as much as he does about that! But he does not know God's every move & what God's going to do next!

2. IT'S JUST LIKE TWO GENERALS AT WAR! God is the One Who usually takes the initiative--the Devil can't act until after God's already acted, because he doesn't know what God's going to do! Once in awhile he tries to pull a fast one & act first, but usually whenever he does he makes the wrong step, he does the wrong thing, which literally hangs himself, trips him & exposes him!

3. IT'S ALMOST LIKE PRIZEFIGHTING, one fighter feints like this, he pretends he's going to throw a right jab, & the guy ducks his head to the side, then he comes around with a left hook & socks him! What happened tonight was sort of a feint. Because of these four important people coming at such a time & with such a sober countenance, it looked like it was going to be something very super serious & sober & really Earthshaking--which it was--but not what she thought!

4. SO THE DEVIL, NOT KNOWING REALLY WHAT FAITHY WAS GOING TO DO, THE MINUTE SHE WALKED IN HE MADE THE BABY THROW A FIT, ABOUT THE WORST SHE'S EVER SEEN! It was as though the Devil was trying to pin it on her, that she's the one that upset the baby, & she's the one that caused all the trouble!--As though to give Gen an excuse to say, "It's their fault, not my fault!"

5. BUT WHAT HE DID WAS EXPOSE HIMSELF! He showed that he was still a real problem & causing lots of trouble, which is what they needed to know today because they had just gotten slothful in saying, "Well, the baby's all right!" Eman even said, "My wife's healed now & everything's fine, no problems, everybody's happy!" But to prepare them for the news they got tonight they had to know that things were not just fine & the baby was in bad shape! So the minute Faithy walked in, boy, the Devil was mad!

6. SO PRAISE THE LORD, I COULDN'T EAT UNTIL AFTER I HEARD ABOUT THE VICTORY! I couldn't have enjoyed my dinner until I heard how the battle went, so I'm now enjoying it because we won a real victory over the Enemy & what he was trying to pull. We didn't get rid of him, but we stopped his dirty work long enough for Faith to do her job. The baby got worse & worse & worse & then pulled the worst fit ever & she thought he was going to die right on the spot, he just turned blue & everything!

7. TILL FINALLY SHE REALLY GOT MAD AT THE DEVIL & WALKED OVER & LAID HANDS ON THE BABY & CUSSED THE DEVIL OUT & REBUKED HIM, really in righteous anger, & the baby pulled out of it just like that & was totally calm for the whole rest of the conference!--Showing it was absolutely the Devil! She didn't weakly pray for it, "Lord, please heal it, please bless the baby, blah, blah, blah." Those little namby-pamby prayers aren't going to do a bit of good in a case where you're dealing with evil spirits! You've got to address the Old Boy himself & rebuke him, call him by name if you can! You don't necessarily have to scream for God to hear you, or the Devil either, but it is a manifestation of the righteous anger of God! God is angry with the Enemy!

8. SHE GOT MAD & REBUKED THE DEVIL, SHE CALLED HIM THE DEVOURER! That's the way the Lord reveals those things, that's probably his name. Of course, that's the Devil's name. Let me tell you, that spirit could be, because this is pretty important business & we're pretty important people on this Island! It could be that just like Judas, the Devil's not leaving his business to any second lieutenant! She called him the Devourer! That's interesting, the Old Boy himself is giving us his personal attention, how about that! She jumped up & laid her hands on the baby & rebuked the Devil & the baby pulled out of it just like that! Gen probably saw that your magic was bigger than her magic & began to behave herself--she didn't want to lose her magic altogether!

9. GRANDMOTHER PUT IT THIS WAY, IN HER OWN GREAT HEALING STORY, SHE SAID, "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I REALISED THAT THE SHEPHERD & THE WOLF WERE STRUGGLING RIGHT THERE IN THE ROOM!" The Shepherd won, praise the Lord! That was when she had that test right after her healing, the first time she sat up in bed. She doesn't tell that in the book because she's afraid it might hurt some people's faith, but she should have because it might have helped them with the tests they had! She suddenly keeled over in a dead faint & woke up in a pool of blood, she had a severe lung haemorrhage! But she refused to be defeated & sat up again, & when my father came in she got up & walked! You read the book! (The Hem of His Garment).

10. (FAITH: I ALMOST LAID MY HANDS ON HER TO REALLY SOCK IT TO HER!) Maybe you should have. (Faith: But it was like I was talking to her & to the spirit when I had my hand on the baby. It immediately focused right in on the source & the problem & that it was still there & it was just as evil & horrible as it ever was. I just commanded it & said, "You Devil, take your hands off this child! You're the Devourer of children! We rebuke you, Satan! In the Name of Jesus we command you to go!" And it stopped too! He caught his breath & it was like a victory had been won!)

11. THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL THE ANOINTING OF THE SPIRIT, HONEY! You suddenly got the anointing & you no doubt called him by the right name! It was the Old Boy himself! That's the way it came on me that time I prayed for that girl. It was totally unexpected, I hadn't the faintest idea God was going to use me to do that! It was just like an outburst of the Holy Spirit, the anointing just suddenly hits you! I just suddenly felt led to stretch out my hands on that girl's head & just rebuked the Devil & the spirit of fear in the Name of Jesus & socked it to her--& him--& she snapped out of it just like that! TTL!

12. IT WAS JUST THE LORD, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! I wasn't expecting to do it, didn't plan to do it, nothing, I was almost shocked myself! It was just like the righteous anger of God rises up in you & you just are inspired to let them have it!--Like I let the folks in the back row have it that night at the Club, the talk that started the Revolution when I declared war on the System!

13. IT'S GOT TO BE GOD'S TIMING, GOD'S OPPORTUNE MOMENT, GOD'S SETUP! Just like when the time comes for the final confrontation with the Old Boy himself in her, you'll know. God will anoint you the same way, you'll know just when it's supposed to happen. God will say, "Now!" Boom! Just like the General in command says, "Don't fire until I tell you!"--And all of a sudden comes the order: "Fire!"

14. GOD'S TIMING IS IMPORTANT! YOU'VE GOT TO WAIT TILL YOU SEE THE RED OF HIS EYES! The Devil could feel in your attitude that there was something big coming & he figured he'd attack first before you got it across--but that's where he stuck his neck out & really blew it, because by attacking, he exposed himself.

15. THIS IS JUST LIKE WARFARE, LIKE IN THE FAMOUS D-DAY WHEN EISENHOWER ATTACKED THE FRENCH COAST. They first made a false attack in which about 3,000 Canadians died, who were being used as decoys. They invaded 20 miles up the coast under cover of darkness & fog & the Germans immediately thought, "Oh, this is it, that's where they're going to hit us!" They'd also put false information on the radio & everything else to kind of give them the hint that that's where it was going to be, & this agent that was supposed to be their agent in Britain told them that's where it was going to be.

16. HITLER SAID, "WAIT UNTIL THEY REALLY ATTACK & WE KNOW FOR SURE!"--& sure enough the attack began 20 miles up from Normandy or whatever it is there. And the Germans immediately rushed in all their troops, big guns & reinforcements up the coast from the nearest place where they had the most troops located--which was where Eisenhower really planned to attack! They moved them all up 20 miles away & they were engaged in this furious battle there at this beachhead where the Canadians were invading. But this was just a feint, a bum steer, because then Eisenhower with full force hit the beach right straight where they had been the strongest, but now were very weak because they'd sent everything up the line, or a great deal of it.

17. SINCE THE ENEMY DOESN'T ALWAYS KNOW WHAT'S COMING NEXT, HE TRIES TO OUTGUESS THE LORD! It looked like maybe Faith was coming in there to have the final big confrontation & really attack Gen or something, it looked that sober & serious, so when Faith walked in the baby threw a big fit! Like, "See, it's not Gen, it's Faith! It's not us, it's these people that just came in!" But the fact of the matter was, she was not there to do that at all--although the Lord gave her an opportunity to challenge the Devil & she won! By sticking his neck out, he hung himself! Because she was there to tell them something else just as sobering if not more sobering!

18. THE DEVIL REALLY THOUGHT THAT HE WAS GOING TO GET ATTACKED THERE FOR SURE, & MAYBE THIS WAS GOING TO BE THE BIG CONFRONTATION, SO HE PULLED OUT HIS BIG GUNS & BEGAN FIRING AWAY TOO SOON! Instead of that, by cutting loose like that he betrayed his real position & exposed himself to all of them & showed what it really was. Because then the Lord had to prove it wasn't Faithy & us causing it, 'cause she stood up then & rebuked the Devil & got an immediate victory!--Which showed it wasn't her & it wasn't us, so it must be somebody else (Gen) who is denying it & still had the attitude all the time, like "It's not my fault, I can't help it!" The Devil can really play it innocent sometimes! "Wherein have we done these things? Why are we to blame? We haven't done anything, Lord!" That's what the Jews said 300 years before [DELETED] Christ! [EDITED: "Mal.1:2,6,7; 2:17; 3:7,8"].

19. SO THE BABY WAS PERFECTLY QUIET FOR THE WHOLE REST OF THE TALK SHE HAD TO GIVE THEM, & they were shocked all the way around, stunned!--Just when they were claiming, "Everything's fine, baby's all right now, my wife is healed & everything is hunky-dory!" Because what God had comedown there to tell them was that everything was not hunky-dory & there was a very very serious problem!

20. THE DEVIL THOUGHT GOD WAS GOING TO DO ONE THING, SO HE PULLED OUT HIS GUN & STARTED SHOOTING! But God was going to do something else, & he just betrayed his position & his dirty work & that he was the Enemy & who the Enemy was, & then the Lord proved who the friends were! So that set them all back on their heels & proved to them how deceived some of them were & how wrong they could be & how dirty the Devil plays it! He tried to blame his own dirty work on Faithy, but then the Lord showed it wasn't Faithy, that she had command of the situation through the power of the Spirit!

21. YOU DON'T JUST SAY, "CALM DOWN NOW, JESUS BLESS YOU, LORD HELP YOU"--WHEN YOU'RE TALKING TO THE DEVIL, YOU CUSS HIM OUT! The Devil wanted to give the impression that every time we come in, that's what upsets the baby! If you don't know what to do & you really don't have much teaching or faith along that line, the Enemy can get you deceived, but the Lord really won the victory & the Devil was defeated! He was really outsmarted by the Lord! He was trying to outsmart the Lord in Faithy, instead of that, God outsmarted him in Faithy! It's a warfare, Beloved! It's no joke!

22. SO THAT'S THE WAY IT OFTEN HAPPENS, THAT'S THE WAY IT WORKS! You don't always know exactly when or how to do it, but the thing to do is just wait for the commanding order, that's all, & when the time comes, you'll know when to attack! There's a lot in God's timing, when to do it & the right time. In fact, that's what we were having our conference about today, Beloved.

23. WE KNOW SOONER OR LATER WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO CONFRONT THIS DEVIL & CHALLENGE HIM ALL THE WAY, for Gen's sake, to totally try to deliver her, & I know that the Lord can. I know when we finally issue the commandment He will, but that doesn't mean it's going to stick. Because then she has her will, & if she is not willing to be delivered then, he can come right back, or others can come back. If you tell one devil to leave the house & leave the Island & don't come around anymore, he's got to do it!--But this doesn't apply to all of them! If she's wide open for the Devil, he'll come back in some other form or some other devil!

24. THAT'S WHAT WE WERE DISCUSSING TODAY, WHEN TO MAKE THIS ATTACK, what would be the best time, best place & safest situation under which to do it. And that was the decision we made today, thanks to the Lord, that we were going to have to give her a chance. We had to deliver our souls & wash our hands of her blood, we were going to have to give her her chance, & we are still convinced of that.

25. SO WE WENT INTO A POW-WOW ON STRATEGY AS TO WHEN & WHERE TO ATTACK THE DEVIL, what would be the safest method & the safest place, & it wasn't tonight, & it wasn't here & now. Although when Faithy walked in, by his opening up himself & making the attack, he just immediately got defeated. He'd have been a lot smarter to have kept his mouth shut & played good. He would have been a lot more deceptive if he'd have kept up his false front. But by trying to open up & start shooting when Faithy walked in, to pin the blame on her, like she's the one that was starting the war, he exposed his deceitfulness & proved that all his good behaviour before was just a false front that went right straight out the window when Faith walked in!

26. AND THEN WHEN SHE REBUKED THE DEVIL & INSTANTLY GOT THE VICTORY, THEY COULD SEE WHO WAS WHO! After all, she rebuked the Devil by name & rebuked the Devourer & he immediately stopped! That proved on the spot it was the Devil, because they'd been trying everything else to get the child to shut up! It proved on the spot that Faithy was on God's side & that God was stronger than the Devil, amen?

27. SO THE DEVIL DOESN'T KNOW EVERYTHING & HE CAN'T OUTSMART THE LORD & he frequently makes some sad mismoves, misjudging God's moves, which does nothing but hang himself like he did today! In trying to prove it was Faithy, he showed his ugly head & exposed himself instead of winning the victory. So praise the Lord! TYL!

28. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE VICTORY! TYJ! You get all the credit & all the glory! It's all Your power & all Your doing, Lord. It's Your Name that did it, Your Spirit that did it, Your Power that did it, Lord! We thank You! We just thank You for letting Faithy know when to attack. She didn't have to premeditate it or think about it because she didn't even know it was going to happen.

29. SHE DIDN'T PLAN WHEN & WHERE SHE WAS GOING TO DO IT OR HOW, but the moment the time came & You gave the signal to attack, she just instantly attacked & did it! She obeyed Your voice, got Your signal & she leaped to the attack & hit the Old Boy where it hurts & won the victory, & he had to turn tail & run again! So it was plain to everybody who was in the wrong & who was exposed & who was to blame, who was on the Lord's side & why it was necessary for Faith to tell them what she had to tell them.

30. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR GIVING HER THE COURAGE & THE VICTORY, USING HER & GIVING HER THE ANOINTING, LORD!--One little wee girl, a Joan of Arc, with faith & Spirit & power, Thy Name & Thy Word, Lord, to attack the Enemy! You used the smallest & weakest in the whole bunch, the seemingly weakest, the weaker vessel, the youngest, really, & the seemingly lesser vessel. You took the weak thing to confound the mighty! Because when we're weak, then we're strong, for Thy strength is made perfect in our weakness (1Co.1:27; 2Co.12:9,10). So in her weakness, Lord, of her flesh, You were able to manifest Thy mighty power & Thy strength to overcome the power of the Enemy! Thank You Jesus for it! TYL!

31. HELP EVERYONE HERE TO SEE THAT THE DEVIL TREMBLES WHEN HE SEES THE WEAKEST SAINT UPON HIS KNEES! He might not tremble so much, Lord, if it's one of these people who thinks they're a stronger saint, because he knows that's in itself a spiritual weakness, to think they're strong & to think they can do it & to feel self-confident. So thank You for using Faithy today, thank You for exposing the Enemy, thank You for defeating him & thank You for the victory! PYJ! TYL!

32. NOW BLESS THOSE POOR STUNNED SOULS DOWN THERE, LORD, WHO HAVE HAD QUITE A BLOW & QUITE A SURPRISE, QUITE A SHOCK! Give them the courage, Lord, & the faith. Help them to be able to take it, Lord! Give them the grace to be able to stand it, the trial they're going through right now, Lord, & will be going through for the next day or two. Jesus help them! Give them strength, give them grace, help them, Lord, in Jesus' name! Precious Jesus, give me wisdom, Lord, help me to know when, Lord, Thy will be done, in Jesus' name.

33. CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? Are you sure? Well, all these people, including this one & everybody's going to go through quite a trial tomorrow--they're going through quite a trial tonight. The Cliffhouse bunch have already been going through quite a trial for the last several days, that's why these have been here in conference. But we won a major victory, that's why the Devil got so mad!

34. THE DAY THAT THE BABY GOT THE WORST & HAD ABOUT 20 FITS IN A ROW about five minutes apart for an hour-&-a-half or whatever it was, that was the day we won the major victory here & found out the will of God & what we were supposed to do. And that's why I told you I got the answer that morning, what we were supposed to do, & that just closed the book, rang the bell & quenched the candle as far as I was concerned on the whole case! In fact, so much so I even forgot about it all day, I was so busy conferring with Faith & Ho about their plans. (To go to [EDITED: "a Muslim country"].)

35. WE GOT TWO OTHER MAJOR REVELATIONS THAT DAY FROM THE LORD!--Two other major answers to prayer! One was almost a direct answer to prayer, the Lord did a miracle, & the other, as a result of our being willing to say "yes" to God on something, He answered my prayer & then turned right around & closed one door & opened the other one & told us what to do!

36. GOD, YOU MUST REMEMBER, LIKES TO TEST YOUR FAITH! He likes to see how much you really believe, & He often will not give you answers until you obey what He's already told you or showed you. Now you've only got one day to go, that's pretty good security, praise God, & the thing that comes to me is this. They're going to need your help desperately tonight & tomorrow & every minute until the time you leave, in desperate prayer for them & maybe even in some physical help for them, so some of you are going to have to go down there & give them a hand. Because the bomb we had to drop on them tonight was...Well, first let me tell you how it happened, because I think you need to know.

37. I'VE BEEN SAVING IT BACK & TRYING TO KEEP FROM TELLING YOU BECAUSE I DON'T LIKE ANY SECURITY LEAKS OR TO GIVE THE DEVIL ANY ADVANCE INFORMATION, but I believe, Lord helping you & us, I can trust you I hope. You can't let any cat out of the bag because they already know what's going to happen, so there's no reason why you should be in ignorance! I can't think of anybody else that it needs to be kept from, because everybody else knows it now but you!

38. SO YOU'VE BEEN VERY PATIENT & GOOD LITTLE KIDS & you haven't asked any questions & you haven't bullied me for the information or even hinted that you wanted to know. Only one person asked a question last night & I had to say, "Now you know you don't ask that kind of question!" Well, I've got to tell you about the victory & how it came about first. What happened first, the chicken or the egg?

39. THE SAME DAY THAT THEY HAD SO MUCH TROUBLE DOWN THERE, THE LORD GOT SUCH A WONDERFUL VICTORY HERE & ANSWERED PRAYER HERE! The Devil really cut loose & was mad because he was being ignored & we were going right ahead with God's work & just paying no attention to him! But he wasn't really able to cut loose until we got it all done, & then he really came out & they phoned us.

40. WELL, THAT NIGHT WHEN I GOT "UNTYING THE KNOT" (No.1442), WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9th, THAT WAS THE DAY GOD GOT THE VICTORY!--The 99th day of the year, April 9th, about 5:00 a.m.! Maria & I woke up, & that's the day I didn't have my little pot & I went to the bathroom. The Lord had His reason for that, He wanted to get me pretty well waked-up! I started using that little pot when we were in Israel & it was too cold to get out of bed & the bathroom was a long ways away & it was about a 32-degree bathroom--the water almost froze before it hit the pot! Anyway, that's a personal thing. It's not because anything's wrong with me, it's simply because I got in this lazy habit of not wanting to get out of bed when it was cold! And also when I get real wide awake I have a hard time going back to sleep.

41. BUT THAT MORNING WE FORGOT THE POT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN I DON'T KNOW WHEN, SO I GOT UP & WENT TO THE BATHROOM, came back, & I just thought of something about one of Corny's revelations that the Lord showed me that I wanted to tell her. This one supposed visiting spirit that he has--his secretary kept writing down Hojimmin, Hojimmin, Hojimmin--& I asked the Lord, "What in the World is that? That sounds kind of crazy to me!" And as clear as anything--Ho Chi Minh!--And He died not long ago, you know! I don't know whether Corny really has him or not, but anyway, he's getting a lot of credit. He was the founding father of North Vietnam, a very smart old man, kind of an old grey-haired grey-bearded man. He wrote a book on how to defeat the enemy in Vietnam & they followed the book, & they're winning! (And won!)

42. WELL ANYWAY, IT TURNED OUT TO BE HO CHI MINH & I didn't want to forget to tell Maria that, so I crawled back sleepily in bed & the old lion rolled over & said, "Oh, don't let me forget to tell you something about Ho Chi Minh, don't forget that now, I don't want to forget that!" And I then rolled over & I thought I went to sleep. But she said instead I got this revelation from the Lord: "Untying the Knot!" (No.1442).

43. AND THAT WAS THE ANSWER! I was really grieving over the whole situation, "Lord, what shall we do?" And what the Lord said was, "Send them all back!" Well, I've already warned you guys that this could mean that we would all have to leave. We don't know how many yet for sure, but as far as they're concerned, we're all leaving, if you know what I mean, & if you'd go down there to help them or anything, that's what you're to say. And sooner or later we all will leave. (And did!--But came back later! See No.1355.)

44. SO THIS IS WHAT I GOT FROM THE LORD IN WHICH THE LORD CLEARLY SHOWED WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS & WHAT THE TROUBLE WAS, WHAT THE EFFECT WAS, WHAT THE SIN WAS IN EACH CASE, including my own mistake, & what to do about it. The sum & substance of it all, as it affected them, was that they would all have to leave, that that was the price they were paying because of the mistakes all of them had made.--And the price I was paying in having to lose them because of the mistake I made in sending for them in the first place!--Not all of them, but that particular one on which the Lord really warned me that she was really a case! (Gen)--Whom I never would have taken if I hadn't listened to man instead of the Lord!

45. SO THAT WAS A MAJOR VICTORY! Because when I woke up in the morning Maria said, "Do you know what you told me last night?" She's used to that by now, she never knows whether I know or not. Apparently when I turned over I thought I'd gone to sleep, but instead the Lord kept right on talking & gave the whole scene! She said, "Well, you know what you said last night?" I said, "No, what?" And she began telling me.

46. I SAID, "WOW, THAT'S TRUE, THAT'S RIGHT, THAT'S EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS!" And then she got it out & read me the whole thing & I was just amazed! I mean, it was really the answer from the Lord! The Lord was explaining why the whole thing happened & what to do about it. So I said, "That's it! Praise God! That settles it! That closes the whole chapter & that's the end, period!"

47. AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I HAD A VERY GREAT BURDEN ABOUT HO & FAITH BUYING THEIR TICKETS TO SOUTH AMERICA. I got a terrible check about this, & Ho was already in Santa Cruz paying for the tickets. So I said, "Lord, I don't feel at peace about that for some reason, maybe they're to go there, but not yet. I just don't feel like it's the time yet, I don't have the go-ahead signal on that. It seems like it's too soon & there's something wrong with their going right now, I haven't got peace about it. I don't know what it is, Lord, or why, but they're just not to go!"

48. I SAID, "LORD, IF THIS IMPRESSION YOU'RE GIVING ME IS RIGHT, THEN KEEP HO FROM GETTING THE TICKETS! Then the old Devil said, "Well, he may have already bought the tickets!" So I said, "All right, Lord, I don't care if he has bought the tickets!" The Devil says, "Well, if he has, you might lose the money." Oh, the old Devil's clever, these arguments! I said, "I don't care if we do lose the money, I'd rather lose the money than the kids! Even if we lose the money, Lord, stop Ho somehow! If possible, stop him, but even if You don't stop him, I'm not going to let them go anyhow even if he's already bought the tickets & we can't get the money back!"

49. SEE, THE DEVIL THINKS HE'S REALLY TRYING YOU, BUT IT'S GOD ALL THE TIME JUST LETTING HIM DO THAT TO TEST YOU, to see how much you're willing to obey in spite of whatever! So when I took my stand it didn't matter! Like Abraham at the altar, "Well, I'm going to go ahead & do what God says even if it costs everything!" I'd hardly taken that stand when I think Ho phoned & said, "Dad, well, I've got the reservations but I haven't got enough money. I forgot to get Faithy's money!" The Lord stopped him right here in Puerto because he said, "Well, I didn't have the money, so I couldn't go." It had to be the Lord or it couldn't have been so screwy & mixed up, the Lord just confused the whole thing!

50. I SAID, "THANK GOD! FORGET IT! GET UP HERE FAST, I WANT TO TALK TO YOU! You're not supposed to go now, cancel the reservations!" So the Lord saved the money! He was just letting me be tested. I said, "Get up here right away, I've got something to tell you!" I didn't really know what I was going to tell him, all I knew was I was going to tell him that I didn't feel a peace about him going, I didn't want him to go, & that the Lord had answered prayer by a miracle! It was really a miracle he hadn't bought the tickets! I'd gotten the revelation about the other thing & I was just completely forgetting the other affair down at the Glasshouse & the Devil's attacks down there.

51. SO THEY CAME UP HERE & WE HAD A LONG LONG CONFERENCE IN THE SQUARE SQUARE ROOM! But first, before I invited them in to discuss it, I studied something. I thought, "I'd better read all these different letters & notes from Ho & Faith. I don't know, Lord, now that You've shut that door & You've just definitely shown me they're not to go right now to South America, then, Lord, where are they supposed to go?" I hadn't the faintest idea, not the faintest! I couldn't have told you anything, so don't give me any credit! I don't know anything! I'm as dumb as they come & I just have to depend on the wisdom of the Lord! That's why He uses me--I'm afraid of myself & my own wisdom & I have to hear from the Lord.

52. SO I SAT THERE READING THE DIFFERENT LETTERS, & IT'S THE FUNNIEST THING, THE LORD USED ESTHER'S LITTLE LETTER! She said, "I'm already packed & ready to go & I could even bring four of the children if necessary. I'm ready to go anywhere in the World!" I thought, "That's the spirit! God bless her! By faith she's packed & ready to go!" And she was humble enough to say, "Do you need a dishwasher?" And all of a sudden it struck me! I knew where she wanted to go & it just hit me like a ton of bricks--why that's where they're all supposed to go! (To visit [EDITED: "a Muslim country"]!)

(To be continued!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family