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DAVID'S LOVE!--A Prophecy of the Love of David!       DO 1455--24/8/72
--Given in our early pioneer days in London!

       1. ALL THINGS BEND TO THE WILL OF DAVID! (The picture was of a piece of metal being bent. There are two kinds of metal--one will bend without breaking, but the other breaks when bent.) You cannot resist the power of David! David can have anything he wants, because he pleases Me.

       2. HE LOVES WINE! HE LOVES WOMEN! HE LOVES SONG! These things shall he have, because David pleases Me. The opponents of David think they would take away these things, but they cannot. For the Lord God Almighty has given these things unto David. And the things I have given cannot be taken from David. The kisses & the women & the wine & the song have I given him. They cannot take them away, because they are that which I have given him because he kisses & loves Me & pleases Me.

       3. WHO HAS SUCH LOVE & WHO HAS SUCH POWER & WHO SUCH ARDOR AS DAVID FOR ME? For this man David is after My own heart & he speaks the Words that come from Me & from Moses & from David. And he says those things which are favourable unto Me.

       4. CAN YOU SHUT THE BOOK? Can you shut the mouth? If you shut the mouth, it will explode in David! Moses is like David. He laid down the laws like David. He put things in order like David. He loved & shepherded My people like David. Can you close the book? Can you shut up the words of My Servant David? He that sitteth in the Heavens shall laugh at those who try to tighten the tongue of David!

       5. FOR THE WORDS WHICH HE SPEAKS ARE AS FLAMES OF FIRE TO SET ON FIRE THE HEARTS OF MEN! For David is hot as a flame with the Spirit of God! You cannot close the mouth of David. You cannot close the Words of David. Open the book & let loose the words & flood the nations with the words of David! For this is he that setteth on fire the course of nations, & David My Servant doth set on fire the hearts of men!

       6. DO YOU KNOW THE WORDS? DO YOU KNOW THE THOUGHTS OF DAVID? They are as flames of fire & incite the hearts of men to follow Me!--Nor should he quench his tongue nor should he close his mouth. For I am He that openeth his mouth & I am He that waggeth his tongue that David may set on flame the very course of nature itself, that all those who hear the Words of God from the prophets unto Moses & unto them of the Last Day shall glorify Me & the flame that I have set on fire in the heart of David!

       7. THEY THINK TO QUENCH THE FLAME, to put out the fire, but they can no more stop the mouth of David than they can stop the mouth of the breast of her that nourisheth the infant. David is like a mother to his children. David is like a father to his children. He cherisheth & carries them all the day long in his arms. Neither father nor mother has the love of My Servant David, nor can they separate them from him.

       8. HOW THINKEST THOU THAT ANY CAN SILENCE THE WORDS THAT COME FROM THE MOUTH OF DAVID, that flow from his breast to the mouth of his infants? Neither Moses nor the prophets had the spirit of My Servant David! Neither hath any had more power nor hath any had more Words than My Servant David.

       9. KISS THE LIPS OF DAVID! EMBRACE MY SERVANT DAVID! Do thou fuck My Servant David with thy strength & make love unto My servant David. For he seeketh after thy breasts & sucketh at thy bosom for his own nourishment. They cannot stop David! Kiss David! Give him suck of they breasts & thy bosoms! There is nothing good that I will not give My Servant David, for he pleases, yes, he pleases Me. Love My Servant David!

       10. THINKEST THOU THE SUCKING OF THY BREAST & THE KISSES OF THY MOUTH SHALL SATISFY MY SERVANT? He has such hunger that not all the women in the World could satisfy! He is satisfied only like My Servant Moses, at the very breasts of God is he happy!

       11. (LAUGHS) THINKEST THOU THAT THE KISSES OF THY MOUTH & the sucking of thy bosom & that of ten thousand million women could ever satisfy the heart of David? All the kisses & all the fucks that David could have of all the women of all the World could never satisfy his heart! If he should kiss of every mouth & suck of every pap, nothing could satisfy the heart of David but the Words of My mouth & the suckings of My paps. Only this would fulfil the heart's desire of David.

       12. FIE ON THEM!--AND FIE ON ALL OF THEM!--And fie on all of their flesh desires! These cannot satisfy the heart of David. For though he may drink of their fountains, like My Servant Moses, & though he may suck of their paps, though he may suck the honey from their mouths, none of this can satisfy the heart of My Servant David, or even as My Servant Moses was not satisfied with the things of his flesh, for he was only happy to hear the Words of My mouth, so also is My Servant David!

       13. THOUGH HE MAY SUCK OF THY PAPS, he may kiss the words of thy mouth & revel in thy love, & he may feed of the pleasures of thy body unto him & he may be satisfied with thy flesh, he shall never be satisfied in his spirit with the things of thy body or thy mouths or thy kisses. For David wants more than this.

       14. RELEASE ME FROM THY BOSOM! Sssssh! Be still! Cease from your labour! Thou cants not ever satisfy David. Let David rest. He needs a bottle to his mouth to nourish his flesh & you need his bottle to your mouth to nourish your flesh, & he shall suck of your paps & your mouth to nourish his flesh.

       15. RAISE THE STONES OF DAVID & erect his penis that you may be satisfied. Lift, that you may satisfy the body of David. Caress David. Love the body of David. Kiss the mouth of David. For thou shalt never love the body of David as I have loved the soul of David! Caress & make love to David. Fuck David! In so doing thou hast made a picture of My love for thee & David & thy love for Me. ...that thou mayest be picture of my True Church, My New Church, My Body, My Love!

       16. CARESS DAVID, CARESS HIM WITH THE KISSES OF THY MOUTH, Caress him with the kisses of thy body. Love him & show him thy love, that thou mayest know that I have loved thee & thou lovest Me. With the caresses of thy lips thou lovest David.

       17. HEAREST THOU ALL THE WORDS OF DAVID? The body needs food & drink. He must also have the kisses of thy mouth that these may satisfy the soul of David. For thy love is like food & sweetness unto David. For I myself will glorify David & make his name great. Wilt thou not therefore minister unto these needs of his body that thou shalt give unto him with thy hand & feed his soul? Make love to David! For David is satisfied with thy mouth, & the kisses of thy mouth satisfy the heart of David.

       18. EXALT THOU HER MOUTH! Exalt thou her tongue, that she shall indeed proclaim abroad all the Words I have given unto My servant David.

       19. PLY WITH THY HAND UPON THE HARP OF DAVID that thou mayest make his strings taut to play sweet music unto thee to satisfy thy soul & to fill thy mouth that is hungry, with good things, that thou mayest conceive & bring forth good fruit.

       20. OH, SWEET WORD OF DAVID! I love you, heart of David! I love you, mouth of David!

       21. (LATER): YOU HAVE TO PUT SOMETHING IN (PENIS) TO GET SOMETHING OUT (SEED). I'm a very needy man, & the Lord loveth the needy & satisfieth the longing soul. (Ps.107:9.) These little ears that drink from my mouth.--Thirsty ears! They thirst for the Words of David. This is the love of David & she which holdeth his heart in her hand!

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