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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

Cote Bleue, France, 21/9/80DFO1456

1. THANK YOU LORD, FOR ANOTHER WONDERFUL DAY! PTL! TYJ for strength & health & life & pleasure & love & sex & Maria & a wonderful Family, Lord, & this beautiful place, Lord, all Thy many blessings. TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! Thank you for this nice little cuddle! (Maria: Amen, TYL!) PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! PTL! Amen, Lord, & all Thy many blessing, safe keeping through the night & all the time, & a good night's rest, Lord. TYL!--And a good back scratch!

2. I LIKE SCRATCHING, IT'S THE NEXT THING TO SEX! It reminds me of what Marion Clark said, she wrote me a letter that said, "Love is an itch deep inside of you you just can't scratch!" I thought to myself, "Sister, I bet I can scratch it!" Ha, ha! I've got the thing to scratch it with, deep inside of you! PTL! TYL! Hallelujah! Did you have a good time, Honey? (Maria: Very, Honey, thank you so much!) Twice! You had two in a row! (Maria: You're wonderful!) Tic-tac-toe! Two in a row! PTL! (Maria: TYL!)

3. YOU'RE SO SEXY, HONEY! YOU'RE THE SEXIEST GIRL I KNOW, & I know a lot of sexy girls! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! I don't want to miss any of those juicy kisses, Honey! You've got the sweetest, juiciest kisses, sexy kisses! PTL, Honey! I think we're going to make it, it's getting better all the time. (Maria: It sure is, Honey!) We're in our 12th year, think of that! It's better by the dozen. (Maria: It doesn't seem possible, so long!) PTL! TYL! But it is!--'69, '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, 75, '76, '77, '78, '79, '80!--12!

4. THANK GOD FOR FINGERS! I can count on my fingers at least, even when I don't have my computer. Ha! She's counting it over herself now on her fingers. All right now start. Do you want to try it again? Thumb '69, because you came in January '69.--'70, '71, '72, '73,--& I'll use my hand since yours is down there--'74, '75, you watching? (Maria: Uh-huh.) 76. 76--that's the one you've got to look out for that one that's in the middle!--'77, '78, right? (Maria: Uh-huh.) And that makes how many? (Maria: Ten.) Two hands, that's ten! + '79 and '80! (Maria: Wow!) There you are! (Maria: 12 years!)

5. I DIDN'T SAY WE HAD FINISHED OUR 12TH YEAR, BUT I SAID WE WERE GOING ON OUR 12TH YEAR. (Maria: At the end of this year it will be 12 years!) To be exact, January next year. At the end of this year, right! Only three more months & it will be a complete 12 years! We're going on our 12th year. Almost completely 12 years. We were using our fingers to count on. Of course that's not what we usually use our fingers for when we're in bed together!

76. I COUNT A LOT OF OTHER THINGS TOO! XXXXXX! I count how many times she goes. Oh boy, what she can do with her fingers! Wheeew! WOW! XXXXX! (Maria: Honey! This was gonna be a prayer. Well, it was a prayer. Ha!) Oh, excuse me, I forgot I was praying. Honey, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, even if it's prayer, I get into sex. I have to thank God for sex. Why not? (Maria: Yes!) So, why not go from prayer to sex, hmmm? (Maria: Uh-huh.) Mmmm. PTL! TYL! Hallelujah for sex, & prayer. OK, we'll finish the prayer. PTL!

7. WE'RE ALL CUDDLED UP IN BED TOGETHER, MY LEFT ARM AROUND HER & HER HEAD ON MY LEFT SHOULDER, which for her is an opiate, or what is it they call those things that put you to sleep? (Maria: a tranquilizer.) A tranquilizer? No, not a sleeping pill. (Maria: It makes me very tranquil!) It makes her tranquil and go to sleep. When she gets her head on my shoulder you might as well forget everything because she goes zonk! (Maria: I don't always, Honey! I'm not asleep now.) No, not unless I keep you busy with your hands, then you pretty well stay awake, unless I go to sleep. Ahh, it's so early anyhow, I'll think of it later. PYL! TYL!

8. SOMETHING THAT PUTS YOU TO SLEEP. (MARIA: SEDATIVE?) SEDATIVE! THAT'S IT! Sedative! I thought about somnambulist & everything else I could think of! S-O-M-N in Latin has something to do sleep. Anyway, when we cuddle up like this we either go to sleep or we get very very sexy. This morning we got sexy, with her pettin' & pullin' my penie, & me suckin' her titties & pettin' her button, her little pussy!

9. I LIKE TO CALL IT PUSSY, IT'S MORE LIKE IT THAN PUM! (Maria: Pum.) Pum, bom, bom-bom-bom! Pussy even sounds more like Pull-&-Pushy, Pull-&-Pushy! Mmmm, you're ready for more? (Maria: No, I just turned over & I stubbed my toe.) Honey, did you stub your toe on the table? I'm sorry! (Maria: It's the first time.) Ahh, it's because you're in my side of the bed. See, I've learned how to duck under. I'm just long enough for my toes to be under it. (We've got the video table right at the foot of the bed.)

10. I'M SORRY, DID YOU HURT YOURSELF SEVERELY? Injured? (Maria: No nothing I won't get over in a couple of minutes.) A couple of months or a couple of minutes did you say? (Maria: Minutes, ha!) You broke your toe? Mine just fit right neatly underneath the table so I don't have to worry so much. Once I awhile I kick the leg, or kick your leg.

11. UMMM MAMA, THAT POSITION REALLY INSPIRE ME, when you're lying there like that. Mmmm! XXX! I want to start all over! (Maria turns off tape recorder.) You did you cut it off, you little rascal! (Maria: There's no way to transcribe this anyway!) I want them to hear how you sound when you're going, Honey! (Maria: I can send them another tape that we already made.) Come on, Sweet Baby, you could go a third time! (Maria: Aren't you tired?) Come on, I'll just pet you while we're talking.

12. SO WE'RE LYING HERE CUDDLING LIKE WE DO EVERY MORNING, we make a little love & then we pray for the day & thank the Lord for it. And then maybe we make a little bit more love, & I squeeze your titties like this--XXXXXXX! And I suck her lips like this--XXXXXXXXXXXXXX! And then I suck her tittie like this, XXXXXXX, & she likes it! And then I start down with her tummy so nice & round, & I massage it like this, & she likes it usually, don't you? (Maria: Yes, always!) And then there is a little something right down below her tummy, like this, that usually really rings a bell if I push the button! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

13. WELL HONEY YOU WANTED ME TO TELL'M MY SCHEDULE which always changes periodically. However these days I usually wake up a little before her, usually around eight or nine. I'm lying here thinking & praying about the day & various things, problems & victories & all those things. And then I sorta get a little restless & turn over, back & forth, & then I usually go potty.

14. WE HAVE A VERY CLEVER LITTLE SYSTEM FOR ME GOING POTTY DURING THE NIGHT so I don't have to get up in the cold with the snow or cold floor or whatever, so we have a little pot sitting by the bed where, I can reach it, & it has a tight lid. It's about a liter size. I said liter size, not leader size, but it's both! L-I-T-R-E if you're British, & L-I-T-E-R if you're American. I don't know how the rest of them spell it. But it's also leader size since I'm your leader!

15. DOES THAT FEEL GOOD? (Maria: Ummm!) Getting warm? (Maria: And dreamy!) Ummm. really! She's getting dreamy, while I circle her mountain, ready to climb it. it's such a nice handy little button & it has such wonderful effect on you! All I have to do is just pet & massage it & circle it & rub-a-dub-dub, vibrate it! (Maria: Ummm, Honey!) She's going "Ummmm" because I'm going faster. That's the stuff! I knew you could go again, Honey! (Maria: Ummm.) You're always a good three-timer! (Maria: You know me so well, Honey.) Uh-huh. Uh-huh!

16. SHE'S BEGINNING TO UNDULATE! The waves of rhythmic, orgasmic waves go up & down her body. First her little hiney starts rearing & She gets kissing, in the kissing mood. (Maria: Usually I'm doing something else!) Mmmmmm, usually her hand is very rapidly on me too, & I'm getting in a fucking mood!--And bigger & harder every moment, while she's getting softer & faster & more excited every moment. Can you hear her moaning? (Maria: Ummm! Ummm! Ummm! Ummm!)

17. UMMMM, THAT A GIRL, HERE IT COMES, HERE IT COMES! It's gonna come! She's coming! (Maria breathing really fast!) That a girl, that a girl, that a girl! Ahhhh, hallelujah! (Maria goes!)TYL! Amen! PTL! (Maria: Amen! TYJ!) Hallelujah! see, every one is better! (Maria: Ummmmm!) Love is better the second & third time around! How was that, Honey? (Maria: XXX! Ummm! Thank You, Sweetheart!) Very good!

18. THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM! PTL! Well, I bet Beriah would love to have this tape for Wild Wind, huh? PTL! TYL! Hallelujah! Is it getting numb? (Maria: Uh-huh, uh-huh.) Has it had enough? (Maria: Uh huh.) Ah, it's such a wonderful little button, the most wonderful little button in the whole World! It really turns you on, Honey & lights your fire! And you sparkle & vibrate! (Maria: You turn me on!) Ahhh, TYL! Hallelujah, PTL! I love you, sweetheart. (Maria: I love you.) You're the most wonderful woman in the world!

19. YOU GIRLS CAN ALL LISTEN TO THIS TAPE & FANTASISE THAT I'M MAKING LOVE TO YOU! (Maria: Uh-huh!) And you can start vibrating with Maria while I pet your button! Ooh, she's stopping me, she's had enough! When she puts her hand on my hand to stop me from rubbing it, I know she's had enough rub-a-dub-dub, on top of her tub! XXXXXXXXXXXXX! XXXXXXXXXXX!

20. I WAS JUST TELLING HER THIS MORNING WHEN I WAS SUCKING' HER TITTIES HOW MANY YEARS I HAD WANTED TO DO THAT TO A WOMAN, & they never gave me a chance from the time I was one till the time I was 25! Well, not much chance anyhow. I rubbed & squeezed a few, tried to kiss a few. I was trying to suck Mary Lou's one night, my brother's girlfriend. I had it all nice & bare in the moonlight, it was so pretty & I was squeezing it & then I started to suck it. "Oh, no no no!" She grabbed my head & pulled it away & she said,

21. "MY MOTHER SAYS THAT'LL GIVE YOU CANCER BREAST CANCER!" "Oh my God," I thought, "breast cancer!" Then I did wonder a little bit, I wondered, "Well, how come babies can suck'm & it doesn't give'm breast cancer? And how come the Lord made me feel like sucking them if it's going to give'm breast cancer?" It shows you how some of these girls have been so terribly, horribly misled & with such awful inhibitions by their ignorant stupid idiotic parents!

22. I MEAN, THAT'LL HAVE A TRAUMATIC EFFECT ON HER THE REST OF HER LIFE! She probably never will want anybody to suck her breasts having been inculcated with that fear that it will give her breast cancer! (Maria: That's right.) Well, she must have done something anyhow because later on she had a baby! But oh boy, think of that, I had my Mommy's nice breasts for about a whole year, & then nothing! XXXXXXX! (Maria: I'm sorry!) XXXXX! Oh, what a system! (Maria: I'm trying to make it up to you.) What a system! You sure are, Honey! We're making up for lost time! We're doing triple time! TYL!

23. SOMETIMES I LAMENT TO MARIA, "I HAVEN'T HAD SEX FOR A LONG TIME!" She says, "Why Honey, we just had sex yesterday!" I said, "That's what I meant, It's been a long time since yesterday!" Ha! XXXXXXXX! Or she'll say, "Well, we just had sex this morning." And I'll say, "That's what I meant, it's been a long time since this morning!" PTL!

24. WELL PTL, YOU JUST HEARD MARIA HAVING HER ORGASM! She really groans & undulates! I love to see her body in waves. Her little hiney goes up & then down, & up & down, & her shoulders go round & around & her bosoms go up & down, & her knees go up & down & her feet go round & she ohs & ahs! XX! I wish you could have seen it, if it had been a video! XXXXXXXXXXX! What did you say just before we started kissing? (Maria: I like it!) She likes it! (Maria: And I like you!)

25. I MAKE SURE SHE GETS HERS USUALLY FIRST FOR ABOUT ONE OR TWO OR THREE TIMES & SHE'S COMPLETELY SATISFIED. This is the way we do it lots of times, & then by that time I'm big & hard & long & stiff as a rod & I thrust it into her & bang away! Hallelujah! XXXXXXX! Till we explode again! XXXXXXXXXXX! Because a woman, boys, you know, can go a lot more times than you, all in a row! Not many boys can do that, & certainly not many old men like me!

26. IF I HAVE ONE BIG GOOD EXPLOSION AT A TIME I'M DOING PRETTY GOOD! TYL! Hallelujah! (Maria: You're certainly not old!) Ha! Maria, as you can see, is prejudiced she thinks I'm not old. Well, we have lots of fun together anyhow in bed--sometimes before we get up in the morning, usually, & sometimes when we go to bed for our afternoon siesta.

27. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEX AT LEAST TWO OR THREE TIMES A WEEK, BOYS, TO KEEP YOU NICE & HEALTHY & HAPPY, & HER TOO, if you take good care of her! PTL? And often we're having prayer while we're loving & petting & massaging each other, we're praying at the same time, right? (Maria: Right!) Honey, they can't see you noddin' your head! They can't hear your brains rattling, you gotta say something! Say it again (Maria: Right!) Right! And have good prayer.

28. A GOOD TIME TO HAVE PRAYER IS WHILE YOU'RE IN EACH OTHER'S ARMS HAVING SEX. That way you can really redeem the time & pet & pray & love the Lord at the same time that you're pettin' & lovin' each other. And we thank the Lord for the day & we pray around the World for you out there, that the Lord will take care of you & keep you & bless you & make you a blessing, protect you & provide for you. Amen, Lord, TYJ!

29. FORGIVE US IF WE GOT A BIT INTERRUPTED IN OUR PRAYER, LORD, WITH ALL THIS SEX, but anyhow it was nice. I don't know, It seems like lying together in each others' arms so lovingly while praying seems to be conducive to sex! You get in the spirit by praying, so try it! Try lying in each others' arms in bed, petting each other while you pray. It's really really conducive to the spirit & sex!

30. THERE'S SOMETHING VERY SPIRITUAL ABOUT SEX! There's something very spiritual about it. And I often explode in the spirit the same time I'm exploding in the flesh! I have a spiritual orgasm at the same times as my physical orgasm! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! (Maria: Amen!) So we really have a good time in bed together don't we little girl? (Maria: Amen! Terrific!) Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! Oh, What a love!

31. WE WERE JUST COUNTING UP THE YEARS THIS MORNING, PTL! Did they hear us counting the years, huh? (Maria: Uh-huh.) Did we do that while they were listening? (Maria: Yes.) Counting them on my fingers, & then she didn't believe me, she had to count them on her fingers! She's my critic & sceptic as well as my little believer. She always has to check up on me & make sure I'm right! Ha! But she usually has a lot of faith in me.

32. SHE'S ALWAYS WORRIED THAT I MIGHT BE EXAGGERATING JUST A LITTLE BIT. I'm very optimistic, I look on the rosy side of life, I see the donuts, not the hole! And so if there's any doubt about it one way or the other, my estimate is always on the bright side & my figures are always on the up side! I don't like to be on the down side. So she's always checking up on me to make sure I'm at least close. (Maria giggles!)

33. SO SHE WAS GOING THROUGH HER LITTLE FINGERS TOO, COUNTING, & SHE CAME OUT & FOUND OUT I WAS RIGHT! I said we were on our 12th year together. (Maria: Honey, you're almost always right!) TYL! Amen! Very seldom we disagree, but if we do, I go my way & she goes my way! Ha! XXXXXX I love you sweet Baby! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! X! Ummm, I can mix pleasure with business any time. XXXXXXXX! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

34. NOW BOYS, I DON'T MIND IF YOU MIX A LITTLE BUSINESS WITH YOUR PLEASURE, but watch out about this business of mixing pleasure with business.--Now you think that one over & you may figure out what I mean! (Maria: What do you mean?) Well, I mean, after all, if we can get you to do a little business work a little business into your pleasure, well that's a bit of overtime, right? But if you start having pleasure in your business on company time, that's a different story! Ha ha ha ha! Ahh, the ol' Simon Legree, the ol' buzzard himself! XXXX! The ol' skin flint! (Maria: You aren't that way! That's why I couldn't understand it!)

35. OH, WE WORK HARD HONEY, & EXPECT EVERYBODY ELSE TO WORK HARD TOO, RIGHT? We want you to have lots of pleasure, but don't mix it too much with your business. You might not get enough work done. PTL! There's a good time for this kind of pleasure--when you wake up in the morning & when you go to bed at night & when you take your siesta in the afternoon, when you first lie down for your siesta & then when you wake up after your siesta!

36. THEN WHEN WE'RE SITTING WATCHING TV OR VIDEOS, WE OFTEN REDEEM THE TIME BY PETTING & HAVING SEX AT THE SAME TIME! Why not? If you can--I don't like to say "kill two birds with one stone", they're always talking about killing--when you can work two birds at the same time! When you can pet two birds at the same time, why, that's redeeming the time!--And watch TV at the same time, or videos, PTL! Amen, TYL!

37. THANK YOU LORD FOR A BEAUTIFUL NEW DAY, EVEN THE STORM & THE WIND & THE RAIN THAT MAKES THE EARTH ALIVE & FRESH AGAIN! Thank you Jesus! PTL for Thy beautiful creation, both the one outside & the one right here in my arms! Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Thank you Jesus! (Maria: TYL!) Ready to go a fourth time? I've still got my finger there! Had enough? (Maria: I think so.) For awhile, huh? Till the next time, huh? (Maria: It's almost time for business.) Oh yes, About time to get up.

38. YOU NEED LONGER LEADERS ON THE TAPES! I don't know how you could have a leader that's any longer than I am, because I said I was going to turn her over & start her over again on the other side--I'm talking about the tape, not Maria--although sometimes we do that too Anyway, PTL! Hallelujah! The is the way we start our day! If you keep it right!

39. (SINGS:) "IF YOUR HEART KEEPS RIGHT, IF YOUR HEART KEEPS RIGHT, YOU WILL FIND A LIGHT RAY IN THE DARKEST NIGHT! If your heart keeps right, if your heart keeps right, every cloud will wear a rainbow, if your heart keeps right!"--That's not the one I meant to sing. (Sings:)"This is the way to start the day." How's that one go? "This is the way to start the day, da da pum pum! On her pum! pum, pum, pum!" XXXXXXXXXX! Ah, what a nice happy beginning of a day, huh? A nice good night's rest & a sweet early morning cuddle & nice good prayer & a nice good lovin' up & down, up & down & around & around, PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen amen!

40. ANYHOW, THAT'S THE WAY WE START OUR DAYS, & sometime that's the way we start our naps & our nights too! I don't know whether you really can get too much sex, what do you think, Mama? (Maria giggles: You can't!) Giggly! Ahh, you do pretty good yourself, Honey! Three times in a row, better every time! Love is better the second & third & so on times around. Every time is better! (Maria: Amen!) Hallelujah!

41. SEX IS SOMETHING THAT GETS BETTER ALL THE TIME JUST LIKE OUR LOVE & OUR YEARS TOGETHER! (Maria: Amen, TYL!) They're getting better all the time, Honey! (Maria: Amen!) TYL! And oh my, all this on a Fast Day morning! Well, that was a real fast morning, Honey, you went real fast! Three times! (Maria: Well, it's our Fellowship day!) Yes, it's our Family Fellowship Day & that's the best way to begin it, fellowship with your mate! Hallelujah!

42. START OFF THE DAY RIGHT WITH GOOD FELLOWSHIP INSTEAD OF FIGHT THAT'S THE WAY TO START THE DAY! PTL!--With lots of prayer & cuddling & lovin' & sex & kissin' & suckin' & fuckin'! Ummmm, Yummy! Makes me want to have some more just talking' about it! Hallelujah! TYL! Honey, you think I'll ever get over it? (Maria giggles:--No!) I don't think I'm even going to get over it in Heaven! Ahhhh, if the angels can have sex, then we're going to be able to have sex too! (Maria: Uh-huh!) Wee!

43. I'M GOING TO REALLY MAKE THE ROUNDS THEN! Weee-um! And you never get tired & you'll never be impotent, you'll never be too tired to get it up or get it in! TYL! Hallelujah! Well, I guess the Lord's going to give us so many other things to do we may not have too much time for sex, but just enough, plenty, just to keep all you girls happy!

44. I'LL BE ABLE TO MAKE A LOT OF YOU GIRLS HAPPY THAT I DIDN'T GET TO PERSONALLY MAKE HAPPY HERE EXCEPT IN THE SPIRIT! (Maria: They're waiting for it!) Yes, I was going to say you girls can read this while you use your finger & just imagine it's me & you can explode in the Spirit & go spurt spurt spurt!--Make me go spurt spurt spurt in the spirit, PTL? Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

45. AMEN LORD, THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL FELLOWSHIP & this wonderful wonderful life & this wonderful wonderful wife, wonderful love, Lord, & life & love & all Thy wonderful blessings! Thank You for providing our needs & protecting us, Lord, & using us for Thy glory. Make us a great witness to the whole World!

46. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE NEW MAGAZINES, containing more Words, Lord. all the time, getting out the Word, Lord. You promised You'd pour out so much there won't be room enough to hold it, & we never have it seems, quite enough room to get everything in we'd like to get in & all the things You've given us, Lord, & all the things the Family's given us & all the things we think they need PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!

47. THIS IS A GOOD START FOR OUR FAST DAY TODAY & we're going to have a fast day today with all this nice slow sex to begin with! PTL! You sure went fast though Honey, 3 times, boom boom boom! Hallelujah! TYL! (Maria: Amen, TYL!) Hallelujah, TYL! Then the problem is after that she's so nice & sleepy she wants to go back to sleep. She's going to sleep while I'm making the rest of this tape aren't you? (Maria: Ha, I'm praying too.) Ha ha ha! Yeah, that's the way I like to pray too, in my sleep, Ha!--It doesn't take quite as much energy & gives you rest in the Lord's arms. Amen.

48. SO HERE WE LIE, BODY TO BODY & ARM IN ARM & CHEEK TO CHEEK & A FEW OTHER THINGS TOO! Other things. TYL! I've still got my finger on it! PTL! TYJ! She usually still has her hand on it. PTL! TYL! She's got her hand on my little handle, & she sure knows how to handle it, I'll tell you! PTL! I wish I could give all you guys a sample. She is terrific! (Maria: All you girls!) I'm talking about you! (Maria: You said, "All you guys a sample"!) I know! I wish I could give all the guys a sample of you! (Maria: Oh! me!) And your handiwork, Yes! (Maria: oh!)

49. I WAS JUST BRAGGING ABOUT HOW GOOD YOU ARE HANDLING MY HANDLE, you know how to handle it, & I said, "I wish I could give all you guys a sample of Maria & her handiwork"! She's really handy on that kind of work, terrific! She never fails! Hallelujah! TYL! PTL!

50. TYJ FOR A BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL MORNING OF LOVE & SUNSHINE IN THE MIDST OF STORM! Even though it's stormy outside, Lord, we have sunshine in our hearts & sunshine in our bed & sunshine in our souls! TYL! PTL! (Sings:) "Oh there's sunshine, Heavenly sunshine, while the peaceful happy moments roll! When Jesus shows His smiling face, there is sunshine in my soul! Oh there's sunshine, Heavenly sunshine, while the peaceful happy moments roll! When Jesus shows us wonderful sex, there is sunshine in my soul!" PTL! Hallelujah? (Maria: Amen! TYJ!)

51. THERE'S MARIA'S AMEN SHE AGREES WITH ME, MOST OF THE TIME! Hallelujah! (Maria: TYL!) Amen. And when she doesn't, I go my way &... (Maria: I go his way!)... she goes my way, & then she always admits later that I was right. Now that takes a lot of grace & humility to admit I was right. I say that as humbly as I know how. I admit I was right! XXXXXXX! Ha ha ha! It's not hard for me to admit that I'm right, just once in awhile it's a little hard for Maria to admit that I was right! (Maria: Ha!)

52. WE DON'T HAVE ARGUMENTS EXACTLY, & WE NEVER HAVE FIGHTS, OF COURSE, we hardly even have disagreements, we merely have slight differences of opinion, right? (Maria: Well, that way we're a good balance for each other.) Right! She always likes to make sure I'm aware of the other side of the picture, the other side of the story, the other side of the coin. She always likes to remind me that there are two sides to everything & make sure that I understand the other side--her side! (Maria: Honey!) XXXXXX! Ha ha!

53. AHHHH, HONEY, WE ARE THE MOST AGREEABLE PEOPLE I THINK IN THE WHOLE WORLD! I don't think that any two people in this World love each other as much as we do & agree as much & disagree as little & are of such one mind, one heart, one spirit, one soul, one body! Hallelujah! TYJ! We are one, Honey, if there's ever any two people that are one, we're the most!

54. SHE EVEN THINKS MY THOUGHTS & I THINK HERS! Often we'll we're studying or we're sitting in our room together--our bedroom is our office also, both offices, each side of the bed! (Maria: That way we can mix business with pleasure!) Yes, we can frequently mix a little business with pleasure.

55. I SAID I DIDN'T MIND THEM MIXING BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE!--Just watch out about mixing pleasure with business! Sometimes we do that too! (Maria: Honey, our business is always pleasure!) Yes, I like this little business I can feel down here especially, all this business. PTL! TYL! (Maria: You didn't finish your story.)

56. WE HAVE OUR OFFICE IN THE SAME ROOM AS OUR BEDROOM. She's usually on one side of the bed & I'm on the other, doing our work, & sometimes we get a little bit distracted if we touch each other. We like to keep in touch, & there's nothing like touching! XXXXXXXX! ILY! (Maria: XXXXXXXX!) Can you tell the difference between my kisses & Maria's kisses? XXXXXXXXX! (Maria: XXXXXXXX!) See, that's the way we answer each other.

57. OF COURSE A HUNDRED TIMES A DAY WE SAY "I LOVE YOU". but lots of times when we're too busy to say that we'll just kiss back & forth that way. So PTL! Well anyhow, that's the way we start a day. (sings:) "That's the way to start the day if you just keep right!" That's an old song, I forgot it. "This is the way to start the day, if you just keep right!" It's something like that, anyway (Maria: This is the way to start the day, beautiful in every way!) Amen! (Sings:) "This is the way to start the day if you start it right!"

58. AND THE BEST WAY TO START IS WITH A LITTLE LOVE & PRAYER & SEX & a good healthy 15 minutes of vigorous exercise that leaves you panting that's what I started to tell'm. The doctors say if you at least have 15 minutes of vigorous exercise that leaves you panting & gasping for air, that that is good exercise--along with your regular get out, of course--And boy oh boy, a half-an-hour of good sex that leaves us panting & gasping for air, vigorous exercise, that really ought to do the trick, huh Mama? (Maria: Uh-huh.)

59. WANT ANOTHER ONE? WANT ANOTHER ONE RIGHT NOW? Are you ready to go again? (Maria: Why don't we finish the tape first.) Oh, before I finish you? (Maria: Yes.)OK, well, that's sweet! She wants me to finish you before I finish her, now isn't that sweet of her & unselfish? God bless her! Amen, PTL.

60. AND THEN WE LIE EXHAUSTED IN EACH OTHERS' ARMS FOR A LITTLE WHILE & often make a tape like this, or I tell her a dream or we discuss something that needs to be discussed about the Lord's work or His business & you, & then it gets us inspired to jump out of bed & get washed up & dive into our work again. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

61. I USUALLY THEN HAVE MY DAILY MORNING FUNCTION, BM, do my daily duty, after which then I have my egg coffee & get into my diary, log, & make sure I have her there to help me remember what happened yesterday. I don't have a hard time remembering what happened this morning, when I had a hard time this morning, & I made it hard on her! We had a hard time this morning! I really made it hard on her with my big hard! XXXXXX! She doesn't seem to mind if I just bang away! (Maria: Make it hard on me all you want!) Hallelujah? (Maria: Uh-huh.) PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!

62. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL TO BE ABLE TO MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE?--PLEASURE WITH BUSINESS? (Maria: wonderful!) They didn't get that, say it again. (Maria: TYL!) You said "wonderful"! (Maria: wonderful!) That's right! Amen, PTL! So here we go again. We're about to bounce out of bed after bouncing up & down on it for quite awhile. She didn't seem to mind. (Maria: Uh-uh. I love it!) Well now, now we're getting some reaction out of her! She's not quite asleep.

63. THEN WE HAVE OUR MORNING CONFERENCE WITH SUE & GET ALL THE LATEST NEWS OF THE WHOLE FAMILY & find out how everybody is, if they're healthy & happy & busy, & she delivers Dora's little note about Techi & what kind of night she had. She always writes me a little love letter in the morning to tell how she & Techi got along that night, & she's been sleeping especially good here.

64. ONCE IN AWHILE SHE WAKES UP EARLY IN THE MORNING CHATTERING AWAY, talking away, she's getting to be quite a chatter-box now at one-&-a-half! We just celebrated her one-&-a-half birthday the day before yesterday, because this is the 21st of September, 1980. And she tells me what time she went to bed & what time she got up & how she is, & she's always so cheerful & happy! She always wakes up smiling & cheerful & happy, & that's a wonderful child to have that's always smiling, cheerful & happy!

65. POOR AARON, HE WAS PRETTY MUCH OF A SAD SACK, I GUESS HE FELT THE WOES OF THE WORLD! That's why he could write such woeful sad songs about the troubles of life, because he almost always woke up crying, poor fellow! He was kind of sad & sorrowful & weeping over the woes of the World, particularly his own woe that he wanted something to eat right away, & we had to give him a bottle real quick or the whole neighbourhood would know it!

66. BUT TECHI WAKES UP VERY HAPPY & VERY SWEET & LOVEY-DOVEY & KISSIN' DORA & MAKING HER VERY HAPPY & THEY MAKE A WONDERFUL PAIR! They have a good helpmate now too, thank the Lord, & they get along just fine & she is an amazing little girl! She wants to pray for everybody when they're hurt or have the slightest little ache or pain or even when Daddy coughs, Right while I'm teaching she'll look worried & come over & want to lay her hand on me, & she says to everybody, "Pray! Pray!"

67. SHE'S PUTTING WHOLE SENTENCES TOGETHER NOW. I was trying to feed her some avocado last night at the table & she is very clever about getting rid of things that she doesn't necessarily want to eat. She liked it a little bit but then she offered it to Mama on her spoon & nodded her head vigorously & said, "Mama, Mama like it too! Mama like it too!"--She wanted to give it to Mama so she wanted to make sure that Mama liked it too!

68. SO SHE'S REALLY TALKING AWAY NOW & SAYS ALMOST EVERYTHING, including Dora says sometimes that she even talks & sounds like she's talking another language in her sleep! So maybe she's already got the baptism of the Holy spirit! Hallelujah! She says she waves at all the little children that go by in the market & smiles real sweet like she knows them.

69. I SAID, "WELL, MAYBE SHE DID KNOW THEM BEFORE SHE CAME! They came from the same place, PTL, so maybe they're all acquainted!" Maybe that's why children get along so well with each other & love each other so much & always smile & want to hug each other--they're seeing old friends! PTL! Hallelujah!

70. SO THAT'S THE WAY WE START OUR DAY! Mama gets her fooder then, Mama gets fodder--not me, but she eats all this health food & all kinds of green stuff! We might as well turn her out to pasture, she could graze on the grass of the field & be happy, I think! You just wouldn't believe all the health food she eats! I don't eat hardly any of it & I'm really healthier than she is! Ha ha! (Maria: That's right! That's why I need it so much!)

71. I TOLD HER ONE DAY IN THE SPIRIT THAT PROPHETS DON'T NEED VITAMINS, THEY HAVE ENOUGH IN THE SPIRIT, THEY HAVE THE SPIRIT! Is that what I said? (Maria: Uh-huh! Ha!) what did I say? (Maria: And ever since then I quit trying to give you any.) Yep! She gave up giving me all those pills & vitamins that didn't do much good because I already had enough vitality without'm! Ha ha! Hallelujah!

72. WELL, I DO EAT A GOOD HEALTHY DIET THOUGH, DON'T I? (Maria: Uh-huh.--Very good!) I eat good health food & I eat my health cereal every day & I put 14 things in it--everything from Kelp to sesame seeds & sunflower seeds & nuts & bananas & whole-wheat bread & oh my, I can't even think of all the things I put in my health cereal everyday! oh, by the way, that's a liquid diet, I can still eat that today, couldn't I, on Fast Fellowship Day?

73. WE HAVE OUR FAST FOOD IN THE FAMILY NOW, THE FOOD YOU EAT ON FAST DAY. We call it Fast Food, liquid diet only. So I drink my egg coffee in the morning, & does that mean I can have my cereal in the afternoon? Ha ha! (Maria: Of course!) It's liquid. That's less than the rest of the Family are always eating! I never saw such a bunch of eaters! my goodness gracious! Some of these big boys are bottomless pits! But God bless'm they work hard & they deserve it & they need it. But I don't see how people can eat so much as some people do, three times a day! I usually only eat twice a day well, three times now since I've been having a little cereal in the afternoon.

74. BUT THAT'S THE WAY OUR DAY GOES & THIS IS THE WAY TO START THE DAY! And right after my coffee & log I have a little fellowship with Techi usually, & then we start diggin' into the work--& we have piles of work! Poor Mama! She has piles! Piles & piles here, & piles there, piles of paper, piles of work Right, Mama? (Maria: Ha! Uh-huh!) Say something, Honey. You hardly ever say something. They want to hear their Queen! Do you like it? (Maria: I was just going to say you talk so much that I don't have to!) XXX! Well, what about your piles & piles of work? (Maria: oh, I love them!)

75. SHE LOVES YOU! SHE LOVES YOU SO MUCH SHE READS EVERY WORD YOU WRITE & EVERY WORD YOU SEND & she tells me all about it & gives me the things that are the most important to read & sorts out my work for the day & tells me what's the most urgent thing to get edited or proofread or taped. She's my little guide & manager, personal manager, because she reads all of your mail, every word, & knows just what you need & when you need it & tells me when to do it, so then I sock it to you!

76. AND WE SOCKED IT TO YOU WITH A HOT ONE YESTERDAY, "GOD FIRST", (No.934) & that's that! We've got to set the standard somewhere & draw the line somewhere, & we just have to draw God's line, that's all there is to it! If the people wouldn't obey, wouldn't tithe then He just quit talking, like in Malachi, You know when they said "Well, where in have we sinned? Wherein have we robbed Thee?" And He says, "In tithes & offerings ye have robbed Me!" (Mal.3:8.) And they wouldn't even believe it & wouldn't obey it!

77. SO THAT'S WHEN GOD STOPPED TALKING TO THEM FOR 300 YEARS, UNTIL JESUS CAME!--300 years between the testaments, from Malachi to Jesus, there were no prophets! No great prophets, nothing in the Bible of anything of the Word of God from Malachi to Jesus, 300 years between the Testaments, because they wouldn't obey no matter what He'd say, so He just quit saying & quit talking! So, no tithe, no Mag! No tithe, no words! No tithe, no talking!--I'm sorry, but that's the way it goes! PTL! GBY!

78. THEN AFTER A HALF A DAY'S WORK WE TAKE A BREAK & I HAVE MY HEALTH CEREAL OUTDOORS & ENJOY GOD'S BEAUTIFUL CREATION! And then a little more fellowship with Maria as we talk over the events of the day so far discuss victories & problems & work & so on. Mostly I don't want to discuss work on my break, however, & just say, "Look at that & look at this & look at the pretty scenery & enjoy the fresh air & let's not talk business right now! We need a break!" But then we get back into it, we go back in & get back to work again.

79. MOSTLY MY WORK CONSISTS OF FIRST OF ALL, OF COURSE, LISTENING TO THE LORD & HEARING FROM THE LORD, which I often get during the night in dreams & vision & revelations from the Lord. And then when I do, I tape them early in the morning--that's part of our early morning fellowship, love session, before we get out of bed--we usually tape those dreams & so on.

80. AND THEN DURING THE DAY WE EDIT THE TRANSCRIPTIONS OF FORMER TALKS OR REVELATIONS & proofread the final types of some of the Letters & put the finishing touches on'm & suggest the illustrations & so on, & finally we see the final product & OK it, after going over it about six or seven times altogether before we finally OK the final product for the Magazine. So, PTL! TYL!

81. THEN A COUPLE OF TIMES A MONTH WE HAVE TO ORGANISE THE NEW Magazine and decide on what needs to go in it & how many pages. Maria usually figures that up, & then I arrange it the way I feel it should be for your benefit. We're trying to keep all the MO Letters in the middle of the muddle so you won't be in the puddle, & you'll be able to take them out & put'm in your MO notebook. (Now GNs!)

82. AND ONE OF THE GREATEST NEW THINGS IS WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A NEW MO BOOK, Volume VII, very shortly, & then, God willing, we're going to start doing them ourselves in full Mag size, the same size as your Magazines with nice good print that you can read instead of that microscopic print of that last MO Book! I'm so sorry about that, but we didn't realise that was going to happen & they didn't tell us until too late, so that's the best we could do. But from now on you're going to get a nice big one, whole Mag size! PTL! Hallelujah!

83. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! WE LOVE YOU! THAT'S THE WAY TO START THE DAY, IF YOUR HEART KEEPS RIGHT! In Jesus' name, amen! So that's the way to start the day with a little prayer & love & sex & hard work! God bless you! WLY!--In Jesus' name, amen!

"LOVE ONE ANOTHER!" (Jn.15:17.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family