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MILLENNIAL RULING & REIGNING!        DFO 1457        18/12/82

       1. WHEN I THINK OF THE JOB WE HAVE TO DO IN THE MILLENNIUM, IT IS ALMOST BEYOND COMPREHENSION! Just think of it! Your dead unsaved relatives, of course, will not be raised yet, those who have gone on & have died, but many will survive through the Antichrist reign, Tribulation & Wrath of God & on into the Millennium. And of all the people I think God might choose to survive, it might be some of your parents, because they are your parents & because they did do what they did do for you!--It'll give them a second chance to see & hear & know what you've been trying to tell them all the time! Then they'll believe!

       2. RIGHT NOW BELIEVING IS SEEING, BUT THAT'S GOING TO BE THE AGE OF SEEING IS BELIEVING! Jesus said to Thomas, "Blessed are ye who having seen have believed." But He said, "More blessed are they who having not seen have believed." (Jn.20:29) So therefore it doesn't say they're not blessed if God has to prove it to them by letting them see it, but we today who have to have it entirely by faith, we are more blessed, because we take it by faith! (See "Seeing is Believing!", No.1450.)

       3. YOU TALK ABOUT "QUESTIONS & ANSWERS", I'VE GOT A BUNCH OF QUESTIONS TO ASK GOD ABOUT, OR SOMEBODY, WHOEVER GOD SENDS THAT CAN BE MY PARTICULAR SPONSOR OR CHAPERONE! Remember when you went to college & everybody was appointed to some particular faculty advisor who represented the faculty & advised you & counselled with you about your courses & that sort of thing? Well, I think we're going to have some faculty advisors up there!--Our special counsellors that are there to advise & counsel us & answer our questions & be our guides etc. I'm talking about "up there", the Heavenly Kingdom, but of course it's going to be "down here" in the Millennium, & it's also going to be down here in the New Heaven & the New Earth! It's going to be here on Earth forever! You're here to stay! Ha! What a joke on the poor church people who think they're going to escape this Earth & go off to parts unknown for the rest of Eternity!

       4. (TO TECHI:) HELLO SWEETHEART! ARE YOU TIRED? You can rest in Daddy's lap, that's a good girl, rest in your father's arms. PTL! Well, you're going to be safe in the arms of Jesus, amen? (Sings:) "Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast! There no fears can alarm me, there can my soul find rest!" Well yes, we're going to have rest compared to what we've had here, but we're also going to have something to do! Some of you guys wouldn't be happy if you didn't have work to do. I know I wouldn't if I didn't have something to do! My idea of Heaven is not just floating around on a cloud playing a harp!--Although I want to float around on a cloud & I want to play a harp too, I never got a chance to learn here!

       5. JUST THINK OF THE ORGANISATION OF GOD IN THE SPIRIT WORLD RIGHT NOW THAT HAS TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING THAT'S HAPPENING! Think of how many helpers God has busy working right now! Every one of us has at least one guardian angel, some of us have even more, plus a lot of helpers if you're real busy for the Lord! I don't doubt that we have scores represented right here, considering how busy we are & how important our work is. I'm sure we've got scores of guardian angels, for one thing, to take care of us, & helpers to help us with our work. Just think how many we have to help us now, & how many spirits God has to have to take care of those who are dying & entering the next World!--Millions!

       6. THINK OF WHAT AN ORGANISATION IT TAKES TO TAKE CARE OF ALL THAT, TO RECEIVE THE DYING WHO PASS FROM THIS LIFE TO THE NEXT. Every one of them has to have a guide, every one of them has to have some kind of spirit or angel to meet them, lead them & show them where they're supposed to go, like a tour guide or escort. You know when you take those package tours you always have a tour guide that takes you to your quarters & gets you settled & shows you the ropes & tells you what to do. That's like a little sample of Heaven, passing from this World to the next! You're going from one country to another country, right?--150,000 a day!

       7. HOW MANY OF YOU EVER TOOK A PACKAGE TOUR & YOU KNOW WHAT A TOUR GUIDE IS? Most of you haven't, I see. Well, we've had a lot of experience in that, taking tours years ago. We went to Tenerife on a package tour, & it was such a relief because you didn't have to worry about anything. The girl who was in charge of the tour told you what to do & collected your passports & took you on the bus to the hotel, & you just went like a little flock of sheep following your shepherdess!

       8. JUST THINK ABOUT IT! I'LL PUT THE QUESTION IN YOUR MIND ABOUT IT & YOU START THINKING ABOUT HOW MUCH ORGANISATION IT TAKES to usher all the people who are dying into the next World, no matter which way they go, or where they go. They say there are nearly four billion people on Earth, 150,000 people die every day, & 350,000 are born every day! Think of the guardian angels who are assigned every day to all the births of all the children who are born on this Earth! All these thousands of babies are going to be born & every one's got to have a guardian angel! Talk about an organisation, it's almost inconceivable, it's almost beyond your comprehension!

       9. NO WONDER IT SAYS GOD'S WAYS ARE ABOVE OUR WAYS AS HIGH AS THE HEAVENS ARE ABOVE THE EARTH! (Isa.55:8,9) It takes some supernatural organisation, Heavenly government to be able to handle all that! It's got to be supernatural, it's got to be miraculous! All the thousands of new babies every day need guardian angels, & all the old folks, young folks & even babies that are dying need guides to enter the Spirit World! Think of it!

       10. ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE HAD DEATH EXPERIENCES HAVE TESTIFIED THAT THEY MET THIS BRIGHT ANGEL AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL--WHY IS IT ALWAYS A TUNNEL? I've got a lot of questions to ask! I was thinking about that the other day: Think of it, when you're in a World right now full not only with God's angels but full of the Devil & his angels, how's God going to get you through all that mess safely & out of here to wherever you're going? And I'm convinced from my experience that that's where you're going, you're going to go straight to the Heavenly City to be with the Lord! You say, "Well, He's everywhere by His Spirit." Well, Jesus is, in a way, but He has a body, & that body is somewhere! And I'm convinced from the visions that the Prophets & the Apostles had & all the rest, it's obviously in the Heavenlies somewhere, & where else but Space City?--His headquarters!

       11. JUST BE A LITTLE LOGICAL, REASONABLE & DOWN TO EARTH! USE COMMON SENSE & THINK ABOUT IT, BE REALISTIC ABOUT IT!--Not so Heavenly-minded you're not an Earthly bit of good, like most of the church people that put it all off in the unknown: "Don't worry about that, you can't possibly understand it, no use even thinking about it!" The preachers or teachers never tell you anything about it because they don't know either & they don't even try to think about it! Isn't that pitiful? They don't seem to even want to know! In fact, you're almost rebuked for wanting to know & asking questions! "What's the matter, are you a doubter? You don't believe the Bible?" Well, it's not that I doubt the Bible, but I just would like to know some of the details!

       12. JESUS SAID, "I HAVE MANY THINGS TO TELL YOU WHICH YOU'RE NOT YET READY FOR!" (Jn.16:12) We've got a lot to learn! Don't we have a song like that, something about "I've got a lot to learn"? Well, we should have!--Ha! (Family: In "Old Bottles" you said, "We sing the song, 'We've got a lot to be thankful for'", but then you added on, "We've got a lot to do, Brother!") Yes! Just think of that for a minute, how many babies have to be taken care of, how many angels have to be assigned everyday! We've got a lot to look forward to & I hope you're thinking & praying about it! Maybe you can write up little thoughts the Lord gives you about what the Millennium will be like! I'm going to be getting out an Issue, probably the next one, "What Will the Millennium Be Like?" (See No.1428.)

       13. WE'VE ALREADY DEALT WITH DEATH & WHAT IT'S LIKE FOR A CHRISTIAN, & AS I STARTED TO SAY, WHAT'S THE TUNNEL FOR?--To get you through all the darkness of this Earth space to which these devils & demons & all the forces of evil are confined, to get you safely through & shoot you like a rocket to get you where you're going, protected by the Lord! It's got to be swift & fast for security, almost secretly, like you're shot through a tube to get where you're going, to safety. Then somebody's got to receive you & you've got to meet your relatives & your friends, if you have any that are there. Somebody's got to be your guide, somebody has to instruct you, somebody has to take care of you as you begin the next stage of your education.

       14. SO IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE RULERS OF THE MILLENNIUM, THINK HOW MUCH YOU HAVE TO DO! Let me give you a concrete example right now, real quick! What if the End were right now--it's getting awful close, let me tell you--& right now suppose we have come back with the Lord in glorious victory, taken over the Earth, & you happen to come back here to this table & sit around here & decide on how you're going to run this country!

       15. DO YOU THINK YOU'RE READY FOR IT? Honey, you're sure ready for something! xxx! ILY, gorgeous! TYJ for these beautiful women that put up with us awful men! Remember what the guy said to his wife? He said, "My God, how come God made you women so beautiful & yet so dumb?" Remember her wise answer? "Beautiful enough so you'll want to marry us, & dumb enough for us to marry you!"--Ha! Well, our women are beautiful & smart, TTL, or they wouldn't be here! But sometimes I wonder why they'd ever want to live with me, God bless'm!

       16. ANYWAY, JUST THINK ABOUT IT! WHO DO YOU THINK ARE THE BEST CHRISTIANS RIGHT NOW? Well, you don't know! There may be some other real sincere saints out there! They may not believe all we do & know as much as we do & be as well-taught & instructed & educated in all these things as we are, but they may be very good Christians, sincere, dedicated, giving all. Even some of the really sincere priests & nuns of the World are really dedicated, consecrated & giving their lives for the Lord & others. Really! I believe it, don't you? Don't blame the wickedness & corruption of the leadership, not even the Jews, on every Jew or every Catholic or every Christian!--There are lots of sincere ones, thank God!

       17. BUT IF YOU WERE TO PICK THE ONES WHO HAVE FORSAKEN ALL & ARE THE MOST DEDICATED, SERVING HIM FULLTIME, &, I would say, know the most about the Bible & what we're getting into & the future & prophecy & fulfilment & all the rest, & will arrive in the Millennial Kingdom best-educated, most-instructed, most-enlightened & with the greatest understanding of what's going on & what God's about to do, who would you pick?--I would certainly say the Family!

       18. SO AFTER THE LORD'S TAKEN US HOME FOR THE WEDDING FEAST & WE'VE HAD A REAL GREAT SHINDIG OF A TIME & EVERYTHING'S WONDERFUL, He's gonna say, "Well, Folks, now we've got to get up from this feast & this table, you've had enough, you'd better get back down to Earth now & go to work!" Isn't that what I do every night after our feast here & our fellowship? It's got to come to an end sometime! They say all good things come to an end. Well, that's not true of some things like the Lord, Salvation, Eternity & a few other things! But even the Millennium comes to an end!--And every Wedding!

       19. WELL, WE'VE GOT TO FINISH THE FEAST SOMETIME, & according to what we figured out in the Bible from those days, how long is the Wrath of God supposed to last? (Family: 75 days. Dan.12:11-12) And how long, therefore, between the time we leave & the time we get back in the Battle of Armageddon?--It must be also somewhere around 75 days. Well, 2-1/2 months, that's not bad for a feast & a honeymoon, huh? So the Lord says, "Okay, let's get up off this table, out of this bed, we've got a big job to do!" I think we'll have been pretty well refreshed & strengthened & briefed & instructed by that time to get organised into that army that's going to ride back down here & take over the World!

       20. THINK OF WHAT A JOB THAT IS!--EVEN THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE PRETTY WELL-ORGANISED! We'll not only have to fight men, but angels!--The Devil's evil angels, demons & devils! Of course, we'll have the legions of God's angels to help us, thank God! They'll probably take care of the other angels while we're taking care of the men & the women! But we've got to conquer the World & we've got to establish a government!

       21. WHO ELSE DO YOU THINK GOD COULD POSSIBLY CHOOSE IN EVERY ONE OF THESE COUNTRIES WHERE WE ARE TO HELP HEAD UP THAT GOVERNMENT OR OVERSEE THAT GOVERNMENT? Who would you choose? "Oh now come on, Dad, you don't mean some of these skinny, scrawny, ugly-looking little missionaries that we've got in some of those countries!--Little old Family people who don't hardly know which side is up & all they know is that they're saved & preaching the Gospel & the Love of Jesus & do a little street begging & lit distribution! You don't mean for a minute that you think those people would be capable of running a country!" No, but I think then with our new supernatural bodies & supernatural understanding & supernatural power & supernatural faculties that we will have--such as Jesus had when He rose from the dead & even before He died--that we will have sufficient power & wisdom of God & face-to-face direction, so to speak, & ability to at least be able to oversee the running of that country! I don't expect you to necessarily have to be local mayors & governors.

       22. FROM THE WAY I LOOK AT IT NOW & UNDERSTAND IT, IF I HAD TO DO IT TOMORROW, WHO DO YOU THINK I'D PICK AS MY UNDERSTUDY or somebody who knows the situation better than I do & knows every in & out & detail of the government? I'd certainly want somebody that I knew had faith & was saved, of course, so I'd probably pick the highest ranking member of the present government who is saved or understands this country & its language & its government & knows all its people & its leaders & everybody!

       23. HE'D SURELY KNOW MORE ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT & HOW TO RUN THE COUNTRY THAN WE DO! He'd know all the people & the ins & outs & the politics & their history & the whole works!--And with his new body & new power & new faculties, new understanding & new wisdom & direct direction of God, he could run the country better than he ever ran it before! I think God is that practical! He's not going to pick up some Third World ruler & set him down in the middle of the U.S.A. to try to run the U.S.A.--although I'm sure he could run it better than whoever's running it right now! Maybe he'll have to!

       24. GOD HAS SO FEW REALLY SAVED & DEDICATED & CONSECRATED CHRISTIANS WHO REALLY LOVE HIM & ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE WAY GOD WANTS THINGS, I'm sure that He probably is going to have a little difficult time picking out enough people. He's probably going to have to draw a good deal on some of the past Christians, those who have gone on before. Don't forget, we're not going to be without help. We're not the only ones getting caught up in the Rapture, we're not the only ones going to Heaven, there are millions of past generations of Christians! Heaven is going to be full of millions of saved Christians who love the Lord! (Techi shows Dad her sketch:)

       25. (TO TECHI:) GOD BLESS YOU FOR BEING SO PATIENT! ILY! Oh, that's beautiful, it looks like Heaven! Looks like a rainbow! (Techi: It is a rainbow!) A rainbow is a sign of promise, & God has promised us Heaven & all these things! Oh, that's a pretty one too! She seems to be particularly fond of purple--it's a royal colour!

       26. SO I THINK THE LORD WANTS YOU TO START THINKING ABOUT IT & THINKING ABOUT THE THINGS YOU NEED TO LEARN & PREPARE FOR, & BE CAPABLE OF DOING THOSE THINGS, because you're not going to be all that different. You're going to be very much like you are now, but in more direct communication with God & with supernatural bodies, no more weariness of the flesh, no more ignorance of the mind & direct guidance. So don't worry, compared to what we're going through now, it's going to be a rest! You're going to be floating on the clouds, sailing along compared to what we're doing now! This is the tough part, that's going to be the easy part!

       27. MAYBE I'M MAKING IT SOUND TOO DIFFICULT, but I'm trying to bring it down to Earth & make it practical, to see that what you are now & what you're learning now & what you're doing now is going to be a help to you in the future, & we have a lot of this to do there. We've got a lot of living to do, a whole thousand years! So, thank the Lord! Thank you father, thank you mother, & your sister & your brother! Well, I don't know any place to stop, so the only thing I know how to do sometimes is just quit!

       28. BUT ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL TO THINK ABOUT? Don't let it discourage you, "My God, how am I going to run a country, I don't know anything about it!"--You'll pick the people who already know! Especially if they're Christians! Right? Pick all the highest-placed top-talented Christian politicians, Christian officers & officials that come back with you in the Battle of Armageddon. We'll probably already have had our briefing on how to do it & who's to do what & go where! Right? We'd have had to! That battle's got to really be organised to take over the whole World & to know what we're supposed to do next, how to govern it, how to restore it & rehabilitate it & all the rest!

       29. SO WE'RE GOING TO HAVE LOTS OF HELP! You're not going to be as alone as you thought you were! When Elijah said, "All the prophets of God have been slain & I alone am left!" What did the Lord tell him? "Fear not, I have yet 7,000 who have not yet bowed the knee to Baal!" (1Kg.19:14,18) So you're not as alone as you think you are! We may look few in number here, but there are millions of real Christians, really saved who love the Lord, both Catholics & Protestants, so I think we're going to have a lot of help.

       30. THEY MAY NOT BE AS FAR ALONG AS WE ARE, BUT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE THE HELP OF THE ANGELS OF GOD & THE SAINTS OF GOD WHO HAVE ALREADY GONE ON & KNOW A LOT MORE ABOUT THINGS THAN WE DO! They've had months, years, centuries, thousands of years in Heaven with the Lord, think how much they've learned by this time! You think you're going to be top dogs? Don't kid yourselves! There are lots of them who have already gone on who are going to know a lot more than you & me & be able to tell us what to do. PTL? Isn't that wonderful? Amen?

       31. WE WON'T BE ALONE, THERE WILL BE MILLIONS RIGHT HERE ON EARTH THAT ARE GOING TO WORK WITH US who are going to come back with us from Heaven because they're saved & love the Lord. They were raised in the Resurrection, they went up in the Rapture & we have 2-1/2 months to get acquainted! That's not very long, with several million other Christians in the Heavenly City in that beautiful great big banquet room that I saw--I usually call it the Throne Room--with that polished floor that stretches off until it disappears in the distance, it's so big!

       32. IT'S GOING TO TAKE A ROOM LIKE THAT TO HAVE A WEDDING FEAST FOR SEVERAL MILLION PEOPLE! That'll be the biggest Wedding Feast that ever was, probably the biggest gathering of people there ever was in one place at one time! No wonder the Lord's having to be working on it so long building such a City! No wonder it's got to be 1500 miles wide, 1500 miles long & 1500 miles high! To house such a gathering, to have such a meeting He's going to have to have one tremendous huge Throne Room! Isn't that amazing? One big meeting, one great Feast!

       33. I NEVER SAW THE TABLE, BUT I HAVE A FEELING MAYBE IT WOULD HAVE TO BE CIRCULAR OR CONCENTRIC CIRCLES WITH JESUS AT THE CENTER! You wouldn't want to be sitting at one end of a long table like this with the Lord at the other end, would you? I think it's probably going to be circular, maybe inside the whole base of the Pyramid or something! You say, "Dad, you've got a wild imagination! Why do you even worry about these things? You don't know anything about it!" Well, I know I don't, that's why I want to know! That's why I've got curiosity, I'm trying to think of what it must be like. And every now & then because the Lord loves me He gives me a little glimpse. Isn't that wonderful?

       34. SO WE'VE GOT A LOT OF LOVING & LIVING & LEARNING TO DO! That would almost make a good song! Because we're going to have a lot of governing & ruling & reigning to do! PTL! So this is only the beginning, Folks! TYL! Isn't that wonderful? Maybe you don't get as thrilled about it as I do! When I think about the size of the job, it is just stupendous, magnificent, colossal, gigantic--in the words of the Hollywood movies, & they use the biggest words you can possibly use! It's just beyond our comprehension & it's going to be wonderful! Amen? And just think, you're being prepared now for it by the Lord!

       35. YOU KNOW WHAT AMAZED ME & SHOCKED ME & ASTONISHED ME ABOUT THAT "ANALOG OF A LIFETIME" (No.1353) THAT I'VE BEEN WORKING ON AS I READ IT?--The wisdom of God, His planning, His designing, His preparation, His training that He gave me! It took 50 years to get me ready for this job! Think of it! 50 years to train me in everything He could possibly think of to be ready for it! So you're being trained right now, you're being prepared & taught & skilled & tested for the job that we have yet to do. And God knows, maybe after the Millennium what more we're going to have to do on the New Earth with all those people there that still will need help if they need healing! PTL? (Rev.22:2)

       36. I'VE THOUGHT MORE & MORE LATELY ABOUT HOW THOSE LEAVES REMIND ME OF THE LEAVES OF OUR LETTERS & LITERATURE. (Rev.22:2) We've got to train'm somehow, teach'm somehow, & there're going to be millions, billions! I'd like to know that stat, how many billion people have lived on this Earth! No wonder the Holy City's got to be so big, for all the saved, just the saved! And then the whole outside World, God has to take off all seven seas to make enough room for all the rest of the people to live outside & still have a beautiful World & not ruin the ecology & balance & still have rolling hills & fields & trees & farms & all the rest! Think of it! Of course, He's probably going to take a few million off our hands that He's going to have down in the Lake of Fire, the very worst that deserve it! So we won't have to worry about them for awhile until they've served their time, then maybe He'll let them come up too. By that time we'll have things pretty well organised. Amen?

       37. WELL, MAYBE THAT'S TOO BIG A PICTURE FOR YOU TO EVEN GRASP, but I'm going to leave that with you, that you've got a big job to do & there's a lot more ahead! We can't do it in a day, but we're just doing a little bit every day. Like the Letters, we just nibble off a little more every day!--Amen? GBY! Don't worry, just get ready! Just do your best now, & He'll decide where you can do best later.--Amen? GBAKYAMYAB to millions!--In Jesus' name, amen!--ILY! Keep on keepin' on serving with Him & you'll soon be rulin' & reignin' with'm! HAL! TYJ!--Amen? Hi, Governor! Hi, your Majesty! Hi, Priest! (Rev.5:10)

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