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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!--No.5       DO 1458       4/83

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (10/98): Please refer to The Charter for the Family's current doctrine and policies regarding most of the following subjects."]

       ANSWER: --We'll see, won't we?

       ANSWER: --We'll see, won't we?--But we can have babies by humans.--Gen.6:1-4.

       ANSWER: Total of all the years in Family.

       4. QUESTION: I WAS SHOCKED TO HEAR SOMEONE SUGGEST BITING BACK A CHILD TO TEACH HIM NOT TO, & even say she was sure it was in the Letters or the Dito book. What do you think? (Showing a child something was bad for him.)--Mosera & Patience USA.
       ANSWER: It's sometimes a good idea to give'm a gentle sample--like God does us!

       ANSWER: Because He was human & born of woman of the race of man.

       ANSWER: All of us humans are "sons of man"--daughters too!

       7. QUESTION: IS IT OK TO SAY, "OH, MY GOD!", OR "OH, MY LORD!", or "For Christ's sake!", or is that taking the Lord's name in vain?--Armando, PI.
       ANSWER: You'll find I say'm often in the Letters with real genuine meaning, but not in vain!


       9. QUESTION: AFTER "ARE YOU MRS. JESUS?" WE'RE WONDERING IF WE STILL CAN COUNT SOULS THAT SING AT PERFORMANCES "INTO MY HEART"? In paras.53-55 it says, "Because often when we pray with them, they go home, but they have no change of heart or direction in their lives." (Ro.7:6; 2Cor.5:17; Tit.3:5)--totally regenerated. (Mt.7:20)--Johannes, PI.
       ANSWER: I'd count'm!--Only God knows their hearts!

       10. QUESTION: DAD, WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT ACUPUNCTURE? From what I have read & observed, it seems that this is a much more natural way to conduct pain relief during an operation. It is practised a lot by the Chinese & is gaining popularity around the World. It basically consists of the use of needles being applied to certain areas of the body to intercept or "cut off" nerve signals being sent from other parts of the body. Therefore a patient can undergo serious open abdomen surgery while wide awake & feels no pain. This seems like a good natural alternative to the use of drugs when such an operation is needed. Has the Lord given you anything specifically on this?--Jesse Youngblood, PI.
       ANSWER: No, but I've been inclined to think it may have some basis in spiritism.

       11. QUESTION: I WOULD LIKE TO ASK DAD WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT CREMATION. Does it really matter how we are buried once we die? My mother told me once she wanted to be cremated when she died & I didn't know how to comment. As far as I can tell it seems to be OK.--Michael Oracle, Canada.
       ANSWER: There was seldom a Biblical case of cremation!--Not of those respected relatives or believers! Respectful burial or entombment was always the Biblical custom. Could this be in a similar category to the Biblical horror of causing people to "pass through the fire"? (2Ki.16:3, 21:6; Jer.32:35; Ez.16:21.)--Why would anyone want to be cremated anyhow?

       12. QUESTION: COULD THE STARS HAVE BEEN CREATED ALREADY SHINING, like trees created full-grown, riverbeds dug, etc. So that even though they were created 6,000 years ago, it doesn't matter how far away they are? So that even though a star is placed over 6,000 light years away, the light hasn't been travelling that long?--It was created shining?--Paul, Canada.
       ANSWER: That's the old deistic Evolutionists' & so-called "Christian" scientists' stall!--Pure theory to try to justify the Biblical Creation of only 6,000 years ago & reconcile it with the astronomers' claimed distances of the stars--also pure guesswork!--Like Evolution! Planetary distances are provable, but not stellar distances.--They still don't know!

       ANSWER: Read the Letters! I've mentioned it! She was a modern saint, missionary to China, friend of ours, & her husband died in China as a missionary. It's an excellent devotional & inspirational book, one of my Mother's favourites! (LNFs 5, Mag 38, ML #982:13.)

       14. QUESTION: WE ARE STILL CONFUSED ABOUT THE "WATERS ABOVE THE FIRMAMENT." From earlier Letters & from the discussion of Gen.1 in the Childcare Handbook we had understood that was the heavy cloud covering between the Earth & the sun that filtered out the harmful rays & enabled man to live so long. Can you explain?--Vessel & Lamb, USA.
       ANSWER: Yes, but its exact location is not clear, but the "Firmament" of the Bible is clearly what we today call "Space," because according to Gen.1:14-17, the Sun, Moon & Stars were placed in it!--With the Waters above them! This is one reason I'm convinced the stars are not as far away as claimed by "Science"!

       15. QUESTION: IS IT GOOD TO ADOPT CHILDREN? We have a big house in the mountains & no possibilities to go South for the moment. It is easy to adopt Indian children, for example. Would it be a good idea to have a children's home here?--Catherine, S.Europe.
       ANSWER: Sounds beautiful! GBY! What an opportunity to rear them for the Lord!--If you survive the Holocaust!--And mountains are a good place to survive!

       ANSWER: One traces that of Joseph, the other of Mary.

       17. QUESTION: LETTER FROM A MOMMY OF 2 CHILDREN, the youngest about 2 months old. After the birth of their 2nd child she & her mate started arguing about everything & he told her this is because her walk with the Lord wasn't right. He decided to leave her & the children & told her to go back to the System as she'd never make it serving the Lord. She's on her own now. She writes to you as everyone there is so busy with going South & East, & she wants to know if her husband is right to leave her & if the only answer for her is to go back to the System, which she doesn't want to do. She loves her husband & if he would only forgive her for her mistakes & want to help her serve the Lord & raise the children, she'd love him too: "Dear Dad, I may be no good, weakling or whatever, but I am always willing to try harder. If you think I should stay, or maybe I should leave, divorce my husband, & do something for the kids, I will." Wishes you & her husband can forgive her, for she must've failed her husband miserably. "I know in my heart this is the only place I am going to be happy giving my all to the Lord. I have been in the System. I was never happy. Please Dad, what should I do? I'm really trusting the Lord to sort it out for the kids & me. I only want to do what's best for them." Sends love & prayers to you, & again asks for your forgiveness. "I know, Dad, how busy you are, but please, a little time will help 3 people's lives."--Kim, England.
       ANSWER: If you left him, that's not his fault. But if he left you, that is absolutely unscriptural!--That's "putting away" & not allowing you to "dwell with him"--even if you were an unbeliever! (Ge.2:24; Mt.5:31-32; Mk.10:2-9, 1Ti.5:8; 1Cor.7.) If you are the innocent party, especially with children, we call it desertion & cause for his excommunication, if he does not make it right!--Name him!--Now let's hear his side!

       18. QUESTION: SOMETIMES A WIFE HAS LEFT THE FAMILY, VOLUNTARILY DESERTING HER HUSBAND & BABY, WHO REMAIN. However, later on she decides that she wants the baby with her & starts trying to get it back, even calling in the Police, INTERPOL & detectives who harass the local Homes, watch the mail boxes, open the mail, etc., even if the husband & baby are no longer there. This usually causes a lot of problems for the Family, especially local Homes. Wouldn't it be best to sacrifice the baby or child for the sake of the entire Work in such a case, give it back to the backslidden parent?--WS Staff Member.
       ANSWER: When the mate has actually deserted the Family & his or her own Family mate & children & later wants them back to take them into the System, we're certainly opposed to that! I think we should do everything we can to keep'm from letting the backslidden mate steal the children! [DELETED]
       If they keep hassling the Home where he was, all you can do is say, "Well, he's not here any more & we don't know where he is." It's not your fault he left. We've had plenty of cases like that. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he System is against us & its laws are against our Members, very unjust & unfair & anti-Christ & often of the Devil!

       19. QUESTION: IN INDONESIA IT IS VERY CHEAP TO HIRE A MAID, for US$20 per month at the most, full-time. We have 2 maids in our Homes to help with all the physical work & 1 houseboy for the heavier jobs. Several other Homes hire maids also to take care of their children. I have seen many examples of our children not doing well due to this. Mainly because these maids are often not even saved, & if they are, they're not filled with the Holy Spirit, & don't even speak English. I can't see how our children can be surrounded in an atmosphere of love & faith when with these maids. The practice particularly applies with the babies, who are especially susceptible to every "wind of spirit." It seems to be a trap, as the parents tend to leave their children in the care of these maids for longer & longer periods of time. Wouldn't it be better to try & find single Family Members to do this & to tip them, or, seeing all the physical jobs, such as cooking, cleaning, etc., are done by maids, to look after our children ourselves somehow? I'm writing this, knowing what your answer will be, but I believe a lil' word may help those who don't agree. It breaks my heart because I have seen the children exposed to this form of care (or neglect!) & they are real sad cases of unhappy, insecure & temperamental children. There are some children who are not so bad, because their parents don't leave them with the maids all the time. It's mainly those children left to the care of the maids for long periods of time that suffer. I know a lot of people would appreciate a wee word from you to help, as it was discussed by the mothers here at our recent NAFm with 2 opposing viewpoints as the results.--John Beloved, Indonesia.
       ANSWER: Our own children here are in the full-time care of dedicated Family members.--But I do not blame those who hire native maids to help. But they surely should be very prayerful about whom they hire, & surely there are enough Family nationals for this! It is dangerous to permit the unsaved & un-Spirit-filled even in the same house with your children!--Much less in their full-time care!--And parents should always be in close watch over their care & supervision & in frequent touch & oversight of them, knowing all that goes on! Otherwise it's criminal neglect!

       20. QUESTION: I'D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT DAD THINKS ABOUT USING CONDOMS TO PREVENT SPREADING OF VD. I've had some spots on my penis for a year & despite medical treatment & prayer they haven't gone away. So, I use a condom when I make love to anybody, including my wife.--Tim Shepherd, Venezuela.
       ANSWER: Read "Ban the Bomb!"--No. 1434. I've never forbidden condoms for sanitary purposes!--We just don't believe in'm for birth control! (See Nos. 815, 258:25, 792:13-26.)

       21. QUESTION: WHEN WITNESSING TO A BLACK COUPLE, the subject turned to the different races, & I was ashamed, when I was asked why they were black, to tell'm the truth. My question is, are the black-skinned people who believe in Jesus going to have a new body with white skin when the curse will be removed? Or is God going to let it remain like that just for variety & not as a sign of a curse? I think we can lose friends if we tell them things they aren't ready for, even though it's the Truth.--Jean Francois, S.Europe.
       ANSWER: Right! But in Christ as Christians there is no difference! (Acts 15:9; Ro.3:22; Ga.3:28) The curse [EDITED: "was only on the sons of Canaan--the Canaanites--see" The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!", ML #2928"]--And it has nothing to do with [DELETED] colour!--As to a Heavenly colour change, I don't know!--Jesus still had His scars! [DELETED] I like those rich chocolate colours on some!--It's the colour of the heart that counts!

       22. QUESTION: I WAS WONDERING IF JESUS HAD ANY CHILDREN, SINCE HE MADE LOVE TOO? Of course it's not written in the Bible--but perhaps He did have some? Could it be possible?--Louisa
       ANSWER: I doubt it, or you'd have heard about it!--It probably wasn't in the will of God, for the Church would surely have made'm Popes!--Ha!--But He has plenty now! PTL!

       23. QUESTION: I HAVE A COMMENT TO APOLLOS' QUESTION ABOUT THE 144,000 & the 12 Tribes of Israel in GN 19, ML #1334:31. When I was 16, before I joined the Family, I went to a Rabbi for a few classes about the history & religion of the Jews. One of the things he taught me was that during the Assyrian captivity, ten of the tribes of Israel were brought to Assyria as captives & they completely vanished there in Assyria! They either mingled with the people living there, or they died off or something, but he said that no one knows whatever happened to these ten tribes, because they completely disappeared & never returned to Israel. So in other words, he taught me that all of the Jews of today either originate from the tribe of Judah or the tribe of Benjamin, the only two tribes remaining today. Therefore, if this is true--& according to him it is an historical fact--these passages in Revelation about the 12 tribes must be talking about the spiritual Israel & not the physical counterfeit. Love, Isaiah Light.
       ANSWER: I wish you all had read all my old Letters!--This question is answered there! (BIPS, No.1165:33) The 10 were never lost!--That's a lie of the Jews of Judah! Members of all 12 tribes are listed amongst those returning from Babylon with Nehemiah.--Nehemiah 7. Of course there were many who did not return. The "British-Israelites" also claim to be the "10 Lost Tribes," but I wouldn't say they were lost!--They're pretty evident in Britain!--And the U.S.!--And W. Europe!--And throughout the whole World! [DELETED] I wish they were saved!--They make terrific Christians!--Like you & me & our Family!

       24. QUESTION: IN THE MO LETTER "DANIEL 7," IT SAYS THE 3 NATIONS THAT WILL BE SUBDUED BY THE ANTICHRIST (Dan.7:24), being the main strongholds left of anti-communistic resistance, are the U.S., Great Britain & West Germany. This sounds very logical to me. But in the TK of "Daniel 7" it indicates these 3 nations are the U.S., Western Europe & China?! You have said about China that when she sees the U.S. fallen, she will quickly join Russia, being their communistic brothers in essence, & it also says in "The Meek" (ML #205) that China will probably not suffer any major wars due to her large population of poor. Which of these 2 theories do you consider right?--Isaiah Light.
       ANSWER: Both!--Both will be subdued by the AC!--But which the third Horn actually represents, we'll have to wait & see!

       25. QUESTION: I'D LIKE TO KNOW YOUR OPINION ABOUT A MAN THAT LED A MOVEMENT IN EUROPE A FEW DECADES AGO: GURDJIEFF. He still has followers of his doctrines which originate, some say, from the Armenians. Some things are very similar to Rasputin's teachings from the Clistis. They believe in Jesus.--Samuel, Latin America.
       ANSWER: Sorry, but I never heard of'm!--Anybody know?--But all the Armenians I ever knew were very strong Christians, including my very dear friend, the Prophet Avak!

       26. QUESTION: AFTER THE LETTER "U.S. CANNIBALS" I've been praying if we should have at least one gun in each Home to protect our children from any attacker. I know the Letter applies mainly to U.S. & Europe, but these countries are getting impoverished more & more & criminality is rising fast. A few days ago they stole our tent during the night. I prayed about it & thought how easy it would be that somebody stole one of our children for whatever fiendish reason! You advised in several Letters about fighting for our own, but, what about if attackers are armed? I couldn't just stand there doing nothing if somebody is attacking my children or any in our Family. Should we arm ourselves with at least the minimum?--Samuel, Latin America.
       ANSWER: I do!--And I believe I would [EDITED: "if legal and/or registered--according to the laws of the land"]! "But if any provide not for his own house, he hath denied the faith, & is worse than an infidel." "When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are at peace." "But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, & likewise his scrip: & he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, & buy one. And they said, Lord, behold, here are two swords. And he said unto them, It is enough." (1Ti.5:8; Lk.11:21; 22:36,38.) [EDITED: "HomeARC note (10/98): However, Dad later wrote: "We do everything we possibly can to protect ourselves to begin with and to show the world outside that we are protected!--'Armed,' Jesus said! 'Dad, you don't mean we keep guns around here!' We don't have to have guns to be armed, we've got clubs! You don't have to be armed with guns, you can be armed with wariness!--Not weariness, wariness!--Being security-conscious! You can be armed with good walls and good fences! You can be armed with good night security lighting! You can be well-armed with protection of every kind without having to shoot guns!" (ML# 2244:83, 1987). See also the Statement: "Our Stance Against Physical Violence," as well as the Charter."]

       27. QUESTION: DO YOU THINK IT'S POSSIBLE THAT THE LORD could take someone from the Family because they were of little use to Him here, & then give them a second chance--& to possibly come back as the child of their mate?--Sara, Australia.
       ANSWER: "With God, nothing shall be impossible"!--And "all things are possible to him that believeth"! (Lk.1:37; Mk.9:23) Read our Letters referring to reincarnation. (See Nos. 686:169-181, 794, 795.)

       28. QUESTION: COULD DAD TELL US WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT "DRAWING LOTS" for come-union, whether in a Home or in a DAFm or GAFm?:--Z. & M., SEA.
       ANSWER: Read "Ban the Bomb," ML #1434! I don't believe anyone should have to do anything they don't want to!--And in the New Testament the drawing of lots was replaced by the direct leading of the Spirit, along with Godly counsel & general consent. But inter-Home sex is now forbidden!

       29. QUESTION: IN RESEARCHING THE WORD I FOUND 2 DIFFERENT GENEALOGIES OF JESUS & His "father" through Joseph's fathers in Matthew & Luke. Matthew says it was through Solomon, & Luke says it was through David's other son, Nathan. Was this an early church controversy as mentioned in 1Tim.1:4? The important thing of course is that He was born, & was the Son of God! It just surprised me to see such a discrepancy of these 2 men's accounts!--Love, Ruthie, SEA.
       ANSWER: See Answer to Question #16!

       ANSWER: Lit!--A tape is an electronic scroll written in iron by electricity!--One 1-hour tape = 10 pages Lit.

       ANSWER: In the earliest days they were not yet in existence & did not rule the World! In later days the Western Empires were considered as more powerful or dominating them--as they do today! But soon the Chinese will rule with the Antichrist!

       32. QUESTION: WE WERE TOLD THAT THE MCV CLUB & FOL SHOULD NOT BE RELATED, but how can we keep it a secret when our MCV Members receive Letters, Daily Might, etc., & see us on the streets passing out lit by Father David? If they ask us, we can't very well deny it. Any counsel?--Amador & Ruhamah, Chile.
       ANSWER: Right! You can't deny it!--They're friends!

       33. QUESTION: REGARDING TEST-TUBE BABIES, I would like to know Dad's opinion about that. Could some couple use that method? Or is it not according to God's plan? What fruit would be a baby like that?--Peniel Shalom, Mexico.
       ANSWER: Actually there's no such thing!--All are born of natural mothers, regardless of how impregnated! They're just like any other babies!

       ANSWER: Haven't you read the Letters about good witches? (See Nos.573, 700:1-5)--Maria's one!--Ha!--"Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." (1Jn.4:1)

       35. QUESTION: THERE DOESN'T SEEM TO BE ANYONE ELSE HERE TO TAKE OVER OUR JOBS SHOULD WE LEAVE. No one really has much of a burden for the others ... most are barely surviving on their own, with their families & ministries. We both would feel badly just leaving everyone "on their own" ... yet we know how much we could be doing positively witnessing to so many on the Eastern fields rather than trying to deal with all these problems & encourage so many who have slidden so far back & who now have so little faith & so great a need for inspiration if they're ever going to make it back to "full of faith" service for Jesus!--Jonathon & Sharon, USA.
       ANSWER: Right! Why waste time on those who've heard many times, when there are millions who've never heard!

       36. QUESTION: IN THE BIBLE, JESUS IS SAID TO HAVE "COME OUT OF EGYPT" but wasn't born there, neither did He live there many years! Since the Warning Tract says the same, couldn't the Antichrist be from any of the African countries?--Canada.
       ANSWER: Jesus did live there 3 years as a child (Mt.2:13-15) & is said to have fulfilled prophecy in that regard (Hos.11:1). As for the Antichrist, Egypt is an African country, & is specifically referred to as the origin of the Antichrist in the Warning Tract referring to Memphis! (ML #655.)

       37. QUESTION: WHAT DOES DAD THINK ABOUT KENNETH COPELAND? One of our helpers is a businessman who gave us some tapes by him. We listened to them & we got really inspired & turned on to the Word more. He sure does not have the light & vision Dad has, but does seem to be a man of real faith!--Jonah, USA.
       ANSWER: Right! I like'm!--Especially his music! He's a terrific showman!--And he seems to be sincere, & really preaches Jesus!--But his Bible teachers are really screwed up on Bible Prophecy!--They teach the Jews are the Bride of Christ!--We're just the Body!--Ha!--A real odd doctrine!--And false! However, that's a minor discrepancy not to be held against his good witness for Jesus! Amen!--I love to hear him sing!

       38. QUESTION: FIVE OR SIX YEARS AGO A BROTHER OR SISTER IN THE FAMILY STOLE A CAMPER TRUCK FROM US THAT WE HAD LOANED THEM. They illegally had the papers written up in their name & simply disappeared into Mexico. Lately they have had their pictures in the FN as some shining examples down in L.A. Should we let bygones be bygones or should we report them? I know that if they would repay the $1000 the truck was worth, it would sure make it easier for our family to be able to leave the U.S.--Noah & Mary.
       ANSWER: "Owe no man anything save to love him!" (Ro.13:8.)--Tell'm to pay up or shut up!--And if they don't, report'm!--They risk excommunication!--OK, now let's hear their side of the story!--Ha!--Maybe they thought you gave it to'm?

       39. QUESTION: THE UNFORTUNATE THING HERE IS THAT TOO MANY UNPROGRESSIVE MEMBER FAMILIES DEPEND TOO MUCH ON WELFARE & then burden others with pleas for loans to get by--yet never keep their words about repayments. I therefore renew my request for an overall word on this!--Israel, USA.
       ANSWER: It's already been said many times! (See Nos. 682, 683, 701, 866, 936, etc.!) See above answer to Question #38.

       40. QUESTION: DAD, HAVE YOU READ "THE BIBLE & THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE"?--by George Johnson & Don Tanner. What do you think? The Scriptures & testimonies seemed to bear it out. Basically he believes that the Triangle is the gateway to Hell.--Mateo & Rebekah, Canada.
       ANSWER: No, we haven't read it, sorry. But it's definitely the door to another dimension!--The Spirit World!--Which one I don't know! Considering how many it's gobbled up, I wouldn't be surprised!

       41. QUESTION: WE WANTED TO ASK DAD WHAT HE THOUGHT ABOUT A SITUATION THAT ARISES OFTEN HERE IN LONDON WITH ESing: Nearly all the girls when coming to Sunday Fellowships stay on call. Many of the Agencies are not only open 24 hours but you do much better if you show that you can be relied upon, & not take a lot of time off. This often results in them getting called out. What do you think we should do, Dad?--Nat & Maria, England.
       ANSWER: God & Family first!--Can't you tell'm not to call you at such-&-such a time?

       42. QUESTION: HERE IN FRANCE A LOT OF PEOPLE SEEM TO THINK THIS COUNTRY IS STILL ON THE LIST OF THE SAFEST PLACES in the North that Dad talks about, even though Dad said in "Sad Day for a Frenchman" that it isn't exactly safe anymore. What do you think?--Jean F., France.
       ANSWER: It certainly isn't! Especially since Mitterrand took over! He's antagonised both us & the Russians & is a good friend of our enemies!--So he can expect the judgments of God!--Probably at the hand of the Russians! I only said there are a few places in France far from the missile bases where you might survive if you can't leave!

       43. QUESTION: LEARNING LANGUAGES: In accordance with "Go to the Universities" & latest visions, is it still necessary to strive to learn various languages, even to know them for use in the Millennium? For instance, when certain people are in charge of countries, will knowing the language be a prerequisite? Or will we be like angels & not need to even necessarily use spoken language? Abrahim & spirit helpers, as you've explained, had or have to learn, say for instance, English. But will we need to? Your guardian angel when you were a young boy in San Francisco didn't really speak to you with words but you got the message.
       I just wasn't sure if learning other languages was necessary in light of winning nationals, but yet there's the Millennium & we might need it then or even in the very near future of Endtime when it might come in handy at times, like Spanish or Russian, depending where you are! Love, Hope
       ANSWER: Right! Sure comes in handy now!--But not always necessary in the Millennium when we'll have supernatural telepathic powers like angels. They only speak when necessary to put a message in words for the record. E.g., A Spirit Helper like Abrahim had to translate (interpret) his own language for me so I could savvy him, so he had to learn English.--They can't do it all in pix!

       44. QUESTION: I WOULD LIKE TO PRINT AN ENDTIME POSTER, DFO 1007, but it is DFO. Is it permissible to just print the top half (only in black & white)?--Minas Gerais, Brazil.
       ANSWER: I thought it was GP!--It oughtta be!--It goes over great with them! Everybody's interested in the Future!--It could scare'm into Heaven!--Ha!

       45. QUESTION: I WOULD LIKE TO ASK DAD TO EXPLAIN IN SIMPLE TERMS WHAT DEVALUATION IS. I don't understand what is happening from an international economic viewpoint when the value of a country's currency drops radically in one day in comparison to the dollar. What are the causes & what factors determine the new value of the devaluated currency?--Michael & Rebekah Daysman, Mexico.
       ANSWER: The same with anything that's not worth anything! Paper money's worth nothing to begin with, except what people think it's worth!--When they stop believing it's worth anything, then it's only worth what they think it's worth!--Which isn't much in most countries that are already bankrupt, like Mexico! (See Nos. 103, 243, 284, 294, 310, 321, etc.!)

       46. QUESTION: IN PARAGRAPH 2 OF "WOMEN IN LOVE" (ML #292), Dad says he cannot find anywhere in the Scripture where sex between women is sinful. In Romans 1:24 it says, "Wherefore God gave them up to uncleanness, through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves...For this cause God gave them up unto vile affection: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature." (Ro.1:26) I have talked to people who take this literally, & although Dad does say the ideal is marriage between men & women, he does say Lesbianism is all right, which they disagree on, based on the above verses. I have been a follower of Dad for 10 years now & probably always will be, but I'd like a comment on this one. Does he still believe this way?--Kelly, USA (A LINer)
       ANSWER: Read the Letters! It's all explained there! (Nos. 258, 721, 815, 816-2.) This particular Scripture is particularly referring to birth control & sex perversions! Lesbianism is mutual masturbation, & masturbation is natural!--Not "against nature"! Maria & I masturbate each other.--What's the difference?--Don't you?

       47. QUESTION: SINCE THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO COME OUT OF EGYPT, DOES THAT NECESSARILY MEAN THAT HE HAD TO BE BORN THERE? You suggest that the AC will possibly be a Jew. Could there be any connection between this & Rev.11:8?--"...the great city which spiritually is called Sodom & Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified"? This "great city" sounds like Jerusalem!--David & Grace, Brazil.
       ANSWER: Right!--It is!--And right again!--It doesn't necessarily mean he had to be born in Memphis.--But there are lots of Jews in Egypt!

       48. QUESTION: RIOS MONTE, THE LEADER IN EL SALVADOR is supposed to be some sort of born-again Christian, but the killing of the poor & wars still go on. Does Dad have anything to say about him? He looked evil to me on the TV, but others thought it good that a self-professing Christian be in such power. Doesn't seem like Jesus' example to me.--Caleb Yoke, New Zealand.
       ANSWER: I don't know him or much about him, but I know the Jews & Catholics hate him & constantly propagandise against him, so he's in pretty good company! "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you!" (Jn.15:19)

       49. QUESTION: REWARDS: DO OR CAN WE HELP TO BUILD ONE ANOTHERS' CROWNS? This crown idea almost sounds materialistic to me. If we are faithful now, we will be rulers then. This is how worldly people operate. Any comments? It's taken me years to learn to be happy & contented with owning little or nothing & keeping my eyes on the Heavenly rewards of Space City, etc. Wouldn't problems be avoided if we all had this vision?--Caleb Yoke, New Zealand.
       ANSWER: I think you'd stand a better chance of earning rewards & stars in your crown if you'd leave your rich Christian country to go to the needy mission field, don't you? There are plenty of Scriptures on rewards & crowns for those who earn & deserve'm!--The missionaries!

       50. QUESTION: CONCERNING THE NEW LAW IN CHINA SAYING THAT EACH COUPLE CAN ONLY HAVE 1 CHILD. We recently heard of a Chinese family who had a 3rd child & the doctors killed it! How should the Chinese catacombers react to this law? Is it the case of "obey those who have the rule over you" (The Scripture you quote about obeying is about your superiors in the Lord! He.13:17) or Mt.9:29 & Family policy?--Ezekiel & Angela, HK.
       ANSWER: I could never consent to abortion!--It's murder! When it comes to a conflict between the law of God & laws of man, "Judge ye whether it be better to obey God or man?" (Acts 4:19, 5:29)

       [EDITED: "..."]

       52. QUESTION: RE: THE JUDGMENT WHEN JESUS RETURNS: It says that "some shall awake to everlasting life & some to shame & everlasting contempt." (Dan.12:2) And in Rev.21:3 & 4, "...the tabernacle of God is with men & He will dwell with them ... & wipe away all tears from their eyes...& there shall be no more sorrow, nor crying..." How can those that are saved & ashamed have "no more sorrow"? Forgive me, I'm really dumb!--Gabriele Gypsy, Europe.
       ANSWER: Because God wipes away the tears!--He doesn't say there won't be any tears to begin with when we fully realise what we did or missed or didn't do, etc.! But He wipes'm away! The Greek word for "sorrow" here in Rev.21:4 is "penthos," meaning "grieving" or "mourning." We can still be ashamed & held in contempt by others!

       53. QUESTION: JUST WANTED TO ASK IF WE ARE SUPPOSED TO REPORT ONLY NEW FISH WITNESSED TO. If every month we mention the same fish, the total witnessed to in the Stats chart is false. Or should there be a separate section for this?--Kenaz & Sharon, Europe.
       ANSWER: The Total Witnessed to in our "To Date" Stats is now over 30 billion, as I recall. As there are only a bit over 3 billion on Earth, is that false?--It depends on how you look at it. It just looks to me like we've witnessed an average of about 10 times to nearly everybody on Earth!--Or a lot more to some & less to others! You enter your Stats according to your own conscience.--I'll interpret mine! Ha!

       54. QUESTION: DO YOU SUGGEST WE BUY ONE OF THE OLDER SUGGESTED VCRs OR ARE THERE ANY PLANS OF CHANGING TAPE SIZE to the new smaller one? The "stationary" VCRs seem to all keep the old tape size. When looking for VCRs, we found that there were only a few more of the recommended VCRs left to buy, portable-type, with the tape size the Family is using. The man said these were the last ones they had. From now on they'd only sell the new portable type, much smaller than a so-called compact cassette.--Peter & Beck, Europe.
       ANSWER: The standard VCR tape cassettes seem to have standardised for all VHS machines, even the very small portables now, as small or smaller than the experimental ones using smaller tapes, which seem to be going off the market & almost impossible to find & even more expensive!--So stick to the winner!--The standard VHS machines! But avoid "NTSC"!--It's inferior & American!--NTSC means "Never Too Sure of Colour!"--Ha!

       55. QUESTION: RE: "ARE YOU MRS. JESUS?" (ML #1328) DOES "EASY BELIEVISM" INCLUDE "MASS SALVATIONS" SUCH AS A SHOW OF HANDS? In some respect this (para.19 especially: "So there are lots of people who say they believe in Jesus who have never received Him as their personal Saviour & therefore are not saved!") makes such statistics as "Come Into my Heart" (singers in the audience) appear unrealistic.--Arnon & Acqua, Europe.
       ANSWER:--Only God knows!--"Man looketh upon the outward appearance, but God looketh upon the heart"! (1Sam.16:7; Jn.7:24)--And since we can only see the hands, we'll still have to trust God for the hearts, won't we?--I'd say we still count'm as far as we can see. All such stats can only be a "guesstimate" anyhow, since we're not God!

       56. QUESTION: CONCERNING HOME SUPPORT: We are doing our best to build it up, but this is entirely new to us, since previously on the fields of So. America & Europe we were living from litnessing & provisioning & FFing. ... We have found it difficult to invade the churches & continue litnessing, especially any type of warning Endtime message, in the same city. Also, seeing that war is coming so soon, how long should we expect to stay in the North to build up Home Support, especially being here with 5 children?--Joseph, Canada.
       ANSWER: Since you were doing so good on the field, maybe you should have stayed there!--I said this to old-time field vets still living there by faith in the same & similar Letters. (See Nos.1251:42-44; 922.) So Mt.9:29! GBY & help you get back to the field! Anybody wanna help'm?

       57. QUESTION: IN REV.3:5 IT SAYS, "HE THAT OVERCOMETH, THE SAME SHALL BE CLOTHED IN WHITE RAIMENT; & I WILL NOT BLOT OUT HIS NAME OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE, but I will confess his name before my Father, & before his angels." Is it saying that those who are not overcomers will have their name blotted out of the book of Life? This verse has troubled me for years. It also talks of overcomers not being hurt of the second death ... the lake of fire. What is "overcoming"? Just keeping your faith in Christ as your only hope ... or a process of good works?--Ben Portrait, USA.
       ANSWER: Eph.2:8-9 still stands!--You can't earn or work for your Salvation! It's a free gift you receive by faith!--So how can you lose it?--You only earn or work for rewards--special added blessings or honors above & beyond your salvation--of which rewardees there'll be all kinds of degrees, levels &/or classes!--In fact, this very Scripture promises you'll never be blotted out! You already have overcome Satan through Christ! (Jn.1:12; 3:16; 5:24, 17:3; Ro.3:23; 6:23; Ti.3:5; He.7:25)

       58. QUESTION: "THE CONSTELLATION OF DANIEL" (ML #1308:29): ACTUALLY THE MOON DOES ROTATE AROUND ITS OWN AXIS; once about every 28 days, its rotation is by divine coincidence exactly equal to its earthly rotation...we never see the other side, a very amazing coincidence & proof of God's intricate clockwork precision."--Bill & Maria, USA.
       ANSWER: --Amen! Tx!--But not in relation to Earth!

       59. QUESTION: DAD SAID THAT THE MOON DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND ITSELF.--IT DOES! One turn around itself for each rotation around the Earth. ("The Constellation of Daniel, ML #1308:29: So that while our own Earth is revolving on its own axis or axle, the Moon is revolving around it. Well, in the case of the Moon, that is a strange case, because it's not actually revolving. We always see the same side of the moon, just the face of the moon. It always keeps its face towards the Earth & doesn't revolve on its own axis, just around the Earth.") That's why we see the same side all the time. (Rotate your cup around your plate.) But don't get me wrong! I love those Letters! The Letters on Astronomy are fantastic! One thing I don't understand though is: How could they get the distances so wrong when they measure them the way they do? When scientists want to find out how far away a distant star is, they measure two angles half a year apart & then figure out the two unknown sides in the triangle. I believe the stars are about 10 light hours away, but how can they blow it so bad on something so simple? If Dad knows the answers I would be thankful for it, because you need strong ammunition to sow doubts about science.--Matthew, Scandinavia.
       ANSWER: Ha! What about the Bible!--See Q/A #12 this issue. OK! The Moon does rotate in relation to itself, but not in relation to the Earth!--So there, Ha!--OK, so sometimes you don't see things like I do!--Ha!--And considering the distances they claim for the stars, even an orbital base is not sufficient to calculate such distances!

       60. QUESTION: WHAT DOES DAD THINK ABOUT SEX FANTASIES?--OK to have them when having sex? Any word on choosing the good & eschewing the evil? Do most people have sex fantasies? Or is it better to really concentrate on the person you're physically with & block the imagination out? Is it really only imagination, or spiritual experiences? How can you tell the difference? A fascinating subject! PTL! I had a beautiful one after reading "The Sexy Bride"--I'd like to try to re-create it as a video dance! Real fire & ice--TTL!--Ruthie, SEA.
       ANSWER: HAL! I love'm!--Why not? "All things are possible to him that believeth"! (Mk.9:23)--I've had a lot of'm you might call that, but to me they really happened! (See Nos. 224, 554, 615, 1097, 1237, 1261, 1303, etc.!)

       61. QUESTION: RE: Q/A's #4, no.31 FROM APOLLOS CONCERNING THE 144,000: This was a question I wanted to ask but never did, as I felt I couldn't express it clearly.--GB Apollos! I was very inspired by your answer & wholeheartedly agree. Now I have another question along that line: Since it seems to be talking about Spiritual Israel, how are the 12 tribes divided up? Could it be the 12 natural divisions God has already made among His children?--The 12 starsigns? A verse which seems to confirm this theory is Gen.37:9, which is the dream Joseph had where his 11 brothers were symbolised as the "11 stars" (or starsigns)! Also when Jacob gives his last blessing to his 12 sons (Gen.49), in describing their characters it certainly sounds like very basic descriptions of the 12 different Zodiac signs. I believe Jeanne Dixon also said that the 12 Apostles were of the 12 different signs. Maybe each Apostle judges his own sign (tribe)? (Mt.19:28) Also, if you are of the sign of Daniel, it says in the Book of Daniel that he was of the tribe of Judah (Dan.1:6)--Could the prophecy given by Jacob to Judah be fulfilled in you? (As well as in Jesus' first coming.) It certainly seems to fit. Gen.49:8: "Thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand (with a pen in it?) shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father's children shall bow down before thee (like the so-called Jews in Rev.3:9) ... as an old lion. ... The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver (giving the Word) ... until Shiloh (Jesus) come (His Second Coming!), etc. PTL! I believe it.--Elisha Flute, France.
       ANSWER: --Good!--And you've answered it!--Ha!--Maybe so!--I dunno!

       62. QUESTION: WHEN I WAS SAVED 12 YEARS AGO THE SALVATION EXPERIENCE HAD A VERY DEEP EFFECT ON ME & I STARTED WITNESSING & CHANGING IMMEDIATELY. HOWEVER, ONE WEEK LATER WHEN I WAS BAPTISED IN THE SPIRIT, I HAD A COMPLETE ENTIRE METANOIA in my life & instantly felt the fruit & gifts of the Spirit of faith, healing, tongues, etc. It's clear by what you have written that in your own life your experience of being filled with the Spirit at 19 had a tremendous effect on you also. In light of this, I wonder what you feel about brethren when they're witnessing, either individually or to large groups in school shows, etc., offering a "package deal" of being saved & filled with the Spirit at the same time in the same prayer? 1Cor.12:3 says that, "no man can say that Jesus is the Lord but by the Holy Ghost," & you have explained that we do receive a measure of the Spirit when we are saved. I wondered therefore, if this might be all that people receive as a result of these two-in-one package deal prayers, or do you feel that if the brethren have them ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit as well as Salvation, that the Lord wouldn't "give them a stone if they ask for bread"? I feel the main reason this type of prayer has developed is because brethren aren't always sure they're going to be able to see those same souls ever again, so want to give them as much as they can in the short time they have. Do you have any thought, comments or opinions on this? WLSM & thank you so much for your guidance.--Keda.
       ANSWER: Amen! This has often occurred in the Bible story as well as subsequent history!--Some had a simultaneous experience, & others separate experiences.--Take your choice!--And pray they have both!--D.

       63. QUESTION: I'VE BEEN REALLY FASCINATED READING LATELY ABOUT THE ONE SHEPHERD OF THE ENDTIME, Ezk.34:23: "And I will set up one shepherd over them, & he shall feed them, even my servant David; he shall feed them, & he shall be their shepherd." Also in Jer.30:7-9 it says, "Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob's trouble; but he shall be saved out of it. For it shall come to pass in that day, saith the Lord of hosts, that I will break his yoke from off thy necks, & will burst thy bonds, & strangers shall no more serve themselves of him; But they shall serve the Lord their God, & David their king, whom I will raise up unto them." And of course again in John 10:16: "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, & they shall hear my voice; & there shall be one fold & one shepherd." Recently reading the Letter "Ezekiel 34" (#1335) it clarified more than ever the polemics between us & Churchianity. I know there are huge differences between the "millions of God's children," being all the precious sincere Christians in the World, including us, & those who are Christians in name only, who will in fact be some of our worst enemies. "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service."--Jn.16:2 So the thing I have often wondered is, when will the real Christians yield to the one Shepherd & when will we become one fold? Before the Millennium?--Keda.
       ANSWER: It's possible the Tribulation may eventually drive us together in common cause, but certainly the Millennium will definitely unite us in a big job! We're already preparing a new series on the future, & particularly new revelations on the Millennium as it comes closer & closer, some of which cover these very subjects, PTL!--So hang on!--I'm a comin'!--BOOM!--I LOVE YOU!--D.

       64. QUESTION: IN MAY 1982, ROBERTAS GRIGAS, a devout Catholic Christian from Lithuania, refused to swear allegiance to the Soviet government & the Communist Party at army induction ceremonies in the U.S.S.R. As a result, since then, he has been subject to continual severe persecution. He elaborated on the reasons for his stand: "Only to God am I obligated to be faithful in all areas of human life. I will not carry out the orders of the Party, government or army which contradict the Truth & my Christian conscience. I don't want to warp my soul, so I will not pledge something I cannot perform." Do you think he has taken the right stand in view of the Scriptures?--A WS Staff Member.
       ANSWER: Mt.9:29!--However the Bible definitely advises us to obey the power (Government), whoever it is, & its officers of the law, as long as we do not disobey God! (Ro.13; Acts 5:29)

       65. QUESTION: Somewhat related to the above question: Do you think the organised Church in Poland is Scripturally correct in backing the actions & fight of Lech Walensa?--A WS Staff Member.
       ANSWER: Same as above! "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; & unto God the things that are God's!" (Mt.22:21.)

       66. QUESTION: BECAUSE OF THE NEED FOR CERTAIN MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT DURING THE MILLENNIUM, such as printing presses & computers which you have mentioned being used, then would there be some mild form of industrialisation for the manufacture of these items & other things, such as paper, ink, etc.?--Also some form of electrical generation so they can be operated? Or perhaps will we just use the machinery that is leftover from this time?
       Also it seems from your dream you had about "Murmansk" & the capital of Russia that there will still be fairly large population centres in the Millennium. Would these centres be used as manufacturing & commercial centres as well as there being small rural villages?--Luke & Lily, WS Staff.
       ANSWER: Of course!--Only "They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my Holy Mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea." (Isa.11:9; 2:4; Mi.4:3-4) There will still be human people throughout the Millennium who'll need all such things!

       67. QUESTION: DURING THE MILLENNIUM--OR EVEN SPACE CITY--I WAS WONDERING IF WE WILL HAVE SIMILAR TYPES OF RELATIONSHIPS WITH EACH OTHER? For instance, will there be certain people that we will feel close to more than others? Not just like mates but like people on Earth that we've been close to, will we still be close to them during the Millennium &/or Space City?--Angela, WS Staff.
       ANSWER: Of course! "We shall know even as also we are known!"--(1Cor.13:12)--Mates, kids, loved ones, friends--all!--Even the greats of the Bible & History!

       68. QUESTION: I WAS TAUGHT IN PROPHECY CLASSES before meeting the Family that there would be an earthquake splitting the Mount of Olives when Jesus' foot touched it when He comes down to fight the Battle of Armageddon. Is this true? They said there was an earthquake fault in this Mountain already!
       Also they taught that the word "Glory" which is used in the New Testament was the same as the "Shekinah Glory" which was in the Ark. They said this Shekinah Glory is what Jesus will have when He comes back. It's all a bit hazy to me, as they did not use Scriptures like you do to teach things, so I wanted to ask if these things have any basis in fact!--Love, Katrina, WS Staff.
       ANSWER: --So we're told in Zech.14:4; Isa.6:3; 35:2; Rev.21:11,23.

       69. QUESTION: IT SAYS THAT "THERE SHALL BE NO MORE CURSE" (Rev.22:3). Would that mean the curse with which God cursed Ham would be lifted too? Would that mean there would be no people who were Black in the New Earth? Would their colour change, or would just the curse of "a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren" (Gen.9:25) be lifted? If I understand correctly, different racial types were created by the Lord, but being black was uniquely a curse on Ham.--Matt
       ANSWER: The curses are already lifted for us who are saved. "Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all & upon all them that believe: for there is no difference." (Ro.3:22; Acts 15:9; Ga.3:28) But in the Millennium there will still be curses on the rebellious & disobedient regardless of colour! Colour has nothing to do with it, either now or then!

       70. QUESTION: AFTER READING "BAN THE BOMB," there was something I wondered about: If people within the same Home who have Herpes can make love with those who don't have Herpes, if the boy uses a condom? Some think that using a condom is safe enough to prevent giving it to others, but I wondered if it's much safer to stick to making love to those who already have it if somebody has it themself? I don't know of anyone contracting Herpes from someone when a condom was used, but I wondered if it's not a foolproof preventative & what your answer would be to this to make it clear. I'm not personally convinced myself that using a condom can prevent spreading it, as other areas of your skin down there make contact where the condom does not cover.--WS Staff Member.
       ANSWER: Right!

       71. QUESTION: OUR GREATEST PROBLEM IS OUR STRUGGLE WITH OUR LITTLE GIRL'S HEALING OF HER NECK. It has plagued us for so long, & we've done what we believe is the best we could in obeying, but it is something that has stumped us for so long. Any insight to this would be really appreciated.--Samuel & Ruth, SEA.
       ANSWER: Are you sure all is right in your life for the Lord & in your marriage, in your training & feeding of your children, both physically & spiritually? Are you sticking to the health rules? If all these things are OK, try the Biblical remedy for boils (2Ki.20:7), a ripe opened fig on the problem area & bandaged there, replacing it with another every day for a few days. You are a strong couple & could be good leaders if you could rule your own household & conquer these problems, but do you still permit your kids to eat & drink poisonous junk foods? Read "Food or Poison"!--No.609!

       72. QUESTION: PERSONALLY, I FIND IT A CONSTANT BATTLE, AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER, TO GET AHOLD OF MY MIND & ENERGIES & really put it into whatever I'm doing.--This is so frustrating for me as I have sooo much energy! Also, my memory is so awful that I can't remember half of the things I've done in my life or where or at what time I did something. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.--Merisha Moon-shine, PI.
       ANSWER: Maria has the same problems, but overcomes them with the Lord's help or keeps on working in spite of'm!--And look how much she does! Just keep on keeping on! "But If Not!" (No.313)

       73. QUESTION: MARRIAGE SEEMS TO BE AN EVER-PRESENT OBSTACLE TO HURDLE EACH DAY! How does Dad overcome the trials that present themselves each day? Was he ever wrong in their relationship with either Mother Eve or Maria? Did he make mistakes & if so, did his wife ever use that to usurp his husbandly authority & overrun the situation from then on, using Dad's mistakes as the excuse that he was no good & hopeless?--Would like to hear more along this line.--Isaiah Quixote, PI.
       ANSWER: You've read it all in the Letters!--Of course! Everybody has'm!--Only Jesus is perfect & able to help us!--That's why He came!--Because we couldn't! But "I can do all things through Christ!" (Phil.4:13; Isa.40:28-31; 2Cor.12:9-10; 1Jn.5:4-5)

       74. QUESTION: I GET CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT DAD SAYS IN THE GOE SERIES, that in the Latter Days, "that women & children shall bear rule over them." Or is it still that the husband is still the head of the whole marital body? Where is the balance?--Isaiah Quixote, PI.
       ANSWER: "In Christ there is neither male nor female" (Ga.3:28) but in case of a difference of opinion, the husband is the head "even as Christ is the Head of the Church." (1Co.11:3) Outside in the World it's obvious the women & kids are taking over!

       75. QUESTION: I HAVE A BURDEN TO MAKE ANIMATED CARTOONS of the MO Letters for video.--Nathanael Anani, PI.
       ANSWER: This is such a long painstaking labourious nearly never-ending process, I don't see how you have the patience, time or money for it! Look how long it took Disney!--Ha! We've found slides & puppets just as effective! Time is too short!

       76. QUESTION: I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT I FEEL WE ALL NEED TO TAKE TO HEART SUGGESTIONS MADE BY EACH OTHER & see more of the Lord in each other. Especially suggestions made by those who are appointed to watch for our souls. It just seems like if Dad doesn't say it, nobody listens.--Like people getting a check-up before coming to the NAF--a lot of people didn't take it to heart until Keda read the quote. I know I've been guilty of the same! GHM!--Marc, PI.
       ANSWER: Amen! GBY! Read "Ban the Bomb!" (#1434)

       77. QUESTION: I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW DAD'S VISION AS TO WHAT EXTENT WE NEED TO [EDITED: "PIONEER"] CHINA--what he thinks about having jobs there or going to study the language, especially in light of shortness of time. If he thinks it's something we should be more desperate about, as we have a burden of the heart for the work there.--Zac, SEA.
       ANSWER:--Amen!--Why not?--You've got about 1,010 years!

       78. QUESTION: FORGIVE ME FOR MY REBELLION, BUT I JUST CAN'T GET THE VICTORY OVER NOT WEARING PANTS in the winter when, for instance at a fellowship, there's rain, mosquitoes, campfires & dirt--it's the only thing practical for me. I've been wearing 2 pairs of tights & I'm still cold.--But of course I'd never wear them FFing or anywhere nice. I also wondered if for like litnessing, especially in dirty countries, they're OK. I've worn pants with a nice blouse, belt, nice shoes, make-up, earrings, perfume, nail polish, etc., & I do great.--Beth, PI
       ANSWER: --Pants can be very sexy!--If you keep yourself still very feminine!--And certainly good protection in camping, cold, sports & other outdoor activities--even litnessing!--Ha! They sure show off a girl's derriere delightfully!--And even make some other parts more accessible with a zipper in the right place! HAL! I love girls in pants or anything!--Or out of'm! Just try to avoid seeming masculine!--That is if you like boys! Most of us men like girls that are girls!--Of course, if you like girls!--? (See also A/Q4:7, GN 19.)

       ANSWER:--A long-drawnout & wearisome bore by well-meaning leaders who are obeying old rules intended for the old days before every couple had their own copies! I believe you'll get more out of private reading led by the Holy Spirit at your own speed, then discuss at AFs if necessary. Time is short!

       80. QUESTION: I HAVE A LITTLE PROBLEM WITH MY MATE. When I go FFing & meet a fish, I want to be honest & tell him everything that went on, but he seems uninterested in the fish or even what happened.--Joy Light, PI.
       ANSWER: Poor fellow! It's probably hard for him to hear it if he's a bit jealous, as all us mates are!--But I still want to share every moment of my Love's life!--No secrets! I even like to be there & watch it!--It's thrilling!--Turns me on!--But don't force it on'm if he can't take it!--Some can't--till they get the Vic!--Read "Greater Victories," ML #727! Consider it a Love compliment, Matie, that she wants to tell you everything!--Aren't you curious or interested in what she's been doing? I am!--I love mine! I wanna share it all!

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Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family