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GOD'S ANSWER TO GEN'S PROBLEM!--Part 11.       DO 1459       13/4/75

       1. THANK YOU JESUS! HELP US LORD! LORD, THIS IS A VERY, VERY SERIOUS SITUATION & we ask that You impress on those here how serious it is as well as those down there who are listening to this tape. We ask that You get them in a real serious, sober attitude of prayer, to realise how serious the situation really is. To not take it frivolously & lightly, as some have, & make light of it as though this is just nothing, they're just moving, just going to have another nice boat trip, nice vacation, but that it's so serious that unless some people get the victory, they're going to be completely out of it!

       2. SOME ARE HAVING THE IDEA THEY'RE JUST GOING TO BE MOVING TO SOME OTHER COLONY, just going back to business as usual, pick up where they left off, enjoy life & lightly take this whole affair as though nothing had ever happened. But something very serious has happened, Lord, which has endangered Thy Work, has actually slowed down Thy Work, Lord, hindered the work, caused a great deal of problems & a great deal of trouble, a great deal of agony for some who have been closely involved, a great deal of expense as well, & has become a very serious problem. Lord, we want you to impress those who are listening right this moment with how serious it is & how bad it is & even how guilty they all are for having caused us all of this trouble. Lord Jesus, help us in Jesus' name.

       3. HELP THEM TO REALISE, LORD, THAT THIS IS NOT SOME KIND OF A LARK OR A VACATION THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE, or have had, but Thou hast brought them here to give them a great opportunity to be of great help & great blessing to the whole World. But they have been weighed in the balances & found wanting, & therefore at this time their kingdom shall be required of them! My Lord Jesus, help us in Jesus' name! Help them to see how bad it all is & how poorly they have done. Right now, Lord, we ask Thee to help them take this very soberly, very very seriously. Lord, if it be possible, convict their hearts with their sins & help them realise what they have done to Thy work & to Thy servants by their failures, as well as mine, in Jesus' name.

       4. I WOKE UP THIS MORNING, BELOVED, VERY BURDENED, IN FACT ALL EVENING I WAS DEEPLY BURDENED FOR YOU. All night & this morning I felt so sorry for you that you were having to go through this trial of having to pack up & leave on about a day's notice! It was rather hard on you & I was really feeling very, very sorry for you. I knew it had to be done, but I nevertheless felt very very bad about it. One thing the Lord did to comfort my heart was when I was listening to the news last night, the BBC commentator or correspondent was saying how when they were evacuated from Phnom Phen yesterday they weren't given a day's notice, they were only given one hour's notice by the U.S. government! How would you like to have only an hour's notice to get out of the situation?

       5. SO I THOUGHT, "WELL THANK GOD, AT LEAST THEY'VE HAD A DAY & A COUPLE NIGHTS, BUT LORD, I'M SO SORRY FOR THEM, IT'S SO HARD ON THEM!"--Although from what I hear about the light & frivolous way in which some of you took the news--in fact some of the most guilty ones--apparently I was suffering more than you! And from what I've heard of the light way in which some of you have taken some of this news, we have been all along the ones suffering more than you over this whole problem, & it has caused us a great deal more trouble than it is causing you.

       6. OF COURSE, GOD IS NOT THROUGH WITH YOU YET, YOU HAVE A LOT TO GO THROUGH YET! You have no idea what you're going to go through! You have no idea how serious your problem is! Particularly you, Gen.--And Eman, because you married her & have this poor little child by her. You went ahead without permission, without consultation, got together, & as the Lord showed in this revelation we got later, that's where you made one of your first mistakes.

       7. IT'S NO LIGHT THING & NOTHING TO BE LAUGHING & GIGGLING & JOKING ABOUT, that you're now going to have a nice boat ride, because when you get to the other end of your boat ride, dearly Beloved, unless you get rid of the problem you have, unless you get rid of this devil that's plaguing you & your poor little child--& which has virtually cursed every little child you've laid your hands on, Gen, who also were given fits & spells--I don't know what Colony is going to want you!

       8. EVERY CHILD THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN CARE OF FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME HAD THIS SAME PROBLEM! This cannot possibly be a mere coincidence! It's just not according to the law of averages that that many children should have developed the same trouble while in your care without any cause! So you have a very, very serious problem, my dear, & you have no idea how serious it is!--But God is about to tell you how serious it is! It's so serious I don't know what Colony is going to want you or who's going to want to live with you or have you live with them or touch their children when they know what your problem is, which God has very specifically pointed out!

       9. WE KNOW IT'S NOT THE CHILD'S PROBLEM, THIS IS NOT A PHYSICAL THING--THAT'S RIDICULOUS! If so, there are a lot of children who are catching the same physical disease from you whom you have taken care of, & that is not so. They're catching the disease, all right, but it's not physical, it's spiritual! And somehow or another, Gen, you have given it to them, because that's obvious. Everybody has agreed & everybody knows that this could not just be by chance, & if you have any sense at all & any honesty at all, you will face the facts & realise that something is seriously wrong with you, very seriously wrong!

       10. WHETHER YOU REALISE IT OR NOT, WHETHER IT'S YOUR FAULT OR NOT, WHETHER YOU ARE DECEIVED OR NOT, when I cried out to God this morning feeling so sorry for you all, & when I prayed yesterday also, I felt like maybe we ought to give you one more chance. But then I thought, "Well, I don't know. What if she doesn't receive it? What if she doesn't respond to it, it may be of no avail anyhow & merely hurt her feelings."

       11. BUT THE PROPHET OF GOD CANNOT PULL HIS PUNCHES JUST FOR FEAR OF HURTING PEOPLE'S FEELINGS & THEREFORE BE AFRAID TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH! We have to tell the Truth whether you like it or not, & let the chips fall where they may! I was going to give poor little Faithy this job, but I figured she has enough burdens, & after all, it's partly my fault because I did not heed the checks of the Lord. Therefore it's my burden as much as anybody's, & probably has been a greater burden to me than anybody.

       12. BECAUSE YOUR PROBLEM, DEAR LITTLE GEN, HAS ENDANGERED THIS WHOLE PROJECT, the whole mission, in fact is virtually cancelling it out! We tried to hint to you what the problem was in the little talk we sent you called "The Knotted Cord," but from what we have heard, you really have not received it & were not willing to confess that the trouble is spiritual. You simply wouldn't believe it. Well, now we know from everything that has happened, it's quite obvious, & the way you receive this talk I am giving you today is going to be the final test.

       13. BECAUSE GOD THIS MORNING PUT ON MY HEART TO HAVE MERCY ON YOU ONCE MORE, LIKE MOSES OF OLD when he pled for the children of Israel, when God said He was so angry with them He was just totally going to wipe them out! Moses pled for them & he said, "Lord, if You're going to wipe them out, wipe me out too!" God said to Moses, "They're thy people, you brought them out of the land" & so on. And Moses turned around & flung it back in His face & said, "No, Lord, they're Your people & You brought them out of the land of Egypt & they're Your responsibility!" So Moses finally prayed so hard, God's Word says, that the Lord repented of what He would do to the Children of Israel! Because of Moses' prayers God was so sorry for them that He changed His mind, believe it or not! Do you realise God changes His mind--that you can change His mind even by prayer? (Ex.32:7-14)

       14. AS SALLY SAID, IT'S PRACTICALLY BROUGHT THE WORK TO A GRINDING HALT--all over this problem with your poor sweet little baby, Gen! And Gen, you know good & well it's not the baby's fault. That baby's not guilty, that baby has no sin, that baby's not responsible! God is dealing with you, Genesis, & with you, Eman! He is dealing with the sins of the parents! The baby has no sin, the baby is innocent, the innocent victim of your sins!

       15. EVERY TIME YOU LOOK THAT POOR LITTLE CHILD IN THE FACE & SEE IT HAVING ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE FITS, REMEMBER THAT IT IS YOUR FAULT, YOU BROUGHT IT ON THAT POOR BABY! You did it to that little child, & you are to blame! Don't blame it on God or the baby or us, it is your fault! You are the parents & you are the ones that God is dealing with, & you are to blame. You're just as guilty as hell, both of you, because you tolerated it, Eman, & you've tried to cover for her & defend her when she is as guilty as can be, according to the Word of God that I'm going to give you in a moment! You are to blame! Nobody's blaming the poor little baby, the innocent victim of your sins.

       16. BUT WHEN I CRIED OUT TO GOD & ASKED FOR MERCY, I said, "Lord, those poor people are having to get ready to go on a long trip, they know not where, in one day, haven't got the faintest idea of where they're even going & not realising what's at the end of that journey!" What Colony's going to want you, Gen, with a deep-rooted spiritual problem like you've got, with that devil that you have that afflicts that poor little child, with the evil that you're harbouring in your heart which makes it possible for the Enemy to work through you?

       17. ANY COLONY YOU ARE SENT TO WILL HAVE TO BE WARNED OF YOUR PROBLEMS & WHAT CAUSES THE BABY'S DIFFICULTY, THAT IT'S YOU! So what Colony is going to want to take you? You think you're going back to pick up the light Colony life & the lighthearted life of the big Blob, to be somebody again, to sing, to be some important person, somebody's secretary, to really have a ministry again? My God, what kind of a ministry could you possibly have with a spirit like you've got?

       18. I WARN YOU, YOUNG LADY, NOBODY'S GOING TO WANT YOU! They'll feel sorry for you & they'll feel sorry for that poor little child, but I don't know what Colony's going to really want to have you around when every child you touch turns into some kind of a blithering idiot & has fits & spells! My God have mercy!

       19. WELL, GOD'S TRYING TO HAVE MERCY THIS MORNING, TODAY, & I HAVE WANTED TO GIVE YOU THIS TALK, GEN. I thought maybe we'd just let you go & forget it, try to forget it, wash our hands of the affair, "see ye to it," but I prayed about it this morning & I thought, "Lord God, in all fairness to her & to them, I should give them all one more chance to repent & to get rid of this problem, & if she confesses, if she really repents, if she really desires to be delivered, Lord, You're more than able to deliver her!"

       20. LET ME TELL YOU, PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT TO BE DELIVERED OF THEIR PROBLEMS & are not willing to face them & confess they even have them--such as a serious spiritual problem like you have--it's impossible for them to be delivered! Because no matter how many times you get rid of the Devil, he'll come right back again, & sometimes with seven more devils worse than he is, & the last estate will be far worse than the beginning! (Mat.12:45)

       21. SO YOU ARE IN A SERIOUS CONDITION, MY DEAR, THAT HAS AFFLICTED YOUR OWN CHILD. Illnesses do not happen by accident, especially this kind, especially to a little tiny baby who certainly couldn't possibly be to blame or at fault. You know good & well that God is dealing with you. If you are a child of God at all, you know good & well that God is not dealing with the child, but He's dealing with you through the child--with all of you through the child, because it is due partly to the neglect of all of you.

       22. IT'S PARTLY EVEN MY FAULT BECAUSE I SENT FOR YOU AFTER THE LORD WARNED ME ABOUT YOU THE FIRST TIME I EVER SAW YOUR PICTURE! I gently hinted in my reading to you what your problem was, & may God forgive me for perhaps not coming out & really being flat-out open & honest with you & telling you the real truth about your spiritual condition!--Mostly because I heard from so many people such great recommendations, who apparently were so insensible in the Spirit & didn't realise what you have!

       23. SO I THOUGHT PERHAPS YOU MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN RID OF IT BY THIS TIME, but the moment I saw your picture again after coming here I saw that you hadn't, you still had the same problem, for which I'm very sorry--sorry for you, sorry for all of you, sorry for us, sorry for God's work & sorry for God's Children around the World whose food is being delayed by you!--Who are starving for the Words of God just the way you were starving your own child, whether you realise it or not!

       24. YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SUPPOSED IT WAS ALL RIGHT, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE GUESSED IT WAS GETTING ENOUGH FOOD, YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE SURE! You shouldn't have kept telling us, "Oh, everything's fine, the baby's fine"--when that was an outright lie by all of you! Everything was not fine & the baby was not fine, the baby was in a terrible condition & everything was terrible! The condition of your whole Colony was awful--spiritual condition, physical condition, the whole thing was in a mess, horrible!

       25. I KNOW, JUS, YOU TRIED TO HINT AT IT & TRIED NOT TO WORRY US ABOUT IT, BUT I KNOW YOU WERE CONCERNED. But you & Sally were not concerned enough--neither were you, Eman, to really find out what the problem was, until we sent people down there to make sure. May God forgive us for our delay in making sure instead of taking your word for it, but we were very busy up here with many conferences & important business. God's Work & God's Word has to go on, & as long as you said everything was all right, we took your word for it instead of making sure.

       26. WELL, A STITCH IN TIME MIGHT HAVE SAVED NINE, BUT INSTEAD WE JUST LET IT GO ON, & NOW THINGS HAVE COME TO A STANDSTILL! We're standing still right here at this moment & the whole World is standing still, waiting for us because of you! That might make the Devil very happy, I'm sure, maybe it makes that little devil that hovers around you very happy, I'm sure, because that's exactly what the Devil was trying to do, & through you he has succeeded! And this was why we decided that if you couldn't get rid of your problem, we would have to get rid of you!

       27. BUT THIS MORNING I SAID, "LORD GOD, FORGIVE & HELP, HAVE MERCY! HELP ME TO GIVE THEM ONE MORE CHANCE! I don't feel like we've really been honest with Gen until we have told her the whole story"--the exact answer God gave us for you, my dear, of what is wrong with you personally that has caused the whole trouble. So I said, "Lord, if You want me to give her one more chance, please help me somehow to do it, give her one more chance to know what her trouble is, what You have said!"

       28. I AM NOT HONEST WITH YOU, GEN, UNTIL I GIVE YOU THE MESSAGE GOD GAVE ME, & instead of letting Faith just carry it for me, I am going to have to give it to you myself! I'm dealing with you, my dear, just as though I were right there in front of you, & I am in spirit! I'm not talking behind your back. I have wanted to talk to you for a long time, but because of security this has been impossible. But now things have come to such an impasse that something has to be done.

       29. AS I SAY, FEELING SO SORRY FOR YOU FOLKS THIS MORNING, I PRAYED & ASKED GOD FOR MERCY FOR YOU, & it was laid on my heart to give you one more chance to get rid of the problem instead of having to get rid of you! God gave Israel another chance due to Moses' prayers, & perhaps He can do the same for you. So I'm going to have to tell you, Gen, the Scripture God gave me for you the other morning, last Wednesday, I think, April the 9th, when I was desperate over your problem & the difficulties you were causing through the child & your own spiritual attitude.

       30. I WAS STANDING IN THE BATHROOM & I CRIED OUT TO THE LORD! There's something about a bathroom, you're private & alone with the Lord, not even with the Privy Council, but with God! I said, "My Lord, You're obviously not dealing with the child, You're dealing with the woman, the mother--& the father. Are we wrong, Lord? Did I get the wrong cue in 'The Knotted Cord'? Are we falsely accusing her like they did some of the witches of old? Are we wrong, Lord? If we're wrong, let me know, Lord, tell me!" And the cry I let out in the bathroom was, "My God, what is wrong with that woman?"

       31. AND INSTANTLY I GOT THE WORDS JUST AS CLEARLY AS I HAVE EVER HEARD THE VOICE OF GOD: "THE REBELLIOUS WOMAN!" I knew immediately that this was some Scripture because it sounded familiar, & I've always found that any key words that God gives are a key to unlock a greater passage which gives the full revelation! And my first reaction, to show how dumb I am & to show what a miracle it was, I thought it was talking about Abraham's Sarah!

       32. BUT IT WAS IMMEDIATELY IMPRESSED ON MY HEART TO GO LOOK IT UP IN THE CONCORDANCE, so I went to the lunch table with Faith & I said, "Why don't I go through this concordance & look up all the Scriptures on rebellious woman"--of which I expected to find several, wondering which one it was--& I only ran across one! One verse in the whole Bible where it uses the words "rebellious woman"! But that was in Samuel, though I thought surely it was in Genesis about Sarah! It so happens that in Genesis it calls Sara the "contentious woman," as I recall, it wasn't rebellious after all!

       33. BUT YOU SEE CONTENTION IS AN OPEN REBELLION, A SPOKEN REBELLION, ARGUMENTATION & SO ON--WHICH YOURS HAS NOT BEEN, GEN! Yours has been secret, inner rebellion in your heart, a perverseness in your heart that you have tried to conceal from others, & has only been partially revealed to those nearest to you. You can imagine our shocked amazement when Faithy opened her Bible to that passage, 1st Samuel, 20th chapter & 30th verse!--And I suggest you folks down there open your Bibles right now & look at it. Can you imagine how shocked & amazed & marvelled we were when we found this verse? Where is my Bible, I want to read it to her.

       34. REMEMBER, I WAS ASKING FOR GOD'S ANSWER TO YOUR PROBLEM, what your problem is, & it spoke of this woman as not only being rebellious, but also perverse, which is even worse! And miracle of miracles, do you know who the woman is? Well, here it is!: King Saul, the Enemy really, is speaking--inspired by the Devil undoubtedly--& angry with Jonathan, his wrath being poured out upon a boy by the name of Jonathan, whom he was trying to kill, his own son, because of this boy's love for David! And what is said to Jonathan? "Thou son of the perverse rebellious woman!"--Your son's name!

       35. SO WHAT WAS GOD SAYING THROUGH THIS VERSE? Imagine, out of the whole Bible, there's only one verse that says the woman is the mother of Jonathan, & that she is perverse & rebellious! Imagine that! What greater sign do you need to have than that? What greater miracle do you have to have than that, that God would so pinpoint it so as to call you the mother of Jonathan & that you are perverse & rebellious! How much more do you need to prove that God's Word is true & that God was talking about you, Gen, the mother of Jonathan--a perverse & rebellious woman!

       36. THERE'S WICKEDNESS IN YOUR HEART, GENESIS, PERVERSION & REBELLIOUSNESS, & GOD HAS SAID SO! Let me have the dictionary now & I want to read you how bad it is to be perverse. You all know how bad it is to be rebellious. Have you got a good dictionary there? If you don't want to take my word for it, or the Chambers 20th Century Dictionary for it, dig out your own & see what it has to say.

       37. "PERVERSE," GENESIS, IS "TO BE TURNED ASIDE FROM RIGHT OR TRUTH."--Turned aside from the things that are right. Turned aside from the Truth! How many times have you doubted God's Word through me, Genesis? How many times have you been sceptical about the Letters, Genesis? How many times have you disputed the Word of God in your own heart? God knows & you know! But now God is having to expose you to us all because you tried to hide it! Even your husband knows & has confessed it! Isn't that true, Eman? (Davidito cries out in his sleep!)

       38. BABIES ARE SO SENSITIVE! When I get stirred & upset, my little David is so sensitive in the Spirit, he gets stirred & upset! Your child is a reflection of you, Genesis! Your child is holding the mirror to your face, Genesis, & showing you what you are really like by the terrible things that happen to him!

       39. WHAT ELSE IS IT TO BE PERVERSE? It says also not only being turned aside from right or truth, but "to be obstinate in the wrong!" This means to be stubborn, stubbornly wrong, obstinate, refusing to take correction, refusing to receive the truth, refusing to admit you're wrong, stubbornly refusing to admit you're wrong, & this has been your problem.

       40. IT THEN GOES ON TO SAY "CAPRICIOUS & UNREASONABLE IN OPPOSITION." In spite of all the evidence, you have been unreasonable in refusing to accept it, including the evidence of the other children that you have taken care of, who also have had the same spells which that devil had cast upon them! The first time I ever heard about Becky's children & the spells they were having, I said, "Becky, that's spiritual! Rebuke the Devil in Jesus' name!" But it never dawned on me that it had come from you, Gen, that every child you have had any great deal to do with & taken care of has had this same problem!

       41. "CAPRICIOUS"--DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? Look that up too. You know, with these words we kind of get a general idea of what they mean, but we don't really realise how serious they are & how awful it is, how terrible it is! To be capricious is even worse because it means you're taking very lightly something that is terribly serious! "Capricious--humourous, full of caprice!"

       42. IN OTHER WORDS, GEN, YOU HAVE TREATED IT AS A JOKE, LIKE THIS IS A BIG JOKE! "Who's going to believe it? Everybody knows there aren't such things, I don't have a devil! It's perfectly natural of natural causes, the baby's just sick, it's got heart trouble, the doctor said so!" Well, doctors don't deal with spirits, they deal in the natural & the physical & the mere human. Our business is the spiritual & we know, & God knows, & God gave the answer!

       43. DO YOU KNOW WHAT "CAPRICE" MEANS? The noun for it?--"A change of humour or opinion without reason." In other words, to be capricious is to have caprice or be changeable in humour or opinion without reason. "A freak," it says here, "changeableness." One minute you show one side & the next minute you show the other. I'm sorry, my dear daughter, but this is the truth & this is the Word of God that I have given you & what God has called you & what God has said & I have to tell you the truth!

       44. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE? IT SAYS, "NOT SUBJECT TO RULE OR FORM." And do you know what else it says? Do you know what the root of this word "capricious" is? It comes from the Latin word for goat! And you know what God uses goats for a symbol of, don't you?--Of the wicked!--And even particularly of Satan! The word Satan means "the hairy one," & in the old days he was pictured as a goat, half-man, half-goat! So in other words, capricious also means to be Satanic like the Old Goat himself!

       45. I'M SORRY, DEAR, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE IMPRESSED WITH THE SERIOUSNESS OF YOUR PROBLEM OR YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO GET THE VICTORY! You have got to face the facts & realise that this thing is of the Devil & ask God to deliver you, or you are never going to get deliverance, neither is your poor baby going to be relieved of those spells except by a miracle of God! I just hope God doesn't have to take the baby in order to deliver it from you & your Satanic influence!

       46. HE'S GIVING YOU A CHANCE RIGHT NOW BY DEALING WITH YOU THROUGH THE CHILD! He's doing this even in His mercy, because you won't take correction. He's using the most stringent method He could possibly use, that ought to touch any parent's heart, & that's the affliction of that poor little innocent, blameless baby!

       47. IT SAYS HERE TO BE PERVERSE IS ALSO TO BE WRONG-HEADED! Something is wrong with your head, Gen! Your head's not in the right place, just like apparently your heart is not in the right place! It says it is also to be wayward & against the evidence or the judge's direction. You are fighting the evidence, Genesis, & you have been unwilling to confess that it was your fault in spite of what the Judge has said, & the Judge is saying right now!

       48. GOD IS YOUR JUDGE & HE HAS SAID THAT THE MOTHER OF JONATHAN IS A PERVERSE REBELLIOUS WOMAN & that this is her trouble & this is the cause of the whole problem! This is why your poor little baby is being afflicted, to try to touch your heart to show you how horrible & diabolical is the sin that you have in your heart, & that you are not going to get rid of the problem until you get rid of that sin!

       49. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THAT SIN OF PERVERSENESS & REBELLION IN YOUR HEART, THE DEVIL HAS A FOOTHOLD IN YOUR SOUL! He has a wedge to get in & cause you & your family & our Family all kinds of trouble! We cannot have people like that around to endanger God's work & God's children! That's the facts & that's the proof & that's what God said, you can take it or leave it!

       50. AND NOW I'M GOING TO GIVE YOU WHAT THE LORD GAVE ME THE FOLLOWING MORNING, very early in the morning after getting that serious answer, pointing the finger at you as Nathan the prophet of old did at David, saying, "Thou art the man!" Thou art the woman, Genesis, & it is your problem & you have brought it on us all & on your child!--God has said so, & I believe God! Do you folks believe God? You had better! You've dealt with her, had experience with her, have seen her reactions, you ought to know!

       51. WELL, I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYBODY SAYS & IF ALL THE EVIDENCE WERE TO THE CONTRARY, WHEN I HEAR FROM GOD I KNOW I'VE HEARD FROM GOD & I KNOW THAT'S THE ANSWER! You are a perverse & rebellious woman & you need to get down on your knees & cry out to God for mercy & confess your sins!--Not just say, "Well, if I have been wrong, if I am perverse"--my Lord, that's no confession! You've got to be honest & really repent & say, "I am perverse & I have been rebellious!--May God forgive me & deliver me!"--Or you're not going to get the answer, at least the answer's not going to be yes to deliverance!

       52. IF YOU DON'T REPENT, THE ANSWER'S GOING TO BE NO & YOUR LAST ESTATE IS GOING TO BE FAR WORSE THAN THE PRESENT! It wouldn't matter how many devils we cast out of you, if you didn't clean out your heart of your sin of perverseness & rebellion, those devils could go get other devils worse than themselves & come back in, & your last estate, like the man in the Bible, will be worse than the first! (Mat.12:45)--If you don't clean out your heart of this perversion & rebelliousness!

       53. DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE, GEN, STRUCK US SUDDENLY WHEN WE GOT THAT VERSE AFTER READING IT IN THE BIBLE? I said, "My God, do you know what God calls rebellion? In this same Book of [EDITED: "First"] Samuel He says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft!" It's the same as witchcraft, yet you have denied up & down that you have had anything to do with witchcraft! Whatever you did, you say it was nothing, it was little, it was light, it was not important.

       54. YOU DIDN'T TELL US THE WHOLE TRUTH, GEN, WHEN YOU WROTE US YOUR SUPPOSED LIFE STORY, your testimony, how much you had had to do with Satanism & the Book of the Dead & seances, spiritism & all the rest of it! You didn't tell the whole story, Gen, there's absolutely nothing in your testimony about it! Only after you received my reading on you did you even confess that you had something to do with Satanism!--Then you confessed that much, so we knew we were on the right track!

       55. WHAT GOD SHOWED ME ABOUT YOU WAS MUCH WORSE THAN I WANTED TO PUT INTO THAT READING! But because of the testimony of others, I believed that you had been delivered--I was misled by them in spite of what God told me! Instead of believing God's Word I believed the word of others! I was like Adam of old, & you know what accusation God made against Adam?--Not of just eating of the tree! He said, "Because thou hast listened to the voice of thy wife!" (Ge.3:17) Because I listened to others' testimonies that said you were fine, you were wonderful, you were all right, great with children, would be a great help, blah, blah, blah, I put out of my mind what God showed me about you the first time I saw your picture!

       56. NOT ONLY THAT, IT PROBABLY CAME THROUGH YOUR GYPSY HERITAGE. The first time I ever saw you, you looked like a Gypsy to me. That's nothing wrong--Abrahim's a Gypsy! There're lots of good Gypsies.--But there are also lots of bad Gypsies who have wrong spirits! And I don't know where you got it, my dear, but you got it somewhere, probably through your Gypsy grandmother or somebody, because these things seem to be passed on from one to another. Spirits have to have a vehicle, they have to have a channel to work through, & apparently you have been a channel & a vehicle, a receiver of these evil impulses!

       57. SO THE OTHER MORNING AFTER THIS REVELATION I WENT TO BED PRAYING DESPERATELY & ASKING GOD, "LORD, WHAT SHALL WE DO ABOUT THIS PROBLEM WITH GEN? If it's this serious, what shall we do?" I'm going to read you what I got here that Maria's got written down. Early in the morning I got up to go to the bathroom & then got back in bed again. I remember telling Maria that I had gotten something on Corny's revelations & I wanted to be sure & tell her before I went back to sleep so I wouldn't forget them, & I told her, then I turned over & that's the last thing I remember. I thought I went to sleep! But amazingly enough, in the morning Maria told me I had gone right on talking & had given the Lord's answer to the whole problem & what had to be done about you, Genesis, all of you, that whole Colony!

       58. I'M QUOTING TO YOU VERBATIM WHAT GOD WAS SAYING, OR THE REASONING THAT WAS COMING THROUGH MY HEAD! Whether you want to say I was talking in my sleep or whatever you want to call it, this is what came like counsel, almost as though God was using my own voice & my own mind to counsel with me about the problem.--Counselling with my own soul, as David once said, as I recall, counselling with his own heart. (Ps.4:4) Here it is the way it came, right out of Maria's notebook:

       59. "TELL THE GIRLS, LYDIA & FAITH, TO GO BACK DOWN AS EARLY IN THE MORNING AS THEY WANT. Don't make a big deal out of it, don't browbeat Gen, just merely present the Lord's answer & watch her reaction." This is exactly what I'm doing right now, Gen, trying to help you, presenting God's answer, trying to spare these poor girls the tough problem & job of having to do it!

       60. "JUST MERELY PRESENT THE LORD'S ANSWER & WATCH GEN'S REACTION. If she is genuinely sincere & wants to be delivered, that verse God gave us for her ought to break anybody, because it just completely exposes her! If she does not completely break down & repent, there is no use having some big scene. The best thing you can do then is just smooth it over & we'll just have to phase her out somehow. Unless there's hope for her, it's better just to phase her out, even if we have to lose Eman too. For by going ahead in that situation with Gen there in London without permission, Eman got out of God's will."

       61. I'M NOT GOING TO READ IT ALL TO YOU, BECAUSE IT WOULD BE PERHAPS A LITTLE TOO EMBARRASSING FOR SOME OF YOU & I don't want to make it too hard on you. I just have to tell you what God has said & what you have to know. Some of the advice God gave was just to us personally, confidentially, what to do. But it says here: "Jus also brought this problem here & he's going to have to take care of it." Justus, you are partly responsible. I'm going to stop the reading a moment to caution some of you folks.

       62. SOME OF YOU FOLKS, AS I'VE TOLD THE FOLKS HERE, NEED TO PRAY FOR THE GIFT OF THE DISCERNING OF SPIRITS, especially if you're going to be spiritual leaders. If you can't sense & see & be aware of the Devil's devices, you are ignorant & going to be totally unprepared & unarmed for his dirty work, as some were in this case. Somebody should have warned us about her & said something, but we didn't receive an adverse comment from anybody, except somebody reminded us she had had a nervous breakdown in London before & had to be sent from Bromley to Hollingbourne.

       63. WELL, TOGETHER WITH MY EXPERIENCE WITH GOD IN LOOKING AT HER PICTURE & THAT TESTIMONY, WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WARNED that it's not the first time you've had this problem, Gen, & the fact that the babies you have taken care of have all developed the same kind of spells should have warned us! But here goes on the revelation I got that morning: "Jus brought that problem here & he's going to have to take care of it." Jus, you knew her, you should have known better, you should have found out more about the people you were bringing here, that's what it's saying here, in other words.

       64. "THE EXPERIMENT WAS A FAILURE BECAUSE OF MY FAILURE TOO, BECAUSE I DIDN'T MIND THE CHECKS OF THE LORD!" That's my confession. Are you willing to make yours, Gen? "My motive was pure to try to help the kids get the Message sooner, but our security, our own personal security was far more important than that. The preservation of the Prophet is more important than the speed of the Message! Better the Message be delayed than the Messenger be endangered!" This is what I got in my sleep. I'm reading it to you verbatim.

       65. "SALLY FORSOOK HER FIRST LOVE & JUS FAILED TO BE A FAITHFUL SHEPHERD. Eman traded the will of God for companionship." Eman, like Esau of old, sold his birthright for a mess of pottage in you, Gen. "Eman traded the will of God for companionship, & I failed to heed the warning of the Holy Spirit." God has outlined all of our sins, where we all made our mistakes.

       66. "I GOT SO ANXIOUS TO TRY TO IMPROVE THE SITUATION, BUT IT WAS A VERY DANGEROUS THING TO DO! I should never have done it, apparently." This means by bringing you here. Trying to speed the Message by bringing you folks here was not worth the danger, the sacrifice that we were making, the sacrifice of security & personally endangering the Message & the Messenger, which is now apparent that we've done. "In this kind of situation, God only gives you one chance, & that's that! You can't take a chance on failure at all!" Do you understand what that means? This experiment didn't allow for any chances of failure! One chance & that was it!

       67. "JUS MUFFED IT BECAUSE HE WAS SELFISH, MORE INTERESTED IN SALLY THAN BEING A SHEPHERD. Sally was more interested in Jus than she was in me. Eman muffed it because obviously he was more interested in Gen than the Lord's work, so now he's going to get her & she's going to be his problem! I muffed it because I didn't mind the checks of the Lord.

       68. "GOD IS REALLY FURIOUS AT ALL OF YOU FOR NOT BEING CONCERNED ABOUT THAT LITTLE LAMB! Jus & Sally are unworthy of being Shepherds because they were unconcerned about that baby! The fact of the matter is, the unconcern of all of them about that little child has shown them all unworthy of the honour of being here! God was testing them through that baby. The protection of that little lamb was the protection of the Word!" Jus, you thought you were so interested in the Word of God that you neglected that baby!--You neglected your Colony, you neglected your sheep!

       69. "SO GOD IS REALLY ANGRY AT JUSTUS & SALLY'S SELFISH UNCONCERN ABOUT THAT BABY, [EDITED: "malnourished"] right there in the same house! Their spiritual insensibility is virtually inexcusable, so they're unworthy also, & all will have to be sent back! The whole situation reminds me of dear Sam's sad song 'Watch a Baby Die'!" (Dito cries out again in his sleep!)

       70. SEE, WHEN MY SPIRIT IS UPSET, THE BABY'S UPSET! That ought to be a lesson to you, Gen! If you have a spiritual problem, it's reflected in the sensitive spirit of your child! Even the doctors will tell you that. If the mother gets upset, it upsets the child.

       71. "PROFESSING THEMSELVES TO BE SO CONCERNED ABOUT THE WORDS, THEY JEOPARDISED THE WHOLE REVOLUTION through their unconcern about that one little child! What a condemnation! If it had not been for Becky's recommendation, I would never have sent for Genesis!"--Because I just couldn't believe that Becky, having known her so long & taken care of Becky's own children, wouldn't have sensed something was wrong with Genesis! But as we've learned before, Becky's kind of dumb about some things, almost a little confused herself sometimes. "Because I knew there was something wrong with Genesis the first time I looked at her picture!"

       72. "ONE LITTLE LAMB IN THE FLOCK IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN JUSTUS' JOB!" Do you know what that means, Jus? You should have been more concerned about the lamb than you were even about your job! "If we don't care for the lambs, the Words are of no avail!" It reminds me of a little saying my brother wrote the other day, you know the old adage, "Kind words never die"? "But," he said, "they can sound pretty sick without kind deeds to go with them!"

       73. WHAT GOOD IS ALL WE HAVE TO SAY?--WHAT GOOD ARE ALL OUR SERMONS WITHOUT SAMPLES? You were put in charge of a Colony, & our Colonies are supposed to be Heavenly Homes showing the Love of God, & you were unconcerned about your own members & were not even conscious of the fact you were letting a baby [EDITED: "be malnourished"] right in your own Colony! "If we don't care for the lambs, the Words are of no avail!"

       74. IN OTHER WORDS, I'M POINTING THE FINGER AT YOU, JUS, FOR YOUR FAILURE, HOW IT WAS PARTLY YOUR FAILURE ALSO IN NOT WARNING US, not to watch, not to be careful for your flock, not to feed your sheep, not to see to the state of your flocks! It reminds me of the way Nathan walked in & pointed the finger at David. David thought, "This is a small thing, nobody will ever know, it's not very important!"--But he lost his job over it, Justus, he lost his kingdom!--At least for awhile!

       75. AND BECAUSE OF YOUR NEGLECT, JUS, & ALL OF YOU, IN A SENSE, YOU'RE LOSING YOUR KINGDOM--AT LEAST HERE! God may be able to use you somewhere else, & I hope so. I hope we will be able to salvage some of you, at least, & retrieve some of your talent, to be able to use you again, but we won't be able to trust you with so great a responsibility again. You could hardly be trusted to be the Shepherd of a fold again, having so sadly failed in this particular instance. (And later too! Read No.954.)

       76. YOU'VE BEEN FAITHFUL IN MANY OTHER THINGS, SON, faithful in the business, faithful with the Words, hardworking, diligent, good at details, good at finances, all of these things, but you neglected your people! And from what God said, that was your most important responsibility, your little lambs! And the last line of this thing I got in the night when I didn't even know I was saying anything, really strikes home, & should strike home to not only Jus but also to you!:

       77. "THE LORD HIMSELF FORSOOK THE NINETY-&-NINE & WENT OUT TO LOOK FOR THE ONE LOST SHEEP!" While we were busy tending to the ninety-&-nine & all the Words & all the World & all those safely in the folds, we neglected one little poor lost sheep, one poor little lamb who was horribly afflicted & [EDITED: "malnourished"] in your own Colony!

       78. THE LORD WOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT, HE WOULD HAVE FORSAKEN ALL THE REST & all the other business & everything else He was doing & he would have just devoted his attention to that one poor little suffering afflicted little baby & tried to deliver it! But that's where some of you failed, & where all of us failed in a way. And this is a lesson that God is trying to teach to all of us.

       79. WE GOT BUSY WITH A LITTLE HERE & THERE UP HERE, a whole lot of things, even big business, big meetings, important business, & some of you were so interested in being here to listen, that you didn't want to have to go down below to check on the state of your flock to find out, Lydia, if that baby was [EDITED: "malnourished"]! I failed by not insisting that you go down to see how it was, in taking their word for it. I failed in not sending you to check on the state of your flock, our flock, my flock!--Let's face it!

       80. YOU'VE BEEN PART OF MY FLOCK, ALL OF YOU ARE, & by getting so busy with big business we neglected this one little sheep, this one poor little lamb, & it [EDITED: "was malnourished"]! It's pitiful! And apparently as long as one of us who are strong spiritually is not around, you don't seem to be able to get it to eat or to feed, & I understand for the last two days he's been [EDITED: "malnourished"] again!

       81. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO SEND SOMEBODY DOWN THERE TO STAY WITH IT TO FEED IT BECAUSE YOU APPARENTLY DON'T KNOW HOW TO FEED IT!--To claim it in the power of the Lord by the Holy Ghost, by the Name of Jesus Christ, to get it to eat, & to rebuke the Devil [DELETED]! You just haven't got the spiritual power. There's too much opposing spiritual power down there that you don't know how to handle or that you're tolerating because of your own sins, Genesis! And that is God's Word on it!

       82. THAT IS GOD'S ANSWER, THAT IS WHAT GOD SAYS THE PROBLEM IS, & I DON'T CARE WHO BELIEVES IT OR NOT, I BELIEVE IT! I know God has spoken & I know that is God's answer & that is your trouble, Genesis, whether you are willing to confess it or ever repent of it or not! And I want to tell you right now, you're not only causing the closing down of the Colony because of your personal sins & the hindrance of God's work & the affliction of your own child, but there is plenty of suffering still in store for you, because God is not through with you yet!

       83. GOD WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS SORT OF THING! God's not going to put up with it any more than we're going to put up with it! We can't have you here endangering God's work & God's Word! But I'm sorry to say I don't know anybody else that's going to want you endangering their Colony or their children either! So you can laugh at the supper table about how you're going to have another vacation & go on a nice boat ride & isn't this great fun, but it's not going to be so very funny when you find out that if you don't get rid of your problem, dear Genesis, that your end is going to be much worse than this beginning!

       84. THAT'S THE SERIOUS THING THAT YOU HAVE TO FACE, that you have not only hindered the Word of God, delayed the Work of God, hurt God's children all over the World--not only your own child--but it's going to backfire on you & you are going to suffer from it sooner or later! You're not going on some vacation, some delightful boat trip, you're going back, Gen, to your doom if you don't get right with God & ask God to forgive you & get delivered! Because if you don't get deliverance by the Lord from this horrible spirit, things are not going to get better, they're going to get worse!--If you don't confess your sins & repent of them & turn to God & cry out for His mercy!

       85. LAST NIGHT AFTER FAITH LEFT, YOU FOLKS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOWN ON YOUR KNEES WEEPING & PRAYING & FASTING & forgetting dinner & crying out to God for mercy, instead of taking it all lightly & flippantly & quipping about it & flippantly joking about it! Like, "Oh well, so what, we're going to get a nice boat ride!"

       86. IT REMINDS ME OF THE MAN WHO WE SACRIFICED SO TO SEND HIM & HIS FAMILY OF NINE, ALL THOSE CHILDREN, TO THE BAHAMAS TO BE OUR MISSIONARY, one we hadn't trained but the Soul Clinic had trained someplace else! We didn't like him to begin with, but they told us to send him to the Bahamas & so we did. He took our car & thousands of dollars of equipment & went to the Bahamas. He wasn't spiritually right & had a lot of spiritual problems, similar to yours, by the way.

       87. HE WAS A TOTAL FAILURE & THE GOVERNMENT KICKED HIM OUT! He lost everything & had to leave it all behind except for his family! He lost the car, all the equipment, everything, & the mission station too!--The government was so furious with him because of the stupid idiotic things he did! He came back, camped on our doorstep in our own trailer in our yard when I was away, defied my wife, refused to take orders from anybody, refused to help with the work, insisted on being fed with all his children, & was nothing but a troublemaker! When my wife told me that on the telephone I came back like God, practically roaring in fury! And I came up to our own trailer door, knocked on it, & I said, "Listen, Buddy, is this true, is this so?" I always like to hear the other guy's side of the story if possible.

       88. AS SOON AS THIS TAPE'S OVER, GENESIS, I WANT TO HEAR YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY! I want you to tape it down there, folks. I want you to tape her answer & her reaction. You're going to have your chance to have your say, & it's either going to be confession or denial! If it's confession, there's some hope. If it's denial, if you refuse to accept & believe the Word of God, it shows what's been wrong with you all the time! And it can't be a fake & a phoney repentance, either, or it'll never do the job!

       89. SO I TOLD THIS MAN, "IS IT TRUE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN REFUSING TO COOPERATE IN THE WORK & DO AS MY WIFE HAS ASKED YOU TO DO & SO ON?" He said, "I don't take orders from nobody, much less any little woman!" I said, "Is that so? Well, then you won't take orders from me either, will you?" "No, I'll just take my orders from God!" I said, "Then okay buddy, get off my property & go out where all you have to do is take orders from God, because anybody on this property working with me in this school has got to take orders through me, from God's servant, because God put me here to run this place! If you can't work with anybody but God, then get the hell out of here!--And get out of here now, if you can't work with us!"

       90. WHEN I GAVE HIM THAT SERIOUS ULTIMATUM, instead of breaking down & being sorry, confessing his sins & realising the seriousness of it all, you know what he said? He said, "Oh well, I kept my farm back in Oregon & I'll go back to where I was before." And he just laughed like the Devil himself! "Ha, ha, ha, I've had a free vacation, all expenses paid, I'll just count it a vacation!"--Like you folks were laughing & joking about your boat trip! Let me tell you, I'll bet you anything that when he got back to Oregon it was no end of a merry vacation, but that he had Hell on Earth waiting for him with that kind of a spiritual attitude!

       91. AND IF YOU DON'T REPENT OF YOUR SINS OF PERVERSENESS & REBELLIOUSNESS--which is as bad as witchcraft, whether you believe it or not, whether it is witchcraft or not, it's just as bad, God's Word says--you are in for trouble & trouble & more trouble, a lot more than you've got now! And Eman, you married her & you have had a child by her that needs a father, & you are stuck with her, unless God delivers her or delivers you of her! (God did deliver Eman of her, TTL!)

       92. SO NOW SHE'S YOUR PROBLEM, I'M SORRY TO SAY, & I don't see how we can possibly have an artist illustrating the Words of God with a wife who has as strong a spiritual influence on you as she has, so that she is able to deceive you & channel through you so that you could paint a picture like you did in that one Letter! She would be a constant danger & hazard to the work of God if we were to continue working with her here!

       93. IF SHE DOES NOT GET DELIVERED & SHE CONTINUES TO BE YOUR WIFE & YOU WERE TO CONTINUE TO BE OUR ARTIST, EMAN, SON, I'M SORRY, BUT SHE WOULD BE AN ENDANGERMENT TO GOD'S WORK! As long as she's still your wife & she still has that trouble, she would be a constant concern, a constant problem, just like she has been here! It's not going to be any different anyplace else, wherever she goes! Unless she gets delivered, it's going to be the same & she's going to give you just as much trouble!

       94. IN FACT, HAVING BEEN GIVEN THIS CHANCE RIGHT NOW, GENESIS, TO BE DELIVERED BY GOD, if you don't receive it, then just like the man in the Bible, God's Word says when he was given the chance & even when the Devil was cast out, because he didn't fill his heart with the Word of God & the Spirit of God & the power to resist that Enemy coming back in again, that demon went & got seven worse than himself & came back & inhabited the man, & his last estate was worse than the first! (Mt.12:45)

       95. SO IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THIS CORRECTION & BELIEVE IT, ACCEPT IT, CONFESS IT, REPENT OF IT, & right now cry out to God for mercy with all your heart & soul to be delivered of that demon, your last estate is going to be worse than your first! Things are going to get worse with you, not better! You're going to cause Eman worse trouble, & the baby worse trouble, not less, except by a miracle of God! And God will only do that miracle, your having been told & warned, if you repent & ask God for deliverance! (And she did go back!)

       96. AND EMAN, SON, I'M VERY SORRY! We loved your art as long as it was inspired by the Lord & dedicated to God, but I can see a bad influence on you, your art, your work, because of this problem of your wife! Even these last pictures you sent up, well, it's all right, it'll do, it'll pass, of Deb crowning Rachel, but it just hasn't got that real spirit, that real umph! It's just sort of dead, it's not really inspired. I can't explain it. ("The Childcare Revolution," ML #330B.)

       97. IT'S JUST LIKE THE OLD COLOURED LADY SAID WHEN THEY ASKED HER WHAT UNCTION WAS, in other words the anointing of the Holy Spirit. She said, "Well, I don't know what it am, but I sho' knows when it ain't!" I don't know what it is about your art--of course I do know it's the Spirit of God, the anointing & power of God, the unction of God, when it's really inspired--but let me tell you, Son, I sure know when it ain't!--And lately your art has not been too inspired!

       98. THE LAST ONE YOU RE-DID ON "THE GREAT QUEEN," SOME OF IT WAS REALLY GOOD, GOD BLESS YOU FOR TRYING! God bless you for getting inspired again! But this last one I don't doubt that you did under difficult circumstances, probably at home in the bedroom with Gen hovering around & in & out, & under the same trying, difficult circumstances of having to work with her around! I don't know, maybe you did it over at Mom's, but under whatever condition, well, it's sort of dead, there's just not the same inspiration to it you used to have. There isn't the same care for detail you used to have. For some reason there isn't quite the same beauty.

       99. WHETHER YOU REALISE IT OR NOT, SON, GEN HAS HAD A TELLING INFLUENCE ON YOUR WORK! That problem with the poor little baby has had a telling influence on the goodness of your work--it just hasn't been as good as it was before. I hope we'll still be able to use you, I hope somebody will be able to find a place for you & your little family, sad little family with a wife with such a serious spiritual problem, if she doesn't get rid of it here & now, & a poor baby so afflicted by the Enemy because of her! But it's going to be pretty difficult to get anybody to take you & we wouldn't think of sending you anywhere without telling people the truth. (Thank God, he was delivered & reclaimed!)

       100. IT WOULDN'T BE FAIR TO SEND YOU TO ANYBODY WITHOUT TELLING THEM WHAT THEY'RE UP AGAINST IN YOU, GEN, YOUR SPIRITUAL PROBLEM, THE AFFLICTION OF THAT CHILD! So where are you going to go? What are you going to do? I don't know. All I know is that if you don't get the victory here & now, we can't have you here, that's for sure! Where you go & what you do from now on is going to be partly your problem!--It's ours as well, as God only knows!

       101. I JUST KNOW WHAT THE LORD SHOWED ME, THAT BECAUSE OF THIS YOU'RE ALL GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE & we are going to have to leave also, because we cannot have that breach of security endangering either God's work or His workers! We're going to have to close the book, ring the bell & quench the candle of the Colonies here because of this, if you do not here & now get the victory & rebuke the Devil & get rid of him & help that baby, & therefore get delivered & all of you get right with God spiritually! That's your only hope & this is your last chance & I hope you do it today, because if you don't, it is the end of your Colony & your work here & even perhaps some of your work later! (And it was! We all had to leave!)

       102. JUS, WE HOPE YOU & SALLY WILL BE ABLE TO GO BACK PERHAPS & HELP WITH THE RESETTLEMENT OF YOUR DEPARTMENT IN FRANCE. You might even work with Becky for awhile, as she needs a secretary real badly, Sally, & perhaps you can help them there. Jus could work with them, you seem to get along very well living with them, & perhaps you can be of real use to the Lord there, having learned your bitter lesson.

       103. BUT GENESIS & EMAN, YOU CAN'T STAY HERE, & UNLESS YOU GET THE VICTORY & DELIVERANCE FROM GOD SOON, I DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO STAY! I don't know who's going to keep you! I can't make anybody keep you anywhere, & we're going to have to warn them of your problem wherever you go, & they'll have to be willing to take you under those circumstances--& not many people are going to want to!

       104. SO THAT'S THE SITUATION, THAT'S THE WORD OF GOD, THAT'S THE ANSWER, & YOU EITHER HAVE TO ACCEPT IT OR NOT, & I HOPE YOU DO! I really hope you do, because God laid it on my heart to have mercy & give you one more chance! Maybe you'll take it, I hope so. But as far as I'm concerned & this local situation here is concerned, this is your last chance, & if something drastic doesn't happen to change you, Genesis, & the baby's condition, you're going to have to leave!

       105. WE CANNOT HAVE THIS KEEPING EVERYBODY IN AN UPROAR, constantly in a furor & upset & wearing everybody down & hindering the work of God, dragging us all down! When one bad apple is left in the barrel, soon all the apples will be rotten! I've always said this from the very beginning, we cannot have one problem case dragging down the whole Colony! It's better to get rid of them, better to lose them even, than to have one problem case hindering the work of God & dragging everybody down! I am sorry, but I'm sure you can certainly see why this has to be done.

       106. SO MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU & MAY THE LORD REBUKE THAT DEVIL THAT YOU'RE HARBOURING THERE! Now Lord, in Jesus' name we ask You to help these poor people to cry out unto Thee with their whole hearts so You'll answer them & have mercy upon them! They have taken this thing lightly, Lord, "no man has stirred himself" to call upon You! "No man careth" for the serious condition of their soul! (Isa.64:7; Ps.142:4) Help them, Lord, to now cry out with their whole hearts & ask Thee for deliverance!

       107. HELP GENESIS TO CONFESS HER SIN OF PERVERSENESS & REBELLION! Help her to be honest, Lord! You do not lie! "Let every man be found a liar, but God be found true!" (Rom.3:4) I know You gave the answer, Lord, & it came straight from You & it is Thy Word & I believe it! Help her to believe it, Lord, & accept it, confess, repent & get right & delivered from that horrible evil spirit that's causing those terrible attacks on that baby, in Jesus' name we pray! Amen. Help her to do it right now, Lord!--In Jesus' name, amen! God help us!

(To be continued in next issue, God willing!--Don't miss it!)


       From Sally Scribe, a Participant!        3/83 [EDITED: "Almost 8 years later!"]

Dearest Dad,
       I love you so so much! It sure has been a heavy time for me reading the "Gen Series," almost like reliving the whole experience all over again!--Which as you know more than anyone, was not a very pleasant one. Nevertheless we all learned such important lessons which we can now pass on to the whole Family, who can profit thereby! TYJ! "These things happened unto them for ensamples, & they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the World are come!" (1Cor.10:11) PTL!
       I think I can honestly say that that whole experience there with Gen was the worst time of my life in the Family, knowing that because of our lack of discernment & generally bad spiritual condition we had allowed so much "hell" to be brought into the beautiful Heaven-on-Earth in which you & Maria were living, & caused you so much worry & trouble, hindered the flow of the Words & so severely endangered your security that you finally had to even leave the island because of us!
       As you pointed out in the Letters, Jus & I were really Blobites, that's for sure, & were surely not worthy of the great honour bestowed upon us in being there. Everything you said about us was such a true analysis, & the Lord so clearly outlined each of our failures in "Untying the Knot"--it was so miraculous how He pinpointed each thing. Being so close to the Flame, all of our sins were brought to the light, after being so long hidden in the sticky darkness of the Blob!
       After the Chinese demon mask showed up in Eman's art & Gen's problems were being revealed--being made so manifest through the baby's fits & that she was a witch & perverse & rebellious--I must say, it was really difficult living together with her in the same house!--Also the fact that you indicated that it might be & probably was the Devil himself who was controlling Gen! I could sympathise with you & how long you put up with Jeth, & also Jesus with Judas. It's kind of a weird feeling though!
       Fear communicates, & I can remember how her spirit of fear was causing me to fear at times, even to the point of locking my bedroom door at night, thinking she could at any time come bursting through the door with a knife & stab us! I really felt that! I would have to really pray & rebuke the Devil & seek the Lord for His peace in the midst of storm!--Such a heavy battle was going on in the spirit!
       We really learned some valuable lessons on fighting the Devil & the power of prayer! Every time the baby would start having a fit & turning blue, we would run in & lay hands on him & pray & rebuke the Devil, knowing it was a life-&-death situation! When Eman & Gen were living apart from us & the baby [EDITED: "was hurt"], it was not brought out in any of the Letters how it happened, but I do have a recollection that it happened when Eman had the baby in his arms, who was crying hysterically, & he ran though the door, cracking the baby's head on the door jamb. Do you remember hearing about that? (No! Never!) Maybe he told me that later or something. That's still a mystery that maybe he can now clear up! Boy, it was one thing after the other!!
       Considering Jus' defection five years later, I was trying to think back as to how he was then & if there were any trouble signs that would indicate he would finally leave. I was pretty sure that he believed that Gen was a witch & all that the Lord had to say about her. And when his sin of failing to be a faithful shepherd was brought out, he seemed at that time to be genuinely repentant & taking it very seriously & really making an effort to be a better shepherd. But after we left Tenerife & returned to Italy, he then began his heavy drinking & seemed to have forgotten everything he learned, & we were not getting along at all from that time forth. Instead of profiting from that whole Gen experience & really changing, he seemed to get worse from then on.
       There were so many heavy lessons to be learned from that whole experience, particularly that we are in such serious spiritual warfare & we need to constantly be on our guard against the Enemy, who is always looking for a chink in our armour, a weak link, an unguarded moment where he can get in & try to cause trouble! I remember being really impressed at the time with how we had really let down on our spiritual security, & how without that, all our efforts of protecting our security in the physical are to no avail!
       The gift of discernment is so important, that was another thing that was really impressed on me through this experience! I was one of the guilty ones who had not discerned Gen's bad spirit before leaving London & instead gave her a good report! Lord forgive me! I just didn't take it seriously enough, didn't pray enough, didn't really stop & seek the Lord desperately about it.
       It's so sad when we miss a stitch in the tapestry & the picture starts coming out bad! The Lord said at that time about me that I forsook my first love & settled for Jus when I could have had you! That really shook me up & still does to this day every time I think about it! I am so thankful that you & the Lord gave me a chance to repent & do my first works & return to my first love, setting me free to do His will & love you & the Words more than ever! I love you, Dad!--You're my forever love!
       So PTL, I'm sure this series will have far-reaching effects within the Family, & the time must be now to release it! You said in these Last Days there is going to be more & more of this type of thing happening, "evil men & seducers waxing worse & worse," & we need to know how to deal with it! TYJ & Dad for such wonderful lessons & teaching & truths & more ammunition with which to fight the Enemy!

Love forever & ever,

       --Your Sally xxxxxxx! (Amen! Thanx! GBY! ILY! TYJ!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family