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DFO 146018/11/81

1. HOMOS ARE REALLY PRETTY UNRELIABLE, you never can tell when they're gonna backslide & fall into it again. It seems to be an almost unconquerable sin & really infectious, affected whole cities & populations in Bible times & still does! It's become one of the major sins of America today & has been the major sin of Africa for generations! It's becoming one of the vilest sins of the whole World!--Probably why He's going to have to wipe them all out one of these days after He's saved the saints!

2. THIS IS THE AGE OF GRACE in which God is showing how that people really have to make their own decision to love Him & serve Him voluntarily. They have to voluntarily choose to be righteous, choose the Lord & His way, His Word. The Millennium, a thousand years of the enforced rule of God & His saints over the wicked, is probably an Age in which to prove that even forcing people to be good doesn't change them.

3. GOD WILL SHOW THEM IN EVERY WAY HOW THE WORLD OUGHT TO BE RUN & WHAT THEY OUGHT TO BE LIKE, BY HIS & OUR OWN PERSONAL RULE. They will see us & see the Lord, in a way, & see His angelic officers & know His righteousness & the beauty of His Creation & a restored Creation without curse & even with very little death for a thousand years! And yet, as Isaiah said, "Let mercy be shown to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness." (Is.26:10)

4. I THINK THE MILLENNIUM IS NOT ONLY GOING TO BE A PERIOD OF JUSTIFICATION & VINDICATION & EVEN VENGEANCE, in a sense, for the saints, but it's going to be a time to prove that enforced righteousness doesn't work, that you cannot legislate righteousness even with the iron rule of Love! The stern discipline of the personal presence of the Lord & us & His utterly fair, just, merciful Government in a beautiful restored Garden-of-Eden World still can't make people be good. The minute the Devil is let out of his prison, away they go again after him & rebel against God again!

5. IT APPEARS THAT THE MILLENNIUM COULD BE AN ADDITIONAL PERIOD OF GRACE FOR THOSE WHO DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE TO REALLY HEAR THE GOSPEL or really know the Lord through our own failure & the failure of the Church to reach the whole World with the Gospel, or at least to reach everybody we should have.--Particularly lots of children & young people who never had a chance to know any better, maybe lots of natives in the deepest jungles who never heard, or in the wildest wilderness, to give them a chance to hear & see & know the Lord--"For no man shall say, 'know the Lord': for all shall know Him" (Jer.31:34)--& to sort of give them another chance.

6. THOSE WHO WILL SURVIVE THE TRIBULATION, THE WRATH OF GOD & ARMAGEDDON, obviously God has had mercy on them to help them to survive it & live through it into the Millennium. It says, "Blessed are they that endure until that day." (Dan.12:12) Why has He helped them survive all those horrors? Why has He allowed them to survive the tortures of the Tribulation & the horrors of the Wrath of God & the extermination of the Antichrist kingdom in the Battle of Armageddon? Why has He allowed any of the unsaved to survive? It appears to me it's obvious that it's God's mercy on some of them who didn't know any better or didn't hear the Gospel.

7. IT SAYS, "THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THINGS WORTHY OF STRIPES WHO KNEW NOT THEIR MASTER'S WILL SHALL BE BEATEN WITH FEW STRIPES." (Lk.12:48) Well, compared to Hell, even the Tribulation, the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon are very few stripes, as the rest of them will be sweating it out in Hell--whatever it is, wherever it is, obviously in the heart of the Earth, which is a "lake of fire"--for a thousand years during the Millennium while we're ruling & reigning over the Earth, probably over those who didn't really know any better & who didn't really receive the full knowledge of the Gospel & the news about Jesus, never had a chance to receive Him, never even heard of Him or didn't understand about Him.

8. I MEAN, THERE ARE LOTS OF YOUNG PEOPLE EVEN LIVING IN THE UNITED STATES, supposedly the most Christian nation on the face of the Earth--although I've changed my mind on that, I think some others are--& they've never really heard the Gospel, never really understood who Jesus is & what He is & that God really is Love. There are even some young people there--we've read their testimonies in the Magazine--who never really knew about Jesus or the plan of Salvation or how to get saved until they met us!

9. SO THERE ARE PROBABLY RIGHT NOW THOUSANDS, IF NOT MILLIONS, OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WHO'VE NEVER HEARD THE GOSPEL, really the Gospel of Love, even people in churches! (Maria: Amen!) They go to church every day or every week or every year & still have never heard the Gospel, how to get saved, how to really receive Jesus in their heart. What's going to happen to these people? Apparently God's gonna have another sifting time during the Millennium to give a chance to those who, if they had heard, would've received Him.

10. THAT'S JUST MY THEORY, I CAN'T PROVE IT, ALTHOUGH THERE ARE A LOT OF SCRIPTURES ALONG THAT LINE THAT SEEM TO INDICATE IT, including the fact that Jesus went to the heart of the Earth & preached to the spirits in prison, which shows He was trying to give the people there another chance. Why else? What could He have been preaching to them if there was no chance of them receiving what He had to preach & thereby being saved in some way? (Mt.12:40; 1Pet.3:19; 4:6; Eph.4:9.)

11. SO IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE THE MILLENNIUM IS ANOTHER TESTING TIME OR TRYING TIME, PROVING GROUND. We, the saints, who heard the Gospel & voluntarily received the Lord, we're saved & we're running it under the Lord. But all of the people who survived the Age of Man, Tribulation, Wrath of God, Battle of Armageddon & who lived through it, it says they're blessed. How are they blessed? Well, it looks like they're given another chance to obey through the personal rule & reign of Christ & His Children & the universal knowledge of the Lord & His love.

12. NOW THIS IS QUITE OBVIOUS FROM SOME SCRIPTURES in which it says that during that time the nations who refuse to obey will suffer famine & hail & all kinds of curses like ancient Egypt. See, they got the Word from Moses but they hardened their hearts & rejected it, still disobeyed, so God sent plagues & curses, & this is exactly how it describes some of the Millennium, believe it or not. It's not all peace & light & joy for some people, particularly the rebellious! (Ex.7-12; Ze.14:16-19)

13. BUT IF THERE IS A CHOICE GIVEN AT THAT TIME, TO ME THAT INDICATES THAT SOME PEOPLE WILL CHOOSE WHAT'S RIGHT when they are presented with a full knowledge of the Lord, the personal appearance of the Lord & His angelic, mighty, supernatural power, the proof of His existence & authority! The Lord Himself said to Thomas, "Blessed art thou whom having seen have believed."--Or in the case of the Millennium, shall believe. (Jn.20:29) But He said, "More blessed are they whom having not seen yet have believed."

14. SO WE'RE THE MOST BLESSED BECAUSE IN A WAY WE HAVE NOT ACTUALLY SEEN THE LORD, you might say, & His mighty, powerful Kingdom--although we have experienced Him in our hearts & we experience Him by the miracles He does, but still all by faith, not by sight. We've had to have the faith first before we see it, but then the Lord does manifest Himself, shows us things, does mighty things for us, to prove Himself to us & takes care of us.

15. SO HAVING BELIEVED WE HAVE RECEIVED & SEEN, & therefore, more blessed are we, the Lord Himself said, "Who, though having not seen, have believed." Nevertheless, the people who must have the proof, must see the proof like Thomas insisted on seeing, He still blessed him. He chided him a little for his doubts, & to some of the other Apostles He said, "Oh fools & slow of heart to believe, have you not read Moses & the prophets?" etc. (Lk.24:25)

16. AND IN ONE CASE OF THE SCRIBES & PHARISEES HE SAID, "THEY HAVE MOSES & THE PROPHETS"--in other words, they've got the Word--"if they will not believe them, neither will they believe though one should come back from the dead!" (Lk.16:31) There're some people who won't even believe if they see it! But there are those who, like the Jews, seek a sign (1Cor.1:22)--if they can just see some sign or some proof. Most of the outstanding Jews I ever heard of getting converted, outstanding cases, actually had to have some kind of a sign or a vision or a miracle or something in order to believe.

17. WELL LOOK, WHEN THE LORD WAS HERE ON EARTH, HE DID EVERYTHING HE COULD TO HELP THEM BELIEVE & multitudes of them did believe, they did! But, in spite of His doing all kinds of miracles & even raising the dead, He said that there were some who, even though He raised the dead, they still didn't believe!--Right? (Maria: Uh-huh.) So there was a chance again, God keeps presenting the opportunity, presents the Word, the truth, even the signs, the wonders, the miracles, raising the dead, all of these things--but some still won't believe!

18. THERE'RE SOME WHO BELIEVE THE WORD WITHOUT EVEN THE SIGNS & THE WONDERS & THE MIRACLES. There are others who it encouraged their faith to believe when they saw the signs & wonders & miracles--seeing was believing. There were still others who were so hard in heart, like the self-righteous Scribes & Pharisees & the hypocrites & the church leaders, who even though He raised the dead, they still wouldn't believe, they were so hard in heart!

19. I THINK PROBABLY THE MILLENNIUM IS NOT ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF SHOWING THE WORLD HOW IT SHOULD'VE BEEN RUN & how God would've run it & how it would have been if they'd all really voluntarily accepted His rule & reign & His way & His laws & His righteousness & His love & loved one another--they'll be in a sense forced to then--but I believe that still the reactions are going to vary even as they do now. I think that God will give them then, in a sense, not a second chance but a first chance to a lot of people who will have never before heard.

20. LOOK AT THE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN CHINA WHO'VE NEVER EVEN HEARD ABOUT JESUS & don't even really know who He is, especially children etc., never taught about God or Jesus or His Love! Look at the hundreds of millions in India & places like that where they've been steeped in heathen, demonic, devilish, fiendish darkness for ages & eons, so that probably the vast majority of them have never heard!

21. ESPECIALLY YOUNG PEOPLE & CHILDREN ARE COMING UP NOW UNDER A MUCH LESS CHRISTIAN ATMOSPHERE, with no longer the British Empire & all the missionaries & the Christian government & the Gospel preached so widely as then, until it saturated India two or three generations ago. Today it's again a nation of heathen because the church didn't do its job there & didn't witness & didn't continue to really testify for the Lord & continue to win souls & evangelise their own people, so they're drifting back into total heathen darkness again.

22. WELL, WHAT ABOUT ALL THOSE POOR KIDS & CHILDREN & innocent victims of their system & their horrible religions, don't they deserve some kind of chance? Of course, millions of them are dying, but I'm sure God's got a place for them too, to give them a chance. If He went to the heart of the Earth & preached to the spirits in prison (1Pet.3:19), that program is probably still being carried on, to give people who even die without hearing the Gospel, their chance to receive & believe.

23. WELL, HOW MUCH MORE SO IN THE MILLENNIUM, which is again a time of testing, a time of trial, a time of giving them an opportunity to believe & receive, & if so, then of course there are going to be those who, for example, never heard, to show that if they had heard they would've received. There's a big argument over it in the church, but why argue? I believe--because I know the Lord & know His love--that He's probably going to give those people a chance then to receive Him; having seen Him, then they're going to believe!

24. "MORE BLESSED ARE THEY"--US TODAY--"WHOM HAVING NOT SEEN, YET HAVE BELIEVED"--like even some of the saints of the Old Testament. They didn't even have the advantage of having heard about the coming & death of Christ, you know, except by prophecy, & yet they believed. No wonder God honoured Abraham & Moses & some of them, because they had to look forward to something that hadn't even happened yet, & believed it, what was going to happen! (He.11:13)--What they'd not seen!

25. SO THEY'RE EVEN MORE BLESSED, IN A WAY, BECAUSE THEY CAME OUT OF EVEN WORSE DARKNESS! They didn't even have the story of Christ & the Holy Spirit & His Word & Calvary as a known fact in past history! But we've got all that &, in a sense, we have even seen more than they saw, & we believed. How much more blessed were they, though having not seen, yet they believed! So I believe in the Millennium there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be given their first chance, really. Maybe they're the only ones that are going to survive!

26. MAYBE THE LORD IS JUST GOING TO SLAUGHTER ALL THE ONES THAT HAD THEIR CHANCE & HAD HEARD & REJECTED, maybe that's who He's going to slaughter during the Tribulation, Wrath of God & Armageddon!--I believe the Lord could do it easily!--And just have those survive who really never heard & never saw, & therefore never believed! He even says in one passage of some of the Jews, "They shall look on Him whom they have pierced & shall mourn for Him." (Ze.12:10) In other words, some're going to believe then.

27. I DON'T KNOW IF THAT MOURNING IS GOING TO DO THEM ANY GOOD OR NOT, or whether it's going to bring repentance, & as a result, having seen the Lord coming, then they're going to be saved because then they receive Him, then they believe Him, then they receive Him--we don't know. We hope that's Godly sorrow, Godly repentance, & that at least when finally having seen Him when He comes--which is the beginning of the Millennium--they'll be saved!

28. THERE ARE CERTAIN SCRIPTURES WHICH SEEM TO INDICATE THAT, & of course, particularly the Jew-lovers who believe that then all Israel is going to be saved, the remnants & all the Jews are going to be saved then because they're all going to see Jesus & suddenly realise He's their Messiah & He's going to have mercy on this final generation of Jews--maybe so, maybe so. I mean, that's pretty strong powerful persuasion to see the Lord take over the reins of this Earth & rule & reign--pretty strong persuasion to believe & receive!--Ha! Right? That's enough to almost convince any Jew!--But still many of'm didn't believe even when He was first here!

29. SO I THINK THE MILLENNIUM IS THE TIME WHEN GOD GIVES WHAT I WOULD CALL NOT A SECOND CHANCE, BUT A FIRST CHANCE TO A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE BEFORE because the church failed & even we failed to get'm all the Gospel. The Lord says if we don't warn'm, their blood is going to be on our hands! (Ez.3:18) So if some of those we didn't warn are going to be destroyed as a result, in a way, we are the ones to blame! God's going to hold us accountable in some ways--how, we don't know. Some people are going to be ashamed & live in everlasting contempt, even those saved, according to the Word! (Da.12:2)

30. BUT APPARENTLY, NOT ONLY WILL SOME BE SAVED WHEN THEY FINALLY SEE & THEREFORE THEY CAN BELIEVE--when they finally even hear for the first time & therefore they believe & receive, & others who finally see & believe--but there are gonna be some still so hard & so rejecting & rebellious against the rule of God just as there are today! There are many people today who believe in God & even believe in Christ & the Bible, but still reject Him & harden their hearts & refuse to receive Him personally because they're in open rebellion against Him, they hate Him & curse Him daily, like most of the Jews!

31. MOST OF THE MODERN JEWS TODAY IN CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES HAVE HEARD THE GOSPEL, have certainly heard about Jesus, & yet they will not believe! Yet they reject Him & teach their children to reject Him & curse Him & use His name as a swear word constantly, think of it!--They even spit at the name of Jesus!

32. I BELIEVE DURING THE MILLENNIUM IT'S AGAIN GONNA BE A SIFTING & A SEPARATION OF THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS. Those who never had a chance will be given a chance then to receive the Gospel, with the very strong persuasion of "seeing is believing", those who perhaps would've believed if they could've seen some evidence of some kind or some sign, even any evidence of love in the church or Christians!

33. THEY MIGHT HAVE BELIEVED IF THEY HAD SEEN ANY MANIFESTATION OF THE LOVE OF GOD IN PEOPLE WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO LOVE HIM & BE HIS PEOPLE. We've had lots of people testify that they went for years in the church & never believed because they never saw God in anybody or any manifestation of His love etc. until they met us, then they believed 'cause then they really saw Him in us!

34. IN THE FACE OF THE VISIBLE RULE & REIGN OF CHRIST ON THE EARTH, His personal appearance to man, His second coming in mighty power & glory & His wiping out of the Antichrist & his kingdom & the imprisonment of Satan & His obvious visible rule & reign of firm love with a rod of iron, forcing people to be good whether they like it or not, I think some are going to believe & receive who perhaps never heard before! And maybe there are some who might have heard but didn't understand or couldn't believe until they saw something. They're gonna be sort of second-class Christians, you might say.

35. AND THERE'LL STILL BE THE HARD-HEARTED WICKED WHO, THE MINUTE THE DEVIL'S LET OUT OF HIS PRISON, WILL RUN AFTER HIM AS THEIR EVIL LEADER to lead them in open rebellion against the Kingdom of God & the Government of God on Earth & against the powers that be here, God's powers & God's Government! It says they even "circle the camp of the saints about" (Rev.20:9), in other words, they literally try to overthrow the Kingdom of Christ on Earth, think of it!--So deceived by the Devil into thinking that they can actually do it if they try! They're gonna try to overthrow the Kingdom of Christ on Earth & under Satan's leadership & rebel against us! (Ps.2)

36. SO AGAIN GOD WILL HAVE SIFTED THE TARES FROM THE WHEAT, THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS! By giving the wicked who want to rebel a chance to rebel, they will come out into the open then at the end of the Millennium & follow Satan into the Battle of Gog & Magog & openly show their rebellion, the rebellion they've had in their hearts all the time, their refusal to be citizens of the Kingdom of God, their refusal to have to be in subjection to the rule & reign of Christ & His saints on Earth, & show how all the time, in spite of all the visible power & presence of God & His saints, they still didn't like it!

37. AS I'VE OFTEN SAID, THEY WOULD'VE BEEN UNCOMFORTABLE IN HEAVEN BECAUSE THEY DON'T FIT!--So in this Heaven on Earth of Christ's Kingdom on Earth, they're going to be uncomfortable misfits, odd-balls, constantly resenting it & grumbling, complaining & murmuring against it, as many have in the past, & finally rejoicing to see the Devil himself let loose so they can follow him to the full again in open rebellion against the Lord & His Government, for which cause then God will just absolutely wipe them all out!

38. SO I THINK THE MILLENNIUM IN A SENSE IS GONNA BE AN EXTENSION OF THIS DAY OF GRACE FOR THE SAKE OF THOSE WHO NEVER HEARD or perhaps were too weak in faith to believe without seeing, as well as to show up & manifest the heinous sin of the confirmed rebels, the utter reprobates like the Scribes & the Pharisees & the Chief Priests & the religious leaders, who even though they saw Jesus & watched Him perform miracles & heard His Words, saw the results & everything--even raising the dead & even Him raised from the dead--they still rejected Him & wouldn't receive Him as their Messiah & persecuted His followers! So God in His wrath & vengeance is gonna wipe'm out like He does Satan's forces in that final Battle of Gog & Magog at the end of the Millennium!

39. SO I THINK THE MILLENNIUM'S GONNA BE ANOTHER DAY OF MORE GRACE OF SOME KIND & THAT THERE'LL STILL BE ANOTHER CHANCE FOR SOME PEOPLE WHO NEVER HEARD! I don't think the people who have heard & rejected deserve another chance; I don't think He's gonna have mercy on them!--Why should He? They may have to suffer for awhile to learn their lesson & get punished for their sins because they wouldn't accept the love & forgiveness & sacrifice of Christ. So they deserve to go to Hell & to suffer awhile for their hardness & rejection!

40. BUT EVEN FOR SOME OF THOSE, I THINK HELL IS GOING TO BE A PURGATORY! Even some of those are going to be purged from their rebelliousness & their unbelief & their hardness & rejection, & just like a child being punished or chastised, they're going to be given a chance there under punishment to repent & have some kind of restoration & restitution, if not actual salvation, some kind of eventual reconciliation.

41. THEY MAY HAVE NO RIGHT TO THE HEAVENLY CITY--Heaven come down, wherein only the saints & the saved shall walk--but apparently God is going to restore them to the surface of the Heavenly Earth in His mercy & His forgiveness, because through punishment & suffering in Hell & Purgatory they've been purged from their wickedness.

42. THEY'VE REPENTED & THEY HAVE BEEN HUMBLED & THEY HAVE BEGGED FOR FORGIVENESS & have been restored in some sense at least, a measure of restoration outside the Heavenly City on the surface of the Earth where some will still need healing by the leaves of the Tree of Life, evidently brought by us, because we're the only ones allowed inside the City, so naturally we're the only ones to harvest the Leaves of the Tree of Life to take them outside to heal the nations! So the process is still going to be going on in some way even after that, in the New Heaven & New Earth, & some will still be healed!

43. IN OTHER WORDS, I BELIEVE THAT GOD'S PLAN IS NOT GOING TO BE DEFEATED! God is not going to be defeated, He is going to redeem mankind & all men! As the Scripture says, "All men shall be saved." (1Tim.2:4) Well, in a sense they'll be saved, maybe not as saved as we are, no right to the Holy City, but they will be allowed outside & still allowed to be healed from whatever sins & sicknesses remain, so that it is a constant process & a constant renewal of the mercy of God! Again in the Millennium He has mercy on those who've never heard, & maybe those who needed to see some proof, & yet even greater wrath on those who still reject Him in the face of it!

44. THEN AGAIN IN THE NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH, there are people on the surface who were former sinners, dogs, liars, all kinds of things, yet He allows them outside there!--It says outside the City, outside the walls thereof--think of it! (Re.22:15) And He allows us still to go out & minister to them with the Leaves from the Tree of Life to heal the nations, whatever that means! (Re.22:2) Sounds again like in a way His Word teaching them. What is the Tree of Life?--Knowledge of the Lord! Knowledge of the Lord brings eternal life! (Jn.17:3) How much more could you have than that? That's the Tree of Life, in a way!--The Good News of His everlasting Love!--It brings Life!--Eternal Life if they'll receive it!

45. SO I BELIEVE THAT THE LORD'S GOING TO HAVE US MINISTERING TO THE FINAL REMAINING ONES who still need complete healing from their sins & sicknesses to restore them to some state of restoration or reconciliation as we give them the Leaves of Life!--The Word!--Maybe even pages of Lit?--Leaves of Lit?--Leaves from the Book of Life, His Word!--Maybe even Mo Letters!--Ha! PTL! GBY! ILY! Keep'm rollin'! "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." (2Pet.3:9) HAL! TYJ! Jesus never fails! He'll win'm all!

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