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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!        No.6 DFO        1462        4/83

       1. QUESTION: I RECENTLY JOINED A HOME THAT HAD SOME PERSONNEL & ORGANISATIONAL PROBLEMS. Since I had just come from a Home with experienced leadership, a very high standard & good organisation, I tried to make some suggestions to help solve the problems, but nothing has changed. What should I do now?--J.D., SEA.

       ANSWER: A NEWCOMER WHO HAS JOINED A HOME IS IN A VERY SENSITIVE SITUATION & NEEDS TO TREAD VERY SOFTLY & CAREFULLY. Even if his opinions are right, they may not be welcomed & may be looked upon as disturbing the status quo. So if suggestions have to be made, the way in which they are made is extremely important. If not delivered correctly, even the best suggestions may go unheeded. Therefore it's so important to be prayerful in making suggestions & waiting for the open door & the Lord's timing in doing so, as well as being gentle & sweet in presenting it.
       While of course we're all free to state our point of view, if our overseer or shepherd thinks differently from our opinion, then it is our responsibility to just drop the matter & cheerfully & whole-heartedly accept the situation, or at least cheerfully submit & pray the Lord will change things if it really is His will. Of course if we still feel strongly on the subject even after all this & it seems to us a serious situation, & if in a sufficient amount of time nothing has been done to remedy the situation, it can be brought to the attention of higher leadership as a last resort. However, out attitude shouldn't be to then not budge in our position until they intervene, but rather to commit it unto the Lord & take the attitude, "Well, he's still the boss". If something needs to be done, it will be, & if not, we need to have the faith that it doesn't need to be done, without getting impatient or bitter.--Or you can hold Home elections or pioneer you own Home.
       --WHAT DOES THE REST OF THE HOME THINK ABOUT IT?--Are you in the majority?--Then if all else fails, vote!--Above all, "let Love prevail!" (1Pe.1:22) "Love one another". (Jn.15:17) Follow the Scriptural pattern: Mt.18:15-17.

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