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NEW EARTH ART!--What Should It Be Like?        DFO1463        10/11/82

       1. CAN YOU SEE ANYTHING STRANGE ABOUT THAT NOVEMBER CALENDAR PICTURE OF THE NEW EARTH? Remember, this is a totally New Earth, not the Old Earth! This is not the Millennium, there's nothing left over from the Old Earth! Do you see anything wrong with that? I just wanted to see if you guys could figure it out for yourselves & how many of the Family are going to pick up on that?--It was beautiful, but

       2. WHAT'S THAT BIG OLD FEUDAL CASTLE DOING IN THE NEW EARTH! I mean, that was a small goof, & it was too late to change, it was all done & coloured & I just hoped most people wouldn't notice! However, our folks are so well taught! I know who's going to start straining at the gnats & the camels & everything right away, & that's Hart! He's so particular on things like that, like the years & the chronologies & everything else--I'm surprised he didn't catch that one!

       3. SO I'M GIVING YOU OTHER ARTISTS A LITTLE FOREWARNING--DON'T YOU MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE IN YOUR ART! That New Earth is a totally New Earth & there are several distinct characteristics about it that are different from the Old Earth! Can you give me one? (Family: No more sea. No more mountains.) No more big mountains, right. (Isa.40:4)

       4. IT SPEAKS OF "THE MOUNTAIN OF THE LORD'S HOUSE" (Isa.2:2), but that actually is referring to the Kingdom of Christ, & if anything, the little hill called Mount Moriah, Jerusalem, where they interpret His capital will be. Well, I'm a little bit dubious about it being Mt. Moriah, I'm not too sure, but anyhow, that's the general interpretation--especially for those who are very fond of Israel!

       5. BUT ANYWAY, IT DOES SAY THE WORD OF THE LORD WILL GO FORTH FROM JERUSALEM (Isa.2:3), so that's pretty specific, but there are no big mountains even there! It is built on the top of the range of Judaean "mountains" so-called, but to most of us who are familiar with the Rockies & the Alps, much less the Himalayas, you wouldn't even begin to call those Jerusalem hills mountains, they're just hills!

       6. AND IN THE NEW EARTH WHICH I SAW, I SAW NO MOUNTAINS!--THE ONLY MOUNTAIN IS SPACE CITY!--And that's some Mountain! It's more like rolling hills like you see in some of the farmlands of the World, not all flat, but some nice green rolling hills. That's what it looked like to me when I saw it from near the top of Space City! It was beautiful!--Green rolling hills, trees, flowers & cottages! There were still cottages & houses & villages that either the people built, or that were made for them. Although I doubt if the Lord's going to all the trouble to pre-fab everything!

       7. SPACE CITY WILL BE ALREADY PREPARED! He's been working on that for a couple thousand years, but the others may have to build their own. They're still kind of on probation, if you know what I mean! But they'll still be out there tilling & farming, & life will be going on again much the same as, you might say, the Millennium.

       8. SO OUTSIDE OF SPACE CITY WILL BE VERY SIMILAR TO THE MILLENNIUM, except there will be no more big mountains, no more sea, & certainly no more of the old edifices & ruins of old feudal Middle-Age castles such as we've got on this picture! It's really out of character & it's going to give some of our kids the wrong impression.--And what about the little kids standing there studying it? It was too late to change it, for they'd gone to colour overlays & all kinds of things, & there was a big rush trying to get that Calendar through!

       9. LET'S HOPE MOST OF THEM WON'T NOTICE IT! But in a way, I must say, I'm almost going to be disappointed if they don't, for it'd show that I haven't taught'm well enough & specifically enough! But I'm sure after they get these Millennial Issues they're going to know the difference & they'll see what's wrong with it! Of course, you could always surmise that since that's the kind of buildings they built before, that maybe kings of countries will still build things like that. They won't necessarily have to have them for their protection, but just for their glorification & authority or whatever. You could imagine they might build a few things like that, so I just let it go. But don't any of you other artists make that same mistake!--It wasn't serious, but just not Heavenly!--Not in keeping with the New Earth.

       10. THERE'S GOING TO BE A WHOLE NEW EARTH, but it will be rolling greenery, fields, farms, forests & mostly cottages & villages, nothing big & fancy, because things are going to be pretty equalised then, more so even than the Millennium!

       11. THE MILLENNIUM IS THIS SAME OLD EARTH THAT YOU & I KNOW RIGHT NOW, just like it is right now, don't forget, except after the Nuclear War it will be quite a mess! But thank God, the Third World, which is at least a couple thirds of the World, will still be the same & almost virtually unaffected by nuclear war! At least the surface won't be changed any, & the towns & the cities & all that will still be the same, &, believe it or not, the people are going to be the same!--Still human beings in their mortal bodies whom God's blessed by allowing them to live through the horrors that preceded, & they're going to feel blessed just to manage to be Millennial survivors! (Dan.12:12)

       12. THE ONLY THING THAT'S GOING TO BE DIFFERENT IN THE MILLENNIUM IS THERE'S GOING TO BE A NEW SET OF RULERS & A NEW GOVERNMENT!--Us! We are going to change a lot of things, of course, & mostly the way things are done! So don't forget that the Millennium is still the Old Earth, & neither is the Heavenly City there yet! Sometimes a few of our artists have made that mistake too, they've got the Heavenly City coming down during the Millennium--when it doesn't arrive until after the Millennium when the polluted Old World's burned up & the old polluted atmosphere's burned up & everything's created anew in the New Earth!

       13. I'M GIVING YOU ADVANCE WARNING WHICH POOR EMAN DIDN'T HAVE THE ADVANTAGE OF--although if he'd read everything, he might have known--but I've never made it so clear as I have recently in these greater enlargements & detailed descriptions of that time. I don't know why the Lord seems to be emphasising that more now, but perhaps as we get closer He wants us to understand it better & give us a little more hope & to realise that not all is lost, that a lot of what we're doing now is going to be useful then, even materials etc.--Maybe even your Art, Eman!--Amen?--Isn't it gorgeous, Family!

       14. I'VE EVEN HAD A FEELING ABOUT THOSE LEAVES FROM THE TREE OF LIFE: WHAT COULD BE MORE HEALING THAN THE WORD? And what is more like leaves, if it's symbolic, than leaves of a book, or leaflets! How about that! Those leaves may be our leaflets, because we've still got to do a lot of re-education & there's still a chance for people to change & repent & do better & even perhaps be saved, although not the same way we are, perhaps.

       15. THEY WON'T GET THE SAME KIND OF REWARDS & they won't have access to the Holy City, as far as we know, but that's a moot question, & there's no use arguing over things we don't even know. Maybe if they believe & are saved even then, maybe they'll have the first three floors! But He hasn't told us all the details.--Wait'n'see!

       16. IN SPACE CITY THERE'S 12 LEVELS & IT'S ALL 1500 MILES HIGH!--That's 125 miles to each Level, or about 700,000 feet--room for 70,000 floors on each Level!--Or nearly a million stories high!--How's that for a skyscraper! When it comes to building a Heavenly Home for us, God's no piker!

       17. WITH A BASE 1500 MILES SQUARE THAT'LL BE 2-1/4 MILLION SQUARE MILES ON THE BOTTOM FLOOR, OR NEARLY 6 MILLION SQUARE KILOMETERS!--With a million square meters per square kilometer & about 250 square meters per 10-room "Mansion", house or apartment, that'd be 4000 Mansions per square kilometer, or 24 billion Mansions on the first Floor alone! With an average Family of five per Mansion, that could house nearly 100 billion people just on the first Floor!--And there's nearly a million floors!

       18. OF COURSE, AS EACH FLOOR GETS A BIT SMALLER AS YOU GO UP TO THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID-SHAPED CITY, each floor holds a bit less, so the whole city could only hold about 30 quadrillion people! But since only about 50 billion have ever lived on the Earth, & not all of'm saved there'd be too much room for just Mansions, so we gotta have some parks & malls & auditoriums & throne rooms etc., etc.--even that Control Centre I saw was so gigantic the people way down on the floor looked like ants!--So that is one trip you don't wanna miss!--Amen? HAL! No wonder it's taken 2000 years to prepare it! (Jn.14:2) Wow! Get on it!

       19. MAYBE I GO A LITTLE TOO FAR TRYING TO FIGURE IT ALL OUT, but I'm trying to give you folks at least what is obvious & what we know from the Word & from what is obviously logical & has to be, to prepare for it in your heart & mind. So don't feel like anything you're doing is wasted at all, because it will probably be used in the Millennium, even some of the equipment, if it survives! Thank God you & I won't have to operate it though, because we'll have higher duties superintending!

       20. WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO HAVE A HOLY CITY PUBLISHING CENTER where you can sit on your throne & tell other people how to do it? Well, don't forget, that's what you're going to get, that's what it says!: We're going to sit on thrones, we're going to rule over cities, even judge angels! HAL!

       21. YOU SECRETARIES MAY NOT STILL BE USING YOUR OWN FINGER SKILLS, although I'll still love'm! But you'll probably be teaching others & telling them how to do it & what to do, because we'll have lots of normal human beings that we have to use to do the job. And you artists can have a whole college full of artists & tell'm how to illustrate!--Amen?

       22. THERE WILL STILL BE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LEFT who will have to work & have to do things to help themselves & help others--we'll simply be directing them, that's all. Well, maybe I'm dreaming, but if I'm dreaming, let me dream on!--Only I know it's a dream that's going to be fulfilled!--It's the Word, definitely the Word!--Amen? PTL! GBY!--In Jesus' name, amen!--This picture oughta inspire you Artists!

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