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GEN'S MOVE!--Part 12.       DO 1464       Italy, 13/7/75
--A Talk to Rachel & Emanuele.

       1. EMAN REMINDS ME OF A LOT OF ARTISTS, HIS ART IS EITHER VERY VERY GOOD OR IT'S SOMETIMES POOR! It depends on whether he's in the Spirit or not. I've had to send back that front cover of [EDITED: "one Letter"], & I'm having to send it back again now. I had to touch it up myself because it just didn't look like [EDITED: "that world leader"]. He apparently didn't have too good of a photograph to work with, so he did the best he could. I guess they certainly understand that it's just a drawing, but it's not near as good as the first ones he did in the [DELETED] series. Now why can't he duplicate that? What is the matter with Eman?

       2. RATHER THAN DELAY A LETTER, MANY TIMES I AM TEMPTED TO LET IT GO because we just haven't got time to have to go through that again & have it changed again & again until we get it right! But these Letters go down in history then, & that's the way it's always going to be, & that's a shame! Well, at least they can tell we're trying to be complimentary & they'll probably forgive us for the poor picture when they read the Letter.

       3. BUT EMAN CAN DO BETTER! Think back on [EDITED: "the first Letter of the series"]--There was a good face there! And [EDITED: "the next Letter"]--very good face there! He really got him just the way he is! Why in the hell didn't he get this one that way? He's got those photos to go by--what's the matter?

       4. THEY SAY HE'S NOT DOING TOO WELL, THAT GEN IS A TERRIBLE INFLUENCE ON HIM! [DELETED] [EDITED: "S"]he is the Devil's tool right at the top to destroy his art! [DELETED] They never should have been put together in the first place.

       5. THAT UNION WAS NOT OF GOD! "What God has put together let not man put asunder"--but let me tell you, what man & that woman put together had better be put asunder, or he's going to be destroyed! His work is being affected & we've never had so many corrections! I hated to let [EDITED: "another Letter"] go through with that weak-looking face on the front, it's almost ridiculous! He could have cut one off of [EDITED: "the other Letter"] & stuck it on the front, it would have been better!

       6. LORD HELP US & LET US NOT MAKE A MISTAKE, LORD, THY WILL BE DONE IN JESUS' NAME! If this union were of Thee, Lord, we would hesitate to break it up, but it has proven to be a bad influence & a constant problem & trouble & is not of Thee & she has not improved. She only improves, Lord, when she gets everything her way & things go the way she likes it. So Lord, we ask Thee in Jesus' name to help!


       8. IN ONE OF THESE LAST COMMUNICATIONS, SALLY ASKED ME IF IT WAS ALL RIGHT TO SHOW EMAN THAT NOTE I WROTE. [DELETED] I said he had to make the choice as to whether he wants to serve God & put God's work first, or her. So Sally asked if they should show that to him now, because they're not getting along well & things are getting worse. So I wrote back & said the best time would be when he has to make the break, then show him the note to show him how I feel about it.

       9. WELL FRANKLY, BELOVED, FROM OUR EXPERIENCE WITH HER DOWN IN TENERIFE & from the witness of everybody that dealt with her, we see little hope of any change or improvement. [DELETED]


       11. SO BELOVED, WE NEED TO GET RID OF THAT BIG PROBLEM AS FAST AS WE CAN! I don't think it's going to do anybody any good anywhere. (Rachel: She left a note on the bed half-written to Justus, Sally & Eman that said: "I know I'm such a problem & everybody at Poggiosecco treats me like a voodoo doll," which they do, because she's such a creep! Normal Children of God just freak out when they see her.) I don't know why nobody ever discovered this before! The first time I ever saw her picture she looked like a freak to me! (Maria: Yes, why didn't they freak out in London?)

       12. WHY IN THE WORLD WAS SHE AT THE TOP, WORKING FIRST AS HO'S SECRETARY & JOSH'S SECRETARY & FULL-TIME CHILDCARE FOR BECKY, & then as Ambassador's Secretary, all these top positions, & not one of them spotted her? What is the matter with our leadership that they haven't got any greater spiritual sensibility than that?

       13. I THINK WE OUGHT TO SHOOT FOR THE STARS! We ought to shoot for the best, & about the best solution is to get rid of her entirely, because I don't see much hope for her getting any better. You know the situation even better than I do & you know what your potentialities are here of where to put her, & for the sake of the work, & the sake of Eman's work & what we're producing, this is pretty important!

       14. ONE PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS & THESE PICTURES HAVE A LOT OF INFLUENCE TOO! If they're not right, then they don't have the right influence. When he is right & inspired, he can just do tremendously! But when he's not, it's almost as bad the other way. [DELETED] (She's gone & he's doing great now!)

       15. I'M SURE THE DEVIL KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING WHEN HE PUT THEM TOGETHER! She connived to capture a fellow who was right near the top, & I think she knew it, that he was very influential. The Devil knew it, that's for sure! And the Devil no doubt knew what we were planning, too, about moving them close to me so he got her mixed up with him!


       17. HAVE YOU GOT A PLACE WHERE WE CAN MOVE JUSTUS, SALLY & EMAN IMMEDIATELY? Because I can tell by some of the work that's coming out now that he's not doing too good on some, & whenever that happens I know it's Gen & her evil influence! Sally wrote me this last note saying that Gen's getting very demanding now & jealous of his time.

       18. IF YOU PREFER TO PRECIPITATE A CRISIS WHICH MIGHT BE A CATASTROPHE OR SOME KIND OF AN EXPLOSION, I'm sure the Lord can handle it, if you've got the faith & the courage & the guts to face it! But when you're dealing with demoniacs they're going to either get deliverance or they're going to go wild. [DELETED]

       19. NEITHER EMAN OR GEN KNOW HOW [EDITED: "THE BABY WAS INJURED"] DOWN IN TENERIFE! [DELETED] If you precipitate a crisis & she gets the idea that the baby is the thing that's standing between her & Eman, she may [EDITED: "harm"] the baby like she tried to do there! [DELETED]


       23. I'M SORRY, BUT HERE SHE IS AGAIN TAKING UP VALUABLE TIME OF TOP LEADERSHIP, an hour's discussion, when we have a lot of other things to do & we don't need problems like Genesis! [DELETED]


       26. IT MAKES ME SO MAD TO HAVE TO SPEND ANY MORE TIME EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT WHEN WE HAVE SO MUCH ELSE TO DO! What I suggest you do, Rachel, is sit down & have a straight talk to her, any way you want to do it, & persuade her it's best for her & the baby to take a trip home & see if her folks can find a good specialist there to take care of the situation, then see how she reacts to that.

       27. IF SHE REACTS FAVOURABLY WITHOUT ANY FURTHER PRESSURE, FINE! But if she doesn't, you may have to lower the boom on her a little tighter & say, "If you don't want to go home to have the baby taken care of, then we're going to have to send you [DELETED] somewhere where there are better doctors." [DELETED]


       32. [DELETED] She couldn't possibly cause us as much damage there as she can do us right here!

       33. THE DEVIL CAN NEVER DO AS MUCH DAMAGE ON THE OUTSIDE AS HE CAN ON THE INSIDE! Just remember the story of the Early Church: He tried four attacks from the outside & nothing worked until he finally got on the inside, & that's the kind of attacks that really did the damage! So the quicker we get her on the outside the better, in any way we can!

       34. WHAT WE DID THERE WAS TO PRESENT THE PROPOSITION FIRST TO SALLY & JUSTUS, then they along with Lydia--who has a lot of influence on Eman--presented the problem to Eman. In the note that I wrote I said, "If he doesn't want to let her go, we'll get another artist. On the other hand, if he's willing to let her go & put God & His work first, God can [EDITED: "take care of him"]." It's right there in my own handwriting--he ought to be able to know how I feel about it. (Amen! He did!)

       35. I'M JUST GIVING YOU THE POINTERS! Try to persuade her, because the only way you can deal with these cases--unless you want a violent reaction--is to try to get them to cooperate willingly. It's no joke, let me tell you, if you've been through it a few times, as much as those poor people went through it with her down there! We've got a lot of stories we haven't told you yet that happened since we left!


       37. WELL, THE BEST THING TO DO IS TO TRY TO GET HER COOPERATION & persuade her to voluntarily go home for the baby's sake. [DELETED]


       39. SALLY WROTE ME A NOTE THAT HE'S ALREADY COMPLAINED TO THEM THAT GEN IS AFFECTING HIS WORK & GETTING IN TROUBLE. He often likes to work at night when it's quiet, & she has been very jealous of him working on his art at night when she wants his attention. So Sally says he's already getting fed up with her, & I think he would accept it when he hears that you have brought word from me that I am really displeased with some of his recent art. (GBH!--He did!)

       40. IT'S AMAZING HOW CLEVER THE DEVIL IS, BECAUSE THESE PROBLEMS HAVE ARISEN PARTICULARLY SINCE I'VE BEEN HERE! Gen may not know, Eman may not know, but the Devil knows I'm here! And as I warned the people downstairs the other night, "You may be glad to have me here & I may be a blessing in some ways, but I want to warn you that the Devil also knows I'm here & you'd better stay in prayer & on your guard & in the Word & close to the Lord, or the Devil will attack wherever he can--the weakest member!"

       41. ALL OF A SUDDEN LITTLE ST. CLAIRE BEGAN TO BE AFRAID OF THE DARK FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE! (Deborah's little girl, St. Clare.) I said, "Well, you don't know what the Devil may have done to try to scare her to death! She may have seen some demon or something!" She used to go voluntarily to bed in the dark, now she just practically screams when it's dark!

       42. WE TRIED TO TAKE HER THROUGH THAT TUNNEL ONE DAY & she started screaming bloody murder & her mother wanted to know what in the World's wrong with her? I said, "She wanted to go with us & we were going down through the tunnel, & all of a sudden when it began to get dark she started screaming!" She said, "Well, that's funny, she's gone through that tunnel before & she's never cried." But then they tried to do the same thing & she did it again!

       43. SO I SAID, "I MAY BE A BLESSING, BUT ALSO IN SOME WAYS IT'S A TERRIBLE RESPONSIBILITY TO HAVE ME AROUND, because I'm really the frontline & that's where the Enemy's attacking & he'll try to get into somebody! If he can't bother me, he'll try to bother somebody in the house!" And of course that's what happened to the little Creations Colony that came to Tenerife. He got ahold of the one tool he could really use, & boy, he really used it!--Gen!--And made us all have to leave!

       44. OKAY, THEN WE'RE AGREED THAT THE CREATIONS STAFF NEEDS TO GO TO ROME! Have you got a place for them there? They need to be right in with your Publications Colony. Have you got a good man running the Colony down there? Jus has run a Colony & he is fairly good about business things & he's getting better about personnel. He's been through some experiences with me & under my teaching, & there's one thing I think I've proved pretty well with them, they're really loyal! I'd just as soon he wouldn't have to have the administration, but if you need him, he could do it & manage a Publications Colony.

       45. I'VE FOUND ONE THING, ONCE PEOPLE ARE THROWN TOGETHER, YOU'LL SOON FIND OUT WHO THE LEADER IS! The guy who's got the leadership ability will wind up leading them no matter who he is. The sheep will look to the one who's the natural leader. That was really Jus' problem before, he was living in a Blob & never really actually was the leader of his Colony, he was just a part of a huge Blob & nobody knew anybody! They hardly knew each other, much less had any responsibility for each other. So when all of a sudden this couple was dumped on their hands with a baby, they really didn't know much about shepherding. But he sure learned fast! He'll never make the same mistake again not to take care of his sheep & really watch over them. I think he's learned his lesson, so it might work out. (He learned so well he later stole his own kids!)


       50. [DELETED] Jesus help us, Lord! Give them wisdom, Lord, great wisdom, wise as serpents, Lord, but harmless as doves! In Jesus' name, help them with this problem.--Amen! (And he did--She left! TG! TYJ!--And Eman's doing better than ever! GBH!--Amen? How are you doing?--Are you a problem? GHU!--In Jesus' name, amen.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family