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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

RED ALERT!       DFO 1469       12/4/83

       1. AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, THE MATTER IS SETTLED!--Not only by God & by His revelations to us, but it is settled as far as the participants are concerned. They are both planning to have this War & both eager to start it, & the quicker the better! That's exactly the way they feel about it, & the only question is which one of them is going to get to the finish line first where they think they're ready to press the button! There's no question about whether it's going to happen or not, & there's no question about it in my mind that it's going to happen this year before that God-damned December missile placement! They're crazy! Insane! Demonic! Demon-possessed! The Devil is rushing this thing as fast as he can, & I'm sure God is doing all He can to stop it & to hold him off, "until he is taken out of the way." (2Th.2:7)

       2. I HAVE A FEELING THAT GOD'S JUST WAITING ON US, BUT I DON'T THINK HE'S GOING TO BE ABLE TO WAIT FOREVER! You say, "Well, if He's waiting on us, why don't we stretch it out & prolong & delay it?" Well, it isn't necessarily going to work that way. Man's still a free moral agent. He still has a will of his own & can make his own decisions & do as he pleases. God is not going to stop him, although He can do what He can within certain limitations to delay him. Otherwise He's not going to stop him any more than He did Hitler or World War 1 or World War 2! That's man's doing. God can pull strings & do this & that to try to delay it as much as He can, but if we just fiddle around & twiddle our thumbs & don't really get on the ball & realise what pressure there is on us, we could be too late!

       3. I'VE BEEN SITTING UP HERE READING NIGHT & DAY, NOT EVEN WATCHING VIDEOS! I'm so concerned that it's so urgent to get out these most urgent Letters, especially those that are instruction & teaching & tutoring about the Future & what's coming, so they'll know. I'm just wondering if the Family realises how close it is! I wonder if you guys realise! I know I'm taking up your valuable time to tell you, but if it convinces you that the End is near & we had better get it out as fast as we can, it's worth it! Sprint is going to have to figure out some faster way of getting'm out, & we here are going to have to figure out some faster way of gettin'm done!

       4. I DON'T THINK THE DELAY IS ON MY PART! I am feeding those Letters to the office as fast as they can take it! But every single person involved has got to get on the ball & step on the gas & speed up! If you've been reading the papers, you know what I'm talking about! If we don't get'm out now, we may never be able to get'm out! So we'd better all get on the ball & step on the gas! I want you to remember that every time any of my stuff comes into the office they are to drop everything else & go to work on that! These GNs have top priority over everything else, is that clear? We don't want to be guilty of the delay on our end.

       5. I THINK I'M PUTTING'M OUT FAST ENOUGH--ARE YOU GUYS DOIN'M FAST ENOUGH?--AS FAST AS YOU CAN? You need to have a little conference & find out if there are any ways we can cut corners & make some shortcuts to do'm any faster, OK? Maybe we'll have to eliminate one of these steps like "semis" & just go straight to final or something! I've eliminated the underlining except for the individual words, what else can we eliminate? Stop everything & figure out some shortcuts & ways to do it quicker. What have we been doing that we can do without? OK? We're in a hurry, Son!

       6. NOW I MEAN IT--THINGS ARE GETTING DESPERATE! If you read the paper, you know! Relations between the U.S. & Russia are at an all-time low since the Cuban crisis, & Russia is not going to stand for those missiles being put over there. She has flat-out said that if so, she's going to have to put missiles in Cuba, the Caribbean & Central America--& you know the U.S. will never stand for that! Even if they're not ready, they'll start shootin' first. So it's later than you think!

       7. I WOULD BE HEARTBROKEN IF THE WAR BROKE OUT BEFORE WE GOT EVERY ONE OF THESE GNS OUT IN THE MAIL! For Sprint to be eight behind us is too much! Now where is the problem? We've got to find out! I was reading till four o'clock this morning & sent a stack of stuff to the office to make sure they had plenty to do this morning even if I got up late, so I don't think I'm the bottleneck. But even if it's just a little bit here & a little bit there, a little bit in the office & a little bit at Creations & a little bit at Sprint's, that can all add up! There's about five places where it can be held up: It's either me or the office or Creations or our reading time or Sprint's!--Or maybe it's all five places--or getting from one place to another. Now we have got to figure out how to cut it down. If each one of those spots is even a day late or a day slow or takes a day more than necessary, that's five days, nearly a week of unnecessary delay, & we've got to cure it somehow!

       8. I'LL TELL YOU RIGHT NOW, I'M NOT AS CONCERNED THAT THE GNs BREAK IN TWO AS LONG AS THEY GET'M!--If it's going to cause one more day's delay in gettin'm out by having them sewn. I might tolerate one day.--If sewn binding takes only one day more than perfect binding, but not more than that. And why should we give it another day when we're trying to cut down days?

       9. I WANT YOU TO GIVE A TALK TO THE FAMILY ABOUT THE READING, THAT THEY HAVE GOT TO GET ON THE BALL & GET BUSY! Maybe we're going to have to cut Video time at night & do nothing but read GNs! I suggest that we make this rule--I've been doing it up here--no video time until I get through with all my work. No evening videos unless they've finished reading their latest GN! How's that? And I want somebody down there to monitor. They don't get to watch video in the evening after dinner unless they have submitted their list of corrections of the latest GN that they've got in the house! That's one place we can cut the corners.

       10. I'M SORRY, BUT IF WE HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR GOD'S BUSINESS, IF WE HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR GOD'S WORK, IF WE HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR GOD'S WORD, THEN WE HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR VIDEOS OR ANYTHING ELSE! Is that clear? I want you to give it to the Family hot & heavy right at lunch, pass the word along with a bark! Tell'm if the bark doesn't do it, I'm gonna start bitin'! We're gonna cure this delay somehow! I realise that I have the advantage--all I have to do is sit here & read all day. But as our dear proofreader knows, he & I have to read'm several times over & go through'm time & time again before they're finished! And I then have to figure out how to fit'm & mock'm up & design art & all kinds of things you guys don't have to do. My God, you could at least read'm!

       11. WE CAN'T WAIT FOR SUNDAY TO ROLL AROUND TO READ THEM--THE HOUR IS LATE! This War is going to start any time & I would sure hate like Hell to have these still sittin' here on my sideboard! I want you guys just to come here & take a look at'm! Look! There they are! That's how far we're ahead of Sprint--plus, I am working on number 43 & have almost got it ready! If I'm not ten or a dozen ahead of Sprint, I don't know what! (--And this is 45! HAL! We're rollin'!--Are you?)

       12. I REALISE I'M AHEAD OF HIM & I HAVE TO STAY AHEAD OF HIM, but we are all going to have to figure out some way to push these GNs through the pipeline faster, or that War is going to catch us & we're going to have these still sitting here! It just makes me think like this: If we can't thin out this number of how far ahead of everybody else I'm gettin', just whatever you see on this sideboard is still going to be right there when the War begins! So what the Hell good would it have been for me to have done all that work & have them still sitting there?--Not to speak of all the poor hard-working people in the office!

       13. I WANT TO THIN OUT THIS BATCH! I'd like to get it down to where I'd never see more than two sitting there at a time! Maybe this little visual illustration will help you get the point. I don't see any reason why I should be that far ahead. I don't take'm off of here until I hear that Sprint has mailed them--they stay there until then. When he's mailed them, I take them off of there & stick'm on the bookshelf. So you just keep that in mind. Get a picture of that in your mind & remember it. God helpin' me, I don't want more than two to four of those still sitting there-& I'd rather say two--when the War begins!--Especially right now when these are all so extremely important.

       14. I FEEL LIKE THIS WAR IS GOING TO PROBABLY BE THIS YEAR, & SOON, & every paper I pick up it looks like it's closer! They're getting tougher all the time, talking tougher & things are at the worst possible state since the Cuban missile crisis!--And even worse, because they've both got more missiles now & they're both more ready to fire'm & acting like they're going to do it!

       15. I WANT YOU TO WALK OUT OF HERE WITH THIS QUESTION IN MIND: "HOW MANY OF THOSE GNS ARE GOING TO BE ON DAD'S TABLE WHEN THE WAR BEGINS? If there are more than two, was it partly my fault?--Our fault?--Creations' fault?--Sprint's fault? Whose fault is it going to be?" Have you got the picture? Well, it's that urgent & it's that important! I want you to lay it on the line with the Family at noon today & tell'm that unless they've got their latest corrections in for the latest GN they have had in their hand, no Video or nothing tonight!--They go straight from dinner to their room & read the GN till they've finished it! Is that clear?

       16. IF WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR GNS, WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR RECREATION, SO-CALLED, OR AMUSEMENT, OR ENTERTAINMENT! I've been sitting up all night in order to make sure we've got enough work for them to start on early in the morning. I'm dead serious about this, boys, it's urgent! Question your own mind & your own heart: "Am I partly to blame? If those folks out there don't get one of these in time to know what's going to happen, is it going to be my fault?"

       17. WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR PERFECTION! We want it correct, we want it accurate, but right now with that War impending hanging over our heads like the Sword of Damocles, it's more important in this case to get it out, even if it's not perfect! Is that clear? If the Family here can't read'm fast enough & I have to start tellin'm to send'm, corrections or no, I'm going to do it! If Sprint's got to get another printer or another binder or whatever, they're going to have to do it!--Or another photographer or get somebody to help them do the positives.

       18. I DON'T WANT THESE GNS STILL SITTING HERE ON MY TABLE WHEN THE WAR BEGINS! Thank God the worst will be over in one day, one hour, but when it happens, it will happen suddenly! There's not going to be any advance warning unless God gives it to us--& I think He's given us enough already! Why should He have to give us any more? I want you to give it to Sprint hot & heavy about this & tell him how urgent it is! I'm not angry with him, he's probably doing all he possibly can, but I want you to tell him to get his folks together & pray desperately for God to show'm some way to make some shortcuts & to do it faster. Is that clear?

       19. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT & IT DOESN'T HAVE TO LAST FOREVER, FOR GOD'S SAKE--the Millennium's coming before that, don't worry about it--but they've just gotta last long enough for the Family to read'm at least, if no more! I wouldn't have had them put this little binding on if I hadn't thought it was absolutely necessary for wear & tear, because this is something they are going to keep & read for awhile & pass around a lot, because we can't send'm enough copies. So I don't think I'm doing anything that isn't absolutely essential. I wouldn't have this binding if I didn't think it was essential. So you just tell Sprint to get their people together & pray!--And maybe you'd better get the Family together & have desperate prayer at lunchtime as to how we can all work faster & take some shortcuts & eliminate anything that is not absolutely essential!

       20. ASK YOURSELF THIS QUESTION: "IS WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT THIS MINUTE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEIR GETTING THE WORD OF GOD IN THEIR HANDS TO READ AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE?" I want you to lay aside everything else & forget everything else, if you have to forget your Quotations or anything else. Of course, you guys have got to be doing something else, praise God, & that was a beautiful letter you wrote, Son. You sure are a diplomat! But I must say, I could hear Maria in there! She just absolutely refuses to take credit for it & says you did it all & that she just gave you a few ideas. I know she can write'm, she just thinks she can't write'm! But I saw her out there dictating to you. She's got the inspiration, the talent, the anointing & God's going to give it to her more & more all the time. She doesn't like to have to sit down & laboriously write every word of it, & she doesn't have to, she's a Queen. She's like an important person who has a ghost writer--she tells you what to write & you write it!

       21. BUT I WANT YOU TO ASK YOURSELF THE QUESTION: "IS WHAT I AM DOING GEARED TO GETTING THE WORD OF GOD IN THEIR HANDS AS FAST AS I CAN? And whatever I'm doing, is it more important than getting the Word of God in their hands before the War? Would I want to be caught doing what I'm doing right now when the bombs blow up?--Is my conscience going to be clear of the guilt & my hands free & clean of the blood of those people? Will I have done my best to get the Word to the Family so they'll be prepared?"

       22. YOU MAY THINK THIS WILD CONJECTURE ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM IS A LOT OF MALARKEY OR IMAGINATION, BUT I THINK IT'S JUST AS CONCRETE & PRACTICAL & DOWN-TO-EARTH & SENSIBLE & LOGICAL AS IT CAN BE! I think it's just as important as can be to encourage them & to inspire them to do a better job now, because they're going to have a bigger job to do tomorrow!--And that they're preparing for it & they'd better get on the ball & get busy at it & realise how important it is, instead of fiddling around & loafing around & fooling around with things that are not important.

       23. YOU HAVE GOT TO GET READY TO RULE THE WORLD! I'm not kidding! Do you think I'm crazy? If you think I'm crazy, well, read the Bible! What are you doing that's more important than getting ready to rule the World? Well, the only thing I can think of is saving souls, this is their last chance, although I think the Millennium is going to give another chance to the people that deserve it.--Maybe even the New Earth, I don't know.

       24. THE MORE I POUR OUT, THE MORE THE LORD POURS IN, & MY IDEAS & CONVICTIONS ON THESE THINGS ARE BEGINNING TO JELL MORE & MORE! As you'll notice, they get clearer & clearer as it comes. Some of the older Letters aren't quite as clear on some of these things, but my positions are beginning to solidify on some of these interpretations, if you want to call them that, & I think it's because the Holy Spirit is leading that way to convince'm & convict'm & show'm that it's important that they know & they be getting ready for it now & that they've got nothing on God's Earth more important to do than to save souls & witness to get souls ready for that! Jesus first, others second--get them ready--& last but not least, get yourself ready for the job you've got to do. And if they're doing anything else than putting God first & saving souls--others--& preparing themselves to literally rule the World, then they're wasting time!

       25. I DON'T EVEN NEED TO WATCH ANY MORE VIDEO--except once in awhile if it's a significant or important or historic or symbolic picture of something that I need to know in order to know what's going on & what the U.S. & the World are producing! I still don't watch till I'm too tired to do anything else, & then I go to sleep. But I don't think there's anything more important to watch than what you see on that table, frankly. I mean it!--All these GNs!

       26. WHAT HAS ANYBODY ELSE IN THIS WORLD GOT TO SAY THAT'S MORE IMPORTANT? Do you know anybody else that's teaching this much about the Future & knows this much about it & is this straight on Bible Prophecy as we are? Do you know anybody else? For God's sake, if you do, you go find'm for me & I'll follow'm! I want to know what they know! If they know more about it than I do, I want to hear about it! My Lord, I read nearly every book there was on the subject when I was young & had the time! I studied the Bible forward, backward, upside-down & right-side-up & I know that thing from cover to cover! I may not know all the references just right, & I may not always quote'm straight, but I've got the thing pretty straight--& straighter than anybody else I know! I'm not as screwed-up as some of the rest of these crazy preachers. I've got it straight!

       27. I'VE GOT 64 YEARS OF STUDY BEHIND ME ON IT--OR AT LEAST 60--BECAUSE I'VE BEEN INTERESTED IN IT FROM THE BEGINNING! I've gone through it, compared it with everybody else's interpretations & whatnot, & I think we have got about the best all-round symposium of interpretation of Bible Prophecy in particular & doctrine in general of any denomination or religion I know! We've got a little bit of the best out of everybody, including from the Mormons & the Seventh Day Adventists & the Jehovah's Witnesses to the Catholics or God knows who!--With a little bit of Oriental religion thrown in! Whatever they're right on, I don't mind proclaiming, even if it's reincarnation & spiritism & whatnot. I don't know anybody else that's got it.

       28. IF YOU KNOW OF ANYBODY ELSE THAT'S GOT A BETTER MESSAGE THAN OURS OR KNOWS MORE ABOUT IT THAN WE DO, THEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW, WILL YOU?--And we'll start publishing their stuff! OK? But I haven't found it yet. I'm like Peter: "To whom shall we go?" (Jn.6:68)I haven't found anybody else who knows more about it than the Lord & what He's told us. So I think it's important to study it! It's more important than doing anything else we're doing except gettin' it out--& feeding the army or cleaning the house or whatever it takes to keep it going & keep us happy & healthy so we can get it done!--And financially able, don't forget that! How about it?

       29. I WANT YOU TO ASK YOURSELF: "WHAT AM I DOING THAT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE DONE TO GET THIS WORD IN THE HANDS OF THE FAMILY JUST AS FAST AS WE CAN?" And I mean this Word--the GNs at the top of the list! Thank God for the Family News, thank God for the quotes & all the rest, it's all very good. But I want to tell you right now, this information about the Future is the most important! I believe it. I think it's more important for them to get these GNs in their hands before the War & this information on the Future & what's coming & what's happening than anything else we're puttin' out!

       30. IF FNS ARE TAKING TOO MUCH OF SPRINT'S TIME & YOURS & MARIA'S, LET'S FORGET'M! Let's stop doing the FNs & I'll step on the gas & I'll produce enough GNs to keep them busy reading all month without an FN to worry about! I'll do it! If that's what it takes to get these on the wagon, I'll drop everything else & stop producing everything else including the Quotebooks & whatnot!--If that's what's delaying us & taking Sprint's time so that they can't get these out faster. Or if we're delaying it here, we're going to stop reading everything else but GNs until they're done, is that clear? And when I'm talking about reading right after dinner, I'm not talking about reading something else! I'm talking about they're not to read another thing, look at another thing, study anything else, watch videos, nothing until they've got their GN read! Is that clear? When they've handed in their corrections on the latest GN, OK, you can give'm some kind of a clearing signal or some kind of a ticket or green passes! You can get those big buttons: "I finished my GN" or "GN Done!" The kids would love to make those up! They could wear it around all day, bragging about how they've already finished the GN!: "GN Number____Read!" How about that?

       31. I WANT YOU TO MAKE BADGES & I WANT EVERYBODY TO WEAR ONE AROUND THE HOUSE! Do you think I'm crazy? Well, all right, I'm crazy! They gave out medals & ribbons in the army for work done & accomplished, & they give out prizes & awards in industry & business for the same thing--I want to see who's done their reading! Maybe you could make a little list of all the Letters in the GN & check'm off one by one on their card. If they haven't finished the whole thing, at least they can show how much they have finished. I don't want to see anybody in this house without that pinned to their shirt or hanging on their hair or on their shorts or something! Now you're looking at me like: "Dad is a tyrant!" Pin it to your shorts, boys! Hang it onto your titties, girls, or wear it in your hair or something! I want to see how far along you are reading the GNs!

       32. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THAT & MY BEING A TEACHER AT SCHOOL? That's the way I used to do at school, I used to check up on everybody's homework & find out what they'd done & what they hadn't done & gave'm tests--why not here? You're in school, & a much more important school than you were ever in before in your whole life! We're producing for the whole World! That might be a good idea for the whole Family Worldwide: "I read my GN today!" "I'm on Letter so-&-so!" "I finished GN No. so-&-so!" Work on a sign, Son, to show exactly where they're at! We're going to cure this delay in getting this reading done! (Dad sees Maria has disappeared:) God bless her, it must be something important! She must be warning the Family! She's the typical intercessor--she tries to cushion the blow & get the word to'm before they get the bark or the bite!--An intercessor, mediator between me & you! All right! Let's see these badges by tonight! Just a 3 x 5 file card!--Or we could even wear a Xerox of the GN cover to show which one we finished. I mean it!

       33. WELL, THAT'S WHERE WE'RE AT--& I WANT TO KNOW WHERE WE'RE AT! I want to know if there's any way we can make shortcuts to eliminate any unnecessary steps & any place where we're goldbricking or we're just going through the same motions as we were last time. Just because we used to do it that way, doesn't mean we have to do it that way today! I'll never forget that office job I had with the District Attorney in Miami & I kept having to type this code on the bottom of every subpoena & summons. I said, "What's this for?" And nobody in the office knew what it was for! "We've just always been doing it, that's all!" Well, it made me have to roll my typewriter up, do another line of typing, & sometimes it would slip out! It was right on the very bottom of the sheet & it was a damn nuisance! So just because it's always been done before & that's always the way we've done it, doesn't mean we have to keep doing it that way if there's some easier, quicker, shorter, better, faster way to do it!

       34. I'D LIKE TO SEE THESE GNS MOVE OUT AS FAST AS I GET'M READ & THEY GET'M PROCESSED! I don't like to see a whole bunch of them still sitting here! They may look pretty, but I don't have them there for decoration! You think about the size of this stack up here every time you think about it! Next time you're in here, look & see if it dwindled. So you guys work on the badges & the office, & these guys can work on any administration shortcuts & Creations & Sprint! Let's go! HALLELUJAH!

       35. LORD BLESS THEM & HELP THEM, ENCOURAGE THEM, STRENGTHEN THEM & GIVE THEM THE WISDOM & THE SKILL, THE DIVINE ANOINTING & LEADING, THY MANTLE, LORD, TO SOMEHOW DO IT SMOOTHER, FASTER & MORE EFFECTIVELY, LORD, & surely & with all the shortcuts possible so we can get these things out before the War!--Which looks like it's going to come any day!--In Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! Protect us, Lord, & thank You for how You have. You've provided every need, Lord, & given us the easiest most comfortable possible convenient protected place & way to do things here! Surely You've done everything You possibly can do for us, now help us to do our best for You & for the Family & to get these out to them as quick as we can to prepare them for what's coming. Help us not to get caught short, Lord, with not our pants down, but our printing down & still sitting here on my table, in Jesus' name!--Amen!

       36. SORRY TO YELL AT YOU, BUT THAT'S MY JOB, I GUESS, IS TO GET THE TEAM GOING! There's only one way you can get a team of horses going, & that's to crack the whip! Even if you don't hit'm, it pops real loud close to their ears. But I'll tell you, if they don't move, then you start snappin' right against the flesh! So let's get movin'! GBY!

       37. I'VE ALREADY BEEN CUTTING DOWN A FEW CORNERS ON MY READING. I just decided it's so important for you to get the thing through fast that there are certain things that are just not absolutely essential. When I get back some of these copies, I am not going to re-read the whole thing, I don't have time. That means I've got to trust you that the corrections were made, & made right. So brother, if any mistakes are made in the re-run, outside of those marked corrections, I'm gonna hold you to blame for it, because you did it, not me! I don't have time to read them so many times. I do well enough to read it once thoroughly & then check the corrections each time it comes back. I've even quit reading the final print-out--does that shock you? I don't have time. So I'm trusting you guys & that machine not to make a mistake. That "semi" is supposed to be perfect! We've cut out a few steps already, & we're going to cut out some more to speed things through!

       38. EVEN IF WE MAKE A FEW LITTLE TINY TYPOS & A FEW ERRORS, SO WHAT? If they can't figure it out, well, let'm read on! Just like the Bible--you don't quit reading just because you can't understand one little thing. Just keep on reading, there's something else you can understand. PTL! OK? GBY! I love you! I don't beat ya because I hate ya, but to show you that I love you! And I'm preaching this to myself too! You guys figure out some way you can make shortcuts! Go step by step through every single operation--what can we do without? What can we shorten? (And you, Family, should do the same regarding your work!)

       39. EVERY OTHER OUTFIT THAT AMOUNTS TO A HILL OF BEANS HAS SOME KIND OF EFFICIENCY EXPERTS, time & motion study they call it, efficiency experts who figure out how to speed things up & make things more efficient & cut out things you don't have to have. Well, let's go to work & do it! I don't like to see so many of these things sitting up here! They're pretty, but I didn't make'm for a decoration! I'd feel better if I didn't have so many of them to look at! OK? Let's get'm out! It's urgent!

       40. RUSSIA IS NOT GOING TO ALLOW THE DEPLOYMENT OF THOSE MISSILES OVER THERE IN DECEMBER, & either she is going to start shooting first--which means November or whenever they start shipping them or flying them over--or she's going to start flying hers over to the Caribbean at the same time! And if either one of them will allow that, I would be surprised!

       41. DO YOU KNOW WHEN NEARLY EVERY SINGLE MAJOR WAR HAS BEGUN?--SUMMER! So is there any reason why this one shouldn't? Everything works better, including missiles. Remember, right after the missile rain, the next thing they've got to do is roll in on the ground & take it over, whatever, & that's hard to do in the mud & the rain & the cold! So I'd say thank God if we've got to the middle of July! Why don't you make that a target date for getting out everything absolutely essential that has to get out!

       42. LET'S HAVE NO MORE FRIVOLITY OR WASTING TIME OR JUST LOAFING AROUND & TAKING IT EASY! Time is short & God is going to have to drive us now to get things done, & get'm done fast! Don't blame it on God!--It's our own fault for being so God-damned slow before this & not working faster, taking it too easy. Now the time is very short & we're just going to have to really press in to get it done!

       43. MOST OF US DON'T DO OUR BEST UNLESS IT'S UNDER PRESSURE! Let's face it, nobody does anything they don't have to. If I didn't feel like I had to, I wouldn't be sitting up all night doing these things now, but I do because I think the hour's so late! Ask Maria, I don't even watch video any more. I sit up all night till 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning just doing GNs! Well, let's hope that this time spent sharpening the scythe has not been time wasted, but that we're going to harvest a lot faster from here on & get things done faster.--Amen?--Are you?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family