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VOLCANO!       Nice, France, 6/3/79       DFO1472

       1. PRAY FOR ME! (Maria: Amen, Jesus, TYL! Jesus, help him to have peace & rest, Lord, in Jesus' name. TYL! Do you want to tell me?) TYL! Later, Honey, I'm tired. (Maria: Just tell me real quick then.) Oh, I couldn't, it's so long! My goodness. (Maria: Tell me all about it, OK?) No, no, no, no, it's a big long thing! (Maria: Well, tell me some. Where was the volcano?) Honey, please be still! (Maria: Tell me just where it was.) I don't know! (Maria: Well, I think you'd better tell me some of it.) Don't worry, I won't forget it. I had it two nights now! (Maria: And you don't have any idea where it was?) Well, Honey, you're waking me up.

       2. I DREAMED IT AGAIN LAST NIGHT, EXACTLY THE SAME DREAM IN EVERY DETAIL, ONLY MORE! (Maria: In that case the Lord must want you to tell me.) Well, of course, but not right now, Honey. I woke up at twenty to eight & I'd just had the dream & I kept going over & over it to try to be sure to remember it! I prayed if it was the Lord's will to tell you He'd have me wake up, & I didn't get back to sleep until about twenty after ten. (Maria: Maybe you should tell me now then, since you have gone over it & you are awake. They you can sleep better.)

       3. I MUST HAVE GONE TO SLEEP PART OF THAT TIME, BECAUSE I KEPT GETTING MORE & MORE, just like the Lord was making me go over every step of it to get every detail. (Maria: I think if you tell me now it will be better, because the details always fade when you go back to sleep.) I'm so sleepy. (Maria: But you'll sleep a lot better.) Honey, you're merciless! (Maria: You'll sleep a lot better if you tell me first.) When it comes to the Word, you're merciless, Good for you, Honey!

       4. I TOLD THE LORD YESTERDAY, "IF YOU WANT ME TO REMEMBER THAT DREAM, YOU'LL HAVE TO REMIND ME." I thought He would remind me right then, but then He waited until this morning & gave me the dream over again, every detail! Ahhhhh! Well, anyway, we were driving. Now I don't understand this at all. All I know is what I dreamt. Lord Jesus, help me to remember it again, in Jesus' name!

       5. ARE THERE ANY VOLCANOES AROUND HERE? (Maria: I have no idea! I haven't heard of any!) Did that valley up there that we looked at from the clinic look like a volcanic crater? Well, maybe it was just symbolic, you know! Maybe it's another warning from the Lord, because I had almost weakened & decided we had better go back to the hospital. (Maria: Don't do that!)

       6. WELL, IN MY DREAM, ALL OF A SUDDEN THAT WHOLE VALLEY WAS A VOLCANIC CRATER! (Maria: Which whole valley?) That you see from the clinic, I think, but I'm not sure! I knew it must be something significant because I dreamt it the night before. Help me get this straight, Lord, please help me to get this straight. TYJ! In Jesus' name!

       7. (MARIA: LORD HELP HIM, TAKE THE PAIN AWAY, IN JESUS' NAME!) You can put your hand on my tummy. It says to lay hands on the sick! (Maria: Well, I had it down there.) It's my bowels, Honey. Your tummy's above your bowels next to your heart. (Maria: Amen, help it, Lord. Relax his tummy. Take the pain away & discomfort.) In Jesus' name, Amen Lord. (Maria: You're the God that heals us & by Thy stripes we're healed.)

       8. THANK YOU JESUS FOR MARIA! HONEY, YOU'VE SUCH A WONDERFUL GIFT OF HEALING FOR ME! I'm always better, right away better, when you pray for me, Honey! Isn't that marvellous? You're my little healer! Oh, that feels so good. Why did the Lord have me have to worry about that dream for two whole hours or more? (Maria: I don't know! I'm so sorry.) I kept going over & over & over it. In fact, I think I kept dreaming it again. TYJ! Jesus, help me to remember it!

       9. WE WERE DRIVING, & IT WAS LIKE WE WERE GOING UP TO CIMIEZ RIMIEZ. Now what could that word Rimiez mean, unless it means a rim? And do you know, that's what they call the edge of a volcano, a volcanic crater? They call it the rim! Well, isn't this funny? I even had a figure. We drove up four kilometers & we reached the top. Then we were driving down into the crater.

       10. NOW, MIND YOU, THIS IS NOT AN ACTIVE VOLCANO. I only knew by what happened afterwards that it was a volcano, but it was such a surprise, Help me, Lord! TYL! In Jesus' name! I didn't know it was a volcano at all at the beginning of the dream, or that there was anything strange or unusual or dangerous about it at all. It was sort of like maybe the warning about Cimiez Rimiez. I don't know, maybe that's why we're not supposed to go up there. Jesus help me, Lord, in Jesus' name!

       11. WE CAME DOWN FROM THE RIM INTO WHAT WAS REALLY THE EXTINCT CRATER, do you know what I mean? A crater is actually a volcano. Well, this small crater or the depression at the top of this mountain was filled with houses & buildings & a whole village. It wasn't the kind of place you'd expect to find a volcano.

       12. I NEVER WOULD HAVE SUSPECTED IT WAS A VOLCANIC CRATER, but as we were going up the side of it to the rim, the whole mountain gave a big shudder & we wondered, "What in the World? Are we having an earthquake?" We followed the road down into this depression on the top of this little valley, which turned out to be apparently the crater, & we came to this place in the road where some of the road had sunk about six inches across the road. The depression was about 15 feet wide which ran along across the road. I don't know how far it ran to the right, but it ran quite a ways to the left, oh, maybe several hundred yards like an earthquake fault, you know!

       13. EXCUSE ME, I HAVE TO KEEP MY EYES SHUT TO HELP REMEMBER IT! And it's the funniest thing that I had the dream while I was on my back! (Maria: Is it better to lie on your back?) When I turn over to my side like this, the whole crater tips up. On my back it was level & normal, but when I get on my side like this, it's in the same position in relation to my head, but now it's vertical to the horizon, isn't that peculiar? (Maria: That's strange!) It's like it's so deeply impressed on my mind that it stays in that position.

       14. WELL, ANYWAY, THERE WAS THIS BIG LONG PIECE OF EARTH THAT WAS SUNK, it was already sunk about six inches. It was obviously sunk clear across the road because the pavement was broken & it was still sort of rumbling & grinding-like, & still sinking, just little by little, with rumbles. I said, "Well, we can't go any further. We can't get across there. That might give way any time. We'll just have to go back. We cannot cross this, it's too dangerous!"

       15. I SAID, "IT'S APT TO JUST SINK ANY TIME!" Some of those things have been known to sink--big cracks ten feet wide--to sink down for a hundred feet to three hundred feet & swallow whole houses & stuff, you know? Big earthquakes! (Maria: Were you on the other side coming down, or on this side going up?) No, no, no! We went up the rim. I told you that, four kilometers. There was something about four kilometers!

       16. THEN COMING DOWN ON THE OTHER SIDE into the village, we came to this place in the road where it was all sunk clear across the road. I don't know how far to the right, but quite a ways to the left. (Maria: So you could still turn back & leave?) Yes! We could still turn around & go back! Oh, TYL! TYJ! Precious Lord, help me to remember in Jesus' name!

       17. I DON'T KNOW, IT MUST BE IMPORTANT FOR SOME REASON BECAUSE I DREAMED IT TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! And I've told you there was something I forgot & I thought was important & I couldn't remember it?? I mean, I dreamt it all over again, even in bigger detail last night, I guess, because I asked the Lord to give it back to me! I was faithful in wanting to remember & the Lord was faithful to give it back to me, even in greater detail than before, in Jesus' name!

       18. SO I SAID, "WE'LL HAVE TO TURN AROUND. We'll just have to turn around & go back!" And we turned around & we stopped at this sort of inn-like restaurant, you know, the old-fashioned inns they have here in Europe. We thought we ought to stop at the nearest place & warn the people, maybe phone the authorities, you know, that there was a real problem up here!

       19. THIS WAITRESS CAME OUT & SHE WAS GOING TO TAKE THIS TRAY that some guy had ordered catered out to some place which was on the other side of this depression. We were still outside, standing outside the car, & she started over there & I said, "Oh no, no, no! You can't go over there! It's dangerous! There's some kind of an earthquake fault or something going on & there's a depression there that's sinking & you don't dare go over there!"

       20. SHE WAS QUITE CONFIDENT & PERKY sort of, like some waitresses are, & said, "Oh, I don't care! I can make it! I'll go down here a little ways!"--And she went down a little further to the left where it wasn't quite as deep & said, "I'll just cross over down here!"

       21. AND RIGHT THEN, JUST AS SHE GOT ON THE EDGE, IT LET GO & BLEW, I mean, in a real eruption of this hot, sort of black, oily substance & hot rocks & debris & everything! It nearly covered her so that she fell down on the road in it & I ran to her rescue. She said, "Oh, I'm all right, I'm all right, don't worry!" Then she fainted & I knew she was injured & probably burned from this stuff that came out of the ground!

       22. IT REALLY SPEWED OUT LIKE 50 TO A HUNDRED FEET IN THE AIR & it was scattering all over the place & raining down, & I grabbed her. I don't know why I was by myself right then & nobody helped me, I think everybody was scared stiff or some were afraid to go near this stuff, you know!

       23. I WAS IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WHITE SUIT but I thought, "Well, Lord, this is the end of this suit!" & I waded right into this stuff and grabbed her under the armpits and tried to drag her to safety. I was just getting splattered. what an awful mess, with all this like hot black crude oil & hot rocks like cinders! They were raining down on our heads & everything! Hot! And there were fumes and everything!

       24. I TRIED MY BEST TO PICK HER UP UNDER THE ARMPITS & DRAG HER ALONG! I had to, of course, drag her feet, I just couldn't pick her up all the way, she was heavy. She wasn't a big girl, but for me it was heavy to do! I dragged her towards the restaurant & I thought, "If I can just get her inside we'll get out of these showers of cinders & hot rocks & this black oily stuff & maybe we can get to safety!"

       25. IT WAS REALLY SPOUTING AWAY BY THIS TIME! A huge area like two or three acres had just blown its lid, flipped its lid completely & was spouting way up like a hundred feet in the air, with this funny noise like "Ka-pooooo, ka-poooooo" you know! I don't know what to compare it to, it was just like those hot lakes in the Western United States, those mud lakes where big bubbles would come up & go "poooo" like that!

       26. ANYHOW, I DID MY BEST TO DRAG HER AND SHE SAID, "YOU'RE HURTING MY FEET, I think I'm hurt!" And of course, she probably was burned & I was dragging her along the pavement. I said, "Well, I've got to get you to safety, I've got to get you out of this!" I think she fainted again from the pain or something & I dragged her back into the entrance of the restaurant.

       27. BY THIS TIME, EVERYBODY WAS STANDING AROUND, but it was like they were just frozen with terror, just absolutely fascinated with the horror of it all, & nobody would make a move! It was just like they were absolutely frozen with terror! (Maria: Were there a lot of people around?) Quite a few people! The people in the restaurant began coming to the windows & the doorway & looking out & all, & I pulled her into an alcove or entrance way & some of the restaurant people took care of her then & took her off my hands!

       28. I SAID, "WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE! We've just got to get out of here! We've got to jump in the car & drive back the other direction as fast as we can go before this whole thing blows its top!" And it was spouting! Several acres of it had blown up completely & was just spouting huge geysers of fire & this black oily stuff & hot rocks & cinders & smoke & fire & everything. I just knew that it was a volcanic eruption & that it was really just probably the beginning.

       29. SO WE JUMPED BACK IN THE CAR & WE BEGAN TO DRIVE OUT OF THE CRATER as fast as we could & back the other direction. And I was a mess! I mean, I even hated to get in the car, I figured I was going to ruin everything, all the upholstery and everything, because I was just half-covered with this black hot tarry substance & my beautiful white suit all ruined. The stuff had nearly covered this poor girl, half-covered her, & her legs especially. Her legs really got it, I was so sorry for her, I think they got burned!

       30. SO WE JUST DROVE AS FAST AS WE COULD BACK THE OTHER DIRECTION & DECIDED TO GET OUT OF THE CRATER! Somehow or another I just knew then that this whole peaceful little valley where all these houses & buildings & this little village was, was apparently an extinct volcanic crater. Nobody warned us! Nobody ever told us that! It never looked like they'd ever had any problem with it at all, but I just seemed to know then that "this thing is an extinct volcanic crater!--And it's about to blow its top and we've got to get out of here!"

       31. I WAS SO CONCERNED & SCARED & FRIGHTENED & EXCITED trying to drive out of there as fast as we could that I woke up! It was twenty to eight! (Maria: That's certainly strange!) And I remember then, I think even while this scene was going on, I knew I remembered that I had dreamed the same thing the night before!

       32. BUT IT WAS A FUNNY THING, THE NIGHT BEFORE WE ONLY GOT TO THE EDGE OF THE SUNKEN DEPRESSION ACROSS THE HIGHWAY. That's as far as the dream went the night before. Isn't that funny? (Maria: And then it stopped. You hadn't turned back to go to the little restaurant?) No, or rescued the waitress or anything. And the eruption hadn't begun the night before! That's as far as it went! I just remembered, as it went that far, that I had had that much before. Now this morning it went all that way! Oh Lord, I hope I don't have it again!

       33. (MARIA: BUT YOU'RE PRETTY SURE IT WAS HERE IN NICE UP AT CIMIEZ RIMIEZ?) That's the funny part about it! Yes, I was definitely under the impression we were going to Cimiez Rimiez, & that we were driving up to the clinic. Isn't that funny? (Maria: But this was past the clinic?) Nope, nope! See, the clinic was beyond. I had the impression we were going to the clinic but it wasn't in exactly the same position. You know, you get to the clinic like it's right on the rim & then you drive down to the valley, you know?--Behind the clinic. Well, now it could be. It could be! All I know is I remember that on the way up, we were on the way to the clinic.

       34. WELL, I REMEMBER IT WAS ALL VERY VERY EXCITING & DRAMATIC AND VIVID, & when I woke up at twenty minutes till eight, you were still asleep, of course, & I said, "I must remember this! I must remember it!" So in that sort of half asleep, half-awake, trance-like state, I kept trying to go over the dream & remember every detail vividly, just like you look at a picture. You look over here, you look over there & you look at the different parts of the picture to try to be sure you remember it, so I could be sure to remember & tell you about it!

       35. I KEPT GOING OVER THE DREAM, EXACTLY FROM BEGINNING TO END SO THAT I WOULDN'T FORGET IT, because I knew somehow that it was important. And yet now I don't know how in the World it could be important, except all I know is that I dreamt it twice! Maybe I was just having hallucinations or something, Honey, or delirium or something like people have. (Maria: I'm sure it must be important for some reason, whether it's literal or symbolic!)

       36. ARE THERE ANY CRATERS AROUND NICE, OR ANY EXTINCT VOLCANOS? (Maria: Well, we'll have to find out! I don't know!) Have you ever heard of any? (Maria: No!) Well, for some reason or another, I know that the four kilometers was important. (Maria: But from where?) Well, it seemed like to me that this four kilometers was from somewhere to the top! That's what it was! Maybe that was from the bottom to the top! It was something like on the way up it was four kilometers. (Where Techi was born!)

       37. ANYHOW, THAT WAS DEFINITELY MY IMPRESSION, THAT FROM SOMEWHERE IT WAS FOUR KILOMETERS TO THE TOP! Now, would that fit the distance from the bottom to the top of Rimiez? Somebody could go in the car & measure & see! And I had a definite impression again that it was the Cimiez Rimiez route, but when you get to the top of the rim, I don't remember the clinic, isn't that funny?--But I had the impression that was where it was, but if so, then we had driven beyond it or even down in the valley, & what for, I don't know! Whether we even stopped at the clinic or we just went on down in the valley, I don't know! Ah, Jesus, PYL! ILY, Honey! (Maria: I love you!)

       38. IT WAS REALLY A FRIGHTENING, EXCITING EXPERIENCE & we were really scared & desperate! We jumped in the car & we had the feeling like, "Well, if these people want to just stay here & stand around & watch what happens, I'm not going to stand around here & wait for it! I'm getting out of here!"--And we just drove like mad & tried to get out of the crater & back up over the rim & get away, & that's the last I remember!

       39. NOW, I DON'T KNOW WHETHER THAT'S LITERAL OR WHETHER IT'S SYMBOLIC, another warning not to go up there, that there's trouble there.--Fire, explosion, a volcano! Symbolically, you know, that if we went up there again it could really erupt! Maybe that's what it means! (Maria: Since you said you were about to decide to go to the clinic after all.) Yes, I really was thinking about it, since you can't seem to get any definite commitments from any of these doctors or mid-wives to come! (Maria: Well, the Lord will just have to do it. We'll let Him do a miracle!)

       40. WELL, I'M ALWAYS LEERY ABOUT HAVING BABIES AT HOME ANYHOW, when we don't have the proper equipment & everything! (Maria: Oh, we certainly have the proper equipment, that's no problem.) Well, they've got all those special machines to help suck out the mucous & all kinds of stuff! (Maria: Well, we have a little thing to suck out the mucous too, that's not a big thing. Honey, you had that dream that was supposed to encourage you, that I gave one big push & she came out! We just need to pray that the Lord will give us the right person, & He'll do it! So PTL!) (Techi's birth!)

       41. WELL, IT'S FUNNY I SHOULD HAVE THAT DREAM TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW & so close after that Cimiez Rimiez Dream! I guess the Lord was trying to scare me out of going up there! (Maria: Yes! I wonder why He doesn't show you the exact reason.) Maybe it would scare me for sure! (Maria: Well, if He had, maybe it would be worse!) And what's the waitress got to do with it? I mean, that was so real about me getting my beautiful white suite all messed up. (Maria: I wonder why you had on a white suit?)

       42. IT WAS REALLY A SACRIFICE TO WADE INTO THAT STUFF & GRAB HER & try to pull her out & try to save her! I was really trying to save her, but she wouldn't listen to me! She wouldn't heed my warning not to go into it! Well, I don't know, Honey, I just don't know! These dreams are so strange! Sometimes we get the answer later, usually we do! Sometimes we get the answer right away & interpretation!

       43. ABOUT THE ONLY THING THAT CAME TO ME IS THAT THIS IS NOT LITERAL, something that is going to happen, it must be symbolic. Well, I can understand a symbolic interpretation, because if there's some danger up there for us like the Lord showed us before, well that sure made it pretty vivid! Don't go up! Well, now I told you, now let me go to sleep!

       44. I REALLY COULDN'T SLEEP GOOD FROM THEN ON, till I remember the last time I looked at the clock it was at least 10:20, & I think that's when we went back to sleep then, but then I woke up...(Maria: About half-an-hour later!) It's 11:30 now! We must have waked up about 11 o'clock, huh? (Maria: Yes, at ten till eleven. We slept about half-an-hour.) I guess the Lord knows I don't need much sleep, huh? (Maria: Well, you need it, but not at the regular orthodox time!) I'm tired! It was a horrifying experience! (Maria: Yes, you're probably tired out with just going through it!)

       45. ANOTHER FUNNY THING, I WAS SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TOWARD THIS WAITRESS & I was wishing she hadn't gotten hurt! I really could have liked her! Of course, I'm sexually attracted to almost any woman! Ha! As long as she's female and sweet! And having her body in my arms, dragging her, sort of turned me on! I was actually wishing that she hadn't gotten hurt, that I would have liked to have dragged her into some corner someplace out of sight where we could have made love!

       46. IT WAS LIKE SHE WAS REAL THANKFUL TO ME, like she really loved me for risking my life to save her! I wanted to make love to her but I had to get out of there, & she was too injured or burned anyway. Now, if it's symbolic, what is that symbolic of, anyway? Maybe it's symbolic sort of like I would risk my own life to save others, & therefore it's not safe for me to go up there in more ways than one--whatever happens--or for whatever reason!

       47. IT WASN'T YOU, BECAUSE IT SEEMED LIKE SHE WAS BLONDE WITH SHORT CURLY HAIR! (Maria: Well, who was with you?) I don't know! It just seemed like there was a group of us in the car! Short curly-haired blonde in a waitress uniform. Of course, you're like a waitress in a way, waiting on tables, serving the Words of the Lord. Only it looked more like it might have been Techi a few years from now!

       48. SO I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MY SEEING THE WAITRESS WAS, but I certainly was concerned about her & loved her & risked my life for her & wanted to make love to her, but it seemed like she was too badly injured & it was too dangerous to stay there! Maybe it would be like one of the nurses or something, huh? (Maria: Yes, that could be!) You know if one of those nurses was pretty, I'd fall for her. There's a lot of pretty women there!

       49. WELL, I'M FEELING SEXY FOR SOME REASON! This thing about that nurse makes me feel sexy, I guess! I had a real sexual attraction for her when I had her by the arms & was dragging her to safety! (Maria: In spite of all the excitement all around, huh?) She was so helpless & yielded in my arms & seemed to be so appreciative, when she wasn't unconscious, like she really sort of fell in love with me for my act of bravery & gallantry. (Maria: Well, no wonder!) I was very attracted, I wanted to take her in my arms & get on top of her but that was no time to do that!

       50. (AND THAT WAS WHERE TECHI WAS BORN ONLY 2 WEEKS LATER!--A real volcanic eruption of a very explosive little girl!--She was a real explosion, & has been ever since!--Maybe she's really gonna shake the World! Could she be the waitress endangering her own life to serve & minister to the hungry? She could be 14 when Jesus comes, if He comes as we've estimated in 1993!--Are you risking your life for others?)

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