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WISE WITNESSING!--Two Dreams!       DFO 1475       1/83
--The Newspaper Office & Hills of Home!

       1. THESE ARE TWO DREAMS WHICH I HAD SEVERAL DAYS AGO: "THE NEWSPAPER OFFICE!" & "THE HILLS OF HOME!" But I got very very busy helping Maria get out the Family History Book, & since it was a rush deadline job I laid aside everything else & almost forgot to record these dreams. But I never like to miss one for fear the Lord won't trust me with another, so even if I don't understand what they mean, I always like to record them & He usually gives me the meaning as we go! PTL! So here we go with "The Newspaper Office!"

       2. I WAS IN WHAT APPEARED TO BE SOME NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL OFFICES, PERHAPS PRINTING AS WELL, & I WAS STANDING AT THE SECOND-FLOOR WINDOW LOOKING OUT ONTO THE STREET BELOW, sort of a town square surrounded by other buildings. I seemed to be speaking to the people below in the square--as sometimes public figures do--from a second- or third- or more-floor balcony or window, such as the Pope does at St. Peter's Square. Kings & public leaders of various countries often appear on a high balcony or at a high window to look out on the crowd below to both be better seen & better heard & perhaps even better protected.

       3. I SEEMED TO BE SPEAKING LOUDLY TO THE CROWD BELOW SOME KIND OF WARNING, when someone shouted out from the crowd words to this effect: "What right have you got to tell us what to do?!" A little bit like some of the rebellious Jews did to Moses when they said, "Who made you a ruler over us? We are also prophets!" etc. (Num.12:2) And like Joseph's brothers said to him when they saw him coming: "Ha! Behold this dreamer cometh who thinks he's going to rule over us!" (Gen.37:19)--And hecklers did it to John & to Jesus & others. (Mt.21:23; 22:15; 16:1.)

       4. THE HECKLER FROM BELOW SEEMED TO BE ANNOYED AT THE AIR OF AUTHORITY WITH WHICH I SPOKE, & so he shouted out: "Who are you? What right have you got to tell us what to do?" But I answered back calmly, "You don't have to do what I tell you to do, that's entirely up to you! I'm just passing on what God has told me & it's up to you whether you believe it or not or do it or not, that's your problem. My job is to tell you!" With that he quieted down & I began to continue when somebody else ... when somebody else shut off our electricity just now so now I'm having to continue on battery! Boy, the Devil sure does fight these recordings! Thank the Lord for batteries! TYJ! Lord bless & keep us & help us to get this done. Well, PTL! Our electricity is back on again! God damn the old Devil, he's always trying to cause us trouble with these recordings!

       5. WHEN SUDDENLY ANOTHER HECKLER SHOUTED OUT, this time from further away down the street from the top of a building, as though he knew he was being unusually obnoxious & obstreperous & mean & was placing himself at a safe distance & height to protect himself from the wrath of the mob below in case they should be offended. He began to shout out & said, "Ah, he's just trying to brainwash you! He's giving you a line of soft-soap that's just a lot of hooey! You'd better watch out or he'll persuade you & get you converted to his way of thinking if you keep on listening to him! It's just a bunch of hooey & you don't know if these are the facts! He isn't necessarily hearing from God in all that stuff that he's handing you & dishing out there & in his paper! If I were you I wouldn't even listen to him!" And with that there arose quite a murmuring in the crowd & some disputation as to whether these things be so or not!

       6. BUT I WAS SO INFURIATED WITH THIS SECOND INTERRUPTION that was so insulting & insidious & sounded like the very voice of the Devil himself, that I really got angry with righteous indignation & I shouted out myself: "Shut up, you God-damned son-of-a-bitch! You're a God-damned liar, that's what you are!" And with that, the crowd stopped their talking & a sudden hush fell over the whole mob as the devilish fiend on the distant rooftop turned & ran! And the crowd below, somewhat surprised & startled & hushed by my sudden angry tone & outcry turned back to me & listened, & I apparently continued my talk.

       7. BUT AS I CONTINUED TO SPEAK, THERE WAS A SUDDEN HEAVY AUTHORITATIVE KNOCKING AT THE DOOR behind me which led into the hallway of this office building, & the voice of the law was calling: "Open up in the name of the law! It's the police!" And I immediately had the feeling that this devil had sicced the cops on us, for what reason, I don't know, but they always think of something wherewith to accuse you, as they did with Jesus & others.

       8. SO I TURNED TO MY STAFF WHO WERE STANDING AROUND THE ROOM, SUDDENLY INTERRUPTED & STOPPED BY THIS "KNOCK AT THE DOOR," & I REASSURED THEM JUST TO KEEP CALM & WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR, we're in the right, there's nothing wrong, let them in & we'll just answer them, whatever they have to say. So my staff seemed to relax somewhat & someone started towards the door to let in the authorities. And with that the dream vanished! PTL! I was almost glad when I woke up & found that it was only a dream before I had to actually face the authorities in person. But I seemed to be perfectly calm & reassured that all was well & we had nothing to fear from those authorities & therefore I was unperturbed & seemed to be unworried.

       9. AS SO OFTEN HAPPENS, THE DEVIL WHEN RESISTED WILL FLEE FROM YOU (Ja.4:7), but he'll go out & try to round up others to cause you trouble, as did the Scribes & the Pharisees with Jesus, constantly hanging around on the fringes of the crowd, mocking & criticising, questioning & trying to find fault wherewith to accuse Him, & then going out & finding the authorities & the police to try to arrest Him & to condemn Him for various false accusations! But at least we had temporarily silenced the Devil & I had continued to speak calmly & firmly to the crowd & they seemed to be turning again toward me to listen.

       10. THAT'S MY JOB--TO TELL THE PEOPLE AS LONG AS THEY'LL LISTEN! And that's your job too, to tell the people as long as they will listen, whether they will heed it or forbear, whether they will believe it & obey it, or ridicule it & scoff & mock & turn away. It is simply our job to witness, it is our job to tell the Truth & warn the people & preach the Gospel, show them Love, & it's their business how they receive it. To some we are the ministers of salvation, but to others we are the ministers of damnation because they reject it, & in so doing they condemn themselves to perdition or whatever their fate may be. (2Cor.2:15,16)

       11. AS I'VE ALWAYS SAID, IT'S NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ACTUALLY WIN SOULS, although "he that winneth souls is certainly wise & they shall shine as the stars!" (Pr.11:30; Dan.12:3) But that is sometimes a very special talent & usually, of course, because the Lord Himself has already been preparing their hearts & minds to be hungry for & receive the Truth, receive His Word & to listen, believe it, receive it, heed it, obey it & follow. Others who refuse to listen & refuse to heed, those who reject in unbelief & turn away only to try to cause you trouble, shall receive according to their works. For some of our critics are like the Scribes & the Pharisees of Jesus' day. Jesus said unto them: "You have Moses & the Prophets, if you'll not receive them, you'll not believe though one should come back from the dead!" (Lk.16:30,31)

       12. SO OUR MAIN JOB IS SIMPLY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL, THE GOOD NEWS OF GOD'S LOVE & SALVATION, & TO TELL'M ABOUT JESUS, & THEN IT'S THEIR JOB AS TO WHAT THEY DO ABOUT IT. What they do with the message is not actually our responsibility. Jesus said, "My sheep know My voice & they do follow Me, & a stranger they will not follow." (Jn.10:4,5) And the same works vice versa: The Devil's goats know his voice & they follow him, & Jesus is a stranger to them! They do always resist the Holy Ghost, as the Apostle told them. (Ac.7:51)

       13. PEOPLE DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO HELL FOR SINS & CRIMES COMMITTED IN THIS LIFE WHICH CAN BE FORGIVEN--if not by society, at least by the Lord--if confessed & repented of & if forgiveness is asked for in the Name of Jesus. Any sin, any crime can be forgiven by the Lord except one, & that is the sin of rejecting the Word of God, the Holy Spirit of God or Jesus the Son of God! Jesus Himself said this sin of resisting the Holy Ghost, the sin against the Holy Spirit, was the unpardonable sin which could not be forgiven "neither in this World nor the Next"--which shows again that there will be another time of forgiveness for some sins, if not in this World, in the Next World. (Mt.12:31,32)

       14. SO THERE IS A SECOND CHANCE FOR THOSE WHO EITHER ARE IGNORANT IN THIS WORLD OR WEAK IN FAITH TO BELIEVE, YET WHO HAVING SEEN WILL BELIEVE IN THE DAYS OR AGES TO COME, perhaps during the Tribulation or the Wrath of God or the Millennium, perhaps even the New Earth, the World to Come!--Again here indicated by the very words of Jesus Himself as a possibility of future forgiveness in the World to Come. But the sin against the Holy Ghost, resisting the Holy Spirit of God, the loving Motherly sweet kind persuasive gentle-as-a-dove Holy Spirit of the Lord, to resist Her, God's very Spirit Herself, is to resist God Himself & Jesus Himself. As Jesus Himself said: "He that receiveth Me, receiveth Him that sent Me. But he that rejecteth Me, rejecteth also Him that sent Me." (Mt.10:40)

       15. SO THEREFORE IT IS A VERY DANGEROUS SIN TO RESIST THE HOLY SPIRIT & TO RESIST THE SWEET PLEADINGS OF HER LOVE! God's Word Himself says that some do always resist the Holy Ghost, & this sin shall not be forgiven, neither in this World nor in the World to come! These are the hardhearted stiff-necked unbelievers who rebel against the Word of God & reject it, the very same kind that even at the end of the Millennium are going to be deceived again by the Devil & will be willing once again to follow him, his loyal goats.

       16. ALTHOUGH HAVING EXPERIENCED A THOUSAND YEARS OF THE PERSONAL VISIBLE REIGN OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST & HIS SAINTS & ANGELS HERE ON EARTH, & witnessed their manifest power & righteousness & goodness & mercy & faithfulness & fairness & justice, these rebels, these rebellious disobedient sorcerers & witches & those engaged in idolatry & witchcraft because of their disobedience & their rebelliousness, will again join the forces of Satan himself when he's let out of the Pit at the end of the Millennium to sift the population of the World & to see who he can yet deceive & lead astray & who are still his goats in spite of a thousand years of the righteous rule & reign of Jesus Christ Himself in Person, & us, His Saints & His Angels. (Rev.20:7,8)

       17. APPARENTLY THERE WILL BE SOME WHO WILL STILL FOLLOW HIM, WHO HAVE NEVER HAD A CHANGE OF HEART, WHO HAVE NEVER REPENTED, some like those in the Wrath of God & the Tribulation who in spite of all their suffering, curse God & still do not repent of their evil deeds! (Rev.9:20,21; 16:9-11) Many times suffering turns people to God & inspires them to plead with Him for forgiveness & to repent & to ask God to save them, & many shall in those evil & horrible days of Tribulation & Wrath, & certainly in the days of the beautiful Heaven-on-Earth Millennium when they shall see for themselves & "every eye shall behold Him!" (Rev.1:7) No one will have to witness in that way in that day! "None shall say, Know the Lord, for all shall know Him!" (Jer.31:34)

       18. BUT THE REBELLIOUS & THE STIFF-NECKED & THE HARDHEARTED RESISTERS OF HIS PRECIOUS HOLY SPIRIT WILL NEVER CHANGE & they will be the same even if they are spared to live through the Millennium! "Though mercy is showed to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness!" (Isa.26:10) So God again proves that some will never change & are just as hardhearted & stiff-necked as ever! He says in another place, "He that being often reproved & hardeneth his neck shall suddenly be destroyed, & that without remedy!" (Pr.29:1)

       19. AND CERTAINLY THOSE WHO REBEL THROUGH THE THOUSAND YEARS OF THE VISIBLE PERSONAL RULE & REIGN OF JESUS CHRIST & THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH WILL BE THE MOST HARDHEARTED OF ALL, the most rebellious & stubborn & stiff-necked of all, for having been often reproved they have still hardened their necks & continued to harden their hearts, until when the Devil is released from the Bottomless Pit to come out & deceive the nations once again at the end of the Millennium, they will rejoice at his liberation & rejoice at their liberation--they think--that they no longer have to obey God & His Kingdom on Earth & they can once again follow the Devil, their god!

       20. AND AS THEY RISE UP WITH HIM TO TRY TO DESTROY THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM & ATTEMPT TO SURROUND & DESTROY THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS, HE THAT SITTETH IN THE HEAVENS SHALL LAUGH AT THEIR DESTRUCTION as He consumes them & the whole World with fire from Heaven above! (Ps.2:4; Re.20:9) God finally & ultimately & forever purifies this whole ball by fire & rids it of the Devil's pollution & his wicked followers & all that is evil & all that is impure & all that is dirty & defiles. He burns up the atmosphere & the surface completely so that nothing is left that shall hurt nor pollute nor destroy anywhere in all of His Holy Kingdom, after which He restores the surface of the Earth again to its original or even greater beauty than ever before, the New Earth, an eternal Heavenly Earth where there is no more sea & no more incorrigible wicked & no more Devil, they're cast into the Lake of Fire! (Isa.11:9; Rev.20:10; 21:1.)

       21. THOSE WHO RESIST TO THE VERY BITTER END SHALL SUFFER A BITTER END FOR SURE, but those who through hardship & trial & tribulation & the anger & wrath of God & punishment & chastening & the mercy of the Millennium, who have repented & returned & changed & believed & received & sought forgiveness & found salvation & followed the Lord, shall yet be saved! Praise God! TYJ! Hallelujah!--Even in the Millennium!--That is, if they make it! Not everybody's going to live through the Tribulation nor the Wrath of God. Apparently only a chosen number, to whom God still wants to continue to extend mercy throughout the Tribulation, will be permitted to survive both the Tribulation & the Wrath of God, a chosen number of the Unsaved & even some of the Wicked, just to show the World & the whole Universe that even though a thousand years of mercy is shown unto the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness! (Isa.26:10)

       22. BUT MANY OF THOSE WHO ARE NOT THAT WICKED SHALL LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS DURING THOSE DAYS & SHALL FOLLOW & BELIEVE & RECEIVE & OBEY & BECOME GOOD OBEDIENT CITIZENS OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH, to be spared & saved at the end of the Millennium when the Devil & his forces rise up against them & are destroyed & burned up with fire, after which the Lord recreates the Earth's surface into the most beautiful Heavenly land that man has ever known!--No more sea!--All land & beautiful rolling green hills & fields & forests & still many houses, homes & cottages out there that I saw from the heights of the Heavenly City on my trip there!

       23. THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH WILL STILL BE PERMITTED TO REMAIN BY THE MERCY OF GOD & still given a chance to be healed of their waywardness & their iniquities & their diseases & their problems by the leaves from the Tree of Life, perhaps symbolic of the Word of God, perhaps even symbolic of the Gospel & the Truth of His Word in leaves resembling printed form or Gospel literature! Maybe we'll even have a few MO Letters in circulation then for them to read, God bless'm! (Rev.22:2)

       24. BUT THE HARDEST OF HEART & THE MOST REBELLIOUS & THE MOST IDOLATROUS & THE MOST INIQUITOUS, the most wicked of all, who even though mercy is showed to them, even the mercy of the Millennium, still rebel at the first opportunity & will be cast into the Lake of Fire & shall suffer torment along with the Devil & the False Prophet & all those who followed the Beast & received his Mark--perhaps to be redeemed at some later date after being thoroughly punished & having received sufficient stripes. "Those who knew their Master's Will & yet did things worthy of punishment shall be beaten with many stripes"--such as Hell itself! "Whereas those who knew not their Master's will," Jesus Himself said, "shall be beaten with few stripes"--only a little chastening just to bring them around, show them the Truth, show them the error of their ways until they are willing to confess, repent, believe, receive, obey & follow! Praise God! (Lk.12:47,48)

       25. SO THERE'S A DIFFERENCE IN THE HEARERS, BETWEEN THEM THAT MERELY HEAR & ARE HEARERS OF THE WORD ONLY & NOT DOERS ALSO. (Ja.1:22) Jesus even said to some, "How say ye unto Me, Lord, Lord, & yet do not the things that I ask? He that loveth Me, keepeth My commandments." (Mt.7:21; Jn.14:21) That's the acid test as to who loves Him: Do you keep His commandments? Do you obey His Word? Do you follow Jesus? Do you hear His voice & follow & heed & obey & submit? This is what Islam is, submission. If you are in submission to the Lord & you submit to His will & obey Him & follow Him, then you are in their way of thinking a Muslim, "one who submits," & you belong to Islam, submission, for those who submit.

       26. WELL, IF THAT'S TRUE, THEN WE ARE THE MOST ISLAMIC OF ALL & THE MUSLIMS OF ALL MUSLIMS, because we truly submit to the Truth of God & we truly believe the true Truths & hear the true Voice of Jesus & follow Him, & that's the test! "My sheep hear My voice & they follow Me, & a stranger they will not follow!" If they'll follow Jesus they're one of His sheep, true Muslims, belonging to the true Islam of God! Allah Allah Ahkbar! God is the greatest! Hallelujah! TYJ! He's the One to Whom we must submit & to Whom we must listen & hear & believe & receive & follow!--Are you following Jesus?

       27. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE RESULTS OF YOUR BUSKING & STREET-CORNER PREACHING & SINGING & APPEALS FOR DECISIONS & hands & prayers to receive the Lord, leave that up to the Lord & His Holy Spirit. As Fred once told me when I was dealing for two hours with an old bum while he & my Mother were waiting for me to discuss some very important business, he finally tapped me on the shoulder & said, "Dave, why don't you leave something up to the Holy Spirit?" That really sank in & struck home & I quickly prayed with the old bum & asked him to receive the Lord, & believe it or not, he prayed with me & did so on the spot! I guess he figured that was his last chance if I was going to leave, otherwise he enjoyed my sitting there talking to him for two hours!

       28. OTHERWISE HE COULD HAVE BEEN LIKE THE OLD BUM I MET ON THE STREET OF MIAMI ON MY WAY TO THE MISSION TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE OTHER BUMS! He stopped me & asked me for some money & then tried to argue with me about religion, & I always give'm the Gospel & ask them to receive Jesus. And finally as he tried to be ornery & cantankerous & argumentative, just like the Devil, I said, "Listen, Buddy, I'm in a hurry, I've got an appointment, I haven't got time to fool around with you, do you want Jesus or not? If you want Jesus, take Him! You can take Him right now & I'll pray with you! If not, go to Hell then!" And he began to fret & fume, almost like one demon-possessed, saying, "I'm going to go down & throw myself in the Miami River! You don't love me, you don't care!"

       29. IT WAS JUST LIKE THE DEVIL TRYING TO ACCUSE THE SAINTS--I being the Saint, in this case, on my way to do the Lord's work & having stopped to deal with this ornery rebellious stiff-necked bum who was only trying to delay me, no doubt inspired of the Devil, the Hinderer, to annoy me & interfere & hinder. So I just finally gave him the final word with the bark on it in a barking tone! When he said, "Oh well, if you don't love me I'm going to go down & throw myself in the river!" I said, "You might as well, the sooner the better, to end your miserable existence if you're not going to receive Jesus Christ! If you want Jesus, I'll pray with you right now. If not, go to Hell then!" And he let out a string of oaths & curses & I thought maybe he was going to even hit me, he got so violent! But I just quickly walked away & on to the mission.

       30. THAT, BY THE WAY, WAS WHERE I WAS GOING TO HOLD MY FIRST SOUL CLINIC CLASS IN MIAMI & REALLY WAS THE BEGINNING OF OUR SOUL CLINIC SCHOOL THERE & OUR FUTURE MINISTRY! Praise God! So the Devil was really mad & trying to stop me in his anger & resist the power & the Word of God, but I refused to be stopped! Just like in this dream, I refused to let these hecklers stop me! The first heckler seemed to be an honest person really wanting to know, sort of questioning. There's a difference between those who don't immediately believe & those who just want to cause trouble.

       31. AND REMEMBER THIS WHEN YOU'RE ON THE CORNER & MAYBE YOU GET A LITTLE HECKLED ONCE IN AWHILE, pestered & annoyed & hindered by some, there are sometimes those who ask questions because they really want to know, they really want to believe, they would like to be convinced. But there are others who just ask questions to make trouble & to raise doubts in the other hearers & to hinder you & be troublemakers & delay the Work of God & just cause you trouble--like the fellow further away on the roof in my dream.

       32. SO MAKE A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR HEARERS & THOSE WHO MAY SOMETIMES CAUSE INTERRUPTIONS & DISTURBANCES. Be patient, be merciful, answer as I have many times & as I did the man in the square from my window at this time. I simply told him that he didn't have to believe it if he didn't want to, it was only for those who were willing to believe & receive it & he could do as he pleased, that's up to him, that's his choice. But I'll tell you, when I heard that devil from the roof in the distance shout his lies & his filth & his dirt & his unbelief & scepticism & sowing discord amongst brethren & doubts in the hearts & minds of the listeners, I told him off in no uncertain terms: "Shut up, you God-damned son-of-a-bitch!" I don't doubt he probably was a son-of-a-bitch or he wouldn't have been that way! I said, "Go to Hell!" And that's sure where he was going & what he was about to do!

       33. SO LEARN TO DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR HEARERS, those who really want to know & ask questions because they do have doubts & they are curious or they really have questions on their minds & hearts that need answering in order to persuade & convince them, & a little sensible reasoning will bring them around. But learn to know the difference between them & those who just simply are there as the Devil's own voice to cause trouble, as one rascal who stood up in our Club in Huntington Beach one night & began spouting off his lies of the Devil & all the Devil's propaganda!

       34. I SAID, "WAIT A MINUTE! SHUT UP! THIS IS THE HOUSE OF GOD & ONLY THE WORD & THE TRUTH OF GOD IS GOING TO BE PREACHED HERE, not your diabolical lies & Devil's doctrines & heresies!" But he wouldn't stop, he said, "What's the matter? Isn't this a democracy, don't you let the people speak?" I said, "No! This is God's house & God's meeting & I am God's man & I am not going to let the Devil speak through you! If you don't shut up I'm going to have you taken out of here!" And he just went into another furious outburst, cursing like the fellow on the roof & condemning & sneering & ridiculing me & us & my hippies & all. So I said finally to a couple of my bouncers--we had some pretty good tough strong ones--"OK, boys, take him out!" And they did!--And he went out cursing all the way, just like the Devil!

       35. THE DEVILS'LL NEVER GIVE UP & NEVER RECEIVE, NEVER BELIEVE! THEY REJECT TO THE BITTER END, & THEY'RE GONNA HAVE A BITTER END, LET ME TELL YOU! But don't let it bother you, don't let it worry you, not even if they go out & stir up more trouble & trouble with the authorities & trouble with your enemies & try to cause you more trouble! Just trust the Lord & keep your minds & hearts stayed on Him! "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee." (Isa.26:3)

       36. AND EVEN IF THEY BRING ANY AUTHORITIES TO TRY TO FALSELY ACCUSE YOU & CONDEMN YOU for things you're not guilty of--even maybe criticise some of the things that you are guilty of--just trust the Lord & don't worry & just answer them as the Lord told you. He said, "Open your mouth & I will fill it! You'll be brought before kings & princes & magistrates & judges as a testimony against them!" (Mt.10:17-20)--Because most of them apparently don't believe & won't believe, so with the System's leaders, whatever witness is given them, it's too often going to be a testimony held against them & they're going to be condemned for not receiving it.

       37. BUT THOSE WHO REALLY LOVE THE LORD & WHO ARE REALLY HIS FOREORDAINED PREDESTINED CHILDREN--BECAUSE HE KNOWS THEY'RE GOING TO RECEIVE HIM & BELIEVE HIM--THEY WILL LISTEN & THEY'LL HEAR HIS VOICE, THEY'LL FOLLOW! Don't worry about the hecklers & the deceivers & the Devil's minions & those who try to wrest the Truth & criticise you & condemn you & lie about you, they won't listen to them! "A stranger they will not follow!" Praise God! So don't worry! Trust the Lord! Do your job, work your so many hours a day & don't worry! Thank God that you'll never be the Boss--the Lord's the Boss & He's got all the worry! PTL!

       38. SO JUST TRUST HIM, KEEP YOUR MIND STAYED ON HIM, KEEP CALM IF YOU CAN, BUT DON'T ALLOW THE DEVIL TO SPEAK! Don't allow Satan's minions to interrupt & harass & heckle & give you trouble & distract the crowd & lie to them & deliberately try to hinder the work of God! Rebuke the enemy & he'll flee from you!--Just like the fellow did on the rooftop & like the bum did & like I've had many another do when they just wouldn't give up & refused to be quiet & let me go on.

       39. AT LEAST IN SOME STATES, SOME COUNTRIES, YOU HAVE THE LAW BEHIND YOU THAT IT'S AGAINST THE LAW TO DISRUPT A RELIGIOUS MEETING. Of course you're going to have a hard time proving that you were having a religious meeting out in the park or on the street corner or in a restaurant, maybe! They don't count that as a place for religion, so the authorities may not exactly recognise that. But nevertheless, some places they do & you have that authority to rebuke anyone who interrupts or disturbs a religious meeting & to just completely silence them, finally. If they will not shut up, just tell'm to shut up & rebuke'm if you have to to get'm to shut up!

       40. --AND SOMETIMES THE CROWD WILL BE WITH YOU, LIKE A BUNCH OF JEWS WAS WITH ME IN BAYFRONT PARK ONE TIME WHEN I WAS TRYING TO READ THE BIBLE to this one Jew & a bunch of them gathered around, including one Satanic heckler. I said, "Well, all I wanted to do is just read you the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah from your own Hebrew Bible! It says Hebrew Edition right here, see? I'm going to read it right from here, it's your own Bible! What you do is up to you, believe it or not, but I think it's about the Messiah, & I think it was fulfilled in Jesus. So why don't you just listen while I read it? You don't have to believe it, you don't have to receive it, but just listen & then you can decide for yourself!" But this one guy, he didn't want them to decide for themselves, he wanted to decide for'm, so he kept heckling me & causing me trouble as I kept trying to read the Bible. Finally some of the Jews around him said, "Shut up! Let the fella read it, we want to hear it!"

       41. SO THANK GOD! THERE ARE SOME WHO REALLY DO WANT TO KNOW & WANT TO HEAR & ARE HUNGRY HEARTS & WHEN YOU GIVE THEM THE TRUTH WILL RECEIVE IT, BELIEVE IT, ACCEPT IT & FOLLOW JESUS! And I thank the Lord that I was then able to read that passage all the way through, & when I got done, some of them actually cheered & clapped like they were on my side & they were glad that I had won the victory & the other skunk slunk away defeated, just like the Devil with his tail between his legs! So I was glad I didn't give up & I kept fighting & I finally won. And I'm sure that if they were that much for me that day, that God's going to give them credit for it some day, maybe He already has, maybe some of them actually believed that day & got saved!--Although I didn't have much chance to find out, because I had a feeling that guy was going to go cause me trouble & bring a cop! They didn't allow preaching there in Bayfront Park without a permit in Miami, Florida, so I decided to quit while I was ahead, & maybe sometimes you'd better do that too.

       42. HIT & RUN! HE THAT FIGHTS & RUNS AWAY LIVES TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY! Sometimes discretion is the better part of valour, & having done your job & made your witness & preached the Gospel & delivered your soul & washed your hands of their blood, then sometimes it's wiser just to make your getaway rather than try to stand your ground & carry on a fight with the System! You can't very well lick City Hall.

       43. OF COURSE, IF THEY COME TO YOU WITH THAT "KNOCK AT THE DOOR" AS THEY DID TO OUR NEWSPAPER OFFICE, to question you or arrest you, as they have some, & take you away for awhile, well, that you can't help. But don't stay on their territory insisting on going on & on if the authorities or the police have told you to stop or someone has warned you that they're on their way to get you!

       44. THE LORD DOESN'T USUALLY LET THAT HAPPEN UNTIL YOU HAVE DELIVERED YOUR SOUL & DELIVERED THE MESSAGE, given them the Word & warning & the Gospel, & that's what makes the Devil mad & get stirred up to want to start persecuting you! And when that happens, when persecution arises the Lord said, "Flee to another city! Flee the city! Get out of there!" (Mt.10:23) Don't stay there & try to fight it out, that's ridiculous! You've finished your job, you've given them the Gospel, you've given'm the Word, you've given'm the Truth, you've given'm their chance to receive it or reject it, & as soon as you're done, maybe in some cases you'd better go! When they go & stir up others against you & try to bring back the cops or a mob, you just won't be there any more. You have done your job & for those who would listen & believe & receive it, well, praise God! You don't even necessarily have to always stay there & lead'm in a prayer if there isn't time, if you see the cops coming down the street or the mob on your trail, sometimes it's better to flee & leave the results with the Lord!

       45. LEAVE SOMETHING UP TO THE HOLY SPIRIT, AMEN? It's just your job to be a witness, it's just your job to preach the Gospel, it's just your job to show them Love, tell'm the Truth, preach the Word, "be instant in season & out of season!"--But of course it's always better to be instant in season & it's not always wise to be instant out of season when it's not a good wise time or a good place to be witnessing! (2Ti.4:2) So watch your step!

       46. BUT DO YOUR DUTY & DO YOUR JOB, GET THE WORD ACROSS, GET THOSE LEAFLETS OUT, PUT OUT THE LIT, & having delivered the Gospel, delivered the Truth, delivered the Word, delivered your soul, washed your hands of their blood, your job is done!--Except for those who have received Him & will then straightway follow you, then it's your job as a shepherd to feed the sheep & those that do hear your voice & follow you. So take'm with you, & sometimes you'd better take'm with you & go someplace else before the enemy gets back with the authorities or the mob or worse!

       47. THIS IS OFTEN WHAT HAPPENED TO THE APOSTLES IN THE EARLY DAYS OF THE CHURCH. They'd even go into synagogues sometimes & preach the Truth & the Word & it would always divide the congregation. Those who refused to hear would start causing trouble, sometimes a fight, call the authorities or have'm whipped or stoned or whatever! The times when Paul or the Apostles took off with the believers & went someplace else or to somebody's house instead, it was always a better time than when they stayed & tried to fight it out & argue it out with the enemy & the authorities.

       48. SO THE LORD MUST HAVE GIVEN ME THAT LITTLE DREAM TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE IDEA OF WHAT TO DO UNDER SUCH CIRCUMSTANCES OF OPEN PUBLIC OPPOSITION TO YOUR PREACHING OR LITNESSING OR SINGING OR BUSKING OR WHATEVER! Just a little bit of good advice & a word of advice to the wise is sufficient, so we trust that you have taken these many words of advice & are applying them to your situation. If you're wise, they'll be sufficient to perhaps save you from a lot of trouble, unnecessary difficulties & persecution which you could avoid.

       49. SO MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU & HELP YOU & CONTINUE TO MAKE YOU A BLESSING, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO JUST HIT & RUN or distribute the lit & keep moving & flee & preach the Gospel as you walk, singing & playing the Gospel as you move about the park, the streets or wherever--& keep moving! That's why we have to be pilgrims & strangers here, we've got to be free to keep moving because the Devil's always on our trail & trying to pester us & annoy us & hinder us & follow us & cause us trouble. So it's always better to be mobile, keep moving & stay out of his way if you can.

       50. WHERE YOU HAVE A LOT OF FREEDOM & A LOT OF PROTECTION & THERE'S A TREMENDOUS HARVEST & ingathering & receiving by the people & lots of favour & good publicity, well, stay as long as the harvest is ripe & plenteous & as long as the going is good & as long as the results are excellent & you're still well-protected & not having too many difficulties, not sufficient to actually drive you away. But when it gets so tough that it's almost impossible to continue to preach or teach or litness or lead your disciples in witnessing, etc., then Jesus said "if they persecute you in one city, flee!"

       51. THAT'S GOOD SOUND ADVICE, BECAUSE WHEN PERSECUTION ARISES, THIS SHOWS THAT YOUR JOB IS DONE, you've had enough success to make the Devil mad & he's trying to stop you! Persecution is a sign of success, it's a sign of completion of your job, that you have had such success that you've aroused the ire of the enemy & he's after you to get you if he can, & it's time to quit & go!

       52. BUT IF IT'S JUST A LITTLE HECKLING FROM THE MOB & A LITTLE DIRTY DEMON OF THE DEVIL WHO'S TRYING TO ANNOY YOU FROM THE FRINGES, THAT'S A LITTLE DIFFERENT. You can sometimes put a stop to him just by speaking out against him, rebuking him openly, & you'll often have the crowd on your side because they want to hear what you've got to say or hear your song! If you've spoken to him patiently & lovingly at first & admonished him to be still & he just absolutely like the Devil refuses to stop, then I suggest you firmly & very forcefully warn him to quit or just plain tell him to shut up or you're going to have him taken away! And very often the crowd will be with you! In fact, usually I've found that the majority of the people in most cases are at least curious enough to want to hear what you have to say & see what you're talking about & are annoyed by people trying to heckle & interrupt you & interfere & make noise so they can't hear.

       53. SO THERE YOU ARE! THAT'S THE DREAM ABOUT THE NEWSPAPER OFFICE, & MAYBE I SHOULD HAVE CALLED IT "PREACHING FROM A WINDOW!"--Another way to live where people pass under your window! I don't know whether I would recommend that kind of preaching or not, but where it's possible, well, praise God, use it!--But don't abuse it! God bless you & make you a blessing & help you to preach the Gospel wherever you can to anybody you can, but don't insist on it where you can't! Praise God? Do rebuke the Devil & he'll flee from you! Resist the enemy & usually he'll run away if you're supposed to continue there, & the Lord will bless you & help you to finish the job before you have to quit! PTL!

       54. GOD BLESS & BE WITH YOU & KEEP YOU & GIVE YOU THE WISDOM TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, to know what you can do & what you can't do, & especially to have the wisdom to know the difference in your witnessing & your litnessing & your leading others to the Lord. PTL! God bless & keep you all & continue to make you a tremendous blessing to millions!

       55. IN THE OTHER FUNNY LITTLE DREAM WE WERE DRIVING IN OUR CAR UP THIS VERY STEEP HILL TO THE TOP OF THIS GRASSY MOUNTAIN covered with grass & trees & flowers, etc., a very beautiful place. And when we got to the top to what seemed to be our house, we looked out across the valley & the sea & it was just absolutely beautiful, almost Heavenly!--Gorgeous view & beautiful grass & trees & fields, almost looked like Heaven!--Or the Millennium!

       56. BUT WHEN WE WENT TO USE THE TOILET OR SOME WENT TO EMPTY THEIR POTTIES, ETC., IT APPEARED THAT THE FACILITIES FOR SANITATION WERE INADEQUATE & insufficient & the cesspool or septic tank or whatever it was was overflowing into the yard & down the hill & therefore raising quite a stink & polluting this Heavenly place. So some of the neighbours complained & said, "You've got to do something about that, you've got to build a septic tank that will accommodate so many people, etc., or we're just going to have to complain!"

       57. WELL, MAYBE THAT'S ANOTHER LESSON ALONG THE SAME LINE IN OUR HEAVENLY WORLD OF WITNESSING IN THE BEAUTIFUL FIELDS THAT WE FACE TODAY! Try to be sure that you don't pollute the place with too much that they just can't stomach & can't receive & will object to. Try not to give them too much raw "sewage" that is unappetising to their particular senses. Some of what we teach & preach to the uninitiated in the System & Systemites, as far as they're concerned, is plain dirt, filth, pollution & sewage & rot & porno & smut & obscene, etc., because of their point of view & the way they look at things, with evil minds.

       58. FOR "TO THE PURE, ALL THINGS ARE PURE," BUT TO THOSE WHO ARE IMPURE, EVERYTHING IS IMPURE! (Tit.1:15) A lot of what we teach & preach & practice in the way of sex, etc., they consider outright sins, if not crimes! So watch out & make sure that you're spreading this sort of thing only in places where it has the facilities to receive it & those who can take it, who are strong enough to be able to believe it & understand it--not Systemite neighbours who are going to object & complain & raise a stink, a greater stink than you're raising! So in a way, that's another little lesson on witnessing & litnessing.

       59. DO HAVE WISDOM IN YOUR CHOICE OF LITERATURE & YOUR CHOICE OF MESSAGE & be sure you're not preaching something that is too strong for them & over their heads & below their belts & they just can't take it! Try to have a little discernment & know your audience & know your meat or you may get to know the butcher! If it's just too strong & they're unable to receive it, it may cause you a lot of trouble. Try to preach the strong doctrines which are more or less our private doctrines & not necessarily for the general public, only to reliable, dependable followers & disciples whom you know you can trust & who will be strong enough to receive it & understand it & believe it without causing you any trouble.

       60. OF COURSE SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO PREACH THINGS THAT PEOPLE DON'T LIKE, such as warning the World of its coming destruction & warning the Western & Northern World, especially, of its sins & wickedness & that God's going to judge it! The people never like that, but anyhow, you've got to preach it just the same, to deliver your soul & wash your hands of their blood so you'll not be responsible for their destruction, judgement or annihilation.

       61. BUT HAVING ONCE GIVEN THE MESSAGE TO A CERTAIN GROUP OR CROWD, ONCE IS ALL THEY DESERVE! You don't have to keep coming back & insisting on selling them the books until they throw you down the stairs! Have a little common sense & know your crowd, if possible, & what they can receive, what they'll tolerate, at least. Don't just preach to please or tickle their ears, give'm the Truth! But once is enough, that's all you have to do, usually, to actually deliver your responsibility & your soul & wash your hands of their blood. (Ez.3:17-19)

       62. SO PTL! GBY! HAPPY PREACHING! HAPPY LITNESSING! HAPPY WITNESSING & MAY YOU HAVE GREAT SUCCESS IN YOUR HARVESTING OF SOULS UNTIL JESUS COMES, IN JESUS' NAME, AMEN! God bless & keep you all & make you a great blessing to millions! And when Jesus comes you'll be glad you did, because they'll rise up together with you to meet the Lord in the air, & so shall we ever be with the Lord forever! (1Th.4:16,17) Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! In Jesus' name, amen!--Are you ready?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family