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ABRAHIM'S VISION OF HEAVEN!       DFO1479       TSC Ranch, Texas 2/5/70

       1. HEAVEN IS BIG, LOTS OF ROOM! (Maria: With planets?) With stars & moon, everything is Heaven, everything! But Heavenly City come down from Heaven, out of Heaven from God, come down to Earth. Heavenly City is big town, much bigger than any city in whole world! Bigger all cities put together! You love Moses? (Maria: Ah, I love Moses!) You listen because Abrahim tell you through Moses. Abrahim tell you through Moses all about Heaven. You ask about Heaven? Amen.

       2. (MARIA: WHO DID YOU SEE IN THE HEAVENLY CITY?) Many people, many beautiful people, everybody beautiful, everybody so beautiful in Heaven, everybody have long hair & they all have beautiful figures. (Maria: Oh, really?) Yes, just as Jesus make. They have beautiful big long dresses, robes. No wear shoes, don't need shoes. Go barefoot cause streets perfectly clean like polished glass. No need shoes, like walk on nice smooth glass. Only pretty like gold, pretty like good colour, only see through.

       3. AH, I LIKE TO MAKE OF LOVE! They share love, yes show love, Moses needs love. Somebody love me? (Maria: Somebody does love you, you've got lots of love!) I need more love, more love. (Maria: Tell me who you saw.) Everybody like float, no walk, like float, float along. (Maria: But I thought you said you could walk on the streets there.) You can. (Maria: Oh, you can walk, but you don't have to walk?) You float, you walk, you fly, you do any one.

       4. (MARIA: WHO DID YOU SEE?) Oh, many beautiful people. (Maria: Did you see your father & your mother?) Many beautiful people. Because I have so many friends. So many children. Everybody on some level, this level, that level, another level, that's your level, that's where you stay, you belong. Other people on higher level, some people on low level.

       5. (MARIA: NOT EVERYBODY ON THE SAME LEVEL?) No, no, no, no, no. Everybody different. Everybody have a different reward. And you get near top level you near throne of God. (Maria: Do you know what level you were on? You don't remember?) No, I remember it was a big level, it was about a hundred miles big. A hundred miles big one way & many, many, many, many, miles other way. Big like just go way long ways. Lots room! Jesus help, help children, Lord, love, make love, how is deep, beautiful.

       6. (MARIA: DID YOU SEE THE THRONE?) Very beautiful, is big wall, many precious gems & wall, how long. (Maria: Did you see the throne?) No, Too far, too far. (Maria: But who sees the throne?) Only very special, very special. (Maria: Who's on the throne?) God's on throne! God, Jesus. (Maria: Do you see Jesus?) I go to sleep now, okay?

       7. (MARIA: WHAT ABOUT THE GATES OF PEARL?) Big wall, wall 200 feet big, very high wall all around. (Maria: All around the city?) Because outside. That wall that goes outside. Still some people been bad & they no get to go inside (Maria: Will they ever get to go inside?) No, no, no, they stay outside. Only good people love Jesus go inside. They rule over many people outside. Many nations. Many kings. (Maria: Are we kind to them?) Yes. (Tongues.) Very much love.

       8. WE KNOW MUCH WISDOM, HOW TO RULE RIGHT & they do better that way. No go inside big Crystal City. No, no. They can't get in any big, big pearls so big, 200 feet big. (Maria: They can't get in but we can get out?) We go through pearls. (Maria: Oh, we just go through?) We go through pearls, come out through pearls, every time. But people in the World outside, they don't know how to do. So we stay in big city & we take care of them.

       9. WE HELP THEM, WE HEAL THEM, WE TAKE LEAVES FROM BIG TREES. We put on them, heal them, make them better. And we teach them why. We teach them why they like this, & why God do this to all of us because Jesus loves...(Maria: Where are the other people, are the other people in Hell?) With a big Devil! Ah, big Devil! (Tongues.) Thank You Jesus! (David falls asleep.)

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