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CONVERSATION WITH ABRAHIM!       DFO 1481       England, 27/1/73

       1. THIS FUNNY OLD PROPHET USED TO SLEEP ON THE STREETS & in the parks & on the dumps, just like the kids, in his funny old chariot. He was an outcast--an outcast is what people throw away.

       2. I COME TO HIS PRETTY COUNTRY & YOU DON'T SHOW ME NOWHERE BUT THE BEDROOM. Why don't you take David to see the pretty places? Why don't you show me your country? I don't see nothing but the bed & pretty girls. I don't get to do nothing but I have to fuck all these girls all the time & I don't get any holiday to see your pretty country.

       3. YOU DON'T SHOW ME NOTHING BUT ALL THESE WOMEN IN THIS BED! I like the pretty women. I like to fuck them in the bed, but I need little holiday. I want to see your country. I come here from far away & I never see your country. It is pretty day & I don't see no country cause you sleep & sleep & sleep. You got to be quiet so David can sleep.

       4. BE STILL, HONEY BABY. WHY DON'T YOU & ME GO SEE COUNTRY WHILE DAVID SLEEPING? Goodnight, pretty child. Sleep & sleep & sleep & sleep. I love you, but I go nowhere. Because you don't take me nowhere. Ssssh! Don't wake up David. Don't wake up David. Just you & me go out somewhere & see pretty country. Why don't you take me to see your pretty country?

       5. I WANT TO GO SEE YOUR PRETTY COUNTRY. But you don't do nothing but sleep. Sssh! Don't wake up David. He needs lots of sleep. You sleepy girl. All the time sleepy girl. You want to sleep in bosom of David more than you want to show me your pretty country. Sleep & sleep & sleep. You & me could go out & see country while David sleeping. But all you have to do is sleep & sleep in David's bosom.

       6. I'M TIRED OF SLEEPING, TIRED OF FUCKING. I WANT TO TRAVEL! But all you want to do is sleep. Don't wake up poor David. He needs lots of sleep. But you're young. You don't need so much sleep. You can get up & go. (I put my hand up to his mouth & he kisses it.)

       7. ANOTHER GIRL? I'M TIRED OF KISSING GIRLS! I'm sick of women. I come to see you country, but you don't show me nothing but women & the bed. Ssssh! Be still. Don't wake up David. But you're young & strong. You & me, we can go see country. Let David sleep. But you're a sweet baby 'cause you sleep & sleep & sleep. (There is a silence & then David makes awful faces for about five minutes & Maria laughs.)

       8. YOU MAKE LITTLE LAUGH! You see make funny faces like monkey in the zoo. 'Cause you won't take me to the zoo. Be still. Don't wake up David. I make for you the zoo. (Makes funny faces & noises, then scratches Maria's head:) I scratch you for lice. I make the monkey at the zoo 'cause you don't take me around. Be still & let David sleep.

       9. YOU KEEP DAVID UP ALL NIGHT & THEN THE PRETTY SUNSHINE COMES & WE CAN'T GO OUT. I wipe tears from my eyes 'cause I weep & weep 'cause I don't go nowhere. You don't take me see nothing. (David is not really crying but takes tissue & wipes his eyes.) Go sleep, sleepy face. You sleep & sleep & sleep & sleep. And this poor old Bulgarist sees nothing of your pretty country.

       10. PUT YOUR SLEEPY FACE TO BED. I'm sick of sleep All you want to do is sleep. Even if we don't go nowhere I don't see nothing. So why don't you be still. Be still. Quit kissing. You going wake up David if you don't stop kissing. Maybe we can go see something while David sleeps.

       11. POOR OLD DAVID, HE SLEEPS. BUT YOU'RE YOUNG & I'M YOUNG & WE CAN GO SEE PLACES & LET DAVID SLEEP! Put sleepy face to bed. You don't know nothing but sleepy face. David sleep with sleepy face & I have to stay here & do nothing. You don't do nothing but bring me women to fuck & I don't get no vacation. I don't have no holiday or day off. Why don't we let David sleep & go somewhere? May his soul rest in peace! (Silence.)

       12. I'M AFRAID IF WE GO OFF & LEAVE HIM, HE GO TO SLEEP & HE DON'T WAKE UP ANY MORE! We have to stay & take care of him. I live with sleepy people. You don't do nothing but kiss me. You don't take me nowhere. My nose itches (David scratches his nose) 'cause I want to smell spirit, but you don't let me. (He moves his hand around the frame of the little table beside the bed.) What's this? (The table.) (Then he feels the two volumes of encyclopedias on the table.) Much knowledge, huh? (Then his hand moves over to the wine bottle.) Oh, bottle! Much joy! (Maria holds David's head up so he can drink.)

       13. LIE DOWN, SLEEPY FACE. SLEEP YOUR FACE, SLEEPY FACE. Poor old David. He needs so much sleep. if we be real still & we be quiet, we sneak out the window & let David sleep & we go out & see pretty country & pretty day. Goodnight Sweet Baby. Poor old David have to sleep. We take a little trip. We go see country, OK? Be still.

       14. THE CHILD OF DAVID'S OTHER WIFE MAKE MERRY. (We hear Little John playing around downstairs.) Child of David play with Mama? So many mamas! David has so many children & pretty mamas! He's so tired of fucking. Why don't you let David sleep? Why you keep bringing all these girls in for me to fuck? I'm sick of fucking. I'm tired of fucking. I'm weary of fucking.

       15. THEY COME IN & THEY SUCK & SUCK & SUCK FROM ME & THEY DON'T GIVE ME NOTHING. They pull & pull & pull & they drain me dry & they don't give me nothing. Why? Tell me why? I want some love. I want them to show me love & to care for me. I want them to show concern for me. But they only concerned for themselves.

       16. ALL THEY WANT IS TO BE FUCKED & FUCKED & FUCKED & SUCK ON DAVID & PULL & TAKE FROM DAVID. But they don't give nothing. Now why not? Why don't they give me some? I give them everything but they don't give me nothing. Books too much wisdom, & knowledge takes much understanding to comprehend, but bottle is only spirit & knows nothing. Bottle give joy & happiness. That's so nice, sweet little hand on mine.

       17. CHILD OF DAVID POUND & WAKE UP HIS MAMA WHO IS SLEEPING. She go downstairs but she still sleep. Everybody so sleepy. If you go look at her, she is sleeping while child pound & play. Everybody so sleepy in this house. Nobody want to play with babies. Hark! I hear child of David, son of David, speak to father. Son of David want to fuck Mother. (Maria: You make sure David gets to sleep?) I try hard. Boom! David's son tear down the house 'cause his mama's sleeping. (The boom was the front door shutting & them going out.) (David goes to sleep.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family