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ABRAHIM'S POSITION!       DFO1482       London, 17/9/73

       1. IT'S THE FUNNIEST THING HOW THAT HITS ME SO SUDDENLY. it's just like Abrahim gets keyed up & then finally he explodes right in the middle of something I'm saying. We have lots of fun. We go from the sublime to the ridiculous. That shows how human yet how Godly he is. If they weren't close together they wouldn't even relate.

       2. IT'S SORT OF LIKE JESUS HAD TO COME DOWN TO RELATE TO US & UNDERSTAND US, If they were not ex-men, they wouldn't be human enough to comprehend us. Now the angels are an entirely different story. They are so superior & so mighty & powerful it is difficult for them to comprehend us & understand why we don't understand.

       3. BUT ABRAHIM & HIS KIND, THEY CAN UNDERSTAND BOTH SIDES, & it is really much easier for them to help us than it is for the outright angels, those mighty spirit beings, to help us. They talk in the loftiest language--they sound more like God Himself when they speak.

       4. ABRAHIM TALKS & ARGUES & IN A SENSE ALMOST REASONS HUMANLY, & he gets angry or really lovey-dovey, depending on what I'm doing, if he approves or disapproves. But the angels seem to be much more like God Himself in a way--lofty, mighty! I guess if it weren't for Jesus, the Lord Himself couldn't understand us, as well.

       5. THEY DON'T DEIGN TO SPEAK TO US QUITE AS MUCH, only on the utmost important subjects or missions or announcements. They sometimes speak to each other about us, almost like they're ignoring our presence--ignoring our knowledge of their presence. Michael, the Lord has told us, is our special guardian angel, the one who fights for us.

       6. BUT THESE LITTLE FELLOWS, they're running all over the place all the time doing all the chores, & the dirty work, like trying to take care of me, for example.

       7. EARTH IS LIKE HEAVEN--THE BEAUTIFUL & GOOD THINGS ABOUT IT. God's creations are kind of a sample of Heaven because I remember the gardens in Space City were even more beautiful, but they were like Earthly gardens--Flowers, trees, grass.

       8. ONE REASON WHY SPIRITS ARE MUCH MORE ACTIVE AT NIGHT is because darkness shuts out the World & the noise & makes you more conscious of the spiritual world, & when all these other people are gone to bed you can't feel their spirits any more. They don't send out all those vibes or spiritual static any more, & when they go to sleep turn off their transmitters, I guess.

       9. HUMAN SPIRITS BECOME INACTIVE & SILENT, but then the spirits of the spiritual world are able to become much more active & communicate much more easily. Ghosts are famous for coming mostly at night. The Goddesses really act like I'm somebody important going in & out of my room! "Ooh! Here he comes!" They seem to like Ho's room better than Faith's probably because he's male.

       10. I KNOW WHY THOSE INDIANS WEAR A JEWEL RIGHT THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THEIR FOREHEADS. My contact is right in the middle of my forehead. That's where Abrahim stays, & if I turn my head any way, he doesn't turn with it, but he stays right there.

       11. AND THERE IS SOMEBODY ELSE UP HERE--a little further up & out, I think it's Abrahim's overseer. He stays at the focal point or geographical center of my consciousness. When he speaks, it's almost like he moves inside & pushes it from in here. It's something I can't exactly feel but I sense.

       12. THE ONLY TIME HE SHIFTS POSITIONS seems to be when he wants to draw my attention to something, he moves that direction or when he wants to come between me & somebody else, like when somebody's getting too close. Like when we were sitting at the table & that man was behind me, suddenly he shifted position to behind my head, like he's sort of there to intercept or protect. The overseer must be part of my halo.

       13. ALL I REMEMBER ABOUT THE CROOKED MAN was that he was coming down from his crooked house & beckoning me to follow him back up his crooked path. (A dream.)

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