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THE PSYCHIC CAT!       France, 2/10/80       DFO1483
--An Exciting ESP Experience!

       1. THIS IS THE MORNING OF OCTOBER THE SECOND, 1980 & I'm going to tell Maria about the experience I had last night. It was rather fascinating. I've told you before how spiritually sensitive & psychically sensitive animals are--sometimes much more than people--probably because their psyche is not as dulled & polluted as man's & they're more in their pure state as God created them to be sensitive to the things of the Spirit & spiritual influence, particularly man's pets such as dogs & cats, even birds, farm animals, etc.--Usually good, sometimes bad.

       2. BUT ANYHOW, I FINISHED TWO NEWSPAPERS LAST NIGHT AT ALMOST EXACTLY ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING & I got up to put them out where the rest of the family could read them & went to go to the toilet before going finally to bed. And as I went down the hallway, I always love to look out the window at God's beautiful scenery outdoors and I love to view His wonderful creation which is particularly beautiful in the quiet of a moonlit night when all is still. There is something almost palpable in the stillness, when all of the sounds & the noises of man are done for the day, which is something I've written about before, "Sounds in the Night!" (No.85). The stillness of the night is beautiful in the quiet, & particularly on a moonlit night it's so beautiful!

       3. SO I LOOKED OUT THE HALLWAY WINDOW INTO THE DRIVEWAY JUST TO LOOK & ENJOY THE VIEW & THE OUTDOORS, when suddenly just as quietly & totally silently came this great big huge monstrous cat walking dignifiedly, slowly & majestically down the driveway in the semi-darkness & the moonlight. He looked grey in colour but you can't really go by that at night in the moonlight.

       4. DID YOU KNOW THAT AT NIGHT IN THE MOONLIGHT YOU'RE ALMOST COLOUR BLIND & everything in moonlight looks either black or white or shades of grey? The moon does not bring out the colour of objects, so that everything looks sort of like a black-&-white movie with various shades of grey between. So I don't really know exactly what the colour of the cat was or the design of his fur, he just looked grey in the moonlight, but very large, very stately & majestic.

       5. HE REMINDED ME OF OUR CAT IN LONDON, THAT BIG BLACK CAT WE HAD THERE, SPHINX.--I shouldn't say we had him, he had us, sort of adopted us, & he was rather mysterious & weird as I have mentioned in some Letters before. (See No.275.) Cats are unusually psychic & they're so weird & mysterious that the ancient Egyptians even used to worship them. The Sphinx is a cat's body with a woman's head. And they are an amazing remarkable animal!

       6. THERE'S HARDLY A DOMESTICATED PET KNOWN TO MAN THAT'S MORE INDEPENDENT THAN A CAT, & they can seldom be trained like a dog. Dogs will learn to obey almost any command & to do tricks & almost read their master's mind & have many emotions, extremely identical to man's. Dogs will smile, frown, look happy or sad or be angry or almost laugh sometimes. they can be playful or they can be dangerous.

       7. DOMESTICATED DOGS ARE EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL & react very emotionally toward man, particularly their masters or mistresses, & often they've been called man's best friend, have an amazing sense of loyalty to their masters or mistresses & sometimes will almost die with them or refuse to leave their body when it's dead or their grave when they're buried, etc. You've heard probably many stories about this.

       8. THEY HAVE AN UNCANNY FACULTY FOR BEING ABLE TO FIND THEIR WAY HOME IF THEY'RE LOST, or if someone has stolen them, they can come back for literally hundreds of miles & seem to just know their way home, probably guided by the Lord or some spiritual influence. The dog can find its way back over territory that they have never even been in before. Cats can do this too.

       9. I'LL NEVER FORGET WHEN I WAS A BOY IN OKLAHOMA, the farm where we were visiting, they had a litter of cats there. The cats had almost gotten full grown & there were so many of them that the farmer decided he wanted to get rid of some of them. so he put them in a gunny sack & took them miles away & let them go, & next morning they were back on the farm again, all of them! They had never done that trip before, they didn't have the faintest idea, as far as any experience was concerned, of the route or the road or the directions or anything, so they were obviously instinctively or spirit-led to return to their home!

       10. THAT'S AN AMAZING HOMING INSTINCT THAT CERTAIN ANIMALS HAVE, INCLUDING HOMING PIGEONS, carrier pigeons that carry messages & fly hundreds of miles. Many birds do this & fish as well, they will return to their usual nesting or mating grounds at a certain season. It used to be quite an event & made quite popular with tourists to visit the San Juan Capistrano Mission in Southern California not far from Los Angeles, on a certain day of the year in the Spring when the famous swallows of Capistrano, having been gone South into Mexico for the Winter, would return en-masse in a large flock!

       11. THESE PARTICULAR SWALLOWS WHO HAD BEEN BORN & REARED THERE AT THE SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO MISSION, had been nested & hatched out there the previous Summer, would return after the Winter in the Spring on a certain date, exact date of the year, of the month, & thousands of people from hundreds of miles around would come to watch the flock come in!

       12. THEY'D COME & SPEND THE DAY IN THE TOURISTY TOWN shopping or picnicking & viewing the old Mission, sight-seeing, waiting for the swallows to come back. They usually came back sometime, I think it was, in the afternoon, & I witnessed this event. It's amazing how they know where their one-time home is & will find their way home. Birds & fish both have this instinct.

       13. THE FAMOUS HUGE GALAPAGOS TURTLES HAVE THIS INSTINCT. The turtles sometimes will swim hundreds of miles away from their original nesting place where they themselves were hatched out, & the older females as well, swim hundreds of miles away during certain seasons, but then during the nesting season, the hatching season, they will return to the original place where they themselves were born to give birth or hatch out their young!

       14. SALMON ARE FAMOUS FOR RETURNING TO THEIR ORIGINAL SPAWNING GROUNDS IN A RIVER. They will come clear back from the sea, I think it is, where they've been God knows where, & will return, swim the length of a river, way upstream, against rapids & falls, they'll try & try till they have jumped up the falls, over the falls against the current, fighting their way back to where they themselves were born, so to speak.

       15. IT'S A VERY AMAZING INSTINCT THAT GOD HAS PLACED IN MANY OF HIS CREATURES--animals, birds, fish, etc.--this homing instinct. It's like an old song, "All things come home at eventide, they are homing, & I long to be by thy side, homing!" And then they had a song also about the swallows at Capistrano. This amazing instinct of God's little creatures has even inspired songs! (Sings:) "When the swallows come back to Capistrano, I will be there waiting for you!" In other words, his love had apparently gone away & he was expecting her to return like the swallows.

       16. IT SOUNDS LIKE WOMEN ARE FICKLE, AND THERE ARE SONGS ABOUT THAT TOO. (Sings:) "Donna es Mobile, pum pum pum pum-pum-pum! Pum pum pum pum-pum-pum, pum pum pum pum-pum-pum!" I think that's from "Figaro." "Donna es Mobile" means "Women are fickle!"--Ha! Not my woman, nor my women, God bless'm! They're very loyal, most of'm, & faithful. I've lost very few. TYL! Most of them have never gone away & they have just stayed. They didn't go away nor have to come back 'cause they never left! A few have had to be left behind sometimes while we moved away, but they usually caught up with us or we sent for them & brought them on.

       17. BUT ANYHOW, THIS HOMING INSTINCT IS AMAZING WITH ANIMALS & FISH & BIRDS ETC. Some birds will fly literally thousands of miles, like the famous Arctic tern that dwells in one Arctic region, the North Pole, & flies clear to the sub-Antarctic regions of Patagonia, that's the extreme Southern tip of South America, sub-Antarctica, etc.

       18. THEY WILL MIGRATE SOUTH IN THE WINTERTIME FROM THE NORTHERN COLD COUNTRIES, clear down into the Southern Hemisphere past the Equator & the Tropic Zone to the temperate climates of the Southern Hemisphere for the Winter. They will fly down there where it's Summer, so that they live all of their lives in Summertime, spending the Summertime of the Northern Hemisphere in the Northern Hemisphere's Summertime, & then flying to the Southern Hemisphere for its Summertime--flying back & forth between the two Summers so they're continually living in Summertime either in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

       19. AS YOU KNOW, THAT WHILE WE IN THE NORTH ARE HAVING OUR WINTER, the Southern Hemisphere, such as Southern South America & Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc., are having their Summer during our Winter. So don't forget that, you travellers who are planning to travel South of the Equator into the Southern temperature regions, don't go down there with your snowsuits & galoshes on because you're going to find it's pretty hot, because during our Winter they're having their Summer.

       20. NEITHER BE CARELESS & WEAR YOUR THIN LIGHT SUMMER CLOTHES NORTHWARD WHEN LEAVING THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE during its hot Summer to come into the Northern Hemisphere during the cold Winter or you may catch a cold for sure! When you're changing Hemispheres from South to North & North to South, don't forget that they have just the opposite temperatures during those seasons: Our Winter is their Summer & their Winter is our Summer, & viceversa!

       21. SO THIS HOMING INSTINCT OF ANIMALS IS AMAZING! And I say all that to emphasise how amazingly psychic they are or spirit-led. Scientists have been trying to figure out how they do it for years & how the bees can roam far & wide, miles away from their hives, & yet loaded with honey, & come directly back over the miles to their hive again without getting lost!

       22. THEY ARE BEGINNING TO REALISE THAT IT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE MAGNETIC FIELD OF THE EARTH & the magnetic poles, etc., that this extremely accurate navigational system that God has implanted in the brains of both fish & birds & animals is sensitive to the magnetic field of the Earth emanating from the Magnetic Pole & that it has something to do with that whereby they can find their way so accurately--just as accurately as a navigator of a ship can find his way by the stars or the sextant or the compass--or all three!-- Even insects have it!

       23. SO GOD HAS GIVEN NOT ONLY MAN, BUT HE'S GIVEN HIS OWN LITTLE CREATURES MEANS OF NAVIGATION. In fact, it's much more accurate even than man's, because it's instinctive without any instruments whatsoever, without the help of being able to read the stars or compass or sextant. God has implanted it in their little minds to find their way home no matter what!

       24. THEY HAVE FOUND THAT THIS DOES HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE MAGNETIC FIELD because they have fastened little anti-magnets to the feet of birds & bodies of bees that interfere with this reception of the magnetic rays or waves & immediately the bee or the bird becomes disoriented & doesn't know which way to go & gets lost. When man starts tinkering with God's creation he always messes things up; if he'd just leave it alone it'd take care of itself.

       25. BUT ANYHOW, ANIMALS ARE AMAZING IN THIS INSTINCTIVENESS THAT THEY HAVE, THIS SENSE OF THINGS. A dog can sense your emotions & the way you feel. A cat can definitely sense something in the air. As I say, cats are amazing animals, & they have become so domesticated, first domesticated, as far as we know, by the Egyptians. Well, of course, by Noah, they were all domesticated then, when Noah called them into the Ark & could talk to them & they could understand.--Think of that!

       26. A FARMER GAINS A VERY AMAZING RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS ANIMALS AS WELL & gets to know them real well & talk to them & they understand him. We say they are dumb animals,but it doesn't mean that they are ignorant, or dumb in not being intelligent. Man calls them dumb simply because they can't talk, at least not his language, but we find that a good many of them can talk. Even the dolphins in the sea who sort of twitter like birds under the water can understand each other, they have a language that they speak to each other. Science has recorded it!

       27. THE BIRDS HAVE A LANGUAGE THEY SPEAK TO EACH OTHER. Do you remember one of the experiences I had about the birdies in London? What was the name of that Letter? (Maria: "Bye Bye Birdie!") (No.231.) I was talking to the birds & they were talking to me! And it is said that St. Francis could talk to the birds, & certainly God's creatures do have a language of their own that they speak with each other & which sometimes men who have become their friends & become very close, with great rapport with God's creatures, learn to understand.

       28. WELL, ALL THAT ABOUT THE AMAZINGNESS OF ANIMALS & THEIR UNCANNY WISDOM & SIXTH SENSE OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT, INSTINCT. They say women are a bit that way, too. If man hadn't dulled his spiritual senses & polluted his mind he would probably be far more spiritually sensitive as well, but mankind seems to have lost a lot of this spiritual sensitivity, this uncanny sixth sense or intuition or instinct, it has a lot of names. But women still are a bit that way & are particularly spiritually sensitive & notorious for having a sixth sense or intuitive feelings, instinct, whatever you want to call it. It's something that God has placed in them to be particularly sensitive to things which sometimes men are not quite as sensitive to.

       29. THE SCIENTISTS CALL IT ESP, FOR ONE THING, EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION, which seems to come through a sixth psychic sense which is not one of the five physical senses such as taste, touch, sight, hearing & smell--the five physical senses by which we detect various things in our physical World.

       30. SIGHT IS PROBABLY THE MOST DISTANT ONE, THAT YOU CAN SEE THINGS A LONG WAYS AWAY, the optical sense, & eye contact seems to come first. Hearing is next in the sensitivity of distant things. You can hear very distant sounds, you can see even more distant objects. So sight is the most amazing & most sensitive for things at a great distance. Eye contact comes first & then you begin to hear something. So your ears can sense things at a great distance as well, sounds.

       31. THEN COMES SMELL, BELIEVE IT OR NOT. You can smell things at considerable distance also. If you live near a refinery you'll know that when the wind blows your way, or a fish cannery or any such things as this. You can smell fires or smoke from a great distance & various smells that you can get, sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant. Smoke is one that God has made you to be able to smell quickly & clearly to try to prevent fires or save yourself from a fire. It's really amazing the senses that God has given us!

       32. OF COURSE, THE NEXT MOST IMPORTANT AFTER IT PASSES YOUR NOSE IS YOUR SENSE OF TASTE to guard you from impure or bad or polluted or rotten foods or to warn you of anything wrong with the food that you're about to put in your mouth. Your nose smells it first & then you give it the taste test if the nose doesn't do it, as I already explained before elsewhere. (See No.544.)

       33. AND OF COURSE ONE OF OUR MOST DELIGHTFUL SENSES IS OUR SENSE OF TOUCH which I'm enjoying right now with Maria here in the bed in my arms petting me & me petting her. My fingers like to feel her beautiful silky-smooth skin all over, my mouth likes to kiss hers & suck her bosoms & sometimes lick other parts of her body. A sense of touch is a wonderful exciting sense! And then we also like to receive those touches & pets & pats & kisses & licks etc. XXXXXXX!

       34. KISSING IS ONE OF THOSE THINGS YOU ENJOY WITH YOUR SENSE OF TOUCH, or caressing her body & her nipples & lower parts can give her a very very pleasant sensation, in fact, eventually an orgasm if I touch the right place! Some women can have an orgasm just from caressing their nipples! And men of course can have an orgasm just from someone caressing the foreskin of their penis or sliding it up & down or doing it themselves, do-it-yourself sex, or inserting it into a woman's vagina & sliding it in & out! This is a part of your sense of touch, marvellous sense! Or, having the woman suck the penis is a thrilling experience as well & can bring about an orgasm & ejaculation.

       35. ALL THESE THRILLS OF SEX HAVE TO DO WITH YOUR SENSE OF TOUCH, & if you didn't have a sense of touch you wouldn't have any orgasms or sexual pleasure & you wouldn't enjoy sex at all. In fact, it would be just plain hard work. But God has made the things which you need to do the most to survive & mankind needs to do the most--oh, I've forgotten I'm not supposed to say "man" or "mankind" anymore, due to the women's lib, that's a violation of women's liberties. Now you're supposed to say "humanity", people. Anyway I'm in the habit of the old school of man & mankind, so forgive me if I make a slip once in awhile.

       36. NOW WHERE WERE WE?--THE SUBJECT WAS ACTUALLY WOMEN & SEX & TOUCH, that you have this amazing sense of touch which gives you a great deal of pleasure, sometimes pain, if the touch is painful, such as a pin prick or a burn or even cold ice, or a blow will affect your sense of touch & can also be painful as well as pleasurable.

       37. BUT THE THINGS WHICH YOU NEED TO DO THE MOST TO SURVIVE & TO PERPETUATE HUMANITY, people, mankind, whatever you want to call it, are usually very pleasant & pleasurable, such as breathing. Ahhhhh, what a pleasure to take a nice deep breath of fragrant fresh air in the beautiful outdoor creation of the Lord, amen? (Maria: Amen!) And eating, what a pleasant experience to sit down to a bountiful table & eat all that delicious food the cook has prepared for you & the Lord has provided. It's a very pleasant sensation, isn't it? it gives you very pleasurable feelings, taste, delicious, satisfying the senses of the body, which makes life enjoyable, including procreation, sex.

       38. GOD HAS MADE SEX ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE OF ALL PLEASURABLE SENSUAL FEELINGS in order to make sure that you have children to perpetuate the race & to continue having people on Earth that God can teach & love & save & populate Heaven with eventually. So God has made the greatest necessities of life very pleasurable--both breathing & eating & even exercising as well. Even working can be pleasant if you enjoy your work. Physical activity is very important to your health.

       39. AND OF COURSE HOW MANY OF US DO ENJOY SLEEPING! (Maria: Ummmmmmm! I sure do!) Ha ha ha ha! Some people really need a lot of sleep & one of their most pleasant times of day is when they can go to sleep. (Maria: Oh Honey, I don't get that much.) It's not that you get that much but I mean you just need it. Even sleeping can be a pleasure & you can enjoy it & feel a great deal of satisfaction out of being able to fall asleep & continuous sleep.

       40. I THINK SOMETIMES YOU ENJOY YOUR SLEEP MORE IN THE MORNING WHEN YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO GET UP & the alarm rings & you groan & you shut it off & fall back to sleep. If you have one of those double alarms that keeps repeating every minute, you can enjoy your sleep all the more in those last few minutes as you realise you have to get up.

       41. SO THE GREATEST NECESSITIES OF LIFE, OF COURSE, ARE BREATHING & EATING & WORKING & SLEEPING & God has made all of these very enjoyable, as well as fucking. Sex is a vital necessity to man--& woman--excuse me, Libbers! Sex is a vital necessity for your health & your well-being & your satisfaction & your feeling of fulfilment, & you must be sexually satisfied to be physically normal & satisfied & happy, as well as have children, which is a vital necessity for the World, in spite of man's false doctrines of his scientists falsely so-called, that over-population is a great danger, blah blah, & that the World's going to die in ten miles of people, blah blah, or starve to death or whatever!

       42. GOD KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING & I'M QUITE SURE WE CAN TRUST THE LORD AS TO HOW MANY PEOPLE THE LORD WANTS IN THE WORLD because He's the One who creates that spark of life of the spirit, the human soul, the union of spirit & body to form a human soul. So I'm sure He knows what He's doing when He creates a baby through you & your mechanics & that of your mate. Some can fuck all day & fuck all night & fuck all year--all week, all month, all year & for the rest of their life, & some people do--& never have children! So how come others have one about every year!

       43. SCIENCE TRIES TO EXPLAIN IT & GIVE NATURAL PHYSIOLOGICAL REASONS FOR IT BLAH BLAH, & SOMETIMES THERE ARE, if a woman has a problem with her fallopian tubes or ovaries or something wrong in her vagina. Sometimes there are natural causes, she cannot ovulate or she can't conceive, or a man is sterile & just hasn't got virile seed that seems to be able to fertilise the egg. There seem to be some natural causes sometimes, sometimes caused by disease, sometimes by poor health or some kind of something about your bodily machinery that's out of order.

       44. BUT THERE ARE SOME PERFECTLY NATURAL NORMAL COUPLES WHOSE SEXUAL ORGANS ARE ALL IN TIP-TOP SHAPE & they fuck away for years trying to have children & never are able to have any, in spite of their seeming physiological normality, so how come? Well, obviously God knows what He's doing & who would make good parents & who wouldn't & who should have children & who shouldn't, whether it's for good or bad reasons or whatever. (Maria: Some of our girls in the Family have gone on for years before they've had any babies & finally had some.) Yes,

       45. WELL, IT'S VERY MYSTERIOUS HOW THE LORD ORDERS HIS CREATION & PLANS IT, undoubtedly, & decides on who should have babies & when, & who should not--when & where too sometimes. We have one of our Pisces secretaries who has gone for years fucking away with many lovers with no results except pleasure & sweet fellowship & friendship & a lot of fun & satisfaction, sexually, but suddenly, recently, all of a sudden she conceived & got pregnant & she's going to have, we trust, a sweet little baby to cheer her up!

       46. I THINK SHE'S NEARLY 30, & SOME OF OUR GIRLS HAVE GONE INTO THEIR 30'S, having been mated or loved & enjoyed sex for many years--maybe 15, 20 years or more, maybe all their lives if they masturbated--& never had any children, even with all this sex with many lovers & mates & whatnot! And some women have been known to go clear into their 40's before they suddenly conceive by surprise--surprise, surprise!--And had a child for the first time in their lives after all that lovin' & fuckin' & fun to 40!

       47. WELL, HOW DID I GET ALL OF THIS OUT A BIG GREY CAT, ANYWAY? But your sense of touch, of course, is one of your most pleasurable feelings, as I was speaking of senses & sensitivity, especially sensitivity in the Spirit or the psychical or whatever you want to call it. ESP is Extrasensory perception, meaning some kind of a sense which helps you to perceive these things, a sense which is beyond your normal five physical senses, but is some kind of a mental or psychical or spiritual sense which science now recognises actually does exist & has been proven.

       48. BUT THEY CAN'T EXPLAIN IT, SO THEY JUST CALL IT EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION, PERCEIVING THINGS BEYOND THE POWER OF YOUR NORMAL FIVE SENSES, sometimes perceiving things that happened miles away or even perceiving things that are going to happen in the future, which is prophetic, having this sense of foreboding about some impending disaster such as Jeane Dixon manifested when she predicted the death of John Kennedy actually many days before it occurred.

       49. THEN AS IT DREW CLOSER SHE BECAME MORE & MORE APPREHENSIVE & feeling bad about it that no one would believe her, no one would take her seriously. She even warned him not to go to Dallas, that she felt that's where it was going to happen, & she saw a coffin on the steps of the White House & all that sort of thing. She was eating lunch, I think, with some people in Washington when suddenly she stopped, practically jerked & said, "He's been shot! He's dead!"--At the very moment that it happened 1500 miles away in Dallas, Texas!

       50. DOGS HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO SENSE THEIR MASTER'S IN DISTRESS, like someone drowning or the death of a loved one miles away, & of course women are quite famous for that sixth sense or intuition which cause them to sense something happening or about to happen even at a distance. So God has given this sense to man as well as to animals, birds & fish, etc., to be able to sense things which their normal five senses could not possibly perceive. But animals seem to be particularly sensitive.

       51. NOW MAN HAS, OF COURSE, THE SPIRITUAL LEADING OF GOD & THE SPIRIT WORLD & SPIRITUAL BEINGS who can communicate with him & tell him things that have happened or are happening or about to happen or even going to happen hundreds of years later, as the prophets of God predicted the history of the World in advance hundreds of years before its occurring right now.

       52. SOME OF THE GREATEST PROPHETS IN THE BIBLE LIVED SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS BEFORE CHRIST WAS BORN & yet they very accurately predicted the course of events from the earliest times of Egypt & Assyria, etc., right on down to the end of the World & the coming Antichrist Kingdom, even the state of events today which we're going to study more as we go along, since we're getting so close & are already in those times.

       53. THE PROPHETS OF GOD SENSED THESE THINGS HUNDREDS OF YEARS IN ADVANCE, God gave them revelations to reveal to them what was going to happen in the future. These are direct revelations of the Spirit of God & His holy spirits & communications directly from the Spirit World & the entities therein, to reveal to us the things which they can see in the future, ahead of us, as they do not live in time but in Eternity. "For the things of this World are temporal but the things of the Spirit are eternal." (2Co.4:18.)

       54. THE DAY IS COMING WHEN TIME SHALL BE NO MORE & WE SHALL LIVE IN THE WORLD OF THE ETERNAL NOW where there is no past & no future, only the present. So you won't be able to be remorseful over the past unless maybe you're in Hell, & God will wipe all tears away from your eyes in Heaven, over the past, take all that away. And you won't be able to worry about the future because your future will be insured & guaranteed for sure & you'll know it when you get to Heaven. You shouldn't worry about it now. By faith you should trust the Lord even now, not to worry about the future. But anyway, back to the cat!

       55. SO I WAS LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW & THIS STRANGE CAT THAT I HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE WAS WALKING MAJESTICALLY ALONG THE DRIVEWAY in the moonlight & I marvelled at the beautiful suppleness of his movement, gracefulness, the dignity, walking like the king of beasts, like a lion! Cats are some of the most graceful beautiful creatures God ever made. As I was saying, they're rather independent, yet they enjoy man & like to live with man--pardon me, people--& they seem to appreciate being cared for by humans.

       56. IN FACT, A CAT IS ONE ANIMAL WHICH HAS A DIET & A TASTE FOR ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME FOODS AS HUMANS EAT! They're one of the few animals which will eat almost anything that a human being will eat & enjoy it. Cats like any type of human food, so any of your scraps on the table you can pass on to the cat & he will enjoy it. Dogs are not always that way. They seem to be more carnivorous & prefer meats & meaty foods more & meat scraps & bones, etc., whereas cats will eat almost anything, even something sweet, pudding or just about anything that human beings like.

       57. ALTHOUGH THEY DO PREFER SOMETIMES LIVE MEAT SUCH AS MICE & FISH. I found our cat fishing in our fishbowl one day for the goldfish, & you may have had the sad experience of losing a pet guppy or black moll from the cat getting his claws into the goldfish bowl or the tropical fish aquarium! So keep it out of the reach of your cat--also the canary!

       58. YOU'VE HEARD ABOUT THE CAT THAT ATE THE CANARY with a feeling of satisfaction because he had a nice satisfied grin & the canary was gone. We say, "You look like the cat that ate the canary!" After Maria would come back from some of her forays amongst the early days of the FFing in Tenerife I used to kid her by saying, "You look like the cat that ate the Canarian!"--Because it was in the Canary Islands. Ha! (Maria: And because I was a cat!)--And you are a cat, a Leo!--A real Lioness!

       59. WELL ANYHOW, I WAS LOOKING AT THIS CAT AS IT PASSED BY, & I was looking, mind you, out of a perfectly dark hallway, through a window-pane of glass, at that, which would be reflecting the light outdoors in such a way that it would be almost impossible to see me from the outside. But as the cat walked by, the thought occurred to me,

       60. "I WONDER IF THAT CAT CAN SENSE THAT I'M HERE & KNOWS THAT I LOVE CATS?" All cats always seem to be able to sense that I love them & that I'm a cat man, particularly fond of cats. I'm not quite as fond of dogs, because cats are easier to take care of & not as dirty & much cleaner & quieter. But dogs have their place too, so God bless all you dog people.

       61. BUT JUST AS I HAD THIS THOUGHT PASS THROUGH MY MIND, "I WONDER IF I COULD COMMUNICATE WITH THAT CAT, if I could tell it that I admire it & I appreciate it, I love it"--it froze in its tracks! Absolutely just stiffened, like suddenly it sensed something. And then without moving another bit of its body or its tail or anything, turned its head completely around--I'd say more than 90 degrees, more than a right angle--so that it was looking backward directly at me in the window & just stood there stark still for a few moments!--Until I was almost the guy that was startled & scared then, this was so weird & sort of psychic!

       62. SO ALTHOUGH IT WAS SO DARK I COULDN'T ACTUALLY SEE ITS EYES, I COULD FEEL ITS EYES LOOKING AT ME, & I guess the cat had felt the same thing. You know this feeling you've had sometimes when somebody's staring at you from the rear or at the back of your head, you suddenly turn around & sure enough somebody is staring at you! That's another one of those sixth senses.

       63. SO THE CAT APPARENTLY HAD SENSED MY STARING AT HIM & HAD FROZEN IN HIS TRACKS, suddenly jerked his head around & looked straight at me, or in the direction of the stare, although I don't see how he could hardly see me at all! He was out in the bright moonlight, but I was clear inside in the dark looking through a window pane!

       64. WE HELD EACH OTHER'S GAZE FOR A FEW LONG THRILLING SUSPENSEFUL MOMENTS LOOKING DIRECTLY AT EACH OTHER & then he turned around, walked straight toward me & sat down right under the window, still looking up at me, & just sat there looking at me until I almost started getting scared! I thought, "Now what is this creature going to do next? I wonder if it is a cat! I hope it's not some evil spirit that's about to jump through the window next & attack me or something!"--The Devil tried to make me afraid of it.

       65. BUT I TRIED TO HAVE POSITIVE THOUGHTS & PRAY & ASK THE LORD TO HELP ME NOT BE AFRAID OF THE CAT. Mind you now, the window was closed, there were glass window-panes between us, but that cat was looking me straight in the eye, sitting there now so close that I could see its face! And there we were! I was motionless & the cat was motionless. I was standing there looking it in the eye & it was sitting there looking me in the eye, & we were having kind of a stare-down & I was wondering which one of us was going to give up first!

       66. WELL, THAT CAT DIDN'T BUDGE! He just kept sitting right there looking straight at me--through that window pane, mind you now! It was light outdoors & dark inside, how could he see me at all?--Much less tell that I was looking at him or see my eyes! But apparently he could, & he did, & he kept looking me straight in the eye, never moved a muscle! He had an amazingly large face, an unusual face, something like a tiger with sort of chin whiskers on each side almost like long sideburns, unusual type of cat face.

       67. SO FINALLY, SINCE I WAS STANDING OUT STARK NAKED IN THE COOL HALL, I'M ASHAMED TO CONFESS THAT I'M THE GUY WHO FINALLY GAVE UP, because I got tired of waiting to see if he was ever going to give up. I figured, "Now I'm going to stare this cat down & surely he'll give up & go on to something more interesting outside, like catching mice or birds or something."--But no, he didn't. He just sat there & looked me straight in the eye.

       68. WELL, AS YOU'VE HEARD MY LECTURES ON THE EYES, THE EYES HAVE IT & this time his eyes had it & I gave up & I decided to beat a swift retreat back to bed & get away from this mysterious cat sitting out in our driveway, not knowing what kind of creature he might be, whether he was some embodied or disembodied spirit or ghost-cat or what! But anyhow, it inspired this lecture now that you've had on instinct & intuition & spiritual sensitivity--even if it took a cat!

       69. BUT I'M LOOKING FORWARD TO MEETING THAT CAT AGAIN, next time I hope it's in the daylight, & I have a piece of my mind to give to him for staring me down in the middle of the night! I don't think that's very polite. But his look really wasn't malevolent, it looked almost like he liked me! Have you had any strange ESP experiences lately?--If not, be filled with God's Spirit & you'll have some! GBY!--Are you?--Why not now?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family