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THE BOTTOMLESS PIT!       DFO 1484       29/12/82

       1. THIS EARTH IS A HOLLOW BALL FULL OF FIRE! That's where the Lake of fire is & the abyss, the bottomless pit! (Rev.20:1-3; 11:7) There's only one kind of Pit that could possibly be bottomless, & I even read about this in a sci-fi magazine once, only they pictured the interior of the Earth of course as being something like Jules Verne's idea in "Journey to the Centre of the Earth," some kind of a paradise!

       2. WELL, IT'S NO PARADISE, I'LL TELL YOU! Not from what the Bible says & how the Devil's going to be cast into the Bottomless Pit & stay there for a thousand years! Well, who knows, he may be swinging back & forth like a pendulum, because inside the Earth in its empty shell you can only fall so far down, then you pass the centre of gravity & you're falling up! Because your momentum from falling down would carry you quite a ways up, quite a few miles! So if you had already fallen say 3000 miles or more, how high could you fall up?

       3. --THE EARTH IS 8000 MILES IN DIAMETER, & HOW THICK IS THE CRUST, THE SHELL? Does anybody know?--There've been a lot of estimates about it. It's kind of thin in some places where there're frequent volcanoes, etc. Well anyhow, they claim it's only a few miles thick. Let's give it the benefit of the doubt here or there & maybe it's 500 miles thick, & that takes off 500 miles on each side & then you've still got about 7000 miles to play with between the interior surfaces. So you've got over 3000 miles to fall down & over 3000 miles to fall up, & then 3000 miles to fall back & 3000 miles to fall up, & you can just keep falling back & forth & never hit bottom because there ain't no bottom! So you say,

       4. "HOW COULD THERE BE A BOTTOMLESS PIT?" WELL, THERE IT IS, RIGHT DOWN THERE INSIDE THE EARTH! Of course the Devil's going to be a prisoner, so I don't know whether they're going to just let him ride back & forth that easy for 1000 years! I think I'd get pretty sick of that ride, but it obviously doesn't cure him! He comes right out & goes at his dirty work again in the Battle of Gog & Magog at the end of the Millennium! Where´ll you be then?

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