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THE WINNERS & LOSERS!--Which Are You?       France, 20/11/80       DFO1485

       1. THIS IS THE MORNING OF THE 20TH OF NOVEMBER, & it seems like I just woke up a little while ago from this dream. It seems like I was dreaming it sort of off & on all night--go to sleep, dream a while, wake up & think about it & then go to sleep & dream a while again.

       2. I KEPT DREAMING I WAS READING THE MAGAZINE & THERE WERE LOTS OF ADS, want ads & "for sale" ads, & some people were selling their Homes & their furniture & things like that because their marriage or their family had broken up. And other people were selling their cars or their campers or their trailers because they couldn't make it on their own. I thought, "Oh my! So many sad ads about the people who couldn't make it & the people who are having problems & difficulties & so on."

       3. AND IT CAME TO ME SO CLEAR, "WELL, IF THERE WEREN'T ANY LOSERS THERE COULDN'T BE ANY WINNERS!" Some people are bound to be losers & others are going to be winners. And that old song came to me about the winners & the quitters, remember? (Dad sings:)

       Winners never quit & quitters never win!
       Oh let the sun shine in! Face it with a grin!
       Open up your heart & let the sun shine in!

       Oh let the sun shine in! Face it with a grin!
       Winners never quite & quitters never win!
       So let the sun shine in! Face it with a grin!
       Open up your heart & let the sun shine in!"

That was a funny little dream, but waking up & thinking about it, I thought, "Well, how true!"

       5. PAUL TALKS ABOUT SOME THAT ARE GOING TO WIN THE RACE, & if some people are going to win the race there's bound to be some people that are going to lose it. Some people get the prize, as he says, & win the crown. "Let us lay aside every weight & the sin which doth so easily beset us...press toward the goal, the high calling of Jesus Christ." (He.12:1; Ph.3:14.) He said he'd fought a good fight, he'd finished the course & now was laid up for him a crown, etc. (2Tim.4:7,8.)

       6. HE WAS SAYING THAT SOME PEOPLE FIGHT TO THE VICTORY & THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE WHO DO LOSE IT & can't seem to win for losing, for lack of faith or lack of stick-to-it-iveness, lack of determination, lack of sacrifice, lack of whatever it takes to win!--And it takes a lot to win, & some people just don't seem to have it, so there are bound to be a few losers. If there weren't some losers there wouldn't be any winners!

       7. SO MY WHOLE THOUGHT IN READING THESE ADS WAS THAT AT LEAST IT TELLS BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY, tells the truth, the facts. They might as well know that some people don't make it! Some people just can't seem to win & other people just can't seem to lose, TTL! So if there weren't any losers there couldn't be any winners and that was the whole idea of the whole dream: Some people do lose, but that also means that there are some people who do win.

       8. THEY NEED TO TELL BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY, they need to know both sides, that there are losers that don't make it. Thank God that also shows that there are winners that do! So PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       9. (SINGS:)
       Winners never quit & quitters never win!
       So let the sun shine in! Face it with a grin!
       Open up your heart & let the SUN SHINE IN!"

       --And the Sun is Jesus! GBY! You can't lose for winning if you have Jesus! TYL!

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