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DANIEL 7 FLANNELGRAPH WITH GRANDPA!       DFO 1486       France, 23/11/80

       1. (TECHI: DADDY, HERE DADDY!) What's this? (David: Daniel again!) Well, we only need one Daniel today. (Techi: Here Daniel!) He already prayed, so we don't need that now. (Techi: Here Daniel! Here Daniel!) All right, here's your little Daniel here. Now sit down and listen. You've got to be quiet & sit down & listen. All right, we'll put him over here. (Techi was only 20 mos. old.)

       2. DANIEL WAS PRAYING FIRST, & BECAUSE HE PRAYED THE LORD SHOWED HIM THIS VISION! OK! And what did he see? Davida? Come on, Davida, you put it up here. Where would you like to put the sea? Let's put it down here so we can see all the things that came out of it. Right there, is that good? He saw a big sea, and do you know what the sea represented? (David: The World!) It represented the whole World, see? All the people in the whole World, & they're falling out! The whole World, that's what the sea represented! And what did Daniel see coming out of the World?

       3. THIS IS A BIBLE MONSTER STORY! BIBLE MONSTERS! Now you little kids be quiet now, we've got to have the big kids see if they know. The first monster he saw coming up flying out of the sea, out of the World, was what? Anybody know? (David: A lion with wings.) Sshh! I know you little kids know, but let's see if the big kids know. (Sue: A lion with wings like an eagle.) Yes, & who was that? Hmm? Anybody know what kingdom that was? (Mark: Babylon.) Babylon! That was Babylon flying up out of the sea!

       4. AND THE NEXT MONSTER HE SAW WAS WHAT? GUESS WHAT? ANYBODY KNOW? (DAVID: THE BEAR!) (Sue: A bear with three ribs in his mouth.) A bear with three ribs in his mouth, & what else about the bear? One side was up higher than the other one, like this! He saw a bear coming up with three ribs in his mouth, those three ribs were three countries, & one side of the bear was higher than the other because it had two kings, two arms like the Image of Daniel, & one king was higher than the other. Cyrus was higher than Darius, see? Like that!--The Kings of Medo-Persia.

       5. DANIEL HAD THIS PRIVATELY TO HIMSELF BECAUSE HE DIDN'T DARE TELL THE KING THIS ONE, because the king wouldn't have liked it! Because the king liked to see himself as a big beautiful golden Image & a golden head. But then when God showed Daniel what the World was like, when He showed Daniel privately & gave Daniel a vision, He showed him what the World looked like to God!--That the countries & empires of the World were like great big monsters! They were like big monsters!

       6. AND THE FIRST ONE WAS A BEAUTIFUL MONSTER THOUGH, WASN'T IT?--A lion with wings. That was pretty. That was like what? (David: Babylon.) We ought to have a small Image out here. Babylon was what part of the Image? (David: The head.) Golden head, & that's the way the King liked to think of himself. But when God showed it to Daniel, He showed him what it all looked like to Him. (David was only 5!)

       7. WELL, THE LION IS THE BEST OF ALL THE BEASTS. If you're going to have some monsters, the lion is the best one, right? He's beautiful, the king of beasts. And it had wings. What do you do with wings? (David: Fly.) He was flying. And do you know what God did? He took out of it the beast's heart & put in it the heart of a man. That shows you that Nebuchadnezzar got saved, He gave him a new heart, see? I wonder why they didn't put that in the flannelgraph? That would have been real good for kids, to make it understandable. Sue said the bear was what kingdom? Class? (Family: Medo-Persia.) Medo-Persia, that's right!

       8. AND AFTERWARD HE SAW COMING UP OUT OF THE SEA OF THE WORLD'S PEOPLE, THE NATIONS, ANOTHER MONSTER! This monster had four wings. Well, it's pretty unusual to have four wings. What do most birds have? (David: Two.) But this monster not only had four wings, it had guess what? What else did it have four? One, two, three, four what? (David: Heads!) These are way too small, I mean you have to practically stick your nose against the flannelgraph to see'm! I wonder how come he made these so small! Look see, he had not only four wings but what? (David: Four heads.) Four heads! And it flew around real fast because it had four wings, & it divided into four heads.

       9. AND WHAT EMPIRE WAS THAT, THAT CAME OUT OF THE WORLD? ( FAMILY: GREECE.) Greece! And why did it have four wings? (James: Because it was a very swift conquest of the World.) Yes, it grew so fast, it flew so fast! And why did it have four heads? (Dora: It was divided into four countries.) It was divided into four parts, & they should have the parts. Oh, where did you get that? (Sara: Daniel 8.) Well, great! The reason it had all these four heads is it was divided into four kingdoms!--Into Syria & Egypt & Greece & what's now Turkey, see? North, East, South & West. Because when Alexander the Great who established Greece died, he gave his whole Empire to his four generals.

       10. NOW, THERE'S ONE MORE MONSTER COMING UP OUT OF THE SEA. What is the monster that came out of the sea & he had ten horns upon his head & it was meant to terrify you & me!--And here he comes! Now what great kingdom of the Earth was that? (Alf: Rome.) Right, Rome! He saw all these monsters coming up out of the sea, isn't that something? Oh, here we have one that was supposed to have been about Greece, to show you what Greece was like. (Sara: That's from Daniel 2.) Alexander the Great was the head of this one, so we'll put him there, OK?

       11. BUT THEN THE ROMAN LEGIONS, THEY WERE THE MOST POWERFUL IN THE WHOLE WORLD. They came up & they conquered the whole World! That's Rome ruling the World. See, all these monsters came out of the sea. What is the sea? (David: The World.) The World! Here's a map of Europe & the Near East--if I had time I'd tell you exactly what territories they are. Wait till you see my diagrams & graphs that Daddy's going to publish & show you exactly where they were, exactly! (Family: Great!)

       12. NOW, ACTUALLY BEFORE THESE THERE WERE TWO OTHER WORLD EMPIRES, AHEAD OF BABYLON. They were two great World powers, let's put it that way. Not Worldwide Empires, but they were two great World powers. And does anybody know what they were? Sara? Before Babylon? What are they? (David: Egypt & Assyria.) Egypt & Assyria. They had come before Babylon, even.

       13. SO THE LORD WAS SHOWING DANIEL THERE WERE GOING TO BE HOW MANY GREAT WORLD EMPIRES? How many so far, Davida? Can you count'm? Here's all the names. David, you count'm for her. Let's start at the bottom. First of all was Egypt, really, & then Assyria, & then? (David: Babylon.) Babylon. (David: Then Medo-Persia.) Right. (David: Then Greece.) Right. (David: Then Rome.) How many does that make? (David: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.) Six World Empires! But the Lord showed Daniel, & He later showed John the Beloved disciple, John the Revelator in Revelation, that there were going to be a total of seven great World Empires. So what do you suppose is the 7th?

       14. WELL, HERE WE HAVE ON THE ROMAN HEAD OF THIS HORRIBLE BEAST--here he looks like a lion, but actually he was a nondescript beast, he was a real monster like no other beast the World had ever known. And on his head he had how many horns? (Davida: Ten.) He had ten horns, how did you know that? (Davida: Mommy told me!) He had ten horns on his head!

       15. NOW YOU NEVER HEARD OF ANY ANIMAL IN THIS WHOLE WORLD THAT HAD TEN HORNS, DID YOU? How many horns do most animals have? (David: Two.) Just two, that's all. And some animals only have one, like a unicorn or a rhinoceros, & even a rhinoceros has got two, he's got a big one & he's got a little one, did you ever notice? One behind the other. And most animals like cows & goats & rams have how many? (David: Two.) They just have two. Where are they? Between their eyes? (David: No, on their head.) On their head where? One in front & one behind? (David: Yes.) Now come on, think of a goat or think of some animal you've seen a picture of. Did he have a horn here & a horn back here? Or where did he have'm? One on each... (David: Side.) That's right, one on each side, right by his ears. Most animals just have two horns, one on each side right by his ears. See?

       16. AND YOU KNOW THE CITY SLICKER CAME TO THE FARM & he saw one animal out there without any horns, & most of the cows & the goats & all had horns. He said, "How come that one doesn't have any horns? How come that cow out there doesn't have any horns?" The Old farmer said, "Well, because some cows just don't have any horns, & some cows we de-horn--we cut the horns off. But the reason why that cow over there doesn't have any horns is because that cow over there isn't a cow--it's a mule!"

       17. BUT THE REASON THIS MONSTER'S GOT TEN HORNS IS BECAUSE GOD KNEW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, because those ten horns were gonna be like...What did Daniel's Image end down at the bottom with? (David: Rome.) Well, yes Rome, but what ten things did it have on the bottom? (David: Ten toes.) That's right! Are you listening, Davida? I bet you know some of these answers if you think. What do you have at the end of your feet? (David: Ten toes.) You've got ten toes. So, Daniel's Image ended with ten toes, right? And this vision of all these monsters, Daniel's Monster Vision, ends with ten what? (Davida: Toes.) Not toes, no. (David: Horns!) Ten horns!

       18. BUT THEN SOMETHING FUNNY HAPPENED! By the way, this beast was what colour, does it say? Can you find it in your Bible? Hmm? (Family: Is it red?) Yes, it was red. I don't remember if it tells you that in Daniel, but it tells you that in Revelation. (Rev.12:3.) It was a great red dragon with ten horns, so we know it's the same beast. The great red monster!

       19. SO IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER IF THEY'D MADE THIS INSTEAD OF LOOKING LIKE A LION, IT SHOULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE A DRAGON, like a monster, a real monster! Because not all lions are bad, even your Daddy's a lion! We already had one lion in this thing, they shouldn't have two lions. He should have made that one look like a dragon, right? So he had ten horns.

       20. (DAVID: WHO'S THIS GUY?) Well, what is this one? That makes how many? Ten & one more is how many? (David: 11.) 11 horns. He comes up like he's a little sprout, & he comes up & he gets bigger & bigger until he is a very important horn, like that! And he overthrows how many of the other horns? (Family: Three of them.) He overthrows three of those horns.

       21. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT HORNS THEY WERE THAT HE OVERTHREW? Probably the ones that he will have to overthrow which he's just about overthrown already, the World leaders of today. And do you know what countries those are? What flag is that? Do you know? (David: America.) Yes. What's that one? Class? (Family: Britain, England.) England or Britain. And this one? (Family: West Germany.) West Germany.

       22. THESE ARE THE MOST POWERFUL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD OUTSIDE OF THE RED BEAST. And if the beast was red, it was probably red, red what?--Russia! Red, red Russia, or Communism. World Communist government. (David: I'd like them to overthrow America!) Yes, they're going to overthrow America, you bet they are! So these were the United States, Gt. Britain & West Germany--probably! Now that's interpretation, because they are the strongest countries in the World outside of Russia & China. So maybe one of them's China, but we don't know yet, we'll see when it happens, OK?

       23. WE KNOW THEY'LL HAVE TO OVERTHROW THE UNITED STATES TO RULE THE WORLD, because the U.S. is the other greatest World power. And of course with the U.S. would go down Britain & West Germany & maybe another one would be China. OK. Later on it says that these horns are ten kings, or literally powers or kingdoms, or in other words, countries. And the 11th horn, it speaks of him not so much like just a kingdom, but a real genuine king or dictator. And he comes up after & he overthrows those three countries. If he's overthrown the three greatest of the 10 great kings of the World, then what's he going to be? (David: The Antichrist.) The Antichrist, right! He's going to be the Antichrist.

       24. BUT, DANIEL SAYS, THAT THEN THE KINGDOM OF THE MOST HIGH SHALL COME & SHALL DESTROY ALL THE KINGDOMS, THE WHOLE WORKS! Just destroy it all, nothing left of them at all, all destroyed and gone & no power left but Jesus & those of us who love Jesus & who worship Him! Jesus is going to come & destroy'm all & we're going to rule the World! He's going to restore the World under us & we're going to rule & reign over the World.

       25. THE LORD SHOWED ALL THIS TO DANIEL, BUT DANIEL DIDN'T TELL THE KING NOTHIN' ABOUT IT, because he might not have liked it. He wouldn't maybe like to know that the kingdoms of man looked like monsters to God! So there you are, there's the story of Daniel 7, Daniel's Monsters. We can't just call them Beasts, they're not ordinary animals, really. Not one of them was an ordinary animal, they were different kinds of unusual animals. Whoever heard of a leopard having four heads or four wings? You might have heard of a bear with three ribs in his mouth, but not usually one side higher than the other.

       26. "AND IN THE DAYS OF THESE KINGDOMS"--somebody got the verse?--Read it! (Family: "Shall the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom which shall never be destroyed.") Does David know that verse? (Sara: No.) (Family: "And the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces & consume all these kingdoms.") All these kingdoms all gone, they're not even in the picture anymore, they're all gone completely! Be sure you memorise that verse real good! And what? (Family: "And it shall stand forever!") (Da.2:44.)

       27. HOW LONG IS JESUS' KINGDOM GOING TO LAST WITH JESUS' CHILDREN?--US? (Family: Forever!) Forever & ever & ever! For always & always & never pass away! Is there more? (James: That's the end of the verse.) Go ahead, what's it say next? (James: "Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands.") Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! Not that one. That's a good verse, but what about the one in Daniel 7? (Leah: "Until the Ancient of days"?) Yes, read it, Leah.

       28. (LEAH: "UNTIL THE ANCIENT OF DAYS CAME, & JUDGEMENT WAS GIVEN TO THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH; AND THE TIME CAME THAT THE SAINTS POSSESSED THE KINGDOM.") Possessed the whole World! Go ahead. That's Daniel 7 what? (Leah: 7:22.) OK. And then there's another glorious ending verse. (James: 27 says, "And the kingdom & dominion & the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, & all dominions shall serve & obey Him!") Very good. That's Daniel 7:22 and 7:27.

       29. (MARK: AND ALSO 13 & 14, IT SPEAKS ABOUT "THE SON OF MAN CAME WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN, & CAME TO THE ANCIENT OF DAYS, & they brought Him near before Him. And there was given Him dominion, & glory, & a kingdom, that all people, nations, & languages, should serve Him: His dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, & His Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.") Amen! Boy, those are three good verses. Is there another one that's after 27? (James: 28, the last verse, says, "Hitherto is the end of the matter. As for me Daniel, my cogitations much troubled me.")

       30. COGITATIONS ARE YOUR THOUGHTS. Did you know when you're cogitating you're thinking. Next time they ask you, "What are you doing, David?" "I'm cogitating!" And it bothered him, all this that the Lord showed him, it really troubled him, it really amazed him & he had to really think a lot about it. Won't you be thinking quite a bit about this? All these things God's going to do?

       31. WHAT KINGDOMS HAVE ALREADY PASSED AWAY? How many kingdoms have already happened? Let's get out the names of them again. What's the first ones? Which ones have already happened? Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia & which ones of these is next? Right, Greece, & then Rome, these six kingdoms, & the 7th is going to be a ten-horned kingdom that grows right out of Rome & that we don't have a name for. How about that?

       32. WE DON'T HAVE THE ANTICHRIST'S NAME, DO WE? We can put his head there, where's his head? We need a card for Antichrist. Here's the Antichrist's Kingdom. He's an awful good-looking Antichrist if you ask me. He doesn't look all that fierce of countenance. The Bible says he's a king of fierce countenance! (Dan.8:23) Grrrrrowwl! Almost looks like an animal or a beast, very fierce cruel man! That's what it says in the Bible! I didn't say it, the Bible says it! That's going to be the which one? (David: Antichrist.) 7th one.

       33. BUT REALLY IT'S A PART, IN A SENSE, OF ROME, BECAUSE IT GROWS OUT OF THE ROMAN BEAST, RIGHT? So really, whose Kingdom is actually then the 7th one? He's the one that tries to play like he's the 7th, see? He tries to take the part of the 7th & claim he is the kingdom of the Messiah & the Millennium & he's the saviour of the World, he tries to take the place of God's Kingdom. But God's Kingdom comes & blots him out completely--Boom!--like that, see?--The Stone!

       34. AND NOW WHICH IS THE 7TH KINGDOM? COUNT'M! (David: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...) Wait a minute, this is 7 now. He thought he was 7, he tried to be 7, but bam-o, we whop him out of the picture, the Antichrist, because the real Christ, Jesus comes. So whose is the 7th Kingdom, really? (David: The Lord.) The Lord's! See, the Antichrist tries to be the 7th kingdom & he tries to steal it & he tries to be it, but he isn't, he's only a part of old Rome. He's old Rome risen again. Rome shall rise again! See?

       35. ACTUALLY THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM IS A RESURRECTION OF THE OLD ROMAN EMPIRE. It's Rome again in the Last Days with 10 powerful nations. And then the Antichrist, he tries to pretend he is the 7th & the head of the 7th & his kingdom is the 7th, the Messiah, the Millennium, but Satan's not!--Because Jesus is the 7th! Amen?

       36. SATAN EVEN TRIES TO BE THE 8TH! A little later he tries to overthrow Jesus' kingdom & he tries to be the 8th, but he's conquered completely. There's a very great mystery there in that numerology which maybe you didn't know before, but there it is. OK? You got the story? You think you could tell it now? Shall we try? Shall we go over it one more time real fast? (David: Yes!)

       37. OK, FIRST WE'VE GOT THE PROPHET, WHO? (DAVID: DANIEL.) And God's giving him the vision, right? And first of all, what does he see? (David: A great sea.) He sees a great sea of water, & out of the sea, which represents the World, what did he see first? (David: The lion!) Now I guess the reason I always put these this way is because they were rising out of the sea, see? And that was what? (David: Babylon.) Very good! And that's just like what Daniel saw, only this time we'd have to stick the Image on his head, wouldn't we, to show you what's opposite the different things.

       38. ON MY CHART I LET THE BEASTS STAND ON THEIR HEADS! But the rest of him has got to be up here, see, because the next one was? (David: A bear!) The next one was a bear. (David: And that was Medo-Persia.) And that was Medo-Persia, very good. And the next one? We lost it! We lost a whole World Empire! My goodness, we lost a whole World Empire with 4 wings & 4 heads! How could we lose anything that big? I tell you, when Jesus came, He really destroyed'm & we have a hard time finding'm! Here it is! Found it! He's upside-down, no wonder! After Jesus destroyed them he was really upside-down!

       39. SO HERE'S THE HEAD, BABYLON, THE LION WITH WINGS; here's Medo-Persia, two arms of silver & a bear. And next came? (David: Greece!) Greece, the bowels & thighs of brass. And in the vision of the animals it was the four-winged, fourheaded leopard. See? These go right along with the vision of the Image, you see? And next after that was what? (David: Rome!) Right! The Roman Empire! And the Roman Empire was a big monster, not a lion, but like a dragon! It doesn't say what beast it was because it was like no other beast! It was a dragon & it had how many horns? (David: 10!) Ten! Just like the Image had ten toes! Where are those feet? Let's put up the toes! Here's the ten horns up here, put it under the ten toes of the Image. They jive, right? They jive! Do you know what I mean by "jive"? It's when things fit, like this, see? Everything fits.

       40. FIRST ONE IS BABYLON, HEAD OF GOLD, WINGED LION. Then Medo-Persia, breast & arms of silver & a bear. Greece, bowels & thighs of brass--a four-winged, four-headed leopard. Rome, a monster with 10 horns, legs of iron & feet with ten toes on the Image. See? And then out amongst the horns came a little horn who was little at first but then he became very big & stouter than all the rest & cracked up three of them. Imagine horns having a fight on your head! How about that! I never saw any beast that its horns had a fight! (David: He cracked three of them.)

       41. HE CRACKED THREE OF THEM, BUSTED THEM UP, & PROBABLY THESE THREE, OR MAYBE CHINA WAS ONE OF THESE, WHO KNOWS? (Davida: I thought that was Jesus.) Which one? The little horn? Nope, that's the Antichrist, this guy here, see? He came then, see? He's the little horn. And he ruled the World then, & probably he is the head of this big Worldwide Red Kingdom, & what is this? (David: Russia.) Russia & Communism, right, because it's a red beast & a red dragon, & he's a Red, see? I don't think there's going to be time for any more.

       42. AND THEN REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED TO THE IMAGE? Here comes the big Rock & it strikes the Image in the feet & destroys it & Jesus comes & strikes this in the toes, in the ten-toed kingdom of the Antichrist, right in the very end. What's the end of this Image? (David: Ten Toes.) Ten toes. What's the end of all these beasts? (David: The Antichrist.) Yes, the ten horns, & the 11th horn or the horned kingdom of the what? (David: Antichrist!) Which is probably Red Russia Communism! Red Russian Radicals! (Dad rolls his R's!)

       43. BUT WHAT COMES NEXT LIKE THE BIG STONE THAT STRUCK THE IMAGE? It struck the Image in the ten toes, didn't it? So this is going to strike in the ten horns. These are horns, not toes, but they're similar. In other words, there are ten of them, & it's the end of all these beasts. And what is this ten-toed kingdom headed by the 11th horn? Ten-horned, ten-toed, headed by who? (David: The Antichrist.) And probably what country? (David: Russia.) And Jesus is going to come down from Heaven & blot out the Antichrist & sweep them all away, all away, all nice & clean. Jesus! The great Rock that filled the whole Earth & got rid of all this racket!

       44. HE'S ALREADY RESURRECTED THE SAINTS AND WHO RULES THE WORLD THEN? (David: Jesus.) Read those 3 or 4 good verses from Chapter 7 now, that tell what the happy ending is. This is a thrilling scary horror story of monsters! You've heard about horror stories & monsters, right? But they've got to have a happy ending, right? So the happy ending is that Jesus comes & destroys all the monsters in the horror story. This is a Bible horror story. He destroys all the monsters in the horror story & He raises us up out of the Earth to rule the World. And how do we know for sure? Read it! Let's read'm in numerical order.

       45. (MARK: V. 13 & 14. "ONE LIKE THE SON OF MAN CAME WITH THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN, & came to the Ancient of days, & they brought Him near before Him. And there was given Him dominion, & glory, & a kingdom, that all people, nations & languages should serve Him.") It's too bad they didn't show a flannelgraph picture of Him coming before the Ancient of Days. This is one of the best verses in the Bible to prove to Jews that there are two distinct personalities here. "The Son of man appears"--who's the Son of man? (David: Jesus.) Jesus.--"Before the Ancient of Days"--so Who's the Ancient of Days? God, the Father. He comes before the Father.

       46. THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD THE FATHER HERE SOMEWHERE. Why do they have just two girls with Him there? The Artist should have had Jesus on one side, here, because Jesus sits down on the right hand of the Father. So it should have had the Father over here, & it should have had the Holy Spirit over there, see? The Son of Man came & sat before the Ancient of Days. Go ahead, read it.

       47. (MARK: "HIS DOMINION IS AN EVERLASTING DOMINION, WHICH SHALL NOT PASS AWAY.") Whose? (David: Jesus.) That's right, good boy! (Mark: "And His Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.") And that was Daniel 7:13 & 14. And next? 7:22? Got anything else about the Kingdom of Christ in there? (Mark: Yes, Verse 18.) OK, you found it Mark, you read it! (Mark: "But the saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom, & possess the kingdom for ever, even for ever & ever.")

       48. OF THOSE THINGS ON THE FLANNELGRAPH BOARD HERE, WHICH ONES ARE THE SAINTS, DAVID? Right. Saints? What do you mean saints? They don't look like saints, they just look like ordinary people, just like you & me, don't they? They don't have wings, they don't have long white robes, they don't have halos! How could they be saints? But we are, aren't we? We are saints to the Lord, & He's going to raise us up. And who's going to get the Kingdom? "The saints of the Most High!" Saints of God! Who are the saints? (David: Us.) Us! Right! We're the saints! Read it!

       49. (JAMES: V. 22: "UNTIL THE ANCIENT OF DAYS CAME & JUDGEMENT WAS GIVEN TO THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH.") There you are! (James: "And the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.") So the saints are going to possess the Kingdom! It's going to be ours, the whole World, & we're going to run it! Is that it? Verse 27, Leah? (Leah: "And the kingdom & dominion, & the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High.") To whom, David? (David: The saints of the Most High.) The saints. You see, here they've got the whole World, right? (Leah: "Whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, & all dominions shall serve & obey Him.")

       50. AND THIS KINGDOM WILL NEVER COME TO AN END! There's not going to be another kingdom after it, because this is it. After this, there ain't no other, like the fellow said. That's all, Folks, that's all she wrote! That's all She wrote, that's all the Holy Spirit wrote! That's all, Folks, there ain't no more! That's the End! The Kingdom of God on Earth, our Kingdom. Well, there's a little more story & a little more history & we have some battles & a few things, & by & by the Heavenly City comes down, but that's another story.

       51. BUT THIS IS THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST ON EARTH, SEE? He's going to sit on it, the Earth is going to be His footstool, & we're going to be His angels & messengers & run it, & compared to us the Earth's just a little tiny dot, not much, right? Not very important. It thought it was very important till He came along, but we're going to run it, we're going to be important. The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Christ is what's going to be important. Anything else? Or was that the end?

       52. ONLY IT SURE MADE DANIEL DO SOME BIG BIG COGITATIN'. And what does that mean? (David: Thinking.) Some big thinking! It almost made him sick, it was such a big thing to handle, nearly freaked him out! He really had to do some cogitatin'. (Mark: The last sentence of it is, "But I kept the matter in my heart.") Yes, Daniel kept it to himself for awhile, & the Lord later said that none of these things will be revealed until the very End. (Daniel 2:4.)

       53. AND DO YOU KNOW THEY DIDN'T UNDERSTAND ALL THIS FOR YEARS & YEARS? Hundreds of years the church people didn't understand what in the World this was all about, what they're talking about, all these monsters & idols & images & things crackin' up & stones & all, they didn't even know what he was talking about until these Last Days the Lord revealed it to us! Now we know! And that proves we're living in the Last Days, now we know!

       54. FOR YEARS & YEARS THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IN THE WORLD HE WAS TALKING ABOUT, BUT NOW THE BOOK IS OPEN. The Lord said, in the Last Days that the book shall be opened & the Lord would reveal these things to us. And, He said, not only that, but He was going to reveal a lot of things to us, lots of details, & we're going to get to those later, OK?

       55. SO WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE? Do you want to be in one of those other kingdoms? No! In the Kingdom of? (David: God!) The Kingdom of God! And who's going to run it? (David: Us!) Us! With Jesus, of course. Jesus is going to use us to run it. And what are we going to run? (David: The World.) The whole World! They're going to have to do whatever we say, & be good & obey, & if they don't, we'll give them a lot of trouble. It says so.

       56. IF THEY DON'T OBEY & THEY DON'T DO WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO DO & they don't bring their produce to the King & the Kingdom of God, etc., He's going to withhold the rain & give them all kinds of diseases & all kinds of plagues like He did Egypt, any country that refuses to obey. And any country that won't do what they're told to do is going to have nothing but trouble. Because there's gonna be still a lot of wicked people & a lot of bad nations around.

       57. GOD SWEPT AWAY THE KINGDOMS, BUT HE DIDN'T SWEEP AWAY THE PEOPLE. See? The people are still there, but we're ruling over them. The ocean, the sea is like the people. And you see, the kingdoms of man, where do they come from? Where did Daniel see them rising, out of what?--The sea, from the people, right? But does God's Kingdom come from the sea? No! It comes out of Heaven, out of the clouds. Right?

       58. WE'LL RULE OVER THE SEA THEN, BUT A LOT OF THE SEA IS GOING TO BE A LITTLE TROUBLESOME & a few storms & heavy waves & it's going to take a lot of real tough discipline to keep the people in line. And some people will get out of line, & when they do, it tells about what God's going to do to them in Zechariah & Malachi & some of those places, how He's going to punish them if they get out of line.

       59. HE'S GOING TO TRY TO SHOW THE WORLD, THE PEOPLE THAT NOW ARE AS-IS MORE OR LESS, WHAT THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE & HOW THEY SHOULD HAVE DONE IT, & how they should have behaved, & what His kingdom would have been like if they had obeyed, see? Well, the Lord & we will try that for about a thousand years, & still they won't learn, & so we'll show you what happens after that, OK? Do you want to know what happened afterward a thousand years later? Well, maybe that's getting too far ahead. Maybe we better find out what happened right after this, or maybe in the next chapter. Have we got the next chapter in flannelgraph? OK, then. That's all, folks, next chapter, Chapter 8, for the next time. All right? (Sara: I've got it right here!) Maybe you've got it right there, but I haven't got it right here, I'm tired! And Mama's been real sick with a cold. PTL!

       60. WELL, THERE'S ONE THING WE HAVEN'T DONE YET, & WHAT'S THAT? WE HAVEN'T PRAYED. Well, we prayed a lot before but we haven't prayed after. Hold your little sister's hand & let's pray, shall we? PTL. Come here, Leah, tonight you can hold my hand. The other night she was holding something else! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       61. SO NOW, WHAT DO WE PRAY FOR EVERYTIME WE PRAY THE LORD'S PRAYER, the very first thing we say is what? (Davida: Our Father.) We address Him & say "Our Father," & where is He? (David: In Heaven.) "Which art in Heaven. "(David: "Hallowed be Thy Name.") "Hallowed be Thy Name"--praise the Lord, in other words. Then what do we say? "Thy Kingdom come!" So everytime we pray the Lord's prayer, we're praying for this to happen. "Thy will be done"--& it will be done, & we're going to enforce it! We'll be like angels of God with tremendous power & we'll make the people do what they're supposed to do. "Thy will be done" where? On Earth as it is in Heaven! See, that's what we're praying when we pray the Lord's prayer.

       62. THEN WE SAY, "GIVE US THIS DAY OUR DAILY"? (DAVID: BREAD.) What happened to the bread? We already ate it for communion. "And forgive us our"? (Family: Trespasses.) "As we forgive those who" (David: "Trespass against us.") Right. "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver" (David: "Us from evil.") "For thine is the Kingdom"--again it talks about it! "And the" (David: "Power.") And the (David: "Glory.") How long? (Family: Forever!) Forever! And Daniel's going to be there with us too! Hallelujah! Amen? (Family: Amen!) And probably even dear old Nebuchadnezzar! Dear old Neb is probably going to be there too, because he got saved. TYL! So, that's what we pray.

       63. EVERYTIME WE PRAY THE LORD'S PRAYER WE PRAY FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD TO COME, RIGHT? And that Thy Kingdom will be forever. So we pray twice about the Kingdom. We begin the prayer with the Kingdom & we end it with the Kingdom, because that's what we are. We're the Kingdom of God, only the rest of the World doesn't know it yet, see? But one of these days they're going to know it, let me tell you! They'll know it!

       64. THEY THINK THEY'RE THE BIG CHEESES NOW & THEY'RE RUNNING THE WORLD, & they are, & they can do whatever they want with us, they think. But one of these days, just wait'll they shakes their head! You've heard that story, haven't you? It's one of my sick jokes! Did you hear that story? (David: I don't think so.)

       65. THE COLOURED BOY & THE GERMAN WERE FIGHTING IN A SHELLHOLE IN WORLD WAR I. The German had a bayonet & he was fighting him like this, you know. And the coloured boy, all he had was a little sharp razor & he was fighting like this, whhsst whhsstt! Like that! And the German grabbed his bayonet & he stuck him like that & he said, "Now I gotcha!" And the coloured boy said, "Oh no, you haven't--just wait'll you tries to shake your head!" In other words, he'd already cut it off! So they think they're running the World, but wait'll they try to shake their head one of these days! It's gonna fall & we're gonna take over!

       66. SO WE PRAY THE LORD'S PRAYER & THAT'S ABOUT THE KINGDOM, RIGHT? What's the Kingdom of God like on Earth? (David: Heaven.) Yes, the Kingdom of Heaven. It's where, what comes next? Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven, right? And they asked the little boy, "Well, how's God's will done on Earth like it is in Heaven?" You know what he said? "Right now! Right now!" That's the way it's going to be. God's will's going to be done right now!

       67. WHEN MAMA TELLS YOU TO DO SOMETHING, IF YOU'RE REALLY OBEDIENT, HOW DO YOU DO IT? How do you do it, Class? (Family: Right now!) Right now, right? That's how God's will is done. So if you want to be really obedient & be good boys & girls, how are we going to do God's will? (Family: Right now!) Right now. If you put it off, then you're disobeying, right? You're not doing His will right now. But it's got to be done right now.

       68. I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE KEEP PUTTING IT OFF, THEY'RE GOING TO DO IT SOMEDAY BUT NOT RIGHT NOW. I've even had some of my own children, told them to do things & well, they didn't want to do it right now, they'll do it later. But I'd say, "You do it right now!--Or else you're going to get something else right now! I'll give you what Paddy gave the drum!" What did Paddy give the drum? (David: A beating!) A beating, right! You're not so dumb! Pretty smart!

       69. SO NOW WE'RE GOING TO PRAY ABOUT THE KINGDOM OF GOD, SHALL WE? What do you say we sing it, wouldn't that be nice? (Family: Yes!) (Sings:)
       "Out Father which art in Heaven,
       Hallowed be Thy Name.
       They kingdom come!
       Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
       Give us this day, our daily bread.
       And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
       And lead us not into temptation,
       But deliver us from evil!
       For Thine is the Kingdom, & the power, & the glory, forever, amen!"

In Jesus' name, amen. Thank You Jesus!

       70. "LET THE WORDS OF OUR MOUTHS AND THE MEDITATION OF OUT HEARTS BE ACCEPTABLE IN THY SIGHT, O Lord our strength & our redeemer." "The Lord bless thee & keep thee & make His face to shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace," in Jesus' name. TYL! PTL! Hallelujah! And until then, (Sings:)

       He will take care of you!
       God will take care of you!"

       "God be with you till we meet again!
       Till we meet! Till we meet!
       Till we meet at Jesus' feet!
       Till we meet, till we meet,
       God be with you till we meet again!"

PTL! Doesn't David know these songs? (Sara: Yes, he should!) Well, I wasn't hearing them! PTL! TYJ! (Sings:)

       The fellowship of kindred minds,
       Is like to that Above."

Now do you know what that song says, David? This fellowship day is like to what?--That above!! It's like Jesus' Kingdom. So what do we have today? A little sample of? (David: Jesus' Kingdom.) A little bit of Heaven on Earth, right? (Sings:)

       Heaven is here, I'll tell you now!
       Jesus to know is Heaven below,
       Heaven is here, is here & how!"

Hallelujah! Did you like that story? (Family: Oh yes!) OK! PTL! Kiss your brothers & sisters goodnight. And may the Lord bless thee & keep thee & give us all a good night's rest & safekeeping, amen? PTL! TYJ! I hope that was a good story? (Family: Oh, very good!)

       74. YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW THAT WAS A GOOD STORY?--BECAUSE IT WAS OUT OF THE BIBLE! Jesus told it through Daniel! Hallelujah! The bitter with the sweet. Things have got to get worse before they get better! You wouldn't enjoy the sweet if you didn't taste the bitter. It seems like the Lord's been giving us all sweets lately, PTL! Our prayer meeting was not really bitter was it, it was pretty sweet. GBY all, I love you! Shadrach, Meshach, & to bed you go!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family