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DANIEL 8 & ENDTIME FLANNELGRAPH WITH GRANDPA!       DFO1487       France, 30/11/80
--Part 1!--The Final World Empires!

       1. SO WHAT'S OUR LESSON FOR TONIGHT? (FAMILY: DANIEL 8!) It's a good thing that's a short lesson, otherwise we might not have had time for it. Would you mind handing me all the pictures for Daniel 8? TYL! Have you read & studied & prepared for this lesson & done your homework as you should have? You should have at least read the chapter, did you? (Family: Yes!) Very good.

       2. IN DANIEL 8 WE DON'T HAVE AN IMAGE & WE DON'T HAVE FOUR BEASTS. How many monsters are in Daniel 8? (David: Four.) No, that was Daniel 7, the one we had last time. Didn't you review them on this? You ought to read it to'm & review'm on it before they have the flannelgraph, that way each time they can understand it better.

       3. WELL, IN DANIEL 2 WE HAD WHAT? (DAVID: THE IMAGE.) We had Daniel's Image, as it's called, & that represented how many great World Empires? (David: Babylon.) One. (David: Medo-Persia.) Two. (David: Greece.) Three. (David: Rome.) Four. and don't forget the ten toes, that's going to be a Worldwide Empire too. So that makes how many? (David: Five.) Let's see, 1,2,3,4,5, right. And there were two before Nebuchadnezzar, & what were they? (David: Egypt & Assyria.) Very good, Honey! Egypt was the first great World power & then Assyria.

       4. SO WHY DOES THIS IMAGE JUST START WITH NEBUCHADNEZZAR? Why didn't it start with Egypt? Because who got the vision? (David: Daniel.) No, Daniel didn't have the dream. (David: Nebuchadnezzar.) Nebuchadnezzar had the dream & Daniel interpreted it. So it just started with him where he was then. But actually there were two more before that. And that makes how many all together? Five & two is what? (David: Seven.) Very good! You have given him a little math! At least I know you know how to count money, so that's good.

       5. SO THEN WE HAD FOUR BEASTS, WHERE'S OUR FOUR MONSTERS FROM DANIEL 7? We've got to remember this now so you can get the relationship between'm. Here's the flying golden lion that's the same as the head & we've got the Medo-Persian bear & the Greek winged leopard. These are both Babylon, these are both Medo-Persia & these are both Greece, savvy?

       6. AND THEN CAME THE BIG MONSTER!--And to get this in the proper order so you can get it, you have to stand him on his head like that, see? You know why? Because the animal itself is Rome, but the ten horns are like ten what? (David: Kings.) Ten kings, that's right, but compared to this Image, where is there ten somethings on the Image? Ten toes! So the horns are the same as the ten toes, savvy? And out of the toes, like out of horns, is going to come that little horn. He looks awful little at first, but he gets to be the final World government, this guy here.

       7. SO ACTUALLY HE COMES OUT OF THERE & HE BECOMES THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT. And really, because he comes out of here, we could put him right on top of the horns, because that's the time when he rules, is the time of the horns. He's one of the horns & he rules over the horns, so that's the time of what kingdom? If he's the head of it, whose kingdom is it? (David: His.) What's his name? (David: The Antichrist.) The Antichrist. So what kingdom is it? (David: His kingdom.) And who is he? (David: The Antichrist.) So it's what kingdom? (David: The Antichrist kingdom.) Very good! You got it! The Antichrist kingdom!

       8. ALL RIGHT, SO AGAIN WE'VE GOT HOW MANY KINGDOM? Class? (Family:1,2,3,4,5.) Really five. And then two before, which were Egypt & Assyria, which they didn't include in the picture because they were already past. Now in the 8th Chapter we've got two of these same kingdoms it tells all about. And do you know what they are? (David: Egypt & Assyria.) No, not the ones before. But the next were coming very soon & because Daniel was getting this vision. Daniel had this vision too.

       9. WHICH ONE OF THESE VISIONS OR DREAMS DID NEBUCHADNEZZAR HAVE? Show me which one he had. This one! Which one did Daniel have? This one, oh boy, that's lots more terrifying & exciting than Nebuchadnezzar's! The Lord showed Nebuchadnezzar a picture of the kingdoms of the World that looked like a beautiful statue.

       10. IN FACT, AFTER HE HAD THIS VISION & EVERYTHING HE HAD A GREAT BIG GOLDEN STATUE MADE OF HIMSELF for everybody to fall down & worship because he thought it was such a great dream & great vision. He didn't quite get the point! He got the brilliant idea of having a great Image built like the one he saw in his dream, & had everybody worship it. Well, that was a little bit more symbolic of what the Antichrist is going to do.

       11. SO DANIEL LIVED DURING TWO OF THESE EMPIRES, DO YOU KNOW WHICH ONES HE LIVED DURING? The first two, & what are they? We need to have the names out here somewhere. We've got Babylon here & we've got Medo-Persia here, Egypt & Assyria were first, & Rome, & Greece in here--the stomach is always a bit greasy--& legs of iron, & finally the Antichrist. So, is that clear enough?

       12. SEE, BOTH OF THESE ARE BABYLON, both of these are Medo-Persia, both of these are Greece, both of these are Rome, & both of these are Antichrist. It's a picture of all the World's kingdoms to come, right to the very End. And what kingdom come after this?--The Kingdom of God! And it's shown as a Rock which comes down afterward & blots out the Antichrist toes a horns & all the stuff!

       13. SO THAT MAKES HOW MANY ALTOGETHER? You've got five here, & two here is how many? (David: Seven.) Seven, good. Then this one really would be the eighth, except this one really isn't the right one, so this one destroys it & it really becomes the Seventh. So God's kingdom's really the Seventh. There's a little mystery in there the Bible talks about, that when the Devil comes along, his kingdom, it says, "is even the eighth." (Rev.17:11.) (See pg. 9, para. 34-36.)

       14. BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN AFTER JESUS COMES & AFTER A THOUSAND YEAR MILLENNIUM? You know who's going to try to rule & reign the world again? (David: The Antichrist.) No, the Antichrist is gone, he's in the Lake of Fire then with the False Prophet. But the Devil is going to be let out, & he'll be an Eighth Kingdom down here. It's mystery in the Word there where it says "even he is the eighth," the Devil, the Dragon who inspires the Beast.

       15. AND THAT'LL COME FOR A LITTLE WHILE HERE RIGHT AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM. He gets everybody together to make war with us & to make war with Jesus, & we win of course. We burn him & all his people up & the whole World with him. The Devil comes back & he tries to destroy the World, tries to destroy God's Kingdom, but instead God's kingdom destroys him & all his people & the whole World! So there you get a picture of the whole thing.

       16. HAVE WE GOT THE PYRAMID CITY COMING DOWN? That's too big, it's out of proportion to these. You need a smaller one. Well, give me the mountain. It should be in proportion to the size of these here. See, we ought to have another Space City that'll fit down here so we can see the last one, because it's pretty big. I know it's going to be big, but it certainly isn't going to be bigger than the World! It's not bigger than the World, it's only 1500 miles long & 1500 miles wide.--And the World is 8,000 miles wide! That's good, there it comes, there's the Holy City coming down from God!

       17. SO WHAT IS THE KINGDOM HERE THAT DESTROYS THE ANTICHRIST & ALL THESE OTHER KINGDOMS? (David: The kingdom of God!) The kingdom of God! And it takes over the whole World & rules the World for how long? (David: 3 1/2 years.) No, God's kingdom, not the Antichrist's kingdom. After Jesus comes, how long is He going to rule & reign over the World? How long are we going to rule with Him? It's a big long world that begins with "M". It's called the... (David: Millennium!)

       18. AND WHAT IS A MILLENNIUM? Didn't you ever tell him these things? What's a Millennium? (David: I don't know.) Well, it comes from the Latin word "mille" meaning thousand. It's a millennium or a thousand years. Mille means thousand, ennium means years. So it's a thousand years, see? The Millennium is how long? I just told you, but you were looking at Sara & you never even heard me. I just gave you a big big number, what was it? Does it still echo in your ears? Can you still hear it, even if you were looking at Sara? I know Sara's better looking than I am. (Maria: Maybe Sara shouldn't sit there.) Well, she's coaching him, she's got to help him a little bit. She's fine, she's helping me. I'm the magician & she's the magician's helper. Magicians always have a helper, & it's always a pretty girl. So I like this, it's very good. I like this just fine.

       19. SO WHAT DID I SAY MILLE MEANT? You almost said it, I can see your mouth moving. How many, how much? Davida, I bet you can tell me. I just told you! Class? (Family: A thousand.) A thousand! Did you forget that already? Mille means a thousand, ennium means years, a thousand years. So Millennium means a thousand years, & we're going to rule & reign over the World in the Kingdom of God for a thousand years.

       20. WE OUGHT TO HAVE SOMETHING IN HERE TO REPRESENT THE BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG, a big war here. You know, if we had enough of these things we could really give you the whole thing. Because right in here we should have the Battle of Armageddon. Have you got anything that shows a battle at all? How about that guy riding on a horse over there, doesn't he look like he's having a war? Oh, that makes a good battle of Armageddon!

       21. I KIND OF RAN OUT OF SPACE OVER HERE ON THIS SIDE OF THE BOARD. We're going to have to go up higher because we need to get more stuff on. We've got to go up higher & higher & put the Beasts over here & the Images over here, Egypt & Assyria up there, & here's Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome & here's the Antichrist. and then comes the Kingdom of God, & let's put that right underneath these so we can see exactly what it is there.

       22. LET'S PUT THE ANTICHRIST ON TOP OF THE HORNS, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HE REALLY IS, he's same as the ten-toed kingdom or the ten-horned kingdom. So we can give people an idea of what each one is, we'd better put this one right beside the Kingdom of God. It's heading for him, see? It's coming around & going to hit him, but we want him to know what it is. If we had the picture of destruction we'd have to wipe it all off & then we wouldn't have any picture, right?

       23. SO THEN THE LORD SETS UP HIS KINGDOM! We should have a nice Kingdom of God picture here, Worldwide Kingdom of God. That's pretty good, that's pretty nice. No, that's New Jerusalem, that's not it. We need something for the Millennium. Well, that's pretty good for the Millennium. So we've got the Kingdom of God here & we can move it over a little bit further & stick Jesus' head up in that hole there like that to kind of show what the Kingdom of God is, right? This is the Kingdom of God, Jesus, & it's also the Stone.

       24. AND ABOUT THAT TIME IS WHEN THEY HAD THE BIG BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. Oh, that's great! That's what we needed. This can be the Antichrist & they're having a big battle here, just before Jesus sets up the kingdom of God. And we're coming back with Him on white horses. If you never rode a horse before, you're going to ride one one of these days! And you don't have to worry about what the road is like, because you're going to ride right through the air!

       25. SO HE RULES THE WORLD! (Sings:)
       "He rules the World with peace & love."

Sing it, Mama, you know it. (Maria: "Truth & grace"!)

       "And makes the angels sing!
       The glories of His righteousness & wonders of His Love,
       And wonders of His Love,
       And wonders, wonders of His Love!"

We ought to have a sign here that says "Millennium". You could write it right underneath this, just say "Millennium" in blue letters or something. Have you got a big heavy blue felt tip? Letter "Millennium" & be sure you spell it right!--Our artists are always spelling it wrong!--Which is Jesus' Worldwide Kingdom.

       26. HAVE WE GOT A PICTURE OF THE DEVIL THERE ANYWHERE? That cowboy with the king's hat on sure looks like the Devil! Oooh, he sure looks wicked, doesn't he? He looks like Dracula with a cape! They're having a Battle of Armageddon just at the beginning of the Kingdom of God, just before Jesus comes. Actually we don't have room to put it in here where it belongs because it's happening just before Jesus comes riding on His white horse from Heaven. That's the same as the Kingdom of God, Jesus ruling the Earth, He's the Stone. Savvy? And the way it's introduced is with the Battle of Armageddon in which He conquers the forces of the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & all of that. I'm getting warmed up here, warmed up to the subject!

       27. OH, BY THE WAY, WHO'S SEEING ALL THIS HAPPEN? It's out of the Book of Daniel, right? Well, most of it. There's a little more we didn't have in Daniel, but we should finish this & you would understand it better. Maybe we ought to get the 8th Chapter next & then I can show you what happens next.

       28. NOW, AT THE END OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD THERE'S ANOTHER GREAT BIG BATTLE, not the one in which we come riding on white horses, but it's the Battle of Gog & Magog. Have we got anything else here that could be a battle of Gog & Magog. Have we got anything else here that could be a battle? Oh, let me have that World there. That's his World here, the Communist World. We can put it over here with Antichrist, how's that? All those things are at the same time. See, you've got to get the relationship between these several different visions. Chapter 8 is very short & simple & we could stick it up here while we're at it before we tell you the end.

       29. THE 8TH CHAPTER TELLS JUST ABOUT TWO OF THESE KINGDOM. Do you know what kingdoms they are? Well, the first one has two horns, & the horns represent kings, or kingdoms. In this case it represented both kings & kingdoms. And which one of these World powers was two countries led by two kings? It had two kings, like two arms, like two sides of a bear, like two arms of an Image, & like two what? (David: Goat.) What's a goat got? Well, that's not a goat, it's a ram. It's actually a male sheep, a ram! And that's where you get that word "ram" because they lower their head & they ram into you like that. They really butt hard! They go down like this & go ram like that!

       30. OK, IF HORNS REPRESENT KINGS & KINGDOMS, what kingdom was it that Daniel saw in the 8th Chapter? (David: Medo-Persia.) The ram with two horns, two kings, two countries, was the kingdom of the Medes & Persians, Medo-Persia. And it had two kings, do you remember what their names were? Class? (Class: Cyrus & Darius.) Cyrus & Darius. Some people call it Darius, it depends on whether you want to give it the Greek translation or the Hebrew translation.

       31. AND WHICH WAS THE GREATER KING? Who was the warrior king who conquered Babylon? Darius. And then he invited the other one to come & reign, & what was his name? (Family: Cyrus.) Cyrus, that's right. OK, so the two horns are Cyrus & Darius, & the whole kingdom was called the kingdom of what? (David: Medo-Persia.) Medo-Persia.

       32. BUT ALONG CAME A GREAT HE-GOAT WITH JUST ONE BIG HORN! Now most goats have two horns, did you know that? When I was a little boy your age I had a little goat, & we called him Billy because he was a billy goat! That means he was a male goat. And he just pestered the life out of our poor bulldog. He was always going around wanting to play & butt & butt. Because little goats play with each other that way, that's the way they learn how to fight & learn how to protect each other & their wives & children later on, so they learn how to butt.

       33. HE HAD JUST TWO LITTLE HORNS THAT WEREN'T ANY BIGGER THAN THAT, & he was always coming around buttin' us & buttin' the dog & buttin' everybody! He was only about this high. The iceman gave him to me, dear old Tony the Iceman. He's the one that always gave us a bottle of wine every Christmas, & my mother right away snuck it out & hid it! (David: Was he a real goat?) Oh, a real goat, yes! And he just gave my dog Mike fits! Dear Mike would be all curled up sleeping away nicely in the sun & along would come Billy & go butt, butt!

       34. HE HAD TWO HORNS, BUT THIS GOAT IN CHAPTER 8 WAS A VERY UNUSUAL GOAT, IT ONLY HAD ONE HORN! It was like a unicorn. Unicorn means one horn. They have him facing the wrong direction, because he really should have been facing this way. Medo-Persia is in the East, it's Mideast, & the Goat came galloping along from which direction? (Sara: West.) And he charged the Medo-Persian ram & he broke his horns & he trompled all over him. which means that the he-goat conquered the ram. so here we are, all on the same level here, what kingdom do we have here? (David: Greece.)

       35. GREECE IS THE BELLY & BOWELS & THINGS OF BRASS OF THE IMAGE, it's the four-winged, four-headed leopard of Daniel 7, & it's the he-goat with on big horn of Daniel 8. And who was the king or the one big horn of Greece? Who was the young fellow only 30 years of age who conquered all the World in only ten years? (David: Alexander.) Alexander the Great! I'm glad you have a good coach behind you! (Sara: I didn't tell him.) You didn't tell him? Good for you! (Sara: I told him earlier.)

       36. HERE'S ALEXANDER HAVING A BIG TROUNCING WAR! That would be good to put right there beside it. But see, that doesn't match, you'd have to put it like that because this has got to be across from Greece. Oh me, it doesn't work that way because we'd have to put'm upside down. See in Daddy's chart I have all of them right opposite each other so you can tell which one came next, so I guess this is best. We'll have that for Medo-Persia right there, Daniel 8, the goat came next & conquered him, so we can put his big horn right in front of the ram like that & they always had big battle there. We've got to get'm in layers so we can understand the relationship.

       37. EACH CHAPTER TELLS THE SAME STORY OVER AGAIN BUT IN A DIFFERENT LIGHT, at a different angle, but it's the same history. So you can't change history just because it's a different story. Each story was to bring out a different side to history & different idea. And chapter 8 tells more & in greater detail about what two kingdoms? We just were talking about them. (David: Medo-Persia.) And? Now if you can't remember, look right across the chart, see? (David: Alexander.) Right! What kingdom did he rule? (David: Greece.) So here's Greece, here's Greece, here's Greece, here's Greece. See? Here's Babylon, here's Babylon. Here's what? (David: Medo-Persia.) Here's what? (David: Medo-Persia.) Here's what? (David: Medo-Persia.) And here's what? (David: Greece, Greece, Greece.) Greece, Greece, Greece--that's a lot of Greece!

       38. MY GRANDFATHER USED TO LIKE CONUNDRUMS & PUZZLES WHEN I WAS A KID. They don't have those anymore, hardly, do they? They're riddles. Like Samson gave them a riddle to solve. My grandfather said, "What happened when on Thanksgiving Day at the restaurant, the waiter came in carrying the turkey on a big platter & he tripped & fell? It was the breaking up of China, the overflowing of Greece, & the downfall of Turkey!"--Which was happening in my grandfather's day!--Ha!

       39. THAT VERY THING WAS HAPPENING, SO IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A PRETTY FUNNY JOKE THEN! (David: Was he walking or running?) Well, he probably was walking too fast or he wouldn't have tripped & fell. The waiter was carrying a hung big platter with a 30 lb. turkey on a big heavy China platter this big! He said it was the breaking up of China because when it hit the floor, what happened to the platter? (David: It broke.) And a big platter like that, just like a dish, that's called China, isn't it? And what was on the platter? (David: A turkey.) And what was around the turkey on the platter? (David: Grease.) Grease, right! OK, well that's not part of this story, pardon me, kids, but that's to show you that those things symbolise things, just like in our story here, each thing symbolises a king or a country etc.

       40. SO NOW YOU'RE GETTING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THESE CHAPTERS. What chapter of Daniel is this big Image found in? (Family: Daniel 2.) And the ram & the he-goat? (Family: Daniel 7.) And the ram & the he-goat? (Family: 8.) Daniel 8, that was for tonight. But now we've got to review & get the whole relationship of the whole story. Do we have anything for Daniel 9? (Sara: Yes!) We ought to have all about the 70 weeks of Daniel 9.

       41. MAYBE WE'LL HAVE DANIEL 9 NEXT TIME BECAUSE DANIEL 9 IS REALLY THE SEQUEL TO THIS HERE, & in fact all this, because it goes right up to the Antichrist & the Tribulation. It starts way back in the times of Esther & the Medes & Persians, way back there, & it goes right up through the birth & crucifixion of Jesus to the time of the Antichrist. It cover a period of almost 500 years or more.

       42. I'M JUST GOING TO GIVE YOU THE END NOW, it's a good time to have the end. (Sara: Which end?) She wants to know which end. Sara doesn't know which end is up, or who's on top!--Or whose end is up, I don't know which! Well, I know, because this is a history & I'm showing you the history of the World. The Bible's showing you the history of the World, Daniel's showing you the history of the World right on down to the Kingdom of God on Earth, the Millennium.

       43. BUT THEN THERE IS ANOTHER BIG BATTLE AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM. It's a Worldwide Kingdom, & all this time while we're ruling & reigning over the Earth for the Millennium, the thousand years, the Devil is what? What's he got on his wrists here? (David: A chain.) A big chain. He's handcuffed, he's bound in the heart of the Earth. All the time that we're ruling & reigning on the surface with Jesus & we have Heaven on Earth, the devil is down in the pit of fire in the heart of the Earth & he's bound.

       44. (DAVID: BUT IF YOU TRY TO PULL A CARAVAN WITH A CHAIN IT WILL POP!) Yes, that's right, chains are not too good if there's a lot of power on each end, but he didn't have enough power, his two hands didn't have as much power as a car & a caravan. If we put a chain on you, brother, you try t break it & you'll pop! So, you can't pop it, neither could the Devil! The Lord knows how to make chains!

       45. BUT THEN SOMETHING HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM. Satan is loosed out of his prison after the thousand years is over, & he deceives all the bad people--even after a thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on Earth & us like angels & teaching what's the right way. Lots of these people we're ruling & reigning over are still wicked, people that didn't receive Jesus & didn't get saved. So during the Millennium we have the enforced rule of Christ with a rod of iron ruling & reigning over these wicked people. They're forced to obey, they have to.

       46. BUT THE MINUTE THEY GET A CHANCE TO REBEL, THEY HAVE A RIOT, A REBELLION, A REVOLUTION, THEY RISE UP! The Devil is loosed & he gathers them all together to a great battle with us, the saints of God, & Jesus. Imagine! How dumb can you get? The Devil's pretty dumb to think he could even lick the Lord, huh?

       47. THESE ANTICHRIST PEOPLE, THEY'RE REALLY A LOT OF THEM HANGOVERS, LEFTOVERS FROM THE ANTICHRIST'S KINGDOM. A lot of them lived through the Wrath of God & survived it & are still on Earth when we started ruling & reigning all over the Earth, otherwise we wouldn't have anybody to rule over, would we? Everybody would be gone. so after the Battle of Armageddon there's a lot of people killed, but there's a lot of people who didn't get killed, & we rule & reign over them in God's Kingdom while the Devil's bound. But then at the end of the thousand years the Devil is loosed & he comes out & deceives the bad people. It seems like we could have had some better pictures for some of this. Have you got a pictures of the World on fire? (Sara: I have a flame from God.)

       48. SO YOU KNOW WHAT GOD DOES THEN, AT THIS TIME?--He sends down a flame from God, From Heaven, & it burns up the whole World! Burns it all up! Because these wicked people are led by the Devil trying to defeat us, they're fighting us. That's so silly to think they could fight us when we're big & as powerful as angels! We even know what they're thinking, we can read their minds, & they think they can get away with a thing like that! They're not powerful enough to beat angels & to beat Jesus, not even the Devil can beat Jesus!

       49. SO THEREFORE THE LORD DIDN'T EVEN HARDLY WANT TO BOTHER FIGHTING WITH THEM. The Devil starts a big battle, Gog & Magog, & the Lord just goes whsssst! Have you ever seen a flame thrower? Some of you have seen flame throwers. (David: It comes from the Lord.) Yes, it comes from the Lord, that's right, & it burns up the World & all those wicked people. Let's put it right here underneath so we won't get it mixed up. OK, we'll say that Jesus is throwing flames down on the World from His right hand like a bolt of lightning or something. It's gonna burn up the World!

       50. AND IT BURNS UP THE WORLD & ALL THESE WICKED PEOPLE & THE WHOLE SURFACE OF THE EARTH, the atmosphere, everything, is all burned up! But then after He's cleansed & purified the World by fire, all this big fire that comes down from Jesus & He's cleansed it all, then what do you suppose happens? It's the end of the Millennium, the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on Earth & the Devil's loosed & there's the Battle of Gog & Magog, & then fire comes down from Heaven & destroys all of them & the World too--the surface of the World, that is.

       51. IT HAD TO BE DONE THAT WAY TO PURIFY IT, because otherwise there'd still be all kinds of radioactive junk lying around & pollution & filth & wicked people & germs & dirt & all that kind of stuff would still be on Earth, wouldn't it?--Like it still is even during the reign of Christ in the Millennium.

       52. WE HAVE TO BATTLE & WORRY WITH POLLUTION & WE TRY TO CLEAN UP THE WORLD & make it a better place to live, even with the help of the unsaved, & yet we can't get it clean enough because the unsaved are still there & the leftover radiation from the atomic war is still there & all this pollution from oil & everything is still there, & all the smoke & the gases & the germs & the filth & the diseases & all these things are still there, but we're trying to help make things better on the World, which is just like it is more or less today, with the same people, but with Jesus & us ruling. You get the point, the difference?

       53. THE MILLENNIUM IS THE WORLD JUST ABOUT LIKE IT IS TODAY with the people like they are today but with us & Jesus ruling over it and making them do the things they should, & making them try to clean up the World. But not even all the people in the World can even clean up the World because it's so dirty with pollution & germs & radioactive dust & fallout & everything else.

       54. (DAVID: IT LOOKS LIKE HE'S THROWING THE FIRE.) Yes, right! That's a very good way to do it, the way you figured out how to do it, that's good. You get a lot of good ideas, pump a little people power here! Pump some people power & we get some good thoughts, see? We pumped some kid Power this time, & he got a brilliant idea, & he got the fire coming down from Jesus! Oh my, it almost missed the World that time!

       55. WORLD ON FIRE! WHOLE WORLD ON FIRE! And all those bad wicked people burn up! How come we don't burn up? (David: Because we're God's people.) Right! And what are we like at that time? (David: Angels!) We're like angels. You can't burn up angels--because they won't burn! I mean, they'd just disappear & appear someplace else, like the transporters in the space movies, you know? They just suddenly disappear & then they show up someplace else. And they can travel faster than light, fast as the speed of thought, & they can go anywhere, have great power to do almost anything, so you couldn't burn up the angels!

       56. WE'LL BE GOING UP AGAIN TO BE ABOVE THE WHOLE WORLD IN HEAVEN WITH JESUS WHILE HE BURNS UP THE WORLD DOWN BELOW. This time He doesn't just have a big battle only, but at the end of the battle He destroys the whole Earth by fire, & then we have what? Have we got a nice New Earth? WE don't have another picture of a World? Well, it's the same World, only it's burned off & purified by fire, OK?

       57. AND THEN WHAT COMES DOWN OUT OF HEAVEN FROM GO TO THE EARTH? (David: Space City!) Space City comes down out of Heaven from God, & God, it says will dwell with man. (Rev.21:3.) It doesn't say man's going to go up to Heaven & dwell with God this time. When we die now we go to Heaven to be with Jesus, but after Jesus comes down to this Earth, we're not going to go to Heaven, are we? We're going to have Heaven right there on Earth, right? And even after the Battle of Armageddon, after the Millennium & the World's all burned up, where are we going to live then? (David: Space City.) We're not going to go to Space City--Space City's going to come to us! We're not going to Heaven, Heaven is coming to us!

       58. OH, WE SHOULD HAVE A LAKE OF FIRE & EVERYTHING HERE, MY GOODNESS! Maybe that's in the Revelation Flannelgraph. The dear artist, he really left out a lot of important stuff, because you should show what happened to the Devil. You've got him here loosed, my Lord, we ought to have him over here in the Lake of Fire! Haven't we got a fire here somewhere? Let's make a Lake of Fire.

       59. NOW THERE ARE TWO MAIN BATTLES, YOU DON'T WANT TO GET'M MIXED Up. At the time of the Kingdom of God on Earth when Jesus comes at the end of the Wrath of God, that's the Battle of Armageddon. But at the end of the Millennium, that's a different battle, that's the Battle of Gog & Magog.* Gog is the Devil leading the forces against God. The Devil is loosed & he causes the battle, & after the battle he's dumped into the Lake of Fire. We can maybe at least get his head in! He's dumped in the Lake of Fire & the World is cleansed & purified & renewed & made all new & pretty like it was to begin with, just like it was in the days of the Garden of Eden. The Lord's not going to be defeated. (* Forces of Satan.)

       60. IS GOD'S PLAN GOING TO FAIL? (FAMILY: NO!) Is the Lord going to be defeated?--No! He's going to renew the whole surface of the Earth again & make it like it was in the days of the Garden of Eden when it was all brand new & beautiful & no curse & no thorns & poison lizards & snakes & vipers & centipedes & scorpions & spiders & flies & mosquitoes & all those things that are cursed things that are part of the Curse, all that's going to be gone. It's going to be just like it was in the Garden of Eden! (David: We won't have to worry about wearing shoes!)

       61. IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO WEAR CLOTHES, DID THEY? So what do you suppose they did at night when they had to sleep? Did they have a house? (David: No.) Did they have beds? (David: No, they slept on the grass.) They lay right down on the grass! (David: They probably had a grass bed.) Probably made a little hay bed or grass bed & didn't have to worry about bugs in it, they didn't have to worry about bugs in it, they didn't have to worry about snakes or rats or any of those things, because everything was pure & holy & clean & there weren't any of those creatures. They're all part of the Curse, see? So, that's the way it's going to be.

       62. JESUS IS GOING TO RENEW THE WHOLE FACE OF THE EARTH, the whole Earth's going to be perfect, beautiful like the Garden of Eden, & a New Heaven & a New Earth. And the Holy City, the New City, the New Heaven is going to come down to the New Earth! Well, we don't have quite enough room here, but we could have the Holy City coming down over here to the new cleansed Earth, cleansed by fire, all beautiful & clean like the Garden of Eden again. God sends down His Holy City out of Heaven from God, & it comes down to the New Earth.

       63. HOW BIG IS THIS NEW HEAVEN & NEW EARTH? (David: 15,000 miles high.) 1500 miles high & 1500 miles long & 1500 miles wide! When Space City comes down to sit on the Earth, we don't know where God's going to park it, maybe He's going to move it around here & there! (David: Like a caravan!) Yes, it's movable. And if you'd sit it down on Europe it would cover most of Europe! As I remember, it was 2,000 miles from London to Cyprus, & that's about the length of Europe, about 2,000 miles, right?

       64. WHY NOT MAKE A PYRAMID FOR DAVID & you can put lines in it to show that it has levels to the top of it, & make the base an exact square to show how much it would cover if it was set on different places in the World! That's a good project, huh? It would cover half the United States! Daddy used to drive back & forth from Florida to California & it would take me three to five days driving all day long every day, to drive the whole way. Because the United States is 3,000 miles wide, from here to here. And if you'd set Space City down on the United Stated it would cover half the United States!

       65. AND NOT ONLY THAT, IT WILL BE 1,500 MILES HIGH, & THAT'S HIGHER THAN ANY BUILDING IN THE WORLD! When I was a little boy your size & I was in New York City when they had all those wagons & those horses & everything, you know what the tallest building in the World was then?--The Woolworth Building! And it was pretty tall, I think it was about 40 stories tall. That was a pretty tall building for those days, 40 floors! That's a long way to walk up, but they had elevators.

       66. AND WE WENT UP IN THE ELEVATOR & I WAS SCARED TO DEATH! I'd never been up in an elevator like that before, a big long long climb in an elevator, & I got scared. I remember I crouched down on the floor & huddled down there scared, squattin' on the floor like Davida would maybe, & maybe like you would if you were there.--I was about your age.

       67. AND THEN THEY INSISTED ON TAKING ME OUT ON THE TOP OF THE BUILDING with just this little stone railing around it, & they wanted me to look out between the bars of the railing & look at the city down below. But I was so scared I just crouched back & sat down on the floor, because I didn't want to fall off, & I cried! I didn't want to fall off, & I cried! I didn't like it, it was too high! But we won't be worried or fearful about heights then because we'll be angels & we can fly! So 1,500 miles up, what's that?

       68. WE'LL BE EVEN HIGHER THAN THE SPACE LAB AND THE SATELLITES! They only travel from about 150 miles to something like six or eight hundred miles up, don't they? We'll be twice as high as the satellites! We'll be far above the stratosphere up there if we're anywhere near the top. Of course, we don't know yet just who Jesus is going to let come near the top, because when I was there, Jesus was up here on His Throne & there were just special people up around there. I didn't get to visit there that day, maybe I do later, I don't know! But anyway, the angel was showing me all around & I was really kind of interested in the view, I wanted to know what was outside, & outside it was just beautiful, rolling hills & trees & streams like a park, it was very pretty! And there were people outside too, outside the City.

       69. SO THAT'S THE WAY THE STORY ENDS, IT'S A VERY HAPPY ENDING, BECAUSE IT DOESN'T REALLY END! That's just the beginning & it has no end! This is one story that hasn't got any end, how about that? Because it's eternal, it's forever, a story without an end! You can't say "& that's the happy ending" because that's just the happy beginning! But you could say, "And they lived happily ever after."

       70. ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WERE ALL THESE KINGDOMS, until Jesus comes & then the World's purified by fire & then the New Heaven & New Earth, & we shall live happily ever after, PTL! And the Devil & the Antichrist & the False Prophet & all those bad wicked people will have to go to Hell for awhile. Some of them even are so bad they're going to be put in the Lake of Fire, "& the smoke of their torment", it says, "shall rise forever & ever"! (Rev.14:11.)

       71. BUT YOU'VE GOT TO BE CAREFUL WHAT IT MEANS BY THOSE WORDS "FOREVER", because the word used in the Greek is "aeon", meaning "for an age", for a long time. It does not necessarily mean eternal. But when it says "forever & ever" it says in the Greek "for the Aeon of the Aeons", "for the Age of the Ages", And when it's speaking about what we call Eternity, it speaks of "the Aeon of the Aeons", forever & ever! The Age of all Ages!

       72. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE AGE OF ALL AGES WHEN WE LIVE WITH CHRIST IN THE NEW HEAVENLY EARTH, a New Heaven & a New Earth, the Age of all Ages! But every age, believe it or not, comes to an end. Just the "Ages", they come to an end, they're just an Aeon, they're just an Age. But the forever & evers, the Age of Ages & Ages & Ages goes on & on forever & ever eternally! See, that's different, that's a long time. But it's not even time, it's too long for time, it's just forever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever!

       73. AS SOMEBODY USED TO SAY, "IF THE WORLD WAS AN IRON BALL & AN ANGEL JUST CAME DOWN & TOUCHED IT WITH A FEATHER EVERY THOUSAND YEARS, by the time the ball was clear worn away that would just be the beginning of Eternity!" Long time, huh? I used to think as a little boy, "Well, I should think the feather would wear out first!" These big people really tell silly stories, don't they? Some big people that don't know the Bible tell silly stories, they don't know all this. Now you know more than most preachers! You do!

       74. THERE IT IS, THAT'S THE WHOLE HISTORY OF THE WORLD FROM ALMOST THE BEGINNING--the first great World power Egypt--& let's count'm now again. We have how many great World powers or kingdoms or empires? (Kids: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.) Really this is the Seventh, but anyhow, we could say eight. For when the Devil, he tries again, that could almost be like Eight. These are sort of like Ages too, Aeons.

       75. WE'D WIND UP WITH ABOUT TEN DIFFERENT AGES OR ERAS OR KINGDOMS WHEN WE GET DOWN HERE, & we have a New Heaven & a NEW Earth, & that's even better than a kingdom! That's more than a World power or empire, because no World power ever ruled the whole Earth except Jesus' Kingdom, & that's going to be the whole World & Heaven too--all this & Heaven too--when we get down to here! And a beautiful New Earth & a beautiful New Heaven coming down.

       76. WHERE DO YOU SUPPOSE HE'S GOING TO PARK IT? You've got to have a pretty big parking space for that thing! It would take up half the U.S. or most of Europe! Let's look at the map & see exactly how much of Europe it would cover. 1,500 miles is about 2,200 kilometers, so let's make us a square. If that's a thousand kilometers, then that's another thousand kilometers, & there's about 200 more kilometers about to there. Tear it off right about there. You guys are too slow, I've got to see it right now! I want to know what it looks like right now! We're going to find out how big the base of Space City is, OK? We're going to see on your 7-Star Diary map how much territory this big Pyramid covers when it gets down on the Earth.

       77. OK, HERE YOU ARE! HERE'S THE BASE OF SPACE CITY ON A MAP OF EUROPE! We're going to put this edge right at Lisbon, which is on the Portuguese Atlantic coast, & it's going to stretch all the way from Malaga, Spain, way up past Stockholm, clear up past Oslo, way up to Helsinki! It stretched from Malaga past Helsinki North, & from Lisbon to Helsinki East & West! The Lord's really got to find a pretty big place to park it!

       78. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK?--IT'S PROBABLY MAYBE GOING TO HOVER ABOVE THE EARTH A LITTLE BIT SORT OF LIKE A HOVERCRAFT! It'll rise & maybe move around different places. But look, that's almost from Lisbon to Athens! Have you got your pen & a straight edge? We're going to make the top of the Pyramid here. Why don't you make it, draw two cross lines corner to corner to show the ridges of the Pyramid. Think of that, it stretches almost from Lisbon to Athens, & from Malaga past Helsinki!

       79. JUST THINK, DAVID, WHEN IT COMES DOWN ON EARTH, IF HE DECIDES TO PARK IT OVER EUROPE, you could come in the front door at Lisbon & go out the back door at Helsinki! How about that? London would be about here & it reaches clear almost down to Athens here at this corner. Helsinki at this corner, Casablanca at this corner, & this corner will be way out in the ocean! (David: And you can go swimming in the ocean!) Yes!--No!--No more sea! Look, see how big it is when it comes down!

       80. AND IF IT WOULD LAND ON RUSSIA & YOU HAD MOSCOW RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE, oh my, it would cover all of Russia & still part of Europe! It would cover all of Russia & Eastern Europe & Scandinavia. And if we'd set it down on Africa it would cover just about all of North Africa, think of that! That is a big town! That is one big town, kid! And this is one late hour, 11:30! I'm so sorry!

       81. SO HERE COMES SPACE CITY! Set Space City down on Europe. Try it on North Africa. Try it on the United States. Try it on South America. Look how gigantic it is! Wow! Maybe the Lord will move it around here & there, because we have got to take leaves off the trees along the River of Life, & we have to take them out to the people outside for the healing of the nations, to heal people. So if we're going to do that we need to move around a bit, don't we?

       82. MAYBE HE PARKS IT OVER SOUTH AMERICA FOR AWHILE SO WE CAN HEAL EVERYBODY THERE, parks it over the United States so we can heal everybody there--they're pretty hard to heal but I guess we'll make it somehow! Park it over Europe & heal everybody in Europe, park it over Africa & heal everybody in Africa, park it over Asia & heal everybody in Asia, park it over the South Sea Islands & Pacific, & heal everybody on the Islands, till everybody's all healed!

       83. THAT'S GOING TO BE ANOTHER JOB THAT'S GOING TO TAKE QUITE AWHILE! We don't know how long, but anyhow, we know it's going to be done, & we're going to do it! They're for the healing of the nations! And the kings of the Earth are going to bring their glory into it, they're going to bring presents & all kinds of things to us who live in the City, & how could they do that if they're clear across the ocean?--Uhoh!--No sea!

       84. SO SURELY SPACE CITY MUST HOVER OVER AMERICA FOR AWHILE SO THE KINGS OF AMERICA CAN BRING THEIR GLORY, hover over South America for awhile so the kings of South America can bring their glory, & hover over Europe for awhile so the kings of Europe can bring their presents & gifts & glory & do all the things they should have done for Jesus when they were first alive, they're going to have to do it then.

       85. SO THIS TIME OF SO-CALLED ETERNITY OR FOREVER & EVER IS GOING TO BE A TIME OF KIND OF MAKING UP FOR THINGS IN THE PAST, & it's going to take quite awhile to make up for all the things they didn't do & all the things they shouldn't have done, & to be real good to us for a long time to make up for how mean they were to us before. They run as out of countries & they give us a lot of trouble & they've thrown some of us in jail.

       86. THE TIME IS COMING WHEN WE'RE GOING TO RUN SOME OF THEM OUT OF THEIR COUNTRIES, & some of them are going to be down in the Devil's jail in the Fiery Lake & in the Pit, & they're going to be in jail for awhile too. So they're going to get back a lot of things that they did to us, & the Lord's going to punish them for how mean they were to us. He is, He's really going to punish'm!

       87. WELL, NOW THERE'S YOUR STORY & WE HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED ALL OF IT YET! We haven't even given you the story of Revelation yet, & we've got to have Daniel 9. Have we got Daniel 9? (Sara: Yes!) And have we got Daniel 11? (Sara: Yes!) And Daniel 12? (Sara: Yes!) Well, that will just about finish off this board, won't it, just finishing up Daniel. And then we'll have to start a whole new board just for Revelation! But I like to compare it, see, I like to get you to see how they're side by side & they're all telling the same story.

       88.LEGS IF IRON, ROME, IS THE SAME AS THIS BEAST HERE, ETC. Or you can take these here: This is Greece, this is Greece, this is Greece, this is Greece. This is Medo-Persia, this is Medo-Persia, this is Medo-Persia. See? So that kind of helps you understand the whole story. (David: And this is Rome & this is Rome & this is Rome.) Right! And who saw it all? What prophet of God saw it all? (David: Daniel!) Daniel, that's right! He saw it all. The Lord had to make Daniel see even the Image too, because he had to tell the king what he saw, didn't he? So how could Daniel tell the king what he saw unless God showed it to him? So Daniel saw the Image too, so he could tell the king.

       89. SO THEY'RE ALL VISIONS THAT GOD GAVE TO DANIEL & showed him all these things, & we're going to see the rest of them in another story next time, God willing. OK? Did you like that story? That's a real Bible story!--& just like this has already happened down to about here, all the rest is going to happen too, because the Bible is true! It tells stories but it doesn't tell lies!

       90. WHEN I WAS LITTLE THEY USED TO USE THE EXPRESSION "YOU TOLD A STORY", which meant you told a lie. But, all stories are not lies. There are some stories that are true & some stories that aren't true. That's why we call our Komix, True Komix, because they're true stories, & this is a true story. These are all true stories out of the Bible, right? And who told all these stories? God through...(David: Daniel.) Daniel! That's right! Just like the Lord's given Daddy a whole lot of stories, hasn't He? He's told you a lot of stories through Grandpa--Grandpa Stories!

       91. OK! PTL! THERE IT IS, & if you want a closer look at the board, you can come forward now & see this amazing marvel of the history of the World on one flannelgraph board! We do pretty good with this little board & these little things, but we have discovered that we do lack a few things. Some of those things are pretty important, the Battle of Armageddon & the Battle of Gog & Magog. Those battles especially interest children & they're very great milestones & World-shaking events.

       92. WELL, DAVID, YOU'VE HAD TO UNSCRAMBLE ALL THAT. Do you think you could unscramble it again & put it back up there the way it's supposed to be? (Sara: I bet he could with time!) You're going to be able to give this yourself one of these days! First of all, Sara & Dora & Alf & Mark & them are going to have to learn it so they can teach you how to do it. Then if we get to where you children can do this without being told what to do, then you really know it, huh?

       93. IT'S NOT HARD, IT'S SIMPLE! Just like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, all us bad children are going to Heaven! We're not really bad, now we're good, because Jesus made us good! PTL! Well, I'm sorry Techi missed this but I think it's a bit deep for her, beyond her level right now. Lord bless her & keep her too. OK, you're dismissed, it's all over, that's all there is for tonight. It's almost midnight, David, my oh my! This is your one night you get to stay up late, on Fellowship Day.

       94. YOU CAN BE SO THANKFUL YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW MORNING! Oh me! (Sara: Yes he is!) No--school comes to you! You don't go to school, school comes to you! Your school's like Heaven--you're not going to go there, it comes to you! I had a guy in one of my classes who got so mad one time. I said, "You know all these tracts talk about 'Do you want to go to Heaven?' etc., well, we're not going to go to Heaven! That's wrong. We're not going to go to Heaven, not unless we die before Jesus comes."

       95. HE GOT SO MAD HE GOT UP & STOMPED OUT WHEN I SAID WE WEREN'T GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN, he didn't even give me a chance to say Heaven's going to come to us! He said, "Well, buddy, maybe you're not going to Heaven, but I'm going to Heaven!"--Typical church guy!--And he stomped out! The way he acted I somewhat doubted whether he was going to make it one way or the other.

       96. ARE YOU GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN, DAVID? (Maria: Be careful!) Well, you might if you're a martyr before Jesus comes, that's a trick questions! Are we all going to go to Heaven? No! Heaven's going to come to us. If you die now before Jesus comes, then you go to Heaven to be with Jesus. But If you live to the Coming of the Lord...well, then when Jesus comes we go up to Heaven for a little while God's wreaking His wrath on Earth & we have a Marriage Supper of the Lamb up in Heaven, just for a little while though.

       97. OH, THAT'S THE TRACT THAT ALWAYS USED TO GET ME: "WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY?--HEAVEN OR HELL?" I used to really get'm by saying, "Well, I'm not going to Heaven--Heaven's coming to me!" That's because the Heavenly City, Space City, as described in the last two chapters of Revelation's definite description of Heaven, it definitely says it's coming to us. Comes down from God out of Heaven, so how could it be in Heaven? And God's going to dwell amongst men, so that means down to Earth, right? And it's got to be sitting on something at least part of the time because it's got 12 gates. Well, now we're getting ahead of our story, we're getting into Revelation!

       98. THANK YOU SARA FOR THE GOOD FLANNELGRAPHS, they're beautifully coloured! (Maria: Who coloured them?) (Sara: Mark & I both did.) Very pretty, very pretty! GBY all! They're beautiful! TYL! You're all beautiful, the Lord has such beautiful children! (Prays:) Lord bless & keep them in Jesus' name. Give them a good night's rest, safe-keeping, Lord, & give them a really good night because they had such a good Bible story they'll never forget it, in Jesus' name, amen. ILY! GBY all! PTL!

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