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DANIEL 8!--Part 2!--Exact Time Predictions!       DFO 1488       France, 30/3/81

       1. PTL! TYJ! HALLELUJAH! TONIGHT WE'RE STUDYING THE PROPHECIES OF THE PROPHET DANIEL OF THE 8th CHAPTER OF HIS BOOK IN THE BIBLE. We're particularly interested, in this series of studies, in the prophecies of the Endtime & not just those which have already been fulfilled. Therefore we're not taking very much time to go into the details of how the first part of this chapter has already been fulfilled in the rise of Alexander the Great as the Great Horn which was on the He-goat that challenged the two-horned Ram of the Medo-Persians.

       2. THE RAM HAD TWO HORNS MEANING IT WAS A DUAL KINGDOM OF CYRUS THE PERSIAN & DARIUS THE MEDE. The He-goat came from the West toward the East challenging the great Ram with the two horns, Cyrus & Darius, & the He-goat with the great single horn, obviously Alexander the Great, conquered the Medes & the Persians & their two kings & ruled over them, which is what Alexander the Great did.

       3. THIS IS THE FIRST PART OF THE 8th CHAPTER of which we're not going into the detail verse by verse, word by word, because in this particular series of studies we're more interested in the prophecies regarding the Endtime in which we're now living, & not the days of Alexander the Great & prophecies which have already been fulfilled. We are in this series particularly studying prophecies which have not yet been fulfilled. Therefore we did not go into great detail on the first part of this chapter.

       4. BUT TO BRING YOU UP TO DATE, IT DOES SAY IN THE LAST PART OF THIS THAT THIS HE-GOAT WAXED VERY STRONG, very great, & when he was the strongest, really, his great horn was broken. And as you know, when Alexander was at the peak of his career, only about 30 years of age, he died of drunkenness, having conquered all of the known Western World of his day in only ten years. He died of drunkenness, lamenting that there were no more Worlds to conquer!

       5. HE HAD CONQUERED ALL THE WESTERN WORLD from what to become the Holy Roman Empire, from Europe clear across to India. And from the border of what is now Russia south into North Africa. All that was important about the World in those days & all that was civilised and populated, Alexander had conquered, & then with nothing left to do as a World conqueror, he drank himself to death, lamenting on his deathbed that there were no more Worlds to conquer.

       6. ONE MORE THING HE DID BEFORE HE DIED, when his four top generals asked him who was to be his successor, the wise Alexander the Great said, "Unto the strongest." Well, those dear generals got the point that the smartest thing for them to do instead of fighting with each other & finding out who was the strongest to take his Empire, was to make an agreement between themselves to divide the Empire very neatly & nicely between the four of them.

       7. IT EVEN SAYS HERE THAT WHEN THE GREAT HORN WAS BROKEN THAT IN ITS PLACE CAME UP FOUR NOTABLE HORNS. (V.8.) These generals of Alexander divided the Alexandrian Empire between themselves into 4 parts: One: Europe. Two: Turkey. Three: Syria, Lebanon, Israel, etc. And finally four: The Southern part of Egypt & North Africa. These 4 parts were divided between his 4 generals. So, his Empire was divided into 4 parts exactly as the Bible prophesied here in this passage, as it had also been prophesied in the 7th chapter that the Grecian Empire symbolised by the leopard would have four heads & wings, in other words, would have four parts.

       8. THE PROPHET DANIEL NOW GOES ON BY THE REVELATION OF THE LORD speaking by the power of the Spirit in the ninth verse: "And out of one of them"--one of whom? One of these four parts into which Alexander's Empire was divided--"Out of one of them came forth a little horn." Now Alexander had been the greatest horn of all, in his place sprang up four other horns, & out of one of these horns springs up a little horn which at first doesn't seem to be very important.

       9. "WHICH WAXED EXCEEDING GREAT, TOWARD THE SOUTH, & TOWARD THE EAST, & TOWARD THE PLEASANT LAND." There's only one possible location of one the four divisions of Alexander's Empire from which this horn could have come if he is to wax strong toward the South & toward the East & toward the pleasant land, & that is Egypt! The only part or division of Alexander's Empire which lay in such a position as to make these other directions possible was Egypt.

       10. STRONG TOWARD THE SOUTH, WHICH WAS EGYPT & toward the East, which was the Mideast, & toward the pleasant land. Israel is known as the pleasant land in the Bible, of course a very fond land to all the Bible prophets who were Jews, & North of Egypt. So we have here South, East & North. The only direction not mentioned is West because that was the Mediterranean Sea & there was nothing there but ocean, water. But he was very strong in the South which was Egypt, in the East, the Mideast, & the pleasant land, Israel or its area.

       11. AND IN THE 10th VERSE WE FIND THIS LITTLE HORN "WAXED GREAT, EVEN TO THE HOST OF HEAVEN; & it cast down some of the host & of the stars to the ground, & stamped upon them." Now could any World conqueror, any human being, any great World dictator have actually cast down angels of Heaven? No, of course not! Then who could this host of Heaven possibly be? Well, there are two possible answers.

       12. YOU COULD SAY, "WELL, AFTER ALL, OBVIOUSLY THIS IS THE ANTICHRIST," because beginning about the 23rd verse Daniel gives a more detailed explanation of this vision that he's had, & perhaps we could look at that a moment. He's talking about these four kingdoms or four divisions of Alexander's Empire. "In the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full"--in the latter time. Get that? That's near the end of the World! "A king of fierce countenance, & understanding dark sentences, shall stand up."

       13. WE HAD TO GO TO THAT VERSE IN ORDER TO PINPOINT WHEN THIS KING OR LITTLE HORN IS ARISING. This horn is the same little horn of Daniel 7, it's also the same little horn clear over in Revelation 13. It says that it is in the Latter Time, so that pinpoints the time of his arisal just as clear as can be. It goes on to describe the Antichrist & the Tribulation, the Abomination of Desolation, everything just as clear as can be, the things we have already studied regarding the arisal of the Antichrist & his taking over the World, his making a World covenant as we his making a World covenant as we find later in the 9th chapter, & finally breaking it in the middle of it & causing terrible chaos for 3 1/2 years called the World's Great Tribulation.

       14. IT'S STARTING THEREFORE TO DESCRIBE HIM VERY CLEARLY IN THIS 10th VERSE. You can either say, "Well, the Antichrist cast down the saints of God to the ground in the great persecution during the Tribulation," & you would be right. Or you could say since the Antichrist was not just demon-possessed but Devil-possessed during the Tribulation, he was Satan himself who had just rebelled against God & Heaven & fought a war with the angel Michael as described in Revelation 12 & had cast a third of the angels out of Heaven with him.

       15. HE'S BEEN CAST OUT TO THE GROUND, CONFINED HERE UPON THE EARTH for the remaining 3 1/2 years of time, the Great Tribulation. You say, "Well, it was Satan & those are the Satanic angels who rebelled with him." OK, either way you want to interpret it is all right with me, because he both cast down the host of Heaven, a third of the angels to the ground to the Earth with Satan when he was cast out, & the Antichrist himself who was this Devil-possessed man, this man who was the Devil in the flesh, cast down the saints of God, the host of God's spiritual Heaven on Earth, to the ground in great persecution during the Great Tribulation as well.

       16. 11TH VERSE: "YEA, HE MAGNIFIED HIMSELF EVEN TO THE PRINCE OF THE HOST."--That's why I'm inclined to believe that the host was the saints, the church, the Christians, the believers, the host of believers here on Earth during the Tribulation who were terribly persecuted & cast down by this Satanic man! Because Jesus was not the prince of the host of the angels of the Devil, He was the Prince of the Host of Heaven & the host of saints on Earth!--Amen?

       17. THAT WORD PRINCE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CAPITALISED BECAUSE IT MEANS JESUS. "He magnified himself eve to the Prince of the host," or against the Prince of the host is the literal translation. "And by him" this Devil-man, this Antichrist, Satan in the flesh, "the daily sacrifice was taken away."

       18. BY THIS TIME YOU RECALL, THIS ANTICHRIST HAS MADE A SEVEN-YEAR PACT which is described late in the 9th chapter, with the powers that be, whatever they may be, particularly the religions of the World, & therefore it's called a holy covenant because it's a religious treaty between the World's greatest faiths. And it is said that now suddenly he takes away the daily sacrifice.--What sacrifice?

       19. WELL, WE KNOW THAT UNDER THIS RELIGIOUS COVENANT HE SOMEHOW MAKES PEACE between the World's greatest religions & he allows Jerusalem to be internationalised, their holy Temple restored & obviously the daily sacrifice of the Jews, which occurred on their altar before the Temple, to be restored.

       20. ANCIENT JEWISH SACRIFICIAL WORSHIP IS TO BE RESTORED by this Antichrist Devil-man in an attempt to appease the World's religions & the most cantankerous & rebellious & stubborn & trouble-making of all the World's religions, Judaism!--And the most powerful, by the way. They now rule nearly all the Western World, & some claim they even rule the Communist World! And God knows they certainly are getting control of the Third World! So in the 11th verse it says the daily sacrifice was taken away & the place of his sanctuary was cast down.

       21. HE HAS ALLOWED THE JEWISH TEMPLE TO BE REBUILT & Jewish sacrificial worship to be resumed upon the altar, something the Jews have longed for, looked for, for generations, for nearly 2,000 years since God destroyed it by the Romans 2,000 years ago!. [DELETED] They have been looking forward to resuming & restoring those ever since.

       22. BY ACTUAL NEWS REPORTS THE PARTS OF THE TEMPLE ARE ALREADY ASSEMBLED IN JERUSALEM WAREHOUSES ready for its rebuilding at the time that is right, when it would be safe to do so, when there is some type of fairly permanent peace--or they think it's permanent--made between them & the Arabs & their enemies & the other religions of the World, a compromise in which they feel it will be safe to restore the Temple upon Mount Moriah.--Probably opposite the Mosque of Omar, the Dome of the Rock, one of the most holy shrines of Islam covering the rock upon which Abraham started to sacrifice Isaac, which was later made the Temple altar.

       23. I BELIEVE THAT THIS COMPROMISE AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE WORLD'S THREE GREATEST FAITHS WILL BE MADE BY THIS SUPERMAN, the Antichrist, the Devil-man, & this is the Covenant or the pact or the treaty which he will make to try to bring peace between the World's three greatest ever-warring religions--Christianity, Judaism & Islam. When he so does, one of the first things the Jews will do is feel that this now is the ideal time, at least it is the safe time, the logical time, to rebuild their ancient Temple under this man whom they now accept as their messiah because he has favoured them, & perhaps is even one of them!


       27. SO I WILL NOT BE AT ALL SURPRISED if this Devil-man, this Satan in the flesh, this false messiah accepted by the Jews, [DELETED] that he will be received & accepted & proclaimed by them as their messiah & therefore they will consider it time to rebuild the Temple under his rulership for the first time since it was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.

       28. RESTORING THE TEMPLE, OF COURSE, THEY WILL ALSO RESTORE THE TEMPLE WORSHIP, the daily sacrifices, & this they have to do & here it says they will do, he will permit them to do, until he breaks that Covenant that the Jews have helped him to make & helped him to make this peace with the other religions of the World & the rest of the World's nations in order to work his way into compete power & dominance of the entire World until he has enough power to be able to do without the support of the World's great religion.

       29. HE NO LONGER NEEDS THEM, HE HAS CONTROL, SO HE BREAKS THE COVENANT, he breaks the Pact, as God's Word tells us in many passages, here in this one & in Daniel 9, etc. And then he stops the sacrificial worship which has begun before the Temple on its altar on the top of Mount Moriah, where by this time the Jews have rebuilt their Temple & restored their sacrificial worship. They have to, it must be; because how could he stop the daily sacrifices if they hadn't been started?

       30. BY THIS TIME THEY MUST HAVE RESUMED THE DAILY SACRIFICES, & this they could not do without having rebuilt the Temple and its altar. So by this time the Temple is rebuilt, its altar rebuilt & the daily sacrifices of Judaism resumed. Because he now has to stop them in order to set himself up as God.

       31. 11TH VERSE AGAIN: "YEA, HE MAGNIFIED HIMSELF EVEN TO THE PRINCE"--or against the Prince, Jesus--"of the host, & by him the daily sacrifice was taken away, & the place of his sanctuary was cast down." It sounds like again the Temple of the Jews is going to have to be destroyed or desecrated or abominated because of their rebelliousness & the trouble that they cause which inspired him to break his Covenant with them & then set himself up as God instead.

       32. VERSE 12: "AND AN HOST WAS GIVEN HIM AGAINST THE DAILY SACRIFICE BY REASON OF TRANSGRESSION." In other words, God allowed him to have the power to fight against them & to conquer them [EDITED: "the Jews"], "by reason of transgression," because of their sins. "And it cast down the truth to the ground & it practised & prospered." This Antichrist, this Devil-man, this false messiah of the Jews broke the Covenant & cast down the truth of God to the ground & practised & prospered. Now he becomes the World's religion; he becomes the World's god, which Satan has always wanted to be.

       33. 13th VERSE, "THEN I HEARD ONE SAINT SPEAKING & another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, & the transgression of desolation?" Here again you have "the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet" (Mt.24:15) & in so many places, when he breaks the Covenant & desecrates the holy place--"to give both the sanctuary & the host to be trodden under foot?"

       34. HOW LONG, HE SAYS, SHALL BE THIS VISION CONCERNING THE DAILY SACRIFICE & then the transgression or the Abomination of Desolation & the trodding down under foot of the sanctuary & the host, the Tribulation period. He says, "How long shall this be?" But notice this does not only include the Abomination of Desolation & the Tribulation very clearly mentioned here, but it also concerns the daily sacrifice. How long, in other words, will it be from the time they begin to sacrifice before a rebuilt Temple of the Jews & restore sacrificial worship, until the End?

       35. 14TH VERSE: "AND HE SAID UNTO ME, UNTO TWO THOUSAND & THREE HUNDRED DAYS, then shall the sanctuary be cleansed." How long is it going to be from the time the daily sacrifice begins, as mentioned in the 13th verse, until the sanctuary is cleansed? The only way the sanctuary can be cleansed is at the end of the Tribulation with the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ & the slaughter of the Antichrist forces, a casting of Satan & the Antichrist & his False Prophet into Hell and the cleansing of the whole Earth!

       36. YOU'RE GOING TO FIND OUT THAT IF YOU FIGURE OUT TWO THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED DAYS, it amounts to about six years & three months. So what you're getting here is a specific exact prophecy regarding the length of time from the reinstitution of the Jewish sacrificial worship in front of the Temple, no doubt a Temple dedication service as was performed by Solomon when he first built the first great Temple.

       37. HE HAD A VERY GREAT CEREMONY, THE DEDICATION OF THE TEMPLE when they first began sacrifices before the great new Temple of Solomon, the Jews' first great Temple. The greatest part of the ceremony was the resumption of the daily sacrifices before the Temple. Up to this time they had been sacrificing before the Tabernacle which was a mere tent.

       38. THE JEWS HAD HAD NO PLACE TO WORSHIP BUT IN A TENT CALLED THE TABERNACLE because they were always on the move, always having to move because of their enemies, crossing the great wilderness for 40 years & finally moving into the Promised Land or Canaan, Israel, having kings for the first time, King Saul, the first, King David, etc.

       39. BUT THE LORD SAID THAT HE COULD NOT ALLOW DAVID TO BUILD HIM AN HOUSE, although David wanted to build Him an house. He said, "Because thou art a bloody man." He had been a great warrior, a great soldier, a great battler & he had killed many men, & God seemed to deem fit that it would be better that his son, Solomon, a man of peace, should build the first great Jewish Temple unto the Lord where they would sacrifice upon the altar before that Temple.

       40. THAT SACRIFICE WAS STOPPED & THE TEMPLE WAS DESTROYED UNDER THE ROMAN INVASION IN 70 A.D. only 40 years after [EDITED: "they"] had Jesus crucified by the Romans, & has never been rebuilt since. In fact, every single stone was carted away to [EDITED: "eventually"] build Christian temples, the Church of the Resurrection, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, etc., until there was not one single stone of the ancient Temple left standing upon another. Not one stone! The Wailing Wall was no part of the Temple whatsoever. It was a mere retaining wall, the earth-fill upon which the Temple was built, at least 100 yards away!

       41. BUT HERE WE SEE THE DAILY SACRIFICE HAS BEEN RESTORED, because now it is caused to be ceased, so therefore it must have been started. Therefore he's telling us the length of time from the reinstitution of the daily sacrifice before a restored rebuilt Temple, a newly dedicated Temple built in these Last Days by the Jews under the Antichrist & his seven-year Pact of peace with the World's greatest religions.

       42. THEY HAVE THE NERVE FINALLY & THE PERMISSION TO SHARE MOUNT MORIAH with the World's other two greatest religions--Christianity & Islam. Islam already has its temple there on Mount Moriah, the beautiful golden Dome of the Rock or the Mosque of Omar covering that stone on which Abraham started to sacrifice Isaac.

       43. A NEW BEAUTIFUL TEMPLE OF ISRAEL, the dream of every Israeli of faith, the dream of the leaders of Israel, a dream of the religious & religionists of Israel is a restoration & rebuilding of the Temple under their coming messiah whom they will rejoice in & proclaim as their messiah, the Antichrist, and will rebuild their Temple.

       44. HOW LONG IS IT GOING TO TAKE THEM TO GET THAT TEMPLE REBUILT after this international agreement to internationalise Jerusalem and Mount Moriah & cause that holy spot to be shared by the World's three great faiths, Christianity, Judaism and Islam? Well, it's right here as clear as can be! The Bible in other places tells us that the Pact that he makes is for seven years, the Pact that the Antichrist makes which literally makes him ruler of the World, as well then to share & internationalise Jerusalem.

       45. THE PACT THAT HE MAKES IS FOR SEVEN YEARS & we've already studied how that he breaks the pact in the middle of the seven years, at the end of 3 1/2 years, & follows it with a period of great persecution & chaos of all religions because he sets himself up as God then. He sets his idol or image up in the Holy place right there on the top of Mount Moriah between these three great temples & tries to force the World to worship him as God!

       46. WELL, HERE IS ONE SAINT SPEAKING & ASKING A QUESTION TO ANOTHER SAINT. Apparently Daniel is in the land of saints & the land of saintly spirits & angels, he's getting visions & dreams & messages from God & he's not the only one asking questions. He hears one saint ask another: "How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice & the transgression of desolation & the trodding under of the sanctuary & the host"--for the 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation, in other words. And someone tells him, two thousand & three hundred days--six years & three months, & then the sanctuary shall be cleansed.

       47. THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY & TIME THE SANCTUARY COULD THEN BE CLEANSED IS BY THE COMING OF JESUS CHRIST & the end of the Antichrist rule! Jesus puts an end to the Tribulation, an end to this desolation, an end to this abomination, an end to this contamination & this desecration of this holy hill there, sacred to the World's three greatest religions, the holiest spot on Earth, Mount Moriah, on which the Mosque of Omar now stands & the Temple shall stand, & they will probably also build a great new Christian temple there to share the mount so that they can show that the three great faiths are sharing that holiest of all holy places in the World!

       48. BUT HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO LAST? Well, he says, until the sanctuary shall be cleansed will be six years & three months. Well, isn't that interesting, because the Antichrist makes a Pact for seven years & that leaves a nine month difference, doesn't it?

       49. WHICH SHOWS THAT FROM THE TIME THAT THE ANTICHRIST MAKES THIS SEVEN-YEAR PACT, the Jews don't waste any time rebuilding their Temple, because within nine months they have rebuilt the Temple & restored Temple worship & resumed the daily sacrifices there upon the altar on top of Mount Moriah, exactly six years & three months from the End!

       50. EXACTLY NINE MONTHS AFTER THE ANTICHRIST RULE HAS BEGUN, exactly nine months after this international Pact is made by the Antichrist between the World's powers & three great religions, to internationalise Jerusalem & Mount Moriah & to make peace between the great powers & religions of the World, by the end of the first nine months of that seven-year period of the Antichrist reign & rule, the Jews will have rebuilt their Temple & restored their Temple worship & resumed the daily sacrifices. It has to be then, according to this exact time prophecy giving the exact number of days, as 2300 days later the sanctuary will be cleansed by the coming of Jesus Christ!

       51. BELOVED, WOULD YOU LIKE TO PREDICT THE EXACT DAY OF THE COMING OF JESUS? Then I suggest that you watch the news for the proclamation of this great Pact, this great religious Treaty between the World's three great religions made by the Antichrist, this coming great World leader, this superman, this Devil-man who is going to rule the World! From the day he makes that Pact, God's Word tells us clearly it's going to be exactly seven years till Jesus comes & ends his reign! Would you like to know when the Temple is going to be rebuilt & rededicated & sacrificial worship restored?--Exactly nine months after the Pact, & you can count the days from then--2300 days until the sanctuary is cleansed by the coming of Christ!

       52. WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER PREDICTION OF EXACTLY HOW TO FIGURE OUT THE DAY OF CHRIST'S COMING? Well, when you see & hear on television that the Antichrist has broken the pact & has abandoned it in the midst of the seven years, at the end of first 3 1/2, from then on, 1260 days later, Jesus will come--you'll again know exactly the time of Christ's coming!

       53. DON'T TELL ME WE CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT or won't know the day of His coming! The Apostles in Jesus' day didn't know, Jesus Himself didn't know, the angels of Heaven didn't know, but God knew, & He said, "Of that day knoweth no man"--at that time nobody knew. Right now, nobody knows exactly the day of Jesus' coming. But according to God's own Word you can measure the time to the exact day of Jesus' coming by counting the days of Daniel 8 and counting the days of Daniel 12 & counting the days of Revelation 12!

       54. IT WILL BE EXACTLY 2300 DAYS FROM THE RESTORATION OF THE TEMPLE SACRIFICES AT JERUSALEM, no doubt the dedication of the newly rebuilt Temple by the Jews. It will also be exactly 1260 days from the day that the Antichrist breaks that Covenant & sets up his image there, the Abomination of Desolation, & stops the sacrificial worship & demands that the whole World worship him as God.

       55. YOU SAY, "HA; HOW CAN YOU KNOW A THING SO EXACTLY? The churches always told us, the preachers told us you couldn't tell when Jesus was coming & that only God knows! Jesus didn't know, nobody knows, not even the angels in Heaven know!" That's what He said to them then, not now; Even now we don't know because the Antichrist reign has not yet begun.

       56. BUT FROM THE DAY THE ANTICHRIST MAKES THAT TREATY, IT WILL BE EXACTLY SEVEN YEARS! And from the day Temple worship, sacrificial offerings are resumed before that Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, it'll be 2300 days, to be exact! And from the day of the breaking of that treaty, the holy Covenant, the religious Pact with those great religions by the Antichrist, when he breaks it in the midst of those seven years at the end of the first 3 1/2 & the beginning of the next 3 1/2, God's Word by the mouth of His Own prophet right here says it'll be 1260 days, exactly 3 1/2 years!

       57. FROM THE DAY THE ANTICHRIST TAKES OVER & MAKES THAT COVENANT you will know virtually the day of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! And it will be confirmed again when the Jews resume sacrificial worship before the Temple, it'll be just 2300 days later! And it will be confirmed again when the Antichrist breaks the Pact in the midst of the seven years, at the end of the first 3 1/2, & it'll be exactly 3 1/2 years longer & to the day, 1260 days later!

       58. FOR YOU WHO WILL LIVE DURING THOSE DANGEROUS DAYS IN THAT HORRIBLE PERIOD OF GREAT TRIBULATION will need to know that, thank God, those days are short, & you'll be counting the days to the coming of the Lord. It will encourage you, it will help you to know, well, thank God it won't be long'. In the Bible the saints ask the Lord, "How long, O Lord, how long?" By the time the Antichrist takes over & makes that Pact you'll know how long, exactly seven years!

       59. WHEN THE JEWS REOPEN THEIR TEMPLE ON MOUNT MORIAH nine months later, it'll be exactly 2300 days till the coming of Jesus! When the Antichrist breaks his holy Covenant with the World's three great religions in the midst of those seven years at the end of the first 3 1/2 & the beginning of the second 3 1/2, & he sets up his Image, his own idol of himself, the Abomination of Desolation as Jesus Himself said, then shall be Great Tribulation such as was not since the World began, no, nor ever shall be; And Daniel & Revelation & John tell us it'll be just 1260 more days until the coming of Jesus! PTL! Hallelujah!

       60. ISN'T THE LORD GOOD TO US? This coming time is the World's greatest suffering & the Church's greatest suffering & greatest persecution in which everyone shall be commanded to worship the Beast & his Image, this bestial man & his Image there in Jerusalem, or be killed. During this time everyone shall either have to receive the Mark of the Beast, 666 in their forehead or 666 in their hand, or they can't buy or sell--you can't buy groceries you can't do business you can't do anything except flee to the mountains, as Jesus exhorted you to do--& I hope you've got some survival stores stashed away up there in the mountains someplace!--We'll know when He's coming!

       61. DURING THIS WORST TIME IN ALL THE WORLD'S HISTORY, during this horrible time of Great Tribulation, the Lord loves you & He wants you to know it won't be long & you can be counting the days from the very day the Antichrist takes over. From the very beginning of his reign, it'll be exactly seven years!

       62. FROM THE NEW DEDICATION OF THE NEW JEWISH TEMPLE ON MOUNT MORIAH when they open the Temple for the first time with the first resumption, the first day of the resumed daily sacrifices upon Mount Moriah upon the altar before the Temple--(which you'll no doubt see on television, that'll be a great historical moment! I'm sure they'll have it on TV!)--You can start counting the days, 2300 days till the coming of Jesus!

       63. AND FROM THE DAY YOU HEAR ON THE NEWS THAT THE ANTICHRIST HAS BROKEN THE PACT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEVEN YEARS, you can again start counting the days, 1260 until Jesus comes! Because Jesus loves you, He's merciful & He wants you to know it's not going to be long. You can be specific, you can count the days till His coming & know when He'll be here & make your plans accordingly. PTL? If you've got a good survival refuge somewhere in the mountains, stashed with food where you can survive without the Mark of the Beast! (On the Field!)

       64. AND IF YOU FEEL IMPELLED TO BE A PROPHET OF GOD, A LAST ENDTIME PROPHET to prophesy against the Beast & against his Image & refuse his Mark as well, & refuse to bow down before him in the face of the whole World (& they'll all see you on television) even then God will spare you! He'll spare His Endtime prophets to the very end, to 3 1/2 days before His coming, & many many other multitudes of His saints will be protected & kept alive will be ready to meet Him when He comes. Otherwise there wouldn't be anybody left to meet Jesus when He comes except the dead, right? We'd all be dead. (Rev.11; Mt.24:31.)

       65. BUT WE KNOW SOME OF US ARE GOING TO BE ALIVE & REMAIN AT HIS COMING because the Apostle Paul said so in 1st Thessalonians the fourth chapter. He said, "The dead in Christ shall rise first, then we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the air, & so shall we ever be with the Lord." (1Th.4:16,17.) So are there going to be any Christians alive & remaining even at the end of the Antichrist rule? Yes, perhaps even millions!

       66. HIS HORRIBLE REIGN OF TERROR, THE WORST THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, may even serve to turn millions toward the Lord again & away from this Satanic man, knowing that he is not the Messiah! The Jews will finally recognise he's not the Messiah! Christians will see that he is certainly the Antichrist prophesied of! Perhaps even the Muslims will recognise that this is not the man, not the Mahdi, the great one that they look for to come.

       67. SO THERE MAY BE MILLIONS OF US STILL ALIVE, STILL SURVIVING whom God has marvellously protected & who have helped to protect themselves with their refuges stored with survival food in the mountains. He says, "Flee to the mountains!" That's a good place to be when there are atom bombs, wars going on! At least you can't get the direct blast, direct fire & the direct radiation, the direct hurricane of those explosions, although you may receive some fallout, but that you can survive if you're properly protected, stay indoors for at least a couple of weeks, have water to drink & food to eat, some method of sewage disposal. You can survive, it's possible.

       68. AND NO DOUBT, ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD, THERE ARE GOING TO BE THOUSANDS IF NOT MILLIONS WHO WILL SURVIVE throughout the Antichrist rule & reign of terror, the horrible Great Tribulation, the terrible persecution of the Church right to the very coming of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the Jews! Then at last, God's Word predicts, some Jews will at last recognise Jesus! "They shall look upon Whom they have killed, Him Whom they crucified, & they shall mourn for Him." It says they will recognise Him & mourn for Him, "As one mourneth for an only son." (Zech.12:10.) He was an only Son, the Son of God, crucified by the Jews themselves!

       69. [DELETED] Read the New Testament, it says so! Even though they [EDITED: "the religious leaders"] aggravated the Romans to do the actual dirty work for them, they were responsible for His crucifixion. They connived against Him, they witnessed against Him, they charged Him, they arrested Him, they brought Him before the Romans, they persuaded the Romans to kill Him, & they accompanied the soldiers who took Him out & crucified Him.

       70. [DELETED] [EDITED: "F"]or 2,000 years [EDITED: "they have been"], scattered into every nation on the face of the Earth, & only in these Last Days are being brought slowly back into Israel by the prophecies of God so that some would be there when Jesus comes, to recognise Him as the Messiah and realise they made a mistake in crucifying Him, & for the first time seeing Him & believing Him & receiving Him! There will be some then, Jews, in Israel & Worldwide, who will see & believe & accept Him! We trust it won't be too late, we hope! (Nos. 1437, 1441, 1450, 1476.)

       71. SO YOU CAN KNOW THE EXACT DAY OF THE COMING OF THE LORD! Not right now perhaps, but from the beginning of the Antichrist reign & his seven-year Pact with the World's religions to give them freedom & peace on Mount Moriah, to restore the Jewish Temple, etc.! You can know the exact day, 2300 days from the restoration of sacrificial worship & the dedication of the new Temple! You can know the exact day from the breaking of that Pact in the middle of the seven years, 1260 days to the End!

       72. JESUS HAS MADE THAT PROVISION FOR YOU SO YOU COULD KNOW, because He loves you & He wants you to know it's coming soon, He's coming on. So not to worry but hold on, hang on, it won't be long now! PG! And you will know when that time comes, exactly how many days it shall be until the coming of the Lord, God's Word says so! We just read it right here in the Book of the Bible in Daniel the 8th chapter & the 14th verse, exactly, a time prophecy of the exact number of days, 2300 days! One of the most exact prophecies in the whole Bible! Isn't the Lord good to us? Isn't He merciful? TYL!

       73. ARE YOU READY FOR THAT DAY? Are you ready for the coming of Jesus? I think we've made this the theme song of this series, haven't we? Dear Hawaiian Sol Hoopi's famous song, the inventor of the steel Hawaiian guitar! Dear Sol Hoopi was wonderfully saved from the Garden of Allah--it was the Garden of the Devil, really, in Hollywood--to the Garden of Eden, God's wonderful garden of Salvation! He wrote this song & it always seems to come back to me when I think about the coming of the Lord. Can you sing it with me?

       74. (SINGS:)
       BE READY!
       When Jesus comes, His face we'll see eternally!
       Be ready!"

How can you get ready?

       "Has your soul been filled with the fire of His Holy Ghost?
       Are you saved & ready to meet the Lord of hosts?
       When Jesus comes, His face we'll see eternally!
       Be ready!"

Are you ready? Have you received Jesus into your heart? Hallelujah? TYJ!

       75. IT'S TIME NOW TO END THIS BIBLE STUDY FOR TONIGHT, BUT IT'S PAST TIME FOR YOU TO RECEIVE JESUS IN YOUR HEART & be ready for His coming when He comes. Will you be ready? Yes, you'll be ready if you have Jesus. All you have to do is pray a little prayer & ask Him into your hear. (Sings:)
       "Into my heart, into my heart,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.
       Come in today, come in to stay,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus!"

And He will come in, He has promised to come in, & you'll be ready!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family