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DANIEL 8!--Part 3.--Time of the End!       DFO 1489       France, 9/4/81

       Is laid for your faith in His excellent Word!
       What more can He say than to you He hath said,
       To you who for refuge to Jesus hath fled!

       Fear not, I am with thee,
       Oh be not dismayed,
       For I am thy God,
       I will still give thee aid!
       I'll strengthen thee, help thee & cause thee to stand,
       Upheld by My gracious omnipotent hand!
       Upheld by My gracious omnipotent hand"

PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       2. THAT'S AN OLD HYMN, & A WONDERFUL ONE FOR THESE LAST DAYS in which all of these great & terrible things are being fulfilled, when you're going to need the firm foundation of His Word. "How firm a foundation!...What more can he say than to you He's already said? To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!"

       Be not afraid, for I am thy God,
       I'll still give thee aid.
       I'll strengthen thee, help thee & cause thee to stand,
       Help thee & cause thee to stand,
       Upheld by My gracious omnipotent hand!"

So PTL, He's with you, He's with you in His Word, & His Word is with you, His truth, & you can stand firmly on this as a firm foundation that cannot fail. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       4. CLAIM THESE SCRIPTURES & CLAIM THESE PROMISES & FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE OF THESE PROPHECIES & YOU WON'T BE SURPRISED! You'll know exactly what's coming next & exactly what to expect & when to expect it, & you'll be one of those wise of understanding who shall instruct many who will come to you in that day wanting to know what's happening. And you already know. There are many today who want to come to you, who want to know what's going to happen, & you can tell them it's right here in God's Word! (Da.11:33.)

       5. SO WE'RE CONTINUING THE STUDY OF DANIEL 8, the 8th chapter of the visions of the Prophet Daniel, and we're beginning tonight with the 15th verse. A very remarkable passage with a lot of specific details about the time of the Antichrist rule & reign over the whole Earth, the entire Earth, for a period of seven years. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! All right, are you ready?

       6. "AND IT CAME TO PASS WHEN I, EVEN I DANIEL, HAD SEEN THE VISION & SOUGHT FOR THE MEANING, then behold there stood before me as the appearance of a man. And I heard a man's voice between the banks of the Ulai, which called & said, Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision." Now if this man who spoke is standing between the banks of the Ulai river, he was obviously standing out in the middle of the river!

       7. NOT EVERYBODY CAN STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF A RIVER, particularly on the water! And where else would he have been standing, particularly since he has enough authority to order the Archangel Gabriel around & tell him, "Gabriel, make this man to understand the vision." obviously it must be Gabriel's Boss talking, who of course being a Man and having the appearance of a Man and the voice of a Man, could be none other than our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, who was there then!

       8. "IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, & THE WORD WAS WITH GOD & THE WORD WAS GOD. All things were made by Him & without Him was not anything made that was made." (Jn.1:1-3) So Jesus was there with God His father, from the very foundation of the Earth, & He appeared many times to the saints of the Old Testament. Many times when they thought they were seeing an angel or they said they were seeing God, the One they were really seeing was Jesus! PTL!

       9. AND HE HAD A NAME IN THE OLD TESTAMENT WHICH IS SO SACRED TO THE JEWS THAT THEY'RE EVEN AFRAID TO SAY IT OUT LOUD, they're not permitted to pronounce this name aloud, Jehovah, believe it or not! Throughout the Old Testament Bible we find the name Jehovah many times, but it was considered so sacred, a very special name for God, which they couldn't quite understand, how He could be called Jehovah, the Lord's anointed, except that He be the Messiah who had not yet come? So how could He already be here on Earth amongst the Old Testament saints?

       10. THEY DIDN'T UNDERSTAND THE PRE-EXISTENCE OF THE LORD, that He was here & He was in Heaven with God His Father for thousands of years, from the very beginning, before He ever came to permit Himself to be born of woman, as a tiny baby in the hands of man! (Pre-existence!)

       11. SO HERE IS GABRIEL'S BOSS STANDING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ULAI RIVER, a miracle in itself, ordering the Archangel Gabriel to tell Daniel what his vision meant. We already have read the vision & discussed it, but we will go ahead & hear this explanation given by the Archangel Gabriel himself to Daniel himself.

       12. 17TH VERSE: "SO HE, GABRIEL, CAME NEAR WHERE I STOOD, & WHEN HE CAME, I WAS AFRAID & FELL UPON MY FACE. But he said unto me, Understand. O son of man, for at the Time of the End shall be the vision." Now you couldn't have that any more specific than that! You want to know when this is supposed to happen? At the Time of the End!

       13. IT DID NOT HAPPEN SOON AFTER DANIEL, AS SOME BIBLE STUDENTS CLAIM, it is not past fulfilled history & fulfilled prophecy as some claim, because he says here just as plain as day, that what he saw in that vision, & what Gabriel's about to explain to him, is not going to happen until the very End of Time, the Time of the End, or you could just turn right around & say the End of Time.

       14. BECAUSE WHEN JESUS COMES, AS FAR AS WE'RE CONCERNED, TIME SHALL BE NO MORE. As far as existing, surviving man is concerned on Earth, they will still be in the dimension of Time, but you & I will have graduated & superseded Time & gone over into not just the fifth dimension, but about the seventh dimension! Well, we haven't time to go into all that tonight.

       15. 18TH VERSE: "NOW AS HE WAS SPEAKING WITH ME, I WAS IN A DEEP SLEEP ON MY FACE TOWARD THE GROUND." What had just happened to Daniel? You just read it in the 17th verse there, he said he fell on his face, & he was lying there on his face in a deep sleep. So what had happened to him? He fainted! He was so scared when he saw the Angel Gabriel called by name by the Lord, standing there face-to-face with him, it nearly scared him to death! And he flopped right down on his face on the ground in dead faint, a deep sleep! "But he touched me & he set me upright." Gabriel's speaking now on the orders of the Lord:

       16. "BEHOLD, I WILL MAKE THEE KNOW WHAT SHALL BE IN THE LAST END OF THE INDIGNATION." When again? At the End of the Indignation, at the End of the Wrath of God, at the very End of Time. "For at the time. "For at the time appointed the End shall be." Now there's three times in two verses that it says it is the End. These things are not going to happen until the very End of Time, what we call the End Time, these Last Days in which we are now living.

       17. NOW HE BEGINS TO EXPLAIN TO HIM THE VISION which we've already gone over in the first part of the chapter, He says, "The Ram which thou sawest having two horns are the kings of Media & Persia." This is right here in the 20th verse. They were literally the king of Media who was Darius, & the king of Persia, Cyrus. Now mind you, this hadn't happened yet! He is telling him that it's going to happen.

       18. BECAUSE DANIEL AT THIS TIME WAS LIVING AT THE TIME OF BELSHAZZAR. Notice back in the very first verse of the 8th chapter, Belshazzar is in the third year of his reign, the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar. And he was at Shushan, Belshazzar's palace, in the Province of Elam, that is in Babylon. And Babylon still ruled the World, Babylon was still supreme World power at that time, still supreme World power at that time, still the head of gold of World empires, that head of Daniel's Image of Chapter 2. The Medes & Persians were their bitter enemies & had not yet conquered them.

       19. BUT GOD IS TELLING DANIEL THROUGH THE MOUTH OF THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL, & is now telling us through the mouth of Daniel & the Scriptures which he recorded so faithfully... Do you record the Words of God faithfully when God gives you a revelation or a prophecy? Do you put it down, do you record it?--In shorthand or tape-record it or whatever.

       20. IF GOD IS SPEAKING, IT'S IMPORTANT & IT'S IMPORTANT TO SAVE EVERY WORD! That's why you have so much today as a Family!--So much of what God has said, it because someone was faithful & diligent & loyal & worked hard to jot it down and later type it down. First of all in shorthand or by tape recorder, then transcribed by typing, & later finally printed & sent to you, all that the Lord has said.

       21.DANIEL WAS A FAITHFUL RECORDER, or he had a faithful secretary, either one, who was writing it all down, PTL! They had scribes then, they had secretaries who wrote down what the prophets had to say. There's much spoken of them here in God's Word. Jeremiah had a specially favourite faithful secretary, a male secretary called Baruk the Scribe, who wrote down all the prophecies of Jeremiah. So Daniel must have had one too, PTL! And he is recounting to this secretary, & through them & the written page to you & me what the Lord said & what Gabriel said to him on that day.

       22. HE SAID IT'S ALL FOR THE TIME OF THE END, THE ENDTIME, THE TIME OF THE END OF THE INDIGNATION & SO ON. Also he's prophesying to him something that's about to happen which hasn't even happened yet, & that is that the Medes & the Persians under Darius & Cyrus their kings, the dual kingdom with two kings, was going to conquer Babylon & the Babylonian Empire, and take it over completely, so he's saying so here in Verse 20.

       23. 21ST VERSE: "AND THE ROUGH HE-GOAT IS THE KING OF GRECIA: & the great horn that is between his eyes is the first king," meaning the foremost king, the greatest king, King Alexander the Great, who then conquered the Medes & the Persians. All this in the first part of the chapter which we don't need to go into again.

       24. 22ND VERSE: "NOW THAT BEING BROKEN"--Gabriel said to Daniel--"in the vision you saw that great horn Alexander the Great was broken"--"whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation but not in his power." Alexander the Great died at the youthful age of 30, having conquered the whole known civilised World, all the way from Rome to India, & from Russia to Africa, Egypt & all, in only ten years, from the time he was 20 till the time he was 30, the greatest World conqueror the World has ever known, conquered the World faster than any man who ever lived!

       25. A YOUNG MAN, ONLY 30 YEARS OF AGE WHEN HE DIED OF DRUNKENNESS & OF SORROW, lamenting that there were no more Worlds to conquer! He hadn't heard about the Spiritual World yet! Of course he couldn't have conquered that one, but he promptly entered into it & found out about it! So who knows but maybe he's learned a lot since then, & working for the Lord now too, because I believe he was working for the Lord then--unknowingly!

       26. HE SPREAD THE GREEK LANGUAGE, THE GREEK CULTURE, THE GREEK INTEREST IN BEAUTY, art, science, religion & philosophy throughout the entire known civilised World, & prepared it beautifully for the coming of Jesus Christ as an answer to all their questions about religion & philosophy & their desire for the beauty of peace & the perfect life, etc. All of the quests for knowledge & beauty & science & religion & philosophy were met in Jesus when He came, just a few years after the Roman Empire had conquered the Grecian Empire.

       27. SO HE SAYS HERE THAT THAT HORN SHALL BE BROKEN, it was even broken in its prime, & he died at the age of 30! He said, "Four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation"--this empire of Alexander the Great, the Grecian Empire--"but not in his power." Did this happen? Yes!

       28. ALEXANDER THE GREAT'S EMPIRE WAS DIVIDED BETWEEN HIS FOUR TOP GENERALS who, instead of fighting with each other over it, at first decided to divide it up peacefully & each take his share. The one took the North, including Turkey & Syria, etc., & it was called Syria. One took the West, which at that time was Greece & Rome, later to be Rome. Already the city of Rome existed.

       29. ANOTHER TOOK THE EAST, WHICH WAS PALESTINE & JORDAN & CLEAR THROUGH TO INDIA, clear across Iran & Afghanistan & India. That was a pretty big slice of land, a pretty big empire, right? And the fourth & final one took the South. He was given Egypt, Libya, Sudan & a great part of North Africa as his domain, his part of Alexander's empire, his share. The Empire was divided into four quarters exactly as the Lord is telling Daniel here though the mouth of Gabriel the Archangel is going to happen, it happened exactly that way!

       30. DANIEL DIDN'T LIVE TO SEE IT ALL HAPPEN. He did live to see, thank God, the conquest of Babylon by Darius & Cyrus, the Medes & Persians, & he became one of their chief counsellors, & he lived very well as a famous & a great man. He had become the counsellor of many kings & two empires, until the Lord took him home to be with Him, & he prophesied all these marvellous prophecies--not his prophecies, the Lord's--from the mouth of the Lord Himself & the mouth of the Angel Gabriel! He said four kingdoms would stand up out of Alexander's empire, & they did!

       31. THEN HE SAYS IN THE 23RD VERSE. "AND IN THE LATTER TIME OF THEIR KINGDOM"--he's jumping clear over the ages, he's jumping clear over about 2000 years! Alexander the Great came to his height of power & glory about the middle of the Fourth Century B.C., the 300s, & this is when he died, & now it's skipping over all the hundreds of years between the 4th Century B.C. down to the 20th century, the one in which you & I are now living.

       32. HE SKIPS ABOUT 2300 YEARS, & HE SAYS IN THE VERY ENDTIME, "In the latter time of their kingdom when the transgressors are come to the full"--he's not talking about the remains of Alexander's kingdom at that time, but in the Latter Time. Now do those remains still exist today? Yes, of course. Turkey still exists, Syria still exists, Greece & Italy still exist, Egypt still exists, Sudan, Persia, or Iran, Afghanistan & India. They all still exist, all these parts of Alexander's former empire which were divided into four quarters.

       33.HE SAYS, "IN THE LATTER TIME OF THEIR KINGDOM, WHEN THE TRANSGRESSORS ARE COME TO THE FULL, a king of fierce countenance, & understanding dark sentences, shall stand up!" Now here we get for the very first time the beginning of an actual description of the appearance of the looks of the Antichrist!

       34. THIS CAN BE SPEAKING OF NONE OTHER THAN THE ANTICHRIST HIMSELF, that last fierce & awesome, awful, World king of the whole World! Understanding dark sentence, witchcraft, deviltry, demonic powers & messages, because he will be the Devil's own man, the false messiah, the Devil in the flesh! This will be the climax of his power on Earth, of his witchcraft, of his influence through all that are evil, to take control of the World!

       35. 24TH VERSE: "AND HIS POWER SHALL BE MIGHTY, BUT NOT BY HIS OWN POWER, & he shall destroy wonderfully." By whose power?--The Devil! His power shall be mighty, not by his own power but by the power of the Devil. "He shall destroy wonderfully, & shall prosper & practise, & shall destroy the mighty & the holy people." Who are the mighty & the holy people? Well, because the Lord was speaking to Daniel & he was a Jew, the Jews took it upon themselves to interpret it as meaning Jews, mighty & holy.

       36. WELL, I MIGHT HAVE BELIEVED THAT IF YOU JUST TAKE IT AS FAR AS THE MIGHTY, because they certainly are mighty people today in the Endtime. [DELETED]


       38. IT'S LIKE THE BROTHER OF THE FAMOUS NAZI-HOUND SAID, I've forgotten his name for the moment, something like Wiesenthal, whose headquarters is in Vienna, Austria where he runs an office to hunt down, track down Nazis who already have one foot in the grave & the other on a banana peel, who are in their 80s & 90s, 40 to 50 years later after their supposed crimes. [DELETED]

       39. HE SAID, "YOU KNOW, I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THIS KIND OF WORK, I could have gone to America & lived high like my brother & had a good job & earned a lot of money & not run so many risks & had so much trouble trying to find these guys. In fact, my brother wrote me from the United States & he said "Hey, brother, why don't you come over here in the United States & live here with us where we [DELETED] run everything except the traffic lights, & we'll be running them pretty soon too!" That's what he said!


       42. THERE MAY BE SOME THAT ARE HOLY, [DELETED] a few that were saved & who loved Jesus & who had received Him as their Messiah. Ah, they're some of the greatest saints I ever knew, including some of you, our own Family. We have more Jewish leaders in this Family, you'd be amazed, including some of us! That's why [EDITED: "their parents"] are so mad at us, they claim we stole their children, ripped'm off & brainwashed them & how they're not the same people any more. They don't like Jews & Judaism--they just love'm, that's all. You know, you don't have to like the sinner, you only have to love him. Did you know that? So, PTL!

       43. SO HE IS GOING TO PROSPER & PRACTISE & DESTROY THE MIGHTY AND HOLY PEOPLE. Well, the only people who are mighty & holy both in God's sight are His children, Christians, the True Church of Jesus Christ, the genuine believers, those who have received Jesus in their hearts & have the love of God. Those are what He considers mighty & holy.

       44. YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MIGHTY YOU ARE--YOU OUGHT TO TRY IT SOMETIME! You can command the Devil, you can command demons to depart & leave you alone. You can cast demons out of people, devils out of people. You even tell Satan to get behind you--only if I were you I wouldn't tell him to get behind you, I'd tell him to get the hell out of here, completely, as we have on occasion when he's given us a lot of trouble here trying to make these videos. I told him to get off the property completely & to go into some of these people around here that probably are already demon-possessed, but not into any of our neighbours, please, lest they give us any problems.

       45. YOU'RE A MIGHTY PEOPLE & YOU'RE HOLY THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST! You're washed in His blood, purified, saved & forgiven for your sins, because of the love of God through Jesus Christ who suffered the punishment of your sins for you on that cross so that you might be saved. All you have to do is believe it, believe He's the son of God & He took your punishment for you. Thank Him for it, receive Him for it, into your heart, & love Him for it, & love others for it, because He loves them too.

       46. SO WHO CAN BE THE ONLY MIGHTY & THE HOLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TODAY? They have to be God's Bride, God's Church, the Bride of Christ, the true Christians. Not only the Children of God or the Family of Love or the Children of Love or whatever you want to call our particular Family, but all genuine Christians, & I've met lots of them during my lifetime in many different kinds of churches, both Catholic & Protestant & otherwise.

       47. THERE ARE MANY SWEET WONDERFUL MIGHTY & HOLY CHILDREN OF GOD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, in every nation on Earth, everywhere under God's Heaven where there are true Christians, genuine believers in Jesus who love the Lord, they are a mighty & Holy people. What does it say here then about them?

       48. "HE SHALL DESTROY THE MIGHTY & THE HOLY PEOPLE." Now he tries to destroy them, don't misunderstand this Scripture, He attempts to destroy them & he destroys many of them, but he doesn't completely succeed, otherwise if he were able to destroy them all there wouldn't be any left here to greet Jesus when He comes, right? Apparently there will be plenty still left, but he tries to destroy them. "He shall destroy," it's an old verb meaning continuative tense, he'll keep destroying to trying to destroy, although he doesn't completely destroy them.

       49. BUT IT SAYS HERE IN THE 25TH VERSE, "THROUGH HIS POLICY ALSO HE SHALL CAUSE CRAFT"--WHAT KIND OF CRAFT?--WITCHCRAFT!--"TO PROSPER IN HIS HAND, & he shall magnify himself in his heart, & by peace shall he destroy many." He is going to be a very clever man, the smartest superman the World has ever known, the Devil in person! And he's going to magnify himself above every other man or God or World leader that ever lived, until he claims to be God Himself, although he's the Devil himself!

       50. AND HE'S GOING TO DESTROY A LOT OF PEOPLE WITH WHAT?--BY PEACE! How could he destroy people by peace? Well, we have an awful lot of peace being preached nowadays. A lot of false prophets are preaching peace--the peace prophets who say, "Don't worry, things are not as bad as they seem, things are going to get better. Don't worry, we're not going to have a war, they're not going to have another war like that, we can't have another war, it would destroy the World!

       51. "DON'T WORRY, EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALL RIGHT! Don't be afraid of the Communists, don't be afraid of the Americans, they're going to work all of this out somehow." Yup, that's true, they're going to work it out, that's for sure, they're going to shoot it out, till they destroy each other, or almost!

       52. AND YOU KNOW HOW THEY'RE DOING IT?--BY PREACHING PEACE RIGHT NOW, saying "Peace, peace--don't worry, we're going to have great peace now. We've got the atom bombs now, therefore, we don't dare have wars. We just cannot risk a nuclear holocaust, therefore we cannot have another war. There's gotta be peace."

       53. SO THEY'RE PREACHING "PEACE, PEACE." And you know what the Bible says? "When they shall say Peace, peace, then cometh sudden destruction!" (1Th.5:3.) So the more they preach peace, the more the President says he wants peace, the more the heads & great leaders of these nations say they want peace, & the more they preach peace, the nearer is sudden destruction!

       54. AND JUST ABOUT THE TIME THEY THINK THEY'VE GOT IT ALL WORKED OUT & their peace all arranged, & just about the time that they think that they've got it all made and there'll never be another war, the United Nations has solved everything & blah blah--then comes sudden destruction! "And by peace he shall destroy many."

       55. THIS IS WHAT THEY'RE PREACHING--PEACE. The Communists say they Americans say they only want peace, but although their words are smoother than oil & they speak peace, as the Psalmist says, there's war in their hearts, & their tongue is as a sword. (Ps.55:21) So these peace prophets, look out for'm, they're the harbingers not of peace, but of sudden destruction.

       56. "HE SHALL ALSO STAND UP AGAINST THE PRINCE OF PRINCES"--& here it's capitalised so you'll know it's Jesus--"but he," the Antichrist, "shall be broken without hand." He's even going to try to fight Jesus Christ, & all the forces of Jesus Christ on this Earth including you & me. Isn't the Devil foolish? Isn't he crazy? Isn't he silly? To think that somehow he can outdo God, conquer Christ, & stop us?

       57. HE'S BEEN UNDER THE DELUSION EVER SINCE HE REJECTED THE TRUTH OF THE CARDINAL SUPREME SUPREMACY OF GOD HIMSELF!--Ever since he believed the lie that maybe it was possible to be God, himself, instead of being God's archangel instead of being God's Lucifer, God's light bearer, next to God Himself.--Ever since that lie of pride entered his heart, his mind, to think that, "Well now, I'm so powerful & I'm so beautiful & I can do such great things, why be satisfied by being God's right-hand man, or left-hand man, why can't I just take over completely, shove God out & become God myself?"

       58. WELL, FROM THE MOMENT HE BELIEVED THAT LIE, from the moment he rejected the truth of God's absolute, all-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent supremacy, from the time he rejected that truth, he believed the lie that he could be God! God sent him strong delusion that he might believe a lie, that he might be damned. And he's been trying to be God ever since, & he still thinks he can be God!

       59. AND THIS IS HIS GREAT TRY, THIS GREAT TRIBULATION, this great reign of the Antichrist over the Earth for the last seven years of its history, including the last 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation, he still thinks somehow he's going to be God, & somehow that he can usurp the power of God & steal the Earth away from God & His power, & rule the Earth without God.

       60. BUT GOD SAYS A LITTLE WORD HERE TO ENCOURAGE US, "HE SHALL BE BROKEN WITHOUT HAND." Don't worry about the Antichrist, nobody's going to try to assassinate him or conquer him by war or army or otherwise, because not the hand of man is going to break him. No man's hand is going to be able to conquer him, but the hand of God Himself! And we'll learn more about how that happens later, as we study the Book of Revelation.

       61. 26TH VERSE: "AND THE VISION OF THE EVENING & THE MORNING WHICH WAS TOLD IS TRUE." Now Gabriel is still talking to Daniel. He says, "Wherefore shut thou up the vision"--he's telling Daniel to shut up--"for it shall be for many days." So all Daniel did, or he & his scribe, may be it was a she, was write it down & then close the book. He closed the book, God rang the bell, & probably Gabriel doused the candle, & Daniel closed the book, 'cause that was the end of it for his time--& for 2500 years afterward, 'cause Daniel lived 2500 years ago, think of it! He lived 500 years before Christ!

       62. SO GABRIEL, THE ARCHANGEL OF GOD HIMSELF TOLD DANIEL TO SHUT UP THE VISION. "Shut up, Daniel, that's enough! That's all you need to know, because it's not going to happen in your time or your grandchildren's time, even your great great great great great grandchildren's time, it's not going to happen until the very End, the Endtime, the Last Time, the Latter Days." All that's said three times in this passage & now the fourth time, "For it shall be for many days."

       63. IT'LL BE A LONG LONG TIME, DANIEL, MANY DAYS, about 2500 years in fact, before it happens. 2500 years times 365 days, that's a lot of days. That was sure a mouthful, "many days" before it happens. "And I Daniel got up off my knees, strutted off & thanked God that I was a great prophet."--Is that what it says? "And I Daniel fainted, & was sick certain days."

       64. IT'S NOT ALWAYS EASY TO BE A PROPHET, LET ME TELL YOU, I've had some tough prophecies sometimes, some tough prophetic sessions in which God gave me outstanding revelations from the Lord that nearly cost me my life, literally, it nearly cost me my life, nearly killed me! It's not easy to be a vessel of the red--hot Word of God & the power of God! God is big and strong & more powerful than we are, & our weak, frail, fleshly human vessels are almost too weak to take it sometimes.

       65. HERE IN THIS ONE SESSION DANIEL FAINTED TWICE! He fainted at the beginning when he saw the Angel Gabriel standing right in front of him, scared him almost to death & he fainted, and he faints here again at the end. It was almost more than he could bear, poor Daniel! He didn't get up & pat himself on the back & strut off bragging about what a great prophet he was. He showed what a human, frail, pitiful man that he was, & he just keeled over in a dead faint right then & there! It was almost too much for him to bear.

       66. IT WAS MORE THAN HE COULD UNDERSTAND, because he didn't understand it then. He didn't know what the Lord meant, because it never even happened in his time. And the greatest events that he was hearing about were not even to happened till 2500 years later, now, in your time, the Endtime! You're beginning to see & you're beginning to hear, & you're going to know exactly what Daniel was talking about, & we've already been trying to explain it to you, because the Lord Himself told us that He had given us like the mind of Daniel himself, & had made it possible for us to understand what Daniel was saying, & the number of the years & the days, & to understand all these things.

       67. NOW DANIEL'S BOOK IS OPENED AGAIN TO US, BECAUSE IT'S TIME FOR IT. It's the Latter Days, it's the Endtime, it's the Time of the End. Now is the time, PTL! So the book is open now. For 2500 years people didn't understand what Daniel was taking about, except a few of the events which happened shortly afterwards, such as the conquest of Babylon by Media & Persia, & then the conquest of Media-Persia by Greece, etc. Otherwise they didn't know what he was talking about.

       68. ESPECIALLY NOT THESE DAYS OF THE END, THE LAST DAYS, & THE DAYS OF THIS FIERCE KING OF FIERCE COUNTENANCE, understand dark sentences & curses, & weird things, the occult, practising witchcraft & so on--which you've heard a lot about already, not only from me but others who know more about it than I do--how strong it is today, how it rules over those who run the World today. Those [EDITED: "AC"] bankers & [EDITED: "AC"] industrialists, & [EDITED: "AC"] political leaders & all, all of them into witchcraft! Naming names!

       69. DEAR BROTHER JOHN TODD WROTE THAT ABOUT THE ILLUMINATI & WITCHCRAFT & so on, how prevalent it is throughout the Western World, & how it literally dominates the Western World, & is a part of their plan, part of the Protocols [DELETED], plotted clear back them in the middle of the last century, how they were going to take over the World, & now they have! Now they run it, everything except the traffic lights, & they probably run those too!

       70. SO POOR DANIEL FAINTED, & HE WAS EVEN SICK FOR A FEW DAYS AFTERWARD. "And afterward I rose up & did the king's business, & I was astonished at the vision, but none understood it." 'Cause the Lord told Daniel to close the book, for it was not for him & not for his time, it will be after many many days in Time of the End, the Endtime, the end of the transgression, the end of the days of the transgressors when their cup of iniquity is full, at the very End of Time! He said that's when it's going to happen.

       71. SO THERE IT IS! I DIDN'T SAY IT, GOD SAID IT!--And He said it through the mouth of the Lord, ordering Gabriel to tell Daniel to tell you & me. God told Jesus to tell Gabriel to tell Daniel to tell you me. They accuse us of being spiritists, they accuse us of having familiar spirits & dealing with demons & devils, because we shouldn't have to have anybody to talk to us, anybody between us & God except Jesus.

       72. WELL, THERE'S ONLY ONE MEDIATOR BETWEEN GOD & MAN, ONE MEDIATOR, now that's an advocate, like a lawyer or a defense lawyer, a defense attorney, someone who can mediate between God & us, & who can settle the problem between us which was sin, & that was only Jesus. But there are oodles of communicators, not mediators, but communicators, beginning with the angels, & I agree with the Catholics, Mary too, but not only Mary but many of the saints of God, because it's right here in the Bible! Right here in the Bible, see, Holy Bible, that's the one we read and believe.

       73. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT BIBLE WE READ, WHAT BIBLE WE STUDY, WHAT BIBLE WE BELIEVE IN?--There it's right there on the cover, The Holy Bible, that's the one! Praise God! Hallelujah! At the same time we prefer the King James Version, we feel it's the most accurate, the most inspired & the most beautiful & the most widely known, so we use it, in the English language.

       74. WE ARE THE ONES UPON WHOM ARE COME THE ENDS OF THE WORLD, & it's through this Word of God that we have found the truth of God, & it has been revealed to us--as you see here in this one story--it came from God through Jesus through Gabriel through Daniel, therefore through the Bible, & now through me to you! My oh my, how many is that it took to get the message to you? God, Jesus, Gabriel, Daniel, the Bible & me, & you're the seventh one so you'd better get busy and preach it!

       75. YOU'RE GOD'S NUMBER SEVEN, HIS HOLY LUCKY NUMBER! Don't say lucky though, because that comes from the word Lucifer, & that means you're blessed of Devil if you're lucky. We don't believe in luck. Well, yes, I guess I do believe in luck, I believe some people are blessed of the Devil & are lucky. But we are blessed or the Lord, & we don't believe in luck, we believe in the blessings of God, PTL? You have the blessing of God of having a Bible or you can have a Bible almost anywhere in the Western World at least, they're easily obtainable, don't cost too much money, & you can read it for yourself.

       76. BUT GOD HAS REVEALED THESE THINGS THROUGH ALL THESE INTERMEDIARIES. Only one mediator, but many intermediaries, communicators sources, which God uses. He's spoken to me through my own Mother, He's spoken to me through my grandfather, He's spoken to me through departed saints, He's spoken to me in many ways, & in the Bible right here He describes how He spoke through not only angels, but also former prophets who had died & gone to be with the Lord!--Like Samuel & like that man who was talking to John in the Book of Revelation.

       77. WHEN JOHN WENT TO FALL DOWN & WORSHIP HIM, HE SAID "DON'T WORSHIP ME, I'm just of thy fellows, the prophets. I'm just a saint of God like you, I'm just another prophet, only I'm in the Spirit World now, I died & went to be in the Spirit World with the Lord. I'm just an ordinary guy like you, John, so don't fall down & worship me. I'm just another prophet & I'm still continuing my job here on the other side of death, & I'm helping to describe these things to you & explain'm to you," just like Gabriel did for Daniel. (Rev.19:10)

       78. SO THE LORD HAS GIVEN US MANY OTHER REVELATIONS, not only the Bible, but many modern revelations today, because we are the ones living in this time who need to know, so He's giving us much more details. Nothing contrary to the Bible, no, never. Nothing that isn't according to the Bible, but He's just sort of filling in the gaps here & there, giving us greater details of exactly what is happening now so you can know!

       79. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS? You want to know what the future brings? Read the Bible! You want to know more of the details of what's going to happen? Read our Letter!--And God will give you a lot of wisdom & a lot of knowledge & understanding, that you might instruct others, instruct many. You don't know what the future holds? Well,

       80. (SINGS:) "I KNOW NOT WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS, BUT I KNOW WHO HOLDS THE FUTURE, & it's all in God's Hands." We used to sing an old song something like that, Mama probably remembers it better than I do, but that's a good thought, huh? The church sings that:
       "I know not what the future holds,
       But I know Who holds the future,
       For it's all in God's hands."

       81. I USED TO SING THAT SONG TOO, BUT I DON'T SING IT ANY MORE, because I now know what the future holds. The church people sing that song, "I know not what the future holds"--for God's sake, why don't they read the Bible? It tells'm right here! Now you & I can sing,
       "I know what the future holds,
       And I know who holds the future,
       And it's all in God's hands."

Hallelujah? TYJ! PTL! Amen!

       82. MAYBE SOME OF YOU ARE WONDERING WHAT THAT PECULIAR DESIGN IS ON THE FRONT OF MY BIBLE, you've seen it often that I use, it says Souvenir Edition & looks like atoms whirling around the World, it's the old New York World's Fair Edition that somebody gave me during the World's Fair in 1964-65, & that's the Unisphere, the symbol of the World's Fair. It's not some kind of witchcraft symbol.

       83. LISTEN FOLKS, DON'T GO TO THE EXTREME! Somebody wrote in the other day & said they saw a five-pointed star on our Christmas tree & on one of our folks here, some jewelry, & on something somebody was wearing, & all these people--"Why, the whole Family is getting into witchcraft! All these five-pointed stars!" Because John Todd said that the five-pointed star was one of the symbols of witchcraft! You didn't read it very carefully, did you? You didn't notice the symbols that we put into the Letter, did you, & their position.

       84. THE ONLY TIME THE FIVE-POINTED STAR INDICATES A SYMBOL OF WITCHCRAFT IS NOT WHEN IT'S ONE POINT UPWARD, with two points outward like a cross, but when it's two points upward, like two horns, & two more out like two ears, and another nose down this way looking like the Devil! That's when the five-pointed star is used as a symbol of witchcraft. With two horns upward, & two more out this way. Not when it's one point upward.

       85. SO DON'T GO AROUND MAKING EVERYBODY YOU FIND THROW THEIR PRETTY LITTLE STAR NECKLACES AWAY, & their star rings & the stars of their jewelry & all these things just because John Todd says something about five-pointed stars that you didn't read very carefully & didn't notice he said that's when it's used with the two points upward, & then the other two sticking out like two ears, two horns, two ears, & then that nose like a goat, then it's the symbol of the Devil & witchcraft.

       86. BUT DON'T LET THE DEVIL ROB YOU OF ALL THE NICE THINGS & nice jewelry & beautiful things that the Lord has made & man has made, just because he sometimes uses those things in the wrong position. You can get a little bit fanatical about some of these things, Beloved. I got so fanatical about Christmas once I threw out the Christmas tree & I refused to let my family have the Christmas tree for several years because it was a symbol of Druidism & had been used by the animistic Druids who worshipped the spirits in the trees. I got so terribly fanatical about it, I wouldn't celebrate even Christmas for awhile!

       87. WELL, I FINALLY GOT A LITTLE BIT MORE TEMPERATE & MODERATE & the Lord had to show me I should be thankful that the World celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ at all, that they are compelled at least once a year to celebrate Christ & His birth, even if they use Christmas trees & Christmas decorations & give gifts to each other instead of to the Lord. At least they are celebrating the birth of Christ, even if some of them don't seem know it & don't act like it. But at least Christ is glorified, nevertheless Christ is glorified. TYJ!

       88. SO THE LORD USES ALL KINDS OF WAYS & MEANS OF GIVING US INFORMATION, & He has given us a lot more information even than is in this book. The Bible runs about 1200 pages altogether, as I recall, which is about the size of the average Bible. Nice little souvenir, I liked it because it had nice big clear print. Of course you can't get one now because that World's Fair was over 16 years ago.

       89. BUT ANYWAY, IT WAS NICE & THIN, NOT BIG & HEAVY, & WE WERE TRAVELLING, & IT WAS EASY TO READ, so I was very glad to have it. Mine had fallen apart, I had it bound three times, & it fell apart the fourth time. So I started reading this one. Now I have it all marked up to where I can hardly read it myself, much less anybody else. But all those marks mean something to me, & it's very important.

       90. SO GOD HAS SPOKEN TO US THROUGH HIS WORD & THROUGH HIS PROPHETS & THROUGH HIS ANGELS & THROUGH JESUS HIMSELF & GOD HIMSELF, & He can use any of the saints He wants to, to speak to us too, & He has. And we've written all these things down for you in about seven books this size, believe it or not! Seven of them, think of that! The seventh volume is just now coming out & will be sent to all of our tithing Families everywhere around the World in about 80 countries, speaking 40 languages & winning about four million souls to date, distributing about 40 million pieces of literature from about 2000 mission stations, 8000 missionaries! Hallelujah!

       91. ISN'T THAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY TO HAVE? God is speaking to us in these Last Days, & He needs us to preach the Gospel, & He needs you! Amen? Praise the Lord? Hallelujah! So you be sure you go into all the World & be ready when He comes.

       92. (SINGS:)
       When Jesus comes, His face we'll see eternally, be ready!
       Has your soul been filled with the fire of His Holy Ghost?
       Are you saved & ready to meet the Lord of Hosts?"

       --He's our Commander-in-Chief! Hallelujah!

       "When Jesus comes, the Earth will shake & hearts will quake"--but yours won't--
       "If you'll be ready."

       93. THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO DO TO BE READY IS TAKE JESUS INTO YOUR HEART & love Him & love others with the love of God. Believe His Word, "Believe on His Son Jesus Christ, & thou shalt be saved. Confess Him with thy mouth unto salvation, & love thy neighbour as thyself. In this is all the law & all the prophets. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God & love thy neighbour as thyself." That's the only law left. There's no other law any more, except the Law of Love, & that's it! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       94. YOU'LL FIND IN SOME MORE OF THESE LESSONS WE'RE CONTINUING THE STUDY OF DANIEL on into Ezekiel & some of the Gospels & Epistles, & we're finally going to wind up in the Book of Revelation, & you're going to hear some things you've probably never heard before! Hallelujah! It's only the beginning, folks! So step right up & listen to the Word of God! Hallelujah! TYJ! ILY! Be ready!--And you're ready if you have Jesus.

       95. (SINGS:)
       Come in today, come in to stay,
       Come into my heart, Lord Jesus."

If that's the way you felt when I sang that little song, if you were wishing Jesus would come into your heart, He came! Because He says, "Behold, I stand at the door & knock," your heart's door. And He said, "If any man will open the door & let Me in, I will come in."

       96. HE WAS KNOCKING AT YOUR HEART'S DOOR AS I WAS SPEAKING, you wanted Jesus, you wanted what I was talking about, & even as I sang, you wished Jesus would come into your heart, & just because you wished Him in, you wanted Him in, you opened the door & you invited Him in & He came in & you now have Jesus! He promised to come if you opened the door. & you opened the door just by wanting Him in. Praise God! So hallelujah! TYJ!

       97. BLESS EVERY ONE OF THEM, KEEP THEM, & WE KNOW YOU'LL KEEP THEM ALWAYS READY, because they'll always be saved, no matter what happens or what they do, Lord. But help them not only to be ready, Lord, but to be unashamed when You come, because they'll be busy for You, working for You, witnessing, litnessing, loving, telling others about You, warning the World, instructing them in these very marvellous Bible prophecies about these days in which we are now living.

       98. THEY'LL BE WISE, THEY'LL BE OF UNDERSTANDING, they'll instruct many, people who'll need to know about what's happening, so they'll get ready too, & they'll take You into their hearts, Jesus. Bless & keep them & make them all a blessing to many, to help them get ready too, in Jesus' name. Amen. PTL! GBY! X! Good-bye! ILY! See you next time! Hallelujah! Same time, same station. PTL! Amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family