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DANIEL 9 FLANNELGRAPH WITH GRANDPA!--Exact Prophecy!       DFO 1491       France, 4/1/81

       1. WE NEVER DID GET TO FINISH DANIEL 9, DID WE?--It seems like I remember puttin' those things up there. (Family: We started it.) Yes, & I told all about how long the Jews were in slavery & captivity & all kinds of things, & we just didn't quite finish it. Well, to refresh your memory we'll put it back up again so you'll remember.

       2. DAVID, YOU'RE A NICE TALL BOY, SO WHY DON'T WE LET YOU PUT THIS UP where you think it ought to be. And we should have Daniel up there, 'cause he's the one that's telling the story & giving the prophecy that God gave him. And who's this? (David: Gabriel.) Oh, an angel told him these things?--'Cause Daniel prayed! Later he prayed & the angel came & said, "Because you prayed, I'm gonna tell you about the future of your people. But I've had a little problem gettin' here because I was havin' a fight on the way. This guy, the Prince of Persia, attacked me, the devil king of Persia, & I had to give him a battle! He delayed me about three weeks!"--That was quite a fight, huh? But he said, "Thank God I won & here I am & here's the prophecy!" (Dan.10:13-14.)

       3. NOW HE GIVES ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING TIME PROPHECIES IN THE WHOLE BIBLE in which the very year of that event was to be prophesied, the actual year of Christ's crucifixion, when He became Messiah. He actually didn't become Messiah until He was crucified. Technically He was not Saviour of the World until He died. But He actually died in what year? (Family: 30 A.D.?) Yes, that's right, 30 A.D. Because according to our calendar He was actually born what year? (Family: Four B.C.) Four B.C. And if it was December 25th, it was at the end of Four B.C., So only three before year zero. And we know He lived to be how many years old? (Family: 33.) 33.

       4. SO THEREFORE, IF IT WAS THREE YEARS BEFORE ZERO, then you'd have to take three years off of the 33, 'cause He was three years old by the time He got to the year zero, or to the zero or beginning of the first year of our present A.D. calendar. Do you know what A.D. means? (David: After Christ.) Well, that's what it means literally, but it's actually a Latin word, Ano Domini, the year of our Lord. So ever since zero they've all been the years of our Lord, ever since Jesus. B.C. means what? (Family: Before Christ.) Before Christ. A.D. means literally After Christ, that's right, the year of our Lord.

       5. SO SINCE HE WAS THREE YEARS OLD ALREADY, YEAR ONE, how many years do we have to add to three to come up to 33 years old? (Family:30.) 30 years. So therefore, if He was crucified when He was 33, He would have died in what year? (Family: 30 A.D.) 30 A.D. Now that's important to remember those dates & years because as you'll see, it works out, exactly as the Lord prophesied through Daniel, to the very year of His death!

       6. BUT FIRST OF ALL HE SAID THAT THERE WERE GOING TO BE 70 SEVENS OF YEARS. (Dan.9:24.) The Bible translates it "weeks" because they use the same word for "seven" as for "week." But in this case it should have been translated "sevens," 70 sevens. Not 70 weeks but 70 sevens. So first we'll put up 70 weeks, which is what the Bible says. Now why don't you put this right underneath it?--70 weeks means 70 sevens.

       7. IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR COMPUTER HERE YOU'LL HAVE TO FIGURE 70 SEVENS IN YOUR HEAD. You take seven times Zero is zero, & seven times seven is 49. Is David up into his seven tables yet, Honey? (Sara: No, but he has a card there.) Oh, good! Put it up, Honey, right underneath here. So if it's seven 70's, in other words 70 sevens of years, then we multiply seven times zero is zero, & seven times seven is 49, & that makes a total of how many years, David? (David: 490.) 490 years! How could you read such a big number? My oh my, that's pretty smart for a little boy! Well, we should've had this word "shabuwa" a little sooner. The word "shabuwa" for week really means seven, so we should've had that right in here after the 70 weeks.

       8. SO WHAT DOES HE SAY HERE, DAVID? Can you turn around a little bit & read that 24th verse? That's a big verse with big words! Let's see if Daddy can help you if you need it. (David: "Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people & upon they holy city, to finish the transgression, & to make an end of sins, & to make reconciliation for iniquity, & to bring in everlasting righteousness, & to seal up the vision & prophecy, & to anoint the most Holy.") Wow! 70 weeks! 70 sevens of years, 490 years, he said.

       9. AND WHAT ALL IS GOING TO HAPPEN?--"IT'S DETERMINED UPON THY PEOPLE & THY HOLY CITY." In other words, He's talking about what people? (Family: The Jews.) The Jews. And what holy city? (Family: Jerusalem.) Jerusalem. He said they're going to have 70 sevens or 490 years of history to finish the transgression, make an end of sins & to make reconciliation for iniquity. Who did that? (Family: Jesus.) When did He do it? (David: When He died on the cross.) When He died on the cross.

       10. "AND TO BRING IN EVERLASTING RIGHTEOUSNESS." Now you can say that started with Jesus' death on the cross, but it goes quite a bit beyond that. We don't really enjoy worldwide complete righteousness today, do we? (Family: No.) Only Christians, only those who love Jesus have inherited His righteousness, & there's still plenty of iniquity in the World today.

       11. BUT WHEN IS EVERLASTING RIGHTEOUSNESS REALLY GOING TO COME INTO THE WORLD IN FULL, COMPLETELY, as far as Christ's Kingdom is concerned? When's that going to happen? (Family: When Jesus comes back!) When Jesus comes back to bring in everlasting righteousness, when Jesus comes. So He's telling the prophet that it's going to be 490 years until Jesus comes, because as we'll soon find out, it was only 483 years until Jesus was crucified, from the starting point, and he tells the starting point of the years in just a minute.

       12. THE LORD LOVES A MYSTERY! There used to be an old TV show, "I Love a Mystery," & almost everybody likes mysteries, puzzles & conundrums, riddles. Do you like puzzles? (Children: Yes!) Mysteries? A puzzle is a mystery, isn't it? So the Lord is making a mystery for Daniel to sort of figure out, He's giving him the clues about what the mystery is about & when it's going to start & when it's going to end & it's a big mystery. The exact number of years. The exact time from a certain time--he hasn't told us what time it begins yet--but it's going to be 490 more years till Jesus comes, bringing in everlasting righteousness.

       13. ALL THESE THINGS WERE GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE MEANTIME: Jesus was going to die, make an atonement for sins, reconciliation of man, & then finally bring in everlasting righteousness throughout the whole World, & that happens when He comes. A total of 490 years. All right, let's see what happens. Now he breaks up these 70 sevens of years, the 490 years, into different periods. David, can you read the 25th verse nice & clear & loud again now? Don't try to go so fast, it's better to be correct & right & accurate than it is to be fast.

       14. WHEN YOU LEARN TO TYPE THEY TEACH YOU THAT ACCURACY, correctness, spelling right & everything, to do right without mistakes, is better than going too fast. So it's better to read it slowly & say each word loud & clear so they can hear your voice. They've gotta hear your voice clear over in this microphone way over here! The 25th verse of Daniel 9 starts telling us about the different time periods that this is broken up into. Now what are they? What's the first word? (David: "Know therefore...") Wait, wait! You've gotta say it loud now so those folks clear out there in Videoland can hear you! Say it again! (David: "Know therefore.") Now wait a minute, say it again real loud! (David: "Know!") That's better! If you're going to be a preacher or prophet you have to learn how to say things loud!

       15. DADDY'S GOT A BIG LOUD FOGHORN VOICE & I used to be able to be heard for miles! I know I was heard for miles because the cows could hear me, the goats could hear me & the pigs could hear me! Out in Oklahoma & Texas they have hogcalling contests to see who can be heard the furthest! Well, you're not calling any hogs right now, but you're calling the sheep! So you gotta speak up loud! A shepherd's gotta have a loud voice to call the sheep. So say that first word again real loud: (David: "Know!") And what's the next one?) (David: "Therefore & understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore & to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks...")

       16. LET'S NOT EVEN SAY THE WORD "WEEKS," BUT SAY SEVEN "SEVENS." Each time it comes to the word weeks say sevens, 'cause the real word they should have put in there should have been sevens. But you see those poor dumb King James translators, they didn't even know what this was all about. When it came to the word "shabuwa," it always in the Hebrew was the same word used for "week," so they figured, well, seven weeks. But that's kind of silly because they should have read the whole thing & seen that it wasn't going to happen in seven weeks or 70 weeks or hardly any little number of weeks, but it was years!

       17. OK, HE SAYS "FROM THE COMMANDMENT TO RESTORE & TO BUILD JERUSALEM UNTO THE MESSIAH THE PRINCE," WHO'S THAT? (David: Jesus!) "Shall be seven" what? (David: Seven sevens!) Good boy, you remembered that time! I thought I was going to catch you! "Shall be seven sevens." All right, first he gives just seven sevens & then he says what? (David: "And threescore.") Do you know what a score is? They use that a lot in some countries in Europe, especially in counting they use it all the time. You can't say any number hardly without using that, I think it's France, isn't it? Almost every number you say has to have "score" in it somewhere.

       18. SO HOW MANY IS A SCORE? (Sara: 20!) 20 years! so threescore would be three times what? (Sara: 20.) 20 years. And that makes how many years, Class? (Class: 60!) 60 years & what? Let's keep our eyes on the Bible here. (David: "And two weeks.") Two what? (David: Sevens!) Sevens! Read that sevens so it'll help to impress you. A week of years is seven years, but just the same we want to impress on you what it means exactly! Seven sevens. so here's 60 & two is how much? (David: 62.) 62, that's right!

       19. OK, SO FROM THE COMMANDMENT TO RESTORE & TO BUILD JERUSALEM UNTO THE MESSIAH THE PRINCE, or Jesus, shall be first of all seven sevens. How many is that? Anybody got paper & pencil who can add this up? 49. And threescore & two is how much? (David: 62.) 62 sevens. Now why did he divide it up like that? Because what is the seven sevens or the 49 years talking about here? "The street shall be built again & the wall even in troublous times."

       20. DO YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW LONG IT TOOK THEM TO REBUILD JERUSALEM & THE WALL? Ah, there it is! Seven sevens is, what? (David: 49.) 49. We're gonna put that right up here then. All together it's divided into seven sevens, & do we have the three-score & two sevens? Okay, here's the whole thing. Here's seven sevens is 49 years, from here to here, & that's how long it took them to rebuild the city & the wall.

       21. THEN HE SAID AFTER THAT IT WILL BE 62 SEVENS & HOW MUCH IS THAT? (Sue: 434.) Is that right? It doesn't have it on here anywhere, so I'll take your word for it. 434 & 49 is 483 so that's correct, a total of 483 years is the 69 sevens. Now why did he stop there? Well, we'll get into that in a minute. Let's read the rest of it first, shall we?

       22. FIRST OF ALL THERE WOULD BE SEVEN SEVENS, 49 YEARS, & THAT WAS THE TIME IT TOOK TO REBUILD THE CITY & THE WALL. Then there would be 62 more. And he says here after the 62 more what's going to happen? Read this one loud like a prophet! (David: "And after threescore & two weeks.") Two what? What did we say the week means? (David: Sevens!) Week means seven. So "after threescore & two" (David: "Sevens.") Sevens! Don't forget what it means. I'm just getting you to do that so you won't forget what the week means. (David: "Shall Messiah be cut off, but not for Himself.")

       23. NOW WHO'S THE MESSIAH? (DAVID: JESUS.) And He's going to be cut off "but not for Himself." How was He cut off? (David: He died on the cross.) Right! But who was it for? Not for Himself... (David: But for us!) Right. Now that's a very important point right there to the crucifixion. For he says very definitely from the commandment to restore & to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be first of all seven sevens, that was to build the city & the wall, & then 62 more sevens. That would lead us up to exactly how many years?--483 years!

       24. FIRST OF ALL WE HAVE TO FIND OUT WHEN WAS THE COMMANDMENT ISSUED & BY WHOM, that the Jews should go home & rebuild the city & the wall. Not the Temple, that was given earlier, but the city & the wall. The commandment to rebuild the Temple was under Ezra, wasn't it? But the commandment to go home & build the city & the wall was under Nehemiah. And who was the king who sent Nehemiah home to rebuild the city? (David: Artaxerxes.) It was Artaxerxes, right! Let's put his name right under his head here, shall we? We only have his head, I don't know whether he got beheaded or what, but at least not at the moment. He was very strong & still powerful & ruling & reigning over the World--Artaxerxes!

       25. AND WHAT FAMOUS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN MARRIED ARTAXERXES' FATHER? (FAMILY: ESTHER.) Queen Esther saved her people, & if she hadn't of stood up for'm, all those in all of his kingdom would have gotten killed! Medo-Persia ruled the World of that day including Jerusalem, etc., so that would have meant that all the Jews in Jerusalem would have been killed too. Think of that! All the cities in all Medo--Persia!

       26. SO ESTHER SAVED THEM & THEY DIDN'T ALL GET KILLED, instead Artaxerxes sent dear Nehemiah back where? (Family: Jerusalem.) Jerusalem. Our class's mind is wandering here. We're getting these answers pretty slow! (To David:) Son, I think you could out shine'em! To rebuild what city, David? (David: Jerusalem.) Jerusalem, right. And the wall thereof, right? (David: Yes.) And it took him exactly 49 years to do it altogether.

       27. THEN AFTER THAT IT WAS TO BE 62 SEVENS, 434 years, or a total of 483 years until Jesus was to be crucified. A total of 483 years from the time this king issued a proclamation to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. Now do we have the date when he made that proclamation? Oh my, it's so small we can hardly see it! We'll have to have a bigger one next time! Let's be sure we get a big one that people can see! You read it to us. It's so small Daddy can hardly read it. (David: 453 B.C.) Very good!

       28. SOMEBODY GOT 453, BUT I THINK I USUALLY SAID 454. Who got this 453 on here I wonder? (Sara: It's in the Volume.) Oh really, oh my! There we go with dear old Sam, maybe we've discovered another one of Sam's mistakes. Well, you see where he made his mistakes was, he doesn't realise that from 454 to 30 A.D. you don't count the 454. You take from 454, & how many years are we going to add till Jesus' death? (Family: 434.) We go from 454 to zero, & then we go from zero to 30, right? OK, now what have we got? We've got 483 years, right?--If you go from 454 to zero, & you add the 30. You don't count the year 454 because you go from there, savvy? All the way through 30, so to speak.

       29. IT SHOULD HAVE SAID 454 B.C. That means 453 years from there to zero--plus 30 is what? (Family: 483.) 483 years altogether. Remember, we're not dealing with just full years, these things happened somewhere during the year, & Christ was crucified somewhere during His 33rd year, etc. Anyhow it's close enough that you take 453 years & you add 30 & you get 483 years, & that's 69 sevens of years. (David: Equals 483 years.)

       30. EXACTLY WHAT THE PROPHET DANIEL SAID, IT WOULD TAKE from the commandment to go back & rebuild the city of Jerusalem, all the way to the crucifixion of Jesus in His 33rd year in A.D. 30. From 454 to A.D. 30 is 483 years & that's an exact time prophecy giving the exact length of time from the issuing of the edict to go & rebuild the city & then to the time of Christ, until He was crucified. And he even threw in a little extra there telling them it would take them 49 years to rebuild the city, seven sevens, plus the other all the way to the time of Christ.

       31. YOU THINK THAT WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW EXACT TIMES & DATES & SEASONS, HUH? Some people are always saying, "Well, you can't know when Jesus comes, you can't have any idea when the Antichrist is gonna come or his kingdom. You can't know those things 'cause Jesus said Himself, "It's not for you to know the times or the seasons & of that hour knoweth no man but My Father." (Acts 1:7; Mt.24:36.) Well, if He didn't want us to know something about the times & seasons, why did He give us so many signs of the times? And why did He tell Daniel exactly when Jesus was going to be crucified?

       32. SO YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE THOSE THINGS & UNDERSTAND THEM RIGHTLY. We may not know the day nor the hour when Jesus is coming, but we might even know the week or the month, because we'll be able to figure almost exactly we'll be able to figure almost exactly the time. If we know exactly when the Antichrist takes over, as we'll get in another lesson, then we will know exactly when Jesus is coming. Because the Antichrist is going to rule how long? (James: He'll reign 3 1/2 years?) No, wrong!

       33. THAT'S A MISTAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE MAKE!--And it's in Sam's book & his writings too. The Antichrist is not going to reign just 3 1/2 years. We'll get it right here & see it right in this same passage. How many weeks of the prophecy have we figured out? How many sevens, David? (David: 69.) 69 sevens, 483 years till the death of Jesus, His crucifixion.

       34. NOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE 70TH WEEK OF DANIEL, OR THE 70TH SEVEN YEARS? Well, we've got another seven years to go, right? What happened to that? Wait a minute, don't close the book yet! I know the Lord told Daniel to close up the book & seal up the prophecy until the end, but right now this is the End! So now we're supposed to open the book, break the seals & read it & understand it, savvy? Don't close the book! That was closed in Daniel's day, & that's how long ago? (Sara: 2,500 years?) Well, in around numbers 2,500 years ago or so that Daniel lived! That was a long time ago, huh?

       35. IT'S BEEN ALMOST 2,500 YEARS THAT THE BOOK OF DANIEL HAS BEEN VIRTUALLY A SEALED BOOK, Book of Revelation virtually a sealed book, until just actually within about the past 150 years. Since about the middle of the last century, 1850, around there, in the middle of the 19th century, that men began to open the Book, break the seals & understand the prophecies & understand what Daniel was saying & what John was saying in Revelation & what Ezekiel was saying in his book, what Jeremiah was saying & what Isaiah was saying. They didn't even understand Bible prophecy all those years!

       36. ALL THOSE YEARS THE CATHOLICS HAD THE BIBLE, THEY SPENT ALL THAT TIME IN MEDITATION. We've been seeing some Catholic films lately about how they live in what they call a meditative monastery or contemplative convent where they don't do anything but just read--not even just read the Bible, they read all this other stuff--& pray supposedly, sing songs & chants & have prayers, & then they work, of course, to take care of themselves. They work on the farm or in the yard or in the dairy or in the kitchen & cleaning up & all those things.

       37. BUT THEY STAY INSIDE OF BARS & LOCKED DOORS & locked gates & all that sort of thing, stay inside, never go outside & witness, never go outside & litness, never go outside & tell other people about Jesus. Isn't that horrible? (Family: Yes!) And they live there for hundreds of years! They've had some of these convents & monasteries that have been going for hundreds of years. Women have gone in & lived there & died there.

       38. ONE OF THE GUYS IN THIS OLD BENEDICTINE MONASTERY WAS 86 & he'd been inside the walls of the monastery for 70 years! Never been out to witness or litness or tell folks the Love of Jesus, just selfishly living to themselves!--Persuaded by these false doctrines & false prophets that they were living for God, when they were completely ignoring the second commandment which is like unto it, "love they neighbour as thyself." (Mt.22:39.) Well, maybe they figured the other guys in the monastery were their only neighbours & that's the only ones they had to love. But they certainly weren't evangelising the World!

       39. IF THE DEVIL COULDN'T DEFEAT THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE CHURCH TO EVANGELISE THE WORLD that way by just making them bog down building buildings instead of getting out & evangelising & witnessing, then even the ones who wanted to dedicate their full lives to fulltime service for the Lord, he got'm just to build even bigger buildings & to live inside of rock walls, iron bars, iron gates, shut themselves in from the rest of the World completely & never do the rest of the World any good whatsoever! What a devilish fiendish trick of Satan! Isn't that horrible? Oh my, well, how'd I get on to that anyway? (Sue: The Endtime & the Catholics having the Bible for so many years.)

       40. THEY HAD THE BIBLE FOR SO MANY YEARS & STILL DIDN'T UNDERSTAND BIBLE PROPHECY. And there's hardly anybody you can find, anybody you can read after, even the ancient fathers or any who have the full grasp on what the Book of Daniel or the Book of Revelation mean. But I have, & you have!--Because we live in the Time of the End! He told them to shut up the book. Those guys back yonder didn't need it, because they were hundreds of years from the End. (Dan.12:9.)

       41. THE PEOPLE WHO HAD TO START THINKING ABOUT & PREPARING FOR THE END & gettin' busy & hurrying up & get the job done have just been the people within the last couple hundred years when they were right almost up to the very End! The Lord didn't really open up the Book until He wanted to scare you into realising how close the End was & how you'd better get busy & work for Jesus & hurry up & get out the Gospel, because the End is coming pretty soon & pretty soon we won't have a chance to witness or litness or tell folks about Jesus anymore. So now He's opened up the Book, & because He was going to tell'm something else!

       42. NOW WHAT IS THE LORD THROUGH DANIEL GIVING THE PEOPLE?--A history of whom? He tells you right in the 24th verse: "Thy people," talking about the city. That literally as long as the Jews would be an actual nation with an actual king & still considered a nation by God, was to be literally until when? (Family: Until Jesus died.) Until Jesus' death.

       43. BUT THEN WE'VE GOT A WEEK HANGING OVER. We've got a seven years hanging over, what happened? What's that? Let's read it right from here, David. We're in the 26th verse continuing, after Jesus' death, "the Messiah cut off but not for Himself." That was obviously the crucifixion of Jesus. And, now what does it say? (David: "And the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city & the sanctuary, & the end thereof shall be with a flood, & unto the end of the war desolations are determined.") In Bible prophecy it's important you don't miss one single word because every word means something!

       44. HE SAYS "THE PEOPLE OF THE PRINCE THAT SHALL COME." Now you notice even in your Bible up in the 25th verse where it's talking about Messiah the Prince, what's the difference between that word & the word down here in the 26th verse? (James: It's capitalised.) It's capitalised because it stands for Whom? (Family: Jesus!) So that's not Prince Jesus it's talking about, because Jesus has already been crucified & not for Himself. But it says "the people of the prince that shall come"--this is talking about another prince that shall come, & who is this prince? (David: The Antichrist.) That's what I think too! Because watch, I want to show you something: "Shall come & shall destroy the city & the sanctuary, & the end thereof shall be with a flood, & unto the end of the war desolations are determined."

       45. NOW YOU CAN CONSIDER THAT THE ROMAN GENERAL TITUS IN A WAY WAS A FORERUNNER, A PROTOTYPE, but actually that final fulfilment is going to come in the 27th verse. How do we know it couldn't be finally fulfilled in Titus? Look at the 27th verse. I went over this in "The Prince of the Covenant" (No.799), over & over again! I spent about three or four chapters on it so you ought to know it by now! Who is this prince that shall come? (David: The Antichrist.) "He shall confirm the covenant with many for..." (David: "One week.") One seven, really, which means actually seven what? (David: Years.) Very good, seven years. "The prince that shall come," he's going to destroy the city, desolation, war, it's going to be terrible!

       46. DO YOU KNOW WHO THE PALESTINIANS ARE LOOKING TOWARD NOW FOR RESCUE? They've given up on the West. They've given up certainly on the United States because they know the United States will forever back nothing but Israel & the [EDITED: "Israelis"]. [DELETED] So who are the Palestinians & the Arabs looking to now for a big friend to rescue them & to save their city, Jerusalem, from the [EDITED: "Israelis"]? (James: The Russians.) The Russians or the Communists.

       47. WE'VE HAD OTHER STUDIES IN BIBLE PROPHECY WHERE WE'RE PRETTY SURE THE ANTICHRIST IS EITHER GOING TO BE A RUSSIAN OR A COMMUNIST, or at least work with the Russian Communist World, right? He might be an Egyptian, he might be a Jew, who knows? I wouldn't be surprised if most of all he was a Jew, maybe an Egyptian Jew! The famous prophetess Jeane Dixon saw him as a descendant of the Pharaohs. Well, he's a descendant of the Pharaohs in spirit, that's for sure, because he's anti-God, anti-Christ, anti the prophets of God, etc.

       48. ALL RIGHT, THIS PRINCE THAT SHALL COME IS GOING TO DO WHAT?--Destroy the city & the sanctuary & "the end thereof shall be with a flood & unto the end of the war desolations are determined." It's going to be a flood of war, fire! (David: I thought it was going to be a flood of fire.) Right, a flood of fiery war! What is atomic war like? (David: Bombs!) It's really a flood of fire, a horrible, horrible flood of fire!

       49. "HE SHALL CONFIRM THE COVENANT WITH MANY FOR ONE WEEK," OR SEVEN YEARS. What does he mean by that? What is he talking about? What Covenant? Well, you can have all kinds of guesswork & all you can think about, but you have to go back--in fact you have to go a little backward in the 8th Chapter & you've gotta go forward into the 11th Chapter--& he keeps talking about this Holy Covenant.

       50. WHAT IS A COVENANT? (Family: A pact, a promise.) A pact, a promise. (Family: Contract.) Contract. It's some kind of treaty, in other words, that apparently he makes with somebody. Who do you think he makes it with? (David: The Jews.) We find out later on that he makes this Covenant between himself & not only the Jews but the various religions that have to do with Jerusalem. It would have to be a Covenant with three religions, with the Christians, the Muslims & the Jews.

       51. IT HAS TO BE A COVENANT TO RESTORE WORSHIP, & particularly he's concerned about Jewish worship here, the rebuilding of the Temple & the restoration of sacrificial worship on the altar in front of the Temple. He is going to allow the Jews to rebuild the Temple, to restore the sacrificial worship & to seem to have religious freedom again, & he does this for 3 1/2 years. How do we know he does this for 3 1/2 years? Well, it tells you here & it's more specific in other chapters to follow, & even in the Book of Revelation.

       52. "HE SHALL CONFIRM THE COVENANT WITH MANY FOR ONE WEEK" or one... (David: Seven.) Which is seven years. (David: Here's the Christians, the Jews & the Arabs.) Here's the Communists shaking hands with the various religions of the World. Here we're talking about the Last Week now. Have we got anything here for the Last Week?

       53. AH, NOW WE'RE TALKING ABOUT THE 70TH WEEK & WHEN DOES IT BEGIN? With what? (Family: The Covenant!) The Covenant with the Jews & Christians & Muslims & all, that Jerusalem shall be a holy city & they can restore their sanctuaries & their worship. He's going to give everybody religious freedom & he brags about all he's going to do for them. He just does this to get their cooperation to help make him king, help make him the World dictator, the World Antichrist. So when he confirms the Covenant, that starts the Antichrist kingdom.

       54. NOW WHETHER THIS WILL BE PUBLIC WHEN HE DOES THIS OR NOT, WE DON'T KNOW. There have been lots of secret treaties made in the World's history. In fact, we didn't find out until after World War II when the winners began to divvy up the spoils & the countries, nobody learned until then what secret promises & treaties had been made with Russia. First by Roosevelt at Yalta with Stalin, then by Truman at Potsdam also with Stalin. They then divided up the World between the Allies & Russia should they win the war, which they expected to do.

       55. THAT'S WHEN THEY DIVIDED THE COUNTRY OF GERMANY IN TWO & JUST GAVE THE WEST HALF OF IT. They didn't give the Germans anything to say about it at all! Great believers in democracy, huh? The United States, England, France, the Western Allies, supposed to be great democrats & believers in democracy & yet they just handed half of Germany right over to the Russians without even asking the Germans! Isn't that pitiful?

       56. AND THEY HANDED POLAND OVER TO THEM. Poland didn't want to be under Russia, but that was the spoils of war, & this is the price that dear old Russia demanded that if she was going to come & help them fight & win the war against Hitler, "You've gotta give me half of Germany, Poland, Austria's got to be neutral & then I've gotta get Hungary & Rumania & Bulgaria & Czechoslovakia & all these countries! You've gotta give me those countries as spoils of war!--And Finland's to stay neutral"--Supposedly. Isn't that terrible?

       57. BUT THOSE WERE SECRET PROMISES THAT NOBODY KNEW ABOUT UNTIL AFTER THE WAR when they started settling up. Then Churchill had to come out & tell the World--Roosevelt was already dead--but Churchill had to come out & tell the World what he had promised to Stalin, along with Roosevelt, how much they would give Russia for helping them win the war. All those so-called East Block, Eastern European countries.

       58. WHAT MADE THE EASTERN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES COMMUNISTS? Half of Germany & all the Eastern Block, Eastern European countries? What made them Communists?--Not the Russians! Oh, of course the Russians, but they could have never done it without the dear old democratic U.S.A., now Republican, & England & France & all those others, particularly the U.S. It was primarily the U.S. President who took part, the others didn't really take part, except Churchill.

       59. THE U.S. & ENGLAND WERE THE MAIN CULPRITS, the main conspirators, the main criminals who promised Russia things that were not theirs to promise & didn't even belong to them, without consulting the people or anyone else, in secret treaties, secret promises signed at Yalta & Potsdam, that they would give half of Europe to Russia if Russia would walk in & help them save the other half! Those were the World's greatest give-aways, greatest betrayals! The West has nobody but themselves to blame that they betrayed Eastern Europe!

       60. THESE SECRET TREATIES SOMETIMES ARE MADE UNDERCOVER & you don't know what's happened until maybe sometimes a long time after it happens. Or you don't know what the promises were until it happens. So we may not even hear about it publicly when he makes the Covenant. It may be a secret treaty or agreement by the Antichrist, & if so it'll be the smartest piece of politicking & diplomacy ever engineered!

       61. ANYBODY THAT SETTLES THE BIG FIGHTS BETWEEN THE JEWS & THE ARABS & THE CHRISTIANS & THE MUSLIMS--when the religionists are the fightingist people in the World & have started more wars than anybody--anybody that can settle those fights & wars & make them come to an agreement is really a genius, a superman, & that's just who it'll be, the Antichrist! See, David? The Antichrist is gonna bump those religionists' heads together & say, "OK now buddy!" & he's gonna tell the Arab & the Jews too, because the Jews will never ever give the Arabs or the Palestinians their dues at all.

       62. BUT AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S GOT TO BE AN AGREEMENT BETWEEN SEVERAL DIFFERENT PEOPLE. It's got to be a promised supposedly sacred Covenant, It's called a holy Covenant because it has to do with religion. Do you understand? Otherwise it's pretty unholy! But it has to do with religion so they call it a holy Covenant, in which they all agree to quit fighting & quit fighting each other & he internationalises the city of Jerusalem.

       63. I CAN PROVE IT TO YOU FROM THE BIBLE THAT HE INTERNATIONALISES THE CITY OF JERUSALEM! How do we know? He makes that his capital! He sets his palace in it, & it becomes his city, the head of his World government. So how could it be any particular one country? In that day Jerusalem will belong to neither the Jews nor the Arabs nor the Palestinians nor the Muslims nor the Christians but to all of them!--& most of all to the Antichrist! That's the way he gets them all to co-operate with him.

       64. IN ORDER TO GET IN FIRM CONTROL & FIRM POWER, HE PROMISES TO INTERNATIONALISE THE CITY OF JERUSALEM that they will all have religious freedom there & religious rights of worship & be able to restore their various temples & sanctuaries & churches, etc., & all be able to worship & all have free access to Jerusalem.--Like Rome in the time of the Roman Empire, of which he's a fulfilment in a way, in which every Roman citizen throughout the entire Roman Empire regardless of his nationality or his country could travel freely from country to country & come to the city of Rome as his capital city.

       65. ROME BELONGED TO EVERY CITIZEN OF ROME THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, SO JERUSALEM IS GOING TO BELONG TO EVERY CITIZEN OF THE ANTICHRIST EMPIRE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. Jerusalem is going to belong to them all & they will consider it their city, internationalised, & it's especially going to please the Christians who love Jerusalem, & the Jews who love Jerusalem, & the Muslims who love Jerusalem, all of them! How smart! What a clever guy! He finally promises them everything & eventually gives them nothing!

       66. BECAUSE WHAT ARE WE GOING TO FIND IN 3 1/2 YEARS? Let's go back to it again, David. Here we are. He was looking up some more information for us. He's a real researcher! All right, he makes this Covenant with many. How many? So many, millions, all the leaders of the Jews & the Christians & the Muslims & the Arabs & all, he makes this Covenant & then what happens? "He shall cause" What? (David: "The sacrifice & the oblation to cease.") When? We forgot to read when it was. (David: "And in the midst of the week.") "In the midst of the week." In the midst of this what? (David: Seven.) Seven what? (David: Years.) Years! You got it!

       67. HE MAKES THE COVENANT FOR SEVEN YEARS. It's a seven-year Covenant. And you know how they often do these treaties, "Well, this treaty is going to be for so long & then we'll figure out the other problems later." So at least he gets them all to agree together & promise that for seven years they will peacefully abide by this Covenant & they won't fight over Jerusalem & Israel anymore & the Jews won't fight with the Arabs over Jerusalem & the Christians will stop fighting for the Jews, etc.

       68. [DELETED] They've done a pretty good job even on their own in Israel, but of course most of that's with U.S. help & the help of the Christians & the financing of the greatest supposedly--Christian nation on the face of the Earth, or they never could have done it! So he gets them to promise to keep the peace now & not fight, & "I'll make your city international, you can all have your places of worship," etc.

       69. BUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEVEN YEARS, WHAT DOES HE DO? He causes the sacrifice & the oblation to cease. Ah, here it is! In the middle of seven years is what? (Family: 3 1/2.) At the end of 3 1/2 years he breaks the Covenant, right at the middle of the seven years the Covenant is broken, & then what happens? What does the rest of it say? "Cause the sacrifice & the oblation to cease" & what? (David: "And for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation.") Even unto the consummation of the End! (David: "And that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.") When that happens, there's going to be nothing but trouble from then on! It's going to be an "overspreading of abominations." Now that's virtually the same term used as the "abomination of desolation." (Mt.24:15.)

       70. ALL RIGHT, THE ANTICHRIST THEN IS GOING TO BREAK THE COVENANT & after that there's gonna be 3 1/2 years of what? (David: Great Tribulation.) Great Tribulation, horror, the Beast, the big machine, the big robot, the Image of the Beast & the Mark of the Beast & all those terrible things!--Desolations & wars & overspreading of abominations! This term "overspreading of abomination" reminds you of what?--"The abomination which maketh desolate." (Dan.11:31; 12:11.) It makes things desolate. Don't let one word fall to the ground, Son!

       71. SO HERE WE HAVE THE TEMPLE OVER HERE, HE'S GOING TO SET UP THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, now where's the idol? Where is the idol of himself? (David: In the Temple.) Oh, this is it! Well, you know what, it's probably going to be an image to himself, so we can put him right up there in the Temple in the holy place. And it's going to be a time of the Mark of the Beast & computer marks & all that sort of thing.

       72. WE'LL HAVE COMPUTERS, & THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST IS PROBABLY GOING TO BE SOME KIND OF A ROBOT! (David: He might have one that puts 666 & he might have the other that puts the record of the names.) Yes, this is the records, the computers that keep track of the Mark of the Beast & all the names & numbers of the people. But nobody's made us a nice big Image of the Antichrist yet, so we'll use this for the Image of the Antichrist, shall we?

       73. HE PUTS AN IMAGE OF HIMSELF IN THE HOLY PLACE, IN THE TEMPLE, & from what we can see it's undoubtedly going to be a robot, & how do we know that? Because in Revelation it says it will have the power to speak! (Rev.13:15.) What image has the power to speak? The only images I've seen lately that have power to speak are robots. And do you know they're making a lot of them nowadays? They're making commercial advertising with them, they rent them out, & they'll talk to you & answer questions & they have the power to speak.--Great big images that have the power to speak! Horrible, huh?

       74. THIS LAST HALF OF THE SEVEN YEARS IS THE GREAT TRIBULATION, THE FIRST HALF IS WORLD PEACE. He makes the Covenant as a World Peace Treaty & everything is going fine, he's restoring the World, he's gonna make everybody happy & bring World peace until he's finally got everything firmly in his grip. Therefore at the end of 3 1/2 years he breaks the Covenant, & Jesus said that he would then place the abomination of desolation in the holy place. (Mt.24:15.) And we find out that that's an image of himself in Revelation 13th Chapter.

       75. IN MATTHEW 24, JESUS SAYS HE'LL PLACE IT IN THE HOLY PLACE & Jesus Himself predicts then that that will begin the Great Tribulation & that it will last until He comes. (Mt.24:15,21,29-31.) And during this time people are going to be branded with the Mark of the Beast. They're not going to be allowed to worship God or read the Bible or worship anybody but the Antichrist. And anybody who refuses to worship him or take his Mark in their forehead... You've got a little mark on you, David! It's one of your eyelashes! Look at that, hasn't he got the nicest eyelashes you ever saw? My oh my! I bet a lot of your girlfriends out there in Videoland would love to have that eyelash! Maybe you could put it in an envelope & send it to one of them. Mama Sara wants it.

       76. SO THE ANTICHRIST WON'T WANT ANYBODY TO WORSHIP ANYBODY BUT HIMSELF, HE WANTS TO BE GOD! He's going to be the Antichrist. This word literally does not mean just against Christ, but in place of Christ. He wants himself to be the Messiah & be worshipped like Jesus & be the World king like Jesus is going to be, so he forbids worship except of this Image of the Beast. The Beast is the Antichrist, & they make this Image of him that talks & commands that anybody that refuses the Mark of the Beast or to worship him should be what?

       77. WHAT DOES THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST COMMAND? It speaks & commands that everybody that doesn't worship him & receive the Mark of the Beast should be what? (David: Killed!) Killed, & that's in Revelation 13:15. It doesn't happen to all of them, but he commands it. So there you are, there's the whole outline of history from the time of Daniel through the time of Christ, right down to the very End!

       78. YOU SAY, "WELL, THAT WASN'T ALL EXACTLY IN CONSECUTIVE ORDER, how come these 70 weeks didn't run consecutively right on through? How come the 70 sevens, the 490 years, didn't just run straight on through? How come it wasn't that just exactly seven years after Jesus was crucified that the Antichrist came & this all happened? Why not? How come this little last seven years was left dangling out in space until the End?" Any idea why? Well, really only God knows why! You don't have to know why. That's all we know.

       79. NOW I CAN GIVE YOU SOME RATIONALITIES & REASONS & A LITTLE LOGIC that maybe you might understand to try to explain it. He was giving the history of what people? (Family: The Jews.) And when did the Jews really lose their kingdom? (James: When Jesus died.) When they killed their King! He didn't just die of natural causes. When they murdered their own King! Assassinated their own Messiah! They immediately lost the Kingdom & were no longer a kingdom or a nation or a people as far as God was concerned.

       80. BUT THERE'S GOING TO BE A SORT OF A FALSE RESTORATION OF THEIR KINGDOM & you might say their autonomy, independence, in this seven-year Covenant with the Antichrist. [DELETED]

       81. SO THE POWER OF THE JEWS IS TREMENDOUSLY RESTORED & THE NATION IS MADE OFFICIAL. It will be recognised Worldwide then. It's not recognised Worldwide today, did you know that? There are many countries who refuse of recognise the existence of Israel at all. Israel is fighting the entry of both Spain & Greece into the European Economic Community, simply for one reason & one reason only: They both refuse to recognise Israel! So Israel's giving them a hard time & influencing all of its agents & its publishers of propaganda to fight against the entry of Greece & Spain into the Common Market.

       82. AND WHEN THE ANTICHRIST PUTS HIMSELF UP AS GOD, WE FIND OUT IN 2THESS. 2:4, he becomes such an egomaniac that he sits in the Temple & tells the people that he is God! Well, that's a little too far! Let's put him back up here where he's in the Temple stopping the worship of even little children if he can.--But that doesn't mean you have to stop.

       83. JUST BECAUSE THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST TELLS YOU TO STOP WORSHIPPING THE LORD & to worship the Beast, to worship the Antichrist, to worship a devil man, to worship the Devil, do you have to stop? Even if he tells you that unless you get his Mark 666 in your forehead or in your hand & says you can't buy or sell anymore, you can't go to the grocery store & buy groceries, if you're a farmer you can't sell your produce, does that mean you have to stop?--No! He just says that anybody that does those things or refuses to worship should be killed. He threatens to kill them all!

       84. WELL, HE MAY THREATEN TO KILL EVERYBODY, & the Devil's been trying to kill all God's people for thousands of years, but he's never succeeded! He's managed to kill a few, sometimes quite a few, but he's never managed to kill them all! So he may get a few of us--if he can catch us! But you gotta catch me first! When I was a little boy & the big bullies threatened me & they were gonna beat me up & do so & so, I'd say, "You gotta catch me first!"--& I'd started runnin' as fast as I could for my house!

       85. SO YOU JUST SAY TO THE OL' DEVIL, "YOU GOTTA CATCH ME FIRST!"--AND RUN! Jesus said, "When they persecute you in one city, flee to another!" (Mt.10:23.) When they persecute you in one country, flee to another! When they persecute us in one continent, we'll have to flee to another, & that's what we're doing already! And finally when they persecute us all over the whole World, we've got to flee to another! (David: Heaven!) Right! Jesus comes & rescues us before they get us all! He comes & He rescues us & we flee to another World where the Antichrist can't touch us! Where he can't do a thing! (David: He doesn't bother us?) He can't even touch us anymore!

       86. SO THAT LAST 3 1/2 YEARS ARE GOING TO BE TERRIBLE FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE because the Antichrist, the Beast, & the Devil & the Image & all of his people are going to persecute the Christians, the Lord's children. Until finally after they keep on the run so long & keep running from the Antichrist & they can't get away, no more... What's that old song? (Sings:)
       "Oh, can't get away, can't get away,
       Can't get away no more!
       Can't get away no more.
       Oh, how in the World am I going to get out of this World,
       If I can't get away no more?"

       87. AND SO WHAT HAPPENS? THERE'S A BIG BRIGHT CLOUD IN THE SKY, SHINING STARS & JESUS COMES IN THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN! Have we got a Rapture scene? Here comes the Rapture, resurrection, people coming up out of the graves! And he says in 1 Thessalonians the Fourth Chapter: "For we shall not all sleep"--we're not all going to die, thank God--"for the Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel & the trump of God!"--Three big noises!

       88. YET SOME OF THE SCOFIELDITES TEACH THAT HE'S COMING SECRETLY & nobody will even know it happened till they're all gone! Isn't that ridiculous? That's a pretty noisy Coming for nobody to hear it! The Lord Himself comes with a shout!--Who do you think's going to shout? (David: Jesus!) And the voice of the archangel! Hallelujah! (David: Gabriel!) Right! "And the trumpet shall sound & the dead in Christ shall rise first, then we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with Him into the air & so shall we ever be with the Lord!" PTL!

       89. SOME PEOPLE TRY TO SAY, "WELL, THAT MEANS WE'RE ALWAYS GOING TO BE WAY UP IN HEAVEN SOMEPLACE." It says, "So shall we ever be with the Lord"--it doesn't say where! We're going to be caught up in the clouds of Heaven right then, sure, & He says, "So shall we ever be with the Lord"--but where? Well, we'll be up there for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb for a big ring-a-ding wingding barbecue such as we've never had before! (David: And by that time Michael is probably pouring bad boils on people!) Yes! The angels of God are going to be pouring out the Wrath of God on the World down below!

       90. HERE'S THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB GOING ON UP HERE, while we've got the Wrath of God down below somewhere. After we get raptured out of the... (David: System!) System yes, & after we've fled from every country that we can flee from & every continent we can flee from & every ocean we can flee from, we're going to flee plumb out of this World! Hallelujah! TYJ! Heaven here I come! Oh my, I got so excited I lost the microphone! Well, I won't need anymore microphones then either! TYJ! (David: It'll all be written in the Book!) Hallelujah! We'll all be written in the Book, it'll all be written & we won't have to do any recording anymore. God will have it all written down! Praise God!

       91. SO WHILE WE'RE IN HEAVEN HAVING THE CREAT MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB, the wicked people down here on Earth are suffering 75 days of Wrath of God! (David: 75! That's a lot of Days of Wrath!) Terrible! But that's exactly what it says in the Bible, & that's how it works out. Because then we're going to come with Jesus, guess what?--Riding on white horses right out of the sky! Isn't that wonderful? (Family: Yes!)

       92. WOW, HAVE WE GOT EVERYTHING OUT OF THIS NINTH CHAPTER WE CAN GET OUT OF IT? Did we get it all? Verse 27: "Even until the consummation"--what's the consummation? (Sara: The End.) It means the End. It also means till all these things are sort of consumed. "And that determined shall be poured upon the desolate." The actual word there should be "desolator" & you should change it in your Bible, mark it correct. It's a misnomer here, it should be desolator. Have you got a pen? I'll fix it in your Bible. You've gotta fix it in the Bible here because they made a slight mistake. The Bible does have a few mistakes, not many, & most of them don't much change things.

       93. THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO BE DESOLATE ANYHOW, & HE'S BEEN THE DESOLATOR, & the Wrath of God is going to be poured out. Show us the Wrath of God with a pencil, David. Here's the Wrath of God down here going on, while we're up here at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb after Jesus comes & takes us out of this old World. Here's the angels of the Wrath of God. The angel stands with one foot on the land & one foot on the sea & says, "Time shall be no more!" (Rev.10:6.) Hallelujah! Time's up, time's up! Wasn't that an exciting thing when you were taking exams in school & at the end of he one hour or two hours the teacher finally said, "Time's up! Time to go!"

       94. JESUS IS GOING TO COME, THE ANGEL IS GOING TO STAND ON THE LAND & SEA & SAY, "TIME'S UP, TIME TO GO!"--And away we go, we take off! Hallelujah? And we stay up there for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb while they're having the Wrath of God down here--we've got heaven in Heaven & they've got hell on Earth--until we come charging down afterward. We go out of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb up there in the palace of the King--no doubt in Space City out there somewhere--& we get on our white horses & we ride down here.

       95. JUST WHAT KIND OF WHITE SPACE HORSES OR WHATEVER THEY'RE GOING TO BE, I DON'T KNOW, but we're going to ride white horses! If you never rode a horse before, you'll know how to ride a horse then! We're gonna ride right out of the sky! We're going to be "Ghost Riders from the Sky"! I think that's maybe why that song always gives me such a thrill, I don't know why they had to consecrate it to the Devil & talk about the Devil's ghost riders, we're going to be the ghost riders then! Sing it!: "She'll be ridin' white ghost horses when she comes!"--The Church, us! "We'll be ridin' those white horses when we come!"--Sing it! We'll come chargin' down out the sky & beat up the Antichrist & the False Prophet & the Devil & win a big war against all his earmarked people!

       96. WE COME BACK WITH JESUS & WE TAKE OVER THE WORLD! We beat up on our enemies & we sock'm with rods of iron & make'm behave & be good! We take over the World & run the World instead of them running us & running us from country to country, we're gonna run them & we're going to run'm plumb out of the World if they don't behave! Savvy? We're going to have our day then, & for a whole thousand years we're gonna have a great time runnin' the World the way it ought to be run, victory over our enemies!

       97. WHAT KIND OF A CONQUEST WOULD IT BE IF WE DIDN'T HAVE VICTORY OVER OUR ENEMIES?--If we didn't get to turn the tables on'm! Jesus said [EDITED: "they"] are gonna be dust underneath our feet!" (Rev.3:9.) They're gonna be crawlin' on their hands & knees to worship us & obey us! Today they've got the power--they think they've got the power anyhow & think they've got the greatest power--but they don't know that Jesus has it, 'cause He's not going to let them get too far with it!

       98. BUT THEN WE'RE GOING TO REALLY CONQUER'M ALL & TAKE VENGEANCE ON THE ANTICHRIST & HIS KINGDOM & his trademarked people, these Mark of the Beast people, & all these [EDITED: "ACs"] & enemies we've had, & we're gonna get our revenge in that day! We're gonna get vengeance in that day against our enemies. It's going to be a righteous vengeance, a holy vengeance, even a loving vengeance, but they're going to get what they deserve & we're going to give it to'm!

       99. SO IF YOU GET A LITTLE BIT MAD ABOUT THE WAY THEY TREAT YOU NOWADAYS, JUST WAIT'LL THEY SHAKE THEIR HEAD! Like that old joke I told you, I won't repeat it now, you know the joke! (See joke in "Daniel 7 Flannelgraph," para.65.) Just wait till Jesus comes & then let'm try to shake their heads & say no! They're going to have to say yes to everything then, whatever we tell'm!--And that's for a thousand years of the Millennium! We don't have time to go into that tonight 'cause it's not in here, the Millennium & Gog & Magog & Eternity & the Heavenly City are not in this Chapter & we're just trying to take Daniel 9 tonight.

       100. SO WE CAME TO END, & THE END OF THE ANTICHRIST & HIS KINGDOM is when Jesus comes & desolates the desolator & wipes him out with armies & all kinds of things. We come from Heaven & blast away & they can't resist. Think of the power we're going to have! You talk about laser beams & rocket guns & things like that, phooey! That's nothin' compared to the power we're going to have when we come back!

       101. WE CAN JUST WIPE'M OUT! Call down fire from God out of Heaven, cast'm into Hell!--And just leave only the people who'll be here that the Lord has mercy on to allow them to live through all that terrible time even thought they weren't saved, & we're going to rule over them, all those people. We're even going to rule over angels someday! Even the Devil's angels we're going to rule over!

       102. SO THAT'S THE STORY OF DANIEL 9, PRAISE THE LORD! Here we have the Covenant confirmed on this side. There's the Covenant broken, & all those different things over there that we told you about, & we got all this out of Daniel 9! And not only Daniel 9, because you can't just go by one chapter, you've gotta confirm it by a lot of chapters.

       103. THE NEXT CHAPTER, CHAPTER TEN, IS ABOUT DANIEL & HIS PRAYERS & THINGS, & that's a beautiful chapter, part of which Mother got for me once, saying that that was for me. And then in Daniel 11 we're gonna hear some of the greater details of this Antichrist & his kingdom & what happens during it & how we know it happens this way.

       104. NOW ONE QUESTION BEFORE WE GO: You say we can't know exactly when Jesus is coming, blah, blah, blah! Well, I can promise you we're going to know exactly when Jesus is coming just as much as they should have known exactly when Jesus was going to come & be crucified 483 years before it happened! We're going to at least know the year. Because of what here? Here's a definite year, date, time prophecy with a specific length of time.

       105. HOW DO YOU KNOW WE'RE GOING TO KNOW WHEN THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION IS SET UP HERE IN THE MIDST OF THE WEEK? (James: When he internationalises Jerusalem?) That begins back here, Son. You've gotta get that straight! Some of you are pretty mixed up in your prophecy. The whole seven years is the reign of the Antichrist, starting at the signing of the Covenant here when they internationalise Jerusalem, & knock all the Arabs & the Jews & the Christians heads together & make'm behave & not start any more wars & he has peace.

       106. BUT HERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK, WHAT HAPPENS? (Family: the Covenant is broken.) The Covenant is broken, the Abomination of Desolation is set up, & it begins what? (Family: the Great Tribulation.) We have testimony after testimony including that of Jesus Himself. How do we know we're gonna know this? How do we know we're gonna know this? Turn to Matthew 24:15 & read it!: "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation set up"--& the whole World's going to see it because it's going to be on television! Everybody's going to see it & know it!

       107. YOU MAY NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHEN THIS COVENANT IS MADE, although I have a feeling we'll probably know that too, because that would be big news when they finally settle this big fracas between the Jews & the Arabs & the big dispute that's going on over the city of Jerusalem right now. this is the main dispute that the Arabs & the Jews cannot agree on. The Jews have already claimed the city of Jerusalem, & the Arabs said that's impossible, you can't take our holy city. The Jews say it's their holy city, Christians say it's their holy city, so whose holy city is it going to be? (David: Jesus'!) Well, it is Jesus' holy city, but for awhile it's going to be the Devil's unholy city under the Antichrist!

       108. WHAT DATE, TIME OR EVENT IS THE WHOLE WORLD GOING TO KNOW ABOUT? We may not know exactly when the Covenant is made, it might be public, & I believe it probably will be World news, but it might not be. But if it's like we have figured approximately according to the prophecies that God has given us, that his reign begins somewhere around 1984, '85, '86, then certainly he must be somewhere right now! That's only four, five, six years from now. He's got to already be getting powerful & consolidating his power & learning to be a world leader & ruler if he's going to take the World over about 1984, '85, '86.

       109. REMEMBER THE BOOK 1984?--MAYBE THAT DATE WAS INSPIRED?--And if so, then we just have 3 1/2 years to go from the time of that Covenant, & if it's public we will know exactly when the Abomination of Desolation is set up, because it is said so specifically "in the midst of the seven years"--at the end of the first 3 1/2 years! Then we know the last of the seven years is definitely 3 1/2 years. How do we know that? It's is said in three or four different ways in the Bible. It's said as a time, times, that's two years, & half a year--3 1/2 years. (Dan.12:7; Rev.12:14.) It's also said as from the middle of seven to the end, there's 3 1/2 years. That's two ways it's said, right?

       110. ANOTHER PLACE IT IS SAID AS 42 MONTHS. (Rev.11:2; 13:5.) And then in another place in Revelation you'll find out it's how many days? (Peter: 1260.) 1260 days, & you'll find out that works out to almost exactly 3 1/2 years. (Rev.12:6.) So God wanted to make that time period so specific for you, you couldn't possibly mistake it or misunderstand it or misconstrue it or screw it up in anyway or twist it, or have some Bible teacher tell you it's going to be some other length of time.

       111. HE'S SAID IT SO MANY DIFFERENT TIMES EXACTLY, that that length of time is going to be the exact length of the Tribulation!--3 1/2 years; time, times & half a time; 42 months; 1260 days, it couldn't be any clearer! He said it about four or five different ways! Why do you think He was so clear on that? (Family: So we'd know!) Yes, because it's going to be such a terrible time, we're going to be counting the days, we're going to be counting the hours!: "Thank God, only got so many more days to go! Thank God, only have so many more months to go, & it's going to all be over!"

       112. THEN WHEN THIS ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION IS SET UP, YOU'RE GOING TO KNOW NOT ONLY THE EXACT LENGTH OF THE TRIBULATION, but the exact date of the coming of Jesus Christ! You are going to know at least exactly 3 1/2 years ahead of time. So don't let them tell you it's not for you to know, you can't tell, Jesus said, "Of that day & that hour knows no man, only My Father in Heaven."--Day & hour! He didn't say we wouldn't know the exact week, month, certainly the year! But I believe we're even going to know the exact week, almost the day & the hour, because figuring 3 1/2 years exactly from when Jesus said "when ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation set up in the holy place," in Jerusalem, what does He say to do? (Family: Flee to the mountains!) (Mt.24:16.)

       113. TAKE OFF! SHOVE OFF! SPLIT! Don't even run back in the house to get your stuff! If you haven't got your fleebag with you, forget it! Beat it! Go! Head for the hills, the wilderness, the forests, run! I mean, the Lord has talked a lot about splitting & gettin' out of there & runnin' & survival, & brother, when that happens, you had better head for the hills, have your--I started to say revival equipment! Well, some of you need to be revived to survive! You better have your equipment with you!

       114. AND WHO IS GOING TO BE THE BEST PREPARED OF ALL who's not going to have to run back in the house & pack their stuff before they can get rolling? (Alf: The people in caravans!) Exactly! The mobilised people of God who are living in trailers & campers won't have to go back into their house because they're already in the house! They won't have to go back & get their stuff because it's always with them!

       115. THAT'S ONE THING ABOUT THE POOR, "THE POOR YE ALWAYS HAVE WITH YOU." (Mt.26:11.) And the poor have always got their stuff with them too, because they don't have very much stuff & they can carry it with them. And you guys just jump in the drivers' seat & take off! Head for the hills, the woods, the forests, the plains, the deserts, the mountains, the sea, whatever it may be! Amen, Dave? Dave ol' boy, you got that straight, you thing? (David: Yes!) Ah, that's good! XXX! I love you!

       116. SO IF YOU THINK WE CAN'T KNOW THE EXACT TIMES & THE SEASONS, well, the Lord has told a lot of exact times in the Bible, up to the exact year! Definitely He's told us the exact year that certain things are going to happen. He foretold the exact First Coming of Christ hundreds of years before it happened! He foretold exactly what year it was going to happen! If they had figured it out they could have known exactly what year Jesus was going to come the first time!

       117. HE HAS ALREADY FORETOLD US EXACTLY WHEN JESUS IS GOING TO COME AGAIN! He has already foretold the exact Second Coming of Christ! The exact year, I'd say certainly the exact month. And if He said even 1260 days, we'd be counting the days, He's even said the exact day! When He said to His disciples. "No man knoweth but My Father in Heaven, you have no need to know the day or the hour," of course the 12 disciples that He had then didn't need to know the day or the hour! They were going to go be with the Lord long before that, 2,000 years before, they didn't have to know! But we need to know!

       118. HE DIDN'T SAY WE WOULDN'T KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR, HE SAID THEY WOULDN'T KNOW THE DAY OR THE HOUR! You've gotta think about who He's talking to. That didn't apply to us, that we wouldn't know the day or the hour, because we're those upon whom the Ends of the Earth are come, & we're going to know the day & the time--maybe not the hour but at least the day! I believe the day, because He says 1260 days from here to here! We're going to be checking them off our calendars, let me tell you! One more day of tribulation gone! One more day of hardship over! One more day of being on the run & hiding out from the System gone, thank God!

       119. AND AN AWFUL LOT OF US ARE GOING TO LIVE THROUGH IT! He's not going to catch us all! He's not going to be able to kill us all. Remember "Registration"? (No.333C.) That one & several others I've had? It shows that we were hiding out & managing to survive, & those who have their survival equipment & are already mobile & know how to survive by camping out in the woods & the forests by the streams & the lake & in the wilderness are already going to know how to survive & they'll be surviving already & won't get caught in the city with rest of the evil mob of cutthroats that are going to be slaughtering each other & eating each other & all the rest!

       120. THANK GOD WE'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO SURVIVE & FLEE THE CITY & FLEE TO THE WILDERNESS, flee to the mountains!--Wherever is away from the System, PTL? (Family: Amen!) If you're mobile & you have your survival equipment ready, you're going to have the jump on everybody else & you're going to be able to just jump in the driver's seat & get rollin' & can go out into the mountains & away! David's going to mark his Bible here now so he can make sure he doesn't forget all this. That's a good boy.

       121. YOU DON'T CHANGE THAT "DESOLATE," JUST THIS ONE. Because this says "for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate." See, he's going to make the Temple area desolate, Jerusalem desolate & the Jews are going to mourn in that day for Christ like for an only son. (Jer.6:26.) They're going to have a great mourning, because then they finally see that this guy is a faker & a phoney & a usurper & he is not their messiah, because now he starts slaughtering not only Christians but them & Muslims as well, anybody that worships any other god but him. So it's going to be a hard day for the poorman!--Like Singin' Sam's song!

       122. BUT WE DON'T REALLY HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT BECAUSE JESUS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF US! He's promised to, by all kinds of promises in the Bible. The Lord will help us to escape from the snare of the fowler! "A thousand shall fall at thy sight, & ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold & see the reward of the wicked!" (Ps.91:3,7,8.) Amen? (Family: Amen!) So praise God, we're going to able to be protected by the Lord, even able to call down fire from Heaven from God to destroy our enemies! Wheeee! Hallelujah!

       123. YOU SEE THESE CHASES ON THE TELEVISION WHERE THE GOOD GUYS ARE RUNNING AWAY FROM THE BAD GUYS & they're galloping along? Wouldn't it be great if the good guys could just say, "Hey God, give'm a little shot of fire back there, will Ya? Give'm a little lightning! Sock it to'm with a few bolts of lightning so we can get a little further ahead over that next bridge" or whatever it is, & you get away! Hallelujah? That's the way it'll be, the Lord will help us get through the Tribulation.

       124. BUT YOU'RE GOING TO KNOW, HERE'S AN EXACT TIME PROPHECY! Here are two of the most exact time prophecies in the whole Bible, one about the First Coming of Christ and one about the Second Coming of Christ! The two most specific prophecies in the Bible are about Jesus' First Coming & His Second Coming. Isn't that wonderful? (Family: Yes!) So they could've known & they should've known & maybe some of them did know. Maybe the wise ones figured that out & knew exactly what time Jesus was coming. At least that told them what time He was going to die.

       125. MAYBE THAT'S WHY THE OLD WOMAN ANNA & THE OLD PROPHET SIMEON WERE IN THE TEMPLE, because they knew it was getting to be near the time of the Messiah. He'd have to be born pretty soon if He was going to get crucified in 30 A.D., so they were waiting for Him. There were some people really waiting for Him then, really expecting Him any day, & they got to see Him when He was just a little baby after Christmas, just after He was born, in the Temple. Isn't that wonderful?

       126. THE OLD LADY PROPHESIED WHEN SHE SAW HIM & the dear old prophet of God Simeon took Him in his arms & cuddled Him, the little baby, & said, "Ah, let now Thy servant depart in peace, mine eyes have seen the glory of the Lord!" (Lk.2:28-30.) Isn't that wonderful? (Family: Amen!) Hallelujah? (Family: Amen!) PG!--And that's what you're going to say when you see Jesus coming the second time!

       127. WHEN YOU SEE JESUS COMING DOWN FROM THE SKY, you're going to either be still alive & pop up from where you are or pop out of your grave--Papa is gonna probably pop out of his grave--& you're going to say, "Let thy servant depart in peace for mine eyes are beholding the glory of God!" Hallelujah! Jesus is coming back! So hallelujah, that's the story of Daniel 9! And I think it's enough for now. Any questions about it?

       128. DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS PRINCE IS IN THE 25TH VERSE? (David: Jesus.) Do you know who this prince is down here in the 26th verse? (David: The Devil.) Well yes, the Devil in the flesh, but really the Antichrist. The Antichrist is a man. The Devil is an archangel of God that God created, but an evil one, & he's going to possess the body of that man the Antichrist.

       129. SO THIS PRINCE HERE IN THE 25TH VERSE IS WHOM? (DAVID: JESUS!) And this prince here in the 26th verse is whom? (David: The Devil.) Wait a minute now! Actually, the Devil-man & what's his name? (David: The Antichrist.) Say it good & loud! (David: The Antichrist!) The Antichrist! So don't get those two mixed up! Dear Sam Warner even got'm a little bit more mixed up to where the prince of the Covenant was somebody else, & we'll get into that in the 11th Chapter of Daniel which is our next chapter.

       130. SO THAT'S THE BEAUTIFUL STORY OF DANIEL 9, one of the most marvellous prophecies in the whole Bible & one of the two specific-to-the-very-year time prophecies in the Bible, this one of the First Coming of Christ, & even, in a way, it goes right on up to the Second Coming. From this & what's to follow we'll Second Coming of Christ. So PTL! Hallelujah? (Family: Amen!)

       131. THE ONLY THING WE DON'T KNOW RIGHT NOW IS EXACTLY WHAT YEAR THIS ANTICHRIST KINGDOM IS GOING TO BEGIN. But when it begins, then we'll know exactly when everything else is going to happen after that. We'll know exactly when the Abomination of Desolation is going to be set up & the Tribulation begin, the Mark of the Beast, & we're going to know exactly when Jesus is going to come back! So PTL! Isn't that wonderful? (Family: Amen!)

       132. ISN'T IT COMFORTING TO KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO KNOW WHEN IT HAPPENS?--And that about the only guesswork we're doing right now is wondering how soon the Antichrist is going to appear & be revealed. He's seemingly suddenly revealed. He's been working in secret a long time. If somebody's suddenly revealed that means they've been behind the scenes all the time, in secret, not in appearance.

       133. WHERE DOES IT SAY HE'S GOING TO BE REVEALED? When the Antichrist, "that man of sin shall be revealed," that wicked one. 2Thess.2 tells all about that, when he's going to be revealed. We don't know for sure whether it means here he's going to be revealed, that's not made clear, although it sure sounds like it's going to be plenty obvious from this chapter & all those to follow.

       134. I'M NOT GOING TO SWEAR TO IT THAT WE'LL KNOW EXACTLY WHEN HE STARTS HIS KINGDOM, but this we'll know exactly because Jesus Himself said: "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place, then shall be such great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the World to this time nor ever shall be!" (Mt.24:15,21.) And He says then if you're standing on the roof of your house, don't even bother to go back inside to get your things, but run! (Mt.24:17.)

       135. AND HOW MUCH BETTER OFF ALL YOU FOLKS IN TRAILERS & CAMPERS ARE GOING TO BE! You better not stand on the roof of your house, it might cave in! You better be inside or out fishin' or huntin' or building your campfire or inside drivin' & headin' for the hills! Notice He says mountains: "Flee into the mountains!" (Mt.24:16.) 'Cause that's the place where nobody wants to be!

       136. YOU'RE GOING TO BE MOUNTAIN MEN AGAIN, MOUNTAIN PEOPLE! The System & the valley people don't like it up there, so you'll be safer there & be able to stay away from them longer if you head for the hills & the mountains & the trees & the streams & be able to survive up there. You'll have game & fish & birds or whatever to eat that the Lord supplies, & water to drink. (Davida: We can melt snow for water!) Yes, snow will be up there & we can melt snow for water, that's right, if you're way up in the mountains that high where it's really cold. So the Lord's going to keep us whatever way, right? TYJ!

       137. SO WAS THAT A GOOD DANIEL 9 CHAPTER? (Family: Yes!) Let's hold hands & pray. Davida, sit down & hold David's hand. We don't have to hold hands, but we like to. PTL! (David: And it makes a nice chain, it makes a nice necklace for Jesus.) Yes! This is not our daisy chain, this is our Rose of Sharon Chain! PTL! Jesus is the Rose of Sharon, so this is the Rose of Sharon Chain, the Jesus Chain! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! Amen! PTL! TYJ!

       138. DAVID, WOULD YOU LIKE TO CLOSE THIS BIBLE STUDY IN PRAYER & pray for us & everybody & ask Jesus to give us a good night's rest & keep us safely & thank Him for the Bible study & everything, OK? (David: Lord, help us to have to good day. Thank You for this Bible story & Lord help us to be real good. And Lord bless all the Family around the World & help them to like this when they get it. and help us to have a good rest & Lord help us to have sweet dreams & Lord help tomorrow to be sunny. Thank You for all You've done for us, in Jesus' name. Amen.) Amen! Thank You Lord! Wasn't that a good prayer? (Family: Yes!)

       139. AND THEN WE'RE GOING TO PRAY WHAT PRAYER? (Davida: "Our Father!") Our Father, or we call it the Lord's Prayer. And I always say to give you the cue when to start with me, "The prayer that the Lord Himself taught us to pray": (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) "The Lord bless thee & keep thee, the Lord make His face to shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee, the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace!"--In Jesus' name, amen. (Num.6:24-26.) PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Good night! XXX!

       140. THANK YOU FOR A GOOD BIBLE LESSON, SON, YOU WERE MY LITTLE TEXT READER TONIGHT, just like they do in the old Coloured churches! They have somebody read the Bible & then the preacher preaches. (David: The book is closed!) Now you can close the book, but don't seal it, 'cause we've got to both open it up again next Sunday for our Daniel 11! (David: I've gotta seal it, then I've gotta break the seal.) OK, if you want to seal it, you can break the seal, but I'm sure you're going to want to read your Bible during the week, aren't you? So you don't want to seal it up. And next Sunday, God willing, we'll have Daniel 11! That's the next prophetic chapter. (David: I thought it was Daniel 10?)

       141. DANIEL 10 IS NOT A PROPHETIC CHAPTER SO MUCH. It's got some interesting things in it, but it's more about Daniel & his prayers & his answers to prayers & things like that. And you can read that during the week. Be sure & read that, it's very encouraging! But then in Daniel 11 He begins to tell the exact historical events again exactly the way they happened, the way they were going to happen in his day, & now they've already happened. We get much more detailed in Daniel 11 who the Antichrist is, what he's like, what he does, & more of the details about the Tribulation period, the Abomination of Desolation, about the rebuilding of the Temple & more details on all of those things.

       142. EACH TIME THE LORD GIVES YOU A LITTLE BIT MORE OF THE DETAILS. It's kind of like a movie, you know, sometimes they give you just a little brief introduction about what's going to happen & then they go back what's going to happen & then they go back & they give you more details, & then they have a flashback & they give you more details, till pretty soon you know the whole story! And when you know this Book, you'll know the whole story, right? Hallelujah! (David: When Jesus comes back.)

       143. YOU CAN KNOW IT RIGHT NOW! You're going to know when He comes back just by reading this Book. You can know this Book now! PTL! (David: Look where I opened it!) Right to Daniel 9 again! Well, that must be the Lord's will, PTL! God bless you all! (Throws kisses:) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (Family: Thank you!!) Wave kisses to the folks out in Videoland, all the Family around the World! We love you! Thank you! God bless you, in Jesus' name, amen! Goodnight! Happy New Years! PTL!

       144. GOD BLESS & KEEP US IN JESUS' NAME! Give us all a good night's rest & safekeeping from the Antichrist System. It's already begun, there are already many antichrists, let me tell ya! So PTL. Better try to get where you can survive the war in the meantime, because the war has got to come first, which will help the Antichrist to power & when he tries to restore the World. I believe that! At least, that's my opinion. You can take it for what it's worth, but usually I'm right, thank the Lord, because the Lord's always right! TYL! It's 10:30 at night & time for all good little children to go to bed. That means you!--Right now, quick, before I sneeze & blow you out of here!

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