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DANIEL 11!--Part 1!--Daniel 11:21-24       DFO 1494       France, 11/1/81
--The Rise of the Antichrist!

       1. TONIGHT WE HAVE DANIEL 11, & as I say, I don't know whether I'm going to be teaching it like dear Sam Warner did or not. I haven't read his lessons lately. I found that he taught everything I did, give Sam Warner credit for that. He made sure that you learned everything that I taught him & he taught you everything that I taught him--& then some! God bless him! He kind of added a few little embellishments here & there & a few extra details that I hadn't taught him.

       2. WELL, JESUS SAID "GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL YOU DO!" So he sort of pulled some even greater ones on us even than I had taught, & I used to wonder where he got some of those things. I thought, well, that's an unusual idea, that's really remarkable, that kind of interpretation, I wonder if that could be true? I figured he's got as much right to his opinion as I have to mine & if he wanted to suggest a few extra interpretations or interpolations or translations or whatever they were, well, who was I to argue?--When I was voicing some of my own theories & opinions as well!

       3. I'M JUST GOING TO TEACH YOU WHAT I THINK YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT DANIEL 11, & not a whole lot of details. We'll just continue with each Scripture & each chapter as we go through in this Bible Prophecy study with special emphasis on these Last Days. We're trying to help you to remember what the Bible has to say about the days in which we are living, not just studying only the fulfilled prophecies of the past, but the present days & the immediate future, the future that most of us will be living. So Lord bless & help us to make this a blessing & help them to understand.

       4. DANIEL 11 IS A REAL SHOCKER & I'LL USE A REAL SHOCKING BOOKMARK FOR DANIEL 11! Well, we're not going to do all Daniel 11 tonight, I'll promise you that, because it's too big a chapter, too deep and there's too much in it. If you think I'm going to explain it all, you're mistaken, because I don't understand it all! "Oh Dad! You mean there's something you don't know?" Yup! There's a lot of things I don't know, that a lot of people pretend to know or claim to know & thought they knew, like Joel & dear Sam & a few others.

       5. THERE WERE PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT HITLER OR MUSSOLINI WERE ANTICHRIST, & there were some folks back when I was young who were sure that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the United States, was the Antichrist 'cause he brought in liquor, etc. I don't know if anybody ever thought Carter was the Antichrist, poor Carter! Well, we won't go into that! I couldn't do the subject justice!

       6. NOW YOU CAN GO THROUGH ABOUT THE FIRST 20 VERSES OF THIS CHAPTER, & Like many preachers you can read it & read it & it again & still not know what you read, or not understand it unless you understand history. But actually these 20 verses are a description of outstanding World events, historical characters from Daniel's day on until things began to get hotter & hotter, & I'm not going to go into the details.

       7. I COULD GIVE YOU ALL THE HISTORICAL INTERPRETATIONS OF THIS, even Queen Cleopatra's in here & quite a few important individuals, Caesars, etc., but that's all ancient history, it's been fulfilled already. It was still in the future in Daniel's day but it's past now so there's not much point in going into it except that it does prove that the Bible is true & God's Word is true, because these are fulfilled prophecies that were fulfilled to the letter historically.

       8. FOR EXAMPLE, THE 17th VERSE IS TALKING ABOUT CLEOPATRA: "He shall give him the daughter of women, corrupting her" but she shall not stand on his side, neither be for him." This is a literal prophecy how that Cleopatra, one king's daughter of one of the four divisions of Alexander's Empire, the Syrian division, would be given to wife to the king's son of Egypt, one of the other divisions, trying to corrupt not only her but to corrupt the other king & bring about a peaceful union between them.

       9. HE WAS TRYING TO MAKE HIM THINK THAT HE WAS A FRIEND because he gave this King of Egypt his daughter. Instead of that, she turned on her old dear daddy, not like dear Faithy here who's been very faithful. But Cleopatra turned on her own dear daddy, more like dear Deborah who went off with our rival King Jethro & turned against her father & against the Family.

       10. THEY CAN SAY WHAT THEY WILL, they can leave & say, "Well, we're not against you, we're not against the Family! We still love you, we just want to go someplace else, we just don't want to be with you any more." Jesus said, "If you're not for Me, you're against Me!" (Mt.12:30.) There's no in-between, there are no neutrals.

       11. WHEN THEY GO BACK, THEY LEAVE THE FAMILY & THEY LEAVE US & they leave their job in the Lord's service. They say, "Oh, we're not leaving the Family." Well, I'm sorry to say they almost always do if they really leave the Family when they go. Lots of people go home for a visit, a furlough, & that doesn't mean they're leaving the Family.

       12. BUT DEAR DEBORAH, SAD TO SAY, HAS LEFT US & JOINED HER RIVAL KING JETHRO or the Evil Magician, dear Isaiah, & that is bound to be against us & I'm sure has been a testimony against us to other backsliders & Family & friends in the States, & been a real sad testimonial, a very sad witness against the Family & even her own father.

       13. WELL, THIS IS WHAT DEAR CLEOPATRA DID. She went down there & married the other guy which her father thought would make this king be more favorable to him & he could maybe do a little conniving & conspiracy & chicanery & cheat him out of some more of his land or make him think he was gonna keep the peace when he was actually going to attack him & make war, which he did shortly afterward, even against his own daughter.

       14. BUT SHE INSTEAD TURNED & STAYED LOYAL TO HER HUSBAND INSTEAD OF HER FATHER, which probably she should have done in this case. And so when her father attacked her husband's kingdom with his army, she had turned on him & she didn't corrupt the king, her husband, to surrender anything & it just didn't work out the way her father had planned.

       15. SO ALL OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED IN HISTORY, the events recorded in the first part of the chapter, which we don't have time to go into & explain all this ancient history, savvy? It goes on & takes king after king & describes the most important kings, kings of Rome & kings of Greece & kings of Syria & Egypt, etc., who are described here.

       16. BUT THEN FINALLY WE COME TO A SPECIAL VERY STRANGE KING. In the 21st verse it says what, David? (David: "In his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, & obtain the kingdom by flatteries.")

       17. YOU SAY, WELL, THAT COULD HAVE BEEN A LOT OF KINGS, a lot of kings did that sort of thing. They cheated & they lied & they pretended to be peacemakers & they flattered the people so that when they invaded, the people hailed them as a saviour & as a deliverer, as a liberator.

       18. HOW MANY NATIONS NOWADAYS INVADE COUNTRIES & SAY THAT THEY ARE "LIBERATING" THEM? Russia invaded Afghanistan & said that they were liberating Afghanistan. I'd better not mention too many names 'cause we might mention the name of some kingdom where we are resident, but different ones have gone into countries invading them intervening, intervention, & said they were liberating them.

       19. IT'S FUNNY HOW IT DEPENDS ON WHO DOES IT WHETHER IT'S AN INVASION & AGGRESSION OR IT'S A MERE INTERVENTION & LIBERATION. If it's Russia or the Communists in our Western newspaper, it's always aggression, invasion, conquest, expansionism, colonialism! But if it's one of the Western friends, the United States or France or somebody like that, "Oh, well that's just intervention to protect the people & to liberate them & guarantee democracy, etc.!"

       20. FRANCE HAS INTERVENED SEVERAL TIMES IN AFRICA whenever she thought one of her former colonies was a bit shakey & about to be taken over by somebody else, such as Morocco & Zaire & Mauritania & several different places where France has--nice word--"intervened" and "liberated" the country from its enemies.

       21. BUT WHEN DEAR GODAHFI DECIDES HE WANTS TO SETTLE A 16-YEAR-OLD CIVIL WAR that has slaughtered thousands of people in Chad, is invited in by the official legal government of Chad to literally rescue the country & really liberate it from its enemies, all of a sudden it's an invasion, aggression, expansionism & everybody gets all excited!

       22. SEE, IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHO'S DOING IT WHAT NAMES THEY CALL IT & what names they call them. If it's Russia or Godahfi or a Communist country or Cuba, it's invasion, aggression, expansionism, conquest, the Communists are coming! But of course, if one of the Western nations does it, if dear Eisenhower sends the Marines into Lebanon after the Communists have won the election because he doesn't want Lebanon to go Communist, well, that's just intervention to liberate the people from the Communists.

       23. IF DEAR LBJ WANTS TO SEND THE NAVY & THE ARMY INTO VIETNAM after the Communists won a free & fair democratic election there to make sure that the Communist government doesn't take over, that's not invasion, that's not aggression, that's mere liberating protective intervention!

       24. GUATEMALA WAS HEADED BY A VERY FINE LIBERAL RATHER LEFTIST, he was not a Communist but he was a leftist & liberal & a socialist & he was elected on a promise of land reform & redistribution of land, etc., in poor Guatemala. He was fair & square, elected by democratic vote, but the president of the United States didn't like him so they sent in the Marines & overthrew his government.

       25. "OH, THAT'S NOT AGGRESSION! NO, NO, NO! You mustn't say the United States ever invaded any country! Tsk, tsk, tsk! That's not invasion, that's a mere protective intervention, that's liberation from those horrible Communists, those terrible terrible people! Or the socialists, they're just almost as bad, & the liberals come next!"

       26. WELL, WE'VE GOTTA BE CAREFUL WHAT WE SAY, SOMETIMES WE DON'T KNOW WHO WE'RE SAYING IT TO! Some people kind of take exception to some of my Letters & some of my ideas. But it's sort of funny, isn't it, how if the Palestinians start tossing bombs & grenades and shooting people or blowing up things: "Oh, it's terrorism! That's awful, that's terrible!" But almost daily the Israelis fly planes over into Southern Lebanon, another perfectly supposedly neutral country, & bomb peaceful villages.

       27. THEY SAY THAT'S NOT INVASION & IT'S NOT REALLY BOMBING, they're not doing anything really bad, they're just deterring the terrorists. Of course they kill a few terrorists so-called, & a few Palestinians & a few peaceful Lebanese villagers that have nothing to do with the war between the PLO & Israel at all, & women & children & farmers & villagers, but that's one of those necessary evils, you know, that you have to do in order to stop these terrible aggressors, these terrorists who are attacking Israel! This is terrorism!

       28. IF YOU GO OVER THERE & BOMB SEVERAL VILLAGES & blow up quite a few houses & you kill a lot of people, that's not terrorism, that's legal war, you know? That's just a police action, a deterrent, that's an intervention, that's protectionism, self-defense from these terrible terrorists! You'd think there were millions of them!

       29. BUT YOU SEE, A GOVERNMENT LIKE ISRAEL CAN GET AWAY WITH IT because it's a supposedly legal government & especially because it has the backing of one of the Superpowers. Like a naughty little boy, a spoiled little brat, Israel can get away with anything because its doting mother America will put up with anything because it's her dear little boy! Israel's just like a bad little boy & America's just like a bad big mother who will let her little naughty boy get away with anything.

       30. I'M SORRY DADDY GOT OFF ON ANOTHER SUBJECT, but all you have to do is get me teed off on something that I get angry about & then I start whacking away! But that's the way it goes in these wars, the pot calls the kettle black & the kettle calls the pot black & they're both black or red or white, or red, white & blue or whatever, & it's just really kind of silly. It depends on who's talking & who's doing it whether it's aggression, invasion, expansionism or whether it's mere protective intervention & liberation.

       31. THEY ALL DO IT & THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING & DEFEND THEMSELVES, but when you see how Israel has driven millions of Palestinians out of their homes, & not only out of their homes but clear out of their country, what excuse has Israel got to go following them into another country & continuing to bomb them & kill them except that she wants to get rid of them entirely & exterminate'm so they'll never come home! That's what she's doing.

       32. SHE'S NOT ONLY STOLEN THEIR HOMES & THEIR COUNTRY & KILLED MANY OF THEIR PEOPLE, but now she's trying to exterminate what's left so they'll never come back & she'll never have to give any of the country back to'm. Well, that's another story. That isn't exactly in Daniel 11 but there's a lot of it in here, there's a lot of it in history.

       33. IT SAYS, "IN HIS ESTATE SHALL STAND UP A VILE PERSON," in other words an evil person, a liar. That's why I was talking about this business of the difference between one calls it aggression, the other calls it intervention; one calls it invasion, the other calls it protectionism; one calls it a conquest, the other calls it liberation. They can call it anything they want to, even lie flat out about it, & no matter what they call it they're still lying & they all do it.

       34. "BUT THEY'LL NOT GIVE THE HONOUR OF THE KINGDOM TO HIM, BUT HE SHALL COME IN PEACEABLY & OBTAIN THE KINGDOM BY FLATTERIES." Now, we're warming up to this guy & it's beginning to describe him. We don't find out exactly who he is yet, but from the 21st verse on, all of this is talking about the Antichrist or his government. David, I kind of get off on something else here. I'm sorry, but we're talking about the Antichrist & his kingdom.

       35. BUT LOTS OF THEM DO IT. When you're a U.S. citizen living in America, then of course it's only the Communists that do it. They're the only ones that propagandise, they're the only ones that lie & do the wrong thing. The U.S. never lies, it never invades, it never is trying to conquer any country like Vietnam or Lebanon or Guatemala or any of those places like Mexico! The U.S. never tried to conquer Mexico, did it, Honey? No, no! It was those terrible awful Mexicans who came up invading the United States they were just defending themselves from!

       36. THEY'RE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT "REMEMBER THE ALAMO," how terrible it was the Mexicans massacred all those American Texan soldiers that were in the Alamo, massacred them! Well, what were they doing in the Alamo, anyhow? That was San Antonio, Mexican territory, the capital of a Mexican state!

       37. IF A BAND OF TERRORISTS TOOK OVER THE WHITE HOUSE IN WASHINGTON, D.C., what do you think the army would do if they wouldn't move out? If they just stayed there for months & refused to go, & even the army was lenient & let their women & children go & the old people go but said, "Now if you don't move out, we've got to have a White House for the President, Ronald Reagan's gonna move in, you gotta go!" And they say, "We're not going, we like it here! We want to keep Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland for us, you can move the Capitol someplace else!" That's what the Texans were saying to the Spaniards, really!

       38. SO FINALLY DEAR GENERAL SANTA ANA GAVE'M ONE LAST ULTIMATUM & said, "You either move out or we're going to move in! It's our territory, our city, our country, our capital, our fort, you've got no right being here! You invaded our country, you took it over by force, this fort & all, & you have no business being here in our country, you Texans, what are you doing here anyway?" He gave'm weeks & weeks, he didn't want to kill'm. He even let all the women & children & the weak & the wounded & everything else go, helped them go! Didn't shoot at them or anything, gave'm plenty of time to get out.

       39. BUT THERE WERE ABOUT 200 STUBBORN BULLIES THAT REFUSED TO BUDGE, & the main reason they refused to budge--don't give'm too much credit for being too great of heroes--they thought General Houston's army was just a few miles away coming down to rescue them, & that Santa Ana wouldn't be able to attack'm when he found out Houston was coming with a big army & that they'd get to stay there & not have to worry about General Santa Ana & his 20-some-thousand Mexicans.

       40. SO INSTEAD, GENERAL HOUSTON GOT INVOLVED SOMEPLACE ELSE & wasn't particularly too hot & neither was the American government too hot on trying to rescue 200 little tough toughie stubborn Texans who were trying to hold out in this one little tiny fort clear down in San Antonio hundreds of miles from the American border!--Hundreds of miles inside of Mexico! They decided they'd better keep their distance & try to save the U.S.A. & not remember the Alamo, so they forgot the Alamo!

       41. FINALLY GENERAL SANTA ANA JUST GAVE THEM A DEADLINE TO GET OUT & said, "You get out we're going to move in if we have to shoot our way in!"--& the so-called great heroic defenders of the Alamo refused to budge. So General Santa Ana finally ordered his men in, shootin' as they came, & of course a lot of those so-called defenders, defenders of Mexican territory that they had grabbed & the Mexican city & fort they had invaded, got shot & killed!

       42. THEY WERE TOTALLY OUTNUMBERED & IT WASN'T THEIR COUNTRY, it wasn't their city, it wasn't their fort & they had no business being there. It was a total invasion by the Americans into Mexican territory, so the Mexicans just took it back, that's all! It wasn't some horrible heinous terrible slaughter of Americans, who were the villains & the monsters & a great atrocity! Mexico was just defending itself & its territory & its city & its fort, the Alamo.

       43. THE INTRUDERS WERE LITERALLY CRIMINALS, like if a band of terrorists took over the White House. What do you think they would finally do if they wouldn't get out & Reagan wanted to move in? Well, they've done it in a few other places, they'd shoot their way in. That's what the Mexican army finally had to do & shot up the Americans & finally threw'm out!

       44. BUT OF COURSE THE WAY THE AMERICANS TELL IT you'd think the American holders of the Alamo, those Texans, were great heroes, that they were great brave heroes instead of a bunch of invaders, usurpers, terrorists & impostors because they didn't belong there!

       45. WELL, OF COURSE EVENTUALLY, ALTHOUGH HOUSTON WAS TOO BUSY RIGHT THEM & some other generals were too, the American government didn't forget the Alamo later & remembered the Texans & finally invaded Mexico & not only grabbed San Antonio & the Alamo again, but they took all of Texas clear to the Rio Grande, a whole huge a big hunk of Mexico, almost all of Northern Mexico, & along with it they got New Mexico & Arizona & Southern California, the whole works! They took about half of Mexico from the Mexicans.

       46. I SUPPOSE YOU'D SAY THAT THEY WERE JUST INTERVENING, they were trying to protect the local Mexicans & liberating them from Mexico, that terrible country, so they could all be U.S. citizens. Well, it's a funny thing, now that they've got it they seem to object to Mexicans crossing the Rio Grande & coming into the United States, so I don't know why they were so anxious to protect the Mexicans who lived in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California when they don't want'm now.

       47. THEY TRY TO CATCH'M IF THEY TRY TO WETBACK IT ACROSS THE RIVER, swim across the river & try to get into the United States. They try to catch them, they even shoot'm, & they do all kinds of things to keep'm out, the poor starving Mexicans trying to come over & work in the fields & earn a few pesos from those rich American farmers. The rich American farmers want them to come & work because they're cheap labour, but the U.S. government does its best to keep the Mexicans out.

       48. YOU SAY, "HEY GRANDPA, I THOUGHT THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A LESSON ABOUT DANIEL & the Romans & the Greeks & the Antichrist & not all about the Russians & the Communists & the U.S. & the Mexicans & the Guatemalans & the Vietnamese!" Well, what I'm trying to bring out is the same principle, the same thing they've been doing all these years, they were doing back in those days too.

       49. SOME OF THESE COUNTRIES, LIKE BOTH RUSSIA & THE U.S., they tell these little countries, "We're your friend, we brought all these soldiers with us here to defend you & to protect you. They're not here to conquer you or enslave you they're here to liberate you!" Don't just blame it on Communist propaganda, it's U.S. propaganda too!

       50. YOU KNOW HOW THE VIETNAMESE WAR GOT STARTED? In the Geneva Convention, Vietnam was divided by the U.N. into North & South Vietnam, & the Southern Vietnamese had a free & fair democratic election & the Communists won. But the U.S.A. said, "Now wait a minute, that isn't the way we expected the Geneva Convention to work out! We expected Northern Vietnam to be Communist, but Southern Vietnam was supposed to be, you know, well, not exactly ours, but, you know, free & independent under our protection. And we can't have this sort of thing, Communists winning the election in our own part of Vietnam, tsk tsk tsk! We've got to put a stop to that!"

       51. SO THEY SENT IN THE TROOPS & SOLDIERS & FINALLY 50,000 AMERICANS WERE SLAUGHTERED IN VIETNAM, literally virtually slaughtering themselves, supposedly intervening, protectively to liberate the South Vietnamese. Somehow or other things kind of went wrong & all those poor Vietnamese guerrillas fighting in the jungles--gooks I think they called'm--so called terrorists, little naked warriors hanging from the trees & living in rabbit burrows under the ground & everything, defeated the mighty power of the great U.S.A., one of the Superpowers, & literally threw'm out of the country! Drove'm out!

       52. NOW THAT WAS VIRTUALLY A MIRACLE, BECAUSE HOW COULD ANY LITTLE TINY COUNTRY LIKE THAT CONQUER THE U.S.A? South Vietnam can now brag to the World that it's the only country that ever won a war with the United States & conquered the U.S.A.! Well, they didn't exactly come over & invade the U.S. territory, but they conquered their army & drove'm out of the country.

       53. I WOULD SAY THAT'S A BIT OF GOD'S JUSTICE AGAINST PEOPLE WHO HAD NO BUSINESS BEING OVER THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE & should have stayed home & minded their own business & stayed out of Vietnam if it was supposed to be a free country & democratic, & let the Communist government take over that they freely elected to go in.

       54. BUT, OH NO, THEY COULDN'T STAND THAT, THEY COULDN'T HAVE THAT! It's all right for you to be democratic as long as you are not Communist! We will get you elect any kind of government you want except Communist, 'cause this is a democracy, we believe in freedom & in the vote & you can have any kind of government you want...well, that is except Communist!"

       55. SO THE U.S. HAS INVADED COUNTRY AFTER COUNTRY AFTER COUNTRY, especially in Latin America time & time again, or helped the other side. Just as long as the government was against Communism it didn't matter what kind of a tyrant or monster or worse they put in charge or promoted to head the government, as long as he professed to be against Communism he was OK.

       56. ONE OF THE WORST MONSTERS IN AFRICA IS THE HEAD OF ZAIRE! That guy Mobutu is as corrupt as he can be & everybody knows it, but because he pretends to be anti-Communist and loyal to the West, they'll support him to the hilt and pay his bills for building a $40-million highway just to his palace out in the woods & all that kind of crazy stuff!

       57. THEY WERE SUPPORTING ONE GUY DOWN THERE FOR AWHILE till he finally got so exposed, Emperor Bokassa, of the Central African Empire of which he crowned himself the emperor, & then was eating his servants from the deep freeze. Cannibalism! A cannibal, demonic, monsters, & they've had quite a few of them down there. We pub'd one article in the Magazine about Macias of another little demonic African country. (See No.898.)

       58. BUT THE U.S. SAYS, "THAT'S ALL RIGHT, IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THEY'RE DEMONS, DEVILS, MONSTERS, TYRANTS! AS LONG AS THEY'RE ANTI-COMMUNIST, anti-Socialist, well then we'll stand behind them, we'll back you up! It doesn't matter what kind of devil you are as long as you fight the big devil, Russia & the Communists!" Well, this turned out to be a kind of a political lesson, but this is all what you read right here in the Bible.

       59. THEY COME IN & OBTAIN THE KINGDOM PEACEABLY BY FLATTERIES. They come in & convince the people they're their friends. The U.S.A. tried to go in & convince the Vietnamese for years, "We're your friends, we're here to save you! Of course, we have to slaughter a few tens of thousands of you in order to save you, that's incidental, coincidental, so sorry!

       60. "WE HAVE TO MAKE ABOUT HALF THE LAND TOTALLY UNPRODUCTIVE with defoliants & bomb holes to where you can never grow any rice again, but that's part of the salvation of the country! We're saving the land!" That's a kind of strange salvation!--The guy comes & sticks a bayonet in your gut & says, "Well, I'm saving you from the Communists!"--& kills you in the process of your salvation!

       61. WELL, JUST TO SHOW YOU THERE'S NOTHING NEW ABOUT IT, THEY WERE DOING THAT WAY BACK THEN TOO. They'd come in & flatter the people & talk their way in without firing a shot, just like Russia has in a lot of countries, & the U.S. has done the same thing in a lot of countries--Only the U.S. isn't quite as smart as Russia about this flattery business & propaganda business.

       62. FOR SOME REASON OR OTHER THE U.S. CAN'T QUITE CONVINCE THE PEOPLE AS THOROUGHLY AS THE RUSSIANS & the Communists do. So finally the U.S. has to just throw away the pretence & pull out the guns & start shootin' & do it by force. Russia has done that very few times. Russia has been smart enough to persuade the people, their minds & hearts, convert them to Communism so they'd overthrow their own rulers & throw out their own tyrants & liberate themselves. Well, they had that then too.

       63. BUT IT NEVERTHELESS IS A VERY EFFECTIVE METHOD OF CONQUERING A COUNTRY TO PERSUADE THEM YOU'RE NOT A CONQUEROR, you're not invading, you're not an aggressor, you are their friend & you're liberating them! Then you can walk right in peacefully without firing a shot, & they did it then. All that on the 21st verse of Daniel 11! How about that? All to tell you how they did it then, & they're doing it even more now.

       64. BUT WHAT COUNTRY OF THE WORLD & WHAT GROUP ARE FAMOUS FOR THEIR PROPAGANDA & for being able to persuade people with an ideology? They have an ideology, they have a goal, they have a method, they have a plan! I mean, who wouldn't be persuaded by somebody who seems to know what they're doing & where they're going?

       65. THE U.S. HAS NO IDEOLOGY LEFT. It's abandoned Christ, it's abandoned God, it's abandoned Christianity, it has nothing left to fight for, it has nothing left to live for except its materialism, & most of its youth are sick & fed up with that & aren't willing to fight for it.

       66. THEY'RE REVIVING THE OLD ANTI-DRAFT SLOGANS, "HELL NO, WE WON'T GO!" & a lot of other anti-war slogans now. Because they don't want to be drafted, they don't want to fight for it, they don't think it's worth it! And besides, the U.S. doesn't know where it's going, it has no goals, it just wants to stay right where it is & just keep what it's got.

       67. BUT WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO BE MOST SUCCESSFUL?--Those that have to keep invading with armies like the U.S. did in Vietnam & some other places & shoot with guns and kill a lot of people & then get thrown out anyhow?--Or the smooth, fast-talking, convincing, sincere Communist & Russian peoples who are preaching their gospel of sharing & equality & freedom for the poor & food & plenty for all. That's pretty convincing, huh? And when they really sound like they believe it & they really mean it, it's apt to persuade a lot of poor people to side with them.

       68. SO, VERSE 22, DAVID: (David: "And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him, & shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the Covenant.") All right, here's a little verse that we lectured on quite a bit that really got some people pretty mixed up!

       69. IT SAYS THAT BECAUSE OF THESE CLEVER PRACTICES OR PROPAGANDA AND PEACEFUL PERSUASION with an ideology such as Communism, that a lot of people would be overthrown, a lot of countries. It's just like a flood. In fact in Revelation the 12th Chapter it says out of the mouth of the dragon would come a flood that virtually the whole World would swallow, & it looks like they're very rapidly swallowing, the Communist propaganda Worldwide, atheist, anti-God.

       70. IT'S SAD, ISN'T IT, THAT IT SEEMS LIKE THE WRONG PEOPLE ARE PREACHING THE RIGHT MESSAGE. Though they're against God, etc., they preach love for fellow man & sharing & equality & feed the poor & peace, etc., & seem to mean it, & the countries whom they persuade to follow them seem to be fairly satisfied & happy, at least better off than they were before. Communism is like a flood that is sweeping the whole World with its red tide. "And many shall be overflown from before him & shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the Covenant." Now what does that mean?

       71. HE'S NOT ONLY THIS SMART, HE CANNOT ONLY TALK HIS WAY IN WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT, he cannot only persuade people with his propaganda, he's not only all of this but he's more, he's the prince of the Covenant! "Yea, also the prince of the Covenant." Translation is difficult, some of you know that, language is tricky, right? But take it from me, this phrase literally means, "Yea, he's also the prince of the Covenant."

       72. AH, NOW WE'VE GOT A VERY IDENTIFYING CLUE! You know that when there's a mystery, like they have mysteries in books like a puzzle & you have to find out who-done-it? Or you have a picture puzzle like a jig-saw puzzle, they used to be very popular in the old Depression years when people were all broke & out of work & had nothing else to do, they sat all day long doing jig-saw puzzles or playing Monopoly.

       73. (DAVID: WHAT'S MONOPOLY?) It's a funny game where you pretend to have thousands & millions of dollars & you buy property & everything even if you haven't got a cent. They use play money & play property & things like that. Just imagine how pure, unpolluted, uncorrupted our children are! They never even heard of Monopoly! When I was his age, everybody was playing Monopoly, including me!

       74. DAVID DOESN'T WASTE TIME ON THINGS LIKE THAT, HE'S TOO BUSY LEARNING SCRIPTURES & reading the Bible & reading MO Letters & learning things that are really important! You hear him rattle off the way he reads? He may not get every word perfect but he's reading very well & better than any other five-year-old I know of! Maybe your five-year-old is doing just as well, possibly your five-year-old can read better, I don't know.

       75. BUT ANYHOW I'M REAL PROUD OF DAVID because he's a smart boy & most of all he loves the Lord & he wonders what people want to fiddle around with all these silly things & other crazy things that aren't important when there's so much Scripture to learn & so many good things to read!

       76. WELL, WE'RE GOING TO LEARN OR FIND OUT THAT THIS IS ALSO THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT. Now, for the first time we hear about this Covenant. No, not for the first time, didn't we hear about it back in Daniel 9? Did it say something about a Covenant there, David? Let's look back at the last event in Daniel 9 again. (David: It says "he shall confirm the Covenant with many for one week & in the midst of the week he shall cause the sanctuary[DELETED]")

       77. MY GOD, HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE TO READ IT OUT OF THE BIBLE, HE'S QUOTING IT! I didn't even know he knew it! I was going to have him read it & he just quotes it, like that! Well, for you poor ignoramuses like me who haven't memorised the Bible like David, we have to turn over to Chapter 9 & look at the last verse there, & here it is, the 27th verse, we hear about the Covenant, don't we?

       78. AND WHO IS IT HERE, THIS PRINCE THAT SHALL COME? (DAVID: THE ANTICHRIST.) Right. "And he shall confirm the Covenant with many for one week," meaning seven years. Then we're finding out that beginning the 21st verse of Daniel 11 it's talking about this prince that confirms the Covenant, very clear. OK & if you don't believe that, just read on. Let's read the next verse, shall we, David? Read it slowly & clearly.

       79. IT'S MORE IMPORTANT, REMEMBER, TO BE ACCURATE, TO BE RIGHT & CORRECT THAN IT IS TO BE FAST. I learned that when they taught me typing, they said now it's more important if you get all the words right than it is to type so fast. I was always in a hurry trying to do my typing & I wanted to make my 40-words-a-minute so I could so I could pass my course. But the more mistakes you made, they subtracted that & that counted against you. So it's better to read slowly & get each word right.

       80. (DAVID: "AND AFTER THE LEAGUE MADE WITH HIM HE SHALL WORK DECEITFULLY & he shall come up & shall become strong with a small people.") Right, very good! How about that? I'll bet you didn't read that well when you were five! He may miss a few words sometimes because his mind's going ahead of what he's doing all the time. He's got the idea & not all the words are all that important as long as he gets the whole idea, see?--Like mine!

       81. NOW IT'S POSSIBLE THAT EVEN THIS LEAGUE HERE THAT IT'S SPEAKING OF IS ALSO SPEAKING OF THE COVENANT, because it's after the Antichrist makes Covenant that he becomes powerful & rules the World. So I'm inclined to believe that this league also means the Covenant, it's the same idea. A league means partnership or a deal or a union, something that's agreed upon together. He made a league with him some kind of binding agreement. Well, that's a covenant, isn't it? OK.

       82. AND AFTER THIS HE COMES UP & BECOMES STRONG WITH A SMALL PEOPLE, a people who once upon a time were not very strong, a very weak nation. There was a time when Russia couldn't lick anybody hardly, she lost a war to Japan, she lost a war to Germany, she lost every war she fought for awhile because she was so weak. Although it was a big country, a lot of territory, a lot of people, they were a very weak people, a small people in a way, not a big powerful people, therefore they could hardly win any wars at all. They had a very weak government under some of the Czars.

       83. BUT NOW, THIS GUY, HE WORKS DECEITFULLY, he's very clever, he deceives the people, he even lies to them, promises them things. And this one big promise he made was called the Covenant, & it speaks of it again & again here in the Bible about this Covenant that he makes.

       84. THAT'S THE BIGGEST LIE HE EVER TOLD IN WHICH HE PROMISES THE WORLD PEACE, religious freedom & Jerusalem internationalized & no more war between the Jews & the Arabs & the Christians & all this, & he promises'm everything. But right in the middle of the seven years, the biggest promise he made, this seven-years Covenant, he breaks it right in the middle.

       85. SO HE'S DECEITFUL, RIGHT? IF YOU BREAK A PROMISE YOU'RE A LIAR, if you don't keep your vow, you're deceitful. If you promise people something you don't intend to fulfill, that's deceiving them, isn't it? Deceitful, if you tell'm something that's not true. But he gets in power by telling them something that's not true, that he's gonna do this & he's gonna do that & he's gonna keep his promise--But as soon as he gets strong enough with a people that once were very small.[DELETED]

       86. THE RUSSIANS ONCE WERE A VERY SMALL PEOPLE compared to the mighty powers of the British Empire, Roman Empire, Greek Empire, American Empire, all these great countries even in this modern day, the Russians were a very small people. But they have gained a lot of territory since then, right? Become strong with a small people. And 24th verse, we're going to have some more of this peaceable entering:

       87. (DAVID: "HE SHALL ENTER PEACEABLY EVEN UPON THE FATTEST PLACES OF THE PROVINCE; & he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, & spoil, & riches: yea, & he shall forecast his devices against the strong holds, even for a time.")

       88. WOW! ISN'T THAT AMAZING? And isn't David amazing? PTL! God bless David, hasn't he learned to read well? (Family: Amen!) And he really likes to read it too, don't you? You like to read the Bible? (David: Uh-huh.) You like to read the MO Letters? (David: Yes.) What do you like to read best? I bet you like to read the Komix best, so do I!

       89. I LOVE THE KOMIX, THAT'S JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED, to put it all in Komix, to put the truth into simple illustrated graphic form that everybody could understand & everybody could read, & attractive. (David: I like the Komic best of "Little Things.") His favourite Komic is "Little Things," how about that? Because he's kind of a little thing himself. When you're little folks you appreciate little things, don't you?

       90. THAT WAS A BIG JAWBREAKER OF A VERSE, WASN'T IT? I think that's almost the longest verse in the whole chapter! It kind of has the flavour of the way the Communists work anyhow, doesn't it, & the Russians?--"Enter peaceably upon the fattest places of the province.' Well, I'd say, that's a better way to enter than to come in shooting like the Americans do! Better to persuade them to surrender, better to persuade them to keep the peace.

       91. "HERE I AM, I'M NOT YOUR ENEMY, I'M YOUR FRIEND! I'm here to liberate you & share the wealth and divvy up the land & throw out your rich tyrannical oppressive colonial rulers & I'm going to save you!" And there are many many Communists who sincerely believe that & mean that & really want to save the World & save the people and save the poor, they really do. They're honest & sincere, many of them are, but of course not all their leaders are necessarily like that.

       92. BUT ANYHOW, "THEY ENTER PEACEABLY UPON THE FATTEST PLACES OF THE PROVINCE & DO THAT WHICH HIS FATHERS HAVE NOT DONE." Now this is speaking, of course, of the Antichrist himself, "Nor his fathers' fathers," what? "Shall scatter among them the prey, & the spoil, & riches."

       93. VERY FEW WORLD CONQUERORS, KINGS, TYRANTS & INVADERS HAVE COME INTO A COUNTRY & THEN DIVIDED THE LAND & divided the riches amongst the people of the country, taken it away from the rich & given it to the poor. Very few have ever done that, it's been a rare rare thing. But that's what the Communists do, that's what the Russians do, at least that's what they say they do & a lot of times they do. They come in & take it away from the rich & they give it to the poor, literally they do it.

       94. NOT MANY OF THEIR FATHERS OR THEIR FATHERS' FATHERS EVER DID IT. What most conquerors did, they came in & slaughtered both rich & poor & took all the wealth & the riches for themselves & took it home with them. But this kind of conqueror is going to scatter the prey, divide the spoil & the riches, something very unusual that has not usually been done before. They're going to divide it up, take away from the rich & give to the poor. Well, that sounds like a pretty good idea, not too bad. (David: But they do it without God.) Yes, that's the trouble. He hit the secret!

       95. SEE, IT'S THE DEVIL'S OWN SYSTEM, THE DEVIL'S OWN TRYING TO BE LIKE GOD. He's going to be fair, he's going to be righteous, he's going to take it away from these oppressive rich & give it to the poor, & he's going to be more fair than God!--Or pretend to be!

       96. HE'S GOING TO BE BETTER TO THE POOR THAN GOD, he's going to be better & more fair & more peaceable than God & God's people who have largely oppressed the poor & tyrannised the World. It wasn't the Communists who dropped the first atom bombs, it was the U.S.A. And they weren't satisfied with dropping one, wiping out one whole city full of babies & women & children & old men, but also another city.

       97. "YEA, & HE SHALL FORECAST HIS DEVICES AGAINST THE STRONG HOLDS, EVEN FOR A TIME." Aren't the World Communists & the Russians bragging about what they're going to do to rest of the World & telling the World that Communism is going to win in the long run no matter what? And I believe'm! Because in some ways they're more righteous than the capitalists.

       98. IN SOME WAYS THEY'RE AT LEAST TRYING TO GIVE THE POOR SOMETHING TO EAT & JOBS & AT LEAST A HOME, even if it is a cubical apartment, & giving them something instead of almost nothing like the capitalists have done. The capitalists, the rich, have robbed the poor, whereas the Communists are promising to feed the poor & help them & take care of them, & they have in many instances. They have been more righteous in that way than the capitalists who, sad to say, seem to be mostly Christians.

       99. HERE THE CHRISTIANS, THE SUPPOSED RIGHT PEOPLE, ARE PREACHING THE WRONG MESSAGE, CAPITALISM. Here the Communists, supposed to be the wrong people, are preaching the right message, socialism, share the wealth, be good to the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house them, give them schools, hospitals, houses, places to live, a little land. That sounds like that ought to be a good Christian doctrine. It was the doctrine and practice of the Early Church, it was what they taught & practiced & lived. Genuine, true communism, a genuine socialism, a genuine sharing the wealth.

       100. WELL, NOW ALONG COMES THE DEVIL'S PEOPLE WHO HATE GOD & PREACH AGAINST CHRIST, & yet they're preaching the Christian message of sharing the wealth, socialism--the wrong people preaching the right message. Of course they're going to win the people with the right message! Of course they're going to flatter them with the right message & win them peaceably with the right message & method, even if they're the wrong people!

       101. BUT HERE ARE THE CAPITALIST, THE CHRISTIANS, SUPPOSED TO BE THE RIGHT PEOPLE who are supposed to love God & Jesus, but they're preaching the wrong message! They're not preaching share the wealth, divvy up the land & give it to the poor, they're not preaching feed the starving.

       102. THEY'RE NOT PREACHING LET'S ALL OF US RICH GIVE OUR WEALTH AWAY & HELP FEED THE POOR & house them & clothe them & build them hospitals & school & things like that, are they? Here are the Christians, the Capitalists, who are not preaching the right message. They're preaching a selfish message of capitalism, selfishness, get-rich-quick, to Hell with the poor, damn the little guy & let's keep it all to ourselves, like the U.S.A. & even rich Western Europe.

       103. HERE'S THE SUPPOSED RIGHT PEOPLE, THE CHRISTIAN NATIONS, PREACHING THE WRONG MESSAGE OF SELFISH CAPITALISM, selfish materialism & giving nothing or very little to the poor. The only time they give to the poor is to keep the poor from slitting their throats or keep the dogs from attacking them, so they throw them a few bones once in awhile, they call it "foreign aid."

       104. DEAR IRAN RIGHT NOW WANTS A LITTLE FOREIGN AID, in fact they want more foreign aid for their one country than the U.S. gives to the whole World in one year! A bit unfair! I've told you about these revolutions, you know, it's just a different set of top dogs, that's all, & they always want the same thing that the other guy had before him. And what is it? (Family: Money.)

       105. LIZA MINELLI SINGS THAT LITTLE SONG, "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MAKES THE WORLD GO 'ROUND, THE WORLD GO 'ROUND!" Yes, it makes it go around, all right, until it's dizzy & hypnotised & stupid & crazy to where it will kill anybody and anything to get money! So they're holding the hostages, or were. Maybe by the time you get this the hostages will be free or dead, one or the other. In any event they'll be free, one way or the other.

       106. AND HE'LL EVEN FORECAST HIS DEVICES AGAINST THE STRONG HOLD. The Antichrist will be so smart & demon-possessed, Devil-possessed that he'll be the Devil in person. He'll be a man with the Devil himself inside of him when he takes over, & the Devil's pretty smart. He can tell fortunes a lot of times, tell people what's going to happen, because he's already read it in the Bible. He can tell things that are going to happen because God's already spoken it by His prophets.

       107. THERE'S A GUY JUST NOW THAT HAS COMPLETELY UPSET THE U.S. STOCK MARKET. One fella made a bunch of phone calls & caused everybody to suddenly dump all their stocks because he said the stock market is going to go down. Well, we've been telling them that for years! Maybe he read one of our pamphlets! Maybe he read one of our Letters.

       108. THERE ARE OFTEN GUYS NOW PROCLAIMING, "BUY GOLD, BUY GOLD, IT'S THE ONLY SAFE INVESTMENT!" Well, I've been preaching that since 1962 I think it was, about 18 years! I guess some of those guys finally got ahold of our Letters or decided we must be right. Well, after all, when they look at the price of gold which was only about $35 an ounce in 1962 & right now is around $600 an ounce, naturally they're going to believe the message now! They've got to wait & see if it's really true. But now they're preaching it themselves, now they're buying gold & advocating everybody to buy gold.

       109. I'VE BEEN PREACHING AGAINST THE DOLLAR FOR YEARS! I said it's going to crash, it's nothing but a piece of paper, the economy is going to crash when finally people wake up to that fact & lose faith in it, it's going to be worth nothing! Now some great economists are preaching the same thing. They probably learned it from the prophets of God!

       110. SO EVEN THE DEVIL CAN PREACH THE RIGHT MESSAGE & FORETELL THE FUTURE if he's already heard it from the prophets of God. He's just kind of horning in on the message & plagiarising a little bit, stealing somebody else's material and preaching their message. Well, I don't mind that a bit, the more people who preach our message the better!

       111. WE'VE BEEN PREACHING SURVIVAL FOR YEARS! We've been preaching stock up, go mobile, get out of the city & all that sort of thing for years, & yet all of a sudden now just within the last couple years people begin to believe it. They see it's happening, they see what we promised & predicted is happening, & of course now a little late they're beginning to believe it & they're stocking up & going mobile & getting out of the city & building refuges, etc.

       112. OF COURSE THEY'RE NOT QUITE READY TO GO TO THE EXTREME WE ARE. Even some of our own people aren't willing to leave the U.S.A. & its comfort & its convenience & its opulence & its good jobs & good money, & if you don't have a job, at least good welfare, food stamps, & they still live pretty soft even on Social Security.

       113. THEY'D STILL RATHER STAY THERE ON SOCIAL SECURITY & SINK WITH THE SHIP than they would to take a chance to live by faith & go out & leave the country, the ol' stinkin' sinkin' ship, & go out to the mission field where they ought to be & preach the Gospel to the poor, & save themselves & the poor! Save themselves & these other countries!

       114. NO, THEY'RE TOO LAZY, THEY'RE TOO SELFISH, IT'S TOO HARD BEING A SOLDIER FOR JESUS CHRIST! It's too hard to fight the battle, it's too hard to go out & live by faith, it's too hard to live in those dirty filthy stinking little countries with a bunch of foreigners & a bunch of little beggars running around with fleas & all kinds of cooties, & mosquitoes carrying all kinds of diseases & all kind of insects & vipers & everything else! Too hard to live like that in those foreign countries with all those terrible things & all those terrible people, & "Hell no, I won't go!" That's what they're saying to the Lord!

       115. THE LORD'S NOT TRYING TO DRAFT'M, He's not conscripting'm, He's not making them register for the draft, He's just asking for volunteers. And still even His own people are saying, "Hell no, I won't go! I had it already, I spent my several years out there in the mission field & I know how tough it is! Now I have a wife & a bunch of kids & we just can't take it any more! I've got to go home & relax now & have a nice soft job & a comfortable home & a car & colour TV & a video, all these things that you talk about. I'm just going back there & practicing them & enjoying them, & hell no I won't go!"

       116. WELL, BECAUSE OF THEIR "NO," THEY'RE GONNA GET HELL!--Hell on Earth when the bombs start to fall! They're not willing to go now & save themselves now for the future & future generations, future people that they could preach to, they'd rather stay there & just go down & sink with the ship. Well, our time is almost up & I think we've only been through three or four verses, my oh my oh my!

       117. WELL, WE COULD GO ON & WE COULD TELL YOU MORE ABOUT THIS GUY & WHAT HE'S GOING TO DO, but I think we'd better save it for next time because it's pretty late, after eleven o'clock & the children need to get to bed & poor Davida is asleep! Honey, she's doing all right, let her sleep. You shouldn't laugh at her for sleepin', I think it's so sweet! That's all right, Honey, you go to sleep. It's a long late night & Grandpa's told a long story. Oh, it was so sweet to see her sitting there asleep!

       118. WELL, YOU'RE NOT THE FIRST ONE THAT EVER WENT TO SLEEP ON MY PREACHING! (Maria: I almost backslid over the long classes when I first joined!) I want you to get that on the record! Maria said she almost backslid in some of her first classes, she was so tired she went to sleep! (Maria: I wasn't used to such a late schedule! I got up to go to work early in the morning & went to bed early.) Poor Davida, God bless her!

       119. SO WHAT DO YOU THINK, DAVE, DON'T YOU THINK IT'S ENOUGH OF DANIEL FOR TONIGHT? Just four verses? (Maria: I think he'd rather just put the pictures up first.) Oh for goodness sake, I forgot all about the felt-o-gram! OK, give me the pictures! Here it is, Daniel 11. The Antichrist will come in peaceably, obtain the kingdom with flatteries, be strong with a small people. Well, they're not very small now, but they were to begin with. And what comes next?

       120. OH, HE SHARES THE WEALTH! BREAD FOR THE POOR! He's going to feed the poor little starving people here & there. Of course, the faster you shoot'm, the less you have to feed'm, so that's the practice in Vietnam. The U.S. went over there & shot as many as they could & killed & bombed & slaughtered as many as they could & that way they didn't have to feed'm!

       121. WHEN THEY GOT SO MAD FIGHTING THE VIETCONG & THEY JUST COULDN'T LICK'M & they couldn't find'm because they were as thick as the trees & behind the trees, one general said, "Well, if we can't stamp out Communism any other way, we'll just go over there and kill'm!" That was his method of eradicating & erasing Communism form Vietnam. "If all the poor are going to be Communists, then we're going to kill all the poor!" This is what he said! A great general, no doubt a good Christian church member of a great Christian country, the U.S.A.! "The way to stamp out these terrible Communists is to just go over & kill'm all!"

       122. BUT THE POOR COME ALONG & THEY ESTABLISH COMMUNISM, & dear Castro of Cuba, he got tired of Batista, the tyrant emperor of Cuba who ran the country for the Mafia & had all kinds of gambling houses & whorehouses & crime & starving the poor & working the poor little peons only four months out of the year during the sugar-cane harvest & starving to death the rest of the year!

       123. DEAR CASTRO GREW UP AMONGST SOME OF THOSE POOR PEOPLE, although he was rich, & he said when he grew up he was going to help the poor & he did. He threw Batista out, conquered the country, & he let everybody keep their house that'd paid rent for ten years or more, they could just have it free from now on & it could be theirs. He gave all the little farmers a little piece of land & a little cottage & he built little clinics & hospitals & schools where they'd never had them before.

       124. WHEN THEY ASKED ONE PRIEST WHY THE COMMUNISTS & WHY CASTRO'S GOVERNMENT HAD SO EASILY TAKEN OVER CUBA & WAS SO POPULAR, he said the simple words: "Well, he built a roof over our heads!" When they were living in little shanties and shacks before, he gave them nice little cottages to live in, he built roofs over their heads & gave them school & medicine & all these things they needed.

       125. SO THE ANTICHRIST MARCHES IN FOR PEACE & LIES TO THE PEOPLE. He's going to say it's all for peace, & in a way it's true, he's trying to establish a peace wherein he rules, of course, his kind of peace, & power to the people, & obtains it with flatteries & "Gospel according to Marx," that's certainly true. That's exactly what they preach.

       126. THE BIBLE PREACHES THE GOSPEL OF SHARING & LOVE & SHARING THE WEALTH TOO, it's too bad the Christians stopped preaching it! If the Christians had kept preaching it & doing it, the Communists never would have gotten anywhere, because the so-called Capitalist countries would have shared their wealth with the poor & the poor would have been happy & there wouldn't have been anybody unhappy that Reds could subvert & persuade to follow them. So you see, Karl Marx was preaching what the Christians really should have been preaching.

       127. UNTIL FINALLY WITH ALL THIS HE CONQUERS THE WORLD, & we're going to read about that next time. We're not quite that far yet. OK? So you got the idea? This is the way he's coming in & conquering things & conquering countries by telling the people the truth, even at the same time he's deceiving them, telling people the right thing & doing the right thing for them at the same time he's preaching against God & against Christ.

       128. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY'RE ALREADY DOING, & SO THEREFORE I'M CONVINCED THAT THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM, the Antichrist World government, because it's acting & doing exactly like described here that we read to you out of the Bible already. So that when he comes in it'll be no different, he'll simply embody the whole thing, he'll become the great leader of it all, he'll be the superman. Did I say Superman? Oh my, how about that? I thought he was in a movie, in a cartoon!

       129. WELL, THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE A SUPERMAN, A SUPER-DUPER LEADER, & HE'S GOING TO LEAD THE WORLD! He's going to make peace, he's going to knock the Jew's & the Arabs' & the Christians' heads together & make'm stop fighting over Jerusalem & their religions, the Muslims too. He's going to solve the economic problems, feed the poor, stop the wars, & who wouldn't want a government like that?

       130. WHO WOULDN'T WANT A GREAT WISE LEADER THAT SOLVES ALL THE PROBLEMS LIKE THAT?--So supernatural & so super-duper, he's really something! So naturally, of course, the World's going to fall down and worship him as their saviour and their messiah, the one who saved the World!--Not for democracy, but at least for themselves, & save the World for peace & for plenty--not necessarily freedom, but at least peace & plenty.

       131. LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO GO WITHOUT FREEDOM AS LONG AS THEY CAN HAVE PEACE & PLENTY. Even dogs & wild animals in cages are willing to go without freedom if they can have peace. It's a very safe place, a cage, you're protected from your enemies & you're fed & you have peace & plenty. Of course you don't have freedom along with it, but a lot of people like that idea of peace & plenty even if they don't have freedom.

       132. A LOT OF PEOPLE CAN BE PERSUADED ON THAT, ESPECIALLY IF THEY'VE BEEN STARVING BEFORE & HAD NOTHING BUT WAR BEFORE & the West & Capitalism brought them nothing but bullets & bombs & defoliants and poison gas & the horrors of Hell on Earth! Here comes a man who promises them a little plot of land, share the wealth, cottage, hospitals, clinics, schools, food, job, peace, plenty, even if it's almost like in a cage & there's not much freedom, who wouldn't go for that sort of a message?

       133. I THINK MOST OF THE POOR WHO HAVEN'T HAD MUCH FREEDOM ANYHOW under the other tyrants of the World wouldn't mind trading one tyrant for another as long as the other tyrant treated them better, or even pretended to treat them better & really did treat them better. So he's probably going to do all these things that we've read tonight in the Bible, & we see here a few of them on the board.

       134. WELL, THAT'S AS FAR AS WE CAN GET WITH CHAPTER 11 TONIGHT, first he comes in all peace & flattery & plenty & persuading everybody to surrender without a shot, & that's the way they've pretty much taken over the World, haven't they? How many countries have the Russians actually had to send in their own armies, forces, guns, planes in order to conquer them? Afghanistan is about the first one we've heard about.

       135. THEY'VE CONQUERED OVER HALF OF THE WORLD ALREADY WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT, just conquering people's minds & hearts with propaganda, peaceably with flatteries, & coming in & scattering the prey & dividing up the spoil & sharing the wealth, etc., just exactly like it tells in the Bible & as we tried to illustrate a little bit here. But we're going to see what that leads to as we go into the rest of this chapter.

       136. IF YOU THOUGHT THOSE OTHER CHAPTERS WERE HEAVY, THIS DANIEL 11 IS THE HEAVIEST CHAPTER IN DANIEL & it's got really the most in it! So it's going to take us maybe a few nights to cover. Well, we got through four verses tonight anyhow. (To David:) Are you breaking the Scriptures to see what kind of a verse you're going to get for tonight? Can you open & find us a good verse to close on? Or can you just quote us a good verse to close on tonight? Do you know anymore of those verse in Daniel? (Sara: What about your 11:31 about "arms.")

       137. (DAVID: "AND ARMS SHALL STAND ON HIS PART & they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength, & shall place the abomination that maketh desolate.") Wow! That's what we're going to hear about next time! This guy knows more Bible prophecy than most preachers I ever heard, & he understands it better too! Hallelujah! GBY, Son, that's 'cause you're a prophet too & you're not going to be preaching the Gospel, you're already preaching the Gospel! He's preaching it to you right now! PTL!

       138. SO, PTL! LET'S HAVE PRAYER, FOLKS. We've gotta dismiss, it's 11:30! My classes always last at least two hours. I told in a Letter today I can't possibly say anything in less than about two hours! If I'm going to teach a class or anything, it takes me that long, because along the line, as you see, I've got to preach on economics & politics & World events & the future & everything, as well as the Bible! But anyhow, you seem to need it & want it & I hope you enjoy it! (Family: Amen!)

       139. ALL RIGHT, DAVID, YOU CAN LEAD US IN A NICE LITTLE PRAYER & ask the Lord to bless us & give us a goodnight & Faithy a safe journey & all those things? PTL! (David: Lord help us to have a good rest & Lord help us to be good & Lord help Faithy's trip to Switzerland to be good & Lord help all the children at Greece to like our video here & help her to have a safe trip & Lord bless all the Family around the World & help us to have a good rest, in Jesus' name. Amen!) Amen!

       140. AS WE ALL PRAY TOGETHER THE PRAYER THAT THE LORD HIMSELF TAUGHT US TO PRAY, shall we? You folks there can all clasp hands & form a circle if you want you. You don't have to, the Lord will still hear you, but we like it, it's a good old Family custom & we do it the best we can. There's another prayer I wish you'd learn & I like to say.

       141. DO YOU KNOW THE "MAY THE WORDS" PRAYER, DAVID? (David: "May the words of my mouth & the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength & my Redeemer!") Does anybody know where it's found? (Sara: Psalm 19.) Very good, that's in the Old Testament too. Good prayer, huh? (Family: Amen!)

       142. WE HEARD SOMEBODY PRAY THAT JUST RECENTLY IN A MOVIE, the preacher in "Night of the Iguana." Poor fella, he had a hard time. He got fed up with the church & they got fed up with him just like my church did, it reminded me of what happened to me! I had a lot of sympathy for the poor guy. That's a good interesting movie to see, with Richard Burton, Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner & some of them.

       143. WE'VE HAD A LOT OF GOOD VIDEOS & BE SURE YOU GET TO SEE THEM, you learn something from almost all of them. Some of them are just fun & entertainment, some are very educational & some are inspiring like "The Robe," etc., & some of them are edifying & informational & at least it keeps you off the streets & out of the cinemas! Well, that's nothing to laugh at, let me tell you, streets are dangerous nowadays for a carload of people to have to go clear into town to the cinema to see a picture! That's a dangerous adventure & scarey & almost more exciting than the picture itself!

       144. SO IF WE CAN KEEP YOU NICE & SAFE AT HOME & save gas & tires & accidents & let you be able to choose what you want to see & what's good for you & see it a lot cheaper at home than you can at the cinema, then I'd say it's a pretty good idea! Besides, best of all, we get to see you! PTL! And right now you're getting to see me! I don't know whether that was much of a treat to look at my ugly mug or not, but anyway, at least you heard the Word of God that was the best treat of all! PTL? Hallelujah? TYJ!

       145. PREACH THE WORD! BE INSTANT IN SEASON & OUT OF SEASON, but better in season. (2Tim.4:2.) Try to keep avoiding that out of season business! But be instant, anyhow. They've got instant everything else now, instant coffee, instant oatmeal, instant tea, everything's instant now, so why can't we be instant Christians & instant witnesses? It's in the Bible! I just quoted it to you! The Bible says you're to be instant!

       146. KIND OF LIKE THE LITTLE BOY THAT SAID, "WHAT DO YOU THINK GOD MEANS WHEN HE SAYS 'THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN'"? Some day it's going to be done that way, huh? But it should be done that way right now. You know what the little boy said? He said it means "Right now!" Right now! Instantly! Be instant Christians! Instantly obedient, amen? (Family: Amen!) Instant in season & out of season, instant witnesses! Hallelujah! We're right up to date, all kinds of instants are in circulation now, we're instant Christians!

       147. WE'VE GOT AN INSTANT SALVATION! You can receive Jesus right this minute, right this second, & be saved instantly, that's instant salvation! PG? And you can instantly start to witness & instantly start obeying Jesus, PTL? So we can be instant Christians! Hallelujah? That's the latest thing, to be instant. That way you don't have to wait, you can do it right now. So that's the way God's will is done on Earth as it is in Heaven, right now! Instantly! This instant! And I think it's time to close, right now, this instant!

       148. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! GOODNIGHT! Poor Davida's walking in her sleep! Come here, Honey, kiss Grandpa goodnight. She's been such a good girl & stayed here all night without complaint, even fell asleep sitting up! She didn't grumble or complain, she didn't whine, she didn't say, "I want to go to bed, I want to get out of here, I want to go upstairs & play!" She didn't say, "I don't want to sit & listen to Grandpa going on all night!"

       149. SHE JUST SAT THERE SILENTLY, QUIETLY, SWEETLY like a true little Christian martyr & suffered quietly. (Sara: Did you like the story?) (Davida: Yes!) But it was too long, wasn't it? (Davida: No!) What a loyal fan! Even half asleep that loyalty shines through! ILY! GBY! Goodnight, Sweet Baby! Lord bless & keep you & give you a good night's rest now. I know the Lord's going to bless you for being nice & quiet & He even blessed you with a nice little nap in your chair so you wouldn't get too tired. Now you can go up & sleep in you nice little bed & you won't have to listen to Grandpa for another hour!

       150. GBY, DAVID! GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU & GIVE YOU A GOOD NIGHT. And thank you for reading the Bible! I think he did a good job! Hallelujah! And that was a good prayer too, amen? He's a good man to ask questions, 'cause he's got the answers! So PTL! Hallelujah! Instantly! Hallelujah! Instant Christians. TYL! "Be ye instant," it says so! It's a commandment in the Bible! The Bible says you gotta be instant. So become an instant Christian, instantly obey, instantly witness & instantly serve the Lord every instant. PTL? GBY!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family