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DANIEL 11!--Part 2!--Daniel 11:24-35.       DFO 1495       France, 8/2/81
--The Antichrist Covenant, Abomination & Tribulation!

       1. DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER WHERE OUR LAST LESSON LEFT OFF WITH DANIEL & HIS PRETTY GIRLFRIEND? (Shows bookmark.) You see, they were kind of dark over there in that far off land of Babylon, they were a little more dark-skinned, sort of like the Indians. You go to the Mideast today & they're very dark-skinned just like this little girl here. Lots of Arabs are rather dark-skinned & the Mideasterners, the Iranians, & the Iraqis.

       2. DID YOU KNOW DANIEL WAS IN IRAQ WHEN HE GOT THIS VISION? He was in Babylon which is in Iraq, they found the site where Babylon used to be not far away from the Tower of Babel. That's where they get the name Babylon, it was where the Tower of Babel was. Where they all began to babble, remember?

       3. THEY GOT THEIR LANGUAGES CONFUSED WHEN THEY BUILT THE TOWER OF BABEL. It became the Tower of Babble & they went to babbling away to each other & couldn't even understand each other because they were all speaking different languages. And that's why they named the country Babylon, babble on, see? They just went on babbling & babbled on & babbled on & babbled on & babbled on. That's why they named it Babylon! They did! Babble on! And they've been babbling on ever since!

       4. WE HAVE SO MUCH TROUBLE GOING FROM ONE COUNTRY TO THE OTHER BECAUSE WE HAVE TO BABBLE ON IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE, & all that babbling on started at Babylon at the Tower of Babel where they first started babbling! She's like a pretty little Iraqi girl, I don't know just exactly what her nationality really is but she sure is pretty! Anyhow, she's tucked in here with Daniel 11 & do you remember how far we got in our last study? (Sara: Four verses, up to 24.)

       5. WE GOT DOWN THROUGH THE 24TH VERSE, DIDN'T WE? We said the Antichrist was going to do something his fathers had never done before. (David: Nor his fathers' fathers.) And what were the things that he was going to do that his fathers & his fathers' fathers, even his grandfathers, had never done in the 24th verse? Can you find it?

       6. FIRST OF ALL, THEY ENTER PEACEABLY UPON THE LAND, THE FATTEST PLACES WITHOUT EVEN A WAR. The Communists & the Russians have taken over many countries without firing a shot, without a war, without even civil war, without even guerrillas in lots of places. They just took it over because the people got sick & fed up with the Capitalists & the rich people & the colonialists and they just decided to be Communists & decided of their own accord to change kings. They chucked out their old kings & their old leaders, so the Communists just walked in peaceably without even having to fire a shot or make any battles at all.

       7. "AND HE SHALL COME UP & SHALL BECOME STRONG WITH A SMALL PEOPLE." Communism started with a very very small, not a very powerful country. The land is big, Russia is a very big country, but they were a very small people, they were not very powerful. When they would take over each country they would divide up the riches, take the riches away from the rich to feed the poor.

       8. THEY'D TAKE THE RICHES & THE HOUSES & THE LANDS AWAY FROM THE RICH & give all the little farmers a little house & a little plot of land. They'd take all the big fancy houses, big beautiful houses big as hotels or museums, & they'd make hospitals & schools out of them for the poor. He would scatter the prey or the riches or the wealth or the booty that usually the conquering armies take away from the people they conquer. He would scatter it amongst the poor, scatter the prey, & the spoil & the riches.

       9. THAT'S SOMETHING VERY UNUSUAL, BECAUSE USUALLY WHEN CONQUERORS COME IN THEY CHASE ONE SET OF RICH PEOPLE OUT of all the big palaces & castles & mansions, & they move in. But not this one, he scatters all these things out to the poor people & he gives the mansion for a school & the castle for a hospital & he gives the big big great big farms to the little tiny farmers, chops them up into little farms so every little farmer can have his own farm. He scatters the prey & the spoil & the riches, gives them to the poor. And what does the rest of verse 24 say, David?

       10. (DAVID: "YEA, & HE SHALL FORECAST HIS DEVICES AGAINST THE STRONG HOLDS, EVEN FOR A TIME.") He'll forecast, he will predict, that means to say ahead of time what he's going to do. He's going to say we're going to conquer the whole World! Stalin says, "You can't have Communism & Capitalism both in the same World, either one is eventually going to conquer, & we the Communists are going to conquer the World! We're going to take it over away from those rich stinkin' Capitalists who have nearly wrecked the World!"--In fact, they're probably going to blow it up almost one of these days with their atomic bombs!

       11. IT WASN'T THE COMMUNISTS THAT FIRST DISCOVERED THE ATOMIC BOMB & made the first bombs & blew up the first cities, it was the Capitalists! It was the wild & woolly West! (David: Yes, it was America, too.) Yes, it was the U.S. part of the wild & woolly West. They're still like the wild & woolly West, like cowboys, & like to shoot'm up all the time & throw around bombs & planes & guns & tanks, & they blew up two whole Japanese cities with all the people in them, the old people, the men, the women, the children, the babies, everything! Isn't that horrible?

       12. AMERICA WAS THE FIRST TO USE THE ATOM BOMB & IS THE ONLY ONE THAT'S EVER USED IT SO FAR. And I'll bet you they're going to use it again, they're going to try to use it on Russia, on the Communists, to try to stop them. But if God is with the Russians, to punish His people & to punish the West & punish the rich & to punish the Capitalists & all these rich people that have starved the poor & have fought wars in Vietnam & blown up Japanese cities & killed so many people, the Americans have, one of these days they're going to reap what they sowed. They're going to be blown up themselves & get atom bombs themselves. That's a fact!

       13. SO, HE'S GOING TO FORECAST HIS DEVICES AGAINST THE STRONGHOLDS, & what's one of the strongest holds today? It's a hole, alright, it's the pit!--The U.S.A., America! It says hold, h-o-l-d, but we could pronounce it strong hole. It's a real hole, a pit of the Devil & all his devices. A strong hole, very strong, but not strong enough for the Antichrist.

       14. NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO KEEP HIM OUT BECAUSE HE'S GONNA FORECAST HIS DEVICES, he's gonna say what he's gonna do to them. He's already warned them, "If you try to blow us up we're going to blow you right off the map!" We'll take our map & look at it & there won't be any U.S.A. any more. Won't be any America any more, going to blow'm right off the map! How about that?

       15. YOU JUST GOT A NEW WORLD MAP THE OTHER DAY, DIDN'T YOU? Nice big round globe of the whole World. Did you find the U.S.A. on it? It was on there. You probably didn't pay much attention to that because we're more interested in other places, more important places where you go as a missionary & where we live & so on. We don't want to just look at the place that's going to be blown off the map!

       16. (DAVID: BUT I FOUND SOUTH AMERICA & NORTH AMERICA.) The U.S.A. is part of North America, & some day you're going to look at your globe & find out the U.S.A. is blown right off the map by all the atom bombs that the Russians are going to shoot at'm. Maybe even their own atom bombs, who knows? Maybe the Lord'll frustrate'm so they just get out of the silos & fall right back on them! Or they just get up in the air & they come right back down again.

       17. THAT USED TO HAPPEN TO US WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY when we used to fire off firecrackers & skyrockets. Sometimes they'd not go very far, they'd just go up a little ways & they'd fizzle & come right back on us & go boom & we'd have to run!--Because our own firecrackers & our own skyrockets were falling right back on top us!

       18. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THE LORD LET THAT HAPPEN TO THE U.S.A., to the Americans, because of the horrible things they've done to the rest of the World, let their own bombs fall right back on their own heads. He said He'd bring again their judgement on their own heads, right? There's verses about that.

       19. THEY PRETEND TO BE SO RIGHTEOUS & SUCH GOOD CHRISTIANS, when they fight us & hate us & try to kill us & kidnap us & torture us & do all kinds of terrible things to us, just like the Scribes & the Pharisees in Jesus' day! They were supposed to be such good religious men, leaders of their church, & yet they killed Jesus & they persecuted the disciples. Well, that's just the way the American Christians are today. They're persecuting the Children of God & the Family of Love & all the cults & sects & all those different poor little young people's groups, persecuting them & torturing them & kidnapping them & imprisoning them & doing all kinds of terrible things to them!

       20. SO DON'T YOU THINK THEY DESERVE JUDGEMENT? They deserve to have some of those bombs fall right back on their own heads again. How do we know where those bombs are going to go? All kinds of machinery could go wrong, you know? They're all dependent on a bunch of little tiny memory chips & computer chips & stuff inside of them to direct them where to go, & the Lord could make those memory chips forget & rewire'm so they go like a boomerang, weeeeeiiiiee out toward Russia & come right back & boom!--Hit America again like that!

       21. PRETEND MY FINGERS ARE A PAPER AIRPLANE SHOOTING AT RUSSIA, Pretend Alf over there is a Russian & you're going to shoot the bomb at Alf. And here it goes! Vooom! Way out there, but the Lord could make it turn right around & forget its memory chips & everything and where it's supposed to go & turn right around & come back & go boom against the U.S. again!

       22. MAN CAN'T CONTROL THINGS LIKE THAT, GOD'S IN CONTROL, so no mater what the Devil tries to do & America tries to do & all the bad people try to do, the Lord's going to let it come right back on their own heads, fall down boom on their own heads! Crack their own skulls, bonk'm on the bonkus! That's what I always tell your little sister Techi. I say, "Look out, you're going to fall down & bonk your bonkus!"

       23. ALL THESE TERRIBLE SINS AMERICA'S BEEN COMMITTING & FIRING OFF INTO OTHER COUNTRIES & other places & doing terrible things to other people are going to come right back in their own heads & bonk'm on the bonkus! That came down pretty hard that time, huh? (David: Yes!) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to land so hard but I was giving you a sample of what it was going to be like. America's sins are gonna come back right down on her own head. Can you take another bonk on the bonkus? Bonk! All right. He's a good boy, that'd be a good illustration, we'll have a little skit here!

       24. OK, NEXT VERSE! HE GOES ON & TELLS MORE ABOUT ALL KINDS OF THINGS THAT HE DOES. "He shall stir up his power & his courage against the king of the South with a great army; & the king of the South shall be stirred up to battle with a very great & mighty army; but he shall not stand!" Now who do you suppose the king of the South is? (David: The Antichrist?) No. The Antichrist is going to fight the king of the South, in fact all the kings of the South, they're all going to try to fight him.

       25. NOW WHERE IS RUSSIA? IS IT DOWN SOUTH OR IS IT WAY UP NORTH? (David: Way up North.) Can you find Russia over there on the World map? Oh my goodness, it's that great big green country! Green instead of red, isn't that funny? It should have been red Russia & they've got green green Russia!

       26. WHEN YOU'RE POINTING UP THAT WAY, WHAT WAY ARE YOU POINTING? (DAVID: NORTH!) It's a North country, in fact there aren't any countries after that, it's the Northest country you can get! It's the most North country there is. Besides that country there isn't any country more North than Russia! It goes almost to the North Pole. Way up North! Now can you find Israel? It's so tiny you can hardly see it, it's a little tiny green spot. Oh, he's got it! Hold your pen just like that! He's got it exactly in the right position for Russia's attack on Israel!

       27. RUSSIA'S GOING TO COME DOWN FROM THE NORTH & ATTACK THE KING OF THE SOUTH, & who is the king of the South right now, or they think they're the king of the South? They think they're the biggest & the most powerful & the smartest & the richest & that they're going to run the whole Mideast because they've got the U.S. behind them.

       28. THEY THINK THEY'RE THE KING OF THE SOUTH, BUT WHO'S GOING TO COME DOWN THERE & SHOOT BULLETS AT'M? Show'm how they're going to do it, David!--Come right down & attack the king of the South there in Israel. In fact, there are going to be quite a few kings of the South down there fighting together with Israel & even the kings of the West are going to fight together with Israel. (David: And somewhere here they're going to be blown off the map!) Yes! Shoot bombs over there and drop atom bombs & blow it off the map!

       29. AND ALL THOSE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES ARE CAUGHT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE, AREN'T THEY? Right in-between. We hope the bombs are going to go over their heads & not land on'm, but because they've got so many atom bombs from America themselves, I'm afraid that a lot of the bombs are going to land right on Europe because they insist on having bombs there that they're planning to shoot at Russia.

       30. BUT WHEN RUSSIA PUSHES THAT BUTTON FIRST, ALL THOSE BIG BOMBS FROM RUSSIA ARE GOING TO BE LANDING ON EUROPE & GERMANY where they're persecuting our children right now. They took that poor little three-year-old girl away from that mother & put her in an institution, saying she was an unfit mother because she was a member of the Children of God, the Family of Love!

       31. THEY SAID SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN, that that's terrible for her to even be her mother, & they took her away from her own mother! Think of it! Not even her grandmother or grandfather or relatives but just so-called friends. I don't call them friends, do you? Her friends reported to the government that she was an unfit mother & they had policemen come & take the little girl away from her. Isn't that terrible?

       32. THE LORD SHOWED ME THAT AFTER THIS WAR, GERMANY IS JUST GOING TO BE AN ATOMIC DESERT! If you have relatives there, you don't want them to have to be there when that happens! You'd better warn'm they'd better get out of Germany, tell them it's going to be an atomic desert. They'd better get out of Germany before the war comes!

       33. WE HAVE A LOT OF FAMILY THERE TOO BECAUSE THE PICKIN' IS GOOD & the litnessing is good & the witnessing is good & the giving is good & they get good support there because the Germans are rich. We've had a lot of Family still staying there when we warned'm time & again to get out just like the U.S.A., 'cause it's going to be bombed out, an atom desert when it's all over! So you don't want to be in places like that. (David: But if lots of bombs land here, we're going to take a trip.) Yes!

       34. WE WARNED EVERYBODY TO TAKE A TRIP FROM EUROPE DOWN TO SOUTH AMERICA! (David: Hopefully we're gonna be right up around there where the Equator is where it's nice & warm.) Yes! Wouldn't that be a nice place to be around there near the Equator where it's nice & warm? In the South you don't have to have any fires or coal heat.

       35. SO THE KING OF THE NORTH IS GOING TO ATTACK THE KING OF THE SOUTH. Even if he comes from Egypt, he goes up North. Maybe he goes there to go to college to get his schooling or something. That's where the Russians train all their outstanding leaders & all the leading Communists, they train them up in Moscow, & then they send them to help with the Communist Revolution everywhere all over the World.

       36. AND WHERE'S AFRICA? THEY DON'T HAVE TO SEND ANY BOMBS TO AFRICA BECAUSE THEY'LL ALREADY HAVE IT! They've almost got all of Africa already, it's just little bits of it that they don't have. And besides, there's nothing in there that they'd want to bomb because they don't have any bombs down there, & therefore Africa would be a pretty safe place, South America a pretty safe place, even the Caribbean might be fairly safe.

       37. JUST ABOVE SOUTH AMERICA THERE'S SOME BLUE WATER & SOME LITTLE ISLANDS, Cuba & Puerto Rico & Dominica & Jamaica, & then there's a little narrow strip of land down there that looks like a tail coming down from Mexico. That's Central America & you might be safe there because they don't have any atom bombs. They're not going to be shooting any big guns at Russia so you'd probably be safe even in Mexico & Central America & the Caribbean.

       38. (DAVID: THEY COULD DRIVE OR WALK ALL THIS LONG WAY & JUST GO AHEAD.) Yes, they could almost drive all the way if they only had a highway, but there's no highway! The highway stops in Panama & then there's a big canal there, see, you'd have to jump the canal and that's water so they can't have the highway clear through now. I don't think the U.S. wanted them to finish that highway. They wanted to go to South America, but they're afraid that South America's going to come up & take over the U.S.A. so they don't want to finish that highway.

       39. BOOM! BOMBS COMING FROM RUSSIA TO THE U.S., but let's hope they miss the Caribbean & Central America & Mexico & South America where all of our kids are missionaries & winning the lost to Jesus & telling the folks about the love of God & the good Gospel of Salvation. PTL? We think that those countries are going to escape because the Lord promised they would escape.

       40. AND DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE'RE EVEN SOME COUNTRIES IN THE MIDEAST THAT ARE GOING TO ESCAPE? Israel's not going to escape. Bombs are going to come down from the King of the North & hit Israel! Boom! They're going to invade Israel & take it over. The Jews said, "We're going to take Jerusalem!"--& they just grabbed it! Begin said, "We're going to take Jerusalem & keep it forever, our capital of our eternal Israel, our eternal capital!" Well, he's going to find out something different pretty soon, because the Russians are going to walk in & take the place over!

       41. THE COMMUNISTS ARE GOING TO WALK IN & TAKE IT OVER & the Arabs are going to walk in & take it over because the king of the North & the kings of the East are going to walk in & take all that country over. The Bible says so! We'll show you later in Ezekiel where it says exactly what countries are going to be hit hard by this big battle with the Antichrist coming from the North, & which countries are going to escape.

       42. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE THE SAFE PLACES ARE GOING TO BE IN THE MIDEAST, stick around for a later lesson on Ezekiel & I'll give you the very names of the Mideast countries that are going to escape & won't have destruction in that battle. The Lord's going to help them to escape. It's all right in Ezekiel.

       43. AND IF YOU CAN'T WAIT TILL THAT NEXT LESSON YOU CAN GO AHEAD & READ IT FOR YOUR HOMEWORK ahead of time in Ezekiel 38 & 39. It tells right there the names of the countries that are going to be conquered & hit hard by this battle, & then it tells you the names of the countries that are going to escape out of his hand. (David: That's Edom, Ammon & Moab.) How did you know that? (David: My pretty teacher over here told me!) How did she know that?

       44. SOME OF THOSE COUNTRIES ARE GOING TO ESCAPE BUT NOT ISRAEL because they've been very mean to the Arabs, very mean to the poor Palestinians that lived there, & they're really going to get it! And even Egypt's going to get it because they've been cooperating with Israel against the Palestinians. Egypt's going to get it, & Sinai, well who wants it? Just a desert.

       45. DAVID SAID EDOM, AMMON & MOAB ARE GOING TO ESCAPE, well, we'll see when we get to Ezekiel 38 & 39 if that's right. It sounds kind of familiar to me, I think maybe he's right, that those are some of the countries that are going to escape, & if that's so, that means Jordan.

       46. EDOM, MOAB & AMMON ARE JORDAN, & JORDAN'S GOT A GOOD KING & a good queen & he's always been a very good man, King Hussein of Jordan. He's almost like a Christian, he's so good, & they've been good to the Family there. The Family knows some of the top people of the country & part of the Royal Family. They've been acquainted with them there & they've been nice to them, very good to them.

       47. SO GOD'S GOING TO BE GOOD TO THEM, HE'S GOING TO BE GOOD TO JORDAN & THE JORDANIANS & KING HUSSEIN because they've been good to the Family & good to God & I believe he's a sincere religious man. And like God, he's very angry with Israel for driving out the poor Palestinians & stealing not only their homes but their whole country! It's bad enough to steal your home, but just think, when they stole their whole country! So of course they're going to get it, it says right here:

       48. "HE SHALL STIR UP HIS POWER & HIS COURAGE AGAINST THE KINGS OF THE SOUTH WITH A GREAT ARMY; & the king of the South shall be stirred up to battle with a very great & mighty army; but he shall not stand." Even though he's got a very great army he's going to go boom. Because the U.S.A. & the West are helping the Kings of the South in this big battle against the Kings of the North & East & they're going to fall down flat just like David fell flat on the ground just now! Flat as a flounder!

       49. "FOR THEY SHALL FORECAST DEVICES AGAINST HIM." They're going to be able to prophesy against the king of the South & forecast what they're going to do. They're going to forecast, foretell, tell ahead of time, tell before. Foretell is to tell before what they're going to do, & they're already telling. They're already warning the kings of the South down there, Israel & all them, that they should get out of Palestine or at least let the poor Palestinians have half of the country for their Home. But they won't even let them have half of it, they took the whole country!

       50. THEY WOULDN'T EVEN DIVIDE IT, DAVID, ISN'T THAT MEAN? If you had a candy bar... Oh no, I forgot you don't eat candy, I'm so sorry! You don't eat caca like that. But if you had one piece of cake, oh well, we just have cakes on birthdays. How about a nice piece of pumpkin pie? If you had a nice big piece of pumpkin pie & Daddy didn't have any, what would you do? (David: Divide it.) You would divide it & give me half of it, wouldn't you? If you had a big piece of apple pie like this Bible, this big, & Daddy didn't have any, you'd cut it right down the middle & give me this half, wouldn't you?

       51. BUT THE ISRAELIS ARE NOT WILLING TO DO THAT. They're not willing to divide the country right down the middle & give half of it to the poor Palestinians. They stole it all from the Palestinians, but now they're not even willing to give half of it to them, not even half of it!

       52. SO ONE OF THESE DAYS GOD IS GOING TO LET THE RUSSIANS & THE ARMIES OF THE NORTH, THE KING OF THE NORTH MARCH IN & TAKE OVER THE WHOLE COUNTRY!--And they're going to give it back to the Palestinians & they 're going to make Jerusalem their capital & declare it a free & open international city where all men can come & worship freely, a free & open city, capital of this new Worldwide government of the Antichrist. He's going to pretend like he thinks all the religions are great & give them freedom & he's going to let'm worship back in Jerusalem again.

       53. ISRAEL'S NOT EVEN WILLING TO DIVIDE THE COUNTRY BETWEEN THE JEWS & THE ARABS, the Israelis & the Palestinians, they want it all! But the Russians are going to come marchin' down from the north with Syria & all these countries up here, Iraq, & all these countries are going to come with the Russians that are very angry with Israel & going to invade'm & they're going to come right down here to Judea, this part that is the Palestinian part, really.

       54. HERE ON THE MAP IS JERUSALEM WHICH IS GOING TO BECOME THE ANTICHRIST CAPITAL, capital of the World, right there in the center of Judea that Begin says is going to be his capital forever. It's not going to be his capital forever! It's not even going to be his capital for very long, because Begin's going to be out pretty soon, & by the time you get this he'll probably be gone, maybe even dead! He'll finally get his judgement & go to Hell where he belongs for being so cruel to the Palestinians & so mean to the Christians there in Israel.

       55. BUT THERE IT IS, & THE RUSSIANS & THE COMMUNISTS & THE SYRIANS & THE IRAQIS & all these people are going to march in from the North & take it over & the Antichrist is going to set up his capital right there, we're going to read it here pretty soon.

       56. 26TH VERSE: "YEA, THEY THAT FEED OF THE PORTION OF HIS MEAT SHALL DESTROY HIM." The very ones who were fighting with the Israelis are going to turn traitor on them & destroy them! "And his army shall overflow: & many shall fall down slain." There's going to be another big slaughter in that battle of Armageddon that starts later at Megiddo up here in the Northern part & goes on down to the South & slaughters so many people.

       57. HERE ON THE MAP IS HAIFA WHERE MAMA & DADDY WERE, & just South of there right here on this mountain in the middle of this big plain, the plain of Esdraelon, there's a great big round mound! (David: Is that a mountain?) A rrrrround mound! A mound is a little mountain like you make out in your sand pile. (David: Joppa is where Jonah was.) Yes, that's right! You remembered!

       58. AND IN THE PLAIN OF ESDRAELON IS THE HEIGHT OF MEGIDDO, ARMAGEDDON, a rrround mound where the battle will be found & they will all go down flat! But first in the Atom War God is going to judge'm for being so mean to the Palestinians & to the poor & to the Christians. He's going to judge all those [EDITED: "Israelis"] there & take Jerusalem away from them & make it the international capital of the World under the Antichrist.

       59. 27TH VERSE: THERE ARE GOING TO BE TWO KINGS NOW THAT ARE COOPERATING TOGETHER. (David: "And both these kings' hearts shall be to do mischief, & they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed.")

       60. THESE WORLD LEADERS ARE GOING TO MEET THERE AT ONE TABLE IN JERUSALEM as they set up this Worldwide government of the Antichrist & they're going to lie to people & make promises they're not going to fulfil. They're going to promise to keep it as the eternal capital of the World & everybody free & all religions acknowledge their freedom, etc., but they're not going to do it "for yet the end shall be at the rime appointed." They think they're going to have it forever, but God says it's going to come to an end, even the Antichrist kingdom is going to come to an end.

       61. 28TH VERSE: (DAVID: "THEN SHALL HE RETURN INTO HIS LAND WITH GREAT RICHES; & his heart shall be against the holy Covenant; & he shall do exploits & return to his own land.") He's come down & conquered Israel & Jerusalem & made that his capital, he's captured a lot of wealth & great riches down there. All the armaments that the Americans had given to the Israelis, he's going to have'm all then & he's going to have Jerusalem for his capital.

       62. HE'S GOING TO HAVE ALL THAT OIL DOWN THERE IN THE SINAI PENINSULA & HE'S GOING TO HAVE ALL THE RICHES OF EGYPT. It says the treasures of Egypt are going to be in his hand. And he's going to go back triumphant, the winner. They can't have a stock-ticker parade in Moscow because they don't believe in stock markets, but they have some kind of parade in Moscow to welcome him home back in his own land to show that he was a great conqueror. But that's not going to be the end, he's going to come back again. He'll do exploits & then return to his own land. Because, what does the 29th verse say?

       63. (DAVID: "AT THE TIME APPOINTED HE SHALL RETURN, & COME TOWARD THE SOUTH; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter.") All right! He goes back home with all his riches & wealth & conquests & he's conquered the whole Mideast & the oil & he's got it all. That's the richest thing you can get down there in the Mideast is the oil. He conquers all those oil countries along with Israel, & Israel can't cause any more trouble, & he's got Jerusalem.

       64. EVERYBODY'S ARGUING OVER WHO'S GOING TO GET JERUSALEM & WHO'S GOING TO HAVE JERUSALEM, well, I can tell you right straight out of the Bible who's going to have Jerusalem, none of them!--The Antichrist is going to have Jerusalem for awhile, of course, but we're going to have it in the End!

       65. THEY ALL THINK THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE JERUSALEM, BUT THEY'RE NOT GOING TO HAVE JERUSALEM, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE JERUSALEM! Like that fella in the insane asylum, Napoleon, you know? Everybody else thought they were Napoleon but they're not Napoleon, he was Napoleon! But we're not crazy!

       66. IT SOUNDS CRAZY TO THE WORLD WHEN THEY THINK ABOUT US POOR LITTLE SECTS & POOR LITTLE BANDS OF CHRISTIANS & young people & Children of God & Family of Love & Church of Love & all the poor little people who really love Jesus & they say, "Ha! What could they do with Jerusalem!" We're going to run the World from Jerusalem! Jesus is going to be there, our king, someday, after we've chased the Antichrist out.

       67. HE COMES DOWN & CHASES THE JEWS OUT & HE LETS JEWS, CHRISTIANS, ARABS, EVERYBODY WORSHIP THERE, but he takes it over himself & he goes back rich. But then he comes back again at the time appointed. But it's going to be different this time, not like it was in the former or the latter, it's gonna be different the way he comes back. Why is it going to be different? 30th verse, David.

       68. (DAVID: "FOR THE SHIPS OF CHITTIM SHALL COME AGAINST HIM: therefore he shall be grieved, & return, & have indignation against the holy Covenant: so shall he do; he shall even return, & have intelligence with them that forsake the holy Covenant.") Why does he come back again? He's going to make that his capital in the long run. He finds out he has to make it his capital because people keep trying to come while he's gone & steal it away from him!

       69. SO WHO COMES UP AGAINST IT WHILE HE'S GONE & REBELS AGAINST HIS WORLD GOVERNMENT & tries to take it back?--Ships of Chittim. Do you know what those are? Well, some of your Bible dictionaries will tell you Cyprus, but you know Cyprus hasn't got enough ships to take over in a case like this. It has a much more far-reaching meaning than that.

       70. IT WAS AT ONE TIME THAT THE SHIPS OF CHITTIM WENT CLEAR TO THE BRITISH ISLES. And what country has ships & has sailed ships all over the World? (Family: Britain.) So here the significance of this particular name is Britain "& all the young lions thereof" as we'll find out over in Ezekiel 38 & 39 shall cry out against him:

       71. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE, RUSSIA? What are you doing down here in the Middle East taking over Israel & Jerusalem & everything! We protest!" And they try to come up & start a war against them to take it back. And what does he do? He comes down, he returns, he has intelligence with them that forsake the holy Covenant.

       72. HE HAD MADE A PROMISE, HE HAD MADE A COVENANT WITH THE WORLD that it would be an international city, they could have their places of worship & they could have their temple & they could have their great mosques & they could have their churches & the Christians & the Muslims & the Jews & everybody could worship there in freedom. He would make it a free international city. But did they keep their word? No!

       73. THEY STARTED FIGHTING AGAINST HIM, SO HE CAME DOWN & BROKE THE COVENANT he had made with the whole rest of the religions & he has intelligence, that means he has some spies! He's spying on these religionists so he can overthrow the Covenant. And he comes back & he sides with the people that are against the Covenant. 31st verse:

       74. (DAVID: "AND ARMS SHALL STAND ON HIS PART, & THEY SHALL POLLUTE THE SANCTUARY OF STRENGTH, & shall take away the daily sacrifice & they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate!") Ahhhhh, now we see what's happening! He makes a Covenant with the World they can have Jerusalem, international city, freedom of worship, but what happens? The West starts causing trouble again. Ships of Chittim come up against him.

       75. THEY SAY, "WE DON'T LIKE IT! WE DON'T LIKE YOU HAVING JERUSALEM! We want it back & we want to run it!" That's what they're doing right now through Israel. The United States is running Israel & Israel is running Jerusalem, & so the U.S. figures they dominate Jerusalem & they should have it back. But he gets very angry & he comes back against them.

       76. HE'S PROMISED THEM THIS SEVEN-YEAR COVENANT OF FREEDOM of peace & religious worship, etc., & really, they break it because they rise up against him. So he comes down in a storm with armies again & he comes against them & he stops all this sacrifice & worship that they've been starting all over again. The Jews have rebuilt the Temple & they've started sacrificial worship again, & he stops the whole thing.

       77. HE STOPS NOT ONLY THE WORSHIP OF THE JEWS, but he stops the worship of the Muslims & the Christians! But he's especially angry at the [EDITED: "Israelis"] because they're the ones that are always causing the most trouble, the most rebellious, the most cantankerous, the most stubborn, the most disobedient and the most stiffnecked. [DELETED] They're the troublemakers & the leaders of all the trouble.

       78. THEY LEAD IN THIS TROUBLE, SO WHAT DOES HE DO TO PUNISH THEM? He gets so angry with them. It doesn't say he goes over to the Catholic Church & sticks this Abomination of Desolation in front of the Catholic Church, does it? It doesn't say he sticks it in the Mosque of Omar of the Muslims, does it? But he take it to where the Temple of Jerusalem has been rebuilt & the Jews have started sacrificing again, their old Jewish worship again, & he pollutes the sanctuary!

       79. THESE ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-GOD FORCES, ANTI-RELIGIOUS FORCES COME IN & TAKE IT OVER, & he takes away the daily sacrifice, he stops the Jewish worship! He attacks the Jews most of all because they're the troublemakers & the leaders of the trouble, & he stops their worship & he takes away the daily sacrifice & he places the abomination that maketh desolate, & what is that?

       80. JESUS SAYS YOU'LL SEE IT STAND IN THE HOLY PLACE IN MATTHEW 24:15, & in Revelation it says he's going to make an image that can speak & command people to be killed. An image standing in the holy place, an idol, which is an abomination to the Jews, an abomination to the Muslims & an abomination to the Christians! He's going to have this big computer-controlled idol that's going to be able to talk & think & answer questions, a great big giant robot!

       81. REMEMBER, YOU SAW THAT BIG ROBOT OVER AT THE MARKET PLACE? Have you had robots like that over in the U.S.? Do they have a gigantic statue higher than this house of Goldorak at your market places? They did here at one of ours! At one of them they had a great big giant gorilla that was so big he could pick up children in his hands, & Goldorak was picking up the little children in his hands, this great big giant idol, this big statue, an abomination! When I saw it I cursed it because it was an idol, an abomination! The next time I came, it was gone, thank God! They took that abomination away.

       82. HE'S GOING TO SET UP AN ABOMINATION LIKE GOLDORAK! Some of you children & I bet some of you young folks & I bet some of you Mamas & Daddies too have read some of those awful terrible comic books about Goldorak, huh? Did you ever see Goldorak in the comics? Well, you saw that big idol at the great big supermarket, this great big idol!

       83. I LOOKED AT THAT THING & I THOUGHT, "MY GOD, IT LOOKS LIKE THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST! It looks like the Image of the Antichrist! The Image of the Beast! The Abomination of Desolation standing in the holy place!" Well, that market wasn't a very holy place, but it will stand right there in the front yard of the Temple in Jerusalem, the Jews' most holy place.

       84. THAT IS EVEN ONE OF THE MOST HOLY PLACES IN THE WHOLE WORLD TO THE MUSLIMS, because that's where their great grandfather Abraham started to sacrifice Isaac on that rock, near the hilltop where the Temple used to stand & where it will stand again & where now the Dome of the Rock stands. And right nearby the big Catholic churches, Church of the Resurrection, Church of the Crucifixion. They've got so many kinds of churches in Jerusalem, you never saw a town with so many churches & mosques, and they're going to have that Jewish Temple again.

       85. AND HE'S GOING TO COME BACK SO MAD AT THE JEWS BECAUSE THEY LED THIS BIG REVOLT AGAINST HIM after he had conquered them once & put them down & internationalised the city & made the seven-year Pact that it would be free, international & nobody could have it, but everybody could have it & everybody have freedom of worship. Then the Jews backed up by Chittim, the British & the U.S. & the West & all that, are going to come led by the Jews & cause a big bunch of trouble again.

       86. HE'S GOING TO BE SO FURIOUS WHEN HE COMES BACK, HE'S GOING TO BREAK THE COVENANT & stop the worship & set up this big idol & say, "OK, now here's an idol of me, fall down & worship me!" Think of that! Like that horrible idol Goldorak! If you want to see something that looks a lot like the Image of the Beast, the Abomination of Desolation, the statue of the Antichrist, you just take a look at one of those Goldorak pictures in the comicbooks or one of those Goldorak idols in the toy store.

       87. THOSE AREN'T JUST TOYS, THOSE ARE IDOLS! They're images & they're cursed by God! Just think, now they're selling images & idols to children in the toy store! And worst of all, an idol, an image of the Antichrist, the Image of the Beast that's going to stand in the holy place, a curse & an abomination to God & to the Jews & the Christians & the Muslims, all of whom are supposed to hate idols. He's going to put an idol right there in the holy place, it says so in the Bible!

       88. WE'LL GET TO THAT LATER, WE'LL READ THE WHOLE 13TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION where it tells all about that horrible idol he's going to make that's going to be able to move & speak & talk & command anybody to be killed that won't worship it! You know, we really ought to turn over to Matthew 24 so you'll know for sure about that.

       89. MATTHEW 24:14 SAYS: "AFTER THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM HAS BEEN PREACHED TO ALL NATIONS." After the Children of God & the Family of Love & all the Christians all over the World & folks who love Jesus have preached the Gospel into every nation all over the World. We preach the Gospel in 106 different nations, & there are only about 150 nations in the United Nations & only about 250 nations in the whole World! So we're close to halfway there anyway, all those that count really. All the main ones we've been in & preached the Gospel.

       90. AND WHAT'S THE LAST PART OF THAT 14TH VERSE, DAVID? When that's done, what does it say? (David: "And then shall the end come!") When? Read the next verse for us. That's a good memory verse. (David: "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso readeth, let him understand.")

       91. ISN'T THAT WHAT DANIEL WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT? Isn't that what Daniel called it? "The abomination which maketh desolate"?--Revelation 13 says the Image is going to stand there, he's going to erect an image right there in the holy place! When you see it stand there in the holy place, whoso readeth let him understand. Then what?

       92. (DAVID: "THEN LET THEM WHICH BE IN JUDAEA FLEE INTO THE MOUNTAINS.") Right! OK Begin--he keeps wanting to call it Judaea--you can have it! You & all the rest of them had better head for the hills, really get out of there in a hurry. Even in such a hurry that:

       93. "LET HIM WHICH IS ON THE HOUSETOP NOT COME DOWN TO TAKE ANY THING OUT OF HIS HOUSE!" Why? They may be up there on the housetop taking a nice sunbath like you can in Israel. It's nice & sunny and they've got flat roofs with a little railing around & steps up the outside of the house where you can get on the sundeck up on top, nearly all the houses there are built like that. And they're up there taking a sunbath, maybe they don't even have any clothes on, maybe just swimming trunks.

       94. I CAN ALMOST PROVE TO YOU THEY WERE TAKING A SUNBATH, READ THE NEXT VERSE: (David: "Neither let him which is in the field return back to take his clothes.") Oh my goodness! Whether they're out taking a sunbath in the fields or taking a sunbath on top of the house, they don't even have time to come back & get their clothes!


       96. THEN HE SAYS THAT THEY WON'T EVEN HAVE TIME TO GO BACK & GET NOT EVEN THEIR FLEEBAG, their clothes or anything, they'd better run fast! And what else does he say in the 19th verse David? (David: "And woe unto them that are with child, & to them that give suck in those days!") It's going to be hard to have a baby & hard to have little children in those days in Israel. Thank God we don't have many people in Israel! It's better not to be in Israel [DELETED] it's a dangerous place to be!

       97. SO IF YOU'RE THERE, YOU DESERVE THE TROUBLE THAT YOU GET. [DELETED] And if you furthermore have your family there & babies there it's going to even be worse, you're going to have a hard time getting away & the Jews that are there are going to have a hard time getting away from the Antichrist. And what does it say in the 20th verse?

       98. (DAVID: "BUT PRAY YE THAT YOUR FLIGHT BE NOT IN THE WINTER, NEITHER ON THE SABBATH DAY.") Pray it's not in the Winter, why? Because you've got to go up into the hills & the mountains & it's cold up there! There's even snow up there. (David: And on the sundeck the people just lie around.) Yes, & if you've got to run off naked from taking a sunbath [DELETED] & you don't even have your clothers with you & you've got to run off up into the mountains where it's cold & snow, whew! That's really going to be rough, huh? Really going to be rough!

       99. IT'S POSSIBLE, THEY COULD [DELETED] WITHOUT THEIR CLOTHES, because look, it says they can't even go back & get their clothes. They've got to run off up into the mountains up in the snow without any clothes on. That's going to be rough! It says you'd better pray it not be in Winter because it's going to be awful cold up there without any clothes! And now the clincher, 21st verse:

       100. (DAVID: "FOR THEN SHALL BE GREAT TRIBULATION, SUCH AS WAS NOT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD TO THIS TIME, NO, NOR EVER SHALL BE!") Tell the folks in Videoland what's going to start then when they put the Image of the Beast up in the holy place, they set the abomination in the holy place, when they set up this idol, the Abomination of Desolation like Goldorak up in the holy place in front of the Temple, what's going to start then, Jesus said? The Great... (David: Tribulation!) The worst time in the whole World's history!

       101. WHEN DOES THE TRIBULATION BEGIN? It tells you right in the 15th verse plain as day: When you see the Abomination of Desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, we've just been reading, stand in the holy place, that idol image spoken of in Revelation 13 that you're going to here more about, then shall be the Great Tribulation! Then the Great Tribulation is going to begin, the worst time in the World's history, the time, they call it, of Jacob's Trouble (Jer.30:7.)--The Jews' trouble!

       102. WHY IN THE OLD TESTAMENT DO THEY CALL IT THE TIME OF JACOB'S TROUBLE?--'Cause the people who are going to suffer the most are the Jacobites. Who are the Jacobites? Who are the sons of Jacob? What did Jacob change his name to? (Family: Israel.) Israel! The Israelites! The time of Israel's trouble when the Jews are going to have the worst time they ever had in their whole history.

       103. THEY THINK THEY'VE HAD SOME TROUBLE, THEY THINK THEY'VE HAD SOME SORROW, they think they've had some problems being scattered all over the World & persecuted, etc., [DELETED]they never had so much trouble! They think they've got it bad now? Huh! They never had it so good! Wait till the Antichrist starts going to work on them!--God's own instrument, the Devil himself in person!


       106. IT LOOKS LIKE THERE'S GOING TO BE QUITE A FEW FRACASES & BATTLES, ETC. Once Russia conquers Israel & internationalises Jerusalem, then the West [EDITED: "along with"] the Jews again rebels. So the Antichrist comes back furiously & he stops all their religious worship, all the foolishness, & he sets up the Abomination of Desolation, his own Image, a statue of himself, & says, "Worship me!

       107. "NOW THAT'S THAT, YOU REALLY BROKE THE COVENANT, SO I'M BREAKING IT! I promised you seven years of peace & freedom of worship in this internationalised city of Jerusalem, but you rebelled against it so I break the Covenant right in the middle. I crack it right in the middle & set up this big Abomination of Desolation!" That shows his contempt & scorn for their religions.--And you can't much blame him, considering how much trouble their religions have caused. Most of the wars of the World were fought over religion & by these three main religions, believe it or not!

       108. SO HE DECIDES THE ONLY WAY TO BRING PEACE IS TO ABOLISH THESE RELIGIONS & TO SET UP HIS OWN RELIGION. He says, "Worship me! Worship my statue, my big idol of me!"--& he sets up the Abomination of Desolation "the abomination which maketh desolate." Then Jesus said, we just read it, that's when the Tribulation begins, "Great Tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the World, no, nor ever shall be!" The worst time in the World's history, the time of Jacob's or Israel's trouble, his biggest trouble when the Jews are going to have more trouble than they ever had!

       109. THEY THOUGHT THEY'VE HAD TROUBLE, THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TROUBLE LIKE THEY'VE NEVER HAD BEFORE! He's going to almost wipe them out because they're always troublemakers. [DELETED]


       112. A TIME OF TROUBLE SUCH AS WAS NOT SINCE THE WORLD BEGAN, AND NEVER WILL BE EVEN AGAIN! Thank God! Thank God it's going to be the worst hour in the World's history, but it's just going to be a little while, 3 1/2 years. Not 35, not 350, not 3,500, thank God, but only 3 1/2 years. And it's specific in the Bible, it says so several times so that you'll know exactly how long it is.

       113. HE SAYS A YEAR & TWO YEARS & HALF-A-YEAR, a time, times & half-a-time, 3 1/2 years. He says 1, 260 days. Well, if you divide that by the number of months you'll find that works out to 3 1/2 years too. He says 42 months, how long is that? 36 months, is three years, six more, half-a-year, makes 42 months, right? 3 1/2 years, time & time again He tells you exactly how long the Tribulation is going to be so you will know it is going to come to an end soon.

       114. BUT IT'S GOING TO BE A TERRIBLE TIME & OLD GOLDORAK'S GOING TO STAND THERE IN THE HOLY PLACE with the whole World worshipping him! Maybe he'll be made out of gold, who knows? Because gold is a very good metal for computers. Did you know that? They use a lot of gold in computers & they're going to have a lot of gold in those days for sure, because the paper money is going to be all burned up & gone!

       115. SO WHERE SHOULD WE END THIS LESSON, DAVID? He places the abomination that maketh desolate--now that tells a terrible story! But let's put a little ray of sunshine in here like the Lord does in the next verse. David, read that next verse. There's got to be a little silver lining behind the clouds. There's got to be a little sun beyond the black clouds. Let's go back to the 32nd verse of Daniel 11.

       116. (DAVID: "AND SUCH AS DO WICKEDLY AGAINST THE COVENANT SHALL HE CORRUPT BY FLATTERIES.") He's going to win a lot of friends & there are going to be a lot of people who agree with him. "These religions that cause trouble all through history for thousands of years, these Jews are always troublemakers, leading the pack, let's get rid of them!" So he's going to stir up the wicked & the Godless & the atheists & the evolutionists to fight all the religions, "such as do wickedly."

       117. HE'LL CORRUPT THEM WITH FLATTERIES. He'll flatter them & say, "Well, I believed in evolution all the time. I knew there was no God all the time, I was just trying to let these religions try to make peace, but you can't get these religionists to ever make peace, they're always fighting & always warrin', so I just flattered them but I'm gonna flatter you now." But, what? What's the next part of the verse?

       118. (DAVID: "THE PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG, & DO EXPLOITS!") The people who really know Jesus & really know the Lord are going to be strong!--In spite of the Antichrist, in spite of Goldorak, the Image of the Beast, standing there, a great computerised idol, statue of the Antichrist. You mean that in spite of all that persecution & that computerised image ordering everybody that doesn't worship him to be killed & everybody to wear the Mark of the Beast in their forehead or their hand?

       119. YOU MEAN IN SPITE OF THAT WE'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO BE STRONG & DO EXPLOITS? (DAVID: YES!) Right! We are! And how are we going to do it? What kind of exploits are we going to do? (David: By knowing our God.) By knowing our God! That's a very good way to put it, David. By knowing our God we're going to be strong & do exploits! And what is that going to make us do, verse 33?

       120. (DAVID: "AND THEY THAT UNDERSTAND AMONG THE PEOPLE SHALL INSTRUCT MANY.") Wait a minute, they that understand what? (David: The Bible.) Right, the Bible, & what's going on! There are going to be lots of people then, who wouldn't read our tracts & papers, who wouldn't read the Bible, who wouldn't study Bible Prophecy, who wouldn't pay any attention to what we said, all of a sudden they're going to be very much interested!

       121. THEY'RE GOING TO WANT TO KNOW, "HEY, WHAT'S GOING ON? WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT? You kept telling us what was going to happen & now it's really happened just like you said! So now tell us the rest, what's going to happen next? What should we do now? What should we do now?" And we're going to instruct many. We're going to publish the Glad Tidings, the Good News, the Gospel of Salvation to many many people right during that time!

       122. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE READY FOR IT THEN! They're going to want it then, they're going to want the Truth then, they're going to want the Gospel then. They're going to really want the Bible then. They're going to want our tracts & papers & our lit then, aren't they, & the Letters, to tell'm what's happening!

       123. THEY'LL REMEMBER THAT THEY GOT ONE ON THE STREET A LONG TIME AGO THAT SAID ALL THIS STUFF ABOUT COMING TRIBULATION, Antichrist "& all that junk & we just thought it was somebody's crazy idea! But now it's happened, here it is, here's the Great Tribulation, here he is, here's the Antichrist, here's the Image of the Beast, this gigantic Goldorak!"

       124. I SAY GOLDORAK BECAUSE THAT HELPS YOU TO KNOW WHAT HE'S LIKE, & I wouldn't be surprised if that's a prototype the Devil himself created to sort of let you know in advance what the Image of the Beast is going to be like. And they'll say. "Here it is, it's happened just like you said, tell us more! We want to know it all now, We weren't willing to listen then, now we want to know it all!" But for some of them it's going to be killed right & left all over the place. But we shall instruct many.

       125. YET WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO A LOT OF US? A lot of us that love the Lord & a lot of people that are serving Jesus & witnessing & litnessing with such great courage? What's going to happen to them, David? (David: "They shall fall by the sword & by flame & captivity & spoil many days.") He's going to really persecute the Christians & persecute the Family.

       126. YOU THINK THE FAMILY'S EVER BEEN PERSECUTED BEFORE?--NOTHING COMPARED TO THE WAY HE'S GOING TO START PERSECUTING THEN! He's going to try to wipe us all out because we're telling the truth, we're exposing him. We're telling who he really is. He pretends to be the Messiah, he pretends to be the Saviour of the World, but we're telling the World he is the Antichrist, he's the Devil in the flesh, the Devil in person! He is the Devil! Don't believe him, he's liar! Do you think he's going to like that?

       127. WE SAY, "DON'T TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST, YOU'LL GO TO HELL! Don't take the 666! Don't let'm put it in your hand or on your forehead, or you're going to be damned!"--When the Beast & his Image are telling everybody to take the Mark or be killed. Do you think he's going to like that when we tell'm not to do it?

       128. "DON'T BECOME A PART OF HIS KINGDOM! Don't be one of his subjects! Don't fall down & worship him! Don't obey him! Don't do what he says!"--We're going to be telling the people. Do you think he's going to like that? (Family: No!) No, so he's going to try to kill us all. But can he kill us all? (Family: No!) Never! Never ever ever! Because what, David? 34th verse:

       129. (DAVID: "NOW WHEN THEY SHALL FALL THEY SHALL BE HOLPEN WITH A LITTLE HELP.") When some are going to fall, we're going to be helped with a little help. Maybe not an awful lot of help, but at least a little help. And when you get a little help from Jesus, let me tell you, that's all the help you need! "Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right!"

       "Let's have a little talk with Jesus,
       Let me tell Him all about my troubles,
       He will answer by & by,
       And away we're going to fly!
       A little talk with Jesus makes it right, all right!"

       131. SEE, EVEN A LITTLE HELP FROM JESUS IS BIG HELP, even bigger help than everybody else can give you! A little help from the Lord is the biggest help you can get! And that's all the help we need is just a little help from Jesus, just have a little help from Jesus to make it right, all right!

       132. "BUT MANY SHALL CLEAVE TO THEM WITH FLATTERIES." Tsk, tsk, tsk! There's gonna be a lot of backsliders, gonna be a lot of folks trying to come back to the Family & say, "Oh my, we shouldn't have left, we shouldn't have gone home, we shouldn't have quite the Lord's work, we wanna come back!" But they're not strong enough.

       133. THE ONLY REASON THEY WANT TO COME BACK IS THEY WANT TO BE SAFE FROM ALL THESE TROUBLES & they think coming back to us is gonna get'm out from being persecuted by the Antichrist because they see the Lord doing miracles & signs & wonders for us to save us, & so they want to come back under our protection & cleave to us with flatteries. But it's not going to work. 35th verse, David, & I think that's the last one we can take time to read tonight:

       134. (DAVID: "AND SOME OF THEM OF UNDERSTANDING SHALL FALL, TO TRY THEM, & TO PURGE, & TO MAKE THEM WHITE until the time of the end: because it is yet for a time appointed.") Even some of the teachers & leaders & those of understanding, Children of God, Family of Love, Christians all around the World who love Jesus & are teaching the Bible & preaching the Gospel at that time, even some of them are going to be slain & killed & persecuted & fall down dead, in the flesh. What for? (Family: To try them.)

       135.--TO TRY THEM, TO TEST THEIR FAITH & SEE IF THEY'RE WILLING TO DIE FOR JESUS! See if they're willing to witness & litness in spite of the Antichrist & his kingdom & his Goldorak & all the rest. And to purge them. What does purge mean, David? (David: Take off the bad part.) Yes, to make them pure & to make them... (David: White.) Even till when? (David: The Time of the End!) "Because it is yet for a time appointed."

       136. HE WAS TELLING DANIEL IT'S AT THE TIME OF THE END, "YET FOR A TIME APPOINTED." Another place he tells Daniel, "Close up the book, Daniel, you don't have to worry about it, it's not going to be in your time. It's way way a long ways ahead down at the Time of the End. But Daniel, I gotta tell you this now so you can tell it to those people then through the book you're going to write, & they'll know what's happening!"

       137. AND HERE IT IS, PRESERVED NOW FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS so we could read about what's going to happen, what's happening now already as the Antichrist is rising in Russia. He's going to come out of Egypt, God's Word says, this Great Confusion & the Author of Confusion. He's going to be originally from Egypt, but he's probably going to be up in Moscow taking his training & be one of their leaders until he takes over & then comes down with his army & takes over Israel & establishes Jerusalem as an international city & then goes back in triumph with great riches.

       138. THEN THESE [DELETED] JEWS LEAD THE WEST TO STIR UP TROUBLE AGAIN, SO HE COMES BACK & BREAKS THE COVENANT & sets up his own idol in his own capital there to make the capital Jerusalem--not capital of Israel for Begin, "eternally," but capital for the Antichrist--not eternally either but just for another 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation, the worst time the World ever had & when we're going to have lots of trouble.

       139. BUT WE'RE GOING TO HAVE LOTS OF VICTORIES & we're going to have lots of wonderful witnessing & win lots of souls & you won't even mind dying! After all, when you die you get out of this big mess that's going to be. So you'll be thankful even if they do kill you, you can be thankful to get out of this horrible Tribulation! You're going to be witnessing & litnessing like mad then! You're going to be telling people & preaching the Gospel like everything because you figure "The quicker they kill me the better & get out of all this!"

       140. SO THE LORD'S GOING TO BE WITH US & THEY THAT UNDER STAND SHALL INSTRUCT MANY. The people that know God shall be strong & do exploits! So the Antichrist isn't going to be able to conquer us, is he? He's not going to be able to lick us. He may kill us, but so what? They kill the body & after that they have nothing more that they can do. They just liberate our spirit to go to be with Jesus!

       141. AND THEN WHEN ALL THAT HORRIBLE THING IS OVER, what's going to happen in the end then, David? (David: Jesus is going to come!) Jesus is going to come, praise God, & put an end to the Antichrist! And He's going to raise us from the Earth & from the dead & we're all going to go up to be with Jesus in Heaven & a big Wild Wind party! Hallelujah!

       142. A REAL SHINDIG, THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB! Do you know what a shindig is? It's where you dig the shins, you dance so wild you're kicking each other in the shins! That's what a shindig is! It's a real wild party when you're really having a great wedding feast & a great wild party up there, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

       143. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A GREAT TIME UP THERE, & you're going to learn from the Bible about how long it's going to last too, something around about 75 days I think, wasn't it? About two-&-a-half months up there! What a party!--While the Wrath of God is pouring out on the Earth below & on the Antichrist & his people in horrible horrible terrible awful plagues & terrible things are going to happen to our enemies below. While we're having a wild party & a lot of fun upstairs, they're going to have Hell on Earth while we're having Heaven in Heaven!

       144. THEN WHEN THE WRATH OF GOD HAS BEEN WREAKED ON THE WICKED BELOW, we're all going to climb on our white horses & we're going to ride, cowboys through the sky! "Ghost Riders in the Sky!' I think that's why that song always made my hair almost stand on end, it gave me the chills & the thrills cause we're going to be like ghost riders in the sky! Gonna come like ghosts riding on ghost horses! Riding through the sky to bring judgement on the Earth! I'll bet you that's where he got that song, that old cowboy: "Ghost riders in the Sky!"--But us!--Not the Devil!

       145. WE'RE GOING TO COME DOWN & WE ARE GOING TO REAP THE HARVEST OF JUDGEMENT ON THE EARTH! We're going to slaughter the Antichrist & his forces in a big battle, we're going to wipe'm out & they're going to get tossed into Hell, the Lake of Fire, & we're going to take over the World & make a new World out of it! We're going to have the Millennium & the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth & we're going to take it all over! Isn't that wonderful? (Family: Yes!)

       146. SO ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL! If the story has a happy ending, that's OK, huh? Every story they have a lot of trouble & they go through a lot of trials & tribulations, but in the end they live happily forever after, right? (Family: Yes!) Not once--upon-a-time, but all the time! Forever! We're going to be happy, happy forever & ever! TYL? Hallelujah? TYJ!

       147. THAT'S WHEN THERE'LL REALLY BE BLUEBIRDS OVER THOSE WHITE CLIFFS OF DOVER, TOMORROW WHEN THE WORLD WILL BE REALLY FREE FOREVER! TYL! There'll be songs & laughter & love ever after, tomorrow when the World is free! That'll really be when it really happens. Did you ever hear that song? Have you heard me sing that? I wonder if the Family knows how to sing that? (Sings:)
       "There'll be bluebirds over those white cliffs of Dover,
       Tomorrow when the World is free!
       There'll be love & laughter & peace ever after,
       Tomorrow when the World is free!"

Hallelujah? (Something snaps:) The Devil didn't like us talking about peace & love & laughter ever after, he's mad!

       148. YOU OUGHT TO LEARN THAT LITTLE SONG! It's a pretty little song & I've always loved it. It always reminded me of what the World's going to be like when Jesus comes & when we take the World over & it'll be forever free from then on!

       149. THERE'S SOME MORE VERSES TOO BUT I DON'T REMEMBER, something about "Johnny will be back in his own little bed again." Some of you folks out there that know those words ought to write in to us & send us those words so we can sing the rest of them for the Family & you can all learn that beautiful little song about what it's going to be like tomorrow when the World is free when Jesus comes again & sets up His Kingdom on Earth & we rule & reign over the World with Him like the angels of God! Isn't that wonderful?

       150. THAT WAS A LONG STORY FOR SOME LITTLE FOLKS OVER HERE, IT'S A BIG HEAVY HEAVY SUBJECT. (Davida: It's heavy meat!) Heavy meat! Strong meat for little ones! Is that what Techi says? Heavy meat! Heavy subject! We had to have Techi taken out into the next room so she could go tenting tonight & have her heavy meat someplace else because otherwise she always takes the center of the stage & is the star of the show & tonight we had to be the stars! But heavy meat!

       151. THE BIBLE SAYS MEAT IS FOR THE STRONG, FOR THE GROWN--UPS, FOR MEN! Milk is for babes! But boy I'll tell you, our babes here, they're so strong they can not only take the milk, they're already taking the heavy meat! They know the Bible! They know the prophecies! They know Bible Prophecy & they know all this about Daniel & Revelation & all the rest, the heavy meat! Right! We had some heavy meat tonight, didn't we? PTL!

       152. WELL NOW WE'RE GOING TO PRAY & WE'RE GOING TO BE THANKFUL WHEN IT'S ALL OVER, WHEN JESUS COMES! Right now we're just getting ready & things are coming up everywhere, not roses, but things are coming up everywhere the more you read the paper & the more history you read & read about things, the World conditions everywhere are thorns & briars & troubles & tribulations & bombs & wars & things are getting worse & worse.

       153. HE SAID TIMES SHALL WAX WORSE & WORSE TILL THE END COMES. It'll be like it was in the days of Noah. It must have been terrible then when God had to wipe them all out, & He's going to wipe them all out again one of these days, all the worst & the people that fight the Lord & fight Jesus & His people. so praise God, we can be thankful that it won't be long & it'll all be over. Only 3 1/2 years of Tribulation.

       154. YOU'RE GOING TO BE COUNTING THE DAYS, YOU KNOW THAT? That's why the Lord made it so plain exactly how many days, so you'd know exactly how many days more you've got to last until Jesus comes. Oh my, look at his heart full of the Word of God here! "Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against Thee." He's really full of the Word, God bless him! That's a good boy, be full of the Word, very full of the Word! He's full of the Bible & MO Letters right there.

       155. ALL RIGHT, NOW WE'RE GOING TO PRAY, LET'S JOIN HANDS, SHALL WE? We're going to pray the Lord's Prayer that His will be done on Earth, Thy Kingdom come, 'cause that's what we're talking about. We're talking about not just the coming kingdom of the Antichrist, that's just going to be a little drop in the bucket for a little while & all that trouble's going to be over before you know it & God's Kingdom's going to be on Earth, Jesus is going to be here with us forever & ever & ever! Isn't that wonderful?

       156. ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE FORGOTTEN & THEY'LL ALL BLOTTED OUT LIKE AN EVIL DREAM, like a nightmare, He says. It'll all be blotted out & we'll forget all about it & He'll wipe away all the tears from our eyes. There'll be no more pain or sorrow or death & no more crying & everything is going to be happiness from then on. Isn't that wonderful? PTL?

       157. SO ALTHOUGH WE HAVE TO STUDY ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE THINGS ARE GOING TO GET PRETTY SOON, the sooner they get worse, the sooner they're going to better. So the quicker all these things happen, the worse it gets, the quicker it gets worse, the quicker it's going to get better! As soon as the Antichrist comes, we'll know then it's not very long till Jesus comes.

       158. WHEN WE START THE GREAT TRIBULATION WE'LL KNOW IT'S ONLY 3 1/2 YEARS TILL THE GREAT KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST ON EARTH! THE GREAT EXALTATION! The Great Tribulation is only going to last 3 1/2 years, the Great Exaltation, the great happiness & rejoicing & exaltation is going to last a whole thousand years on Earth with Jesus! And then after that there's going to be a New Heaven & a New Earth forever! So PTL! Isn't that wonderful?

       159. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT A LITTLE THING LIKE THE ANTICHRIST & a little old thing like the Tribulation, only 3 1/2 years, we're going to be with Jesus for a thousand years of Millennium, Heaven on Earth, Garden of Eden again, & then a New Heaven & a New Earth forever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever & ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever & you could say that forever & it still wouldn't be long enough! Isn't that wonderful? Hallelujah!

       "And He shall reign forever!
       Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
       And we shall reign forever!
       Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"

That's the way it's going to be. PG? Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! And Jerusalem is going to be ours! (Sings:)

       "Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
       Hark how the angels sing.
       Hosanna in the highest!
       Hosanna to the King!
       Hosanna in the highest!
       Hosanna to the King!"

Who's the King? Jesus! Jerusalem is going to be ours then! Not the Jews'! Not the Arabs'! Not the Antichrist's! It's going to be ours! It's going to belong to Jesus & all the folks who love Jesus Christ! PTL? Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen! Isn't that wonderful? TYJ! PTL! TYL! Hallelujah!

       161. (SINGS:)
       For the manger of Bethlehem cradled a King!
       Jesus is King! Jesus is King!
       For the manger of Bethlehem cradled a King!"

We've just been celebrating Christmas not long ago, didn't we? Just a little tiny baby in nothing but a little ol' manger in a little ol' town called Bethlehem with a bunch of shepherds. Didn't look like much, did it? But He's a king, & someday He's going to be the king of the whole World & we're going to rule & reign with Him! PG? Hallelujah? TYL? Amen? PTL!

       162. (SINGS:)
       Henceforth in fields of conquest
       Thy tents shall be our homes!
       Through days of preparation,
       Thy grace has made us strong!
       And now, O King eternal,
       We lift our battle song!"

       "Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
       Hark how the angels sing!
       Hosanna in the highest!
       Hosanna to our King!
       Hosanna in the highest!
       Hosanna to our King!"

Hallelujah! PYJ!

       163. (TONGUES:) HALLELUJAH! TYJ! "HAIL TO OUR KING, OUR MESSIAH ON HIGH that shall rule forever & reign forever with us as thy father has told thee this night!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen! It's going to happen, it's going to happen soon, it won't be very long! TYJ! PTL! Amen. I'm not a very good vessel. I'm not even a very good prophet. I can't even always get things straight, but we got this straight, straight from the Lord tonight, amen? Straight from the Word! We get some things straight! Amen? PG!

       164. A LOT OF PEOPLE THINK WE'RE CROOKED, BUT WE'RE THE STRAIGHTEST PEOPLE ON EARTH! You know, they make fun of "straights" because the bad are so crooked! They're right, we're straight, God's straights! The straightest people on Earth! We're not crooked, PTL? Hallelujah! Because Jesus has made us straight & righteous & good & right! PTL? Amen. TYJ!

       165. (DAVID: CAN WE HAVE COMMUNION NOW?) You know, we don't have to have it every time. It just says as often as you do it, you do it in remembrance of Me. So we could skip a day if we have to. We've had Communion with the Lord, haven't we? We've had Communion with the Word & we've had Communion with the Truth! Had Communion with Bible Prophecy. We didn't have Communion, we didn't even have our flannelgraph, but we're having Communion with the Lord in the Spirit!

       166. BUT WE'RE GOING TO HOLD HANDS NOW AROUND THE CIRCLE, are you holding hands with us? Hold hands with us around the Family circle while we pray our little prayer that Jesus Himself taught us to pray: (Pray the Lord's Prayer.) "The Lord bless thee & keep thee, the Lord make His face to shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee, the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace!" PTL? (Nu.6:24-26.)

       167. "IN THE WORLD YE SHALL HAVE TRIBULATION, BUT FEAR NOT FOR I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD & YE SHALL HAVE PEACE!" (Jn.16:33.) PG?--Peace of mind & peace of heart when there's war all around you! He said, "A thousand shall fall at thy side & ten thousand at thy right hand but it shall not come nigh thee! Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold the reward of the wicked!" (Ps.91:7,8.) PG? He's going to take care of us no matter what happens. TYJ!

       168. MY OH MY, IMAGINE, WATCHING A THOUSAND PEOPLE FALL ON ONE SIDE, ten thousand people on the other side when the bombs begin to fall & the horrors begin to fall! You'll say, "What's happening? All these people are falling all around me & here I'm still standing right here OK! Even the fallout's not affected me, I'm still OK! Jesus is protecting me, doing mighty signs, wonders & miracles to keep me alive so I can preach the Gospel!" Isn't that wonderful? PTL!

       169. HE'S GOING TO TAKE CARE OF US NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE. Don't worry about having to go so far, if you can't make it to South America or Africa or the Caribbean or Central America or Mexico or the Far East or someplace out of the way of the bombs, don't worry. One could fall right on your head & the Lord could just make it bounce off!

       170. WOULDN'T THAT BE FUNNY IF A BIG ATOM BOMB CAME SCREAMING DOWN & HIT YOU ON THE HEAD & finds out you're tougher than it is! Better yet, fall on your head & squash you flat & release you from this life so you can go straight up & be with Jesus! That'd be better yet, right? Or could let'm fall all around you everywhere & keep you so you can keep on preaching the Gospel.

       171. SO DON'T WORRY, JUST STAY IN GOD'S WILL! Stay in Jesus, He's the only hiding place, the Rock. "O Rock of Ages, hide Thou me." There's an old song we used to sing, did you ever hear it? (Sings:)
       "O Rock of Ages, hide Thou me!
       There's no other refuge, no, none but Thee!
       Through life's dark maze I wander far far from home,
       But I fly to the Rock of Ages, hide Thou me!"

PTL? Isn't that a sweet song? Hallelujah! TYJ! (Weeps.) PTL! We can hide in the Rock of Ages!

       172. YOU DON'T HAVE A REFUGE NEAR YOU? You don't have a refuge farm near your place? Near your Home? You don't have a refuge? Ah, you've got the best Refuge there is, Jesus! He's with you all the time & you're in Him all the time, you're in your refuge all the time, the Rock of Ages. He's going to hide you & nothing can crack that Rock, Jesus! PTL? Hallelujah! GBY! Goodnight! WLY!

       173. KEEP ON PREACHING THE WORD NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, AMEN? Keep strong in the Word! Preach the Word! Be instant in season & out of season, all the time! Always witnessing, always litnessing & always preaching the Gospel & leading others to the Lord. Always showing Jesus' love wherever you go, wherever you are. PTL? Hallelujah? TYJ! PTL! And then you can hide in the Rock of Ages, you don't even have to run off someplace else far across the sea. The safest place to hide is in Jesus, amen? TYL! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah!

       174. AMEN! THAT'S IT! WHAT MORE CAN YOU HAVE THAN JESUS? You can be safe in Jesus even if they cut your head off, right? You still go back to be with Jesus, & when you come back He'll stick your head back on your body & you'll still be able to have a new beautiful body! (To Davida:) You got a pretty nice one right now! A very pretty body! ILY! Lord bless & keep her & give her a good night's rest, in Jesus' name.

       175. GBAK BOTH THY PRECIOUS CHILDREN, LORD, & give them safety & a good night's rest & a good night, sweet dreams & not to have any nightmares about the Antichrist & all those horrible thing & his Goldorak monster, but to have sweet dreams about You, Jesus, & Your coming & how we'll rule the World & everything will be coming up roses & it'll be Heaven on Earth! The Garden of Eden again like Adam & Eve & everything will be beautiful. TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah!

       176. SO LORD, AS WE HAVE TO LOOK AT THESE THINGS WE HAVE TO THINK & PRAY ABOUT THESE BAD THINGS THAT ARE COMING & know that they are coming & not be ignorant of the Devil & his devices, let's keep our eyes above those things, Lord, like Moses & have respect unto the recompense of reward! He was able to look over those things of Egypt & all that mess & the System pit & look beyond to Heavenly reward, & that's what kept him going!

       177. SO HELP US, LORD, TO KEEP OUR EYES ON YOU, JESUS, & ON THE GOAL & THE VICTORY IN OUR SOUL! And if we go, help us to go all the way for You, in Jesus' name! Amen? ILY! GBY! Aren't they the sweetest little kids you ever saw? PTL! TYJ! Amen! Hallelujah! PTL! Amen, amen. What more can we say? TYJ! ILY! XXX! So sweet! Ohhhh, now maybe Maria & I can have our soup, huh? I sang for my supper, did I sing you a good song for my supper? ILY! I like you too! Goodnight, Children!

       (P.S. ARE YOU READY FOR ALL THESE THINGS?--Only Jesus can make you ready! Do you have Him?)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family