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DANIEL 11!--PART 3--Daniel 11:31-36--The Great Tribulation       DFO 1496       1 8/2/81

       1. SO WHERE DID WE END OUR STUDY LAST TIME, DO YOU REMEMBER? I don't think it's written up there! Where are you looking for it? (David: At the Grandfather clock.) It isn't on the face of the clock! Where is it? Where's our Bible Study? Where do you usually find a Bible Study? (David: There!) In the Bible, right! In what book? (David: Daniel.) And what chapter? (David: Eleven.) We're in Daniel 11!

       2. WE WERE NEAR THE END OF THE CHAPTER, AS I RECALL, & WE GOT TO THE SOMETHING "THAT MAKETH DESOLATE." (David: "The abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso readeth let him understand. Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains. Let him which is on the housetop not come down to take anything out of his house. And woe unto them that are with child, & to them that give suck in those days!") Why?

       3. FOR THEN...(DAVID: "SHALL BE GREAT TRIBULATION SUCH AS WAS NOT SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved, but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. Now learn a parable of the fig tree, when his branch is yet tender & putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh. So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.") (Mt.24:15-22, 32-33)

       4. I CAN'T TOP THAT! HE QUOTED HALF THE 24TH CHAPTER OF MATTHEW! How come you're quoting Matthew when we're supposed to be studying Daniel? That was just a cross reference, we'll get into the text pretty soon. He knows Daniel too & that's his cross reference. Why were you quoting Matthew 24? Because it has to do with...(David: The Abomination of Desolation!) Right! Wrong! I mean, that's right. It was wrong but you're right! The Abomination of Desolation was wrong but you're right!

       5. I MEAN IT WAS WRONG TO DO WHAT THE ANTICHRIST DID BECAUSE HE DESOLATED THE HOLY PLACE OF ALL THREE OF THE WORLD'S GREAT RELIGIONS--the Christians, the Jews & the Muslims--& what was this Abomination of Desolation? Jesus said you'd see it stand in the Holy Place. And Revelation says he sets it up. And right here in Daniel 11 the 31st verse it says he places the Abomination that maketh desolate. He places it, he sets it up & it stands there, & later we find it's an image of himself. It says very clearly in Revelation the 13th chapter it's an Image of the Beast, of himself. How about that?

       6. SO HERE WE HAVE A PICTURE OF A KIND OF COMPUTERISED IMAGE, A ROBOT! It's probably going to be a robot, only it'll probably look a lot better than that, probably it's going to even look handsome like him. But anyhow, here's what most robots look like & what you'd expect a robot to look like. (Maria: That's the one we saw at the shopping center.)

       7. THEY HAD THAT HORRIBLE MONSTER GOLDERAK AT THE SHOPPING CENTER, & I'll bet you anything that was like the Abomination of Desolation that is placed here. It says he's placed in the holy place, & Jesus said when you see it standing there "know ye that the desolation thereof is nigh & that then shall be great tribulation" & you'd better not even run back into your house if you're outside, you'd better not even run back & get your flee bag, just take off! Jump the rail & jump off & run for the hills! Head for the hills! He says, "Flee to the mountains," doesn't He? And you'd better be ready & have your toothbrush in your pocket!

       8. (DAVID: AND IF YOU'RE IN THE MOUNTAINS YOU CAN EAT SNOW FOR WATER!) Yes, that's one of the things you learned from survival in our Magazine, didn't you? (David: Yes.) What's the name of our Magazine, by the way? (David: Kidz Mag.) Ah, that's our Magazine, Kidz Mag! You see which one the kids read!

       9. WE'RE HAVING A KIND OF LITTLE REVIEW & WE READ LAST TIME THAT THIS MAN CORRUPTS PEOPLE BY FLATTERIES, 32nd verse, "But the people that...(David: do know their God shall be strong & do exploits!") Hallelujah! What's an exploit? (David: Great feats!) Great feats! Where does this guy get this vocabulary, anyway? Great feats! You mean the people that know God are going to have big feet? (David: No!) What does it mean? Here it is right here, 32nd verse. Next page over. You see he doesn't even really have to know where it is in the Bible, he's got it in his head! (Maria: Like Aaron!)

       10. GO DOWN THE LINE & LOOK AT THE NUMBERS OF THE VERSES. You've been learning how to count lately, haven't you? (David: I can count to 100!) Oh my! (David: It might take a little time but I can do it!) He can count to 100! Well, we've had enough distractions tonight without counting to 100 so maybe we'd better save that for next time!

       11. ALL RIGHT, 32ND VERSE, "THE PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG, & DO..." (DAVID: EXPLOITS!) You said that was big feet, huh? (David: No, it was great feat.) Great feet! You mean like Daddy's feet? (David: No, like wonders! Abracadabra disappear!) Oh, you mean marvellous signs, wonders, miracles! (David: Yes!) Things like that. I see, make things appear & disappear.--Maybe even make the Abomination of Desolation disappear, huh? (David: Well, I hope so.)

       12. WOULDN'T THAT BE FUN TO STEAL THE OLD ANTICHRIST'S IMAGE ONE DARK NIGHT & MAKE IT DISAPPEAR? Well, instead of that though, sad to say, he makes the Image to talk like it's alive, like a robot, & we'll learn later on he commands everybody to have a number or they can't buy or sell & they must fall down & worship it or they'll be killed! (David: Well, then we can confuse his head & then he won't remember if anybody is supposed to have a number.) Right, we can deprogram him, can't we? The Antichrist forces of this World have been deprogramming our kids for a long time, so maybe we can creep up on it some dark night & deprogram it so he'll forget what he was supposed to do!

       13. ALL RIGHT, BUT THEY'LL DO EXPLOITS, GREAT FEATS! It doesn't mean they have big feet but they will do mighty signs, wonders & miracles & things like that! So where are we going to put that on the board? This is going to be David's own feltograph tonight to decide on where to put things. And what does it say? (David: "They that understand among the people shall instruct many.") Amen! So who is this? It's a prophet? (David: Grandpa.) It's Grandpa? Well, what am I doing? What does it mean, that big word "instruct" the people? (David: Oh, that means show them what to do.) Or another word for it is teach, right? Teach'm! (David: Like feltogram & flannelgraph.) Just like you're doing right now.

       14. THEY THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD, LIKE DAVID, IS GOING TO BE STRONG & DO EXPLOITS! Do you know God? (David: Yes.) So what are you going to be?--Strong. Look at the Bible, what does it say? The last part of the 32nd verse. "But the people that do know their God..." Do you know God? (David: Yes.) So what are you going to be? (David: Strong!) Strong! And do what? (David: Exploits!) There you are!

       15. DO YOU KNOW GOD? (Family: Yes!) Of course! So what are you going to be when the Antichrist comes around & tries to make you worship his Image & take the Mark of the Beast? (Family: Strong!) Be strong & do...(Family: Exploits!) "And they that understand among the people"--do you understand these verses? (Family: Yes!) So what are you going to do? (David: Instruct many!) Going to instruct many or teach many what they mean & what's happening.

       16. A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE SO DUMB THEY WON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON & SAY, "What is this guy? Hey, what's with this guy Antichrist? What do you mean by that? And what is he puttin' this big idol in the front yard of the Temple for, out there in Jerusalem? And how come he's telling us all to worship it & take this Mark of the Beast in our forehead or hand? What's going on? We don't even know what's happening!" "But the people that do know their God shall be strong & do exploits & instruct many!"

       17. SO THE PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD ARE GOING TO DO THREE IMPORTANT THINGS: First they're going to be...(David: Strong!) And do...(David: Exploits!) And...(David: Instruct many!) You're gonna be strong & do mighty works of God & you're going to teach a lot of people! That's what you're going to need to be in that day during the Tribulation. You're going to need to be strong for the Lord & you're going to need to be able to have faith for mighty signs & wonders & miracles to protect you & to provide for you!

       18. OH MY GOODNESS, WE JUST ALMOST KNOCKED PATH WAY'S PICTURE OUT OF ISAIAH but there she is right there! I'm covering up her face, but who would ever recognise her by her body? Nobody but me, 'cause not very many have seen it! XXX! I love her! Let's see, where are you Joanna? Here's Joanna, here's Daniel. I always know where to find Daniel if I can find Joanna, 'cause he's always with Joanna & Joanna's always with Daniel! You always know where to find me if you can find Maria, 'cause wherever Maria is, that's where I am. And if you want to know where to find Maria, just find me & you'll always find her with me! 'Cause we're always together, inseparable, never apart! TTL! Just like we are in heart, we are in body, & always working on the Lord's work & the Lord's Magazine & the Lord's Word? Amen? (Family: Amen!)

       19. IT SAYS, "YET THEY SHALL FALL BY THE..." (David: "Sword, & by flame, by captivity, & by spoil, many days.") They're going to fall by four things, what were they again? By the sword. Many of God's children are going to fall by the sword. (David: By flame.) What's a flame? (David: A fire!) He points at the fireplace. And what's the third thing? Look at your Bible, you can't read it on the kitchen door! (David: Spoil.) Very good, he found it.

       20. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, "BY SPOIL"? (David: I don't know.) When somebody spoils something then what do they do? They ruin it, don't they? Well, this kind of spoil means to be robbed. Like an army takes spoil, they rob the people. They're going to fall by the sword--some are going to get killed; by flame, some are going to die even in fire; & some are going to be robbed. Oh, we skipped one, by captivity! What's that? (David: Capture.) What do they do with you when you're captured? (David: Put you in jail.) That's right!

       21. SO, MANY PEOPLE ARE GOING TO FALL BY THE SWORD & BE KILLED by flame, they get burned like maybe Joan of Arc at the stake, they burned her; & some are going to be captured & put in jail; & others are just going to be robbed. Of all those things, which would you rather be? Killed by a sword, burned at the stake, put in jail, or robbed? (David: Robbed!) I think I'd rather be robbed too! (David: Because you can always get more things.) That's right, you can always get more things.

       22. BUT ONLY ONE LIFE, TWILL SOON BE PAST, & ONLY WHAT'S DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST! You can't always get another one of these lives. You're going to have another life in Eternity, you have a life in the Spirit World, life in Heaven on Earth, but this particular human life is the only one you're living & the last one you're going to live & you won't live any more like this one. You'll have another life when this one's gone in the spirit. (David: And you won't have any more problems.) Hallelujah! TYL! So even if they kill you or burn you they just release you from this old tired body, huh? (David: They don't know they're helping you.) That's right. (David: I need to go potty, OK?) OK, while he's gone maybe we can do another verse. Our beautiful assistant Davida is going to put things on the board here to illustrate these things.

       23. VERSE 34: "WHEN THEY SHALL FALL THEY SHALL BE HOLPEN WITH A LITTLE HELP." Here's the persecution when they're falling & having trouble, warning of things to come. (Pieces fall off flannelgraph board.) See, they're falling. We were just talking about falling, weren't we? See, when they fall, they're going to be helped with a little help, like Davida's picking it up & helping it, & there it fell again.

       24. THESE MUST NOT HAVE BEEN MADE FOR FLANNELGRAPH, HUH? What seems to be the problem with these? It looks to me like they don't have stuff on the back that sticks. Don't ever use this stuff, it won't stick! So, that's not very good, is it, when you have to keep holding it up there. Put it up there & hope it stays. When they fall they shall be holpen with a little help. When they fall you've got to pick them up again!

       25. "BUT MANY SHALL CLEAVE TO THEM WITH FLATTERIES!" Some of them stick to the flannelboard with flattery. Verse 35: "And some of them of understanding shall fall, to try them." See? Even those of understanding that were teaching them, they fell, "to try them" to see if they could stick or not, & they fell, they didn't stick. "And to purge & to make them white." What's the matter with these weak Christians that keep falling off of here? Even how long? How long is the Tribulation going to last? (Sara: Three-&-a-half years.)

       26. HOW LONG IS THE ANTICHRIST GOING TO RULE? WATCH OUT! Seven years! I think even Sam said something in his book or lessons that the Antichrist would rule only three-&-a-half years. Well, that's not right! The Antichrist rules altogether seven years. But in the midst of the seven, the middle, right at the end of the first three-&-a-half years, he breaks the Covenant that he's made of freedom of religion & worship etc. in Jerusalem & internationalising the city.

       27. HE BREAKS THAT COVENANT, he breaks the pact, he breaks the treaty, he breaks the contract, he breaks his promise because the other parties have also broken theirs because they didn't keep the peace, they caused a lot of trouble like the Jews & the Christians & even the Muslims. So he breaks it because they keep fighting & he says, "OK, now you guys are all for this religion & that religion & the other religion, you're all fighting with each other!--We're just going to have one religion now, & that's me! I'm going to be your god! And this is my statue here, now you worship that statue & do what it says or be killed! Take the Mark of the Beast in your head or your hand or you can't buy or sell & you'll starve to death!"

       28. SO THAT'S THE WAY HE DECIDES TO SETTLE THE GREAT RELIGIOUS QUESTION & these religious arguments & religious wars. Most of the wars ever fought were fought over religion. Of course, all the rest were fought over money so it's almost the same thing.--And power & territory & that sort of thing. So some of them are going to fall. We were kind of reviewing there what we had before, & now the 36th is what? David, do you want to read it?

       29. (DAVID: "AND THE KING SHALL DO ACCORDING TO HIS WILL; & he shall exalt himself, & magnify himself above every god, & shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, & shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.") You see how he phonetically sounded out that word? In-dig-na-tion. He figured out how to sound it out phonetically just from the way the letters sound, & oh me, I dropped poor Joanna again on the floor! Anyhow, I gotta blow the dust off of her, I don't want her to be dirty. (Dad's picture!)

       30. NOW I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU CAN HEAR ME OR NOT CONSIDERING THIS MICROPHONE IS VERY LOOSE & RATTLING AROUND in its thing here & I can feel it rattle myself & I'm sure you must hear this rattle. So I suggest that we just take this thing off that's rattling & we get rid of that alligator clip! Thank God! That's better. Watch out for alligator clips! Looky here! Even Techi knows that that's like the Devil, I told her. See, it's got two horns, can you see it?

       31. THAT'S AN ALLIGATOR CLIP & THAT'S THE THING THAT WAS CAUSING ALL THE TROUBLE & the interference on your sound, all that rattling sound & static! That's just like the Devil tries to give you all that static to keep you from hearing well & listening, because he is on the loose, it's this thing that was loose. And he's got horns & he's got big jaws too! And big teeth, look at that! And if he grabs your finger, what does it do then? Huh? Can you stand it? Can you take it? Ouch!! Don't cha' holler a little bit?

       32. DAVID IS STRONG, HE'S GOING TO DO EXPLOITS! Even if the Devil sinks his teeth into him he's not going to holler! Look at that! Even when it leaves marks on his finger he's not going to holler because he's so strong & so brave! Well, alligator clips are like the old Devil. (David: Yes, that's the one that made that microphone all peel up.) Yes, I'll bet! So, I think it's safer just for Daddy to have the microphone in his hand. We have a lot of trouble with it otherwise.

       33. SO NOW, WHAT'S THIS KING GOING TO DO? He's going to do according to his will. He'll exalt himself, not God. And magnify himself. What does that mean, exalt himself? (David: To be so proud.) Put himself way up high. Magnify himself! Have you got a magnifying glass? What does a magnifying glass do? (David: Make it bigger & bigger.)

       34. HE'S GONNA PUT HIMSELF WAY UP HIGH & MAKE HIMSELF BIGGER, ABOVE EVERY GOD! (David: It says in the Mag that if you look at Jesus all your problems will disappear!) Right, thank God! Kind of like a magnifying glass, you just keep your eyes on Jesus & the magnifying glass on Jesus makes Him look so big you can't see your troubles.

       35. ALL RIGHT, BUT YOU LOOK AT THIS GUY, HE GETS SO BIG EVEN ABOVE EVERY GOD! Now why do they spell that word god with just a little "g" & not a big "G"? Because just little gods is all he can magnify himself above! Because the big God, our Heavenly Father, you spell that with a capital "G", don't you? And He's bigger than the Devil or any other gods! So he can't magnify himself or make himself bigger than our God, can he? He tries to though! Look what he does: "He shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods." (Davida: And they have big lies at one table!) Yes, & he speaks lies at one table. (David: But it shall not prosper.)

       36. NOW THIS TIME IT SPELLS GOD WITH WHAT? (David: A little "g".) No, this time with a big "G"! So which God is that? (David: The Devil's god.) With a big G? (David: No!) Well, which God is the big G? (David: Our God!) Big "G" is our God, the God, the big God! The God of gods! He's a God over all gods! He's above all other gods. You see the Antichrist tries to magnify himself above every god, but he can't get above our God. So what does he do? He speaks marvellous things against the God of gods.

       37. ALL HE CAN DO IS TALK AGAINST GOD because he can't make himself higher or bigger or more powerful than our God. So what does he do? (David: He speaks against Him.) He just speaks marvellous things against Him, terrible things! "And he shall prosper"--what does that mean? (David: He'll grow bigger & bigger & bigger & bigger!) He'll grow & have more & more power & do better & better & worse & worse "until the indignation be accomplished."

       38. NOW WHAT'S INDIGNATION? I'm trying to see how much you learn from your teacher! What is indignation? (David: He was mad!) When he gets real angry! When God gets mad! When God gets angry, that's the indignation! And the Antichrist is going to continue to prosper until the indignation be accomplished, until God gets so mad at him He destroys him! That's how God accomplishes His indignation, His wrath! That's another name for it, the Wrath of God! And we're told that the Wrath of God is poured out on the Antichrist in another place we're going to study, & he's destroyed along with the Devil that empowers him!

       39. "AND THAT THAT IS DETERMINED SHALL BE DONE!" What does it mean, "determined"? (David: Shall be done.) But what does that big word determined mean? When you're determined to do something, how do you feel about it? (David: That means you're going to do it!) You're bound to do it! You're going to do it! It's determined & you have determination to do it!

       40. WHEN GOD IS DETERMINED TO DO SOMETHING, DOES HE DO IT? (Family: Yes!) He's bound to do it! He's gonna do it, right? (Family: Amen.) Until "that that is determined"--that God determines--"shall be" what? (David: Done.) Done! When God determines to do something, when He decides to do something, when He's determined to do something, is it done? (David: He is going to do it!) He's going to do it & it shall be...(David: Done!) Done! So now we're going to find out a little bit about what this guy is like, this Antichrist! OK? We're going to find that out in the 37th verse. Eleven o'clock is a good time to quit & we can finish our Bible Study next time! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!--Are you ready?

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