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DANIEL 11 FLANNELGRAPH!--Part 4!       1/3/81       DFO 1497
--Review & Daniel 11:36-39 --Antichrist wars!
--The Seven Years of Antichrist Reign!

       1. DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER WHERE WE WERE ON OUR LAST BIBLE STUDY? What is our subject? Is he our subject? (David: Yes.) Well, in a way he is, Daniel's our subject! But what is Daniel talking about? (David: The Endtime.) The Endtime! We're studying the Book of Daniel & I've got some pretty girl stuck in there I'm sure. Oh yes, there's that pretty girl that always makes me know I'm in Daniel! Sometimes she makes me know a few other things from the looks of her! GBH! GBY dear Joanna, out there wherever you are!

       2. HERE WE ARE IN DANIEL, & WE'RE IN WHAT CHAPTER OF DANIEL? (DAVID: 11.) 11th chapter, & he's talking about the Endtime. And who in particular is he talking about? (David: The Antichrist.) That's right! And he's just been talking in our last lesson about some of the Christians who would suffer during the time of the Great what? (David: Reign of the Antichrist.) How many years is he going to rule? (David: Three-&-a-half years.) That's a mistake that a lot of people make.

       3. HOW MANY YEARS IS THE ANTICHRIST GOING TO RULE, CLASS? (Family: Seven.) Well, then what's this three-&-a-half years about? We're always hearing about the three-&-a-half years in relation to the Antichrist, so don't blame David. A lot of you big folks have had the same misconception that the Antichrist was only going to reign for three-&-a-half years, & I've even seen that in some of your letters & I think I even saw it in one of Sam's lessons. He's going to rule for seven years according to Daniel 9:27.

       4. BUT WHY THE THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS? WHAT'S THAT GOT TO DO WITH HIM? What is three-&-a-half years? (David: The middle of the week.) Right. Three-&-a-half years is half of seven. So why do we divide the seven years of his reign into two halves, each three-&-a-half years long? What are the first three-&-a-half years going to be like? Well, if you don't know what the first half is going to be like, what's the last half going to be like? (David: The Great Tribulation.)

       5. WHAT'S THE FIRST HALF CALLED? (SARA: PLASTIC PEACE!) Well, I'm glad you have a name for it! Actually, it's not called anything in the Bible, but you can call it whatever you want to! I think dear Joel & Sam called it the "Plastic Peace," & I think our sign says "World Peace." When he takes over & reigns he's going to settle all the problems & the wars about Jerusalem & Israel & enforce a World Peace, etc. The first half of his reign the World will think is wonderful because he stopped all the wars & he restored the economy & he's solved the problem about Israel & Jerusalem & the Arabs by internationalising the city of Jerusalem & making it his capital. And it looks like everything is going to be fine.

       6. EXCEPT AS USUAL [EDITED: "THE JEWS"], ALONG WITH THE OLD WESTERN ALLIANCES ARE STILL QUESTIONING HIS RULE & REIGN & troublemaking, along with the Christians & the Muslims & all of these religious bigots & arguers, & they're still arguing about Jerusalem & about religion. He tried to solve it & settle it but they refused to stop arguing & stop fighting & they refused to stop fighting over Jerusalem. So he finally gets fed up at the end of the first three-&-a-half years, they give him so much trouble that he decides to do what? (David: He breaks the Covenant.) He breaks the Covenant & sets up what? (David: The Abomination of Desolation.)

       7. AND THE WAY MY BURPING IS GOING NOW, I'm afraid that your idea of mixing tea with wine created an abomination of desolation! I don't think it works. I'm excusing myself for the burps you've been hearing on the audio. Don't mix your drinks, Beloved, it doesn't work! Don't even change your wines or change your kind of drinks in the middle of the evening, or you may find yourself in stomach trouble, especially if you have as sensitive a stomach as I have.

       8. ALL RIGHT, WE WENT THROUGH THE 35TH VERSE LAST TIME, & TONIGHT WE'RE ON THE 36TH VERSE. So our beautiful gorgeous helper over there, with those beautiful hands you will see putting figures & titles & things on the board here, will have to find a few things to fit this chapter from the 36th verse on if you can, because he gets fed up with all this fighting & arguing & he sets up the Abomination of Desolation.

       9. AND WHAT IS THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, DAVID? In our last lesson we shifted over to Matthew 24 & then we shifted to Revelation 13, & what is the Abomination of Desolation? (David: A big beast.) Well, in a way, yes. What is the Abomination of Desolation, Class? (Mark: A big computer?) Somebody has said it's a big computer. What does the Bible say it is in Revelation 13, Beloved?

       10. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER IT DOES ANY GOOD TO TEACH YOU BIBLE OR HAVE BIBLE CLASSES! Maria says you want Bible Classes & you want felt-o-graphs & you're just dying without'm, & I come to the next class & you can't even remember what the Abomination of Desolation is! One of the most important things in the whole lesson, the whole Bible! (Sara: An Image of himself.)

       11. IT'S AN IMAGE OF THE BEAST! He is the Beast, remember, but although the Bible describes him as a beast & shows him as a beast, is he going to look like some kind of a beast to the World? No, he's going to look like a man, a man, it will tell us, of fierce countenance. Very bestial but not actually looking like a beast. So the Abomination of Desolation is going to be a what? (Family: Image.) An image of the Beast! And who is the Beast? (Family: The Antichrist.) Some of these people are almost getting afraid to answer for fear they're going to get the wrong one, they've been wrong so many times!

       12. HE SETS UP IN THE HOLY PLACE--WHERE'S THE HOLY PLACE? (David: The Temple of Jerusalem.) Somewhere around the Temple or near the Temple or in front of the Temple in Jerusalem, the rebuilt Temple, rebuilt by the ACs. They've already got the stuff in warehouses in Jerusalem right now ready to rebuild it, & they have had for several years. They're just waiting for the right political & military climate for them to be able to get away with it.

       13. I'M SURE THEY'RE HOPING TO BE ABLE TO DESTROY THE MOSQUE OF OMAR OR THE DOME OF THE ROCK, the great Arab shrine which stands there today, so that their Temple will be the only one. But when the Antichrist makes his compromise & internationalises the city & allows freedom of worship of all three great religions, they're probably going to have to compromise & settle for building their Temple somewhere near the same spot. But this is the most holy place on Earth to the ACs, it's the second most holy place on Earth to the Muslims, & it's one of the holiest places on Earth to Christians. So it is a very holy place, so-called.

       14. SO WHEN THE ANTICHRIST SETS UP HIS ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, WHICH IS AN IMAGE OF HIMSELF, the Beast, an idol of himself for everybody to worship, he sets it up in the holiest place in the World to the World's three greatest religions, right there on top of Mount Moriah, right there in front of the Mosque of Omar & the rebuilt Temple of the ACs. Right there in the center of the World's three great religions he's going to set up that Image, & it's going to look like him--contrary to this picture which looks like a computer.

       15. IT'S GOING TO LOOK LIKE HIM, BUT NO DOUBT RUN BY A COMPUTER because it's going to be able to move & speak & even command that everybody should receive the Mark of the Beast, 666, in either their forehead or their hand, tattooed or invisible or however, we don't know how they're going to do it, in order to buy or sell, & without that you can't buy or sell.--That you'll read in the 13th Chapter of Revelation if you want to get these details. And everybody that refuses to worship it must be killed.

       16. NOW OF COURSE THIS IMAGE OF THE BEAST IS ONLY A COMPUTER-OPERATED IDOL, so therefore it's merely saying what it has been programmed or told to say. Who do you suppose is telling it? The Antichrist himself & his False Prophet are telling this idol what to say. The False Prophet, by the way, is another beast pictured in both Old & New Testaments, & he is the Beast's publicity department. He's the Antichrist's propaganda manager & he tries to get everybody to worship the Antichrist. So I wouldn't be surprised if he's the one who advises the Antichrist to set up this Image & make everybody worship it & make it to command everybody to accept the Mark of the Beast & worship it or die.

       17. SO WE HAVE LEARNED THIS ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST PERIOD: He reigns seven years, first half as you have said a "plastic peace," at least a more-or-less general World peace & World economic reconstruction after the horrible destruction of the great Atomic War, the Antichrist System pictured in the Bible as a red beast, & every description of it sounds like Communism. At least Communism is its forerunner, if nothing else, & is based undoubtedly on the Communist System.

       18. THERE CERTAINLY IS NOT TIME LEFT IN WORLD HISTORY FOR ANY OTHER KIND OF SYSTEM TO ARISE which could be so much like it & fulfil all the prophetic descriptions of it, Bible descriptions & everything. So therefore it is bound to be Communism, as far as I'm concerned, I'm completely convinced! Although the word "Communism" does not appear, it is called "red" & everything described about the Antichrist follows the picture of the Communist policies of entering through propaganda, flatteries & by peace & by sharing the wealth, distributing, etc. So therefore I'm convinced that it's Communism, at least Communism is the present forerunner & foundation upon which the Antichrist System will be built.

       19. AND WHEN THE ANTICHRIST APPEARS HE WILL REIGN SEVEN YEARS, & IN THE MIDDLE OF IT HE'LL GET FED UP with all the bickering & arguing over religion & he'll say, "Well, no more religions at all! I'm going to start a new religion! Worship me, I'm God!" And since the Antichrist is the Devil in the flesh, the Devil incarnate, the Devil in person--like Jesus was God in person--& has always wanted to be the god of this World, has been for a long time, & has always wanted to be worshipped, therefore of course he would say, "Worship me, I'm God!"

       20. AND IN 2ND THESSALONIANS, 2ND CHAPTER IT TELLS US THAT HE WILL SIT IN THE TEMPLE OF GOD, AS GOD, SAYING THAT HE IS GOD! He's not going to only set up an idol of himself out there in the clearing between these various temples of the World's great religions & command the World to worship him, but he's going to sit in the very Temple of God that the ACs have rebuilt right there on that holiest of all holy places & proclaim that he is God, "Worship me!" You can read it for yourself in 2nd Thessalonians, 2nd Chapter. (Verse 4.)

       21. AND EVERYBODY WHO HAS REJECTED THE TRUTH, the Bible, & our warnings, is going to believe that & worship him & accept his Mark. All those who have resisted the truth, He said then they will be sent strong delusion that they might believe a lie that they might all be damned! (2Th.2:10-12) That's what's going to happen, it says it in the Bible.

       22. ALL RIGHT, SOME OF THOSE SIMPLEST THINGS SOME OF YOU STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN IN SPITE OF ALL OF OUR WRITINGS & all Sam Warner's writings & all of our Bible Prophecy lessons & the many studies we've written on it. I'm really amazed at how you still get your signals crossed & your cues mixed & your interpretations screwed up. I don't know what it's going to take to get it clear in your head! Maybe I'm going to have to draw a picture of it. Well, I have drawn a few pictures of it--maybe you'll get them on television sometime--& I've made some charts on it myself. I don't know about some of these felt-o-graphs by other people, but I know mine are right. I'll try to show you those some night & maybe we can get something out of those if you get a little confused by the studies you've had & the present flannelgraphs.

       23. I'M JUST TRYING TO REVIEW A LITTLE BIT & HERE I FIND ON OUR REVIEW THAT YOU STILL HAVEN'T GOTTEN THE POINT! The Antichrist is going to reign how many years, David? (David: Seven.) The first half is going to be like World peace & plenty, economic reconstruction. And the last half's going to be the Great Tribulation such as was not since the World began, no, nor ever shall be! And we're going to know when that first half of the seven years comes to an end & the second half of the Great Tribulation begins, we're going to know exactly when that happens because Jesus Himself told us what to look for! And what is that?--The Abomination of Desolation spoken of here by Daniel the Prophet! And what is that, Alf? (Alf: The Image.) The Image of what, Mark? (Mark: Of the Beast.) And who is the Beast, Dora? (Dora: The Antichrist.)

       24. THANK GOD WE'RE GETTING A FEW RIGHT ANSWERS for a change after having a whole review on it. If you wonder why my lessons take so long, I have to start all over again from scratch every lesson to find out if you know what we went over in the last lesson, & I still find about half of you that still don't know what we're talking about! Didn't even know how long the Antichrist reigned, you don't know what the last half of his reign is called, you don't know anything about the Image of the Beast. I'm just dumbfounded! It must go in one ear & run out the other one, 'cause it sure doesn't run out your mouth!

       25. WELL, DEAR FAMILY OUT YONDER, YOU CAN SYMPATHISE WITH THESE POOR DUMB CLUCKS HERE, because probably you were just as confused as they are! If my own family doesn't know any better, I couldn't expect you to know any better, the rest of my big Family out yonder. For God's sake, I hope you've got these things straight tonight! Class, together: How long does the Antichrist reign? (Family: Seven years.) And the first half is like what? (World peace.) The second half is what? (Great Tribulation.)

       26. AND WHAT HAPPENS RIGHT BETWEEN THE TWO HALVES RIGHT SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEVEN YEARS? What happens then, Jesus said, by which we will know when the first half is over & the second half is about to begin? (The Abomination of Desolation will be set up.) Stands in the Holy Place. And what does Revelation 13 say it is? (The Image of the Beast.) For God's sake, I hope you've got that straight now! And then begins what great period? (The Great Tribulation.) How long does it last? (Three-&-a-half years.) And when does it end? (At the end of the three-&-a-half years!) And you're right, Dora, you'll know it has ended when Jesus comes, He will come at the end of that three-&-a-half years.

       27. SO BELIEVE IT OR NOT, ACCORDING TO WHAT JESUS HIMSELF SAID & what He talked about that Daniel said, by the time the Tribulation begins & you have seen the Image of the Beast set up in the Holy place--probably on television you've seen it--the Image of the Beast set up & the Tribulation begun, you are going to know virtually to the very day the exact time of the Coming of Jesus Christ! Don't tell me nobody's going to know when He comes, you're going to know exactly when He's going to come! You'll know it not only because the Image of the Beast is set up, but you'll know that that begins the period of three-&-a-half years of Tribulation till Jesus comes.

       28. HE'S MADE IT SO SPECIFIC, HE HAS NOT ONLY SAID THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS, BUT A TIME, TIMES & A HALF A TIME, 1260 DAYS & 42 MONTHS! So for God's sake, how could you make a mistake? Because all those figures count up to three-&-a-half years exactly according to the Jewish calendar & their number of days in their years. It'll be three-&-a-half years or 42 months or 1260 days that Jesus comes--from what time, Mark? (Mark: When the Abomination of Desolation is set up.) And what is the Abomination of Desolation, David? (David: The Image of the Beast.) Very good!

       29. WE HAVE TO KEEP HAMMERING AWAY & HAMMERING AWAY & POUNDING IT INTO YOUR HEAD UNTIL YOU FINALLY GET IT! I don't know, maybe Sam Warner was too deep for you. Maybe Joel was too devious. I've got to teach it simple enough that even these little children can understand it before you get it through your thick skulls! How long does the Antichrist reign, David? (David: Seven years.) Right! And what's the first three-&-a-half years like? (David: Peace.) And the second three-&-a-half years is what? (David: Tribulation.) The Great Tribulation! And how do you know when you're right in the middle & the Great Tribulation starts? (David: He's going to break the Covenant.) And do what? (David: Set up the Abomination of Desolation.) And what is it? (David: An Image of himself.) An Image of himself, the Beast. Right!

       30. AND EVERYBODY'S GOING TO BE COMMANDED BY THE IMAGE TO DO WHAT? (David: Worship him.) Worship him or be killed. Take his 666 in their forehead or the palm of their hand or they can't buy or sell, which means slow starvation unless you stocked up a mighty good survival & got it hid where nobody can find it, enough for three-&-a-half years! Well, it's possible.

       31. OF COURSE, GOD CAN DO MIRACLES!--Rain manna out of Heaven to feed you & a lot of other things if necessary, if you neglected to stock up a good survival & hide it where nobody can find it but you, & manage to get out where nobody can find you either! Otherwise you are going to be in trouble & you're going to slowly starve to death if they don't kill you first for refusing to worship or for witnessing about Jesus.

       32. SO IF YOU DIDN'T FIND A SAFE ENOUGH PLACE TO HIDE YOURSELF & YOUR THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS OF SURVIVAL, then you might as well get out & start yelling your head off for Jesus & witnessing like mad, because they're going to kill you anyhow sooner or later & the quicker the better! PTL? [DELETED] [EDITED: "S"]udden death, sudden glory for Jesus! PTL? Amen[DELETED].

       33. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]o really witness your head off could cost you your head in some places nowadays, even now! You don't have to wait till the Antichrist! We've had some of our people thrown in jail today for witnessing in some countries, & it can cause you getting beat up or put in jail or persecuted by the ACs or somebody even nowadays.

       34. IT COSTS SOMETHING TO WITNESS & IN THAT DAY IT IS DEFINITELY GOING TO COST YOU YOUR LIFE, with a few no doubt amazing & rare miraculous exceptions of some of God's children who are going to last to the very day Jesus comes & the very end, well, almost the end. Two of the greatest witnesses of all, the two final witnesses, are going to be killed just three days before the Lord comes. And we know it's just three days before the Lord comes because at the end of three days they're resurrected & caught up to be with the Lord in the air along with all the rest of us! PTL!

       35. SO, HOW LONG IS THE TRIBULATION, SON? (James: 1260 days.) Are you sure? How many months? (Family: 42.) How many years? (Three-&-a-half.) Boy, you guys are getting smart, aren't you? If I keep yelling it long enough & hard enough, enough times, maybe you'll finally get the point! GBY all! You're all just children, you're really not doing a bit better than David. David could probably out-talk you, out-quote you, out-answer you all the way through. That's a good smile, David, let's hope it stays, because the next question might wipe that smile right off your face! Praise God!

       36. ALL RIGHT, HAVE YOU GOT THAT PRETTY STRAIGHT NOW? (Sara: We were studying about the Temple & I wondered if the Temple in its entirety is called the holy place or the holy place is supposed to be the Holy of Holies which is rather secretive.) No, no, no, no! "In the holy place" means the general area of all those houses of worship. There's already one there that's Muslim, the Dome of the Rock, Mosque of Omar, & there will be the Temple of the ACs which will be reconstructed probably soon.

       37. DEAR BEGIN IS DOING EVERYTHING IN HIS POWER AS FAST AS HE CAN TO ESTABLISH AS MANY SETTLEMENTS AS HE CAN in the occupied parts of Jerusalem & put as many people there as he can real fast. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts building the Temple before he's out, because he knows he's going to get kicked out because everybody's fed up with him except the Jewish religious fanatics who want to make sure they take over all of Palestine & kick out all the Arabs & make it all Jewish. And you just wait & see if they don't try to kick out the Christians too!

       38. OF COURSE, MANY MANY OF THE PALESTINIANS ARE CHRISTIANS. Nearly all the Palestinians we met while we were there were Christians. In fact, about the only ones who stayed or had the courage to stay or the nerve to stay or the faith to stay were the Christians who thought maybe they could get along with the ACs, whereas the Muslims fled. So the ones who are still there in Palestine are largely Christians & trying to continue their worship, etc. But you just watch & see if the ACs don't try to run them out too. They're doing their best to eliminate the Arabs, Palestinians, & to...

       39. BELOVED, LET ME TELL YOU, EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO INTERRUPT EVERYTHING, IF THERE'S A SUDDEN FIRE HAZARD YOU'D BETTER STOP & TAKE CARE OF IT QUICK! We had a lamp here that was collapsing, the whole unit on top was folding over & could have caused a sudden short & maybe start a fire! So we had to get that lamp out of the way. Well, that lamp which was a light to the World suddenly became an abomination of desolation, so we had to set it back in an unholy place. (David: The World likes the Antichrist, but then they're going to turn on him.) Yes, they'll like the Antichrist, for awhile they're going to all think he's great, but by & by they're going to turn on him & his light's going to turn into darkness just like that lamp over there, 'cause he's a false prophet & he has a false prophet.

       40. ANYWAY, I HOPE YOU'VE GOT THE SIMPLE BASIC TRUTHS THAT I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU, & I don't know how many times I have to go over them to get it straight! Now, we know exactly how long the Tribulation is going to be, right? The Scripture makes that very clear in both Old & New Testaments, telling us it's three-&-a-half years, 42 months, 1260 days, two times, one time & a half a time or whatever you want to call it. Or right in the middle of the seven years, which is three-&-a-half years. The Scripture's made that so clear, if you've read it in all those places you couldn't possibly misunderstand it.

       41. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THE LORD WANTED TO MAKE THAT SO CLEAR & SO EXACT? Well, let me tell you, when you're in the middle of the Great Tribulation, you're going to be counting the days & thanking God: "Well, one more day, thank God, we're a day closer to the Coming of Jesus!" Well, some of these dear old Bible professors & students & know-it-alls are going to say, "Ah, but Jesus said no man knoweth the day or the hour when the Son of Man cometh, not even the angels in Heaven, only My Father. It's not for you to know the times or the seasons."--No, it wasn't for them to know because they've already been dead nearly 2000 years, they didn't have to know! Right?

       42. I DIDN'T SAY WE WOULD NECESSARILY KNOW THE EXACT DAY & HOUR OF HIS COMING, BUT YOU'RE GOING TO KNOW IT PRETTY CLOSE! Because if you can count 42 months or 1260 days or three-&-a-half years from the day that you see the Abomination of Desolation set up in the holy place, you're going to be able to figure it mighty close. Even if it's not the exact day or hour, it's going to be close. But I believe you're going to be able to figure even that--maybe the day & the hour!

       43. BUT YOU SAY, "NO NO, JESUS SAID NO MAN KNOWETH THE DAY OR THE HOUR, ONLY MY FATHER, NOT EVEN THE ANGELS!" What did He say? He said no man what? (David: Knoweth the day nor the hour that Jesus comes back.) That's right. It says no man knoweth.--Knows now! And we can turn right to it in Matthew the 24th chapter if you want to, the 36th verse, & it says what? Here's the Scripture they're going to use on me to argue with me that we can't know the day nor the hour. I'm just going to show you something, that you didn't read this Scripture very carefully. You just let the preachers quote it to you & you thought that was the proof, & it wasn't, because what does it say? (David: "But of that day & hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of Heaven, but My Father only.")

       44. WHEN WAS JESUS SAYING THIS? Maybe 2000 years ago. And so what did He say? He was talking to His 12 disciples & He said nobody's going to know--is that what He said? That's what the preachers tell you He said, that nobody's going to know the day or the hour. Is that what He said? What did He say, read it again, David. (David: "But of that day & hour knoweth no man.") What does knoweth mean? That's old English for knows! But of that day & hour knows--let's put it in modern English--knows no man.

       45. JESUS WAS SAYING NEARLY 2000 YEARS AGO, "NO MAN RIGHT NOW KNOWS THAT DAY & HOUR!" No man knows. That's present tense. If you folks have studied English, the present tense of the verb "to know," to say nobody knows, no one knows, no man knows, means they don't know when? They don't now know. They don't know in the present, in the present tense, now they don't know! But that was almost 2000 years ago!

       46. JESUS WAS TELLING HIS DISCIPLES THAT NOBODY RIGHT NOW KNOWS WHEN THAT DAY & HOUR IS GOING TO BE, even the angels in Heaven don't know right now! But He didn't say that we wouldn't know when the time came. Did you read it? Do you believe it? "Of that day & hour knoweth no man." No man knows now, present tense, that day & hour, 2000 years ago. Why? They didn't have to know! They weren't going through the Great Tribulation, Jesus wasn't about to come back, He hadn't even gone yet.--Nobody knew then!

       47. SO THAT SCRIPTURE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU & ME TODAY IN THIS ENDTIME, Last Days, when the Antichrist is about to be revealed & the Tribulation is coming soon, & the Abomination of Desolation be set up & the Mark of the Beast be established. All these things are going to happen & when these terrible things begin to happen, let me tell you, you're going to need to know, you are going to want to know & you are going to know because God promised it in His Word! If you don't believe it, well, read back to the 15th verse of Matthew 24.

       48. "WHEN YE THEREFORE SHALL SEE THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION SPOKEN OF BY DANIEL THE PROPHET STAND IN THE HOLY PLACE"--when you see it stand there in the holy place, the holiest place on Earth to the World's three greatest religions--then it tells you "Don't even go back in the house & get your clothes--run! Head for the hills!" Because what's going to happen then? 21st Verse: "Then shall be great tribulation such as was not since the beginning of the World to this time, no, nor ever shall be." Couldn't be any more specific. Isn't that plain enough? You got the point?

       49. YOU'LL PROBABLY SEE IT ON TELEVISION! It'll probably be a great achievement, a great thing that they have built the World's largest robot! They have built the World's largest example of cybernetics, they call it, that means using computers & electronics & controls to operate a robot or a machine. And this is going to be the biggest & grandest & greatest & most amazing ever built, an Image of the Beast himself, the Antichrist himself!

       50. BUT JESUS SAID WHEN YOU SEE IT STANDING THERE, THEN WHAT SHALL HAPPEN? Then shall be great tribulation, the Great Tribulation. In the original it really means the Great Tribulation. It's obvious from what He says it's the Great Tribulation, if it's the greatest one so far & there will never be another one like it, it's the Great Tribulation. It begins then, & back in Daniel we've read several verses where it said that he breaks the Covenant in the midst of the week, in the midst of the seven years, & he sets up the Abomination of Desolation. He makes the abomination which maketh desolate in the middle of the seven years, at the end of the first three-&-a-half years, & the beginning of the three-&-a-half years of Tribulation.

       51. WELL, AS JESUS POINTED OUT, FROM THAT POINT ONWARD, FROM THE SETTING UP OF THAT IMAGE it's exactly another three-&-a-half years of Tribulation to the end of his reign & the coming of whom? (David: Jesus!!) Hallelujah! Jesus will come with all His holy angels, to rescue us out of this horrible mess. He's not only going to come with His holy angels, but He's going to come with guess who else? You can read it in 1st Thessalonians, 4th Chapter. Guess who else is coming with Him? Oh, we've got so many things to study I don't know how we're ever going to get them all studied if you don't know them all, because it's so marvellous & so interesting!

       52. BUT IN 1ST THESSALONIANS 4 YOU'LL FIND A PICTURE OF THE COMING OF THE LORD, EXACTLY HOW JESUS COMES. Do you know that? Have you memorised that, David? "But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep." In other words, those who have died in the Lord, He says they're just sleeping. Their bodies are sleeping, their souls are quite awake & with Jesus. He says, "For if we believe that Jesus died & rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him." (1Th.4:13,14)

       53. WHO'S THE LORD GOING TO BRING WITH HIM WHEN HE COMES? All those who've already gone to be with the Lord, they're going to still be with the Lord when He comes. What are they coming back for? To rescue us only? Who's going to be resurrected? The dead in Christ! How can we have a resurrection & them coming back at the same time? How can we have all these bodies being resurrected when their spirits are already with Jesus & coming back in His second coming? What are they coming back for?--To pick up their new bodies!! You can't have the body separated from the spirit, or the body's going to be up walking around a soulless spiritless body & not knowing what's the score or where to go or what to do.

       54. HE SAYS, "THE DEAD IN CHRIST SHALL RISE FIRST!" But I thought we just got through reading that the dead in Christ are already with the Lord? Well, that's why they're going to get together. Their spirits are with the Lord, the spirits of the bodies that are going to rise are going to get together at the moment of Christ's coming & He's going to bring them back with Him & they're going to pick up their dead bodies, only they're going to be glorified new bodies then, first, before we're raptured! Then we which are alive & remain shall rise up together with them to meet the Lord in the air! It's right here in this chapter, read it!

       55. IT SAYS, "FOR THIS WE SAY UNTO YOU BY THE WORD OF THE LORD, THAT WE WHICH ARE ALIVE & REMAIN unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep"--we're not going to go ahead of them, we're not going to make it first, they're going to go before us. "For the Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel & with the trump of God!" Three big noises, Beloved! No secret coming. No silent quiet sneaking out on the World, it's going to be very noisy & everybody's going to know it.--Every eye shall see! (Rev.1:7) No secret rapture, that's a lot of baloney!

       56. "AND THE DEAD IN CHRIST SHALL RISE FIRST"--because all these spirits of the beloved departed have come back with Him to pick up their bodies, & they are going to rise first. Why the Lord gives them that particular honour, I don't know, unless it's because they lived their lives & died for the Lord. "And we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds"--we who are still alive at the end of the Tribulation & alive to see Jesus come. And there will no doubt be thousands of us, maybe millions of us!

       57. THE DEVIL CAN'T GET US ALL! "THEY CAN'T STOP OUR RAIN!" (No.128) The Antichrist can't possibly wipe us all out because there are millions of real genuine saved believers in the World, not just the Family. There are millions, I believe, saved Catholics. --Millions of saved Protestants. --Millions of just plain saved, like us. Millions of us! All over the World! And the Devil & all his damned demons & Antichrist, False Prophet & bestial Image & all the rest can't possibly catch up with us all! I believe there are going to be millions of us still alive to see the Lord come! The Antichrist's going to slaughter thousands no doubt, but he's not going to get us all, he just can't kill us all, it's impossible, there's too many of us. PTL?

       58. LET ME TELL YOU, WHEN THESE PROPHECIES BEGIN TO BE FULFILLED & they see these things happening that we've been talking about for years, the Antichrist is revealed & appears, this World dictator, this devil demon superman restores the economy & the World after the great Atomic War & establishes World peace, takes over Israel & Jerusalem, makes a Covenant, some of these people we've been passing out Letters to on the streets are going to say,

       59. "WHERE'D WE HEAR ABOUT THAT? I read this somewhere, some kind of a superman is going to come & establish a World government & he's going to promise to have all the great religions share Jerusalem, etc. Where did I read that? Where did I hear that?" You're going to know because you know where you read it, you know where you heard it, but some of them are going to begin to remember too. They wanted to wait & find out if it was really true. OK, they're going to know then!

       60. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, IF THEY DIDN'T GET THE POINT BY THE ANTICHRIST'S FIRST THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS OF RULE & REIGN & his Covenant & his capital in the Holy City, Jerusalem, if they didn't get the point by that time, when they see the Image of the Beast set up & see him commanding everybody that doesn't worship it to be killed, & everybody who doesn't accept the Mark of the Beast not to be able to buy or sell, all the things we told them are going to happen, when they see those things begin to happen, the slow believers, the fools & slow of heart to believe, then they'll begin to believe!--At least many will.

       61. JESUS CALLED TWO OF HIS OWN DISCIPLES FOOLS & SLOW OF HEART TO BELIEVE. (Lk.24:25) Those people already belong to the Lord, they're already saved by His provision & prevision, they're already His sheep, predestined to be His children, but a lot of people are pretty dumb & pretty slow--like some of you--slow of heart to believe, slow to perceive, slow to understand. But then they'll begin to believe because they'll see it happen & they'll have to believe it then because they'll see it happen before their very eyes, just exactly as we said! The Covenant broken, the Image of this idol made & set up in the holiest place on Earth to the World's three greatest religions in the World's holiest city! Then they'll believe, think so?

       62. DO YOU THINK THE VAST PART OF THE WORLD IS GOING TO BELIEVE? Yes, they will, but not in Jesus. They're going to believe, all right, they're going to believe in the Antichrist that he's the messiah, & they're going to fall down & worship him & accept his Mark, 666, in their foreheads & in the palm of their hands & be doomed to die & go to Hell, because they refused to believe in the true Messiah, & they rejected your & my message about Jesus. They'll believe all right, "For He shall send them strong delusion that they might believe a lie that they might be damned!" (2Th.2:11,12)

       63. THEY'LL BELIEVE IN A LIE, THE FALSE MESSIAH & HIS FALSE PROPHET & HIS FALSE IMAGE, & they'll obey him & worship him & take his Mark. They will be firm believers & obeyers of their god, the false one, the Devil himself! They'll show their true colours then, what they've been all the time, children of the Devil, including them which say they are ACs but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan! (Re.3:9) Now that's the truth, & that's God's Word & that's what He's promised & that's what He's predicted right here in His Word!

       64. "THEN WE WHICH ARE ALIVE & REMAIN SHALL BE CAUGHT UP TOGETHER WITH THEM IN THE CLOUDS TO MEET THE LORD IN THE AIR: & so shall we ever be with the Lord!" Hallelujah! "Wherefore comfort one another with these words." (1Th.4:17,18) When? After Jesus comes? When? Now! And especially when? When you're in the midst of the horrible Great Tribulation & you're having a tough time finding something to eat, you can't buy any groceries, you can't sell anything to get any money to buy anything with, you can't buy or sell 'cause you don't have the credit card that belongs to the Beast, you don't have the Mark, his credit card in your forehead or in the palm of your hand, & you're going to have a tough time staying alive.

       65. THESE SCRIPTURES ARE GOING TO BE A GREAT COMFORT TO YOU TO KNOW, "WELL, IT'S NOT MANY MORE DAYS! If I can just hold out a little longer, praise God!" And you may feel like, "Well, why hold out? Why suffer another year or two or so? I might as well get out there & witness for all I'm worth & litness for all I'm worth & let'm go ahead & kill me!" [DELETED]

       66. LET ME TELL YOU, TO WITNESS IN THAT DAY IS GOING TO BE [EDITED: "DANGEROUS"]! [EDITED: "Jesus"] prayed, "Let this cup pass from Me if it be Thy will, but if not, Thy will be done." (Mt.26:39) He made His choice then & there to die for us. He said in another place, "No man taketh My life from Me, I give it up of Myself!" (Jn.10:18) [DELETED] He made a choice that He knew was going to kill Him & bring about His Own death!

       67. NOBODY TOOK HIS LIFE FROM HIM. He told Pilate, "You couldn't even touch Me if God didn't let you! All I've got to do is raise My little finger & He would send legions of angels to rescue Me!" (Mt.26:53) He chose to die, He decided to die because it was the will of God to save you & me. He chose death. And He Himself said, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (Jn.15:13)

       68. [DELETED] [EDITED: "A"]ll you have to do is make the wrong choice as far as the World's concerned & [EDITED: "itr can cost you your life"]. But He says, "Fear not them which can only kill the body & after that have no more they can do. Rather fear Him"--God--"Who can cast both soul & body into Hell!" (Lk.12:4,5)

       69. YOU'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A CHOICE. You can head for the hills & depend on your survival & try to manage to exist & stay alive until Jesus comes ... & I believe millions are, especially in parts of the World far from the Antichrist & his hordes. And according to the rest of these readings we're going to have, there are going to be all kinds of rebellions against him, he's going to have a lot of problems & troubles & wars during that last three-&-a-half years with people who don't like him & who will hide us!

       70. SO NOT THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO BE IN PERFECT PEACE THAT LAST THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS. He's not going to have absolute control. There are going to be all kinds of people who finally rise up & realise he's not the right guy & he's not good for them or the World, that he's the Devil himself & devilish & demonic & the worst thing that ever happened to the World, & they're going to rebel & refuse to follow his orders. They're going to refuse to take the Mark of the Beast, they're going to refuse to... (David walks in front of the camera.) Beloved, you should instruct people in these things before these things happen! PTL! Well, everybody's got to go to the toilet sometime.

       71. BOY, THE DEVIL SURE HATES THIS MESSAGE! First of all the lamp fell over & then poor David had to go to the bathroom. There's nothing wrong with going to the bathroom, except he tried to take the microphone with him! GBH! And he also forgot & walked right across the camera. So that flash-by you saw was dear David walking by. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Now where were we?

       72. A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO REBEL & REFUSE TO ACCEPT HIS MARK & refuse to follow him & obey him, & though he may order them to be killed, he's going to have a hell of a time trying to do it! Because it looks like from the last readings, a great many of the World's going to be in rebellion against him.

       73. THATTA BOY! TAKE A DIVE UNDER THE CAMERA NEXT TIME OR YOU MIGHT GET SHOT! They used to make us crawl under live ammunition when we were in the army. They said, "Now this ammunition is going to just be coming 18 inches above the ground, machine-gun ammunition sweeping the whole field, & you'd better stay on your belly, buddy, & don't get your butt up or it's going to get shot off!"--To teach you how to stay undercover & how to stay flat & out of fire. And it wasn't any joke either, let me tell you, some guys got badly hurt. Some guys didn't believe it, they thought they were just firing blanks, but they'd use live ammunition to teach soldiers how to survive under battle conditions, & some of them didn't survive! Well, you might not survive either, you might not even want to survive!

       74. YOU'RE PROBABLY GOING TO RATHER WITNESS & DIE FOR THE LORD & BE A FAITHFUL WITNESS & A MARTYR than to have to fight out another several years till the Lord comes. Sudden death, sudden glory! Get out there & preach for the Lord & witness for the Lord & you'll probably die for the Lord. Or, you might be surprised, He may decide to spare you by miracles to the very End because you're such a good witness & you're preaching the Truth & the Word & convicting the World of its sins.

       75. WELL, IT TOOK SO LONG FOR US TO HAVE THIS REVIEW WE NEVER EVEN GOT INTO THE NEXT LESSON & the next verses which we were supposed to get into, which was Daniel 11:36. Well, let's see how fast we can zip through this chapter in half-an-hour. Now there's your basics, I hope you got it straight! When I come back to class again next time & I ask you these questions, if I get any more dumb blank looks I am probably going to scream, & I'm going to scream at you!

       76. SO NEXT TIME YOU COME TO CLASS, DON'T TELL ME YOU DON'T KNOW HOW LONG THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO RULE, or that he's only going to rule three-&-a-half years! Or that you don't know what's going to happen in the first three-&-a-half, or what the second three-&-a-half are like, or what's going to happen in the middle, or the end. You'd better know! Amen? Not just because I asked you to know or want you to know, but because you need to know! Because they that understand shall instruct many! If you don't even understand, how in the World are you going to tell anybody else? Huh? "They that do know their God shall be strong & do exploits, & they that understand amongst them shall instruct many." That's from the same Chapter by the way, that was our last lesson. (Da.11:32.33)

       77. WELL, NOW WE CAN GO AHEAD A LITTLE BIT & READ TO YOU, NOW THAT YOU KNOW WHO THE ANTICHRIST IS--OR DO YOU? We've been talking about when he's going to be & how long he's going to be & what he's going to do & how long it's going to last, but do you know who he is? He's going to be the Devil in the flesh of some man called the Antichrist who's going to yield himself utterly & totally to the Devil himself, just the way we yield ourselves to God Himself. Just as we become possessed of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, so he will become totally possessed with the unholy spirit of the Devil! And he will be the Devil in the flesh who is going to run the World & command it to worship him & slaughter many who refuse, the god of this World! Now you know a little about who he is, that's who he is. You've been studying about when he is.

       78. YOU SAY, "YEAH, I UNDERSTAND ALL THAT, BUT WHEN DOES THAT SEVEN YEARS BEGIN?" Well, that's the one mystery that the Lord hasn't made real clear, although He's given us quite a few hints & clues & tips in some of the prophecies that He has given us personally that we passed on to you in things like "The Watch" (No.186) & "70 Years Prophecy" (No.156) & many other Letters. So if you want to get more of the details about when this is going to happen, read those. "The Gypsies" Prophecies (No.61) & many other things have given us to believe that it's going to happen very soon.

       79. THE PROPHECY THE LORD GAVE ME & MY MOTHER GAVE ME & THE SCRIPTURE GAVE ME REGARDING THE 70 YEARS means it's gotta happen pretty soon, especially if I am supposed to die before the Tribulation. If I'm supposed to die before the Tribulation--as the Lord seemed to promise in some of these prophecies--& yet I only live to be 70 ... well, that's quite a long while, I shouldn't say only. I feel as ancient as Methuselah already! Sometimes I feel almost as tired. But sometimes I can out-run some of you guys, & out-work you & out-last you! When you're about to collapse at these long sessions, I'm still going strong because I'm going on the power of the Spirit & the Lord & His inspiration, PTL! Hallelujah? But if I'm only going to last till the age of 70, or 70 years as we seemed to get in one of those prophecies, it can't be much longer!

       80. SEE, I'M NOT TOO DOGMATIC ABOUT IT! You notice I say "as we interpret" or "seem to get" or "seem to say." I'm not going to be caught out on a limb like some of these poor fellas were when they misunderstood the prophecy. Even the Apostle Paul thought Jesus was going to come any day. He was waiting to see the Antichrist show up almost any time! He probably misunderstood some of those Caesars & thought they were the Antichrist! Don't get caught by the wrong interpretation, because this is what's going to happen, what the Bible says is when it happens.

       81. BUT IF I'M GOING TO DIE BEFORE THE TRIBULATION, then that would put my death somewhere around 1989 or '90, & that would be the earliest possible that it could happen in that case, & it sure looks like it's gotta happen pretty soon! That's just about the earliest date that we can figure it, but that doesn't necessarily mean the latest date, so watch out. Although I believe that probably that is close, & then there's only another three-&-a-half years.

       82. THAT'S WHY SO MANY OF OUR FOLKS SAY THE LORD'S GOING TO COME IN 1993. I never said that, although our enemies accuse me of saying it, but I've hinted & I've surmised & I've theorised & I've guessed & told you that He might come then, right? Especially if I die just before the Tribulation, He'll have to come in three-&-a-half years, because He's supposed to come at the end of the Tribulation. PTL? GBY, Dora, you're doing better with your camera tonight. You haven't gotten in the way of the video too often. Well, don't get in the way of the Lord when He comes, you'd better already be in the "way of the Lord" by that time.--Amen?

       83. OK, THE NEXT THING IS, WHAT IS HE GOING TO BE LIKE? And that's what the rest of this chapter's all about. All the part of the chapter we've been studying so far tells you what he's going to do, the things he's going to do, his policies, his practices, his actions, but now the rest of the chapter tells you a lot about him personally & what he is going to be like.

       84. 36TH VERSE: "AND THE KING SHALL DO ACCORDING TO HIS WILL, & he shall exalt himself & magnify himself above every god." And in 2nd Thessalonians 2:4 it says "he as god sitteth in the temple of God, saying that he is God." "And shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, & shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished"--the Wrath of God comes. Indignation is wrath, right?

       85. "FOR THAT THAT IS DETERMINED SHALL BE DONE!" What God's going to do, He's going to do it! Whatever God has said He's going to do, He is going to do it! Not one shall lack her mate (Is.34:16), not one prophecy shall be without fulfilment, every single one will be fulfilled, & everything God has ever said, He's going to do. He's going to do it & it will happen! But do you want to know what this guy is like?

       86. "NEITHER SHALL HE REGARD THE GOD OF HIS FATHERS." Did his fathers have a God? Ah-ha! So he must have come from some kind of a family that used to worship God. Well, here's another indication he might be Jewish. "Neither shall he regard the desire of women." I wouldn't be surprised if he's a homo!

       87. THAT'S THE WORST KIND OF AN ABOMINATION TO GOD, HOMOSEXUALITY, SODOMY, for which He wiped out not only cities, but whole nations, & even cast out Israel from their land [DELETED] because He hated that sin so much & He knew that they would be the greatest practisers of it in the whole World! [DELETED] "Men with men working that which is unseemly." (Rom.1:27) Sodomy, homosexuality. It says the Antichrist is not going to regard the desire of women so I wouldn't be surprised if he's a homo! [DELETED]

       88. "NOR REGARD ANY GOD." Sounds like he's saying the women are gods. Well, the way some people worship women, women are some men's gods! "For he shall magnify himself above all." He is going to magnify himself above the God of gods, women, everything, & he's going to say, "I'm the one, above me there's no other, nothing greater than me, worship me!" "But in his estate shall he honour the god of..." (David: Forces!) Very good! He didn't even have to open his Bible to get that one, he already knew it! The god of forces.

       89. NOW, SOMEBODY GOT A LITTLE BIT OF A MISNOMER HERE, when it just got through saying he shall not regard the God of his fathers nor any god, etc., "but in his estate shall he honour the God of forces" & it spells it with a capital "G"!--Yet it just got through saying he wouldn't honour God! How come? Well, don't blame the poor translators, we have a problem translating sometimes ourselves! And don't blame the poor Bible interpreters, some of these Bible Prophecy fiends have a little problem in explaining Bible Prophecy themselves, such as dear Joel & Sam Warner!

       90. SO THIS GOD SHOULDN'T BE CAPITALISED HERE IN THE 38TH VERSE because it is not our God, & the only God we capitalise is the true God, right?--God the Father of Jesus Christ His Son! And he's not going to honour that God, so this god of forces being spoken of here couldn't possibly be the true God. He is going to honour the god of forces, a god whom his fathers knew not, so it couldn't be our God that we spell with a capital "G"!

       91. SO I'M SORRY TO SAY, THERE ARE A FEW MISTAKES IN THE BIBLE, not very serious. It only gets serious when you start trying to explain Bible Prophecy, & then you can see that that doesn't fit the verse that just went before. How could he not regard God nor any god, etc., & yet regard the God of forces? Well, you see, that's where it helps to go back to the original: In the New Testament, Greek, or here in the Old Testament, the Hebrew. And do you know what it really says here? It uses a word that is also alternatively used as a word for a god or God, but a word which literally means power, & that's the sense in which it is used here.

       92. HE SHALL HONOUR THE POWER OF FORCE, FORCES. And what power do you think that's going to be? (David: The Devil!) But the Devil is a god, believe it or not. The Devil is a god & it says he's not going to honour any god--because he is the Devil! True, he's going to honour himself, that's true, David, but he's going to honour this power of forces whom his fathers knew not. But his fathers knew about the Devil, so he's not talking about himself.

       93. WHAT IS THE GREATEST FORCE ON EARTH THAT MAN KNOWS OF?--ATOMIC POWER! He is going to honour the power of all powers outside of God Himself & the Devil himself & his demons & the angels of Heaven! He is going to honour the power of forces, the very forces of the Universe, the forces of nature that God created, the atomic forces, the power of all powers outside of God & the Devil themselves. This is the god whom his fathers knew not. His fathers didn't know anything about atomic power, right?

       94. BUT THIS GOD "SHALL HE HONOUR WITH GOLD & SILVER & PRECIOUS STONES & PLEASANT THINGS."--Why? All that computer circuitry & stuff to make atomic bombs go off & all that sort of thing, do you know they have to use gold & silver for the circuits & the components in those computers, etc.?--Because they're the best kind of conductors. That's why your television costs so much money, it's got gold in it, did you know that? That's why your tape recorder costs so much money, it's got gold in it, & gold costs money. He's going to acknowledge them with gold, silver & precious stones, pleasant things. That's why your watches cost so much money, they've got diamonds & jewels. These amazing mechanical & electronic inventions of man are made with gold & silver & precious stones, as well as pleasant things.

       95. "THUS SHALL HE DO IN THE MOST STRONG HOLDS WITH A STRANGE GOD"--in the strongest places on Earth they're not going to be able to stand against him--why? Because he's going to control atomic power & he's going to have the most atomic bombs. And you know who they say has the most today, don't you? Not the United States, but Russia! "Whom he shall acknowledge & increase with glory: & he shall cause them to rule over many, & shall divide the land for gain." (Da.11:39)

       96. WITH THIS POWER OF THE ATOMIC BOMB with which the Communist World to this very day is threatening the rest of the World, & Russia is threatening the World, the Antichrist government already in existence is already threatening the World to rule over it. He will threaten & rule & then divide the land for gain amongst them, that he might rule the World.

       97. HE'S ONLY GOING TO RULE THE WORLD FOR A LITTLE WHILE, THEN JESUS IS GOING TO COME & WE'RE GOING TO RULE THE WORLD WITH THE LORD! Hallelujah! Amen? TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! Lord help us to be faithful witnesses to the end. Help us to serve You, Jesus!--Not the Devil, not the Antichrist, not the powers of this World, but to serve You & Your Love, Lord, & tell everybody we can about You, in Jesus' name. Help us to win many souls with Thy Love for Jesus' sake, in Jesus' name. Amen. Before all this happens, Lord--now! TYJ! PTL! (End of video.)

       98. WELL, I THINK I GOT A LITTLE BIT INSPIRED! It always helps me to get mad at you, then I really get inspired! Ha! I get so angry with your stupidity that I've got to get inspired! Ha! (Maria: Did you get anything new today?) The day's not over yet, is it? I got a verse this morning that said I was going to know today, something. What did it say I was going to know? (Maria: A revelation.) Something I would know today. PTL! Well, sometimes the Lord's days are awfully long. Sometimes when He said "in that day," He meant "in those years," "in that time." I'm still waiting if He's going to show me something this day. (Maria: Well, He showed us something!)

       99. WELL, AT LEAST HE'S MAKING IT CLEAR TO YOU, I hope, so you're not going to make any of these stupid mistakes some of the Family have made & you have made before. I don't know why these things haven't been clear to you, because I've taught these things all my life, I never taught anything else. So I don't know why you should have misunderstood unless it was something in Sam's writings that threw you off. So PTL, I hope you understand now, because you are the ones!

       100. JESUS HIMSELF SAID, "THEY THAT SEE THESE THINGS COME TO PASS, YOU'RE THE ONES UPON WHOM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH ARE COME!" He says that you're not going to pass away, "This generation that sees these signs that we're seeing today is not going to pass away until all these things shall be fulfilled!" (Mt.24:34) So your generation--& mine maybe--is going to see it happen! PTL? It says that right there in the 24th Chapter of Matthew. Well, I'd better not preach another sermon, that's the next lesson! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       101. WELL, I DON'T KNOW, I'LL THINK & PRAY ABOUT THAT! I did think about something.--Today. What does today mean? It may in some cases mean just this particular period of time. If I don't get anything special from the Lord before 12 o'clock, it must mean something else. PTL! (Sara: A lot of that was new to me, about the god of power. I didn't know how to explain that to David. I just don't know what to say until I hear from you.) And our children are getting so inquiring & he's so smart & he can read & he wants to know, you'd better have the answers, amen? PTL! Hallelujah!

       102. (PRAYS FOR DAVID:) GBY, HONEY! ILY! TYJ! BLESS & KEEP HIM! Give him a good night's rest, Lord, he's been a good boy, stayed up almost till midnight & has been wide awake & still busy listening & thinking & reading, & we ask You to help reveal all these things to him so he'll know, because he's going to be one of the ones that are going to be here when it happens. TYL! He'll be telling other people, because he's going to be one of those of understanding. PTL! TYL! Amen! TYJ! I believe it, he's going to be one of those of understanding that shall instruct many, because not many people understand, as you can see! ILY! GBY! PTL!

       103. (PRAYS FOR DAVIDA:) God bless & keep her just as sweet & beautiful as ever! She's going to be one of the Lord's queens, amen? Already one of the Lord's princesses! Isn't she beautiful? (David: The stars fell down & the powers of the Heavens were shaken.) Oh, he's getting a revelation down here under the chair! That's another sign of the coming of the Lord: The stars shall fall from Heaven, the moon shall not give its light & all these things are going to happen around the coming of the Lord. PTL! Well, we'll get into all those things later. Ah, there's so much! I mean, it will take me from now till the Lord comes or till the day I die to tell you it all!

       104. BUT THE MAIN THING YOU NEED TO KNOW IS JUST TWO VERSES: JOHN 3:16 & ACTS 1:8. The first one gets you saved & the other one gets you busy! You don't have to know all these things, they'll happen whether you know'm or not, don't worry. But it's a good thing to know, it's a good thing to understand these things so you'll be able to warn others & you'll be able to know what's going on, what's happening. Paul himself says, "I would not have you ignorant, brethren!" I don't want you to be caught flatfooted & dumb bunnies that don't know what's going on when the World starts running to you for the answers, which they will!

       105. A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO START COMING TO US FOR THE ANSWERS WHEN IT STARTS HAPPENING. "Hey listen, you told me that before & it's happening, now what's going to happen next?" If you don't even know where you are, how are you going to tell'm? So, PTL! Well, we've got a lot more here yet to go. We've been I don't know how many lessons just on Daniel 11, because it's a heavy chapter. Most of you understood the rest of the chapters before, but this Daniel 11 was the heavy one, a little difficult to understand for some of you. So God willing, next time, we're going to get into the rest of Daniel 11 & I hope we can finish it, & maybe Daniel 12.

       106. SEE THE INTEREST THEY TAKE IN FLANNELGRAPHS? God bless you folks that make flannelgraphs. Look at the kids, they're putting all the angels up & all the different prophets & all the different things that are going to happen, & they've got all these things up there. Actually, they should have made this Image of the Beast look like a very handsome man--or at least a fierce-looking man!

       107. I THINK THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO BE A REAL HANDSOME VILLAIN OF FIERCE COUNTENANCE, & CERTAINLY HIS IMAGE IS GOING TO LOOK LIKE HIM! Well, we realise it's going to be probably computer-operated but that doesn't mean it's going to have a square head like some kind of a computer robot, as much as that may be according to some people's ideas. We actually took this picture of a funny computer-robot in a department store & it doesn't necessarily mean that that's what the Antichrist is going to look like. It was the best somebody could find.

       108. I TELL YOU, IF WE COULD JUST GET THAT PICTURE WE TOOK OF GOLDORAK, that gigantic image standing in that parking lot, that's a pretty good symbol of what the Antichrist's Image of the Beast is going to look like. That's a pretty good one right there, Davida, that could look like the Image of the Beast, only it's going to stand in the holy place, not in Egypt. Don't misunderstand me, he's going to come out of Egypt, but the Image is going to stand in the holy place of Mount Moriah, Jerusalem.

       109. THE HOLIEST PLACE ON EARTH TO THE WORLD'S THREE GREATEST RELIGIONS IS THE TOP OF MOUNT MORIAH IN JERUSALEM. That's got to be it. Beside that, there's no holier place in all the World! And there are a lot of other verses on it which we can show you if we have time. In the meantime you'll have to take my word for it, you can make me prove it later. (David: Look, Mount Moriah!) There's one of the holy places right there where it's going to stand, that's the Dome of the Rock or the Mosque of Omar there on top of Mount Moriah where the Temple once stood. This building is already there, the Temple of the Muslims. It's Islam's second holiest shrine & it's right near the spot where the Temple once stood.

       110. IT'S ABOUT A HALF-A-MILE SQUARE SO THERE'S STILL PLENTY OF ROOM ON TOP OF THAT MOUNTAIN, which was levelled off for the Temple & all of its buildings, for a rebuilt Temple built by the ACs, & this Dome of the Rock. I'm sure the Antichrist is not going to let them tear that down to build a Jewish Temple. Probably that Covenant is going to allow them to build the Jewish Temple nearby on the same holy mountain top, but certainly not to tear this one down, because that's still going to remain the holiest place in the World for the ACs & Christians & Muslims alike.

       111. SO THAT IS THE HOLY PLACE, I'M SURE, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, WHERE THEY'RE GOING TO SET UP THE IMAGE & you're going to see it standing there in the holy place. And when you do, Beloved, you'll know it's the beginning of the Tribulation. You see, they know a lot about these things. I don't understand all these flannelgraph pieces myself, you'll have to get the kids to explain it to you. I'm only an authority on the Bible, I'm not an authority on flannelgraphs. You'll have to get the kids or this gorgeous angel of light standing over here on my left to tell you! We can't show you her face, but we ought to take a shot of that beautiful gown. I just wish you could see how beautiful she is! Here she is, isn't she beautiful? (Sara)

       112. [DELETED] This is one of my sweetest little helpers, God bless her, a little angel that helped put the flannelgraph on the board.

       113. SO IF YOU WANT A FLANNELGRAPH, I GUESS YOU'LL HAVE TO ASK HER TO GIVE IT TO YOU & THE KIDS, because they know flannelgraphs better than I do, all I understand is the Bible. Flannelgraphs are too deep for me, sorry. Kids, you'll have to take care of the flannelgraphs along with your teachers, & you'll know more than I do about flannelgraphs, because you do. All I know about is the Bible. ILY! Isn't she gorgeous?

       114. NOW YOU KNOW THERE MUST BE SOMETHING FISHY ABOUT ME, THERE'S SOME KIND OF STRINGS ATTACHED! Well, there is something very fishy about me--I'm interested in catching fish! PTL? I'm a fisherman, so I'm very fishy! But not in the sense that Americans mean fishy. Americans use that word as a slang word meaning something that's not necessarily so, that may be phoney. Well, I'm not fishy in that sense, I'm fishy in the sense that I'm a fisherman trying to catch fish for Jesus, PTL? He said, "Come follow Me & I will make you fishers of men!" (Mat.4:19) PTL! So that's what it's all about.

       115. SO WE CAN LOVE PEOPLE & FISH FOR MEN & WIN'M FOR JESUS SO THEY'LL BE READY FOR ALL OF THIS--not only when He comes but they'll be ready for what's coming before, 'cause it's going to be pretty tough going through all this if you don't have faith & you don't know the Lord. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Haven't you guys had enough? The boss nodded her head, so PTL! ILY! Bye! Well, I'm sorry, that's the only way I know how to teach. I'm not very good at flannelgraphs, all I know is the Word!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family