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DANIEL 11!--Part 5!       DFO 1498       France, 6/3/81
--Dad's Burden & Daniel 11:38-45
--From the Video Series on Bible Prophecy.--Final Days!

       1. "AND THE KING SHALL DO ACCORDING TO HIS WILL; & he shall exalt himself, & magnify himself above every god, & shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, & shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done." PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen.

       2. WE ARE STUDYING DANIEL 11 & CONTINUING AT THE 36TH VERSE which we just read to you. We're not having a feltograph tonight, or a flannelgraph as you call it, we're just having a little quiet private Bible Study here, just you & me, & to tell you something that I've had on my heart.

       3. I'M NOT A VERY GOOD FLANNELGRAPH ARTIST ANYWAY, ALL I KNOW IS THE BIBLE. And all I know really how to teach is the Bible, although I have taught you a lot of other things. And if someone wants to add flannelgraphs to this, well, they'll have to do it maybe & they can do it better perhaps even without me. When they have the right flannelgraph characters made & when they understand the Scripture themselves, I think they'll be able to tell the story better & apply the flannelgraph characters to their backgrounds better & tell it better & more simply than I can to children.

       4. WE HAVE TRIED TO COMBINE THE TWO, a Bible Prophecy study for both adults & children at the same time in order to accommodate our own children here in our Home in the evening on our Sunday Evening Fellowship. We've had some good times & we've had some good studies, but we've also had an awful lot of distractions & a lot of time has had to be wasted in talking to others & getting doors opened & closed, adjusting the heat & the lights & getting set up & staged & getting the flannelgraphs right & helping David to find his Scriptures, etc., & giving him an opportunity to read them, which he does well.

       5. BUT I HAVE BEEN VERY DEEP IN THOUGHT & PRAYER both last night & today as I have not felt very well & I have been thinking about the hour of our parting that is coming soon, bound to come sooner or later. First of all, our parting here from the local Family for a time as we move to our new destination & place of refuge from the storm, & at the same time thinking about our ultimate parting when I shall have to go to be with the Lord & leave you behind for awhile.--Thinking about all of the things undone, the things I would like to have done. There're things that I wish I had done, as I have felt very sick the last few days wondering sometimes if perhaps this was my last time.

       6. AS YOU FACE SUCH A PARTING WHICH IS GOING TO BE, NOT PERMANENT, TTL, BUT TEMPORARY--at least till the coming of the Lord--you begin to take stock & you begin to make an assessment of your life & what you've accomplished, & most of all you think about the unfinished business, the things that you failed to do & the things that you didn't finish, the things that you wish you could have done & which you feel that you should have done but you left undone.

       7. I THINK SOMEONE HAS SAID, IT SEEMS THAT NO MATTER WHEN PARTING COMES, IT ALWAYS SEEMS TO COME TOO SOON. I guess we figure that there'll always be something left that we didn't get done, that we would liked to have done, something we would have liked to do & we wish we had done. I don't want to leave this World to go into the next & leave you behind with that old familiar phrase, the saddest words in the English language, "If I only had! If I only had!" If I had only properly prepared you! If I only had taught you as much as I know, or at least as much as I can about the coming days & the things you're going to go through. If I only had taught you as much as I can about the Bible, well, at least Bible Prophecy.

       8. I STARTED ONE TIME TO TEACH SOME OF YOU THE BASIC BIBLE COURSE that we used to teach in our little Bible schools, general Bible & all the various courses. I think we got through the first handful of lessons, maybe half-a-dozen lessons down in Malta & we suddenly had to leave. And I've often thought about that, it seems we never really did have an opportunity to resume those lessons.

       9. THE HOUR IS GETTING LATE, THE END IS NEAR & WE NO LONGER HAVE TIME now to go back & prepare you with Bible basics starting in Genesis as we did & explaining the chapters of Genesis & the Creation & the Beginning & Fall of man & all of those details, which I believe were put on audio tape & perhaps you may yet get someday. Is that right? We hope. If those weren't maybe some of the tapes that went down the drain in Malta!

       10. I THOUGHT, I WISH I HAD HAD TIME TO TEACH YOU MORE ABOUT GENESIS & THE CREATION & these great important events which occurred at the very Beginning & how they occurred & why & exactly what did happen & explain many of the Scriptures there at the very Beginning in Genesis 1,2,3, etc., which take more time usually in our basic Bible Study than all the rest of the Book of Genesis, because the rest is fairly simple, a simple story of what happened to the people & what they did & where it went from there.

       11. BUT THE BEGINNING IS A VERY MYSTERIOUS PERIOD OF TIME! In fact, it was the beginning of time when man first began & when the World first began, when it was first created only about 6000 years ago. And there are a lot of interesting & deep things in that as we look backward & try to understand the beginning of things, which I wish you knew & understood & which I wish I had time to teach you, & God willing, maybe someday when we've finished some more important things we have to talk to you about, we might have a chance to go back & review Genesis & some of the early Bible stories.

       12. BUT WE HAVE A LITTLE PROBLEM, IT'S A LITTLE LATE! It's not only late here tonight--we're starting here about one o'clock at night & the Family is all in bed, it's quiet & we've had time to think. We spent a good deal of time getting set up & staged & getting the composition of this picture just right, the way which we feel will be good & beautiful & pleasing to you, we hope--but the hour is late!

       13. THE HOUR IS LATE IN TIME, MOST OF ALL, IN THIS PERIOD OF HISTORY WHICH WE CALL TIME which will only last for us a few more years. The World's history is only going to last a total of about 6000 years, the 7th thousand will be the Millennium, which is what the word means: A millennium means one thousand years. It will be a period of time, believe it or not, because it is measured in years & it is called the Millennium or 1000 years. In the Bible, if you want to check on me on that, you can look in the 20th Chapter of Revelation I believe it is, right in there somewhere, & we'll get into that exactly a little bit later, God willing. (Re.20:4)

       14. BUT FOR US WHO ARE RESURRECTED AT THE END OF THIS 6000 YEARS OF THE HISTORY OF THE EARTH & MAN AS IT NOW IS, to us who are resurrected & raptured at the coming of Christ, time shall be no more! We will not be bound by time any longer. Those who still remain on the Earth, having survived the horrors of the Antichrist & his Tribulation & the even greater horrors of the Wrath of God which follow upon the wicked, those who by some miracle manage to survive all of that & still live through it into the Millennium--no doubt the ones upon whom God wants to be the most merciful--they will still be bound by time. But not us!

       15. WE WILL HAVE GONE TO BE WITH THE LORD FOR THE LAST, TRULY LAST SUPPER, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven at the end of the Tribulation, the end of the Antichrist kingdom at the coming of the Lord & at our Rapture of His Saints, going to be with Him for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb which occurs in Heavenly places while the Wrath of God is poured out upon the Earth below in a horrible time of hell on Earth, even worse than what man has done to himself before this!

       16. IN THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON WE SHALL RETURN IN VICTORY WITH THE LORD OVER THE ANTICHRIST & HIS KINGDOM & ALL HIS PEOPLE to set up the Kingdom of Christ on the Earth for the Millennium to rule & reign with Him for one thousand years on this Earth with Jesus! PTL! So then there will be another thousand years for the humans who are left upon the Earth in human living form as before, only it will be like the Garden of Eden, it will be a wonderfully peaceful Earth & an Earth from which the Curse has been removed, even Death has almost been removed, & be a wonderful time. There will still be Time for them, but there will no longer be Time for us. Time shall be no more! PTL? (Rev.10:6)

       17. BUT RIGHT NOW YOU & I ARE STILL LIVING IN A PERIOD CALLED TIME which began with the Creation of the Earth in the Beginning of the Bible in the first Chapter of Genesis in which it says, "In the beginning God created the Heavens & the Earth!" That was the Beginning! There were no billions of years before that of any kind of evolution. There were not even millions of years of gradual development.

       18. TRUE SCIENCE IS MORE & MORE COMING TO THE CONVICTION that the Earth & our present galaxy & solar system was created in what they now call the "big bang" theory. They're coming closer & closer to believing in a sudden & instantaneous creation of the Universe! A sudden very quick creation of the sun, moon & stars & the Earth according to the first Chapter of Genesis.

       19. IT ONLY TOOK GOD SEVEN DAYS, IN FACT, SIX DAYS TO COMPLETE HIS CREATION THEN. The first six days in the history of the Earth.--Not after millions of years or even billions of years of evolution, but the very first six days of all history. That was the beginning of Time, it says so in Genesis 1. And I wish I had had time, more of that Time to teach you more about that Beginning & how we got where we are, contrary to many theories of evolution as well as science fiction & a few other lies.

       20. BUT IT HAPPENED EXACTLY AS THE LORD DESCRIBES IN HIS WORD IN GENESIS, the first book of Moses who recorded it in his day for us, posterity, that we might know what our background was & how it all began. That's exactly the way it happened. But we don't have time to go into that now though, it's too late, I'm sorry.

       21. MAYBE IF I'D CARRIED ON IN MALTA & we hadn't had our [DELETED] problems there by trying to do something we shouldn't have done, trying to get our visas extended & trying to get someone else more time to stay there with us who was a type of foreigner that they apparently didn't care too much to have there & we caused ourselves a lot of trouble by not just going out & coming back, etc., maybe we'd be there yet & maybe I'd still be giving those Bible classes.

       22. WELL, WE HAD TO [EDITED: "LEAVE"] & WE [EDITED: "LEFT"] FIRST ONE PLACE & THEN ANOTHER & then another & we've moved at least a dozen times since then, till here we are & now it's too late. I have a very strong feeling it's too late, really, that I don't have time now to teach you the Old Testament, the beginning of things & what the children of Israel went through & why they became such a mess & why God is through with them & why we have taken their place. I don't have time to tell you about Creation & the Fall of man. I don't have time to tell you all that ancient history. (But see "Bible in Pictures," No.642-44, 732 & 1143-1168.)

       23. AND THEN WHY & HOW JESUS CAME & FOR WHAT & HOW & WHY HE DIED, etc., all of those things which, of course, if you know the Bible & have read it & especially about Jesus & the Gospels, you should already know & I don't have to teach you. But of course there are many little rough spots that I could have helped smooth over for you as a teacher, because teachers are not a substitute for learning, they are a shortcut to learning!

       24. ALL OF THIS YOU CAN DIG OUT FOR YOURSELF, FROM THE BIBLE ITSELF with the help of the Lord & His Holy Spirit. And with revelations of God direct, you can know just as much about it as I do. Of course, it would probably take you another 50 years like it took me, & I don't believe there are 50 years left! So I don't really think there's ever going to be time in this World for you to know & learn as much as I know. That's one of my regrets, that I didn't have time to teach you, or that if there were times when I could have, that I didn't.--But maybe I can finish it in the Millennium!

       25. AND I WAS THINKING MUCH ABOUT THAT TODAY, "WELL, LORD, SO MUCH TIME HAS GONE BY!" We've had to do so much moving, we've had so much work to do in getting out the Magazine & we've only had time to tell you the essentials, the things we felt that you really had to know--urgent revelations, essential teachings such as about being mobile & caravans & all of that, very practical things.--About everything there is to know or you should know about camping out & living in a caravan or mobile.

       26. THOSE WERE VERY EXTREMELY IMPORTANT & ESSENTIAL THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW & I had to teach you quickly before you made too many mistakes as you were going mobile. There are certain things about everyday life that just can't wait! You can't wait to go to the bathroom sometimes, you can't wait too long to eat, you can't wait too long to get a drink of water to quench your thirst, you can't wait to tend the baby when he's howling & needs help. There's some things right now in this present time that just can't wait & you have to take care of & you have to do quickly.

       27. SO I WAS THINKING YESTERDAY & LAST NIGHT & TODAY, "I HAVE FAILED, LORD, IN SOME WAYS, TO REALLY TEACH THEM AS MUCH AS I WOULD LIKE TO. I've failed to teach them as much as perhaps they needed to know." I'm hoping the Lord will give me a little time maybe when you get to Heaven with me, or sometime maybe during the Millennium we can take a little time aside from our duties to have a few Bible classes & teach you some of the things that you still haven't learned.

       28. CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF IN THE CHURCHES, I DON'T BELIEVE THAT THE MOMENT YOU LAND IN HEAVEN YOU KNOW EVERYTHING! Just because Paul said, "Now we see through a glass darkly, then face to face. Now we know in part, then we shall know even as also we are known." (1Co.13:12)--That doesn't mean you're going to know everything right off the bat! It does not mean that you're going to have perfect knowledge & perfect wisdom & know everything there is to know.

       29. I THINK GOD HAS LEFT THAT FOR THE REST OF TIME & ETERNITY in order to give you something to do in the Hereafter, & to learn more about the past & Bible history & the things which have already happened & to learn more about why they happened & God's reasons & His logic & the purposes & the meaning of it all. Then maybe I'll be able to teach you a little bit more about the Bible & Bible doctrine--things you don't need to know to get saved, you don't even need to know to get to Heaven! All you need to know is Jesus! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       30. BUT THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW, YOU WHO ARE YOUNG & now facing--not the past which is already gone & there's nothing you can do about it now except to try to understand it, we don't even have time to teach you how to understand it now, it's too late, I'm sorry, it's too late--but there are some things that I'm very burdened about that you should know about the day in which you are now living right now & what is about to happen so that you will understand it when it does happen & you will know where you are & you will know what is happening & to whom it's happening & who's responsible & why it's happening & when it's happening.

       31. THERE ARE THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW NOW ABOUT THE IMMEDIATE FUTURE! Not the past, that's gone! It's so late now you almost might as well as forget about it. "Forgetting the things that are behind," we are in this study going to have to "press forward to the things that are before, toward the high calling which is in Christ Jesus!" (Ph.3:13)--Which you are going to hear very soon, & which some of you've already heard if you're serving the Lord.

       32. ONE OF THESE DAYS HE'S GOING TO CALL YOU FROM ON HIGH & we're going to have to go up & meet the Lord & face Him & enjoy the great wonderful Marriage Supper of the Lamb, but then also to face the Judgement Seat of Christ in which only we as Christians will be judged, rewarded or even chastised or condemned for our failures, rewarded for our successes & our obediences, & then enter into the particular places that God has ordained for us to occupy in His Kingdom here on Earth over the wicked remaining, for a thousand years until the end of that time & the coming of Space City & the New Heaven & the New Earth!

       33. WELL, THAT'S ANOTHER STORY, THAT'S TOO FAR IN ADVANCE! That's so far in advance you don't really need to know about that yet. You don't really need to know all about the Millennium! It's nice to think about, it's nice to think about the New Heaven & the New Earth a thousand years later & how beautiful & wonderful it's going to be, & we can read the description of it right here in the Bible in the last two chapters of Revelation.

       34. BUT I WAS GREATLY BURDENED ABOUT, "LORD, HAVE I DONE MY BEST FOR YOU, JESUS? HAVE I DONE MY BEST FOR THE FAMILY?" Have I given you all ... not all that I know, which it's too late to teach you now. We don't have time, maybe in the future, in the Millennium or thereafter, I don't know, but I expect to. I'm sure all this that the Lord has taught me is not going to go to waste & it hasn't all been accumulated up here in my computer just to be erased & start all over. But I wouldn't be surprised if we're still gonna have some Bible classes during the Millennium or the New Heaven & New Earth which follow, so that you'll be able to comprehend & understand all that has passed, & understand & know & love the Lord even more.

       35. I DON'T THINK GOD IS JUST GOING TO FLIP A SWITCH & SUDDENLY IT'S ALL GOING TO BE UNDERSTOOD, but I think you're going to learn there. I've found out in my spiritual acquaintances & my spiritual experiences with the next World & its inhabitants that they're not all that smart yet, they're still learning & they still have a lot to learn! Believe it or not, they even still make mistakes! Tsk, tsk, tsk! Oh, how sad! How disappointed you are! You thought by that time you were gonna be absolutely perfect & never make another mistake!

       36. WELL, PERHAPS SOME OF YOU HAVE SEEN THESE FUNNY LITTLE MOVIES ABOUT NEW ANGELS, apprentice angels, beginning angels & their new assignments after they have first arrived in the next World & they're being assigned to do this or that, & all of the funny mistakes they make. There were quite a few movies along that line, "Heaven Can Wait" & then "Mr. Barnaby" or some other, I've forgotten the name of it, a very funny movie about the new angel who was just an apprentice, a beginner in his job as an angel, & all of the funny mistakes he made. But everything came out all right in the long run. "The Bishop's Wife" was another one about an angel some of you will enjoy, & many others.

       37. WE HAVE SOME OF THESE ALREADY ON VIDEO WHICH WE HOPE YOU'LL GET A CHANCE TO SEE: "Heaven Can Wait," "The Bishop's Wife" & that other first & most famous one, I have forgotten the name of it now, but "Mr. Barnaby" I think it was. There used to even be a couple of comic strips, one was about a little ghost, what was his name?--Caspar!--And another one was about this funny Mr. So-&-so after the famous story & movie. You always saw him in the comic strip, he always had two little bitty tiny wings sprouting out of his shoulders when he turned his back.--Considering how fat he was, you wondered how he could ever fly with those two tiny wings! Well, of course angels don't even have to have wings to fly.

       38. BUT FROM MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE & FROM READING GOD'S WORD & what I've heard & know of the other World, we still have a lot to learn & we need to learn a lot so we won't repeat some of the mistakes that we made down here. But right now we don't have to worry about that! We have enough to worry about right here! Some of you are like the little boy who Billy Sunday told if he'd come out to his meetings, he'd show him how to get to Heaven! But the boy said, "Ha! You don't even know the way to the Post Office!" (Billy Sunday had been asking the way to the Post Office.)

       39. OR THE LITTLE BOY WHO WAS ASKED, "WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE? WHAT DID HE PLAN TO BE?" He said, "I'm not making any plans right now, I'm just figuring how I can get from one end of my block to the other without gettin' beat up!" Another guy in one of the movies or stories you've seen said, "I'm just figuring out how to survive at the moment!" A lot of you are trying to figure out just how to survive right now. You're certainly not worrying about the past & you haven't even got time to worry about the future, but you're just trying to figure out how to survive day by day, & that's really all you're supposed to be concerned about!

       40. HE SAYS, "FRET NOT THYSELF FOR TOMORROW! Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, for the things of tomorrow shall take care of themselves." (Mt.6:34) So we're not to worry, He says "fret not." He says, "Be careful for nothing." (Ph.4:6) That means not to be full of care, fretting & worrying. It doesn't mean not to be careful in the sense we use that word today, when we say, "Be careful!"

       41. I'VE HAD TO WATCH HOW I USE THAT NOWADAYS because some people have read the Scripture where it says "Be careful for nothing!" So some people get in their car & drive down helter-skelter, pell-mell & say, "Well, I'm not supposed to be careful, I'm not supposed to be worrying how I drive!" Well, in the sense that it was used then, full of care, worrying, you're not to be filled with fear & worry, no.

       42. BUT YOU ARE TO BE PRAYERFUL, PUT IT THAT WAY! You are not to worry, but when we tell a child "be careful" that means be cautious, watch out, be mindful, be prayerful! Don't touch the fire, don't touch the hotplate, don't touch this, don't do that! That's what we mean today. The new meaning of the word "careful" has a much lighter meaning than it had when the King James translators translated it "to be careful for nothing." In that day it meant not to do a lot of worrying & fretting; today it means just watch your step, be cautious.

       43. SO WE'RE NOT TO FRET ABOUT THE FUTURE! We're not to worry about what's going to happen. But the Lord has said an awful lot about the future, particularly the present in which you are living, & your immediate future which you're going to live very soon, we hope, if you survive. And this is what I have the greatest burden to tell & teach you & which we have begun teaching you on video in this Daniel Series with the Family & the children. But we've been making extremely slow progress because we've confined it just to the Sunday Night Fellowship Meetings together with the children with flannelgraphs & all of the other Family interruptions, etc., including Communion services & what not!

       44. IF YOU WANT TO GET THESE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS IN DANIEL the way we already studied--Daniel 2,7,8,9 & now most of 11--you'll have to go back to those older videos & try to pick out of them what you can along the line of the Daniel Studies. I don't have time now to go back & sum them up for you, most of that you should know already about Daniel's Image & the Four Beasts & the kingdoms of the history which they represent, as well as the present that we now live in, the age of mingled clay & iron & so on, & the soon-coming ten kings or ten leading nations of the World powers, & particularly the coming Antichrist.

       45. BECAUSE THIS IS A PERIOD WHICH YOU WILL HAVE TO LIVE THROUGH! We don't have time to go back & teach you all about it that we've already taught in this series, but we need to be very specific & make it very clear & plain to you exactly what you are about to face, in fact, are really facing right now as you face the immediate future, what is just about to happen! And I would indeed be sorry to leave this World & you behind without telling you at least what I know & what God has showed me about it, which I learned from the Lord & His Word.

       46. AS I SAY, YOU COULD DIG IT OUT FOR YOURSELF & maybe with another 50 years you could understand what it means & get enough revelations from the Lord to clear up all the vague points or difficult points to understand, but you don't have that much time, do you? I don't think you have. So I'm trying to give you the benefit of my 50 years of Bible study & revelations from the Lord & clarifications that He's given to me to help me understand, to be a teacher in order to teach you & be a shortcut to your learning, what you need to know about what is just about to happen. That is what I think you need to know the most!

       47. IT'S A LITTLE TOO LATE NOW TO UNDERSTAND ALL ABOUT GENESIS & CREATION. You don't believe that baloney of Evolution anyhow, so we don't have to persuade you it's false & prove to you that it is false. We don't have to argue about Evolution or the various split-hair theological doctrines of the Fall of man or how sex was ordained & enjoyed long before man fell, & was not a nice sweet juicy prize & reward for his falling, as some churches teach. We just don't have time to go into all that!

       48. I'VE GONE INTO A LOT OF THAT IN MY LETTERS TO YOU, nearly a thousand letters by the time you get this, eight books which probably most of you will never take time to read them all. Much of what I'm saying right now & about to say is already in those Letters & those lessons, but you've been too busy trying to survive & make a living or serve the Lord & train your children to read them all.

       49. BUT THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE, the immediate future, very soon to happen, & this is what we have the burden to try to tell you & teach you, here & now, while I am still alive & still with you & while you're still here--at least there behind the camera--& we have a little opportunity to do so & preserve it for the Family all over the World both in audio & video tape, so that you will have these lessons to instruct you! So that "they of understanding among the people shall instruct many!" (Da.11:33.)

       50. I UNDERSTAND NOW, BECAUSE THE LORD HAS SHOWN ME ALL THESE YEARS. Some of you understand if you have studied the Bible thoroughly & the Letters, you'll understand much of what I'm even going to tell you. But we've been amazed at the ignorance of some of our own Family here regarding the prophetic events that are about to happen & their proper order.

       51. THEY'VE GOT THE KNOWLEDGE OF THESE EVENTS & THESE PRICELESS TRUTHS LIKE A HANDFUL OF PEARLS in their hand, but they don't really realise exactly how they ought to be strung, in what order & in what sequence, to make them a beautiful string of pearls in proper order & looking lovely to, you might say, wear around your neck of knowledge in order to really get the proper coordination & the chronological sequence, time order, which is necessary to really understand what's happening, how it's happening, when it's happening, how often it's going to happen & in what time sequence & how long these periods are going to last, etc.

       52. WE'VE ALREADY TAUGHT YOU A LOT ABOUT ALL OF THIS, BUT I HAVE THE BURDEN TO BRING YOU INTO A FEW MORE OF THE DEEP DETAILS OF GOD'S WORD just to make sure that you understand them.--Each of these verses & each word of these verses, in order that you will remember it when I'm gone. As you read these verses over again, God will bring it back to your memory. The Holy Spirit will bring all things back to your minds again with the guide of His Word as you read it & remember how we explained it to you & what it means.

       53. OTHERWISE, WE FOUND OUT SOME OF OUR OWN FAMILY HERE ARE QUITE IGNORANT OF WHAT SOME OF THESE THINGS MEAN & some of these details, some of these words, & were having a difficult time even explaining them to our children, teaching them things that we thought they knew well long ago. So don't feel too bad. There are a lot of folks pretty confused about Bible Prophecy besides yourselves, including some of us, which I have discovered to my surprise!

       54. SOME OF THESE DETAILS I COULDN'T HAVE EXPECTED YOU TO HAVE KNOWN because we have never really gotten into them in any of our Bible studies, even dear Sam Warner & his series of Bible studies on Bible Prophecy. He tried to get into almost too many details & got a bit lost. He did take you in some Bible studies verse by verse & almost word by word & tried to help you understand it, even though he did get a little bit confused himself occasionally. But I will say that I read his lessons & if he had been wrong I would have corrected them.

       55. THERE'S ONLY ONE THING I MISSED, & THAT WAS PRETTY IMPORTANT, WAS WHAT HE SAID ABOUT THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT! That must have been on a night when I was pretty sleepy when I read that one & I didn't really quite get what he was driving at. I never dreamed that he was talking about somebody else other than the prince, the Antichrist of the Covenant, the one who is to make the Covenant & then to break it, so therefore he is the Prince of the Covenant! And certainly it's not Jesus! If you put Jesus in there you're going to get in one Hell of a mess! (Dan.11:22)

       56. DON'T TRY TO CONJURE UP SOME OTHER UNKNOWN PERSON TO BE THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT SUCH AS SAM DID, to the point where dear Samson out there in India, Samson of Samson & Ara, got into a real confusion! Because the Devil knew that was one little hole in the dike, one little loophole he could get in which his Bible teaching had made a mistake--not mine, but Sam had, & I didn't catch it--& the Devil, how clever to try to get in one little tiny hole in the armour, one little chink in Achilles' protection, & threw them off completely for awhile, so that Samson in India thought he was the Prince of the Covenant!

       57. SOME FALSE PROPHET WAS STANDING UP IN HIS HOME & ANNOUNCING THAT HE WAS THAT PRINCE OF THE COVENANT! Because Sam Warner had left the door open that there was some unknown character going to step on the scene to be this Prince of the Covenant & he was going to do something, I don't know what, a whole lot of crazy ideas that he got from Joel, I think. Joel also tried to get into too many details!

       58. WHEN THEY TRY TO EXPLAIN EVERYTHING & PRETEND TO KNOW IT ALL, THEN WATCH OUT! It may not be a false prophet but they certainly are going to be a mistaken prophet! Which is why when I tell you I don't know, I don't know. But what I do know I'm going to try to teach you! So even if we leave one little loophole like that Prince of the Covenant open in the writings ... I never dreamed anybody would dream that the Prince of the Covenant--would be somebody else! The Antichrist is so obvious in the Word as the Prince of the Covenant, that king or prince who makes the Covenant & then breaks it, of course.

       59. BUT JUST BECAUSE OF A BIT OF DIFFICULTY IN THE TEXT & the way it runs & the way it's put together, they got that confused. They thought it was two different people when it's one & the same, "even the prince of the covenant." Well, I wrote three or four Letters on that so I shouldn't have to explain it again, praise God? (See No.799.) But I'm using it as an illustration of how far people can go astray & what a big mistake they can make & even get into false prophecy & a completely false identification, even calling themselves the Prince of the Covenant! Poor Samson in India, for awhile he thought he was the Prince of the Covenant because that's what Joel & Samson had taught, that there was going to be some prince other than the Antichrist, of I don't know what covenant! Thereby you get really mixed up!

       60. BUT WE'RE GOING TO TRY TO STICK STRICTLY TO THE SCRIPTURES & simply explain it verse by verse as we go along, so you'll understand, at times referring to other passages as well, which confirm it & make it clearer when the present passage we're studying does not bring out all of the details. But I've had a real burden the last day or two that I need to tell you what's going to happen.

       61. IF GOD SHOULD TAKE ME AWAY SOONER THAN I EXPECTED--perhaps for my own foolishness or maybe because I failed or for some reason He didn't let me finish what I want to finish because I have failed or I have not finished the job--I've been real burdened to finish it & real burdened to tell you these things, make sure you understand them & know them before I go, so you'll be prepared for what's coming & you'll understand the events as they happen & you will know what to expect! That's the important thing.

       62. TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED! To be prepared, to understand what's going to occur, is to be prepared to face it & take it as it comes & possibly survive it.--At least certainly to understand what you're going through, to know what's happening. You may not understand it all in advance, you may not know everything that's going to happen, I don't either, not everything, not every detail.

       63. BUT WE CAN KNOW ENOUGH FROM GOD'S WORD & from what He's shown us that we can know the major events & their characteristics, the major characters in these events & their characteristics, & in some cases exactly when they're going to happen, the exact time periods predicted in the Bible, so that when the time comes you'll know exactly when certain events are going to take place, because God has already said so right here, plain as day!

       64. SO I HAVE THE BURDEN, IF YOU HAVE GOT THE TIME & THE WILLINGNESS TO LISTEN & hear & view these videos or this audio tape or this Letter that you're reading or whatever it is, to try to explain these things to you in greater detail. I spent now over half-an-hour trying to explain to you why I have this burden & why I want to do it this way instead of the way we've been doing it, because we've been going too slow with the children.

       65. AT THE RATE WE'VE BEEN GOING I'd never finish these Bible prophecy studies before the Lord comes, much less before I die, much less before they start happening!--Which is any day now! I have the burden to tell you now before it happens, so you'll be prepared for it & know what's happening & you won't be surprised by it or shocked by it or frightened by it, because you'll understand it & know it!

       66. PSYCHOLOGISTS TELL US THE GREATEST FEAR IS THE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN. This is why some of these movies that you see, even some of the videos we have, the scariest parts are in those suspense sessions where the music is ominous & it's dark & you can't see well & the person is moving slowly in unfamiliar surroundings in the stillness & the darkness, & everything about it is ominous & frightening because both you & the character in the movie don't know what's happening, don't know what's out there, can't see! It's like walking in the dark! You're apt to stumble over anything! You're apt to fall over the edge of the cliff if you can't see your way, right?

       67. BUT WHAT I'M TRYING TO DO NOW IS TAKE A NICE BIG TORCH OR SEARCHLIGHT OR FLASHLIGHT & SHINE IT ON YOUR PATH ahead of you, the torch of God's Word & what He has revealed to us to show you where your path is going, exactly what's on it & how to step or even step aside to avoid some things, & where you're going, & what the path is like, & how to step along that path with caution, & with what speed you can go & when you need to go slow, even when you need to stop. We're going to try to throw the Light of God's Word on the path ahead as God has done for us, for our sake. He's already done it, it's here, right here in His Word!--TTL!

       68. SOME OF YOU JUST HAVEN'T HAD THE TIME TO STUDY IT & THE REVELATIONS FROM THE LORD THAT HE'S GIVEN US. You perhaps haven't read all the Letters, maybe you haven't even taken time to study all the lessons of Sam Warner that we gave him to put on paper, which he did very faithfully, God bless him, & made very few mistakes.--In fact, only that one mistake that I know of, in which he got thrown by listening to Joel instead of to me about that Prince of the Covenant thing.

       69. I REMEMBER JOEL USED TO TALK ABOUT THAT & I read it in some of those funny papers he used to issue & I wondered what he was talking about! But I figured, "Well, if I don't understand it, nobody else understands it either, so I guess he can't hurt anybody as long as nobody knows what he's talking about!" Until somebody over in India got some false prophecies & then thought he knew what he was talking about, & it was all wrong!

       70. THEY GOT EXALTED & LIFTED UP & HAD TO BE HUMBLED & REVEALED & EXPOSED, & thank God dear Samson was humble enough & loved the Lord & had enough faith in us to believe what we told him, that he was wrong, those were false prophecies & that he was not the Prince of the Covenant, but the Antichrist will be.

       71. SO YOU SEE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO KNOW WHAT IT REALLY SAYS & WHAT IT REALLY MEANS?--Just as important as it is to take a flashlight to shine on your pathway at night in the dark. Even that can be kind of scary sometimes, since there's a lot of darkness on both sides & you can only see what the light shows, right? Well, that's all we can do with the Bible, it's like a torch, it only lights certain places that it has already shown us & it can only give us as much light as the Lord wants to reveal to us & that's all I can give you. But some of you don't have that much! Some of you, I have found out, didn't understand the most simple basic things about the time periods of Bible Prophecy & what is just ahead!

       72. AND I HAVE THE BURDEN TO TRY TO GIVE YOU THAT LIGHT & show it to you in God's Word so you will understand it & you'll not be ignorant of these things, brethren. For as Paul says, "Ye, Brethren, are children of light & you have no need to be ignorant of these things!" (1Th.5:4,5) Because God's already told you & He's telling you now & you should know.

       73. ANY CHRISTIAN WHO IS IGNORANT OF THE FUTURE & what's going to happen & exactly what's going to happen--perhaps not every little detail but all the basic events & the basic characters--any Christian who is ignorant of those things is a pretty ignorant Christian & is a sad poor witness to people who are hungry to know the future, people who are confused & misled & misguided by others & misinterpretations by their own churches or denominations or complete ignorance of these things entirely.

       74. PEOPLE ARE WORRIED ABOUT THE FUTURE TODAY. Most youth today realise that they are living on borrowed time & that this is the first generation who knows & feels that they are soon going to be destroyed, & they want to know what to do about it or if there's any way to avoid it or survive it--or if they're going to die, what about it? What then? Are they prepared for it?

       75. THANK GOD WE HAVE THE PREPARATION THAT PREPARES YOU FOR ANYTHING that's going to happen, & first of all that's Salvation, that's knowing Jesus & knowing that you're saved! No matter what happens, sudden death is sudden glory! No matter what they do to you, even if they kill you, "after they've killed the body, they have no more that they can do" (Lk.12:4,5) because God will take you into His World to where He is, until we return with Him to rule & reign here on this Earth.

       76. IT'S REALLY ALL VERY SIMPLE ONCE YOU KNOW ALL THESE SCRIPTURES & have studied them & you get the beads strung on the string in the right order. I have a little chart I once made which I think might be a help & we may show on video some night, & also I have some very simple little outlines. I made a four-page outline no larger than the "Warning Tract" once upon a time, in which I explained all of Daniel & all of Revelation in four pages! Well, maybe you don't think that's possible, but at least I outlined it, gave the skeleton of the proper sequence of events which were being described there in the Bible, so that you could hang the meat on it by reading it & understanding it, then understand in what order they actually came & what these things really meant & what was really happening & what was really going on. So that's what I'm going to try to do!

       77. I DON'T HAVE TIME MAYBE TO PUT ALL THE MEAT ON THE SKELETON, but I'm going to at least try to give you the framework & you can hang the rest on as the Lord reveals it to you, or as you read it out of His Word, & give you the proper order. But as we go along I'm going to try to fill in the details & give you the chapters & the verses & the words & the understanding of them so that you can know what we're talking about, what God's talking about, what He's shown us, what He shows us in His Word. PTL?

       78. WELL, ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, & AS I'VE NOW HAD MY LITTLE WEE WORD OF ONE HOUR INTRODUCTION we'll get down to the brass tacks of God's Word! As I say, we've already gone over the first chapters of Daniel here in these videos with the children & the flannelgraph & the Family, but it's been a bit long & drawn-out because of the difficulties of doing this with so many people around & so much going on.

       79. MY BURDEN THAT I'VE JUST BEEN TRYING TO EXPLAIN TO YOU is that we have a few sessions like this in which we go through it & go through it much more rapidly & try to explain it to you much more quickly so that I can get this burden off my heart & know that, "Well, at least I've told you! I've delivered my soul, I've washed my hands & here it is, take it or leave it, I've told you! What you do with it is your business."

       80. BUT WE ARE NOW IN THE 11TH CHAPTER OF DANIEL & WE'VE ALMOST FINISHED IT. We're clear down to the 38th verse & it talks about this, "he shall honour the god of forces." It says he'll not regard any god or the god of his fathers, & yet it takes this word "God" here, as we explained last time, & capitalises that word God when it should not have! The Bible didn't make very many mistakes, neither did the translators, thank the Lord! There may however be a few little mistakes of punctuation, & in this case it happened to be a mistake of capitalisation because of someone's misinterpretation.

       81. BECAUSE THE GOD BEING SPOKEN OF HERE IN THE 38TH VERSE & capitalised with a capital "G" is not our God or the God at all! Because the Antichrist is not going to honour God, he is going to dishonour God, & the whole first few verses has already told us this, that he's going to speak horrible things against Him, blasphemous things! He's going to try to debunk God, he's going to sneer & laugh at God & people who believe in Him, therefore he's certainly not talking here in this 38th verse about our God. When it says "in his estate" it means "in his place." In place of honouring the true God he is going to honour the god of forces, or power!

       82. OF COURSE, OUR GOD IS A GOD OF POWER! He is the greatest Force in the Universe & the power of His Love is the greatest of all forces! But this is talking about the force like military force, the forces which constitute armies & navies & air forces & tanks & guns & planes & bombs, that's the kind of forces he is going to honour. Not our God! That should not be capitalised there because he is not going to honour God!

       83. BUT HE IS GOING TO HONOUR HIS OWN GOD, HIMSELF REALLY, & THE DEVIL! This word God here is very misleading to some people, & if the Bible translator meant & knew that he was talking about the Devil, then there would be some excuse for capitalising this word God, because you're supposed to capitalise the word Devil. According to proper English it's a proper noun, it's the name of somebody, it's their proper name, & the Devil should be capitalised! Now a devil, a little devil, one of his devils, does not have to be capitalised, but when you're going to talk about Satan himself, Lucifer, the Devil, Diabolos, it should be a capital "D."

       84. NOW AS THIS BIBLE-WRITER HERE & INTERPRETER & TRANSLATOR TRANSLATED THIS INTO ENGLISH, if he understood that this word "God" here meant the Devil & therefore should be capitalised, then he was on the right track! But the average simple person such as dear Sara trying to teach this to David comes across that & we see that simple little God--capital G-o-d--& we think it refers to our God, the usual God. Well, I want you to know right now, the Devil is not my god, he's the god of this World! But if it's talking about any god at all, that's the god it's talking about, the Devil. If this was their excuse for capitalising this word God, then I will agree with them.

       85. "IN HIS ESTATE"--IN GOD'S PLACE, HE'S SAYING HERE REALLY--"SHALL HE HONOUR THE GOD OF FORCES."--The Devil of powers, demons, atom bombs, the whole works, everything evil, force! "And a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, & silver, & with precious stones, & pleasant things." We went over this in the last study, they're putting billions of dollars into creating these forces, & forces that his fathers knew not. Even a sci-fi TV show says, "May the Force be with you!"

       86. NOW WHAT FORCES DID HIS FATHERS KNOW NOT? If it's only one generation back & he is going to be existing now & soon revealed, then his fathers already knew about guns & planes & tanks & that sort of thing. It's quite possible here, therefore, that it's talking about atomic power which his fathers knew not. The only kind of new power in the World today which wasn't known a generation ago is atomic force, atomic power.

       87. THE ATOM WAS ONLY SPLIT WHEN I WAS STILL A YOUNG MARRIED MAN & DURING WORLD WAR 2. That's the first time they were able to split the atom & manufacture an atomic bomb. It occurred just during the last few years of the war because they used it almost immediately in order to try to stop the war, they dropped it on Japan. I can't recall the exact dates but I believe it was only a few months after they had developed a few bombs & tried them out in New Mexico, really gave Las Vegas a shaking up, which they needed, & gave the World a taste of the Hell to come!

       88. YOU & I, THANK GOD, THROUGH THE LORD & HIS LOVE, WE HAVE A FORETASTE OF HEAVEN! The Devil is going to give the World a foretaste of Hell through the atomic bomb & its wars, & they've already had a sample in the horror of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in which hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the dropping of just two bombs, small ones at that, compared to what they've got today!

       89. VERSE 39: "THUS SHALL HE DO IN THE MOST STRONG HOLDS"--in the strongest places in the World. What are the strongest places in the World? They're called Superpowers, right? And who are they?--The U.S. & Russia, or the U.S. & the U.S.S.R. technically speaking. They are the most strong holds.

       90. WELL, THIS GUY OBVIOUSLY IS GONNA BE ON ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER, & I'm convinced from all God's Word has said about him & all we've already studied--him being a beast & a red beast at that--that he's obviously gonna be a Red, on their side! And it's obvious from reading the paper & World history today that they are winning & the U.S. is losing the war! It's the loser who is gonna be tempted to make a first strike, a pre-emptive strike in desperation to try to save himself, but it's the winner who knows that & is going to make sure to beat him to the punch!

       91. "THUS SHALL HE DO IN THE MOST STRONG HOLDS WITH A STRANGE GOD." He's going to be able to destroy the strongest holds of all in the World. The strongest nation, strongest power on Earth outside of Russia is the U.S.A. And this god "whom he shall acknowledge & increase with glory." He's gonna be a power-worshipper, he's gonna be a force-worshipper! He's gonna be a militant military man who worships force & power & covets it for himself.

       92. HE WORSHIPS THE DEVIL, IN FACT, HE BECOMES THE DEVIL as the Devil possesses him! When the time comes at the very beginning of the Tribulation, in the midst of that seven years the Devil possesses this man & he becomes the Devil himself! But meanwhile he is going to worship the Devil & worship his power & these demonic Hell-bombs & Hellish powers that the Devil has inspired demon-possessed men to invent. I don't think they could have ever been discovered without the Devil's help & literal demon-possession!

       93. I WAS TELLING MARIA THIS MORNING, I SAID, "THESE MEN ARE INSANE! They're hell-bent for destruction! They're determined to have a war!" The U.S. is hell-bent for war! They're doing everything they can to hurl the World into the next war, which will be Hell on Earth! They're doing anything but trying to make peace with Russia, I think they're convinced that it's impossible to make peace with Russia, & that Russia is determined to win. And they are gonna try one last-ditch stand to stop her & hurl this World into a holocaust of Hell on Earth with the hell-bombs to try to win before Russia does!

       94. BUT YOU'LL SEE THAT GOD IS NOT GOING TO ALLOW AMERICA TO WIN because America is too wicked & has rejected Him. In the face of so much light she has persecuted His Own children like us--Reagan being one of the main sponsors of that persecution & some of his dear friends in San Diego, FreeCOG & Ted Patrick & some of the rest of them. He backed them, he sponsored them, he even paid Ted Patrick's salary to investigate us & fight us, & those people have paid tens of thousands of dollars to kidnap & torture & try to deprogram our kids & imprison them & even killed some of them, drove some of them insane! Do you think God's gonna let a nation like that get away with it?

       95. THE U.S. IS HELL-BENT FOR DESTRUCTION BECAUSE IT HAS REJECTED THE WORD OF GOD, it has rejected the Prophet of God, it has rejected the Truth of God, it has rejected the Children of God, & there therefore is nothing left for God to do but to destroy them! They have rejected the Truth, therefore they deserve destruction! When they reject the Truth, He tells us in 2nd Thessalonians 2nd chapter, "Therefore He shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie, that they might be damned"--or destroyed! (2Th.2:10-12)

       96. THEY REJECTED US & OUR TRUTH, NOW THEY'RE BELIEVING THE U.S.' LIES, that they can restore America to its former glory, that they can win the war, they can conquer Russia & America can be great once again! America will never be great once again, it's already lost two wars! It really lost the war in Korea, it lost the war in China, it's lost several wars lately, & it totally lost the war in Vietnam! It has been defeated time & time again & is constantly retreating, backing up, & it will never ever be great again! It's impossible!

       97. IT'S ALREADY A DECLINING POWER WHILE RUSSIA & CHINA ARE THE ASCENDANT POWERS TODAY, the great Red Beast inspired by the great Red Dragon, the Devil himself. This great Red Beast of Communism is taking over the World, & the Antichrist will be its head, the main head, the main horn, the main power, the leader. And he's going to worship the Devil & he is going to worship the powers of Satan, including atomic power.

       98. ACTUALLY ATOMIC POWER IS THE POWER OF GOD & THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE & WHAT MAKES IT STICK TOGETHER! But the Devil has inspired man to figure out how to make it fall apart--in fact, how to blow itself apart--& is therefore misusing the power of God to destroy God's Creation instead of preserve it. "Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge & increase with glory." The more armaments & atomic bombs he has, the better he likes it, because he knows that's going to help him conquer the World.

       99. "AND HE SHALL CAUSE THEM TO RULE OVER MANY." As a result of this power, with the Devil's help he's going to rule over many "and shall divide the land for gain." Well, there are a lot of meanings you can apply to that "divide the land for gain," but one of the most common characteristics of Communism is to share the wealth, distribute the spoil as it says in the former verse, divide the land.

       100. RIGHT NOW IN SOCIALISTIC COUNTRIES THEY'RE TAKING THE GIGANTIC ESTATES OF THE RICH & DIVIDING THEM UP AMONGST THE POOR, something they should have done a long time ago, something the Christians should have done, something the Church should have done with their gigantic multi-billion-dollar properties! They should have divided their land that the poor would gain! Look what the church would have gained if she'd done that. God would have blessed her even more.--But they've let the Devil do it instead!

       101. WE HAVE DIVIDED WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN US & SHARED IT WITH YOU, & we're giving you more & more every day! We're giving you everything we can think of to give you: Magazines, books, posters, calendars, tapes! Giving them all free now! We've quit trying to sell them! Forget it! We're giving them away! As long as you tithe the best you can & you're a faithful supporter of God's work, we're gonna just give it all away! And we have done that & it seems that the more we do that & the more we give away, the more God blesses us financially. We cannot outgive God!

       102. WE'RE HAVING A HARD TIME GIVING AWAY WHAT GOD IS SENDING IN BECAUSE HE SENDS IT IN FASTER THAN WE CAN GIVE IT AWAY! Think of that! Right, Peter? (Peter: That's right! Amen!) Didn't God this past month of 1981 give WS more income in one month than we have ever had before in our whole history? (Peter: Amen, that's right!) Absolutely! Instead of losing as we thought we might, by sharing so much & dividing so much & giving so much away, we gained!

       103. I KNEW IT WAS GOD'S PLAN & I KNEW GOD WOULD BLESS US FOR IT IN THE LONG RUN, but I expected at first we might have to sacrifice a little & lose a little before we did any gaining! I figured that it would be one step backward & then two steps forward like it is with the price of gold, one step backward, two steps forward. We might sink a little before we got a little bit higher. But God hasn't even let us do that.

       104. OUR INCOME HASN'T BACKED UP A BIT! It's increasing every month, thank the Lord! Thanks to you & your faithfulness & your obedience in tithing, God is blessing you, & as a result you're blessing His work, & as a result we His servants are being blessed & our efforts for you are being blessed, you're being blessed multiple times over & getting more & more material all the time from the Lord!--More magazines, more books, more tapes, more everything, PTL? Isn't that a fact? (Peter: Amen!)

       105. WE'RE PRODUCING & PUBLISHING MORE NOW THAN WE'VE EVER PUBLISHED BEFORE! We're giving away more than we ever gave away before. We used to try to sell books, we even used to try to sell the Magazines, now we're giving it all away because you're being so faithful to obey God & tithing faithfully & at least doing that minimum that God expects you to do for His service. Even if you can't or are not able or are not willing to serve Him full-time 100%, at least you are giving Him back the minimum He requires, only 10% of what He's given you. He's letting you keep the 90%, nearly all of it, all He asks for is that little tiny 10% for Himself & His work & His workers & what He's giving you in return.

       106. HE'S FEEDING YOU THE WORD! GIVING YOU THE MATERIALS YOU NEED!--The Word of God, the revelations of the Lord, His direct revelations from Heaven!--Dreams, visions, things that God is giving us to guide you right now in the present & in the future, as well as all kinds of little things & ideas about childcare & ideas about how to take care of your trailer! All kinds of things, from the sublime to almost the ridiculous!

       107. GOD IS TEACHING YOU EVERYTHING HE CAN POSSIBLY TEACH YOU in our little Magazine & in our little notices, books & other publications, tapes too! PTL! TTL for the tapes, amen? Are you enjoying the music tapes?--Music with Meaning? Hallelujah! Isn't that beautiful music? Sounds like Heaven, amen? PTL!

       108. WELL, THIS IS HOW THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO WORK & this is one of the ways you're going to recognise him, & the way that God intended for you to recognise his government, his kind of politics, his kind of economics which are already in the World today & already functioning under Communistic & Socialistic governments throughout the World.

       109. HE'S DOING WHAT THE CHRISTIANS SHOULD HAVE DONE LONG AGO, TAKING FROM THE RICH TO GIVE TO THE POOR, or at least persuading the rich to give to the poor. Instead of that the Church has largely persuaded the poor to give to the rich & make them even richer! I remember reading somewhere that 5% of the people of Britain hold 80% of the wealth! Now that's not fair, is it? And that in one Latin American country, Mexico, for example, before the days of its revolution, only 18 families controlled 97% of the land & lorded it over millions of poor little Mexicans, Indians who were virtual serfs & slaves!

       110. THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO COME ALONG LIKE A GREAT HERO, a great messiah, the Devil's own false Christ, & show the World true righteousness--his brand--& do the things that he knows God literally wants done, because he knows if he imitates God & imitates what Jesus is going to do in the Millennium when that's really going to done fairly, if he imitates all that, he can set up an imitation Millennium & be its imitation Messiah & persuade people that he is God because he's doing the kind of things that they would have expected God to do for them & waited for a long time. He'll start sharing the wealth of the rich with the poor, dividing the land, not only for the gain of the poor but to gain his own power & popularity.

       111. HE HAS FOUND AS WE HAVE--as I was trying to explain to you--that by dividing & sharing & giving away, that he makes himself even more powerful & gains even more. He gives away the wealth of the rich to the poor, & the poor give him the World & its whole government & its whole power & he becomes the god of this Earth in person!

       112. YOU SEE, GOD'S PRINCIPLES WORK NO MATTER WHO USES THEM. If even the Devil starts sharing the wealth of the rich with the poor, God will bless him for it. And He continues to bless & prosper Russia & Communism as long as they continue to help the poor & take it away from the rich & give it to the poor, do you understand?

       113. AND HE WILL EVEN CONTINUE TO BLESS THE ANTICHRIST! You say, "How can you say that? How can He bless the Antichrist when he's a God-damning man who is blaspheming & hates God, curses God & works against God?" But you notice it doesn't once say he doesn't believe in God, only he honours other gods more, he honours the Devil more & the power of Satan more.--And God allows it, to work out God's purpose!

       114. IF YOU WANT TO FIND ANYBODY THAT BELIEVES IN GOD, ASK THE DEVIL! If you want to know whether God exists or not, ask his demons! "Even the devils believe & tremble" God's Word says! (Jam.2:19) Did you hear? So don't tell me this guy doesn't even believe in God. He may say he doesn't, but he knows, & he will even know that his time is short. But he wants to get in those few years, those few kicks of running the World as its god for a few days, at least, before he's dethroned. He knows that that's his day & he's going to try to enjoy it.

       115. SO HE'S EVEN GOING TO OBEY SOME OF GOD'S BASIC FUNDAMENTAL LAWS SUCH AS SHARING, distributing to the poor, dividing the land for gain, sharing the spoil, because he knows that God will bless him for it.--That, as he blesses the poor, God will bless his government. When the so-called Christian governments of the World have failed to bless the poor & failed to share & demeaned the poor & caused them to be more poverty-stricken & even poorer throughout the World, along comes Socialism & Communism & the U.S.S.R. & Russia & starts preaching to the World the Brotherhood of Man & sharing the wealth, something that the church should have been preaching all this time! Well, they did preach it quite a bit but they just didn't practise it! Communism is preaching it & practising it! Of course, the end result is going to be a lot worse.

       116. IT TELLS US HERE THEN, "AT THE TIME OF THE END SHALL THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSH AT HIM." Now who's the King of the South? Well, directions in the Bible are determined from their relationship to Israel, the Mideast is more or less the hub of the World, centre of history & the location of the Prophets when they were doing this prophesying. And Daniel was there when he was making this prophecy & when he had this revelation, so what was South of him then?--Egypt, Africa, right?

       117. ALL RIGHT, "THE KING OF THE SOUTH SHALL PUSH AT HIM!" Well, well, well! How about that? I thought it was going to be the Kings of the West going to push at him? Well, it does say in some other places that the Western kings are going to push at him too. But for some reason, who knows? Maybe Egypt's going to turn against him when they finally see what he's really like & gonna try to fight against him & lead a revolt against him. Egypt is certainly friendly with the U.S. now!

       118. AFRICA IS CERTAINLY DUE SOUTH OF THERE, & when it turns out that this king of the North turns out to be a tyrant & not exactly what they expected him to be & he's going to make slaves out of them again, the African nations are not going to like it! They're going to start revolting & pushing against him. But when they do, "the king of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind."

       119. THE KING OF THE NORTH IS THE ANTICHRIST, DON'T FORGET, COMES FROM RUSSIA "and shall push at the king of the South like a whirlwind, with chariots, with horsemen, many ships, & he shall enter into the countries."--What countries? Well, what countries are between the North & the South? We call them usually the Mideast! Well, hmm! Maybe we should have called them the mid-North or the mid-South or what's between them because that's what's going to happen, it's going to be a battle between the North & South for awhile just before his final takeover.

       120. APPARENTLY SOMEHOW OR ANOTHER, PERHAPS THE U.S. IS GOING TO PUT SO MANY FORCES & PLANES & ARMIES INTO EGYPT--which it's now taking over, becoming a friend of Egypt & Egypt a friend of theirs in order to try to save Israel. Perhaps that's what it means by the king of the South, because perhaps America's going to make a drive against Russia there in the Mideast from the South, from Egypt. Egypt & Israel are the two closest powers that the U.S. has to that area which are, you might say, South as well as East. And they're going to rebel against this Antichrist World takeover, undoubtedly, as we find in another place in Ezekiel, backed by the kings of the West.

       121. THERE'S ANOTHER COUNTRY THAT DOESN'T LIKE COMMUNISM, SAUDI ARABIA, THAT'S SOUTH, RIGHT? Including most of the rich Arab States, Oil States, they're South, & they're not going to like the Russians or the Communists taking over. So possibly the U.S. is going to get them to cooperate & help them to fight against this king of the North, which is obviously a leader of Communism, & he turns out to be the Antichrist in the end.

       122. BUT WHO'S GOING TO WIN? He's going to have so many ships, so many horsemen, so many chariots, like a whirlwind he's going to overflow all of these countries & pass over. He's going to conquer them all. You say, "Well, they don't use horses & chariots anymore, what are you talking about?" Well, what else could the Prophet say about 2500 years ago before they had tanks, huh?

       123. AND WHAT ELSE COULD HE SAY BEFORE THEY HAD PLANES BUT TALK ABOUT SHIPS & A WHIRLWIND? Here come ships through the sky like a whirlwind! We've had several of'm soaring over us today, didn't they sound like a whirlwind? Ships that sailed through the sky! They're still called ships--airships! Right? So we still have ships, not only seaships but airships! And we've got gigantic chariots called tanks today which they use in warfare, & the guys who drive them are their horsemen. So he's going to take all those forces & mighty forces far superior to theirs & he's going to overflow these lands.

       124. "HE SHALL ENTER ALSO INTO THE GLORIOUS LAND, & MANY COUNTRIES SHALL BE OVERTHROWN!" Now that's going to be in a great battle, a very great battle which we usually consider or interpret as being the atomic War!

       125. SO THIS KING OF THE NORTH FROM RUSSIA, THE ANTICHRIST, WILL ROUND UP ALL THE POWER OF THE U.S.S.R. & Satanic power of every kind he can get, including Eastern nations that are going to help him, God's Word says. And the prophecy which we have received, Grandmother's prophecy says he's going to come with a great nation & Eastern nations, other nations are going to help him, & he's going to come in & invade Israel & win! (See "The Warning Prophecy," No.655.)

       126. I'M TELLING YOU THESE DETAILS SO YOU'LL UNDERSTAND & YOU'LL KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING if this is the time, if this is the event, & if this is the guy & this is the power. Is this the war that you were talking about, Dad? Well, just listen! If you see these things happening, then know ye the time is nigh, even at the doors!

       127. "BUT THESE SHALL ESCAPE OUT OF HIS HAND, EVEN EDOM & MOAB & THE CHIEF OF THE CHILDREN OF AMMON." Now why God put that country first I don't really know, but I can imagine, because Edom, Moab & Ammon are today what little tiny country?--Jordan!--Of whom there is King Hussein. Now don't confuse him with Hussein the head of Iraq, this is King Hussein of Jordan. I am inclined to believe that King Hussein is a believer in our God--he certainly is as a Muslim--but perhaps even in Jesus! But being the king of a Muslim country, he doesn't dare tell them that!

       128. BUT HE HAS ACTED LIKE A CHRISTIAN, he talks like a Christian, he has married a Christian & he has lived a great deal of his life in Christian countries & he is the most sensible, reasonable, Christ-like man in all that whole mess there in the Mideast! He is the one who understands both East & West & has been trying to bring peace between them.

       129. HE'S MUCH LIKE SADAT, EXCEPT THAT SADAT TRIED TO DO IT IN ANOTHER WAY with the help of the U.S. & Israel & believing their word & their promises--which they're not going to keep--that they would somehow give the Palestinians their freedom & their own autonomous government & so on. Which they're not going to do! Only the Antichrist is ever going to make them do it.

       130. THAT'S WHY THE PALESTINIANS TODAY LOOK TOWARDS RUSSIA FOR SALVATION, FOR HELP, FOR SUCCOUR. They've been suckers too long of the U.S. & Israel, & now even Egypt has in a way been traitorous to them by making peace with their major enemies, Israel & the U.S., & that is never going to get them their freedom nor their autonomy or self-government. So today the Palestinians look to the North & the East for their salvation, toward Russia. They see the U.S. as a declining World power, Russia as an ascending World power, & that their only hope is in Russia. So of course the PLO & the Palestinians look toward Russia for help.

       131. WHY THEN SHOULD DEAR LITTLE HUSSEIN & HIS LITTLE TINY COUNTRY OF JORDAN ESCAPE from some of the worst of these horrors & from invasion? Why do you think Russia should spare him when they march in? Who is he now fighting for to help win a war against Iran?--Iraq! Who finances Iraq & gives Iraq all its weapons?--Russia! Who is he helping? He's helping Iraq, & helping Iraq he's helping Russia!

       132. APPARENTLY DEAR HUSSEIN HAS ALSO BEEN DISILLUSIONED IN THE WEST & in the U.S., certainly Israel, & no longer believes that they are going to be any help to save him & his Palestinians--of which he has about a million living in his own country. I'm sure he'd like to send them back home where they belong, whereas he has to take care of them now.--And there are about a million of them living in Lebanon & less than two million still in Israel.

       133. THE ISRAELITES ARE TRYING TO DRIVE THEM ALL OUT IF THEY CAN & would like to exterminate them all if they can, & they're making it as bad for them as they can. They just use them as slaves anyway. But they like to use them because they're very smart, very well-educated & they're scientists & doctors & lawyers & the smartest & most brilliant people in the Near East!

       134. THE PALESTINIANS FOR YEARS HAVE BEEN NOTED AS THE BRIGHTEST, SMARTEST, MOST EDUCATED WITH THE BEST SCIENTIFIC MINDS, all because the British got in there early & taught'm Christianity & converted'm to be Christians, many of them, & taught'm Christian ways & gave them education. Whereas the rest of the Arabs were still ignorant, the Palestinians were in the forefront of education & Christian enlightenment & are some of the smartest people & some of the most Christian in the whole Middle East!

       135. THIS IS WHY THE DEVIL HATES THEM SO! This is why the [EDITED: "Israelis are"] fighting the forces of God & the Palestinians!

       136. BUT WHO OF ALL PEOPLE IS GOD GOING TO SEND TO RESCUE THE POOR PALESTINIANS & THE POOR JORDANIANS who fought for the Palestinians & lost? Who is He going to send to rescue them? Believe it or not, the Antichrist is God's man for that particular job & that particular time & that particular period! So don't fight it, join it! Because it's going to win! You don't have to start fighting it or disobeying until they start telling you to do things that God has told you not to do.

       137. RIGHT NOW THE REDS ARE DOING THINGS THAT GOD HAS TOLD THE CHURCH TO DO, TO SHARE WITH THE POOR & try to save the poor & help the poor & rescue the poor, & that's what Russia is doing. That's exactly what the Antichrist is going to be doing. He's going to invade that country & finally rescue the Palestinians, & along with them the Jordanians who are their dearest friends & have helped them more than almost anybody else besides poor little war-torn Lebanon which the Israelis are attacking all they can. So he is going to save Jordan & the Palestinians, obviously, coming in to rescue them. But, what? 42nd verse:

       138. "HE SHALL STRETCH FORTH HIS HAND UPON THE COUNTRIES: & THE LAND OF EGYPT SHALL NOT ESCAPE." He says Jordan will escape, but Egypt won't escape! What does that show you? Egypt's going to be on the wrong side. When the showdown comes, Egypt obviously is going to be on the wrong side, fighting right alongside the U.S. & Israel against Russia & the Antichrist government! But dear little Jordan & the Palestinians are going to be doing their best to fight the U.S. & Israel & Egypt & pave the way for the invasion of Israel by the Russians under the Antichrist!

       139. "HE SHALL STRETCH FORTH HIS HAND UPON THE COUNTRIES"--in other words, against those countries that have fought against him, including Egypt. Dear Egypt is going to find out that the Arabs were right, Egypt made the wrong choice in making peace with Israel, which was like making peace with the Devil himself. [DELETED]

       140. ISRAEL [EDITED: "and the Israelis"] [DELETED] are fighting God in all that they are doing in the Mideast! And they are persecuting God's people, His children in the Palestinians, & therefore the nations which side with them, like the U.S., are now the enemies of God & His people!

       141. AND BECAUSE SADAT COMPROMISED & JOINED THEM, HE BECAME AN ENEMY OF GOD! I think at one time he knew better, at one time he thought he was really trying to do the right thing, making peace. But he made peace with the wrong people. You can't do business with the Devil expecting to get a square deal, because he expects it all! And Egypt is trying to do business with the Devil in doing business with Israel! And the U.S. is siding on the Devil's side in siding with Israel, & so is Egypt, & therefore Egypt shall not escape! But what will happen? 43rd verse:

       142. "BUT HE SHALL HAVE POWER OVER THE TREASURES OF GOLD & SILVER & ALL THE PRECIOUS THINGS OF EGYPT." Where did it get all that stuff? "And the Libyans & the Ethiopians shall be at his steps." But wait a minute, let's finish Egypt first. Where did Egypt get all these precious things & all this wealth suddenly & all this power suddenly, when it's a little tiny tenth-rate nation today?

       143. WHO'S BEGINNING TO INVEST IN EGYPT? Who's beginning to send millions of dollars worth of armaments to Egypt? Who is going to back Egypt to the hilt as well as Israel when the war comes & is going to count on both Israel & Egypt to help them fight Russia in its invasion of the Mideast?--The U.S. is going to put billions into it!--Billions, including into Egypt!

       144. BUT THE ANTICHRIST IS JUST GOING TO COME DOWN & TAKE IT OVER & take everything that's left just like the Communist forces did in Vietnam! You know why Vietnam is so powerful today? Because it inherited all the captured arms & armaments that the U.S. left there! That made it the most powerful military nation in all of Southeast Asia, because the U.S. left behind so many tanks & guns & planes & bullets & rockets & missiles & everything you can possibly imagine! The United States made Vietnam the most powerful Communist nation in the entire Orient outside of China! Think of that!

       145. WELL, THE U.S. IS GOING TO TRY TO MAKE EGYPT THE MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE MIDEAST, sort of like it did Vietnam, but it's going to lose the war. And who's gonna get enriched by it? Neither the Egyptians nor the Americans nor the Israelis, but the Antichrist & his government!

       146. "AND THE LIBYANS & THE ETHIOPIANS SHALL BE AT HIS STEPS." Now what does that mean? Well, it's not hard to figure out! Where are they right now? Where is Libya getting its armaments from, & whose line is it more or less beginning to follow?--Russia! I myself told Godahfi, I said, "Listen, you can't buck a big country like the U.S.!" I said, "A small country has to have big friends! If you plan to try to buck the U.S., you'd better pick yourself a big friend that'll help you fight the U.S.!" And Godahfi did exactly what I told him to do! He took the hint & he picked Russia!

       147. BEFORE THAT HE WAS PREACHING LIKE MAD AGAINST RUSSIA, REMEMBER? He was speaking against Russia just as much as he did against the U.S.! All of a sudden he quieted down on all of his blasts against Russia & turned all his blasts against the U.S. & began accepting help from Russia, sending ambassadors back & forth between the two! Russia began pouring in armaments to him & now has equipped him with all kinds of planes, guns, tanks, etc., to help them fight their wars, & he's taken over Chad & he'll keep on taking over whatever he can.

       148. I BELIEVE THAT GOD IS GOING TO HELP GODAHFI CONQUER A LOT OF THAT TERRITORY BECAUSE WE PRAYED FOR HIM & because we know that's going to bring peace. He's brought peace to Chad for the first time in 16 years! Just think, its capital city hasn't known a night of peace, a night without war for 16 years! Some of the African nations are complaining about it & France has weakly protested--although I think undercover she was glad that at least he brought peace. Although they wanted to keep control of the country themselves, Godahfi's got it. (But they made such a fuss about it, he withdrew!)

       149. AND HOW CAN YOU DENY THAT HE'S BROUGHT PEACE? How could you deny that he has stopped the killing & the horrors of war & brought peace to that poor little pitiful country? Thank God! That's one thing I know about Godahfi, he shares with the poor! He's gonna help those people from the very beginning, & is already, & I'm sure they're not going to complain when they see how much Godahfi is gonna do for them.

       150. SO GODAHFI'S ALREADY SITTING ON RUSSIA'S STEPS, RIGHT?--On its doorstep taking handouts from Russia, subservient, in other words. "At his steps" means, if you're sitting on the steps of a king's palace, does that mean you're fighting against him?--No! In fact, you're probably sitting on the steps because you're looking for a handout & you're expecting to share in the benefits, whatever they may be, you're at his steps. Or if you want to think of it as footsteps, you're bowing at his feet! What is Godahfi doing today to get all these armaments? He's bowing at Russia's feet, in a sense.

       151. WHAT ABOUT ETHIOPIA? ETHIOPIA IS COMPLETELY TOTALLY COMMUNIST-DOMINATED with all kinds of Russian advisers & experts & everything down there helping them fight their war with Somalia. Who's helping Somalia fight Ethiopia?--The U.S. has now traded arms & armaments to give the Somalians in exchange for bases in the Mideast, so that the Somalians can fight the Ethiopians, because Ethiopia is Communist & is following the Russian line & is dominated by Russia.

       152. SO HERE ARE TWO COUNTRIES BOTH DOMINATED BY RUSSIA WHO ARE GOING TO BE "AT HIS STEPS" waiting on every step he makes when he walks in! When the Antichrist walks in they are going to be at his steps, meaning a place of submission, a place of subservience, a place of agreement, a place of cooperation. They're going to be at his steps.

       153. SO DO YOU WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHERE ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO FIT? HERE IT IS RIGHT IN THE BIBLE! Plain as day! And if you want to know where the rest of'm are going to fit, they're all named in Ezekiel 38 & 39! Well, I'm sure you poor tired people that are still watching this video & listening are glad we're almost to the last verse of this chapter where, God helping us, we will end tonight's session at least, so that you won't have to suffer any longer! But it's important that you know these things & understand them.

       154. DEAR SAMSON WARNER, GOD BLESS HIM, HE TRIED HIS BEST TO EXPLAIN THEM TO YOU but some of them didn't understand because of I don't know what, because he certainly made it simple enough, plain enough, most of it, & in total agreement with what I'm telling you as far as I know, except that Prince of the Covenant. But I'm giving you maybe even a little more detail, so when you watch it happen you're not gonna wonder, "Well, which way is Godahfi gonna go? Which way is Ethiopia gonna go? Which way is this one gonna go? Which way is that one gonna go?"

       155. EVEN ERITREA, GOD SHOWED US WAS NOT GONNA BE COMPLETELY SWALLOWED UP but that they were going to have to recognise that it was not a dead horse, Ethiopia was going to have to make some kind of deal with the Eritreans. And that is more or less what they're doing in order to cooperate & get together against their common enemies, Somalia & the U.S.! So the Lord has some strange ways of showing us things, doesn't He?

       156. I HAVE TO BE AMUSED WHEN I READ THE PAPER & I SEE THAT EXACTLY WHAT GOD HAS SHOWED US, EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID IN HIS WORD IS COMING TO PASS just the way He said it would! In spite of all man's opinions & his predictions & wondering which way they were going to go, you don't have to wonder, just read the Bible! Just listen to what God has already revealed & you're gonna find out, you're gonna know which way these countries are going to go. And as you see it happen, you say, "Well, there's another one! That's another proof that what God said was going to happen is happening & that's the way it's gonna go!" If you want to know where these countries are gonna go, just read it in the Bible! Whose side are they going to be on? Read it in the Bible!

       157. "BUT," 44TH VERSE, "TIDINGS OUT OF THE EAST & OUT OF THE NORTH SHALL TROUBLE HIM: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, & utterly to make away many." Now apparently while he's busy fighting this war down in the Mideast, as so often happens to a king away from home, somebody tries to cause him trouble back at home. A lot of kings have been deposed while they were out of the country or absent on a conquest! This is a common event in history.

       158. APPARENTLY WHILE HE'S GONE FROM MOSCOW OR WHEREVER IN THE NORTH THERE, SOMEBODY TRIES TO GIVE HIM SOME TROUBLE, maybe somebody else tries to take over. Maybe somebody sees he's having such tremendous success, he's conquering the whole Mideast, he's conquering Israel & all those countries & winning the Oil States & defeating America, somebody back in Moscow says, "Ah! Now's the time for us to kick him out & take over!" Uh-uh! They're not gonna be able to do it, because he's going to turn around in such fury! Also some of the East.

       159. WELL, WHAT IS THE MAJOR FEAR OF RUSSIA THAT'S IN THE EAST?--CHINA!--And various other Eastern nations in the East which are enemies of Russia & which Russia will be fighting someday. He hears tidings out of the North, even from his own base country, & he hears tidings out of the East from former enemies who are trying to rebel against him. But he goes forth with great fury to destroy & utterly to make away many!

       160. HE'S GONNA WIPE'M OUT WITH SUCH FURY, SO MANY ATOM BOMBS! I wouldn't want to be in China no matter how big it is! I wouldn't want to be in Indo-China! I wouldn't want to be in some of those places in the East! Thank God India is cooperating with Russia & is sympathising with Russia & is now far more in the Russian camp than anywhere else. That's why the U.S. considers India today virtually an enemy & has nothing good to say about India. U.S. [EDITED: "AC"] newspapers constantly blast dear Gandhi & are against her.

       161. BUT WE PRAYED FOR HER & GOD GOT HER BACK IN POWER WHEN SHE WAS COMPLETELY OUT! It was an absolute miracle, remember? We knew she was a good woman & she was trying to do what was best for India. She had to be stern, she had to be strict, she had to get tough, she had to be like a dictator to rule a country like that of 700 million recalcitrants & dissidents & stubborn Indians that cause all kinds of trouble & have all different kinds of religions. She had to take a tough hand & be dictatorial! And she's come back & doing it again! And I agree with her, it has to be done! You can't rule that many troublesome people without having a strong, iron-fisted government!

       162. BUT THE ANTICHRIST'S GOING TO HAVE TROUBLE WITH SOME OF THESE COUNTRIES IN THE EAST, he's even going to have a little trouble with his own country in the North. Because he might not be a Russian, he might be an Egyptian originally & maybe even a Jew, & once he's out of the country & fighting down there & winning the war, some of those guys left back in Moscow may just think "Well, he's won the war for us, now we'll get rid of him! He's too dangerous, he's too powerful!" Well, they haven't heard the last of him yet!

       163. HE TURNS AROUND IN FURY & HE WINS IT ANYHOW, the war, even over his own country & the Eastern nations that arise against him, the Southern nations that arise against him, & of course it's obvious, the Western nations that arise against him. But you see the West comes at him through the South & through the East, because they certainly couldn't come through Russia! So he's going to utterly make away many. Is he going to win this war? Well, listen to the next verse, the 45th & last verse for you poor tired people out there, & me too:

       164. "AND HE SHALL PLANT THE TABERNACLES OF HIS PALACE BETWEEN THE SEAS IN THE GLORIOUS HOLY MOUNTAIN." Now where else could that be but where? (Peter: Jerusalem.) Exactly right! "He shall plant the tabernacle of his palace"--where is he going to set up his headquarters? What area is he going to make his palace? His capital? "Between the seas"--what seas? Jerusalem is between what two seas? One of the few cities of the World between two seas, I mean close-by seas. (Peter: The Dead Sea & the Mediterranean.) Exactly, the Dead Sea & the Mediterranean!

       165. "IN THE GLORIOUS HOLY MOUNTAIN!" There's only one glorious holy mountain in the whole World that all three faiths could call a glorious holy mountain! And the prophet that's talking is a Jew & his God, Jesus, was a Jew, no doubt the One revealing all this to them. He said even the dust of the Earth was precious to Him & its stones were precious to Him because so much of their history has revolved around there. So much of what God did & was going to do & is yet going to do happens there!

       166. IN SPITE OF THE PERFIDY OF THE ISRAELIS, THE LAND OF ISRAEL IS VERY PRECIOUS TO THE LORD, because His Prophets & His Patriarchs & His people dwelt there for millenniums & some of that greatest of all Bible history occurred there. Jesus lived there & died there, so the land itself is precious to the Lord. And that mountain upon which the rock still stands where Abraham started to sacrifice Isaac, don't you think that's a precious place to the Lord too? And where the Temple once stood, don't you think that & the history revolving around it is precious to the Lord?

       167. THE LAND IS PRECIOUS TO THE LORD, NOT THOSE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] THAT ARE THERE TODAY! But the land, Israel, is precious to the Lord because of its place in history & because of the terrific historical events that have occurred there & the people that He loved that lived there once upon a time--the Patriarchs, the Prophets, Jesus, the Apostles & all of those. Therefore that place is dearer to God's heart than any other geographical location in the whole World! Because more Bible history, more Christian history has centred on that little tiny spot on this Earth than any place else on Earth, & therefore is more important to the Lord & more important therefore to the Antichrist because it is the centre of the World's three greatest religions!

       168. THIS IS THE HOLIEST PLACE ON EARTH TO ALL THREE OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST RELIGIONS: CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM & ISLAM. Therefore the Antichrist, when he takes over the World, is going to make that his capital, his palace, his headquarters. He is going to plant his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain.--Mount Moriah, Jerusalem!--

       169. RIGHT THERE ON TOP OF MOUNT MORIAH WHERE TODAY STANDS THAT ROCK & THE MUSLIM SHRINE, THE MOSQUE OF OMAR over the rock, called the Dome of the Rock, & where will stand the rebuilt Temple of the Jews when the Covenant is made & they're permitted to rebuild it, or they might even start rebuilding before that. Dear Begin is doing all the dirty work he can to build all the colonies he can--I wouldn't be surprised to see him start building a Temple real quick before he gets kicked out!

       170. BUT ANYWAY, THE ANTICHRIST KNOWS THE VALUE OF THAT SPOT AS WELL AS GOD. The Devil knows the value of that spot geographically, its military strategic location, its geographic strategy, its religious importance, its political importance, its historical importance. It is the most important spot on the face of the Earth to both God & the Devil & the Antichrist & almost all religions & religionists--at least the World's three greatest religions--the most important spot in the World to so many religious people! So it's going to be his most important spot from which he plans to rule the World & dominate those religions & the World & its government.

       171. WELL, IT LOOKS LIKE SINCE THE ANTICHRIST IS THE DEVIL IN THE FLESH, OR WILL BE, IT LOOKS LIKE THE WRONG PEOPLE HAVE WON! It looks like the Devil has won, the Antichrist has won, the forces of Russia & Communism have won. The forces of the West, the South & the East have been defeated. The forces of Capitalism certainly lost, in fact, will be virtually wiped out in the Atomic War! It will look to many Christians who don't know the Word of God like the wrong side has won. And in a sense, because it is the Antichrist empowered by the Devil & the anti-Christ forces of the World who have won, it is the wrong side.

       172. AND THAT'S WHY HE THROWS IN A LITTLE ENCOURAGEMENT HERE TO THESE JEWS TO WHOM HE WAS TALKING, to Daniel in particular: "But don't worry, Daniel, this guy who is the enemy of the Jews & the enemy of Israel & the enemy of God, he is not going to win the final battle! He has won this battle & one stage of the war & he has taken over the World & he has won the World, but only temporarily." For, what?

       173. "YET SHALL HE COME TO HIS END & NONE SHALL HELP HIM." The time is coming when the Antichrist comes to his end & nobody will be able to help him, nobody will any longer be his friend. You know, there's nobody that loses friends like a loser, & eventually he's going to lose & nobody will be left to be his friend & nobody will be able to help him, he will come to his end.

       174. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST, AS YOU SEE HIM ARISE VERY SOON. I expect perhaps even before my life is over we may see him & know he exists. We know he exists now, he must exist now in order to be old enough to take the World over within the next few years. I wouldn't be surprised that I will live to see the revelation of the Antichrist when "the man of sin is revealed" (2Th.2:3), this man of sin as he's called, this Devil in person!

       175. YOU SAY, "WELL, HOW CAN YOU TALK SO FAVOURABLY & talk about even joining with him & helping him win & all that?" Well, I mean it's always nice to be on the winning side even if it's the wrong side! As long as you don't have to compromise your convictions, as long as you don't have to obey the Devil, as long as you don't have to stop witnessing, as long as you don't have to stop testifying, as long as you don't take the Mark of the Beast or worship his Image, you're okay!

       176. GOD'S WORD SAYS, "OBEY WHATEVER GOVERNMENT THERE IS, OBEY THE POWER!" (Rom.13:1) And when the Antichrist takes over we are supposed to obey him, which is cooperating with him. We knew he was going to win, so why not be on the winning side? It's only when he starts trying to make us worship him & take his Mark & worship his Image & stop witnessing for Christ, that's when we have to start disobeying him & our cooperation ceases & our Great Tribulation & persecution begin.

       177. AND THAT'S WHERE WE'LL HAVE TO END FOR TONIGHT before we take up the beautiful & encouraging final Chapter 12, which tells you what the real end is going to be like! PTL? Who's going to really win in the end? Chapter 11 closes with a great victory for the forces of Antichrist, anti-God Communism, Russia--it seems like all the wrong forces according to some people's way of thinking, particularly the Church & the Christians & the West & the Capitalists.

       178. BUT ALTHOUGH CHAPTER 11 ENDS WITH HIS GREAT VICTORY, CHAPTER 12 IS GOING TO TELL YOU WHO REALLY WINS IN THE END! And God willing we'll go into those details in our next lesson. Not tonight, I think you've had enough for tonight, God willing, but maybe still on this same tape we will be able to continue with Chapter 12 & finish it.

       179. AMEN! PTL! TYL! ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE THEE, & all things are going to work out in the End. (Rom.8:28) You do all things well, Thy Word says,* & everything is going to work out for good in the End. Even though it looks like the Devil & all of his anti-Christ forces are going to triumph for awhile, as a result, Lord, of his victory, even as a direct result of his victory, You & us, we & Thy Word are going to triumph in the End! (*Mk.7:37.)

       180. BECAUSE HE TRIES TO FIGHT YOU, GOD, & TRIES TO FIGHT US & TRIES TO FIGHT THY TRUTH, & that's where he makes his biggest mistake, & that's where he is defeated by Thee & by us & by Thy Truth! "And they overcame by the blood of the Lamb & the Word of their testimony; & they loved not their lives unto the death!" (Re.12:11) Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! That's what it will be like in those last days of Great Tribulation!

       181. BLESS NOW, LORD, AS WE STUDY WITH THE FAMILY IN THESE TAPES, which, Lord, some of them may never see until after I'm gone, but at least I'm leaving this Word here behind that they may know what's happening! They may not see some of these tapes, Lord, until these events are happening, but at least then I will be here on tape still with them, trying to explain it to them so they can understand! "So that they of understanding shall instruct many! They that do know their God shall do exploits!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! (Dan.11:32-33)

       182. LORD BLESS THEIR TESTIMONY! BLESS THEIR WITNESS! Give them great courage & faith to stand out against the Enemy & to stand up for the Truth & to fearlessly give their testimony, Lord, & willingly, gladly die as a witness & as a martyr for You, Jesus! You died for us, why shouldn't we be willing to die for You & for others? In Jesus' name! Help us, Lord, most of all to live for You, now, here, today & every day until that time comes, in Jesus' name. Amen! PTL!

       183. GBY & GOOD NIGHT FOR NOW! We'll try to continue this same study in Chapter 12 on the rest of this tape next time, God willing. PTL! X! ILY! GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family