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DANIEL 12!--Part 1--Daniel 12:1-11--The Endtime!DFO 14996/3/81

1. PTL! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! WELL, WE'RE COMING NOW TO THE 12TH CHAPTER OF DANIEL & the first verse, & it reads as follows: "And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people." Now, notice what that says. "The great prince that standeth for the children of thy people." As we all know--if you've read the MO Letters & the revelations of the Lord, & if you've read the Bible--Michael is one of the Archangels of God, along with Gabriel. But Michael is our special Archangel which God has put in particular charge of us, God's children, our particular Family. We are his prime responsibility, which shows that we're extremely important to the Lord, amen?

2. AND IT SAYS HERE THAT WHEN THE END IS ABOUT TO COME, when all has happened which we've been reading about in the 11th Chapter of Daniel, all about the Antichrist, how he arises, how he shines for awhile, how he conquers nation after nation, how he was called the King of the North, how he invades the South, how the Kings of the South & the Kings of the West oppose him & even some of the Kings of the East--although most of the Kings of the East cooperate with him & fight with him against the Kings of the West & the South.

3. --THEN HOW HE FINALLY CONQUERS ISRAEL & the various countries which are mentioned in the 11th chapter which we've been studying, which we just talked to you about, & finally he sets up his own palace, his headquarters, his World capital, in of all places, Jerusalem, the religious capital of the World.--The most sacred place on Earth to the World's three greatest religions--Christianity, Judaism & Islam.

4. SO IT TELLS US, AS WE STUDIED IN THE LAST PART OF THE 11TH CHAPTER, THAT HE HAS CONQUERED ALL THIS TERRITORY & now he's set up his palace, his capital there, & he has become literally ruler of the World, the World dictator, the governor of all the Earth in a World Government. This Antichrist, this demon or Devil-possessed man has now conquered the whole World, has taken charge of it all & has placed his palace & headquarters at Jerusalem.

5. WE ALSO FOUND OUT THAT HE GOT FED UP WITH THE RELIGIOUS QUARRELS so that in the midst of the seven years of his reign he breaks that seven-year Covenant & he proclaims himself as God. He sits in the Temple of God, as God, claiming that he is God. (2Th.2:4) And he causes an Image of himself to be made--or his False Prophet does--to be placed in that holy place & commands everyone to worship him & everyone to take his Mark, the Mark of the Beast, 666, in their forehead or palm of their hand, & without which they cannot buy or sell. (Re.13:18)

6. IN OTHER WORDS, HE HAS THE WHOLE WORLD UNDER HIS ABSOLUTE TOTAL CONTROL & he has abolished all other religions, or tried to, & has set up his Image of blasphemy, this Abomination of Desolation in this holy place, if not in the actual Temple itself where he sits, at least out in front of the Temple between the various holy buildings that stand upon Mount Moriah in the heart of Jerusalem, & he's ruling the World!

7. BUT NOT ALL IS SWEETNESS & LIGHT, NOT ALL IS PEACE! We found out in the last chapter there are quite a few different rebellions. First there is a rebellion in the South and he takes care of that. Then there is an attempted coup at home, probably in Moscow. When they see he has conquered the World, jealous leaders there try to take it away from him. But he takes care of that in short order. All this was in our 11th chapter as you recall.

8. FINALLY HE HAS EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL, but in the process there has been all kinds of trouble & all kinds of rebellion here & there, both from the West & the South & even the North from which he comes, & things get worse & worse. Until it says in the 11th chapter, as you recall, "He shall come to his end & none shall help him." Now, how does that happen?

9. IN THE BEGINNING HERE OF THE 12TH CHAPTER IT SAYS THAT "AT THAT TIME SHALL MICHAEL STAND UP, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people"--Michael! The Archangel Michael will then stand up for the Children of God, us, His children, all God's children! Not only our particular little Family, a branch of the entire Family of God, a particular group of God's children, but all of His children.

10. "AND THERE SHALL BE A TIME OF TROUBLE such as never was since there was a nation, even to that same time." In other words, when the Abomination of Desolation is set up, as Jesus Himself said also, that then there would be a great time of trouble. (Mt.24:15,21) It's also known as "the time of Jacob's trouble" (Je.30:7), Israel's trouble, Israel's going to have a lot of trouble then. But Christians too are going to have a lot of trouble, even the Muslims are going to have a lot of trouble because he's going to try to abolish all religion & put himself up as God & cause everyone to worship his Image. But, get it now, notice the next phrase of this verse:

11. "AND AT THAT TIME THY PEOPLE SHALL BE DELIVERED, every one that shall be found written in the book"--Thy people. Who are "thy people"? Daniel is the one to whom He's speaking, Daniel is His Prophet to whom He's giving this revelation, & He says that "at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book."

12. WHO ARE DANIEL'S PEOPLE? Daniel was a man of God, Daniel was a man of faith, Daniel was a child of Abraham by faith just as we are, not merely by blood. (Ga.3:7) The flesh makes no longer any difference to God whatsoever. The mere fact that the Jews are descendants from Abraham & Daniel by blood, by the flesh lineage, makes absolutely no difference to God anymore at all! [DELETED] (Mt.8:12)

13. THE ONLY PEOPLE OF GOD LEFT IN THE WORLD TODAY ARE THOSE WHO HAVE RECEIVED JESUS, the Messiah, Yeshua Ha Messiah--those who have received Him as their Saviour! They are the people of God! Not the [DELETED] Jews of Israel. [DELETED] We are the people of God! You are the Children of God! You are the people of Daniel today, no one else but all Christians!

14. SO GOD SAYS TO YOU & DANIEL, "AT THAT TIME, THY PEOPLE, DANIEL, the children of God by faith, those that have received your Messiah, those who believe on Jesus, at that time thy people shall be delivered!" Because Christians, above all, will be persecuted. Jews too if they refuse to worship the Antichrist & obey him & take his Mark & worship his Image. But the sad part about it is, from the sound of other passages of God's Word, they are going to think that he is their messiah! They are going to receive him with rejoicing & say, "This is our man, this is our christ, this is our messiah! Hear ye him! Follow him!"

15. [EDITED: "MANY"] JEWS ARE GOING TO BE THE FIRST TO PROCLAIM HIM & RECEIVE HIM AS THEIR MESSIAH, just the opposite of what they did with the true Messiah, Jesus, Whom they [DELETED] rejected! This time they're going to take this false messiah, this Antichrist, & they're going to receive him with open arms & with rejoicing & be thankful that at last their messiah has come!

16. [DELETED] He is not our Jesus, he is not the Son of God, he is the son of Satan! [DELETED]

17. WHO ARE [EDITED: "GOD'S"] PEOPLE? YOU ARE HIS PEOPLE! You are the people of Daniel to whom God is giving this revelation. "At that time, thy people, Daniel, shall be delivered." Thank God! Out of this horrible, terrible Tribulation! Out of this awful time of great trouble for not only Jacob, but for the Christians of the World & the Muslims of the World & all believers in God. It shall be a terrible time of trouble! Because the Antichrist will attempt to stamp out all religion, all faith in anything but himself.

18. BECAUSE BY THIS TIME, AT THE TIME OF THE MIDST OF THE SEVEN YEARS, in this middle time, at this middle moment when he becomes angry, breaks the Covenant, decides to set up an Image of himself & command that the whole World worship him, at this time God's Word tells us in another passage--we'll read it & study it later in Revelation 12--that he will become possessed of Satan himself. He will become the Devil in person, the Devil incarnate, & he will run the World for the next three-&-a-half years as the Devil himself, because he will be the Devil himself in the flesh of a man, just as Jesus Christ was God Himself in the flesh of man!

19. HE WILL BE THEREFORE THE SON OF SATAN AS JESUS WAS THE SON OF GOD! He will be Satan incarnate, Satan in the flesh, just as Jesus was God in the flesh. And that will be therefore Hell on Earth during those last three-&-a-half years of the Antichrist's reign, because he will have become the Devil himself! And the Devil himself will run the World ragged, to ruin in those three-&-a-half years when he finally gets complete rule & control & reign over the entire Earth & the World is in his grasp & he has become truly the god of this World!

20. HE HAS ABSOLUTE TOTAL DICTATORIAL TOTALITARIAN CONTROL & all the demons of Hell with him, possessing these wicked of this World, causing them to take the Mark of the Beast in their forehead & in their hand & fall down & worship his Image there in the holiest place on Earth of the World's three greatest religions. He abolishes all other religions! He says, "Fall down & worship me! Take my Mark or die!"

21. AT THAT TIME, THANK GOD, MICHAEL, YOUR PRINCE, THE PRINCE OF DANIEL & THE PRINCE OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD SHALL ARISE, & at that time thy people shall be delivered, "every one that shall be written in the book." What book?--God's Book, the Book of Life in which He inscribes the name of every single Child of God who accepts Jesus as his Saviour & is born again! Praise God? 2nd verse:

22. "AND MANY OF THEM THAT SLEEP IN THE DUST OF THE EARTH SHALL AWAKE." How are we going to be delivered? I want you to keep your eyes focused on that Scripture because that's the most important thing, & burn that into your brain so you'll never forget it: "Many of them that sleep in the dust of the Earth shall awake."--Just those who love Jesus, just those who died in Christ.

23. "SOME TO EVERLASTING LIFE, & SOME TO SHAME & EVERLASTING CONTEMPT." Did you read that? Did you see that? Can you read it clearly? Is that what it says? "Many of them that sleep in the dust of the Earth shall awake." Here is the resurrection spoken of by Isaiah, by Daniel, by every Prophet of God that ever lived! Here is that great resurrection of the righteous! Not of the wicked, not the evil! No, that has to wait for another thousand years of the torments of Hell! But the righteous are raised at this time, the believers in Jesus!

24. "AT THAT TIME SHALL MICHAEL STAND UP." God's going to let His great Archangel overcome the powers of Satan & raise you who have died in the Lord, like me, raise you from the dead, & rapture you & those Christians who are still alive up into the air to meet the Lord! Hallelujah! What a wonderful time that'll be!--A real Family Reunion!

25. THAT'S THE RESURRECTION & RAPTURE OF THE SAINTS! That's the Resurrection of the Righteous & the Rapture of the Saints! All of us, both dead & alive, will be raised to meet Jesus in the air when He comes back in the clouds with great power & glory to rule & reign! But first He's going to take us up with Him into the heavenlies, the Heavenly City!

26. NOTICE THAT SOME ARE GOING TO BE RAISED TO EVERLASTING LIFE, BUT SOME TO SHAME & EVERLASTING CONTEMPT! How can that be if they're all righteous Saints that are being raised at this time & raptured with Jesus in the air? You mean some of the Saints are going to be ashamed? You mean to tell me that some of the Saints are going to be held in everlasting contempt?--Some of the righteous, some of the saved?

27. YES, DEARLY BELOVED, I'M SORRY TO HAVE TO TELL YOU THE SAD NEWS, BUT IT'S NOT GOING TO BE THE SAME FOR EVERYBODY. God's going to be good to us, no more pain, no more death, no more fear, no more tears, but some of you are going to have to be ashamed for Eternity! Some of you are going to be held in everlasting contempt by the rest of us because you failed God!

28. YOU FAILED TO DO YOUR JOB, YOU WENT BACK ON THE LORD! You were a backslider, you didn't tithe, you didn't witness, you didn't litness, you didn't win any more souls. You put your hand to the plow & then you looked back, & then you turned back & you deserted your job, your plow in the middle of the field, white unto harvest, & you went back to pursue your own selfish aims & your own selfish comfort.

29. AND THOUGH YOU'RE SAVED, THOUGH YOU STILL BELIEVE IN JESUS, though you know you're born again & a child of God, you know you're a disobedient child, you know you're an unfaithful child, you know you're a backslidden child & living in rebellion against Him & in disobedience & unfaithfulness. But still you're a child of God, you're born again.

30. THE LORD NEVER GOES BACK ON HIS WORD, HE PROMISED TO SAVE YOU IF YOU RECEIVE JESUS, & you have received Jesus & you still believe in Him & you still know He's your Saviour, even though you are ashamed & in your own contempt, knowing that you're not serving Him or pleasing Him or obeying Him or doing His will.

31. YOU KNOW YOU'RE OUT OF HIS WILL, knowing you're backslidden, knowing you're disobeying Him, knowing you're not doing your part, knowing that you're not litnessing & witnessing as you should, not even tithing--the least that you could do--giving back to God only 10% of what He has given to you! How could you do it?

32. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO LOOK AT YOU THROUGHOUT ALL THE MILLENNIUM, A THOUSAND YEARS, & ALL ETERNITY & WONDER HOW COULD YOU DO IT? Though you're saved & in the same City, the Heavenly City, Space City, living with us, I guess you're going to be living down in the basement performing the menial tasks or the manual labour or whatever, the most lowly of all services.

33. YOU'LL BE LIKE OUR SERVANTS & OUR SLAVES & WE WILL HAVE TO LOOK UPON YOU WITH SHAME! You'll be ashamed & we'll have to look upon you with contempt because you failed God. You failed to serve Him faithfully as you should have. You didn't even tithe, do the least that you could do. You went back on God. Some of you even denied us, some of you even betrayed us, like Judas. How could you ever do it? It's almost beyond my understanding how you could do such a thing, but some of you have done it.

34. AND THOUGH YOU'RE SAVED, THOUGH YOU'RE STILL A CHRISTIAN, though you still know Jesus is the Saviour & the Messiah, though you still have Him in your heart & in a way you still love Him & you're still thankful for your salvation, you're going to get in by the skin of your teeth as God's Word says, "as a brand snatched from the burning, even hating the garments spotted by the flesh!" (Ze.3:2; Jude 23)

35. GOD'S GOING TO BE SO SICK OF YOUR FILTHY SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS it's going to be like filthy menstruous rags in His sight! And you're going to be snatched out of the fire, almost on fire yourself, snatched out of the very fires of Hell on this Earth, God's going to save you anyhow. That's His love, that's His mercy, that's the amazing Love of Jesus Christ & the mercy of God! And you're going to be saved because God's Word is true, He cannot go back on His Word.

36. SALVATION IS FOREVER! We have absolute Eternal Salvation! God doesn't change His mind! Once you've received Jesus Christ & you have Him in your heart & you love Him & you know Him & you believe on Him as your Saviour, there are no ifs, ands, buts or exceptions of any kind, you are a saved child of God as long as you have faith & know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour, the Son of God & have received Him! You're going to live forever!

37. YES, YOU'LL LIVE FOREVER, YOU MIGHT ALMOST BE SORRY THAT YOU DO!--Because you're going to live in everlasting shame & contempt in the very bowels of Heaven, in the basement of the Holy City, on the lowest level as the lowest mongrel slave, servant, manual labourer, doing nothing but the lowest most menial jobs in the Kingdom of God! How pitiful! How awful! How terrible! What a fate! Some of you might almost wish you'd gone to Hell where you could be with people who are more like you, than to have to live in such shame!

38. BUT PROBABLY YOU'RE GOING TO BE THANKFUL YOU MADE IT AT ALL! You're probably going to be thankful that you even are there in the Holy City of God, that you're one of the blessed, the Saints, the saved! Because even the people of the World on the outside are not going to be able to enter in. They're not going to be able to walk the streets of that great Holy City, Space City that God has shown us, so beautiful & so marvellous & so wonderful! No. But you will be there. I presume you'll be thankful that you're even in the basement! Maybe you'll be glad to be out of sight where people can't look at you too often with shame & contempt!

39. BUT YOU'LL BE IN THE RESURRECTION, YOU'LL BE IN THE RAPTURE! You'll rise to meet Jesus in the air with the rest of us! Because God's Word is true & God is impartial when it comes to salvation, there's no difference. There's no difference, God's Word says, when it comes to salvation. "For all have sinned & come short of the glory of God!" (Rom.3:23) So you'll be saved just like the rest of us, you'll be resurrected like those who passed away into death or sleep in Jesus, if they die before Jesus comes, or if you last till the very coming of Christ.--Which seems hard to believe since you were such a traitor when things were even easier!

40. HOW CAN YOU LAST THROUGH SUCH A TIME OF HORRIBLE PERSECUTION? Maybe it'll wake you up! Maybe it'll jerk you back to reality & realise that you've got to serve the Lord, that you're going to die anyhow one way or the other, & so you come back to Jesus. Let's hope so. It says so! It says in the previous passage it's gonna try you & purify you & make you white! (Da.11:35)

41. I DON'T DOUBT THAT A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE GONE BACK ON THE LORD & are not serving the Lord today are gonna see in that day what fruitless empty lives they're living in the System selfishly for themselves & their own families, & see that they ought to be serving the Lord! Because those days are going to be days that try men's souls & you're going to be purified, cleansed of all this foolishness & impurities of the life that you're living for yourself, selfishly, & you'll be made white. God's going to purify you.

42. GOD'S GOING TO SEND THE VERY FLAMES OF HELL & THE ATOM BOMBS & THE TRIBULATION OF THE DEVIL to purge you & purify you & make you white, & at least half-way decent enough to be in the Resurrection & the Rapture! Thank God for that! Thank God for the Tribulation! It's gonna cause a lot of people to wake up & get back to the Lord & His will & witnessing & serving Him & willing to die for Him! Thank God for that! Those who don't, even though saved, we're going to be ashamed of for Eternity! We're going to look with contempt upon you forever, even though you're saved & there serving us! What a sad picture. But, 3rd verse, get this, look at it:

43. "AND THEY THAT BE WISE SHALL SHINE AS THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE FIRMAMENT; & THEY THAT TURN MANY TO RIGHTEOUSNESS AS THE STARS FOREVER & EVER!" Think of that! Look at it! Listen! If you're wise you're going to shine like the stars of God, the stars of Heaven! If you turn many to righteousness, if you win many souls, you're going to shine as the stars of God forever & ever! Isn't that beautiful?

44. SOMEONE ASKED US IF IT WAS ALL RIGHT TO WEAR A STAR. "Wasn't that the symbol of witchcraft?" somebody said. Oh, don't be ridiculous! Stars in the Bible are a symbol of Angels & Saints & those who win many souls to the Lord. Those are stars, the stars of God. The World has its stars--movie stars, music stars, all kinds of stars--we have our stars!--MWM stars for one, PG? And soul-winning stars, shiners, lit stars, FFing stars, music stars, artist stars.

45. WE'VE GOT LOTS OF STARS IN GOD'S KINGDOM! Praise God! Don't cast away the stars or the five-pointed star symbol which stands for the stars of God! Don't throw it away just because it's a star & just because the Devil uses it. But remember, when it's used in witchcraft there are two points up, like the two horns of a goat, the Devil himself, & one point down like his chin whiskers, & his two evil ears pointing outward. That's when it's used as a sign of witchcraft.--Not when there's just one point up like the top of the cross, two points outward like the two hands of Jesus on the cross, & two legs downward like a star standing on its two legs.

46. DON'T MISINTERPRET THE STAR, IT'S ALL IN HOW IT'S USED! It's all in how it's situated on your chain. If it's hanging by two horns, look out, the guy's in witchcraft, or the girl. If it's hanging by just one sharp point, the top point, then it's a symbol of the Stars of God!--Christians who turn many to righteousness, soul-winners, shiners, litnessers, FFers, musicians, artists, the shining Stars of God! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

47. "BUT THOU, O DANIEL," HE SAYS, "SHUT UP THE WORDS, & SEAL THE BOOK, EVEN TO THE TIME OF THE END: many shall run to & fro, & knowledge shall be increased." He said, "Daniel, this vision, I'm giving it to you, but it's not for you, it's not for your time, it's not for your people now. It's for an Endtime when many shall run to & fro & knowledge shall be increased!" Did you know that man has discovered more new means of transportation & people are travelling more today than they did a hundred years ago? Did you know that more has been discovered by science in the last 100 years than has been discovered or invented in the previous 6000 years!

48. "KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE INCREASED!" WHEW! It has been increased within this past hundred years of this Endtime almost beyond imagination!--To the point now when machines have gotten so complicated only the best scientists can even understand them! To where now machines are even taking over the thinking of man & his memory & able to do feats of thinking & calculation & memory & computation far beyond the limits of man's own mind!

49. YOU SAY, "MACHINES CAN DO ALL THAT?" Yes, computers with all their little silicon chips now that are so small you almost have to see them with a magnifying glass. One little tiny chip about that big, about no more than a quarter-of-an-inch wide, or centimetre wide even, so small, & yet it can hold thousands of bits of information & memory!

50. IT GUIDES MAN'S THOUGHTS TO THE STARS! It guides man's rockets & spaceships out into space beyond the furthest planets! It guides man's horrible demonic missiles as well, zeroing in within a few yards of their targets with their horrible hell-bombs that are going to not half-destroy the World, but thank God, only one-third destroy the World!--The horrors that science has created, as well as the blessings of some of man's inventions which we're using this very night to show you this very Truth! (And computers are now typing it!)

51. YOU SEE, IT'S ALL IN HOW IT'S USED, WHETHER THE THING IS USED FOR GOD OR THE DEVIL! It's all in how you are used, whether you're allowing yourself to be used by the Lord or by Satan! You're not intrinsically evil, this machine & these machines we're using are not evil, it all depends on how they're used. How are you used today? Are you being used by the Lord or by the Enemy, the Devil?

52. EVEN SOME CHRISTIANS TODAY ARE BEING USED BY THE DEVIL AGAINST US! Born-again, Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christians are some of our bitterest enemies, like the Scribes & Pharisees of Jesus' day! They would string us up, hang us, crucify us if they could get their hands on us & get away with it! Think of it! How horrible! How terrible! But that's the age in which we live, & things & evil men & times shall wax worse & worse! "Evil men & seducers shall wax worse & worse" (2Ti.3:13), He says, in these Last Days, "& many shall run to & fro."

53. MORE FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION HAVE BEEN INVENTED DURING THE LAST HUNDRED YEARS THAN IN THE FIRST 6000 YEARS OF HISTORY! In fact, did you know that there was not a single new form of transportation in the entire Earth for nearly 6000 years until just the last 150 years with the invention of the steam engine & the automobile & the steamboat? Now they're all oil boats & oil engines & oil cars, but that'll all come to an end when the oil runs out!--Or blows up!

54. HE SAYS, "DANIEL, CLOSE UP THE BOOK!" Tonight, here we are at the end of this particular lesson, we're not quite through with this chapter, however, because we're gonna have to continue the rest of the chapter later. But we're going to close up the book for tonight, here when you know you are living in this Endtime that Daniel was speaking about, that God was speaking about to Daniel! It's for you!

55. DANIEL'S MESSAGE IS FOR YOU! IT WASN'T EVEN FOR DANIEL! Think of that! He said, "Close up the book! As far as you're concerned, Daniel, this message is not for you. This news is not for you, this information is not for you, it's for your children a thousand years, two thousand years, no, two-&-a-half thousand years from now, Daniel, in the years 1980s & '90s, that's who it's for!--Your children, your people, God's people who'll live then in the Endtime." That's who Daniel's message is for, God's message to you!

56. WELL, DANIEL WASN'T QUITE SATISFIED as we're going to learn in the rest of the chapter. There's still a little information he wanted to know & as good as said, "Wait a minute, wait a minute, Lord, before You shut it off, before You stop this transmission, before You end this vision, before You shut off the camera"--like we're going to have to shut off pretty soon--"tell me Lord, wait a minute, tell me, Angel, how long shall it be to the end of these wonders?" Take a look over here at the Scripture:

57. IT SAYS, "THEN I DANIEL LOOKED, AND, BEHOLD, THERE STOOD OTHER TWO, the one on this side of the bank of the river, & the other on that side of the bank of the river." Other two what? Two other angels besides the one that was talking to him. "And one said to the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river"--he asked the question that was on Daniel's heart--"How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?" He was probably either a man of God, an ex-Saint or a continued Saint in the next life, an Angel of God or one of the passed-on Saints of God.

58. HE SAID, "HOW LONG SHALL IT BE TO THE END OF THESE WONDERS?" Well, I believe this was the question on Daniel's heart & that's why he asked it. He was asking it for Daniel's sake. Perhaps he was one of his co-fellow Prophets who had gone on to be with the Lord.

59. 7TH VERSE: "AND I HEARD THE MAN CLOTHED IN LINEN, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand & his left hand unto Heaven, & sware by Him that liveth for ever, that it shall be..."--How long was this horrible time going to last? How long was this horrible tribulation going to last after it began?

60. --"IT SHALL BE FOR A TIME"--one year, this is a term used in the old Hebrew meaning one year, a time is a year--"Times"--two times, plural, one year & two years--"and a half"--a half-a-time. One year plus two years & a half a year makes how many years?--Three-&-a-half years! One, two, three & a half! What he was really asking, apparently, was how long shall it be from this horrible time the Antichrist takes over fully & sets up his Image & places this Abomination that maketh desolate in the holy place, tries to force everybody to worship it, take the Mark of the Beast & tries to kill everybody that doesn't--how long are those horrible wonders going to continue? How long shall it be to the end of these final wonders of the Tribulation? And he tells us three-&-a-half years! The rest of the 7th verse:

61. "AND WHEN HE SHALL HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TO SCATTER THE POWER OF THE HOLY PEOPLE, ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE FINISHED." "When he"--who?--The Antichrist, of course!--"Shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people."--Destroy the power of the holy people? Who are the holy people? Well, the Jews like to think of themselves as the holy people but [DELETED] I was in Israel, I know the Israelites! I've lived with the Jews most of my life. My background is Jewish, my forefathers were Jewish. Let me tell you, thank God they were Christians & received Jesus Christ as their Saviour & they were holy people!

62. BUT ONLY THE PEOPLE OF GOD, ONLY THE CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE RECEIVED JESUS AS THEIR MESSIAH, only Jews who have become Christians who have received Jesus & had a change of heart & been born again, new creatures in Christ Jesus, no longer Jews but Christians. [DELETED] Jesus said to those leading Jews of His day, "Huh! You're not of God, you are of your father the Devil!" (Jn.8:44) And the Lord said to us [EDITED: "Endtime Christians"] later in that passage in Revelation 3, "They which say they are Jews but are not, but are of the Synagogue of Satan!" [EDITED: "Rev.3:8."]

63. ONLY THE JEWS WHO RECEIVE JESUS, {\ul \i YESHUA HA MESSIAH}! "Ich bin ein Yiddisher mann mit ein Yiddisher herz und ein glaiber an der Yiddisher Messiah, Yeshua Ha Messiah!" I am a Jewish man with a Jewish heart & a believer in the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ the Messiah! And you can be too, if you'll take Jesus as your Saviour! He'll make a change: you'll no longer be [EDITED: "someone"] who has rejected Jesus, but you'll belong to your Messiah, Jesus, if you'll just receive Him in your heart!

64. YOU WON'T HAVE TO GO TO HELL WITH THOSE JEWS WHO ARE NOT JEWS BUT ARE OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN! [EDITED: "Rev.3:9."] You won't have to go to Hell with the Hellish Gentiles who are bringing damnation upon the World. But you can be saved, along with all the rest of the children of God, along with all the rest of the children of Abraham by faith--which includes both Jews & Gentiles! There is no longer any difference. In Jesus there's no longer any male or female nor Jew nor Gentile nor bond nor free nor any difference! We are all the children of God, all Christians, all God's people, Daniel's people, the ones to whom He's speaking here!

65. BUT YOUR POWER & THE POWER OF HIS CHURCH ON EARTH IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED BEFORE JESUS COMES! The Lord is going to allow the Devil in person, in the Antichrist, to destroy the power of the church & destroy all the strength & the riches & the wealth of the professing Church & Christianity & Christendom throughout the World. He's going to allow it all to be destroyed!--Catholic church, Protestant church, whatever church! Even our little church & its organisation & whatever little power we have is going to be destroyed or disorganised!--Except for a few powerful witnesses of God who are going to last to the very bitter End! He said, "When he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall then be finished."

66. "AND I HEARD"--EIGHTH VERSE--"BUT I UNDERSTOOD NOT." Daniel didn't have to understand, he didn't even understand what he was being shown. He didn't even understand what God was speaking through him in this book. "Then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?" What shall be the end? And God said to him what?

67. HE SAID, "GO THY WAY DANIEL!" Split, Daniel! Beat it Daniel! That's enough, Daniel, I've shown you enough! That's all you need to know & you don't even understand it anyhow, you might as well forget it, for the Words are closed up & sealed to the Time of the End! Did you read that? It's closed up & sealed to the Time of the End.

68. YOU MEAN DANIEL WASN'T GOING TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE'S BEING TOLD? You mean Daniel wouldn't even savvy what God was saying to him? The book was absolutely sealed up & nobody was going to understand what he was saying or what he was being shown or what he was recording for us today!--No!--Until now!

69. FOR NEARLY 2500 YEARS NOBODY UNDERSTOOD THE BOOK OF DANIEL!--Though many tried & tried to interpret it & the church tried to understand it. But finally they just about decided it was all Greek--actually it was Hebrew!--Ha!--but they still didn't understand it! Not even the Jews understood it, much less the Christians.

70. "AND HE SAID, GO THY WAY, DANIEL: FOR THE WORDS ARE CLOSED UP & SEALED TILL THE TIME OF THE END." Until when? The Time of the End! When the Time of the End came, then He said, "Many shall be purified"--tenth verse--"and made white & tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand." Hallelujah! TYJ? PTL? Have we reached the end of this tape? We've reached the end of Daniel's scroll almost. Well, we've got a few more amazing verses we might squeeze in!

71. HE SAYS THE WICKED WON'T UNDERSTAND. The wicked sinners don't understand the Bible at all. They don't understand the simple things, much less complicated prophecies like this, which even Daniel himself didn't understand, which God said He wouldn't let anybody understand till the Time of the End! But now we understand because God's Word said Himself we would understand at the Time of the End "when many shall run to & fro & knowledge is increased."

72. --AND THEN MY MOTHER HERSELF PROPHESIED THAT HE WOULD GIVE ME THE SPIRIT OF DANIEL & reveal unto me the times & the seasons as He did unto Daniel, & that I would open up the book & reveal it to you & help you understand what it means today because you are the people of Daniel today! We are God's children today & we are those who live now in the Time of the End! You are the one to whom God is speaking now & revealing the marvellous mysteries of God!

73. WELL, HE'S GONNA THROW DANIEL A REAL PLUM HERE ON THE LAST ONE! I don't know whether we're going to get it all on the tape or not.--A real Time Prophecy to the very day, of exactly what's going to happen then! He's gonna tell Daniel because he knows Daniel is practically drooling to know, & everybody that reads this Scripture is going to be drooling to know exactly "How long is it going to be, Lord? How long, O Lord, how long?" So He tells you exactly in so many specific words & days! He says in the 11th verse what?:

74. "AND FROM THE TIME THAT THE DAILY SACRIFICE SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY, & the abomination that maketh desolate set up"--when is that? That's in the middle of the week, right? That's at the end of the first three-&-a-half years, right? That's when the Antichrist through the Devil takes complete power, abolishes all religion, right? That's when he sets up his Image, the Abomination of Desolation, right?

75. HE SAYS FROM THAT MOMENT THAT HE SETS UP THAT IMAGE, AS JESUS SAID, "THERE SHALL BE A THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED & NINETY DAYS." 1290 days!--Till when? I thought you said before He said 1260 days, that's three-&-a-half years, that's 42 months. Ah, yes, but we're going a little bit beyond that now! He's going to give you a little something extra! He's going to give you a little frosting on the cake! Well, excuse me, folks, we usually don't eat frosting, or cake either, but He's going to give you a little extra honey, a little extra sweetness, a little more than Daniel even asked for or bargained for! (See Daniel 12!--Part 2!)

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