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DANIEL 12!--Part 2--Daniel 12:11-13       DFO 1500       8/3/81
--The Days of the End!

       1. AMEN! PYL! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! THANK THEE FOR THY WORD, LORD! "The entrance of Thy Word giveth light" & wisdom & understanding & all of these things. When we delve into Thy Word we bring forth treasures, both old & new, & we're going to do that tonight, Lord, or try to, as we study the marvellous prophecies of Thy Word regarding the days in which we are now living, those upon whom the ends of the Earth are come!--We upon whom this Endtime is befalling!
       2. SO LORD, WE'RE GOING TO READ THY WORD TONIGHT & TRY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU HAVE HAD TO SAY TO US. You even told Daniel to close up the book, it wasn't for him, that it wouldn't be opened again until the Time of the End! And for nearly 2500 years You kept these secrets closed & hidden from the World & from even Thy children, from Christians, from theologians, from the preachers & the teachers until this Time of the End, these very Last Days, the Endtime!
       3. AND NOW ONCE AGAIN YOU HAVE OPENED THE BOOK OF DANIEL to reveal to us all these marvellous wonderful glorious great truths which have been hidden here for over 2000 years, details about what's going to happen now, 2500 years since you used Daniel to prophesy them! But You told him then, Lord, it wasn't for him, but for us!--That in the Last Days the book would be opened again & those of understanding would instruct many, & the wise would understand.
       4. SO WE THANK THEE, LORD, THAT YOU GAVE US THAT PROMISE, that You would use us to enlighten their understanding & to know the days, the times, the years & the seasons in this Last Day. Like Daniel, like Jeremiah, we would be able to understand the times, the seasons & the number of the years! We thank You, Lord!
       5. TONIGHT IS A VERY DIFFICULT LESSON, LORD, A VERY MYSTERIOUS LESSON & we don't even understand it all yet, but we're sure that You will help us to understand it when the times come. Perhaps we don't tonight need to know exactly what it means, but those for whom it is intended who will be here when it actually happens, those of us still alive when these things happen will remember & recall what we read in Thy Word tonight & we'll understand.
       6. WE'LL KNOW THE TIMES, THE VERY DAYS--You even counted the days in this passage--& we'll understand how long it's going to be until the End, or until this or that, whatever it was that You're talking about. Help us, Lord, to understand! Help us to make it as clear as we can, & help us to at least understand as much as we can, so that those of us who will still be here when it happens will understand, in Jesus' name. Amen. TYJ for Thy Word! TYL! PTL!
       7. WELL, PTL! HALLELUJAH! WE'RE BACK AGAIN & THIS IS OUR SPECIAL BIBLE PROPHECY VIDEO TAPE, I don't know what number, but we've been studying Daniel for some time now & we're now on the last three verses of the whole book! Daniel 12, the 11th, 12th & 13th verses. PTL? Boy, with such good photography as that I don't even need a Bible myself! Hallelujah! Ha! But I have one on my knee & I hope you're seeing one there on TV & we'll be reading together these passages from Daniel.
       8. I HAVE A BIBLE RIGHT HERE, CAN YOU SEE IT? What version? What Bible am I using? Well, look carefully, it's the Holy Bible, that's the one I use, if you want to know what Bible we use! PTL! If there's any controversy about the translation or the version, we only use one, just the Holy one, see? That's all! That should settle everything! Amen? Hallelujah! TYL! PTL! And our verses tonight are these 11th, 12th & 13th verses.
       9. NOW, LEST YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN, & TO REMIND YOU OF WHAT WE'VE BEEN STUDYING, we have been studying the days of the very Endtime, that last great period in World history during which the Antichrist, this Devil-man--not demon, but Devil-possessed man, possessed by the Devil himself--will rule the World in a World government which is anti-God, anti-Christ & anti-religion. It sounds like something we already have today in the World, doesn't it? In fact, we have two very great anti-religious, anti-God & anti-Christ powers today!
       10. THE TWO GREATEST SUPERPOWERS IN THE WORLD, contrary to some people's beliefs, are both as anti-God, anti-Christ & anti-religion as they possibly can be! They are both officially anti-church, anti-religion, anti-God & anti-Christ! You say, "Well, I knew Russia, the USSR, the Communists, are officially irreligious, non-religious, atheist, against God, against religion, but the other great Superpower, the USA, isn't that supposed to be a Christian nation?"
       11. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ THEIR LAWS & THEIR CONSTITUTION: ABSOLUTE & TOTAL SEPARATION OF CHURCH & STATE! The Constitution set the stage for it & demands total separation of Church & all that it stands for, & the State, or the government. Well, if that is not anti-Church, I don't know what is! And being anti-Church, therefore anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-religion!
       12. AND UPON THAT PART OF THE CONSTITUTION, THAT SEPARATION OF THE CHURCH & STATE, THEY HAVE BASED ALL THE RECENT DECISIONS OF THE SUPREME COURT to remove prayer from the public schools, to remove the Bible from the public schools, to remove any kind of religious observance such as Christmas or Easter from the public schools. And when you remove these things from the public schools & the teaching of your children & make these things all illegal to teach your children in the schools which they attend, if you make it illegal to talk about God or Christ or religion or Christmas or Easter or the Bible or Creation, you have made your children's education as anti-God & anti-Christ & anti-religion & anti-Bible as it can possibly be!
       13. SO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS JUST AS ANTI-CHRIST & anti-God & anti-religion & anti-Bible & anti-everything which you & I hold dear, officially just as anti-Christ as Russia!--Just as anti-God as the USSR!--Just as anti-religion as the Communists!--Maybe that'll shock & wake some of you up!
       14. ANY NATION THAT DEPRIVES ITS CHILDREN IN ITS OFFICIAL PUBLIC SCHOOLS which they are required by law to attend & which they will be punished for not attending & their parents can even be jailed for not putting their children in those schools, any nation which makes it illegal & unlawful to teach God & the Bible & Creation & Christ in the schools which they are forced to attend by compulsory education, is just as compulsory anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-religion & atheist as Communist Russia!
       15. SO DON'T GO PATTING YOURSELVES ON THE BACK, YOU AMERICANS! You're just as atheistic & anti-God & anti-Christ & anti-Bible & anti-religion as the USSR! Only you're worse because you pretend to be religious & you pretend to believe in God & you pretend to be Christians!
       16. YOU MAKE A GREAT SHOW OF HYPOCRITICAL SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS in pretending to be better than Russia, better than the USSR, much better than "those horrible Red Communists," because you are "righteous & Christian & religious & believe in God!"--When you are even worse because you had all that light & you've known the Truth for many years, centuries now!--Now over 200 years of history! Of course, that's just a flash-in-the-pan, just a drop-in-the-bucket compared to the 6000 years of World history!
       17. YOU, AMERICA, WHO THINK YOU'RE SO GREAT & SO SMART &, "LO, YOU ARE HERE FOREVER," HAVEN'T GOT LONG TO LIVE! Because you have forsaken your God & your Christianity & your religion & your Bible & you have taken it away from your children officially, from their public schools which they are compelled to attend & whose anti-religious, anti-God, atheist, anti-Christ teaching of Evolution, etc., they are compelled to hear & compelled to believe & compelled to answer on tests & so on, or not even pass their tests or their courses!
       18. YOU ARE TODAY MORE RESPONSIBLE THAN ANY NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! No nation has ever been any more Christian in the past, nor any more Bible-believing nor any more religious & God-fearing, even putting it into your various pledges of allegiance & things like that. And yet you now have literally taken God out of the schools which your children are forced to attend! You have taken the Bible out of the schools which your children are forced to attend.
       19. CHRISTMAS IS ANATHEMA NOW! You can't even have a Christmas celebration in the schools which you compel your children by law to attend, by laws which you parents have agreed to & elected your representatives to pass against the Bible & against prayer & against God & against Creation & against religion in the schools which you build & pay taxes for & hire teachers for & compel your children to attend by force, compulsory education! You've taken God out of it all!
       20. GOD IS AN OUTLAW IN THE AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, just as much as He is an outlaw in the Russian schools! The Bible is a banned book in American schools just as much as in the schools of Russia! Christ is just as much taboo in the schools of America today as He is in the schools of the USSR, & religion is just as much against the law! Teaching religion in your public schools to which your children are compelled to attend is just as much against the law in America today as it is in Russia!
       21. THINK OF THAT, YOU AMERICANS, WHO PRETEND TO BE SO CHRISTIAN & so religious & so Godly & so self-righteous & are such God-damned hypocrites! You today are at least the World's greatest hypocrites, the most self-righteous hypocrites in the World because you pretend to be religious & you're just as officially anti-God & anti-Christ & anti-Bible as the Communists, who at least are honest about it & officially proclaim that they are atheist, anti-religious & anti-Bible! At least the Communists & the Russians are honest about it & come out clearly & officially & state so! Well, that's just a little extra lesson just thrown in.
       22. BUT WE HAVE BEEN STUDYING NOW THE BOOK OF DANIEL & I think we're going to perhaps have to review a little bit while we're not actually reading, to remind you that we're studying the last great period in World history in which this Devil-man will appear, & this is a period, Class, of how many years? How long will the Antichrist reign? (Family: Seven years.) Seven years! At last somebody's getting it right! Not three-&-a-half. Yes, three-&-a-half, but more than three-&-a half--seven years!
       23. AND HE BEGINS THIS SEVEN YEARS WITH A COVENANT OR A PACT, some kind of an international treaty, apparently, in which he will promise to allow religious liberty & freedom of the World's greatest religions, particularly the three greatest religions of the World, all of whose centre is Jerusalem--Christians, Muslims & Jews. And he promises to give them freedom of worship, to keep their temples there, even rebuild the Jewish Temple if they will just cooperate with his political government.
       24. BECAUSE THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE GREATEST PROBLEM TO ANY KIND OF INTERNATIONAL EMPIRES or World governments, from the very first one, such as Egypt, to the last ones, such as Rome & the coming Antichrist government. These governments have always had a problem principally with religion & various religious factions & groups within them fighting with each other, struggling with each other.
       25. IN FACT, NEARLY ALL THE WORLD'S GREATEST WARS WERE FOUGHT OVER RELIGION. Some of the World's longest wars like the Hundred Years War & the Thirty Years War & the Peasant's War & all of these various wars were religious wars, fought religion against religion, even Christian against Christian!--And the Crusades, Christians against Muslims.
       26. AND TODAY ONE OF THE MOST THREATENING & WORST OF ALL WARS IS THE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS IN LEBANON & JEWS IN ISRAEL AGAINST THE MUSLIMS, Islam, where the Jews are literally getting the Christians to fight their wars for them against the Arabs! The Jews are arming the Christians to the teeth to fight the Arabs! So religion has been the greatest problem to politics. And no less an authority than Dr. Alfred Toynbee the great historian has said: "That power which can unite all the World's religions in one great World religion is the only one which can be a successful World wide empire or Worldwide government"--such as the Antichrist is going to have!
       27. SO AT FIRST HE TRIES TO UNITE THEM. He makes a pact with them, a seven-year Covenant. My, what a Holy Covenant for sure, even seven years, God's number, called the Holy Covenant in the Bible. Because he promises, gives his word that he's going to permit religious worship & freedom, & even the restoration of the Temple & its sacrifices for the Jews.
       28. YOU SEE, AT FIRST HE TRIES TO UNITE THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS, get them to work together, cooperate together, stop fighting each other. But quite obviously by the middle of this seven-year period he gets fed up with their cease less squabbles, their continuous bickering & infighting & refusal to cooperate & get along with each other, much less him.
       29. SO THAT HE FINALLY DECIDES THAT THE ONLY SOLUTION TO THE WHOLE GREAT RELIGIOUS PROBLEM is just to completely banish & ban & abolish all religion of any kind, be it Christian, Muslim or Jew! So he breaks the Covenant in the midst of this seven-year period that it was supposed to last, & instead he establishes a new religion, a completely new World wide religion, one religion. It's not only going to be one-World government, but one-World religion!
       30. AND WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE THAT RELIGION'S GOING TO BE? You've heard me teach this, you've heard it read from the Bible. It says that he breaks the Covenant, the Holy Covenant, & he sets up the Abomination which maketh desolate. Matthew 24 where Jesus is speaking makes it very clear, & Revelation 13 makes it even clearer, & we find out there that this Abomination of Desolation is an idol, an Image of the Beast, this bestial Antichrist man, this Devil-man!
       31. HE SETS UP THIS ABOMINATION, THIS IDOL OF HIMSELF, THIS IMAGE OF HIMSELF, A STATUE OF HIMSELF IN THE HOLY PLACE, the holiest place on Earth to the World's three greatest religions. And where is that? (Family: Jerusalem.) Jerusalem! And what spot in Jerusalem is the holiest to both Christians, Muslims & Jews? (Family: The Temple, Mount Moriah.) The Temple area of Mount Moriah where today stands what? (Family: The Mosque of Omar.) The Mosque of Omar, the Dome of the Rock, over the very rock upon which Abraham started to sacrifice his son Isaac unto the Lord. That rock still stands there.
       32. THE JEWS REFUSED TO LET OMAR THE GREAT REBUILD THEIR JEWISH TEMPLE--Omar the Magnificent, the great Arab conqueror, this great Arab Muslim who was conquering the Eastern World in his day in the 600s--they refused to let him rebuild their Jewish Temple, which he offered to do to try to please the Jews. They said, "No! No one can restore our Temple except the Messiah Himself!" So he said, "Well then, I will build a Temple myself to our God."
       33. AND HE BUILT A TEMPLE OVER THE STONE UPON WHICH ABRAHAM STARTED TO SACRIFICE ISAAC, which had to do with his great forefather Abraham as much as it had to do with the great forefather of the Jews, Jews & Arabs both being half-brothers, both descendants from father Abraham in the flesh.
       34. SO HE BUILT THE MOSQUE OF OMAR, more technically known as the Dome of the Rock, this beautiful beautiful golden-domed temple over this precious grand stone upon the top of this sacred mountain, Mount Moriah, in the heart of Jerusalem! Whereas the Temple of the Jews had long ago been completely wiped out by the Romans.--Totally destroyed, burned & even the stones removed! Not one stone left standing upon another! Completely removed from the Temple area.
       35. DON'T LET'M KID YOU ABOUT THE WAILING WALL! The wailing wall was in no part any part of the Temple, because Jesus said "not one stone would be left standing on another." (Mt.24:2) The Wailing Wall was not a part of the Temple at all, it was merely a retaining wall which held up the earth embankment many yards from where the Temple itself was built.
       36. WHEN THEY DECIDED TO BUILD THE TEMPLE THEY SCRAPED OFF THE TOP OF MOUNT MORIAH & they filled in all around the sides of this small mountain or hill in the midst of Jerusalem, & they built a gigantic retaining wall all around those sides of loose earth to hold them firm in order to have this very large flat area all across the top of the mountain upon which to build not only the Temple but all of the various Temple buildings which had to do with the Temple worship--stables for the sacrificial cattle, granaries for gifts of grain, storehouses for the money, quarters for the priests & all of these things in this tremendous Temple area.--The Temple itself not being all that large, standing in one small spot.
       37. BUT WHEN IT WAS DESTROYED BY THE ROMANS & ALL THOSE BUILDINGS WITH IT, not one stone was left standing upon another, every stone pulled down to try to get out the melted gold between the crevices of the rocks, every stone removed, they finally carted off even the stones to build other buildings, even the Church of the Crucifixion & the Church of the Resurrection! Churches dedicated to Jesus Christ are partially built of the stones which once composed the great Temple of Herod, believe it or not! Christian churches today!
       38. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE STONES OF HEROD'S TEMPLE which Herod finally had built for the Jews, they are part of Christian churches in Jerusalem today! So not even one stone was even left there, not only not standing upon one another, but not even left there!--Till the whole Temple area was left totally bare & completely destitute of stones & rocks of which the Temple had been built!
       39. AND THE SO-CALLED "WAILING WALL" WHICH THE JEWS ALWAYS TRY TO SAY IS "THE ONLY REMAINING PORTION OF THE TEMPLE"--THAT IS A LIE! It is not the only remaining portion of the Temple, it is not even a portion of the Temple!--Was never a part of the Temple! It was merely a retaining wall for the earth-fill many yards from where the Temple was actually built! So Jesus' prophecy was true. [DELETED] PTL! Hallelujah!
       40. WELL, I'LL HAVE TO HAVE A LITTLE DRINK ON THAT ONE! TYJ! I told my Class I'd have to have a little something to wet my whistle tonight, 'cause this message is pretty hot! Dries my throat! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYL! We have a Class present about us here even as you are there, so forgive me if I direct my remarks once in awhile to them as well as to you.
       41. SO NOW THAT WE'VE PROVED SEVERAL THINGS THAT WEREN'T EVEN IN THE LESSON, that America is as anti-Christ & anti-religious & anti-God & atheistic as Russia & therefore deserves no more mercy than Russia herself, in fact, even less because she pretends to be religious!--And now that I've proved to you that the Temple of the Jews which once stood on Mount Moriah no longer exists, not even one wall of it, not the Wailing Wall, now that we've made both the Americans mad & the Jews mad, we shall proceed!
       42. MY WIFE USED TO TELL ME--my first wife, that is!--God bless this one, she doesn't make criticisms like that, although she probably knows it--she said, "You know, you're just the opposite from that famous man Dale Carnegie who wrote a book on How to Win Friends & Influence People! You are an expert on how to lose friends & antagonise people!" [DELETED]
       43. WELL, I DON'T CARE IF I MAKE EVERYBODY MAD & ALL OF YOU MAD TOO, AS LONG AS I MAKE GOD GLAD & I PREACH HIS WORD! That's all that matters as long as I tell the truth, even if it makes you all mad! God's Word says He "maketh the diviners mad"! (Is.44:25) He drives the scientists crazy! He drives the magicians & the astrologers insane because He doesn't always do exactly as they expect Him to do! And I presume tonight I didn't do exactly what you expected me to do & say exactly what you were expecting me to say on Bible Prophecy! OK! [DELETED]
       44. SO DURING THIS LAST PERIOD OF SEVEN YEARS IN WHICH THE ANTICHRIST PROMISED TO GIVE THEM RELIGIOUS LIBERTY & FREEDOM if they would cooperate with him & his government, he finds it's impossible. So he gives up & breaks the Covenant, starts a new religion, a one-World religion with himself as its god, his Image standing in the very holiest of all holy places there on top of Mount Moriah, no doubt between the various temples that will be there.
       45. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED THAT NOT ONLY ARE THEY GOING TO REBUILD THE JEWISH TEMPLE, but under this tripartite agreement between the religions & the World government that they may even build a new Catholic church there or a great Christian church, so that there will be three great holy temples upon the mountain, each one to represent each of the World's three great religions.
       46. SOME OF YOU LISTENING MIGHT ARGUE WITH ME & SAY, "WELL, I'M A BRAHMIN" OR "I'M A BUDDHIST" OR "I'M A HINDU & we have hundreds of millions of followers too! Christianity, Islam & Judaism are not all of the World's greatest religions!" Well, they are the World's three most numerous & greatest religions combined whose holiest place is the top of Mount Moriah, upon which once stood the Jewish Temple, upon which now stands the holy Muslim Shrine of the Dome of the Rock, & upon which the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt, & possibly even a Christian temple as well!
       47. ANYHOW, THE ANTICHRIST GETS FED UP WITH THOSE RELIGIONS! They don't do anything but cause him a lot of trouble & arguing & bickering & fighting amongst each other as they have for centuries, yea, thousands of years, millenniums! So he decides the only solution is, as Toynbee the great scientific historian & authority on socialism said, to have one-World religion, unite them all in one great religion!
       48. WHEN THE ANTICHRIST FINDS HE CAN'T UNITE THEM, THEN HE JUST ABOLISHES THEM ALL & ESTABLISHES JUST ONE RELIGION, THE WORSHIP OF HIMSELF & HIS IMAGE which he places there in that holy place, there between the Temples of the World's three greatest religions, in the most holy place to them in all the World! And then he commands that they should worship that Image & himself. He sits even in the Temple of God! He sits in these holy temples, maybe he'll move around from day to day from temple to temple, because each one considers themselves a Temple of God--the Jewish Temple, the Mosque of Omar, the Christian Church.
       49. MAYBE HE'LL APPEAR IN EACH TEMPLE & SAY, "STOP WORSHIPPING THIS GOD!--I AM GOD!" For it says he'll appear in the Temple of God, as God, saying that he is God! (2Th.2:4) And he will cause his Image to both speak & command that all shall worship him & receive his Mark or be killed!--The Mark of the Beast, 666 in the forehead or in the palm of their hand, God's Word says so! Or they won't be able to buy or sell or live. Without the Mark of the Beast they will not be able to buy or sell. Without falling down to worship the Image they'll be killed, or at least the Antichrist forces will try to kill as many as they can. (Re.13:15-18)
       50. HE ESTABLISHES ONE-WORLD RELIGION, & as a result of this & as a result of trying to enforce this one-World religion upon these stubborn religionists, he causes even more trouble for himself, more rebellions, more wars, more slaughter, so that it turns into the worst period in the entire history of man! The very worst period in all World history!
       51. THE LAST HALF OF THIS SEVEN-YEAR COVENANT OR HIS SEVEN-YEAR REIGN IS CALLED THE GREAT TRIBULATION in the Bible time & again.--The time of Jacob's trouble, Israel's. But not only Israel's trouble. Not only the Jews are going to have a lot of trouble, but all religions are going to be banned & abolished & forbidden & compelled to worship him & his Image, or at least they're going to try.
       52. BUT YOU KNOW THOSE JEWS & HOW STUBBORN THEY ARE! And even the Christians! Most of the Christians & Fundamentalists, Evangelicals, theologians & preachers that I know of are pretty stubborn too. I ought to know, I used to be one of'm! And of course the Muslims have fought wars for centuries in defense of their religion, so they're going to be pretty stubborn too! They're going to refuse to worship, refuse to bow down to him.
       53. MANY WILL REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST, & therefore many will be slaughtered. It says many shall die by sword & by fire & by famine! Multitudes, no doubt millions, will be killed!--That is of the few millions left after the Atomic War, the remains upon which the Antichrist builds his kingdom. He gains his power through that War & by restoring the World afterward & picking up the pieces, restoring peace & the economy & the political government under himself.
       54. MANY MILLIONS WHO WILL BE LEFT WILL THEN BE EVENTUALLY FORCED TO WORSHIP HIM & obey him & bow down to his Image, & as a result will occur the World's worst period of all history, the Great Tribulation! Three-&-a-half years of horrible persecution of all religions: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, all religions will be forbidden, banned & persecuted. And any religionist who refuses the Mark or refuses to bow is ordered to be killed!
       55. NOT ALL WILL BE KILLED, MIND YOU, BECAUSE MANY OF US WILL ESCAPE! Many of you who have made good survival preparations out in the hills & the woods or in some hidden refuge or cave or somewhere, you're going to manage to survive in spite of these cruel orders, & you're going to manage to have something to eat in spite of the lack of the Mark of the Beast to buy & sell. You're going to live in spite of the order that you be killed for not worshipping his Image. Some people will survive, thank God!
       56. BUT IT WILL BE A TIME OF GREAT TURMOIL, GREAT TRIBULATION, TROUBLE AS WAS NOT SINCE THE WORLD BEGAN, NO, NOR EVER SHALL BE! Daniel talks about it, Isaiah talks about it, Jeremiah talks about it, Ezekiel talks about it, Jesus talked about it, John talked about, Paul talked about it, Mark talked about it, Matthew talked about it, the beloved Apostle, the old Apostle John who wrote the Book of Revelation talked about it!
       57. NEARLY EVERY PROPHET OF GOD THAT EVER WROTE A WORD IN THIS BOOK TALKED ABOUT THAT LAST ENDTIME OF GREAT SORROW & GREAT TRIBULATION, great trouble, great turmoil, great suffering, the World's worst in all of its history!--Which will occur & will happen soon to you upon whom the End of the Earth has come!--The End of the Earth & the World as we now know it, not the planetary ball, don't be mistaken! The planetary ball will endure as long as the sun & the moon endureth, & God created them to last forever for the benefit of His people! (Ps.89:36,37)
       58. YOU WHO LIVE IN THE CITY OF LIGHT, in the Holy City, the miraculous New Heaven that will come down to Earth out of Heaven from God in a New Heaven & a New Earth, a final Heaven, will need no light because of the light within the City. You'll need no light, but the poor people living outside the City still on the Earth, the nations of the Earth & the kings of the Earth that will still exist, & many of the people who have been in Hell who needed punishment & yet have been released will still need the sun & the moon & the stars, so those will still exist.
       59. DON'T WORRY! SCIENCE IS NOT GOING TO BLOW UP THE WORLD, ONLY MAYBE ABOUT A THIRD OF IT!--Isn't that cheering news? I told that to some outstanding gentlemen one night down in Tenerife, some of the leaders of the community there who were worrying about the atomic bomb & the atomic war & saying, "These scientists keep playing around with these bombs & they're going to blow up the whole Earth & the whole World & they're going to kill us all!"
       60. I SAID, "NO, NO, CHEER UP! PERHAPS ONLY A THIRD OF US!" Isn't that cheering news? It may only annihilate a third of the World's three billion people! Maybe only going to kill about a billion, that's all, don't worry! You stand maybe two chances out of three of remaining alive & not being one of those possible one billion who are going to be slaughtered when the Earth explodes in the Atomic War!
       61. MOST OF THOSE WHO ARE GOING TO BE SLAUGHTERED, OF COURSE, ARE GOING TO BE IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE in North America & Europe & Russia, between the great Superpowers who are going to be fighting with the atomic bombs, perhaps even China. And they have hundreds of millions, nearly 300 million in North America, 300 million in Europe, nearly two billion in Asia. Many of those people in the Northern Hemisphere are going to be slaughtered, perhaps a billion of them, one third!
       62. THE BIBLE'S VERY SPECIFIC ABOUT IT! We'll get to that later, I'll read it to you. (Revelation Chapters 8 & 9!) It also sounds like a one-third destruction during the Great Tribulation so many are going to be killed. A third of all green grass is going to be burned up. A third of all the trees are going to be destroyed. A third of all the water is going to be turned to blood! How horrible! The men that drink thereof shall die! I'm just trying to tell you how bad that Tribulation is going to be, that last three-&-a-half years!
       63. HE REIGNS, HE MAKES A PACT FOR SEVEN YEARS, THIS COVENANT, which therefore becomes his reign because it's due to this Holy Covenant that he makes over religion that he gains his ultimate power, almost ultimate power. It's kind of penultimate since, when it doesn't work, he breaks the Covenant in the middle of the seven years & he sets himself up as God & his Image for them to worship.
       64. WELL, I'M REPEATING ALL OF THAT IN ORDER TO REFRESH YOUR MEMORY & review you so you'll understand what we're talking about tonight, because tonight is rather complicated, it goes in to the exact number of days that this period lasts, & even includes parts of other periods & events. Anyway, that's the period we're studying tonight, this period of the Great Tribulation, which lasts how long, Class? (Family: Three-&-a-half years.) Three-&-a-half years exactly!
       65. THE BIBLE MENTIONS IT IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT PLACES, & every time it calls it either three-&-a-half years or 42 months--is that three-&-a-half years? Three years is how many months? (Family: 36.) Half-a-year is how many months? (Family: Six months.) 36 & 6 is how many months? (Family: 42 months.) The Bible speaks of it very specifically if you want to turn to that in the 12th Chapter of Revelation. It speaks o fit as three-&-a-half years using the term a "time, & times & half-a-time," which means one year, two years & a half-a year--three-&-a-half years!--And 42 months in the 13th Chapter!
       66. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT TIMES TONIGHT IS WHY I'M GOING BACK & REFRESHING YOUR MEMORY OF THE LENGTH OF TIME. In the last of the 9th chapter of Daniel, the 27th verse, he says: "And he shall confirm the Covenant with many for one week." That's one seven, meaning one seven of years, for seven years. It's mystical Bible language, but this word "week" means "seven" in Hebrew. They use the same word for both seven & for a week, which is seven days. But this is a week of years, or seven years. He makes this Covenant for seven years.
       67. "BUT IN THE MIDST OF THE WEEK," IT SAYS HERE, "HE SHALL CAUSE THE SACRIFICE & THE OBLATION TO CEASE." During the first half the Jews obviously have to restore their Temple & their Temple worship, otherwise he couldn't stop it, right? In order to make it stop, it has to get started! So nearly all Bible students agree that this means that when the Covenant is made the Jews will be allowed to rebuild their Temple & restore sacrificial worship again, which he then stops when he breaks the Covenant in the middle of the seven years at the end of the first three-&-a-half years. "And for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate." There's your Abomination of Desolation again! (Mt.24:15)
       68. ALL RIGHT, THERE YOU HAVE ONE OF THE FIRST MENTIONS OF THE SPECIFIC PERIOD OF THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS. How do we know? Here's seven years--the middle of the seven-year period would be at the end of the first three-&-a-half, wouldn't it? If you divide seven into two parts you have three-&-a-half years on each part. So we've got three-&-a-half years on one side, three-&-a-half years on the other. The first three-&-a-half years of the seven years will be a time of great peace & plenty of the reign of the Antichrist.
       69. I TOLD YOU AWHILE AGO THE JEWS SAID THEY WOULDN'T LET THE GREAT SULTAN SULEIMAN, OR OMAR THE MAGNIFICENT, REBUILD THE TEMPLE because they said the Messiah has to rebuild it. Well, how come the Jews rebuild the Temple under the Antichrist then? Because they think he's their Messiah! [DELETED]
       70. SO HE TELLS US VERY SPECIFICALLY THERE'S THREE-&-A HALF YEARS, & right here in Daniel 12 we studied in the 7th verse that it would be a time, one year, times, two years, & half-a-time, three-&-a-half years! The Bible uses very amazing mysterious language, but that's exactly what it means, & that term is used several other places in the Scripture meaning three-&-a-half years. But if you don't believe that three-&-a-half is half of seven, & two years & one year & a half-a-year is three-&-a-half years, He makes it even more specific!
       71. WE'RE GOING TO MATHEMATICS TONIGHT! THIS IS A MATHEMATICAL LESSON, which is one reason we said it would be a little difficult for the children. We're going to turn over to the Book of Revelation, 13th Chapter, 5th verse. In this chapter it tells how he takes over Jerusalem & conquers it. It says in the 3rd verse that all the World would worship him & wonder after the Beast--which is the name the Bible gives him in the New Testament, this Antichrist.
       72. "ALL THE WORLD WONDERED AFTER THE BEAST. AND THEY WORSHIPPED THE DRAGON WHICH GAVE POWER UNTO THE BEAST." Who's that? Well, when we get to Revelation you'll find out that's the Devil! They will not only worship the Antichrist, but they will worship the Devil! "Saying, Who is like unto the Beast? Who is able to make war with him?"
       73. HE'S CONQUERED THE WHOLE WORLD! He's wiped out the USA, maybe Europe too, & there's no other World atomic power that is now able to make war with him. He holds the power of the World in his hand because he's the only great atomic power left. Remember we studied in the 11th Chapter of Daniel where it says he gave all of his money, all of his riches to this god of force, this atomic power. (Da.11:38)
       74. 5TH VERSE: "AND THERE WAS GIVEN UNTO HIM A MOUTH SPEAKING GREAT THINGS & BLASPHEMIES." He's going to be irreligious, blasphemous, anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-religion! And how long is he going to last after this happens, when he becomes blasphemous & takes absolute total control, no more religious freedom, no more other religions, & says, "Worship me!"--Sits in the Temple of God, as God saying that he is God!--Sets up his Image to be worshipped! How long? Revelation 13:5: "And power was given unto him to continue forty & two months."
       75. ALL RIGHT! JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T GET THAT STRAIGHT, GOD MAKES IT SO SPECIFIC HE EVEN NUMBERS THE NUMBER OF DAYS IN ANOTHER PASSAGE. And do you know where that is? (Family: Revelation 12.) Revelation 12 & the 6th verse. Can we turn to that now? We don't have time to study all the details, perhaps later as we go into Revelation we will, we're going chapter by chapter in each book. And here in verse 3 we have a great red dragon! The Devil! He's red, by the way! Does that mean anything to you, that the Beast, the Antichrist of Revelation is red? And the World's greatest anti-God government is also red? In a sense, it's the colour of the Devil!--The Red Dragon!
       76. THANK GOD, GOD HAS CONQUERED HIM & HIS KINGDOM & ALL HIS EVIL FORCES & SWEPT AWAY ALL THE SINS, OUR SINS, WITH SOMETHING RED AS WELL: THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST! Hallelujah? By the red blood of Christ He has conquered the great red Dragon, the great red Beast, the great red Communist World power, the great red Antichrist! He's conquered them all by the even greater red blood of Jesus! Hallelujah? (Family: Amen!) TYL! All right, back to that 6th verse of Revelation 12 now:
       77. IT TELLS ABOUT A WOMAN HAVING A CHILD, & THAT THE DRAGON TRIES TO GOBBLE HIM UP, BUT GOD CATCHES HIM UP TO HEAVEN. Who does that sound like?--Jesus! Of course! "The child was caught up unto God, & to His throne." You say, "Well, that didn't happen to Jesus when He was a baby." No, not when He was a baby, she had the child first, He grew up & He ministered & He was crucified & then God caught Him up to His throne, but the Bible is speaking in very brief language here.
       78. "AND SHE BROUGHT FORTH A MAN CHILD (JESUS), WHO WAS TO RULE ALL NATIONS WITH A ROD OF IRON." Has He done that yet? No, not yet. He's trying to rule with Love today. He's trying to make you love Him today. He's trying to cause you to accept His rule & reign in your own heart & His Kingdom in your own heart & become His Kingdom, in His Kingdom of Love. He's trying to love you into the Kingdom today. He is Love! God is Love! Love is God!
       79. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT GOD IS, WHO GOD IS, WHAT IS HE LIKE--HE'S LOVE! And today He's showing His love to the World, His patience, His mercy, His long-suffering, His forgiveness! He's showing love to the World to try to get you to love Him. But the day is coming when if all else fails & you reject His love, He will rule with a rod of iron, of force! His Love hasn't failed, Love never fails, Jesus never fails, because God never fails, & God is Love, so Love can't fail!
       80. IT'S YOU THAT FAILED TO RECEIVE HIS LOVE WHO CAUSE THE FAILURE, YOUR OWN FAILURE!--The fall of the kingdoms of this Earth, the collapse finally of this one great World government, because they reject the Love of God & the Love of Jesus Christ! And then, since you failed to appreciate His Love & you failed to obey Him in Love voluntarily, He is going to rule the World with a rod of iron, of force, & you are going to be compelled to serve & worship & obey Him whether you like it or not!--By force! The force of the great God of Heaven & His Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth with His--this isn't going to please some people, I'll lose a few more--with His great World Dictator Jesus Christ!
       81. GOD'S GOVERNMENT IS NOT DEMOCRACY, BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WRONG! Democracy gives rule to the majority, but the majority are always wrong! I can prove it to you by the Bible! Jesus Himself said that "straight is the gate & narrow is the way that leadeth unto life eternal"--Salvation--"& few there be that find it! But wide is the gate & broad is the way that leadeth unto destruction, & many there be that go in there at!"(Mt.7:13,14)--The majority are always wrong!
       82. ONLY A FEW FIND THE NARROW WAY, THE STRAIGHT GATE, THE RIGHT WAY, SALVATION, JESUS, GOD'S LOVE! Many go through the wide gate down that broad way to destruction! Few are right, many are wrong, so therefore democracy is wrong, democracy will fail, because democracy is the rule of the majority who are always wrong! There go all the Democrats, & the Republicans too!
       83. GOD'S IDEAL GOVERNMENT IS NOT REPUBLICANISM, DEMOCRACY OR ANY OTHER KIND OF GOVERNMENT OF THIS WORLD, BUT THEOCRACY, RULE BY GOD HIMSELF!--An absolute total dictatorship of the Lord Jesus Christ on this Earth for a thousand years, a Millennium! He with us will rule over the World's remaining survivors for a thousand years of absolute totalitarian iron rule where everyone will be forced to obey, to show the World how it should have been run & how it could have been run if they would have obeyed Him voluntarily, & how much better it will be under such a government in which everybody is compelled to be righteous & is forced to obey & have to do good!
       84. THERE'S NO MORE CRIME, NO MORE VICE, NO MORE DRUGS, NO MORE REBELLIONS, NO MORE RIOTS, NO MORE WAR, BUT PERFECT PEACE, total perfect peace under the iron rule dictatorship of the Lord in which you & I help! You & I work with Him like the Angels of God, supermen with superpower! If you think the Antichrist was a superman with the Devil's power, he was nothing compared to what you're going to be, every one of you like the Angels of God with God's power!
       85. WE WILL BE SUPERMEN WITH SUPERPOWER TO RULE THIS SUPER GOVERNMENT OF A SUPER GOD! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL? (Family: Amen!) That's the only way to ever run a World that still is full of the wicked, you have to rule them by force, a rod of iron! And they will be ruled, God's Word says so! Well, I didn't mean to get off on that, but that's right there in that 5th verse.
       86. AND IT SAYS, "THE WOMAN FLED INTO THE WILDERNESS WHERE SHE HAD A PLACE PREPARED OF GOD that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred & three score days." The end of the 6th verse. How long is that? A thousand two hundred & threescore days. Now I'm going to write all these down for you pretty soon so you'll get them straight in case you forget'm. First it said three-&-a-half years, then it said 42 months, now it says a thousand two hundred & threescore days.
       87. NOW, A THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED IS HOW MUCH? One thousand & two hundred is how much? Twelve hundred! What's the matter, Class? My goodness, some of you went through college, didn't you get your fifth grade arithmetic? Twelve hundred days! And three score, how much is that? Well, if you know the old Bible language, how much is a score? (Family: 20.) And threescore would therefore be? (Family: 60.) Three times twenty is 60. So it would be a thousand, & two hundred, which is twelve hundred, & 60 days! Right?
       88. IT'S 1260 DAYS, THIS PERIOD WHEN THE CHURCH IS GOING TO HAVE TO HIDE HERSELF, this woman representing the Church of Jesus Christ.--Not only just Mary! It wasn't just Mary that gave birth to Jesus, it was the Church! It was God's children, God's people. First of all the Jews, now us. God's Church literally gave birth to Jesus Christ. The Catholics take this picture as being Mary, but Mary's not going to sit with her footstool as the moon & 12 stars in her crown, etc., that's a picture of the Church, the true believers who literally gave birth to Jesus Christ!
       89. AND SHE'S GOING TO HAVE TO FLEE INTO THE WILDERNESS FOR THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS TO HIDE FROM THIS GREAT RED DRAGON! And at this time when this Antichrist breaks the Covenant at the end of the first three-&-a-half years & sets up his Image to be worshipped, & commands everybody to be marked with the Mark 666 in their forehead or palm of their hand, & sits in the Temple of God & says he's God & makes everybody worship him, & starts persecuting every other religion, including Christians, the Church is going to have to flee into the wilderness & hide, take refuge! And do you know what's going to happen then?
       90. "AND THERE WAS WAR IN HEAVEN"--THE 7TH VERSE--"MICHAEL & HIS ANGELS FOUGHT AGAINST THE DRAGON!" That's Michael! There's our super-duper Angel again!--Our Archangel! He's not just a mere Angel, but he's a super-duper Angel! He's an Archangel of God, a great Angel over many other Angels, & us. Our special patron Saint, in a sense, Michael the Archangel! "There was war in heaven: Michael & his angels fought against the dragon; & the dragon fought & his angels & prevailed not."
       91. WHO IS THIS DRAGON NOW?--THE DEVIL! It can only be the Devil. "And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in Heaven." Because the Antichrist is not a head over angels! He's not in Heaven! But the Devil is in Heaven, still in Heaven to this very day! "Uh-oh! Now he's crazy! The Devil was cast out of Heaven years ago!" Yes? Where? When? Show me in the Bible! Tell me where the Devil was cast out of Heaven. Show me!
       92. NOT UNTIL THIS VERSE OF SCRIPTURE WAS THE DEVIL EVER CAST OUT OF HEAVEN! He was still there in Job's day, read it in the Book of Job, accusing God's saint, Job. He was still there in John's day when John said the Accuser of the Saints, the Accuser of our brethren who accuses us before God night & day! (Rev.12:10) He was still there in John's day, & he says so here in the Book of Revelation! And he's still there to this very day accusing you before God & trying to find fault with you & condemn you & trying to send you to Hell! (Job 1).
       93. BUT THANK GOD, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CLAIM: "YES, I'M THAT BAD! I'M A SINNER, I COULDN'T BE ANY WORSE! I've sinned, I've done nearly everything in the book, but the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all sin!" (1Jn.1:9) That's the only answer you need. You've got a pardon from God, no matter what you've done, because Jesus died for you & your sins. He took your punishment on the cross! He paid the price for your Salvation which was His Own life, & all you need is just to receive Jesus!
       94. JUST ACCEPT HIM AS YOUR SAVIOUR! Believe He is the Son of God & that He died for you in your place, took your punishment. All He asks you to do is believe on Him & receive Him, & He says, "Thou shalt be saved!" (Ro.10:9) Confess Him before men, that's also required. That's a sign of your salvation. That's evidence of your faith & your reception of Christ is that you speak of Him with your mouth. "Confession is made to salvation." (Ro.10:10) Jesus said, "Confess Me before men!" (Mt.10:32)
       95. SO THEREFORE SALVATION COMES THROUGH JESUS CHRIST & THE DEVIL HATES IT, & he's going to have his last final great rebellion against Heaven. It didn't occur when you think! It didn't occur there in the early days of Isaiah where it's mentioned & Ezekiel where it's mentioned about the Devil being cast out of Heaven. You thought it happened way back yonder because it was back there in those old books in the Old Testament, didn't you? I've told you this before, some of you it just dawned on you for the first time tonight!
       96. THE DEVIL IS STILL IN HEAVEN, STILL ACCUSING YOU, GOD'S SAINTS, BEFORE THE LORD! And he won't be cast out until his final rebellion in the midst of that seven years, at the time of the Abomination of Desolation! He is going to be cast out of Heaven then because he leads a rebellion in Heaven against God! What happens? "And the Dragon fought & his angels & prevailed not"--8th verse again--"neither was their place found any more in Heaven!"--
       97. AFTER NEARLY 6000 YEARS UP THERE ACCUSING THE CREATIONS OF GOD & MAN, from the time that he caused Adam & Eve to fall, to the time that he makes the last accusations against the Saints of God in the midst of the seven years at the rise of the Antichrist! He has been going & coming in Heaven, accusing the Saints, accusing God's Children & causing trouble in the World & standing before God in Heaven as the Prosecutor!
       98. SATAN IS GOD'S PROSECUTOR TO ACCUSE YOU OF YOUR SINS, BUT JESUS IS GOD'S DEFENDER! He's your Defense Attorney who's pleading your cause & saying, "God, forgive this man! Forgive this woman! Forgive this boy or girl because I shed My blood & took their punishment for them, & therefore You promised to forgive them. 'The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin,' & therefore You promised they are forgiven & they're saved because they believe in Me & have received Me as their Saviour & My sacrifice for them on Calvary!"
       99. JESUS SPEAKS YOUR DEFENSE BEFORE GOD, THE GREAT JUDGE, in the evil, wicked, horrible, fierce face of that demonic devilish satanic Satan himself, the Prosecutor, the Devil in person in Heaven today! But his time is coming, you can be thankful for that! Well, in a way you can be thankful, but you're going to have to say, "Watch out! Whoa!" Because you're going to find out here that the Devil is come down to the Earth to stay awhile!
       100. HE'S BEEN GOING BACK & FORTH WITH HIS DEMONS & HIS ANGELS ALL THIS TIME accusing us before God & causing all kinds of trouble in the Universe & on the Earth & everywhere, but suddenly he is cast out of Heaven & all of his demons, one-third of all the angels, & they are cast down to Earth & confined here & are not allowed to go anywhere else anymore until when they will be cast into the heart of the Earth into that ball of fire that's the centre of the Earth, the Lake of Fire, Hell! Not Hell on Earth but Hell in the Earth!
       101. FIRST THEY'LL BE CAST OUT OF HEAVEN TO THE EARTH, confined here on the Earth, & boy, they make it Hell on Earth, let me tell you! They make it Hell on Earth for that last three-&-a-half years, because it's right then at this mid-point when this war occurs in Heaven & they're cast out! We know it because not only here but other places it says so. And, 8th verse, "Neither was their place found any more in Heaven. And the great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent called the Devil, & Satan, which deceiveth the whole World: he was cast out into the Earth."
       102. YOU KNOW, I HAD A BIBLE TEACHER ONCE TRY TO TEACH MY CLASS IN MIAMI that the Great Red Dragon, because it was a dragon & it was red & in the Bible, that this symbolised Communist China! It's too bad people just don't read the Bible! I had to call down over the intercom & stop her & said, "I'm sorry, dear lady, but you're wrong!" She was an invited Bible teacher, guest in my school." If you'll just go a little further & read the last part of that 9th verse, it calls that great red Dragon that old Serpent--just like in the Garden of Eden--called the Devil, capital D-e-v-i-l! Couldn't be any clearer, could it? D-E-V-I-L!"
       103. ISN'T HE A HORRIBLE CREATURE? LOOK AT THAT WORD DEVIL! D-E-V-I-L! Cut off his head "D" & what have you got left? (Family: Evil!) Cut off the "E" & what have you got left? (Family: Vile!) Cut off the "V" & what have you got left? (Family: Ill!) And cut off the "I" & what have you got left?--Hell! He's all of those things: He's the Devil, evil, vile, ill & Hell! Amen?
       104. ONLY YOU'RE GOING TO FIND OUT HE'S GOT SEVEN HEADS, NOT JUST FOUR OR FIVE! You find out in this same chapter, third verse--you can look back & see--it says he's got seven heads. "Seven heads & ten horns, seven crowns upon his heads," etc. We'll go on to what all that means later, tonight we're dealing with certain specific time periods. We've got to go back to the Scripture now. (To the cameraman) Don't be afraid to stay on the Bible, it's much more interesting than my face! You can't read it on my face, but you can read it in the Bible!
       105. THE DEVIL, SATAN WHICH DECEIVETH THE WHOLE WORLD, HE WAS CAST OUT--WHERE? (Family: Into the Earth.) Into the Earth! And his angels were cast out with him. And also in another place it tells us that one-third of the angels of Heaven were cast out with the Devil at that time. You'll find that over in Daniel that we've already studied. A third of the stars of the Heaven were cast to the Earth. It was about in the 8th chapter, I think, of Daniel. We've got people looking it up, so I guess we've got to turn back to it! Well, it doesn't tell it here but it says in Daniel 8:10 "Cast down some of the host & of the stars to the ground" & so on.
       106. DOES ANYBODY RECALL WHERE THAT PASSAGE IS WHERE IT SAYS A THIRD OF THE ANGELS? Is it in this same passage in Revelation 12? Well, I'm sorry, I'll have to find that for you later but it's quite definite that a third of the angels of heaven were cast out. (Re.12:4) Well, let's turn back to Revelation 12 then so we can get this straight there. I didn't prepare to teach you on the Devil tonight, I'm just prepared to teach you on the time of this Tribulation period, & a little bit more.
       107. 10TH VERSE: "AND I HEARD A LOUD VOICE SAYING IN HEAVEN, NOW IS COME SALVATION, & strength, & the kingdom of our God, & the power of his Christ: for the Accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day & night." There's another proof that he was in Heaven--accused the brethren continually! "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, & by the word of their testimony; & they loved not their lives unto the death." Right? We haven't time to go into all this passage, we'll try to get into it later.
       108. BUT THE LAST PART OF THE 14TH VERSE IT SAYS THAT HOW LONG IS THIS PERIOD GOING TO BE AGAIN?--FOR A TIME, ONE YEAR; TIMES, TWO YEARS; & HALF-A-TIME! That's an expression they use, a time there meaning a year; times, two years; & half-a time.--Three-&-a-half years. And just in case you wouldn't believe that, He made it specifically 1260 days in that 6th verse, didn't He? Which is three-&-a-half years. Or 42 months in that 13th Chapter & the 5th verse. Have you got it all now? All right!
       109. ARE YOU PRETTY WELL CONVINCED THAT IT'S THREE-&-A HALF YEARS? Some smart mathematician now is going to come up & say, "Hey, wait a minute! I just multiplied the number of days of a year, 365 days, by three-&-a-half years & I didn't come up with 1260 days!" Let's see! All right, you can take your pen & your notebook there, & you can take 365 days in a year times 3-1/2. (Dad figures it out.)
       110. SOME OF YOU CHILDREN ARE GOING TO BE CHECKING UP ON ME & MY MATHEMATICS! Well, I told the folks before I started this class tonight, "Either I'm going to wind up right, a genius of a mathematician, or show you what a fool I am!" Well, I know the Bible but I'm not all that good at mathematics! But this is some mathematics in the Bible, so I gotta stick to it somehow!
       111. SO NOW YOU'VE GOT HOW MANY DAYS IN THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS ACCORDING TO OUR PRESENT CHRONOLOGY IN OUR PRESENT CALENDAR? (FAMILY: 1277-1/2.) 1277-1/2 days! You say, "It worked out all alright Dad, as long as you stuck to the three-&-a-half years, half of seven, one & two plus a half, 42 months, but you said 1260 days was three-&-a-half years, Dad, & look, three-&-a-half of our present 365-day years is 1277-1/2 days!" Well, if I were you, I'd say it was pretty close. "Yes, but Dad, it's not 1260 days! So either you or the Bible are wrong!"
       112. OR THERE'S ONLY ONE OTHER THING THAT CAN BE WRONG, & THAT IS THAT THERE ARE NOT 365 DAYS IN THESE YEARS HE'S TALKING ABOUT! Ah-ha! You see, I could be wrong, I know the Bible couldn't be wrong, but tonight I know the Bible's not wrong & I know I'm not wrong! It was, or will be, 1260 days because the Jewish calendar year upon which this computation is based & which was used in Daniel's day was only 360 days long! So his computation is based on the Jewish calendar year of 360 days in the year! "Oh, that's different, Dad, I didn't know that! Okay!"
       113. NOW LET'S TAKE 360 DAYS IN THE YEAR INSTEAD, SHALL WE? 360 days times 3-1/2, & what are we going to get here? Some of you were worried about the Bible for a few minutes! Some of you who trusted the Bible were a little bit worried about me! But now you're going to find out that Daniel & the Bible & I were all right, because three-&-a-half Jewish years--which was Daniel's computation in those days when the Jews then considered a year to have 360 days--three-&-a-half times 360 days is exactly 1260 days!
       114. SO I ADVISE YOU, DEARLY BELOVED, WHEN YOU GET TO THE TRIBULATION, even according to your 365-day calendar year of the Gentiles established by the Romans, it's going to be three-&-a-half years, & 42 months & that 1277-1/2 days is pretty close to it, right? 1277-1/2 days is mighty close to even our three-&-a-half years in 365-day years, & 42 months, right? But if you want to start numbering the days of how long the Tribulation is going to last when it actually begins, you're going to have to go by this number of days here: 1260 days!
       115. YOU SAY, "WELL, WHAT ABOUT THE FIRST HALF? Maybe we've gotta go back & multiply seven times 360 & we get the first half, & then we'll know where we are in the middle of the period." Well, if you want to know exactly, then it'll be 1260 days before that point that the treaty begins, the pact is made. Got it? If you want to know how long the period of peace is going to last, the "plastic peace" as it's been called, it's going to last 1260 days, & you'll know exactly when it's going to end then & the Antichrist Image set up. Got it?
       116. BECAUSE DANIEL WAS FIGURING & GOD WAS FIGURING ON THE JEWISH YEAR OF 360 DAYS. And we know that because He tells us specifically then in Revelation that it's 1260 days exactly! But He uses this interchangeably with 42 months, which shows He's talking about three-&-a-half years. And He says a time, times, & a half-a-time! All in the same two chapters in Revelation: Three-&-a-half years, 42 months, 1260 days!
       117. SO WE KNOW THAT IT APPLIES TO EXACTLY THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME, EXACTLY THAT LAST THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS OF THE ANTICHRIST REIGN! The period of Great Tribulation will last exactly 1260 days. The first half therefore will also last how long? (Family: 1260 days.) So you can start counting the days when you first hear or see that the Antichrist has been revealed as the great World dictator, maybe he'll be revealed even before that. But I believe the whole World is going to know when he signs that Holy Covenant, that treaty, that pact.
       118. THAT SEVEN-YEAR COVENANT OR PACT I BELIEVE IS GOING TO BE A WORLD EVENT!--Because I believe it's going to settle the problem between the Jews & the Arabs & the Christians in Jerusalem & Israel. I believe it! It's going to settle it. And that's going to be exactly 1260 days before the Tribulation begins. I believe that the pact is going to be signed by the Antichrist & I think it's going to be public! I think it's going to be World-famous news!
       119. DON'T YOU THINK THAT ANY KIND OF A TREATY, COVENANT OR PACT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENTS & THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD & THE ANTICHRIST, the World leader himself, that promises seven years of peace & plenty & religious freedom & internationalises Jerusalem for the rebuilding of the Temple & so on, don't you think that's World news? Anything that settles the War between the Jews & the Arabs, isn't that World news? Anything that settles the arguments between the Christians & the Arabs & the Jews, isn't that World news? I believe that's going to be World news when that great pact, that seven-year Covenant is going to be signed!
       120. AND THE DAY THAT YOU SEE IT SIGNED, PROBABLY SEE IT SIGNED ON TELEVISION BY THE ANTICHRIST HIMSELF, START COUNTING THE DAYS! It'll be exactly 1260 days until he breaks it & abolishes it & sets himself up as God & his Image in the holy places between the Temples to be worshipped, & commands everyone to be killed who refuses to worship him, & that everybody has to receive his Mark in their forehead or hand. Remember that!
       121. OTHERWISE YOU'RE GOING TO BE CAUGHT ABOUT 17-1/2 DAYS SHORT, OR TOO LONG! If you start counting according to our present Gentile Roman 365-day years from the day that the pact is signed, when the Antichrist abolishes it on the 1260th & breaks it & sets up his Image & commands the World to worship him, you're going to say, "Wait a minute, Lord, this is 17-1/2 days too soon! You cut us short 17-1/2 days, Lord!" No, the Bible goes by the 360-days-a-year, the old Jewish year. He was talking to Daniel in terms of the old Jewish year, 360-day-year, & that's why He can say three-&-a-half years is not only 42 months, but it's only 1260 days. There it is, right there! (Taps Bible!) Can you read it?
       122. SO FROM THE DAY YOU HEAR & SEE THAT THAT COVENANT OF SEVEN YEARS IS SIGNED BY THE ANTICHRIST, START COUNTING, & 1260 days later exactly--because I believe the Bible--he's going to break it & command that he himself be worshipped & all other religions abolished & his idol be set up in the Temple area & worshipped, & no more buying or selling without his Mark. Got that straight?
       123. FROM THAT MID-POINT OF SEVEN YEARS THERE'S GOING TO BE ANOTHER THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS OF GREAT TRIBULATION which we've been talking about. Hope this isn't getting too confusing & too complicated for you.--Exactly another 1260 days until the end of that seven years. And this period, this last half of the seven years is mentioned several times, many places. It's mentioned as a time, times & a half-a-time--one year, plus two years & a half-a-year, three-&-a-half years, 42 months, 1260 days, many times throughout the Bible.
       124. THE LORD WANTED TO MAKE SURE YOU KNEW EXACTLY HOW LONG IT WAS GOING TO LAST, so first of all you'd be prepared for the coming of the Tribulation, & then you'd be prepared for its end & the coming of Christ. You'd know exactly how long you'd have to suffer. And let me tell you, from the time you see that pact signed, that Antichrist Covenant signed, you'll be counting the days! Amen? Because you'll know that on the 1260th day is going to begin the Great Tribulation!
       125. AND THEN YOU WILL CERTAINLY BE COUNTING THE DAYS because you'll know that exactly 1260 days later it will end with Jesus Christ coming to the Earth!--Or at least almost to Earth, we're going to rise to meet Him in the air! PTL? You're going to be counting every day of that seven years, every day of each of those 1260-day halves of that time period. You're going to be counting every single day of that 2520 days, 1260 & 1260. You're going to be counting every day for 2520 days to know exactly where you are!
       126. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THE LORD MADE THAT SO SPECIFIC & SO EXACT? Well, one reason is because He loves you & He wants you to know exactly where you are in time, especially in this final great last most important time of all Earth's history at the end of about 6000 years of history. The Earth has only had about 6000 years of history, by that time it will have had a complete 6000 years of history, because the 7th thousand-year period is going to be the Millennium of God!
       127. THE EARTH IS ONLY GOING TO LAST A TOTAL OF ABOUT 6000 YEARS FROM THE TIME IT WAS CREATED UNTIL THE TIME OF THE END. So don't believe all that tommyrot about Evolution & the Earth being hundreds of millions of years old! Now they found out that they can't even fool you enough by saying hundreds of millions, they've gotta say billions! Vas you dere, Charlie? Prove it! I mean, their wild figures of billions or millions or hundreds of millions are just crazy & wild, they pull'm out of the hat, out of thin air, they've got nothing to prove it whatsoever!--Not one little concrete piece of evidence! One of the greatest evolutionists that ever lived said so!--Margaret Mead!
       128. THERE'S NOT ONE LITTLE SINGLE PIECE OF EVIDENCE TO PROVE ANYTHING ABOUT EVOLUTION, much less all those hundreds of millions or billions of supposed years that were supposed to have happened! It's ridiculous according to the Bible itself, & I can prove it to you maybe some other day by actually taking figures right straight out of the Bible! If the Bible is true at all & you believe it, I can prove to you from the Bible that the Earth was created only about 6000 years ago! So that debunks all of Evolution & all of any kind of theories about its creation & its development, whether it be "big-bang" or otherwise!
       129. GOD CREATED THE EARTH & MAN ONLY 6000 YEARS AGO, BECAUSE THE SEVENTH THOUSAND IS GOING TO BE GOD'S! He's let man have it for 6000 years & make one Hell of a mess out of it because he tried to do it without God! The next thousand years God's going to take over & He's going to take possession of the Earth, & Christ & His Christians are going to rule & reign, & that's going to be Heaven on Earth!
       130. EVEN THOUGH SOME WICKED STILL REMAIN & WE RULE OVER THEM, THEY'RE GOING TO BE TAUGHT HOW THINGS SHOULD HAVE BEEN! We're going to get some satisfaction then of ruling & reigning over our enemies, those [EDITED: "ACs"] who persecuted us, even those Christians, so-called, who persecuted us! Certainly those Jews who call themselves Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan, God's Word says, are going to bow down before us! (Re.3:9) Our enemies are going to be dust under our feet!--No doubt atomic dust, some of them! (Mal.4:3)
       131. WELL, NOW WE'VE ESTABLISHED THESE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS & PERIODS OF THE EXACT THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS, 42 MONTHS, 1260 DAYS! Does that satisfy you? Just remember, it's the Jewish years we're talking about, & therefore when you start counting the days be sure you only count 1260 from the beginning to the middle & another 1260 from the middle to the end.--1260 days of Antichrist Peace, & then 1260 days of Antichrist Tribulation. OK!
       132. NOW, FINE, EVERYBODY HAPPY? PTL? GOT IT ALL SOLVED? No we haven't, sorry to say! The Lord kind of slips us a Mickey on these last three verses of Daniel 12 & gets us all confused again! Right after He got us all satisfied & we had it all figured out, all of a sudden He slips us some other figures we hadn't heard about before! And that's a little problem.
       133. ANYHOW, HAVE YOU GOT THIS ALL STRAIGHT? That if you use the 365-day-year then, of course, you're going to come up with the wrong number. But if you use the old Jewish calendar, which God was using, because Daniel was using it, you're going to come up with three-&-a-half years, 42 months & 1260 days. Each one means three-&-a-half years. 1260 days is three-&-a-half years. 1260 days is 42 months. Three-&-a-half years is 42 months & 42 months is three-&-a-half years! All very simple! You say, "Almost a little child could figure that out if I'd just known it was 360 days to a year!"
       134. "BUT NOW COMES THE PROBLEM! BACK TO THE BIBLE! This is our "Back to the Bible" hour! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYL! The little problem we run into here is that we're not in Daniel but in Revelation!--Ha! Now here we are in Daniel 12, last three verses, 11, 12 & 13, the lesson for tonight. And if I mark them you'll remember which ones we've been studying.
       135. HE SAYS, "AND FROM THE TIME THAT THE DAILY SACRIFICE SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY"--that's the beginning period, the beginning point--"& the abomination that maketh desolate set up." There it is!--"Set up" it said there! What do you do with an image or an idol? You set it up, don't you? First it has to usually be made lying down, you know? And then they set it up. And this is probably going to be computer-operated, it'll probably be a robot, because it's going to be able to talk.
       136. HE STOPS ALL RELIGIOUS WORSHIP & HAS HIS IMAGE SET UP IN THE HOLY PLACE at the mid-point of the what? (Family: The seven years!) At the end of the first three-&-a-half, the beginning of the second three-&-a-half. "From the time the daily sacrifice shall be taken away & the abomination that maketh desolation set up." We've already learned that the Tribulation will end 1260 days later, right? That nice neat little number of 1260 days is going to be the End & Jesus is going to come for us & end the Tribulation! Isn't that wonderful?
       137. UNTIL, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS? You say, "I thought you told me it was only going to be 1260 days, Dad, & here all of a sudden in this last chapter when we're almost finished & got everything neatly packaged & tucked away..." Don't blame it on me, I didn't do it! Daniel dropped this bomb! He's the one who said all the rest, & all of a sudden he says something different!
       138. GOD DROPPED IT REALLY, BECAUSE DANIEL'S NOT EVEN THE ONE THAT'S SPEAKING! It's an Angel that's standing in the middle of a river without even getting his feet wet!--Hovering over the surface of the river with two other Angels, or departed Saints, standing beside the river asking this Angel questions! Because they know they're kind of acting as Daniel's spokesman because Daniel's almost struck dumb by this time, he's bewildered by the whole thing!
       139. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN IT GIVES YOU ANOTHER NUMBER! In fact, not only one other number, but about two or three more numbers! Just by the time we had it all solved! Are you ready to quit? (Family: No!) You want to quit now before we even begin these last verses?--Ha! (Family: No!) Remember, I & the Bible can answer any question you have, although sometimes the Bible won't tell & I don't know! I can answer any question you ask me, only a lot of my answers are going to be, "I don't know!" Well, let's see if the Bible tells us. So are you ready for this? (Family: Yes!) All right!
       140. FROM THE TIME IT'S TAKEN AWAY & THE ABOMINATION THAT MAKETH DESOLATE SET UP SHALL BE A THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED & NINETY DAYS! Instead of 1260 days he says 1290 days! From the Abomination of Desolation, stopping of the religion & sacrifice & setting up Satan's Image, the Antichrist Image--same as Satan's, Devil in the flesh--is 1290 days. "Hey, Dad, what's the big idea? That's 30 days longer! That's a month longer than you said! What's that? "Well, let's look back at the question that was asked, to which this is the reply! What question was asked? Okay, go back to the Scripture. Clear back to the 6th verse:
       141. "HOW LONG SHALL IT BE TO THE END OF THESE WONDERS? "--All these wonders the Lord is talking about & He's been telling Daniel about. The very end, how long is it going to be to the end? Well, how many wonders has God been talking about? He's not only been talking about the reign of the Antichrist, He's not only been talking about the first three-&-a-half years of peace & the second three-&-a-half years of terrible Tribulation, 1260 days, but what else has He been talking about? You've got to look a little further back here in the 12th chapter. Look at the first few verses.
       142. HE SAYS, "AT THAT TIME"--THE TIME OF THE END--"THERE SHALL BE AT TIME OF TROUBLE"--mid-point of the first verse of Daniel 12--"such as never was since there was a nation even to that time." At that time, during those Last Days. Well, we know the time of trouble lasts exactly 1260 days, right?
       143. THEN HE SAYS, "AT THAT TIME THY PEOPLE SHALL BE DELIVERED." It's gotta be at the end of the time of trouble, right? Jesus has got to come & save us out of this old World, He's got to stop the persecution, stop the Tribulation, & the only way He can do it is by resurrecting us, rapturing us, taking us up into the air to be with Him! Right?
       144. NOW IF IT'S GETTING TOO COMPLICATED FOR YOU, IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO GO TO BED! If you're getting too tired of hearing all these complicated figures, you'd better quit & take off & just trust the Lord & the Bible & me & Jesus to get you through somehow even if you don't understand all the numbers.
       145. WHAT ARE ALL THE WONDERS GOING TO BE? Not only the Antichrist, not only the Tribulation, but what else? There's the Rapture of His Saints at the end of the Tribulation, & we know that's exactly when it occurs because it says other places in the Bible--we haven't got time to go into it right now--it occurs right there at the end of the Tribulation. (Mat.24:29) Jesus said so, Daniel's saying so, John later says so. So what's this extra 30 days? And if that weren't bad enough, He goes on & talks about some more days!
       146. HE SAID, "BLESSED IS HE THAT WAITETH, & COMETH TO THE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED & FIVE & THIRTY DAYS." "Wait a minute, Lord! Wait a minute, Daniel! Wait a minute, Dad! First you said 1260, & then you say 1290, & now you're sayin' 1335 days! What's the big idea? I'm so confused, I don't know when it ends! When is the end?" Well, what was the question?
       147. (TO CAMERAMAN:) SWEEP'M BACK TO THE 6TH VERSE AGAIN, I WANT'M TO SEE THE BIBLE! If they never remember anything else, if they forget my face--which they may do--& don't remember anything but the Scripture, I want these verses to burn themselves into their brains! If you forget everything else, I want you to remember the Scripture!
       148. "HOW LONG"--IT SAYS IN THE LAST PART OF THAT 6TH VERSE RIGHT THERE--"SHALL IT BE TO THE END OF THESE WONDERS?" Well, the coming of the Lord is certainly going to be one of those wonders, right? And not only the coming of the Lord when He raptures His Saints, but what happens to the people left on Earth is going to be some of the horrible wonders of the Endtime, & you'll find more about that as we study in the Book of Revelation! You'll find what some of those other wonders are going to be.
       149. THE LORD WILL COME FOR HIS SAINTS, FOR US, & AT THE END OF THE 1260 DAYS WILL BE THE RAPTURE, the Resurrection, the coming of Jesus Christ for His children & "so shall we ever be with the Lord!" We're gonna go up & have one grand celebration, one shindig of a party such as never was since the World began, no, nor ever shall be compared to what has been before! We're going to have a wedding reception, a wedding party, a Marriage Supper of the Lamb which is going to last for days! Some of those old wedding parties they used to have in the old days used to last for a week & be a regular drunken brawl by the time they got done!
       150. WELL, WE'RE GOING TO DRINK WINE NEW WITH HIM IN THE KINGDOM, BUT WE'RE NOT GONNA GET DRUNK! Isn't that wonderful? Then I can drink all the wine I want & never get drunk! Have all the women I want & never get tired! Keep on learning all I want & there'll never be an end to it! PTL? Hallelujah! You know, the Muslims were a little bit right about those rivers of wine & all those Heavenly Houris up there in Heaven, it is going to be a little bit like that! Praise God! Hallelujah!
       151. SO THERE'S A LOT OF WONDERS BESIDES JUST THE ANTICHRIST & HIS TRIBULATION & THE COMING OF THE LORD! There are lots of wonders yet to follow! And when we get into the Book of Revelation you'll find out exactly what they are & how long they last there! Amazing! "And one said to the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river, How long shall it be to the end of these wonders? And I heard the man clothed in linen"--7th verse--"which was upon the waters," etc., first he says, "It shall be for a time, times & half-a-time." Here he gives us that three-&-a-half years bit again, the 1260 days in the 7th verse. His first answer was three-&-a-half years, 1260 days, right?
       152. THEN AGAIN DANIEL SAYS IN THE 8TH VERSE: "I HEARD, BUT I UNDERSTOOD NOT." What are you talking about, Lord? "Then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?" Now, he really wants to know when is the real end going to be? Not just the end of the Tribulation, but the end of all events that are going to happen there at the end of the World as we now know it.
       153. OKAY, HE ASKED THE QUESTIONS, GOD GIVES HIM THE ANSWERS! Well, he's already told us back in that 7th verse it was going to be three-&-a-half years, 1260 days, & already told us 42 months other places. But now Daniel says, "I want to know how long it shall be to the very End." What's the very End?
       154. WELL, FIRST OF ALL YOU & I HAVE TO BE RAPTURED AT THE END OF THE 1260 DAYS, & we've got to have the Marriage Supper of the Lamb up in Heaven while there's Hell on Earth, the judgements of God being wreaked out upon the Antichrist & his kingdom & his people that have the Mark of the Beast & the other people left behind, all the living left behind!--Which will be most of the World by that time, because many of the real believers in Christ will be slaughtered & slain & massacred, killed for their faithful witness to the Lord.
       155. THERE ARE 1260 DAYS FROM THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION TO OUR SALVATION AT THE COMING OF THE LORD. But that's not the end, that's just the end of our stay here on Earth, temporarily. That's just the end of the Tribulation. That's not the end of all the events. Now Daniel wants to know when will be the end of all these wonders? What's going to be the end of these things?
       156. WELL, THE ANGEL IS ALMOST BEGINNING TO GET A LITTLE BIT IMPATIENT WITH DANIEL & SAYS: "GO THY WAY, DANIEL: for the Words are closed up & sealed till the Time of the End."--"Beat it, Dan, you had enough! Don't push your luck! Don't push your blessings, I should say! Haven't you had enough? I told you specifically all about this Antichrist & his reign & how long it's going to be & what he's going to do & how long the first half's gonna be & how long the next half's gonna be & how long the Tribulation's gonna last, & now you want to know something more!"
       157. BOY, YOU KNOW, THESE GUYS, THESE PROPHETS, THEY'RE NEVER SATISFIED! THEY ALWAYS WANT TO KNOW MORE! They're always asking more questions! Sometimes their secretaries are just as bad, if not worse! She's sitting right over here listening. If I don't ask the questions, she does! Even when I'm in a trance or a dream or half asleep & getting things from the Lord, she starts asking me questions. Well, she's supposed to, that's how the prophets a lot of times got the answers!
       158. SO FIRST THE ANGEL ASKED THE QUESTION, OR MAYBE A MAN OF GOD PASSED ON, & then Daniel asked the question & says, "How long, Lord, until the end of all these things?" Well, back to the Scriptures! Back to the Bible! First he says 1290 days, but that's not even enough, he gives him some more! "End of all these things."--Now what things has he been talking about that are going to end? First of all, the Tribulation. Next of all, our stay on Earth. It'll be the end of our stay on Earth, won't it?
       159. ALSO, OTHER PLACES IN THE BIBLE HE TELLS US ABOUT WHAT WE'RE GOING TO BE DOING IN HEAVEN AFTER THAT, HAVING A BIG PARTY, A BIG MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB!(Rev.19:5-9) How long do you think that'll last? Also He tells us that while we're having that Marriage Party of the Lamb in Heaven, there's going to be Hell on Earth as God wreaks out His judgements upon the wicked men left behind, men & women, all the Antichrist's kingdom!--The Wrath of God!(Rev.16)
       160. THE ANTICHRIST & ALL HIS FOLLOWERS, ALL THOSE THAT HAVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST, ARE GOING TO SUFFER THE SEVEN VIALS OF GOD'S WRATH spoken of in the 16th Chapter of Revelation, & we'll get to that later. There are going to be Seven Vials of Wrath poured out on the Earth, after the Lord takes us out of it. That's going to take a little while too. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb's going to take a little while, right? The Wrath of God on Earth is going to take a little while.
       161. AND THEN WE'RE GOING TO COME BACK & WE ARE GOING TO MOP UP WHAT'S LEFT! Just read it in Revelation the 19th Chapter. We're going to come back on white horses & fight what Antichrist people are left! After this horrible Wrath of God & all these plagues that God has sent upon the Antichrist's kingdom, they still curse God, they wish they could die but can't, they just suffer!--Apparently for many days after the Rapture, after the end of the Tribulation! While we're having a party in Heaven they're going to be having Hell on Earth. If you want to read about all that we'll get it when we go to Revelation later.
       162. THEN YOU & I WILL COME BACK WITH JESUS ON WHITE HORSES, God's Word says so, & we're going to slaughter the Antichrist, & we're going to slaughter his forces that are even still going to try to fight us! Can you imagine? How stupid can the wicked get?! How crazy can even the Devil be? He makes a last-ditch stand to try to fight God & His forces even though by this time we are as powerful as the Angels of Heaven! We have supernatural bodies, supernatural powers, we can even ride white horses out of the sky!
       163. YOU TALK ABOUT GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY, WE'RE GOING TO BE THOSE GHOST RIDERS IN THE SKY!--Not the Devil! How about that? Did you hear that? (Makes galloping noise on the microphone!) Can you hear the Ghost Riders in the sky? Here they come! Look out! You don't have to look out, you're going to be one of them! You don't have to worry, they're not the Devil's ghost riders, they're the Lord's! They're going to be coming down from Heaven to the Earth to wipe out the Antichrist & his kingdom & his followers marked by the Beast!
       164. --UNTIL WE HAVE A GLORIOUS VICTORY, which it tells all about in several places throughout the Bible, but especially in the last part of Revelation the 19th Chapter. That's all going to take a little time, right? After the Tribulation! After the Rapture! Even after the Marriage Supper of the Lamb!
       165. OK, NOW THERE ARE TWO PERIODS OF TIME HERE THAT ARE MENTIONED THAT EXTEND BEYOND THE TRIBULATION. The first one is 1290 days, which is 30 days beyond the Tribulation, the other one is 1335 days! Isn't that a thousand three hundred five & thirty days? 1335 days! There it is right there in the Bible, plain as day, at the end of that 12th verse! God's Word couldn't be any more specific! It's mathematically exact! How about that?
       166. THE FIRST 1290 IS 30 DAYS LONGER THAN THE TRIBULATION, THEN 1335 IS 45 DAYS LONGER THAN THAT! Isn't 1335, 45 days longer than 1290? Well, for the sake of the children & some of you people as dumb as I am, let's make that clear to make sure! You say, "Well, I don't know about that!" Let's first of all take the 1260 days from the 1290 days, & we've got 30 days that we don't know yet what happened. Then we've got 1335 days from which we subtract the 1260 & we've got a total of 75 days past the end of the Tribulation, right?--Past the coming of the Lord.
       167. NOW WE KNOW BY THE BIBLE & BY REVELATION, which we'll study later on, that following the Tribulation is the coming of the Lord & the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven while the Wrath of God is on Earth, so those are the first events to take place following the end of the Tribulation.
       168. THE RAPTURE'S GOING TO BE INSTANTANEOUS, that's not going to take any time at all! It may take a little time for us to go wafting up through the air to meet Jesus in the clouds, but I would say it wouldn't take more than a few minutes. And then you're going to travel with the speed, not of light, but of thought! So that's not going to take much time to get to Space City--the Heavenly City!
       169. THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT HOW LONG IT TAKES US TO GET FROM THE GRAVE TO JESUS! I'm sure it's not going to take 30 days! I'd be awful disappointed if it did, 'cause we're all going to see Him & all going to rise to meet Him from all sides of the Earth & going to join Him in the air! PTL? But that's going to be more or less instantaneous, not going to take any time.
       170. BUT WHAT'S GOING TO TAKE A LITTLE TIME?--THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB IN HEAVEN & THE HELL ON EARTH DOWN BELOW! The Judgements of God, the Vials of His Wrath on the wicked World that we've left behind, all of our enemies & those who were trying to kill us!--Like some of'm are even trying to do today! That's going to take a little time. How much time do you think it's going to be? 30 days? 75 days?
       171. WELL, THERE ARE TWO MAIN THINGS THAT ARE GOING TO TAKE TIME UNTIL WHAT I WOULD CALL THE END. End of what? What would you call really the end of all these wonders & the end of all these things? The complete end of man's rule & reign on Earth, the Antichrist & his wicked people on Earth, his evil kingdom, what would you say is going to be the absolute total end of it? (James: After the Battle of Armageddon when Jesus sets up His Kingdom.)
       172. AFTER THE GREAT BATTLE IN WHICH WE DESTROY THE ANTICHRIST & HIS PEOPLE & HIS KINGDOM! Absolutely! That's going to be the end of all these things, all these wonders that he's been talking about! It's going to be the end of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven too, right? And it's going to be the end of the Battle of Armageddon. Two or three major events.
       173. WE KNOW THAT THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB IN HEAVEN WILL BE GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME AS THE WRATH OF GOD ON EARTH, because the Wrath of God begins with Jesus' second coming & the Marriage Supper of the Lamb begins with Jesus' second coming! So these are obviously concurrent periods, right? The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is going on in Heaven while the Wrath of God is going on in Earth. We're having Heaven in Heaven while the Earth's having Hell on Earth!
       174. SO THERE ARE TWO PERIODS CONCURRENTLY RUNNING TOGETHER, two major events happening in Heaven & Earth that are leading us up to the very End! Now, what is your guess, therefore, that that first 30-day period will be? What's your guess? Our bright boy over there shouldn't be the only one to be able to guess, 'cause your guess is just as good as mine on this one! How about that! I'm talking about three different major events or periods.
       175. THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB IN HEAVEN RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME AS THE WRATH OF GOD ON EARTH is the first period, obviously. Well, all right. He started measuring it out for you, didn't He? So if He's talking about the end of all these wonders, since the next two wonders are the Marriage Supper & the Wrath of God--I'm just assuming or theorising--I can't prove it, I won't say you've got to believe it--but I'm just taking it as simple logic that these important events are going to take these specific time periods.
       176. AFTER ALL, HOW LONG CAN YOU HAVE A PARTY, ANYHOW? When the old weddings used to last seven days, we're going to have ours 30 days! How about that? Sounds to me like maybe the Wedding & the Wrath, which run together, same time more or less, are going to last about 30 days after the coming of Christ! With all these horrors of Hell that are going to be poured out on the Earth, I don't think the people could last very much longer if something didn't happen! And I don't know how long we could last at a party if it didn't come to an end!
       177. SO MY GUESS IS AS GOOD AS YOURS BECAUSE HE DIDN'T MAKE IT VERY PLAIN TO DANIEL EXACTLY, but He said it's gonna be 1260 days to the end of the Tribulation, then there's gonna be 30 more days to the end of some of these wonders, & another 45 days until the end of all of them! And since there are two wonders to occur immediately after the Rapture--the Wedding & the Wrath--my guess is that means 30 days of Wedding & Wrath. Now that's my theory, you don't have to believe it, but it's as good as yours I'll bet! You got a better one? Tell me! Because He didn't tell Daniel!
       178. HE SAID THESE THINGS ARE ONLY GOING TO BE REVEALED IN THE ENDTIME, & the Lord told me that He was going to help me understand these things!--Even better than Daniel, more like Jeremiah! And He was going to give me the wisdom to know the number of the days & the years! Well, maybe I got that from the Lord Maybe that's where I got that idea that the Wedding & the Wrath are going to last 30 days.
       179. NOW YOU'VE ALWAYS HEARD SOME OF THESE GUYS TEACHING THE WRATH OF GOD WAS GOING TO LAST 75 DAYS, didn't they say that, some of these fellas? Well, in a way it's true, because the full 75-day period also includes the Battle of Armageddon, which is the Wrath of God. But apparently the Wedding & the Wrath, occurring at the same time, are going to last an extra 30 days beyond the Rapture.
       180. AND THEN THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, THAT'S THE MOPPING UP, THAT'S THE THING THAT TAKES TIME! That's the thing where we've got to go around--zap, zap, zap! You've seen these space movies where the space guns & the light rays or the laser beams go zap, zap, zap? We've got to go around & destroy the forces of the Antichrist that are left, or most of'm at least.
       181. BECAUSE THERE'S A LITTLE ENCOURAGEMENT HERE THAT MAYBE SOMEBODY MIGHT SURVIVE! There has to be somebody that survives. We're going to destroy the entire population of the Antichrist kingdom of his Mark of the Beast people & all that, or near most of them--at least enough to defeat him & destroy his kingdom & his power & him--but I guess the Lord's going to be a little merciful because, listen, what does He say in the 12th verse?
       182. "BLESSED IS HE THAT WAITETH, & COMETH TO THE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED FIVE & THIRTY DAYS."--Whoever manages to last that long. Well, of course we're blessed, we're in Heaven with the Lord since the Rapture We're the conquerors of the Earth during the Battle of Armageddon, of course we're blessed! You say, "Well, that means us!" Well, what about the survivors of the Wrath of God? What about the survivors of the great Battle of Armageddon? Will there be survivors?
       183. WILL THERE BE SURVIVORS OF THE WRATH OF GOD?--The terrible tribulation He pours out on the Devil's people? God's people have suffered Tribulation for three-&-a-half years, He's going to give Satan's a horrible tribulation for 75 days! You say, "How come the Lord gives us three-&-a-half years Tribulation & them only 75 days?"
       184. WAIT A MINUTE! THEIR PROBLEMS HAVE JUST BEGUN! It sounds like the ones that are killed are going to be in Hell for a thousand years, so that's pretty bad compared to our three-&-a-half years of Tribulation, right? And there will be those that even survive the Wrath of God, the 30 days of Wrath, & they'll have 45 more days of the Battle of Armageddon, at least!
       185. NOW MIND YOU, THIS IS WHAT COMES TO ME AS BEING THESE PERIODS OF TIME, BECAUSE THESE ARE THE ONLY MAJOR EVENTS REMAINING TO THE VERY END! So it's logically only obvious to me that it must mean the 30 days that He's first speaking about is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb & the Wrath of God, that period; & then 45 more days of Battle when we come down & spend our time zap, zap, zappin' & destroying the kingdom of the Antichrist!
       186. YOU CAN TELL DAVID SOMETIME WHEN HE'S WATCHING THESE SCIENCE-FICTION MOVIES & the little planes are flying around & the flying saucers are flying around zapping everything, that's what we're going to be doing one of these days!--Destroying the Antichrist & his kingdom & his forces! It's gonna be a battle! A battle doesn't happen in one instant, it takes time, right? And to wipe out all the Antichrist forces & his whole kingdom all over the whole World, which will consist of millions of people, is going to take some time, even time for angels!
       187. DIDN'T WE FIGURE THAT OUT ONCE BEFORE THAT WHEN GOD WIPED OUT THE WHOLE EARTH IN A FLOOD IT DIDN'T TAKE JUST 40 DAYS? How many days did it take? It took Him a year & ten days to really drown the Earth for good! Well, looks like it's going to take Him 30 days of Wrath & 45 days of War! While we're celebrating upstairs, they're going to be suffering downstairs, separate scenes. 30 days. That's what it sounds like to me, at least. You don't have to receive it, you don't have to believe it if you don't want to, but that's what it looks like.
       188. FIRST THERE'S 30 DAYS AFTER THE 1260, & then He says, "Blessed is he that waiteth & cometh to the thousand three hundred, five & thirty days"--1335 days or 45 days later than those 30 days. Blessed how? Well, I'll tell you what, blessed if you were even one of the survivors that the Lord in His mercy sees fit to spare through the Wrath of God, & not only that, you survive the Battle of Armageddon!
       189. WE KNOW THERE ARE GOING TO BE SOME SURVIVORS because we wouldn't have anybody to rule over if everybody died! Because the second resurrection hasn't happened yet. The resurrection of the unsaved doesn't happen until the end of the Millennium. They're not raised to the Great White Throne Judgement of God until the thousand years is over!
       190. SO HOW ARE WE GOING TO HAVE ANYBODY TO RULE OVER HERE ON EARTH? What do we want, just a burned up planet with no people to rule over? That's no satisfaction! That's no satisfaction of getting to rule over our enemies & over the wicked tormentors who persecuted & tortured us & slaughtered us! We're going to get the satisfaction of ruling over them for a thousand years, so they've gotta still be alive! If we killed everybody, there wouldn't be anybody still left to last into the Millennium, right?
       191. SO BLESSED IS HE THAT WAITETH, OR LASTETH, TO THE 1335 DAYS!--Even if they're one of the survivors of the Antichrist government & the Mark of the Beast! They can be thankful if they make it through the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon! Did you get that? Do you believe that? (Family: Yes!) Are you sure? (Family: Yes!) Those things have gotta take time!
       192. THE WEDDING SUPPER'S GOTTA TAKE TIME, the Wrath of God has gotta take time, & the Battle of Armageddon has gotta take time to the very End!--The very End of all these things, man's reign on the Earth, the Earth as it now is before it's restored like the Garden of Eden, before there's a beautiful wonderful Heavenly Earth of the Millennium! All these things are going to take a little time, considerable mopping up!
       193. AND THE VERY END OF ALL THESE THINGS HE'S TALKING ABOUT IS THE END OF THE ANTICHRIST & HIS KINGDOM when Jesus returns for the second time, actually the third time! You didn't know there was a third coming of Christ, huh? "Blessed is he that waiteth to the end of the 1335 days" because then what's going to begin? That'll be the end of the Battle of Armageddon & the beginning of what? (Family: The Millennium!) The heavenly Heaven on Earth Millennium, the rule of Jesus Christ & His Saints on Earth! Hallelujah! Isn't that wonderful? (Family: Amen!) Praise God!
       194. SO YOU CAN BELIEVE IT OR NOT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO, BUT THAT'S MY THEORY!--That the Wedding Supper & the Wrath of God are going to last 30 more days after the Tribulation, after the coming of Christ, & then we're going to come back with Jesus on white horses & zap, zap, zap & destroy the Antichrist & his kingdom in 45 days of War!
       195. YOU SAY, "THAT'S NOT VERY PLEASANT! I thought all the wars & things were going to be over, all that stuff's going to be over when Jesus came, we're going to just have peace forever, so shall we ever be with the Lord!" (Snores!) That's some Church Christians' idea of Heaven so they can go back to sleep like they did in church! No, it's going to be a period of great activity! First of all, the great rejoicing Party, 30 days, then 45 days of fierce warfare!
       196. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE THE LORD LETS US HAVE A WAR WITH THE ANTICHRIST & HIS KINGDOM? Why doesn't He just go zap like He could & blot'm all out? Huh? I hate to say this because this might give you a little bit of a bad impression of us Christians & of the Old Testament Saints like David who got a great deal of satisfaction out of sockin' it to his enemies!
       197. BUT THESE ARE THE ONES WE COULDN'T WIN WITH LOVE! We did everything we could for them, & instead of that they backslid on us & they turned against us & they betrayed us & denied us & crucified us & deprogrammed us & kidnapped us & imprisoned us & tortured us & killed us! What are you going to feel like doing when you get back here & you see'm again? You're going to with great satisfaction go zap, zap! I really believe I've got that in me & I think a few other people have got it in them!
       198. YOU'RE THE GUY THAT TORTURED ME, ZAP! You're the guy that put me in jail, zap! You're the guy that kidnapped me, zap! You're the one that tried to deprogram me! Dear Ted Patrick, I'd like to be the first one to zap him! In fact, zappin' is almost too good for some of those guys! I think their death & their torment & their suffering is going to probably last the whole 75 days, plus a thousand years of Hell!
       199. THAT'S ALMOST TOO GOOD FOR TED PATRICK & FreeCOG & THEIR GANG, the enemies of God, the enemies of Christ, the forces of Satan & the God-damned Satanic [EDITED: "ACs"] who hate us & fight us & will fight the whole Church & Islam & all! I mean, a zap is going to be almost too good! We're going to get a great deal of relish, I think, out of 45 days of going around & socking it to'm!
       200. "DAD, YOU MEAN YOU'RE VINDICTIVE, YOU'RE VENGEFUL! I never knew you had it in you, Dad!" Well, let me tell you, the Lord is vindictive & vengeful as well! "Vengeance is Mine," He says, "I will repay!" (Deut.32:35; Ro.12:19; He.10:30-31.) He's gonna sock it to'm not just for 75 days, but a thousand years of Hell!--The battles & the fires of the Lake of Fire under the Earth! So why can't we have the satisfaction of God's 30 days of Wrath & then our 45 days of War, wiping out the very worst of them & leaving only those who are going to remain alive & survive through the Millennium, over whom we're going to rule & reign?
       201. YOU KNOW WHAT MY FEELING IS? I can't prove it exactly by the Scripture, but I can prove it basically by a lot of Scriptures, is that we're going to slaughter the worst ones, the absolutely incorrigible ones, the reprobates, the totally unchangeable ones, the worst ones of all, those that had the power of the Antichrist & did all these horrible things! We're going to slaughter them during this horrible warfare!
       202. THEN WE'RE GOING TO GIVE THE REST OF THE WORLD A THOUSAND YEARS OF ANOTHER CHANCE & mercy & goodness & peace on Earth & the mercy of God & the very presence of Jesus Christ Himself! Perfect government, plenty for all, peace on Earth! A rule of Love as well as a rod of iron! Love for those who obey, the rod of iron for those who don't! A thousand years to prove the love & mercy & power & fear of God! And yet they will not believe! Though one should come back from the dead, yet they will not believe, Jesus said. (Lk.16:31)
       203. MILLIONS ARE GOING TO COME BACK FROM THE DEAD, perhaps billions back from the dead, & yet they're not going to believe! God's going to rule over them personally in the form of Jesus Christ for a thousand years & yet they will not believe! "Let mercy be showed unto the wicked, "Isaiah says, "and yet they will not learn righteousness!" (Is.26:10) Yet they will not repent! They're going to rise up in rebellion again at the end of the thousand years under the Devil himself & they're going to fight us again!
       204. THEN WHY THE MILLENNIUM? Well, to try to teach them the love & mercy of God, those that survived, those who were worth saving to try to teach, & just to prove to you & to them & God & the Devil & the whole Universe of angels that though even mercy is shown to the wicked, yet they will not receive it, yet they'll not believe, yet they'll not repent! They will still rebel!
       205. IN OTHER WORDS, IT'LL SHOW GOD'S JUDGEMENT WAS RIGHTEOUS & right that He slaughtered the wicked! And His judgement that He will send those who even survived throughout the Millennium, over whom we're ruling, that the judgement & the punishment He's going to give them thereafter is also righteous! Because they still rejected a thousand years more of mercy & His Kingdom on Earth! Think of it!
       206. MY, WHAT JUDGEMENT THEY DESERVE! What punishment they deserve! Right? I mean, the wicked who are here in this World now & are going to be persecuting us & torturing us & slaughtering us before long, they're bad enough! But I'd say the people that last all through the Millennium & then still rebel against us & against Jesus, I'd say they're almost the worst!
       207. AFTER HAVING THAT MUCH LIGHT, THAT MUCH TIME, THAT MUCH LOVE, THAT MUCH MERCY, they are going to deserve the World's final flood, which will be a flood of fire which will totally destroy the surface of the Earth & burn up all the wicked, everybody that's left but us! Because we have supernatural bodies like the angels of God, so they can't burn us, can't hurt us, no fire can harm us, nothing!
       208. BUT THAT'S WHEN THE WORLD IS GOING TO BE BURNED UP, A BALL OF FIRE! Not the ball itself, but the entire surface destroyed along with the wicked & all the pollution & all the atomic radiation & all the stuff that makes the World a Hell on Earth, even if there's been a Heaven on Earth for a thousand years!
       209. WE'LL PROBABLY BE SPENDING A LOT OF THAT THOUSAND YEARS TRYING TO CLEAN UP THE PLACE! It's probably going to take a thousand years to show us that we can't get it clean! Even with the help of the whole World it's an impossible job to completely restore the Earth & make it what it ought to be! It's an impossible job to reform some, & the Earth is an impossible job to clean up, as much as we do & as much as we try.
       210. A THOUSAND YEARS OF TRYING TO CLEAN UP THEM & THIS DIRTY OLD WORLD & WE'RE FINALLY GOING TO HAVE TO GIVE UP! Failure? No, it's a lesson to show us why God has got to burn it all up, the whole thing, & create a whole New Earth & a New Heaven! Isn't that wonderful? (Family: Yes!) PTL? Are you glad about that? (Family: Yes!) Hey, you! Ha! Our cameraman was so busy watching the monitor! I'm talking to you! I may not look like it, I guess I should have looked straight in the camera, then I could have got your eyeballs! He thought I was looking at somebody over here! Ha! Ha! The somebody over here was him! Ha! Hallelujah!
       211. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH SOME PEOPLE, THAT'S THE WAY THEY ACT TOWARD GOD! "Who? Me, Lord? You're talking to me, Lord?" Those [DELETED] who survived the judgements of God in the Old Testament & still managed to survive into that 300 years of silence, or just before it in Malachi, when the Prophet of God Malachi was telling them about their sins & how wicked they were, they kept saying, "Who me? Wherein have we sinned? Wherein have we done this? Wherein have we done these things?"
       212. AFTER A THOUSAND YEARS WE'RE GOING TO HAVE PEOPLE ON EARTH LIKE THAT SAYING, "WHO, ME? WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO, LORD? Well look, didn't I obey You? Didn't I do what You said? I didn't want to & I didn't like it but I did it." Is that the kind of people God wants in His Kingdom, in the New Heaven & New Earth? No, He doesn't want the reluctant wicked who just obeyed because they had to. He doesn't want people who were just forced to obey with a rod of iron & plagues & discipline & all kinds of horrible things that happen to them if they don't obey, as you read in the last chapters of Zechariah.
       213. HE WANTS A PEOPLE, THE SAME OLD FOLKS, THE SAME YOUNG FOLKS WHO LOVED HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE RIGHT HERE ON THIS EARTH! The same young people that were saved during the Jesus Revolution, the same Saints of God who loved Him during the Old Testament period, the same dear old Saints of the New Testament Church period, the same Saints who die as martyrs in the Tribulation period--& even Millennial saints!
       214. THE ONES WHO IN THIS PERIOD OF TIME & REALLY MAN'S LAST CHANCE TO REALLY RECEIVE GENUINE FULL SALVATION & the right to walk in the holy Space City of God, the Heaven on Earth, the same folks who loved Him out of love, voluntarily, when they first really received the Gospel & received Jesus as their Saviour. Those are still the same ones who are going to be saved in the End, the very End, & enter into the New Heaven & the New Earth. You that love Jesus now--& hereafter!
       215. MANY FOLKS IN THE MILLENNIUM, ALTHOUGH THEY'RE GIVEN A SECOND CHANCE, THEY MUFF IT! They fail it! They reject it! And so they go to Hell with all the rest! In the Great White Throne Judgement of God at His Great White Judgement after the Battle of Gog & Magog which is at the end of the Millennium, they are sent to their Hell & their punishment, whatever it may be.
       216. SOME OF THEM MAY BE RIGHT OUT ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH OUTSIDE THE HOLY CITY doing some kind of drudgery work that they'll have to keep on working at, as farmers or shepherds or whatever it may be out on the surface of the Earth in a World of those who rejected Jesus & rejected Salvation & rejected the Gospel, rejected God's children now & later.
       217. THEY'RE GOING TO KEEP ON SUFFERING FOR THEIR SINS BECAUSE THEY REJECTED JESUS CHRIST'S SALVATION & HIS SUBSTITUTION, HIS PUNISHMENT. They rejected it all, so they have to be punished. They have to suffer for it. Some are going to be so bad they'll have to suffer the very fires of Hell, the Lake of Fire in the heart of the Earth! But others are going to suffer on the surface of the Earth till we heal'm!
       218. BUT EVEN THEN GOD'S GOING TO HAVE MERCY, THINK OF THAT! He's going to send you & me out of those 12 pearly gates of that Holy City with the leaves of the Tree of Life for the healing of the nations! (Re.22:2) So that all that suffering & all that punishment & all that Hell on Earth & under the Earth is going to end someday in those last wonderful days of real Heaven on Earth at last!--The Holy City come down to Earth, Space City, City of God, the New Heaven to the New Earth!
       219. WE DON'T KNOW HOW LONG THAT PERIOD'S GOING TO LAST. I don't know, it might take with some people just a few days to get them straightened out after all that they've been through. They won't be allowed in the Holy City but they will be allowed to live out upon a Heavenly Earth!
       220. FOR SOME PEOPLE IT MAY TAKE A LONG TIME! They might have to be pulling the plows & milking the cows or working at some of those old jobs just like they used to have to work at!--Until they finally learn their lesson, till they finally get sick & fed up with it all & realise that you were right, God was right, the Bible was right, Jesus was right & what I'm telling you tonight was right!
       221. SOME PEOPLE ARE PRETTY HARD NUTS TO CRACK, LIKE DEAR OL' JETHRO! He said, "I want to learn the hard way!" I said, "Jeth, there's two ways to learn, either by believing me & accepting what I'm telling you, that's a shortcut to learning & you won't have to suffer the hard way, which is the path of experience, the bitter school of experience. That's the hard way. Why don't you take these classes now & learn the easy way?"
       222. "NO, DAD, I DON'T LIKE CLASSES! I don't like to sit & study the Bible all day long like this! I can't take it! Besides, all your little kids are so much smarter than I am, they answer all the questions & they know all the answers & it makes me ashamed & embarrassed that I'm so dumb! I want to go back to the Ranch & hunt deer & fish & just do things like that!"
       223. I SAID, "WELL, YOU KNOW, THAT'S THE HARD WAY! You may think it's easy but it's going to be the hard way. "He said, "OK, I'll take the hard way!"--And that's the way dear Jethro & Deborah went from that time on. And they're still learning the hard way. I understand they haven't learned yet! Still haven't learned yet! She's still with that Evil Magician, Alexander or Isaiah or Baalzebub or whoever they call him! (See No.666!)
       224. SOME PEOPLE NEVER LEARN EVEN THE HARD WAY! They didn't learn the easy way, so they certainly need the hard way, & some people it's going to take them one Hell of a long time to learn the hard way, & I mean a Hell of a long time! Along time in Hell! Believe it or not! It's in the Bible, it's all there.
       225. WELL, THAT'S THE END OF THE LAST CHAPTER OF DANIEL, 12th Chapter & the last few verses, & that's my theory! See, I told you tonight that I can answer all your questions. You want to know exactly what this 1290 days means & the 1335 days? You want to know exactly what it means for sure & can I prove it? You want to know? I don't know! But that's my feeling, that's my premonition or my guess or theory, my assumption, maybe it's my revelation!
       226. HOW DO YOU KNOW THE LORD DIDN'T SHOW ME THAT? You never thought about it, did you? You never ever told me, did you? Huh? Nobody ever told me that! I never heard any preacher preaching that, not even dear Sam Warner & Joel have got such crazy ideas as that! I don't think so, did they? They had something close, thank the Lord, or I wouldn't have approved of it. But I didn't get that till just a few minutes ago! Ha!
       227. I SAID, "LORD, TONIGHT I'M GOING INTO THAT LESSON & I STILL DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS! You've got to show me! I've never ever ever ever really been able to understand what You were talking to Daniel about." But as I came to this & as I asked the Lord & as Daniel asked the question, it came just as clear as could be! There were only three major events left to happen & two of them happened together, so that divides that period of time left to the very End into two periods, & here they are--30 days & 45 days! 30 days of Hell on Earth & Heaven in Heaven, & 45 days of War! Simple as can be!
       228. I GOT THAT WHILE I WAS TALKING TO YOU! You thought when I opened the Bible tonight I knew all the answers, didn't you? Well, Jesus knew I didn't! Ha! I've gotten a lot of revelations right while I'm teaching 'cause I had to know! When it comes to telling you, then I've got to know!
       229. UP TO THIS POINT TONIGHT IN EVER TAUGHT THIS BEFORE, I DIDN'T HAVE TO KNOW! I had taught you that I believed that this extra 75 days certainly had to include, of course, all these things, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Wrath of God on Earth & the Battle of Armageddon, to the End of all these things. So it's in the Letters, it's in the teachings, in the Books, 75 days of Wrath & War, as well as the Party in Heaven. We're separate for the Party & the Wrath, then both the righteous & the wicked are down here on Earth fighting during the War!
       230. BUT IT NEVER CAME TO ME SO CLEARLY BEFORE: WELL, IT'S REALLY JUST TWO PERIODS! And what are the two periods? The period of the Marriage & Wrath are one period, really, & then afterward has to be the period of the War! So there you've got two periods right there, he says, till the time of the End, till the very End. The very End He's talking about, not Time of the End, that can include several years, which it does.
       231. IN FACT, THE WORDS "LAST DAYS" AS USED IN THE BIBLE, THEY STARTED WITH THE FIRST COMING OF CHRIST! So the Last Days have been lasting now for 2000 years, the last 2000 years of World history of the 6000! One third of the World's history has been the Last Days, 2000 years since the first coming of Christ to the second coming!
       232. BUT THE FINAL END OF ALL THESE THINGS HE'S TALKING ABOUT, surely that's when the Lord sets up His Kingdom on Earth & the Antichrist's kingdom is destroyed. That's the end of man & his day on Earth. That's the end as far as man's concerned. Not the end as far as we're concerned, but that's the end of man's rule & reign on Earth, & God really completely takes over.
       233. AND IT'S DIVIDED HERE INTO TWO PERIODS AFTER THE TRIBULATION: 30 DAYS & 45 DAYS! What else could they be but the Marriage & the Wrath together at the same time, one up there & one down here, & then the War together on Earth? Two periods: 30 days, 45 days. 30-day Party, 30-day Wrath. Then 45 days of War to the very End! I never got that until I was talking to you tonight!
       234. I JUST SAID, "LORD, YOU'VE GOTTA SHOW IT TO ME! I REALLY DON'T KNOW!" But it came to me just as clear as anything while I was talking to you! Well, it's just really two periods, the period of Marriage & Wrath at the same time, & then the period of War. So what other periods could it be talking about that were important? That's all that's left! There's just 30 days left, & then another 45 of War. 30 days of Marriage & Wrath, 45 days of War!
       235. NOW, EITHER I GOT THAT FROM THE LORD, OR I DIDN'T! So you can take it or leave it, whatever you want to believe. I know most of you know that I've gotten a lot of things from the Lord, & I'm not very often wrong, am I? I'm usually right! So the chances are by the law of averages, God's laws of averages, that I'm probably right! At least my guess is as good as yours! And my theory I think might even be a lot better!--Ha!
       236. SO THAT'S THE END OF CHAPTER 12! Have we reached the end of our video tape yet? We've got ten minutes more? My goodness, ten minutes more! Hallelujah! Oh, we didn't quite read the last verse! Oh my goodness! Well, that might take me ten minutes! Ha!
       237. "BUT GO THOU THY WAY"--who's he talking to? (Family: Daniel!) Daniel! "Till the end be: for thou shalt rest & stand in thy lot at the end of the days." He said, "But don't you worry about it! Beat it, Daniel, go your way, do whatever else you have to do!" And I guess he didn't have too much that was very important to do after that because that's the end of the Book of Daniel! Maybe he died soon after that, which was his time of rest.
       238. OH, I NEVER DID SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW WE FIGURED THAT RIGHT HERE. (Shows board:) Here's the 1260 days & the difference between that & the end of the Tribulation here & the 1290 days. 1260 from 1290 leaves 30 days after the Tribulation. And 1260 days from 1335 days leaves 75 days after the Tribulation. So that's 30 plus 45 is 75! So there's 75 days after the Tribulation we've accounted for here in these last two answers of the actual number of days of time, the last days of time, the last days of man's reign on Earth, a reign of Hell, Hell on the Earth!
       239. THAT'S ALL IT'S BEEN FROM BEGINNING TO END! From the murder of Abel by his brother Cain it's been nothing but war & Hell from one end of the World to the other! It's been nothing but Hell on Earth ever since, & it'll be Hell on Earth to the very End!--The end of the Tribulation, the end of the Wrath of God & the end of the Battle of Armageddon! But praise God, it's Heaven on Earth for us, amen? (Family: Amen!) Because we have Heaven in our hearts!
       240. "HEAVEN IS HERE, IS HERE RIGHT NOW! Heaven is here, I'll tell you how! Jesus to know is Heaven below! Heaven is here, is here & now!" And I kind of mislearned that little chorus & I used to sing it: "Heaven is here, is here & how!"--Ha! (Sings:) "Heaven is here, is here & now! Heaven is here, I'll tell you how! Jesus to know, is Heaven below! Heaven is here, is here & now!" How about that?
       241. WELL, MAYBE THAT'S A LITTLE TOO HIGH FOR SOME OF YOU TO SING. Let's try it a little lower, huh? (Sings:)"Heaven is here, is here & now! Heaven is here, I'll tell you how! Jesus to know is Heaven below! Heaven is here, is here & how!" Praise God?--Here, & how! Can you sing that with me? I'll try to pitch it maybe in your key where you can sing it a little better. (Sings:) "Heaven is here, is here & now! Heaven is here & I'll tell you how! Jesus to know is Heaven below! Heaven is here, is here & how!"--If you know Jesus! PTL? And our children sing that little song, maybe you can sing that for me, how to be happy. How does that go?
       242. (FAMILY & DAD SING:) "THE TIME TO BE HAPPY IS NOW, & the place to be happy is here! And the way to be happy is to make others happy & we'll have a little Heaven right here!" (Dad sings it again:)"The time to be happy is now! And the place to be happy is here! And the way to be happy is to make others happy & we'll have a little Heaven right here!" Everybody sing it:
       243. "THE TIME TO BE HAPPY IS NOW! The place to be happy is here! And the way to be happy is to make everybody happy, & we'll have a little Heaven right here!" Hallelujah? TYJ! So Heaven is here! (Sings:)
       "Heaven is here, is here right now!
       Heaven is here & I'll tell you how!
       Jesus to know is Heaven below!
       Heaven is here, is here & how-lelujah!"

Ha! Hallelujah! PTL? GBY! TYJ! Amen! PTL?
       244. SO HE TOLD DANIEL, "DON'T WORRY, DANIEL, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A NICE REST UNTIL THE LAST DAY, & THEN YOU'RE GONNA STAND IN THY LOT AT THE END OF THE DAYS! Now I'm going to prove something else to you from the Bible. They're gonna have real estate in Heaven! And Daniel's going to have a lot! The Bible says so, he's gonna stand in his lot at the end of the days! And I'm going to stand in my lot, & you're going to have your lot, & everybody's going to have his own lot! That's not too bad, huh?--And a mansion on it! (Jn.14:2)
       245. THERE'S GONNA BE A LOT OF ROOM TO HAVE A LOT OF LOTS! In my Father's House, Jesus said, are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you! I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, there you may be also!--In your mansion, on your lot! (Jn.14:2,3) Amen? (Family: Amen!) What's the matter with having a mansion on a lot? A mansion has got to sit somewhere! All the mansions I ever saw in this World were sitting on some kind of lot, sometimes a pretty big plot! Sometimes a whole estate & a lot of grounds!
       246. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, CONSIDERING HOW FEW PEOPLE IT LOOKS LIKE ARE GOING TO GO TO HEAVEN, there's going to be oodles of room in that 1500 mile City!--1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high, 1500 miles square! There's gonna be a lot of room! I imagine those lots are gonna be pretty big! We like to go places where we can be out in the country, like out on a farm or out on a big estate or away from people & not have our neighbours too close!
       247. I USED TO HAVE AN OLD MISSIONARY WHO USED TO SING: "50 MILES OF ELBOW ROOM IN HEAVEN!" Well, I don't know if I want my neighbours 50 miles away, but some neighbours I could stand to have five miles away, some neighbours I might want at least 50 feet away, some neighbours I can hardly stand to have'm five feet away, like you! I like you right close all the time. But the lot's going to be big enough for a mansion, it's gonna be big enough for you & me & close to our neighbours, praise God! There's going to be enough room for everybody! Amen? TYJ!
       248. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THIS WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WORD OF YOURS THAT TELLS US THESE MANY BEAUTIFUL MYSTERIES! Thank You for revealing their meaning. Thank You Jesus for telling us when it's going to happen, how it's going to happen, how long it's going to last & exactly to the very day how long each of these things is going to last, so that we'll have the courage & the faith & the endurance to know Thy Word is true as we see them happen, & that they happen exactly like You said & exactly the length of time You said to encourage our faith, Lord. It'll encourage us so much to know that it won't belong now, that it'll soon be over! TYJ!
       249. WE WON'T HAVE TO SAY, "HOW LONG, O LORD, HOW LONG?" LIKE DANIEL DID & THE ANGEL DID--WE'LL KNOW HOW LONG, BECAUSE YOU TOLD US! Thank You Jesus for telling us so we'd be encouraged to know when the End of all these things would be! Thank You Lord for the wonderful Heaven on Earth that's coming during the Millennium when we will rule over the World, Lord. That'll be some satisfaction after all the things they've done to us. And thank You Lord for the Heaven on Earth, the heavenly Earth, the New Heaven & the New Earth where we'll reign with Thee forever! TYJ! And we'll each one have our own mansion on our own lot, just like Daniel! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! In Jesus' name.
       250. HAVE YOU GOT YOUR RESERVATION IN FOR YOUR MANSION ON YOUR LOT IN HEAVEN?--Is it already written down in the plat book in God's archives, numbered, named, with your name on it, your number?! Are you ready? Well, you are if you have Jesus in your heart & you believe in Him & you're saved! Your name's written down in His book!--A lot bigger book than this one, it's going to be written down probably a whole lot bigger than we've been writing down these figures tonight, even a bigger book than this one we've been studying Daniel out of over here.
       251. IS YOUR NAME WRITTEN DOWN IN THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE? Have you got your reservation in? Is there a mansion up there prepared for you that Jesus has gone to prepare? It won't be long now, He's about finished. It's gotta happen pretty soon, can't be very much longer, just a few more years! Just to put the finishing touches on a few more mansions for a few more people who are getting saved! For everybody that gets saved the Lord's gotta build another mansion up there & He's gotta put it on another lot & put their name on it!
       252. HAVE YOU GOT YOUR RESERVATION IN? HAVE YOU GOT YOUR NAME ON THE MANSION & YOUR PLOT NUMBER IN THE PLAT BOOK OF HEAVEN? Is it ready for you? Praise God, if you have Jesus, it's all ready for you, or will be ready as soon as you get ready to receive Him in your heart & thank Him for it & to prepare to endure the last of this life & its tribulations & its torments & its troubles & its wars & its Hell on Earth! Some will have to go through that till the End when Jesus comes, but He'll keep you no matter what! And I warn you again, the folks who are best prepared for survival will be best prepared for the Tribulation & be able to be a witness for the Lord to the very End! PTL? Amen?
       253. DO YOU BELIEVE IT? DO YOU BELIEVE THIS BIBLE WE'VE BEEN TEACHING YOU TONIGHT? (Family: Amen!) Well, you don't have to believe my theories or what I think or even what maybe the Lord revealed to me, but that's what I got & that's what I believe because the Lord just showed it to me! And that's the way He showed me a lot of things! That's how I got "The 70 Years Prophecy" (No.156) & "The Watch" (No.186A) & a lot of those things that I've gotten. And you study those over again & you'll get a lot of things out of them too! And we'll try to go into those recent revelations later after we finish the Bible in Bible Prophecy!
       254. SO THAT IS THE END OF OUR VIDEO TAPE ON DANIEL, & DANIEL 12 IN THIS CASE, & that's the end of the Tribulation, & that's the end of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb & the Wrath & the War, Battle of Armageddon, & I even took you on through the Millennium into the New Heaven & New Earth, so how much further can we get? When is this tape gonna end? Hallelujah! How long, O Lord, how long? How long, O Class, how long? Some of you are wondering, "How long can you keep going, Dad? I want to go to bed!" Well, God bless you all for your patience! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       255. BLESS IT LORD & MAKE IT A BLESSING & THANK YOU JESUS FOR THY WORD & THY TRUTH & THY REVELATIONS! PTL! Isn't that something?--Till I started teaching that to you tonight I didn't know! And now I believe it! I believe it!
       256. --DO YOU? GBAKY TILL JESUS COMES!--In Jesus' name, amen.--Or maybe you'd rather die witnessing than go through all that?--Well, that won't be hard to do, the way things are goin'!--Better to die for something than live for nothing!--What are you livin' for? C'mon!--Let's live & die for Jesus!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family