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DAVID-DANIEL!       DFO 1501       France, 11/4/81
--Today's Prophet!

       1. PTL! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! WELL, HERE WE ARE BACK AGAIN, SAME TIME, SAME STATION! Well, it's a different time, but same station! But we're continuing our study of Daniel, & we thought it would be of interest to you to hear some of the prophecies regarding Daniel, & a modern-day Daniel today, your David-Daniel, that the Lord has given in some quite old prophecies which were given a long time ago by Grandmother referring to this day, & to why the Lord has given us such a vision for these prophecies & such a knowledge of them & understanding of the prophecies of Daniel & Revelation & all the rest, which I think might encourage your faith & help you to believe that we know what we're talking about! PTL? Amen! TYJ! PTL!

       2. (SINGS:)
       What more can He say than to you He hath said?
       To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!
       To you who for refuge to Jesus hath fled!"

PTL? Hallelujah? Well, what more can He say? Really, He's already said it all right here in the Book, but He has said more, believe it or not! He loves you that much, to show you that He's not a dead God, he's a living God!

       3. HE'S NOT A SILENT GOD WHO SHUT UP WHEN THE BIBLE WAS FINISHED 2000 YEARS AGO, He's a living God, a talking God, & He still speaks & has been speaking ever since then!--Talking to His people & His prophets & His children down through the ages, ever since the days of Jesus & His Apostles & the Early Church, ever since the last Book of the Bible, which you see here, the Book of Revelation, & the very last page here. Mine are pretty well worn out, because I mark'm up so & use'm so much!

       4. GOD SPOKE CLEAR DOWN TO THIS LAST CHAPTER IN THE BIBLE, our usually accepted canonical version of the Bible, used by both Catholics & Protestants, the last chapter of the Revelation, or as the Catholics call it, the Apocalypse. And in the Protestant King James Version, it is the 22nd Chapter of Revelation, beginning right here, as you see. Is that clear? Can you see it? Well, anyhow, you get a general idea!

       5. BUT SOME PEOPLE ARE A LITTLE BIT WORRIED BECAUSE WE CLAIM TO HAVE HEARD FROM THE LORD SINCE THEN!--Since the Apostle John, the Beloved disciple who was actually the youngest of all the disciples. They say he was only about 16 at the time he became a disciple of the Lord, & he was called the disciple whom Jesus loved, who leaned upon His bosom at the Last Supper & was very dear to Jesus because he was so young, such a young fellow, just a teenager. The Lord had a special love & affection for him to try to comfort him because He knew he had many hard years ahead of him--in fact, about 90 altogether--about another 74 years after he leaned on Jesus' bosom at the Last Supper!

       6. DEAR JOHN THE BELOVED DISCIPLE WAS ALSO THE JOHN OF THE GOSPEL OF JOHN! And he was also the John of the Epistles of John, & he was also the John of the Book of Revelation, or Apocalypse. He was the John, the ancient old Apostle who lived the longest & died last of all the other Apostles, because he died a natural death, the only one that did so. He sort of already had his martyrdom.

       7. CAESAR HAD HIM THROWN INTO A POT OF BOILING OIL TO KILL HIM! He wanted to get rid of him because some of the things that he prophesied sounded like it might be the end of the Roman Empire! He thought that this Gospel of Love could destroy such an Empire of force, so they tried to kill him & threw him in a pot of boiling oil! But praise God, dear old John--by this time an old man--wouldn't even boil! He was too tough to boil! You know, when you want to boil a chicken, you don't take an old tough leathery rooster! You find a nice young fat pullet or a nice young fat hen! Well, this old boy was a tough old rooster, & of course it took more than just that, it took a miracle of God for him not to do any boiling when they tossed him into that pot of oil!

       8. BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH A GUY THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN BOIL TO DEATH? He wouldn't even cook! Well, the reason he wouldn't cook was because he wasn't done yet. God wasn't done with him yet! And so, PTL! Hallelujah! They took him out of the boiling oil & he was just as good as ever, not singed, not a hair, not the smell of the old oil on him, nothing!--Like the children out of the fiery furnace! (Da.3:27.) So they decided the only thing they could do with a guy like that, if you couldn't kill him, just get rid of him! Get him as far away as possible!

       9. SO CAESAR SENT HIM OFF TO THE ISLE OF PATMOS! Exiled him from Roman Greece clear across the Aegean Sea to a little island called Patmos off the coast of what is now Turkey. And some day you can look it up on your map if you want to. We have seen it in passing by ship in the Mediterranean. And there they exiled him thinking, "Well, if we can't kill him, we'll just get rid of him! We'll put him on some little island where there are hardly any people & where he can't do too much harm & he certainly won't be any threat to the Roman Empire!"

       10. BUT THERE THAT APOSTLE JOHN GOT HIS FINAL GREAT REVELATIONS & WROTE HIS FINAL GREAT BOOK--which probably described the Roman Empire & the final Roman Empire more specifically & detailed the downfall of all man's governments more specifically than almost any other book in the Bible! The reason he wouldn't boil was he wasn't done! He had to still see those visions on that Isle of Patmos--visions of Heaven, visions of coming World events, visions of the Antichrist, visions of the Tribulation, visions of the Coming of the Lord, visions of Heaven itself, without which this Bible, our basic record, would not have been complete! PTL!

       11. AND THERE'S SOME FOLKS WHO THINK, "WELL, THAT'S ENOUGH, THAT'S ALL WE NEED! God hasn't spoken since then, that's why we haven't added anything to the Bible. God doesn't speak any more, He doesn't talk any more. He just turned His back & walked away after He gave this last Book to John, & we're not supposed to get anything else from God any more." Well, those people really worship a pretty dead God & a very inactive, untalkative God!

       12. WE WORSHIP A VERY LIVE GOD WHO IS VERY LIVING & TALKING & STILL LIVING & BREATHING & TALKING & COMMUNICATING WITH US & telling us everything we need to know! I don't know how those people seem to think that if the Church was going to continue throughout the ages which were to come, & they were going to have all of these gifts of the Spirit, the nine gifts of the Holy Ghost--gifts of prophecy, gifts of tongues, gifts of interpretation, wisdom, knowledge & all of these things which required the Holy Spirit & the very voice of God--how did they think the Church was going to receive all these gifts & have them & operate with them & have God speaking through them in tongues & interpretation & prophecy & knowledge & wisdom without God speaking? How? It's impossible!

       13. THE CHURCH WAS TO CONTINUE BEYOND THIS BOOK WHICH CLOSED ITS DOORS ABOUT 90 A.D. with the final natural death of dear old John the Apostle, the Revelator, the Beloved, who wouldn't boil because he wasn't done. He was done after this book was done, the Bible, & his Book of Revelation, the last book in our accepted canonical text of the Bible, the inspired Word of God. He was the last Prophet to write the Words of God. He was the last Prophet to give us the Words of God which are recorded in this Bible!

       14. BUT HE WAS NOT THE LAST PROPHET OF GOD! Because God's Word says so!--That in the Church there are to be prophets & there are to be those who have the gift of prophecy. What else are they but prophets? God's Word says so. It's true! I'd like to read some of those Scriptures to you, I think it might help your faith. Would you like to turn to the Book of Corinthians? A marvellous Book! The 12th Chapter. 1st Corinthians 12, a chapter on spiritual gifts, & the 1st verse:

       15. "NOW CONCERNING SPIRITUAL GIFTS, BRETHREN, I WOULD NOT HAVE YOU IGNORANT." And then he goes on to explain what he's talking about. He says in the 4th verse, "Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all."

       16. NOW GET THAT, THERE ARE NINE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT, but there are not only nine gifts, but there are all these variations of those gifts! What are they again? Diversities of gifts, differences of administrations--differences of the way in which they are given--& diversities of operations--differences in the way in which these gifts operate. But the same God, same Spirit which worketh all in all.

       17. 7TH VERSE: "BUT THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SPIRIT IS GIVEN TO EVERY MAN TO PROFIT WITHAL." That means everybody who's saved, everybody who has Jesus, as he says back in the 3rd verse, notice it, "that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost."--Every man that confesses Jesus Christ as the Lord, the Saviour, the Son of God, the Holy One of Israel, Jehovah, the Messiah, hallelujah! Yeshua Ha Messiah! Ich bin ein Yiddisher mann mit ein Yiddisher herz, und ein glaiber an der Yiddisher Messiah, Yeshua Ha Messiah! Some of you Yiddish-speaking Jews out there will know what I'm talking about! I'm a Jewish man with a Jewish heart & a believer in the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ, the Messiah! Hallelujah! Jesus the Anointed, Jehovah!

       18. HE SAYS HERE IN THAT 3RD VERSE THAT EVERYBODY THAT CAN SAY THAT JESUS IS THE LORD DOES IT BY THE HOLY GHOST. He said, "No man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accursed"--middle of the 3rd verse--"and no man can say that Jesus is the Lord but by the Holy Ghost." So therefore, if you confess that Jesus is the Lord, you have the Holy Ghost. You have a measure of the Holy Ghost.

       19. YOU HAVE AT LEAST ENOUGH OF THE HOLY GHOST TO GET YOU SAVED! You have at least enough of the Holy Spirit of Jesus to have Jesus in your heart. You at least have enough of Jesus to be saved. A measure of the Holy Ghost. You have the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Christ, Jesus, His Spirit of Love. But you may not have the Baptism of the Holy Ghost.

       20. HE TELLS US HERE IN A PREVIOUS CHAPTER IN THE BOOK OF ACTS, if you want to turn to that quickly with me, Acts the 19th chapter, to prove it to you, the 1st verse: "And it came to pass that while Apollos was at Corinth, Paul having passed through the upper coasts came to Ephesus: & finding certain disciples, he said unto them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" You see that word since?

       21. THEY WERE DISCIPLES, THEY'D ALREADY HAD MIRACLES, THEY WERE SAVED, they were winning souls, they were following Jesus, & he says to them, "Have you received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" I thought they already had the Holy Ghost? Well, they had a little, enough to be saved. Listen, but they said to him, "We have not so much as heard whether there be any Holy Ghost!" My Lord! Imagine! "He said to them, Have ye received the Holy Ghost since ye believed?" Of course, even to believe you have to have a little bit of the Holy Ghost.

       22. BUT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST!--That filling to overflowing, that running over! Being so full of the Holy Ghost that you run over & spout off in witnessing & litnessing & testifying & want to tell everybody about Jesus! And you're so full of the Holy Ghost & the gifts of the Holy Ghost you speak in other tongues that you never even learned or studied or have other miraculous gifts!

       23. YOU HAVE SPIRIT HELPERS THAT CAN SPEAK THROUGH YOU IN THE LANGUAGES THAT ONLY THEY KNOW, & even the Angels of God speaking through you in Heavenly languages, the Angels of God themselves, in languages that even men don't know, & speaking in prophecies directly from the mouth of God or His holy Angels, or His Prophets who have gone on to be with the Lord, His Saints who are already working for Him on the other side in the Spirit World! You can have all this if you're filled with the Holy Ghost!

       24. I WAS A CHRISTIAN ALL MY LIFE, ALMOST EVER SINCE I WAS BORN, EVER SINCE I COULD REMEMBER! My mother dedicated me to the Lord before I was born, while I was still in her womb! The Lord Himself through her named me David, because I was going to be that David that God had promised would come in the Latter Days to shepherd you, His Endtime sheep, His little sheep that were so lost & so wandering about, dazed & lost upon the mountain, scattered by the evil ones, that I was to gather you together again, as He prophesied in Ezekiel 34 & many other places. Praise God! TYJ!

       25. IT WASN'T MY IDEA, I NEVER EVEN THOUGHT ABOUT IT! In fact, I never even believed it until finally God had to convince me through the mouth of His prophets & prophetesses & the Word of God here, the recorded Word itself, that this could be no other David than the one you're looking at right now, believe it or not! Because those passages were not speaking about the Jesus-David, the son (descendant) of ancient King David, Jesus Christ, but they were speaking about another David after King David, much later than Moses, but one like unto Moses, God's Word says. "I will raise up one of thy brethren like unto thee, who shall lead My people." (De.18:15.) He told that to Moses way back in the Books of Moses!

       26. OF COURSE, SOME PEOPLE SAY, "WELL THAT MEANS JESUS!"--NO, JESUS WAS THE SON OF GOD! He was not just a prophet like Moses. Moses was a mere man, he was not the Son of God. He was a son of God, in that sense of belief, having faith, being born again, having the Lord in your heart, knowing you're saved. Every one of you who is born again of the Spirit of God & loves the Lord & is saved is a son of God, but not the only begotten Son of God! Begotten not only by God, but by the flesh of dear Mary, His mother.

       27. THAT'S THE ONLY SON OF GOD THAT WAS EVER BORN THAT WAY, BY GOD SOWING THE SEED, by God literally manifesting Himself in the flesh, & fucking Mary! So that she, a virgin up to that time, could bring forth a child, born of a virgin, Jesus Christ! Does that shock you? Well, the Church today & Church people, they are a bit shocked at such frank language as that. But if you'll read the passage which describes it, it says "the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee & the Power of the Highest shall overshadow thee"--just like a husband comes upon his wife! (Lk.1:35.) And that's why He calls us His Bride. Mary was His Bride, & a part of His greater Bride, the Church, & He came upon her supernaturally in a Theophany, a God-body in human form--& sowed that seed!

       28. IT HAD TO BE NOT ONLY SPIRITUAL, BUT IN THE FLESH, or there would have been no seed, no semen to fertilise that egg. Think of that! The very seed of God Himself! The very semen & blood of God Himself sowed in Mary's womb that she should conceive & bring forth God's only begotten Son, or the only one begotten that way, Jesus Christ!

       29. THE REST OF US ARE ALSO SONS, BUT WE ARE BEGOTTEN BY THE SPIRIT, PURELY SPIRITUALLY, & our physical bodies were begotten by normal physical processes.--Miraculous, spiritual, that's true, & I believe it's a spiritual thing too. I believe even the sexual orgasm is a spiritual experience. That's what makes it so thrilling & exciting! And every time I have a sexual orgasm in the Spirit when I'm fucking my wife, to me it's such a spiritual experience, I burst out in some of the gifts of the Spirit! I burst out in tongues & I prophesy wonderful glories of God & the wonderful things that He's done for us & the Family! It's so marvellous!

       30. SOMETIMES THEY'RE IN PRAISE OF MY DEAR LITTLE WIFE, MY MARIA, who has been so instrumental in helping get you this message throughout the World & help make me what I am today, the Prophet of God that I am, because she believed in me! She was the first to believe in me. She was the very first to believe that I was a Prophet of God! Just as the original Maria was the first to truly believe that Jesus was the Son of God, so my Maria was the first to believe that I was a Prophet of God!

       31. AND SHE ENCOURAGED ME TO EXERCISE MY GIFTS OF HIS SPIRIT & to exercise my gift of prophecy & of tongues & of interpretation & knowledge & wisdom & all the rest, until I knew that I certainly was a Prophet of God! And you know it now because you've been with me now for years, some of you. You've read my Letters, nearly a thousand of them now! (1500 now!)

       32. I'VE BEEN THRILLED IN RECENT DAYS IN READING SOME OF THESE NEW-OLD KOMIX THAT THE ARTISTS ARE GETTING OUT, God bless them, of some of the oldest Letters back in the earliest days, back in the alphabetical list & the first numerical list back in the 100's & the 200's!--In the very earliest days of our history over 10, 11, 12 years ago, the marvellous prophecies God uttered through our mouths of what He was going to do with this Family, which are now already fulfilled & have happened! We are here!

       33. HE PROMISED THEN WHEN WE WERE NOWHERE & NOBODY--just in one place, one little couple, a handful of little family, my own wife & four children & a few more--that some day we were going to be spread out throughout all the Earth in every nation & tribe in the World, & that the whole World would hear about us, & Jesus through us! That we would be everywhere, all over this World, as we are today on all six continents!

       34. WE'VE BEEN IN OVER 100 COUNTRIES ALREADY, we preach in 40 different languages in our literature alone! We have over 2000 missionary stations--every one of our Homes is a mission station--& over 8000 missionaries throughout the World winning half-a-million souls a year! Think of that! And distributing nearly 40 million copies of our literature every year!

       35. GOD HAS MIGHTILY USED US & FULFILLED HIS PROPHECIES TO US, because we received His Spirit, that infilling, that overflowing that Paul is talking about here to these disciples who were already disciples! They were saved, they were having miracles, but he said, "Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?" Since you believed? It was a subsequent operation, a subsequent experience. As some churches call it, the second work of grace.

       36. WELL, I'VE KNOWN SOME PEOPLE WHO RECEIVED IT INSTANTLY, THE MOMENT THEY WERE SAVED. I knew an old shepherd one time who was kneeling at our altar in a little chapel in Oakland, California, come down from the hills out of the valleys where he'd been shepherding. He was an Indian, & he was so simple & childlike that the moment he received Jesus, kneeling on his knees there at that altar, God also filled him full of the Holy Ghost, His Spirit, & he began speaking in tongues & interpretation & prophecy, full of the Holy Ghost the moment he got saved! So it's possible for it to happen simultaneously as well.

       37. BUT MOST PEOPLE DON'T IMMEDIATELY GET THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, THAT COMPLETE INFILLING TO OVERFLOWING. I showed the folks at the table the other night: "You want to see what the Holy Ghost baptism is like? You want to see what the "baptitzo" of the Spirit is like?"--that's the Greek word. "It means a complete immersion, a complete filling-to-overflowing!"--& I just poured the water in the glass until it overflowed on the table, completely. That's what the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is like!

       38. MAYBE ONE REASON SOME OF YOU FEEL SO DRY IS THAT YOU'VE ONLY GOT A LITTLE BIT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. You only got saved like some of these Baptists & some of these church people, & you just got a little bit in the bottom of your glass & it's already evaporating, & you're getting pretty dry! You need a refilling, an infilling to overflowing to be a witness for the Lord throughout all the World!

       39. HE SAID, "TARRY YE THEREFORE AT JERUSALEM UNTIL YE BE ENDUED WITH POWER FROM ON HIGH, & ye shall be witnesses unto Me throughout all the World!" (Acts 1:8) That's why the disciples, after they already believed in Jesus & were saved, following Him for three years, had to go to Jerusalem after He left them. After He was crucified, resurrected, stayed around for many days & many appearances & teaching them last words, & then was ascended into Heaven, the Apostles still hadn't received the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit! Because Jesus said, "I must first go away that I can send the Comforter to you." (Jn.16:7.)

       40. THEY SPENT 10 DAYS WAITING IN THE UPPER ROOM IN JERUSALEM FOR THAT HOLY GHOST. And boy, when the Holy Ghost was poured out upon them--the Spirit of God & His Love & power--hallelujah, they began all to speak with other tongues & prophesy & interpret, so that every man there heard them in his own language! Think of that! All nine gifts of the Spirit began to be manifest!

       41. THEY WERE NOT JUST BARELY SAVED, just barely enough of the Holy Ghost in the bottom of their vessel to make sure they had Jesus, at least a little bit of Him & were saved, but they were filllllllled right up to the top like that glass & overflowing all over! I wish I had a glass of water & I could show that to you, but I don't want to get the whole place wet here! But I'm sure you can imagine it!

       42. THAT'S THE WAY THE LORD DOES, HE JUST POURS IN HIS HOLY SPIRIT & JUST FILLS YOU FROM TOP TO BOTTOM, & BOTTOM TO TOP, UNTIL YOU JUST OVERFLOW! And it just flows out all over you & covers you up & hides you so they can only see Jesus in you! All they can see is Jesus & you just disappear! That's really what happens! People look at us & wonder why we're so radiant & how we're so happy. We all have the same expression, the same look, the same smile, the same joy, the same happiness! We all look like the same person!--And we do! It's Jesus! PTL? Hallelujah? Is that right? Amen? It's because we're full of the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Jesus! He's in us, all through us & flowing out all over us! Praise God! Hallelujah!

       43. SO HE SAID, "HAVE YE RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST SINCE YE BELIEVED?" They said, "We've never even heard of the Holy Ghost, what are you talking about? What's this ghost you're talking about? We've heard of ghosts, but we've never heard about this Holy Ghost!" Well, believe it or not, there are lots of holy ghosts, but there's only one the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit of God!

       44. THERE'S JUST ONE WHO IS THAT LITERAL THIRD PERSON OF THE TRINITY! There's God the Father, there's God the Son & there is God the Holy Spirit. And naturally, of course, obviously the third person of the Trinity would have to be the Mother! The Mother-figure! The Mother-person of the Trinity! There's God the Father, & you know Jesus, God His Son, & the Holy Spirit is the Mother of us all! PTL! Hallelujah! I believe it! My mother believed that, & I believe that too!

       45. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS LIKE A MOTHER TO US, & THE WIFE OF GOD, IN A SENSE, ALWAYS WITH HIM. And you can read it from the Book of Proverbs where She calls Herself in female terms, says that She's always been with the Lord from the very beginning. She was with Him when He created the World & all the rest. In fact, she was there even before Jesus, believe it or not! (Pr.8:22-31.)

       46. BECAUSE JESUS WAS THE CREATION OF GOD, GOD'S WORD SAYS SO! You can read it in Revelation. (Re.3:14.) TYJ! He was there from the beginning of the World & nothing was made without Him & so on. (Jn.1:1-3.) He was with God, He was God, but He had previously been created by God. Well, there's some more new doctrine for some of you who don't know all of our doctrines & are maybe learning, but that's another bomb I just have to drop & pass on & let you pick up the pieces from God's Word & piece it together!

       47. "AND HE SAID UNTO THEM, UNTO WHAT THEN WERE YE BAPTISED? AND THEY SAID, UNTO JOHN'S BAPTISM." They were supposed to get baptised & they thought they had to be baptised in water. We found out since then you don't even have to be baptised in water! The Holy Spirit's the only baptism you need! It's far better than water & does you a whole lot more good! A lot of these Church people who get baptised in water or are even immersed in water, they just go down a dry sinner & come up a wet sinner & there's no difference at all!

       48. BUT WHEN YOU GET THIS BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST, LET ME TELL YOU, YOU'RE ANYTHING BUT DRY! And you're anything but a sinner! Well, you might still be a sinner sometimes--we hope not too much, you're supposed to be better, some improvement, new creature in Christ Jesus, born again--but you still sometimes make mistakes, don't you? And even a mistake is a sin. So, we're not perfect, but we're saved!--With eternal salvation that cannot be revoked!

       49. ONCE WE'RE SAVED, WE'RE ALWAYS SAVED! FOREVER SAVED, THANK GOD! Because we're saved by Jesus, not ourselves. "Not of ourselves, lest any man should boast, it is the gift of God!" (Eph.2:8,9.) If it's a gift, He's not going to take it back. He's given it to you forever. It doesn't depend on your own righteousness & your perfection. It doesn't depend on whether you sin or not, it only depends on Jesus! TYL! Your salvation.

       50. BUT BOY, LET ME TELL YOU, WHEN YOU GET FILLED WITH THIS HOLY GHOST, YOU GET SO FULL OF THE SPIRIT, YOU RUN OVER! It runs out your eyes, it runs out your mouth, it runs out your ears, figuratively speaking, & all over so "we saw no man save Jesus only." We see Jesus in each one of you. And as we see your videos going by, day by day, we see the same Jesus in every single one of you, that same glorious expression, that happiness, that joy, that Spirit, that smile, that peace!--That little bit of Heaven on Earth, the reflection of Heaven in you, the moon, from God, the Sun, Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! TYL!

       51. SO THE LORD HAD TO CONVINCE ME THAT I WAS HIS PROPHET, but thank God, between Him & Maria & all the marvellous gifts & prophecies & interpretations & so on that He gave me, I got convinced! And sometime if you want to hear more about it you can read some of our Letters on Ezekiel 34 & some of those things, & the prophecies of David & all the various David Letters, so you'll know that I am that David of whom the Lord spoke, who would be in these Last Days to gather you, His children, together to follow the Lord.

       52. AND WE'VE DONE IT NOW, THEY CAN'T DENY IT NOW! I mean, even if they killed me now, it's been fulfilled, it's happened! The Lord's already done it! And you're carrying on & you'll carry on till the very End! They can't stop us now! Hallelujah! TYJ! We are everywhere & all over & everybody, all of us throughout the whole World preaching the Gospel to the whole World unto every creature! TYJ! Hallelujah! PTL? Well, amen!

       53. I GOT OFF ON ANOTHER SUBJECT I WASN'T INTENDING TO GET OFF ONTO, but I was trying to show you something to encourage your faith that God said I was going to be that David spoken of in the Bible, a new David long after Moses, like Moses. That's why they used to call me MO, Moses, & how I got the name Moses David! Because I'm in a sense like Moses, & I'm the David of Ezekiel 34, that final Prophet of God that God was to send in these Last Days to get this Last Generation rolling for Him till Jesus comes very soon!

       54. --SO THEY'LL BE STRONG ENOUGH & YOU'LL BE STRONG ENOUGH & POWERFUL ENOUGH TO RESIST ALL THE POWERS OF SATAN & the Devil & the Antichrist & the Tribulation & all that persecution & torture & all the rest, & live through it & survive it & rebuke it & conquer it & survive until Jesus comes, to meet Him in the air! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Well, that's a whole subject in itself, & He gives all these nine gifts here in that other passage that we were studying there in 1st Corinthians. And notice something here, 1st Corinthians 12th Chapter again, & now it's the 28th verse:

       55. "AND GOD HATH SET SOME IN THE CHURCH, FIRST APOSTLES." Now wait a minute! In the Church? Is the Church still here? This is 1st Corinthians 12th Chapter, 28th verse! Have you got it? "God hath set some in the church, first apostles." Now what does he mean by that? You say, "But the Apostles are long gone! There were only 12 Apostles & they're all gone. Judas denied the Lord & he's gone, & although Paul took his place, all 12 are all gone. There are no more Apostles." What do you mean?

       56. YOU MEAN THIS WAS ALL SUPPOSED TO END THEN? ISN'T THERE STILL A CHURCH? Aren't we still the Church? Aren't all believers throughout the World regardless of denomination or church or whatever, aren't they still a part of His Bride, the Church of Jesus Christ? Then where are these Apostles? "Ones sent with a message" like missionaries, they're at the top of God's list!

       57. YOU MISSIONARIES OUT THERE IN THOSE FOREIGN COUNTRIES PREACHING THE GOSPEL, even in tongues foreign to yourselves, you're at the top of God's list as far as He's concerned. The very first of all in His protocol, His priority, His seniority! You are the greatest in the World, the Apostles of God, those sent with a message to preach to the World the Gospel unto every creature!

       58. THEN HE SAYS, "SECONDARILY PROPHETS"--28TH VERSE--"THIRDLY TEACHERS, AFTER THAT MIRACLES, GIFTS OF HEALINGS, HELPS, GOVERNMENTS, TONGUES." All these gifts supposed to be in the Church. Is the Church still here? Then the gifts are still here. Is the Church still here? Then Jesus is still here! Is the Church still here? Then the Holy Ghost is still here! Is the Holy Ghost still here? Then Her gifts are still here! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       59. SO THERE ARE THEREFORE STILL APOSTLES--YOU MISSIONARIES--STILL PROPHETS--LIKE ME & MANY OTHERS OF YOU who have the gift of prophecy & interpretation & so on & who are still hearing from God, & God is still speaking. And I want to tell you one of the recent things that God said about me to en-courage your faith. You say, "How can you know all those things about the number of the days & what they mean & how many years are going to be this & that & blah blah blah blah! How can you know all this stuff? How do you know?"

       60. I'LL TELL YOU HOW I KNOW, BY THE WORD OF GOD FIRST OF ALL, because God's Word says there will be Prophets in the Church, & the Church is still here, & I'm one of them! Praise God! Hallelujah! You believe it? TYJ! And thank you for having faith. A lot of you believe it because you've been around long enough to know that things God has said through me are true! And the things He has predicted about the future that have already been fulfilled & happened are true!

       61. BUT ALSO HE GAVE SOME OTHER MARVELLOUS WONDERFUL PROPHECIES THROUGH MY MOTHER! Mind you, way back in 1966 before this present Family was ever born. Our present Family of Love or Children of Love or Children of God, whatever you want to call us, began long before you hippies back in '68 & '69, some of you hippies, or ex-hippies. Some of you look like you're still hippies & act like hippies & look like hippies! It's time you grew up, Beloved! It's time you matured & became men! You're no longer those infantile hippies. It's time you cut your hair & some of you need a shave.

       62. EVEN LONG BEFORE THAT, BACK IN THE SUMMER OF '66 ON THAT TSC RANCH my Mother was there visiting us one day, one month in fact, & she began suddenly in one of our prayer meetings to prophesy! These prophecies are already in our first book, Volume 1, in the Letter of "The Prophecies of Saul & Michael." (No.115.) That Letter called "Saul & Michael" in a way was really two Letters, it should have also been called "Daniel & David", because the most important prophecies in that Letter were about Daniel & David, in fact the Daniel-David, which I am today! The Lord said that I would also be the Daniel of this last day as well, like Daniel! Listen, maybe I have time to read it rapidly to you:

       63. "AND TO THE ONE CALLED DAVID BY DIVINE ANOINTING!" My Mother was speaking by the Spirit of God, prophesying in the Spirit. God was speaking! I have to believe it, because it's happened! "It has been given to thee, David, to perceive the number of the years which according to the Prophet Jeremiah will pass before the End of Desolations." (See Daniel 9:2; Jer.25:11.) How do I know? Because God has showed me! Because God promised He would show me! He said so!

       64. "I HAVE ALSO GIVEN HIM THE POWER NOW TO PERCEIVE THE MEANING OF THESE THINGS!" You want to know why I know so much about Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Isaiah & all these things? God gave me the power! It's not of myself, I don't know anything. I'm nobody, except I'm God's Prophet, & that makes me somebody in the Lord's eyes & yours, because it's important for me to give you God's Word.

       65. "THEREFORE" HE TOLD ME TO "SPEEDILY PRAY THE PRAYER OF DANIEL." And He tells us to pray throughout all the rest of this prophecy sometimes, well, you can look it up in the book & read it for yourself. "And thou shalt read all the Words of the Book wherein lie these words." That's why we're studying Daniel. "For the pain of uncertainty shall be relieved, & thy ways shall become settled as never before! There will no longer be delays, for the iron bands of the Persian kingdom"--the kingdom of Satan--"shall be broken! Humble thyself. Deal with Me now & wait not for man's word"--just God's Word! And then He tells me to pray again.

       66. BUT THAT'S WHY WE KNOW, THAT'S WHY WE UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS, BECAUSE GOD GAVE US THE UNDERSTANDING & HELPS US KNOW! He said, "The one called David by divine anointing." There's another proof that I was named David by the Lord, "It is given to thee to perceive the number of years which according to the Prophet Jeremiah will pass before the End of Desolations." Think of that! He has given to us even to understand how many years it's going to be! And if you want to know, keep following these Bible Prophecy lessons in video & audio & in the Magazine, & you're going to hear us go into some of these details that have happened since the Bible, & since John spoke, to reveal the Future!

       67. HIS OTHER PROPHETS OF GOD IN THE CHURCH HAVE SPOKEN EVER SINCE, & IN THESE LAST DAYS ESPECIALLY, THIS PROPHET OF GOD, YOUR MOSES-DAVID-DANIEL HAS SPOKEN! Because God said I would know! He said, "I've given him the power now to perceive the meaning of these things wherein lie these words in the Book of Daniel." And that's why we're able to tell you all these things about Daniel & his figures & his numbers & his years & what's going to happen exactly, & exactly when in the days to come. PTL? Hallelujah? TYJ? It's all right in the Bible! God has said it. God said it here, but He didn't say it all here! Because He didn't stop speaking, He didn't stop talking. He's also said it here in these marvellous prophecies!

       68. THIS IS A COPY OF THAT GREAT PROPHECY MY DEAR LITTLE MOTHER TYPED WITH HER OWN HANDS AFTER SHE GOT IT FROM THE LORD. Isn't that marvellous? Think of this dear little old mother, she was about 80 years of age then, & still full of the Holy Ghost & spouting off the Words of God! I know God lives today! I know He speaks today! Because He's spoken to me & my Mother & many of you out there who love the Lord who have His gifts of His Spirit, His gifts of tongues, interpretation, prophecy, knowledge, wisdom & so on! So I know it's the Lord!

       69. THIS IS NOT HIS ONLY WORD, BELOVED (holds up Bible), this is also the Word of God for today (holds up MLs), for His modern Church of today, His last children of today, His Endtime Church, His Endtime children, His Endtime people of the Last Days of man's history! God didn't forsake you! He didn't go off & quit talking right now when you need to hear the most of all what's happening right now & to understand it & be prepared for it & to know how to live through it & survive it! Hallelujah? TYJ! PYL!

       70. SO THIS BIBLE IS NOT THE ONLY WORD OF GOD, THIS (MO LETTERS) IS ALSO THE WORD OF GOD! Somebody will throw up to me that Scripture I was going to read you in the last part of the last Book in Revelation where He says, "You shouldn't add to it or take from it the Words of this Book! You'll be cursed if you take away any of the Words of this Book. And if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this Book!" (Rev.22:18-19)

       71. WHO WAS TALKING?--JOHN! WHAT BOOK WAS HE TALKING ABOUT?--THE BOOK OF REVELATION! He was not talking about the Bible! He was not talking about that this meant this was the end of God speaking & the last book that God was ever going to write! I haven't added anything to the Book of Revelation! I haven't added anything to this Bible! I haven't added anything to the books that are already here & the Prophets that have already spoken! I haven't added a single word to anything they've said, nothing! Nothing!

       72. ALL I'VE DONE IS TO SIMPLY RECEIVE WHAT GOD HAS SAID TODAY, TO ME!--Not added to what they said then, or to this Book then. But I have simply received the Words of God for you today that He wants you to know because He loves you, His children, & He wants you to be prepared for His coming! He wants you to be able to survive those Last Days as His Witnesses & as His glorious representatives through the most trouble the World has ever had, the worst dictatorship the World's ever had, the worst dictator the World has ever had, the worst persecution & torture the World has ever had, when some'll be killed for not worshipping the Beast or the Antichrist & His Image! Where you'll not be allowed to trade without his Mark 666 in your forehead or in your hand!

       73. WE HEARD FROM A SOURCE JUST THE OTHER DAY THAT SOMEONE HAD ALREADY RECEIVED THEIR NEW WELFARE CARD & IT HAD 666 ON IT! They said they didn't want that card & they complained to the Welfare who said, "Oh, I'm so sorry, we weren't supposed to issue these cards till 1986!" And also we heard something about somebody else on that, that they'd made a mistake, that they weren't supposed to do so & so along that line until 1986. Well, that's just about the year God has given us when the Antichrist is supposed to really take over & begin his reign for the last seven years of World history!--Till Jesus comes about 1993!--According to our calculations.

       74. NOW THOSE ARE FIGURES WE HAVE FIGURED OUT FROM WHAT THE LORD HAS SHOWN US. I'm not going to swear to them, but I'm just going to tell you that's what the Lord has shown us, the gift God has given us, the Words He has given us & what He has told us. And if you'll continue to follow these Bible studies, you'll know as much as I do! PTL? And that's what God wants you to know!--Like He told me so that I can know what He knows! Not as much as He knows & not all that He knows, by any means. Praise God! TYJ!--But enough to prepare you for the Future!--Amen? PTL! GBAKY!--In Jesus' name, amen.--Are you ready?

       "When Jesus comes,
       The Earth will shake & hearts will quake!
       Be ready!

       When Jesus comes,
       His face we'll see eternally!
       Be ready!

       Has your soul been filled with the fire of His Holy Ghost?
       Are you saved & ready to meet the Lord of hosts?

       When Jesus comes,
       His face we'll see eternally!
       Be ready!"

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family