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EZEKIEL 38!--Part 1--RUSSIA WILL INVADE ISRAEL!       10/3/81       DFO 1502
--Ezekiel 37:21-28 and Ezekiel 38:1-7

       1. AMEN! PYL! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! AMEN. LORD BLESS US & HELP US AS WE STUDY THY WORD, IN JESUS' NAME. PTL! TYL! Thank You for that encouragement we received from You tonight, the dream that we are a Vernier, a simple yet very precise & true measuring instrument, an accurate measuring computator, computer, calculator, fit to measure the finest type of measurements, even in Thy Word. TYL! PYJ! TYL! Thank You for making us a Vernier to measure these fine things in Thy Word, even to the days & the hours, the months & the years. PYJ! TYL! Amen. PTL! (See No.1311.)

       2. WELL, WE'RE STUDYING EZEKIEL TONIGHT--or today, or this afternoon, or whatever it is wherever you are, maybe it's this morning! But it's most likely tonight because most of you are very busy serving the Lord, witnessing, out litnessing & preaching the Gospel all day long. About the only spare time you have to study the Bible is at night. Besides these videos on television show up better at night, I think, in your trailer park or in your place wherever it is, & you're probably watching at night.

       3. THIS IS A SERIES OF STUDIES ON BIBLE PROPHECY & WE'RE STUDYING THE EVENTS WHICH ARE SOON TO OCCUR which will affect you the most. We haven't time to go back into Bible History & Creation & already-fulfilled Bible prophecies, all of which is a very marvellous interesting, inspiring, encouraging, faith-building study to help you believe the ones which we're studying now about the future.

       4. IF SO MANY PROPHECIES HAVE ALREADY BEEN FULFILLED, so many things the Bible has already predicted have already happened, this encourages your faith to know that the other predictions, these other prophecies which we are now studying are also going to happen just as accurately & just as certainly & in just as great detail as did the ones which have already been fulfilled in the past, for centuries & thousands of years.

       5. GOD'S WORD SAYS THAT NOT ONE SHALL LACK HER MATE (Is.34:16), & the mate of every prophecy is its fulfilment. Isn't that a good term to use for a fulfilled prophecy?--A mate! I find my fulfilment in you, my wives, my children. PTL, you're my mates. God's Word finds its mate in fulfilled Bible Prophecy, & the ones which have already occurred & been fulfilled, foretold hundreds of years in advance & fulfilled to the most intricate detail--which we haven't time to study now because it's too late--but it should encourage your faith to believe the ones we're studying now regarding the immediate future.

       6. IF YOU HAVE BEEN READING OUR LETTERS & STUDYING OUR BIBLE STUDIES THAT WE'VE GIVEN YOU IN THE PAST, you've already studied many of these fulfilled prophecies, how God's Word has been fulfilled--its predictions, prophecies of the future which is now past history & already fulfilled, have been so faithfully & so perfectly fulfilled by history--then it won't be hard for you to believe that what we're reading you tonight is going to be fulfilled as well.

       7. WE HAVE BEEN PARTICULARLY STUDYING IN GOD'S PROPHECIES THE MOST IMPORTANT PERIOD TO COME IN ALL HISTORY VERY SOON, & that is the last seven years of World history; the last seven years of the reign of man; the last seven years of the reign of the Devil, the god of this World; the last seven years, the reign of the Antichrist; the last seven years of World history which is soon to come. We believe it with all our hearts because God's Word has always proven true & it always happens exactly as God said.

       8. AND APPARENTLY FROM WHAT WE CAN SEE FROM GOD'S WORD & BIBLE PROPHECY, THERE'S GOING TO BE A VERY GREAT WAR, the coming Atomic War, the Oil War, a war of almost annihilation of one part of all mankind when the Antichrist, this Devil-man, the Devil in person, the Devil incarnate, the son of the Devil, the son of Satan--not son of Sam but son of Satan--will be possessed by the Devil & take over the rule of the whole Earth! In the midst of his seven-year reign he will abolish all other religions & insist that the whole World worship him as God. And he will set up his Image in the holiest place on Earth to the World's three greatest religions--Christianity, Judaism & Islam. They don't like to say "Mohammedanism," that's like you would call us "Davidism" when we're really the Children of God, the Family of Love, the Children of Love, &... (Spits!) Excuse me! Some of this message is so hot it dries my lips! PTL!

       9. HE PLACES HIS IMAGE THERE IN THE HEART OF JERUSALEM ON MOUNT MORIAH BETWEEN THE TEMPLES, the present Islamic Temple, the Dome of the Rock, Mosque of Omar, & the rebuilt Jewish Temple where they will have restored & reinstituted animal sacrifices during his reign. Because he will have internationalised the City of Jerusalem & the former Temple area, about a half-a-mile square area of Jerusalem where the Temple once stood & where now the Dome of the Rock or the Mosque of Omar stands over the rock on which Abraham started to sacrifice Isaac, which was once the Temple altar.

       10. THE JEWISH TEMPLE, ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD, WILL BE REBUILT, BECAUSE HE STOPS THE REINSTITUTED SACRIFICES. He makes a promise of seven years of peace & harmony & union with the three great religions of the World to be at peace with each other--Christianity, Judaism, & Islam--& not to fight over Jerusalem any longer but to make it an internationalised open city where all will be free to worship according to their religion--until he finds that even that does not satisfy them & does not stop their fighting & their religious bickering & troublemaking--so he finally just decides to abolish all religions completely, he becomes very angry!

       11. AND THE PASSAGE WHICH WE HAVE TO DEAL WITH TONIGHT IS EZEKIEL 38 & 39 in which he becomes so angry that he completely invades Israel & conquers the whole Mideast & sets up his palace in Jerusalem, sets up his Image in the Temple area & commands all the World to worship him as God. He has his Image command that all that shall not worship him shall be killed & that everyone should receive the Mark of the Beast, 666, in their palm or in their forehead or they'll not be able to buy or sell. (Rev.13:15-18)

       12. THE CHAPTERS OF EZEKIEL 38 & 39 HAVE PARTICULARLY TO DO WITH THE WAR IN WHICH HE INVADES ISRAEL & conquers it & sets up his complete Antichrist government, anti-God government, an atheistic government in which he proclaims himself as God & sets up his Image to be worshipped. Very significantly enough, one of the passages prophesying events just before that have to do with us personally. The first one is Ezekiel 34, which most of you are familiar with, but this one is in Ezekiel 37, just before this reign of the Antichrist & this Battle of Gog & Magog & this Russian invasion of Israel. I think that's very significant, don't you?

       13. THE PASSAGE JUST BEFORE THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS GREAT ANTI-CHRIST ANTI-GOD ATHEISTIC COUNTRY & KINGDOM WHICH INVADES ISRAEL, the passage just before these events of the Antichrist kingdom & his invasion of Israel is a passage predicting the rise of a king of God named David! You can believe it or not, you don't have to believe it, but it's there just the same & I'll read it to you & you can take it for what it's worth & see what you think. We begin with the 21st verse of the 37th Chapter of Ezekiel. The church has usually interpreted this as saying, "Well, this David means Jesus." Well, then what is he doing here before the Antichrist instead of after the Antichrist?

       14. 21ST VERSE: "AND SAY UNTO THEM, "THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD; BEHOLD I WILL TAKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL FROM AMONG THE HEATHEN, whither they be gone, & will gather them on every side & bring them into their own land." Now the church, of course, has always interpreted this as being the Jews & this land being the literal land of Israel. Well, it's true that God in fulfilling Bible prophecy has permitted the Jews to be gathered out of all the World & every nation on the face of the Earth to which they have been scattered & gathered back into the land of Israel, & they have proclaimed it again their own land, Israel, a Jewish homeland.

       15. BUT SINCE [DELETED] THEY REJECTED JESUS THEIR MESSIAH, therefore in a sense they no longer have a homeland because they no longer are a people as far as God's concerned. [DELETED] Of the hundreds of new Jewish settlements in Israel, only a handful have official Jewish places of worship, so that the Jewish nation itself no longer worships God. [DELETED]

       16. [DELETED] So who is this talking about, this Israel & their own land & so on?

       17. GOD OF COURSE IS TALKING ABOUT SPIRITUAL ISRAEL, the children of Abraham by faith which He has told you through His Own Word & through the mouth of His Apostles of the Early Church, means you! Whether you be Jew or Gentile or Greek or Black or White or male or female, it no longer makes any difference. There's now no longer any Jew nor Gentile in Christ Jesus. No male or female, no Black or White, for all are one in Christ Jesus. We are all of just one nation now, the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. (Ga.3:28)

       18. AND WHAT IS OUR LAND? IT'S THE KINGDOM OF GOD! WHERE IS IT? IT'S IN YOUR HEART! "The Kingdom of God," Jesus Himself said, "cometh not with observation." You can't see it! He said, "For the kingdom of God is within you!" (Lk.17:20,21) The woman at the well began a religion argument. (Jn.4) As soon as she found out He was somewhat religious, like so many unbelievers she wanted to argue religion. And she herself was very irreligious & had about five husbands & was already living with one that wasn't her husband, obviously what the World would call a sinner, & certainly what the church would call a wicked woman! (Jn.4:17-18)

       19. BUT IN THE EYES OF JESUS SHE WAS RIGHTEOUS & LOVED BECAUSE SHE WAS A SINNER! And He went way up out of His way to make a lonely trip through her land of Samaria to meet her personally & alone at a well when she came in the heat of the day, the time when no other women came for water because it was too hot. She came when no other women would be there because they would have laughed & derided her, criticised her, sneered at her & viewed her with contempt. She didn't want to have to come when the other women were there, she came in the heat of the day when nobody else was there. She came alone to the well.

       20. JESUS KNEW SHE WAS GOING TO BE THERE because He told His disciples before He left on the trip to hike that long way, many weary hot dusty miles along the dusty roads of the Holy Land. He was in Judaea, He was going to Galilee, & every good Jew would have avoided Samaria which lay between like the plague, "because the Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans." (Jn.14:9) They were a mongrel race, a mixture of Jews & Arabs who had a different place of worship, not at the Temple on Mount Moriah but upon another mountain in Samaria that they said was the place to worship.

       21. THE SAMARITANS WERE OSTRACISED, THEY WERE BANNED & EXILED BY THE JEWS because they had mixed with the Gentiles. They were a mongrel race, mulattos, half-breeds, half-breed Jews that the Jews did not accept, & viewed with contempt & despised & considered them foreign & irreligious & illegal, really, but Jesus loved them!

       22. ONE OF THE GREATEST STORIES HE EVER TOLD, HE TOLD IT ABOUT A GOOD SAMARITAN who had mercy & love upon a Jew!--The story of the Good Samaritan. (Lk.10:30-37) He was trying to show the World "Who is my neighbour?" He said there was no longer any Ten Commandments, no longer any law of the Jews, no longer any law of Moses, but only the Law of Love! Jesus said all you had to do now was love God & to love your neighbour, His Law of Love. He said, "In these are all the Law & all the prophets. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God, & thy neighbour as thyself." (Mt.22:37-40)

       23. SO WHILE THE JEWS HATED THE SAMARITANS, JESUS LOVED THEM & He went out of His way to go the lonely road to Samaria to meet a woman, a lone "bad woman" by a well in the heat of the day when no one else went there, so they could have a lonely conversation alone together. And right away she began to argue religion. She said, "You Jews say that Mount Moriah, the Temple is the place to worship. We say that here on Mount Gerizim is the place to worship." For a long time the Samaritans had their own temple there on Mount Gerizim near the city of Samaria. And you know what Jesus said to her?

       24. HE SAID, "THE TIME IS COMING & NOW IS WHEN YE SHALL WORSHIP GOD NEITHER HERE UPON THIS MOUNTAIN NOR IN JERUSALEM, but he that pleases God shall worship God in Spirit"--in here (taps heart)--"& in Truth"--(taps Bible), in here, His Word. "For," He said, "God seeketh such to worship Him. He that worships God shall worship Him in Spirit & in Truth." (Jn.4:21-24)

       25. IN OTHER WORDS, THE TEMPLE MEANT NOTHING TO GOD ANY MORE! [DELETED] [EDITED: "The"] Temple is dead & gone & has been for 2000 years! They've never had religious sacrificial Temple worship since then!

       26. MOSES TOLD THEM "WITHOUT THE SHEDDING OF BLOOD THERE SHALL BE NO REMISSION OF SINS!" (Le.17:11.) And yet they have no temple, no altar--it's under a Muslim mosque now. They have no fire, no sacrificial worship, no shedding of blood. I asked a rabbi one day, I said, "When Moses said that without the shedding of blood there's no remission of sins, what do you do with that Scripture now that you no longer have sacrificial worship & the shedding of the blood of animals as a type of the cleansing of sin?

       27. "HOW DO YOU GET SAVED? HOW DO YOU GET FORGIVENESS OF YOUR SINS when there's no longer animal sacrifices, no longer the shedding of blood, when Moses said without the shedding of Blood there's no remission of sin!" "Oh," he said, "today we believe that our sacrifice is a sacrifice of just prayer & worship. We don't have to have a temple or the animal sacrifices any more. Our sacrifice today is just prayer worship." I thought to myself, "Isn't that a pretty bloodless religion, when Moses said without the shedding of blood there's no remission?" (Heb.9:19-22)

       28. WELL, OF COURSE, AS SOME HAVE SAID, WE BELIEVE IN A BLOODY RELIGION! "The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin!" (1Jn.1:7) He was the final ultimate sacrifice for sin. He was the final ultimate Lamb of God slain for the remission of your sins. He took the punishment of your sins in His Own body on that tree, the cross, & that was the last efficacious, effective, legal, authoritative religious sacrifice of blood for sin as far as God was concerned.

       29. NOT ANOTHER SACRIFICE AFTER THE MOMENT JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS MEANT A THING! Not another animal slain upon that altar before the Temple for another almost 40 years after Jesus was killed, not another one of those sacrifices for 40 years meant a thing to God! [DELETED] [EDITED: "B"]ecause the final ultimate Lamb of God had been slain & shed His blood already as a sacrifice for you & me upon the cross of Calvary! There is no other sacrifice! All other sacrifices were merely a type & a foreshadowing, a prophecy of the coming sacrifice of Jesus Christ & His blood on the cross for our sins.

       30. TEMPLE WORSHIP FROM THAT TIME ON WAS IN VAIN! The Jewish Temple worship was a mockery run by the ones who had killed Christ Himself, the ones who had rejected their own Messiah [DELETED] the Scribes, the Pharisees, the high priests. [DELETED]


       32. PTL! HALLELUJAH! WELL, I DIDN'T INTEND TO GET INTO ALL OF THAT, BUT I'M TRYING TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE BACKGROUND OF WHAT'S HAPPENED. So Jesus died there on God's altar, the cross, represented by every crucifix in the World, believed by every Christian, trusted by every son & daughter of God who trusts Jesus Christ for their salvation & His blood shed for their sins, observed every time we observe the sacrament, the host, the Holy Eucharist, Communion or whatever you happen to call it, the Lord's Supper, the Last Supper when we take the bread & the wine. The bread, representing His body broken for us, our healing. The wine representing His blood shed for our salvation. This is the Lord's Supper.

       33. HE SAID, "AS OFT AS YE DO IT, YE DO IT IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME, & ye do show the Lord's death till He comes." (1Co.11:24-26.) It's a testimony, it's a witness, it's a sign that we believe. That's the only sacrament left to the church, that's the only official ceremony authorised by Jesus Christ Himself to continue to be performed by His followers, the believers in Jesus.

       34. THE OLD TEMPLE-WORSHIP WAS SWEPT AWAY WITH THE TEMPLE! It kept on going for another 40 years [EDITED: "until"] the Roman legions [EDITED: "came"] down to Jerusalem & they destroyed it! They destroyed the Temple, never left even one stone standing on another, & they crucified a hundred thousand Jews upon the hills surrounding Jerusalem, & one million Jews throughout the Holy Land.

       35. [EDITED: "Since then the Jews"] have been persecuted & hounded from one country to another throughout the entire Earth, until they have been scattered into every nation on the face of the Earth. [DELETED]




       39. SO WHO ARE ISRAEL? WHO IS ISRAEL? That's important for you to understand, the Scripture. It's no longer the Jews, it's no longer the land of Israel!--You are Israel! You are the Children of God today who are believers in Jesus & have Jesus in your heart & are saved! And you are His land today! You are His kingdom! You are the Kingdom of God, for the Kingdom of God is within you! Jesus Himself said! Look it up in the Book of Luke. (Lk.17:21.) Amen? Praise God? Do you believe it?


       42. JESUS HIMSELF SAID THAT "HE WHO RECEIVES ME NOT, ALSO RECEIVES NOT THE FATHER." For He said, "If they had received the Father, they would have received Me." (Mt.10:40; Jn.14:7.) [DELETED]

       43. AND THAT'S WHAT THE APOSTLES TEACH US ABOUT THE JEWS IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. That's what the Prophets of God teach us about the Jews in the Old Testament as well! [DELETED]

       44. [DELETED] And yet He's allowing some of them to be gathered back to that land that they used to call Israel, which is no more Israel any more, really. We are really the Israel of God today, we are the only true Children of God today! Every Christian is a Child of God, the Children of God, the Israel of God, & ye are the land of God! You are the land of the dream!--The dream of every prophet of God!--The dream of every child of God. You are the land of Israel! You are the Kingdom of God!

       45. THE NATURAL LAND OF ISRAEL IS MERELY A HISTORICAL PIECE OF PROPERTY STOLEN AWAY NOW BY THE UNBELIEVING [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] FROM THE CHRISTIAN ARABS to whom it belonged, to whom God had rightfully given it. Stolen away by force & violence & at the point of guns! They have driven out these Christian Arabs from their homes, from their own land to be wanderers in strange lands, like you & me. Driven out of every country on the face of this Earth, persecuted all over the World, having no home here on this Earth, pilgrims & strangers seeking for a City whose Builder & Maker is God! (He.11:10,13.) Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! That final great Space City, the Holy City come down from God out of Heaven to dwell upon Earth! A New Earth wherein there is no more sea! (Re.21:1.)

       46. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHERE GOD'S GOING TO PUT A BIG CITY LIKE THAT, 1500 MILES SQUARE, 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide, 1500 miles high?! You say, "Well, where's He going to put it? My goodness, that's half the size of the United States! That's as big as all Europe! If He sets it on the World anywhere it will cover up a whole lot of countries! What's He going to do with a city like that?" Well, there's not going to be any more oceans, no more sea! The Atlantic's 3000 miles wide, it will only cover half the Atlantic! The Pacific is 8000 miles wide, there's gonna be lots more room!

       47. I'VE HEARD SOME PEOPLE SAY, "OH IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! How could there ever be a resurrection of all the believers of the past? There wouldn't be room enough on Earth for them all!" Well, the World as it stands today is only about one-fifth dry land, & the other four-fifths is water! So when God dries up all the seas there's going to be five times as much land to live on!--Plenty of room for billions!

       48. DON'T WORRY ABOUT OVERPOPULATION! Don't worry about World starvation, it ain't so, it's never going to happen! God won't let it. He's going to increase the arable land area five times, 500 percent, five times as much as it is today. The oceans are going to be drained dry & we're going to have all the land & all the space necessary for a huge population & plenty of room for that 1500-mile-square City to land! Hallelujah? Praise God! TYJ!

       49. WELL, ALL THAT COMMENTARY ON THE 21ST VERSE OF THE 37TH CHAPTER OF EZEKIEL! God help us! Well, I began to wonder sometimes about some of these fine points & these fine measurements & intricate interpretations of the Word of God, & I was wondering a little bit about it myself sometimes. How could I know so much? Well, tonight the Lord said that He made me a Vernier! He said, "They can't stop you, you're a Vernier!" Praise God! Hallelujah! They can't stop me--they might kill me, but they can't stop me!

       50. THEY'LL NEVER STOP THE TRUTH, THEY'LL NEVER STOP THE WORD! We distribute about 40 million copies of God's Word every year, think of that! We preach the Gospel to hundreds of millions every year, in fact, about two billion people every year. We win to the Lord millions of souls every year, about a half-a-million souls a year! They'll never be able to stop that, never! They can never kill us all! "They Can't Stop Our Rain!" Hallelujah? TYJ! PTL! (See No.128.)

       51. "BEHOLD I WILL TAKE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL FROM AMONG THE HEATHEN!" Hallelujah! He's done it already! All of us hippies & Children of God, Family of Love & disciples of Christ! He's taken us out "from among the heathen whither they be gone, & will gather them on every side, & will bring them into their own land." Praise God, I'm in the land of Canaan already--how about you? (Sings:)

       52. "OH, YE NEED NOT LOOK FOR ME DOWN IN EGYPT'S LAND"--that's the World--
       "For I have pitched my tent far up in Canaan Land!
       Ye need not look for me down in Egypt's land,
       For I have pitched my tent far up in Canaan Land!"

That's God's Israel, Canaan Land! We've already arrived! We're already in the Kingdom! We've got our land in our hearts, spiritually, Jesus! TYL! Hallelujah! Amen? PG! TYJ!

       53. "I WILL GATHER THEM ON EVERY SIDE & BRING THEM TO THEIR OWN LAND; & I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel, & one king shall be king to them all: And they shall be no more two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all."--Not going to let us be divided into two kingdoms. We kicked out the people who were bringing all the division, kicked out 300 leaders at one time along with Jethro & Deborah & Rachel & their whole Chain!

       54. WE KICKED'M ALL OUT BECAUSE THEY WERE BRINGING DIVISION, trying to divide the kingdom, leaders who were rebellious & not conforming to the Word of God, not following the Letters, not loving the sheep. Instead of feeding the sheep they were fleecing the sheep! Instead of loving the sheep they were shearing the sheep! Not satisfied with the wool, but the skin too! So we got rid of'm, no more divided kingdom!

       55. 23RD VERSE: "NEITHER SHALL THEY DEFILE THEMSELVES ANY MORE WITH THEIR IDOLS, nor with their detestable things, nor with any of their transgressions." Oh my, what detestable things you hippies had when we first found you, all those drugs & filthiness! "But I will save them out of all their dwelling places"--all those dirty hippie communes you used to live in--"wherein they have sinned, & I will cleanse them: so shall they be My people, & I will be their God." Hallelujah? Isn't that what happened to you?

       56. "AND DAVID MY SERVANT SHALL BE KING OVER THEM; & THEY ALL SHALL HAVE ONE SHEPHERD: they shall also walk in My judgements, & observe My statutes & do them." And what are those? The Bible & the MO-Letters, the Word of God! We're going to have just one kingdom--we've got it! We're in it! And here are the statutes! (Holds up Bible.) Praise God? Here are His judgements. Observe them!

       57. 25TH VERSE: "AND THEY SHALL DWELL IN THE LAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UNTO JACOB My servant wherein your fathers have dwelt; & they shall dwell therein, even they & their children, & their children's children for ever." The Jews are not going to dwell in Israel forever, let me tell you, but we're going to dwell in the Kingdom of God forever!

       58. "AND MY SERVANT DAVID SHALL BE THEIR PRINCE FOREVER!" Praise God! Jesus is going to be our King, King of Kings! I'll only be a Prince, but I'll still be there! PTL! "Moreover I will make a covenant of peace with them; it shall be an everlasting covenant with them: & I will set My sanctuary in the midst of them for evermore." Hallelujah! In that Holy City there will be the sanctuary of God.

       59. WE WILL BE THE SANCTUARY OF GOD, WE WILL BE HIS HOLY TEMPLE! Praise God? We already are! "Ye are the Temple of the Holy Ghost!" (1Co.6:19.) You are the temple of God already! There's no more old Jewish Temple any more, & God's even displeased with all these Christian temples! They're not houses of God! God doesn't dwell in houses built with hands, He says so! You just read it, first part of the teachings of the precious Gospels & the Book of Acts & so on. (Ac.7:48,49.)

       60. HE SAYS, "MY TABERNACLE ALSO SHALL BE WITH THEM: YEA, I WILL BE THEIR GOD, & THEY SHALL BE MY PEOPLE. And the heathen shall know that I the Lord do sanctify Israel"--purify, set them apart--"when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them for evermore." What sanctuary? What is His sanctuary? What did the Temple represent? What did that holy place represent? What did the Holy of Holies represent? What did the Ark of the Covenant represent which was within the Holy of Holies? It represented the presence of God, right? And then it was called the Temple of God because He was supposed to dwell there.

       61. IT'S NO LONGER THE TEMPLE OF GOD, IN FACT, THE TEMPLE IS GONE & THE ARK IS GONE! God already caught it up to Heaven! You know where the Ark is today? It's been a great mystery. Well, you just read the Bible & you'll find out it's already in Heaven! Praise God! (Re.11:19.) We're going to keep it up there for a souvenir! Hallelujah! "My sanctuary shall be in the midst of them"--My people--"for evermore." Where is His temple today? What is His temple today? You're His temple! Where is His sanctuary today? Where does He dwell today?--In you & me! We're His temple! We're His sanctuary! He's in our midst, within us! Hallelujah? TYJ? PTL!

       62. WELL, ALL OF THAT TO SHOW YOU THAT HERE GOD AGAIN MENTIONS ABOUT ALL THIS JUST BEFORE HE STARTS TELLING ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST, so I feel it has a definite relationship. The Lord was literally telling you that this had something to do with what's to follow, that these are events immediately preceding events to follow in the 38th & 39th Chapters.--That before the 38th & 39th Chapters began, before this anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-religious Red Beast arose, Red government & anti-God Antichrist leader arose to make war upon His Saints, there had to be some Saints!--And we're it! Praise God! Hallelujah! And every Christian who really loves Jesus.

       63. SO NOW WE GET INTO THE 38TH CHAPTER, & NOW WE BEGIN TO GET INTO THE FUTURE! We've just been reading about the immediate present & past. We just read you a fulfilled prophecy, really, in the 37th chapter, 21st to 28th verses about David & his kingdom, a Prince of God! Hallelujah? TYL! TYJ? PTL? Now we get into a very interesting chapter involving the World as it is today & will be very soon, its politics, its nations, its wars & its leaders. A very remarkable chapter of the Bible given to the Prophet Ezekiel almost 2500 years ago, think of that!

       64. WE'VE JUST BEEN STUDYING DANIEL RECENTLY, HE WAS A PROPHET OF GOD TOO, 2500 YEARS AGO! Two-&-a-half millenniums ago, two-&-a-half thousand years ago! How could he so accurately predict the future & the very End, as Daniel did & which we've studied already, & as Ezekiel now does? Here he begins to predict things that are about to happen, things which have not happened yet but which are going to happen soon!--I believe very soon! Just almost as soon as this Chapter 38 follows Chapter 37! We've in a sense been living Chapter 37 today, & are to this very day. Soon Chapter 38 is going to begin, I believe it!

       65. AND YOU WHO ARE LIVING TODAY REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN! Don't you want to know? Don't you think you should know? So you will understand what's happening & you will know what's what & who's who! Who's going to be on the side of the Antichrist, what nations are going to be on his side & what nations are going to be against him? This chapter tells you about that, along with the 11th Chapter of Daniel, it tells you exactly what nations are going to be for him & what nations are going to be against him! That is, at first. Pretty soon he forces them all to be for him, in spite of a lot of them still against him. All right, now the Prophet Ezekiel starts to tell us by the Word of God:

       66. "AND THE WORD OF THE LORD CAME UNTO ME." Ezekiel 38, 1st verse. Ezekiel wasn't saying things out of his head, he wasn't saying things out of his own ideas & his own imagination, it was the Word of the Lord! It says it right there: "The Word of the Lord." I don't give you stuff that I dreamed up out of my own imagination! I give you stuff out of my dreams, but I got'm from the Lord! PTL? Hallelujah? I could never have dreamed up such strange stuff as I get in my dreams!

       67. I NEVER HEARD THE WORD VERNIER BEFORE! I didn't even know it was a word! I didn't know what it meant! And yet I had it in a dream this afternoon in which someone said, apparently by the Word of the Lord, someone standing beside me said, "They can't stop you, you're a Vernier!" Well, in order to find out what a Vernier really is you'll have to read our Letter on that subject, won't you? Praise God! That'll be in another revelation! Hallelujah! (See No.1311, "The Vernier Dream!")

       68. I'M A VERNIER, IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT A VERNIER IS, & I'M DOING A LITTLE VERNIERING RIGHT TONIGHT HERE as we measure & compute & calculate to a fine point, exact precision measurements of these prophecies of God! PTL! There I gave you a little hint of what a Vernier is! The Prophets of God are God's Verniers, His measurers of the Word, His calculators, computers, His delicate precision instruments who are authoritative teachers of the Word of God, who have the authority to explain it to you. PTL!

       69. 2ND VERSE: "SON OF MAN, SET THY FACE AGAINST GOG, THE LAND OF MAGOG." "Now what are you talking about here, Gog & Magog? Never heard of such places! They're not on the maps." Well, they used to be! In fact, they were places which existed before there were any maps! And the land of Magog is the ancient name of guess what country today?--Russia!

       70. HE SAID, "SET YOUR FACE AGAINST RUSSIA & AGAINST GOG--that's the leader of Russia--"the chief prince of Meshech"--the ancient name of Moscow--"and Tubal"--the ancient name of Tobolsk, one of the chief cities of Eastern Russia. "And prophesy against him"--this Gog who will be the coming leader, the coming Antichrist leader of anti-Christ Russia!

       71. WHAT GREAT NATION, WHAT GREAT SUPERPOWER, WHAT GREAT POLITICAL & ECONOMIC SYSTEM OF TODAY IS OFFICIALLY ANTI-GOD & anti-religious & anti-Christ?--Russia, Communism! The Red Beast, as God calls them, particularly the final leader, the Antichrist, is called the Red Beast. And God tells us they're inspired by the Red Dragon, the Devil. (Rev.12:9) "Prophesy against him, & say"--3rd verse:

       72. "THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD; BEHOLD, I AM AGAINST THEE, O GOG, THE CHIEF PRINCE OF MESHECH & TUBAL!" These are the major centers of the two most important parts of Russia! Moscow the major center & capital of Russia, & Tubal, Tobolsk, the major center of Eastern Russia & Siberia! 4th verse: "And I will turn thee back, & put hooks into thy jaws, & I will bring thee forth, & all thine army, horses & horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers & shields, all of them handling swords."

       73. "WELL," YOU SAY, "DAD, THAT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE ANY MODERN WARFARE TODAY! It sounds pretty ancient & antiquated & antique to be fighting an army with horses & swords & shields & armour! That doesn't sound like anything modern." Well, what could the Prophet say? What kind of words could he use for our modern armies & soldiers? In fact, if you see some of these riots & the riot police marching out today to try to control the riots, you see that they've gone back to helmets & armour & shields & swords or batons! How about that? And on horses too!

       74. BUT EVEN HERE HE'S TALKING ABOUT ARMIES, BIG ARMIES! You say, "They don't use horses & shields & swords & helmets & armour in armies any more!" Oh, they don't? They even still call them armour--armoured cars, armoured tanks! They're shields of defense against the enemy! You say, "Yeah, but they don't wear helmets!" Oh yeah? Did you ever see a tank driver? He wears a helmet, did you know that? Like a biker's helmet to keep his head from being knocked against the walls of the tank when it jostles around & hits bumps or gets hit. Horses & horsemen? Do you know what? They still call them the cavalry!

       75. THEY STILL CALL TANK WARFARE TODAY THE ARMOURED CAVALRY! Even if there's not a horse in it, they call it the cavalry! How about that? So it's the modern horse today. The modern automobile is the modern horse today & it has drivers which therefore are horsemen, driving modern gasoline-powered horses, & even still classify them according to their horsepower, right? So these tanks & armoured personnel carriers & so on are horses of today.

       76. AFTER ALL, HOW ELSE COULD THE PROPHET DESCRIBE THEM? He no doubt saw these things in his visions & he saw these strange carriages & chariots puffing away smoke & everything else & probably thought they were some kind of dragons, not only horses. He must have really been mystified! He also saw these great birds flying in the air spitting fire & everything! Wait till you get to Revelation, they're all described there! I mean, it's so mysterious, he calls them locusts flying in the air, & he calls them these iron horsemen on the ground & so on. I mean, what else could he call them?

       77. ANOTHER PROPHET SAID THAT THE CHARIOTS SHALL JOSTLE ONE ANOTHER IN THE BROADWAYS! "They shall run like lightning, & jostle one another in the broadways." (Na.2:4.) Cars at night with their headlights look like lightning, & they're chariots, & they certainly jostle one another in the broadways!--Thousands of people killed every year from this jostling & all the auto accidents!

       78. SO THE PROPHET HAS TO USE WORDS HE KNOWS! He has to use the terminology he knows. He has to use the only words he's got. He never heard of a tank, he never heard of a plane, he never heard of a gun! So what is he going to say? He's gotta say they're chariots, or horses with horsemen. Swords?--Guns! Chariots?--Tanks! Horsemen?--The drivers!

       79. NOW, 5TH VERSE, IT STARTS TELLING US ABOUT SOME OF THE COUNTRIES. Who's who!--Who's going to be on his side & who's going to fight against him. Here's Persia. What's Persia?--It's Iran. Ethiopia, that's part of ancient Abyssinia. "And Libya with them." Which way is Iran going to go? Right now it's tottering & on the brink & almost collapsing because it has declared itself against both America & Russia, against both Superpowers. Yet you always hear them talk about the Great Satan U.S.A. & that Devil Carter! And I guess they've got a new Devil, Reagan now! You never hear them talking that bad about Russia, do you? Russia's not the Great Satan, the U.S. is the Great Satan! Brezhnev is not the great Devil, or the leader of Russia is not the great Devil, Jimmy Carter & Reagan are the great Devils!

       80. WHICH WAY IS IRAN GOING TO GO? YOU DON'T HAVE TO GUESS ABOUT IT! You don't have to guess about whose hand Iran is going to fall into, it's right here in the Bible! It's been here for 2500 years since Ezekiel prophesied it, that when the forces of Russia begin to invade the Near East to capture Israel, Palestine, Jerusalem, & put down this war between the Jews & the Arabs & settle the whole issue, who's going to be on whose side? Persia, Iran, is going to be right with them! "With them"--it says it plain as day! Ethiopia!--Where's Ethiopia today?

       81. WELL, TONIGHT'S A NIGHT WE COULD HAVE HAD A MAP, YOU KNOW? If we'd had one it would have been nice, especially if it has any nice coloured countries to show you where these places are. Maybe we can get a little idea of exactly where these places are & point them out to you on the map. Here we are! Hallelujah! Exactly what we need! Yes, Son! This is our dear faithful cameraman, here, he's putting the map over here where you can see it. All right! And I'm going to turn around & look at it now, so you stop looking at me & look at the map. I'm going to show you where they are!

       82. HERE'S PERSIA, RIGHT HERE, TODAY CALLED IRAN. Ethiopia! Right down here in the horn of Africa, shared with Somalia, all used to be called Abyssinia. What kind of a government rules Ethiopia today?--A Communist government, pro-Russian, already with Russia or Magog. Which way's Iran going to go? It's going to fall into the hands of the Russians!--And Iran is going to be with them. He mentioned Iran or Persia first because at that time, even in the Prophet's day it was a great power, important power.

       83. IRAN, PERSIA, ETHIOPIA, & WHO ELSE WITH THEM? DO YOU REMEMBER?--LIBYA! We can't quite see it, it's just off the map just next door to Egypt. Here's Egypt, & right over here, this yellow here is Libya. And here it says "Libyan Desert" right there. Where is Libya today? Same place, same country, same time, same station. Right here, right where it was when the Prophet was talking! Ethiopia, still where it was when the Prophet was speaking.--And Persia was the ancient name of Iran!

       84. DID YOU KNOW IT WAS STILL CALLED PERSIA WHEN I WAS A BOY? They only changed the name after World War 1. But the Devil hasn't been able to change some of these names, because the Lord wanted you to still recognise what these countries were. But every student of geography knows that Iran used to be Persia.

       85. SO WHO'S GOING TO BE WITH THE RUSSIANS, Magog, when it marches into the Near East to conquer it & settle the Oil War & the Atomic War & the war between the Jews & the Arabs & all the rest? And who's supposed to run Jerusalem & all that? Who's going to be with him when he marches in?--Iran, Ethiopia & Libya! Plain as day!

       86. WHAT ABOUT LIBYA TODAY?--IS IT SIDING WITH THE RUSSIANS? Well, the Russians are certainly siding with Libya, that's for sure! The Russians are absolutely siding with Libya, & Libya is siding with Russia, because Russia furnishes Libya with arms. [DELETED]

       87. [DELETED][EDITED: "Godahfi has"] been very friendly towards Russia, made lots of trips to Moscow to meet the leaders there & they arm him & supply him. He doesn't make trips to Washington like that! Washington doesn't supply him with planes & guns & tanks & armour, but Russia does! He's already with Russia as far as God's Word is concerned.

       88. BUT HERE'S SOME SHOCKERS! Who else is going to be with Russia? Here we have the 6th verse now: "Gomer, & all his bands." And do you know what Gomer's an ancient name of?--Germany! Germany & all the Germanic peoples, "all his bands." Do you know where most of the Germanic people are located & where the Germanic languages are?--Scandinavians, Dutch, the countries bordering & around Germany. Gomer, Germany & all his bands.--The Germanic language countries!

       89. IF YOU'VE BEEN READING THE NEWSPAPERS & YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GERMAN POLITICS, they've been very very skittish about the U.S. attitude towards Russia. They've been very worried about the militant belligerent attitude of the new President against Russia, because poor dear Germany, half of it is already in Russian hands, & the other pitiful half is about to fall into Russian hands! Because they know with thousands & thousands of Russian tanks right now on their borders & hundreds of thousands of Russian troops & East European Communist troops, that when the war begins they will be the first to fall! And they also know, like nearly the whole World knows, everybody except the U.S. seems to know, that Russia is going to be the winner!

       90. THE COMMUNISTS HAVE ALREADY WON HALF THE WORLD, OR MORE THAN HALF! Talk about the Third World? The so-called non-aligned neutral nations? There are no neutrals! Read my Letter on it! (No.F.) Those so-called neutrals are nearly all pro-Russian, pro-Communist. There just are no such things as neutrals! There are no such things as non-aligned nations, they're pretending, they're faking it! They're trying to fool you so they can get lots of nice juicy money & help out of both sides. But actually they're already favouring Russia because they know Russia is going to win. Why join the loser, the U.S.A., when they can be on the winning side?

       91. GERMANY, RIGHT ON THE BORDER OF WHAT AMOUNTS TO RUSSIA TODAY, EAST GERMANY ALREADY UNDER RUSSIAN CONTROL, why should West Germany want to fight a huge monster like Russia & all Eastern Europe & most of Asia & the whole Communist World? Why should Germany again want to be the battlefield for the United States & [EDITED: "Israel"], to defend [EDITED: "Israel"][DELETED]? Well, the sensible leaders of Germany, from Willy Brandt to dear Mr. Schmidt, all realise they are going to have to somehow get along with Russia & make peace with Russia & be one of Russia's satellites rather than be its battlefield! Better Red than dead! (Until Kohl--he wants the bombs!)

       92. BUT THE U.S.A. IS CONTINUING TO BULLY & BELAY & BADGER POOR GERMANY into pretending to stay on the U.S. side, when Germany is trying to be for Germany now, as Europe's trying to be for Europe. They're sick & tired of fighting U.S. wars in Europe! [DELETED] They're sick of it! They're tired of being losers! This time they'd like to be winners & join the winning side! So here it is, right in the Bible plain as day! Gomer, the ancient name of Germany, is going to be right along with the Iranians, Ethiopians & Libyans, right along with the Russians! There it is, 6th verse. Did you read it? In the Bible! Look at the Bible! You can't read it on my face. "Gomer, & all his bands."--Also:

       93. "THE HOUSE OF TOGARMAH OF THE NORTH QUARTERS, & ALL HIS BANDS." By the way, there's a controversy between some students of ancient history & geography & the Bible & so on, as to whether that means Russia or Turkey. But since in this passage Russia is already called Magog, I'm inclined to believe it means Turkey. So who else is going to join?

       94. WHICH WAY IS TURKEY GOING TO GO RIGHT NOW? Both Iran & Turkey are torn between the two. Read the paper! The U.S. has been turning more & more against the Turks all the time, favouring the Greeks. Why? Because [DELETED] there are more Greek[EDITED: "s"] in the U.S.A., with the vote & pressure groups & lobbies to influence Congressional & Presidential decisions!

       95. BOY, DID THEY PUT THE SCREWS ON IN THE CYPRUS CONFLICT! Who won the favour of the U.S. & got the U.S. to send in a fleet between Turkey & Cyprus to intervene in the first Civil War there so that the Turks were prohibited from helping the poor Turks in Cyprus, whereas the Greeks were allowed to slip through? Where is U.S. sympathy? Who did the U.S. help?--The Greeks, not the Turks! And right now you read any newspaper, read any news accounts, all U.S. & Western sympathy is against Turkey & against the Turkish Cypriots & in favour of Greece & the Greek Cypriots. Just read it! It's all right there in your newspaper today.

       96. SO WHOSE SIDE IS TURKEY GOING TO BE ON WHEN THE SHOWDOWN COMES? She certainly hasn't gotten much sympathy or help from the U.S.A. or the West. The U.S. even refused to supply her with arms for awhile, cut off her military aid, cut off her funds. So Turkey just closed down all the U.S. bases!--I don't blame'm! They're still run by the Turks. So therefore the U.S. doesn't like it, so therefore the U.S. doesn't give Turkey much money any more. Although Turkey is supposed to be a part of NATO, one of the Western Allies like Greece, NATO & the West & the U.S. are now all favouring Greece against Turkey. [DELETED]

       97. AND DO YOU KNOW WHY THE TURKISH GOVERNMENT IS IN SUCH A MESS & the Turkish economy is in such a horrible mess & collapsing & Turkey's going bankrupt & falling into anarchy? You know why? For the same reason Chile did during the days of Allende. The U.S. government & the Western [EDITED: "ACs"] are engineering it because they favour Greece & they hate Turkey. So all they have to do is withdraw their financial help. All the U.S. has to do is withdraw its favour from Turkey & its military establishment, & its favour from the Turkish Cypriots.

       98. THE U.S. IS TO THIS DAY SIDING WITH THE GREEK CYPRIOTS & still talks about opening the Cypriot question, solving the Cypriot question. The Cyprus question is solved! Hallelujah! TYJ! In answer to my prayers which you'll read in "The Sword of the Lord!" (No.309A) which I got from the Lord years ago, '74 I think it was, down in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, in which the Lord showed me the Turkish Cypriots were going to win, & I prayed for them to win.--And they did!

       99. BECAUSE WE HAD LIVED IN CYPRUS, WE HAD KNOWN THE TURKS & WE HAD KNOWN THE GREEKS, & we know how the Greeks persecuted the Turks when only 1/5 of the population was Turkish. The Greeks outnumbered the Turks 4-to-1 & had driven them back into little tiny enclaves in various villages in various forts like Famagusta, had completely surrounded them, conquered them & only a truce at the end of that civil war even left any Turks alive on Cyprus & gave them any land whatsoever.

       100. SO THE LORD WAS WITH THE TURKS BECAUSE I PRAYED FOR THEM! We knew them, we talked with them & we realised how horribly they had been mistreated by the Greeks on Cyprus. They could never have had any kind of rights on Cyprus because even if they had had democracy, the Turks were only 1/5 of the vote & the Greeks would have had their way completely over the Turks. There was only one way the Turks could have gotten a square deal & a fair deal, & that's by Turkey marching in & helping them on Cyprus. So now today they've got about a fourth or a third of the land & there's even some controversy over that.

       101. AND THEY'VE REALLY GOT THE WORST PART OF THE COUNTRY DESPITE ALL THE [EDITED: "AC"] PROPAGANDA! They've got the hilliest & the least agricultural & really the worst part of the country, except they've got the best tourist part of the country. They've got Kyrenia & they've got Famagusta, & this just infuriates those dear Greek[EDITED: "s"] who used to own all those hotels in Famagusta & Kyrenia & made all the money at the expense of the Turks! And the Turks were just the poor menial slaves, manual labourers. The Turks were the cooks & the bellboys & the servants & did all the hard work, while those Greek[EDITED: "s"] had all the money & all the power & all the government & all the hotels & all the rest!

       102. SO PRAISE GOD, GOD FINALLY DID THE FAIR THING & CAME TO THE RESCUE OF THE POOR TURKISH CYPRIOTS, & I believe a lot of it was in answer to our own prayers because we had lived there & saw the difference. The Turks got their fair share, a square deal finally, & got their part of Cyprus that they deserved. And they've still got it, thank God! In spite of all the U.S. opposition, in spite of all the [EDITED: "AC"] opposition, in spite of all the Greek opposition & almost all the Western World's opposition, the dear poor Turks are still hanging on to Turkish Cyprus, thank God!

       103. SO IS IT ANY WONDER WHEN THE U.S. & THE WEST & ITS JEWS & ITS GREEKS HAVE CONSTANTLY FOUGHT AGAINST TURKEY & maligned Turkey & propagandised against Turkey & criticised & condemned Turkey & persecuted Turkey & the Turks & bankrupted its government & fought it tooth & toenail, is it any wonder that Turkey will finally give up in despair & join their traditional enemies, the Russians? So I believe Turkey is Togarmah!

       104. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO'S GOING TO JOIN WHO IN THIS BATTLE? Which way these countries will go that are now hanging in the balance between the two? Well, there you are! Iran has already declared its independence of the U.S.A., & Russia's already helping Iran. And whether Iran likes it or not, that's the way she'll have to go if she's going to survive. Just like I told Godahfi, small countries need big friends. The only way she's ever going to buck U.S. domineering domination is by finding a bigger friend, & she's already finding that friend in Russia.

       105. TURKEY?--TURKEY, ALREADY BANKRUPT & IN CHAOS & CONDEMNED & CRITICISED & ALREADY TRIED & CONDEMNED BY THE WEST, is going to have to finally turn to Russia for help & for a friend. Here it is right in the Bible, already told you right here by dear old Ezekiel 2500 years ago! Think of that! Isn't that wonderful? Praise God! "Togarmah of the north quarters." Where is Turkey in relation to Israel? Let's find Togarmah here, shall we? Here's Turkey right here. Here's Persia right here. Here's Libya right here. Here's Ethiopia right here.

       106. IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE DEAR ISRAEL IS GETTING PRETTY WELL SURROUNDED BY ENEMIES, & IT WILL BE! Syria is already pro-Russian. Iraq is armed & trained by Russia. Jordan, once a friend of the West, has finally gotten fed up with the U.S. & the West & seen that the poor Palestinians, whom Hussein hosts a million of, will never be able to go back to their country, & he'll never have any share of the Jordan that he used to have on the West Bank. Never! Never ever!--Not without a powerful friend, more powerful than the U.S.A.! So here you are.--Who else but Russia!

       107. EGYPT MADE A PACT WITH ISRAEL, NOW LET'S SEE WHAT GOOD IT DID EGYPT. We've already heard about some of these boys back in Daniel 11, haven't we? Want to turn back to Daniel 11 & see what it says there for a moment? Let's turn back to Daniel 11 & see! Have you got this now? All these countries talked about in the Bible that are going to be on Russia's side when she marches in.--Here you have'm! I'll circle around & begin down here with Ethiopia, Libya, Turkey, Iran ... & we'll get some more right from Daniel 11.

       108. IF YOU WANT TO TURN WITH ME NOW TO DANIEL WE'LL SEE WHAT HE HAD TO SAY HERE ABOUT THIS IN THE 11TH CHAPTER. Aha! Here we are! All right, Daniel 11, & it's almost the last part of the chapter, in the 41st verse are the first names of the countries mentioned. It's going to tell now who's going to be on Russia's side & who Russia makes it easy for. And the first one mentioned is guess what? "Edom, Moab, & the chief of the children of Ammon!" You know what country that is? I told you: Jordan!

       109. "HE SHALL ENTER ALSO INTO THE GLORIOUS LAND"--THAT'S ISRAEL--"BUT THESE SHALL ESCAPE OUT OF HIS HAND"--this is the Antichrist invasion of the Mideast--"even Edom & Moab & the chief of the children of Ammon." Right now the chief of the children of Ammon is King Hussein of Jordan & he lives in the city of Amman, that's his capital of his kingdom of Jordan. He's going to escape out of their hand because he's going to be an ally, a so-called neutral perhaps, or whatever they want to call him. Anyhow, he's not going to fight the Russians when they walk in. He's fed up with Israel & he'd just as soon the Russians would have it. Praise God? Now don't leave that Scripture, we've got a few more to mention here in the 42nd verse!

       110. "HE"--THIS ANTI-CHRIST LEADER OF RUSSIA, GOG--"SHALL STRETCH FORTH HIS HAND ALSO UPON THE COUNTRIES: & THE LAND OF EGYPT SHALL NOT ESCAPE. But he shall have power over the treasures of gold & of silver, & over all the precious things of Egypt." Aha! Sounds like Egypt is going to try to buck him, because they've got this new treaty with Israel & they're supposed to be a friend of Israel now. It sounds like Egypt is going to try to fight the Antichrist & the Russians, especially since they've got such a big new friend, the U.S.A.

       111. BUT THEN IT GOES ON & SAYS, "THE LIBYANS & THE ETHIOPIANS SHALL BE AT HIS STEPS." Isn't that just what we got through reading you from Ezekiel? The Ethiopians & the Libyans are going to be with him, along with the Persians, the Iranians & the Turks. It's all right there in the Bible, plain as day! OK, that's Daniel 11, you've got those there, just what Ezekiel got through saying, & Daniel said it too. So here we are. We'll go back to Ezekiel 38 & 39. PTL? Are we making any progress? Hallelujah! TYL! Well, that's about half the tape, an hour-&-a-half. If you guys can stand any more, you're doing pretty good.

       112. "TOGARMAH", TURKEY, "OF THE NORTH QUARTERS." Where is Turkey as we said? Is it North of Israel? Take a look again. There's Turkey, north of Israel right here! There it is! PTL! And there's the Word of God right behind it! See, the Bible backs up the map! The map backs up the Bible! PTL! TYJ! "Togarmah of the north quarters, & all his bands: and many people with thee." He's talking to the Antichrist now when He says Gog.

       113. VERSE 7: "BE THOU PREPARED, & PREPARE FOR THYSELF, THOU, & ALL THY COMPANY THAT ARE ASSEMBLED UNTO THEE, & BE THOU A GUARD UNTO THEM." Russia is going to guard all these friendly nations. Russia's going to come down there & going to protect them, guard them & save them from the dear old U.S.A. & the West. So that is a good place, I think, to stop maybe this half of our videotape on the study of Bible Prophecy. I'm hot & tired myself, & you must be getting hot under the collar yourself, especially if you're [DELETED] an American or a Westerner or a Greek.

       114. LET'S SEE, HOW MANY FRIENDS HAVE I LOST TONIGHT? I've forgotten how many friends I lost the other night. Well, I'm sorry. That's just the way it reads & that's just the way it is! It's right here in the Book, right here in the Bible! Don't get mad at me, I didn't say it!--God said it right here! Ezekiel said it--get mad at him! He's out of your reach now, praise God! He's been with the Lord for two-&-a-half thousand years, so he really knew what he was talking about.

       115. WE'RE GOING TO GET DOWN TO SOME MORE PEOPLE, MORE SPECIFIC! In this passage, in the next half of this study we're going to find out who is going to be on the Western side, the U.S. side. Who's going to be against Gog & Magog, against the Antichrist & the Russian forces. Would you like to know who's going to be their enemies? I've told you already, or God has, through the mouths of His Prophets Ezekiel & Daniel, who are going to be their friends, who are going to be siding with them, who are going to be the winners in the war & who are going to help them.

       116. TOMORROW NIGHT, GOD WILLING, OR ON THE NEXT HALF OF THIS TAPE--I hope you don't try to sit through the whole three hours of it in one sitting, maybe I'd better quit so you can quit--we'll start telling you about who Russia's enemies are going to be. We're going to tell you about who the Bible says are going to fight against Russia & are going to object to her invasion of the Mideast!

       117. WELL, YOU OUGHTTA KNOW THAT PRETTY WELL ALREADY, IT'S IN THE NEWSPAPERS EVERY DAY! You don't even have to read the Bible to find that out. But you could have found it out 2500 years ago right in the Bible! It was predicted already who was going to fight Russia & who was going to object to her invasion of the Mideast. But I think that's as far as we need to go tonight. I'm tired & I'm sure you're tired & I think it's a good time to quit, praise God? We're halfway through our tape, or a little over half, so PTL!

       118. WE'RE ENDING OUR STUDY FOR TONIGHT AT THE END OF THAT PARAGRAPH, VERSE 7, & we'll begin our study tomorrow night, God willing, with paragraph 8, verse 8, & we'll find out exactly what's going to happen & how it's going to happen. How the invasion is going to come, even the direction it's going to come & who the enemies of Russia are going to be!

       119. TONIGHT YOU LEARNED ALL ABOUT WHO RUSSIA'S FRIENDS ARE GOING TO BE, the lands that are going to be spared because they are going to fight on Russia's side, & so Russia's going to spare'm & guard them & take care of them, etc. But tomorrow night you're going to find out who else is going to be Russia's enemy besides Egypt, & of course, obviously Israel. And it's all in the Bible. Praise God!

       120. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THY WORD, BLESS IT & MAKE IT A BLESSING! We thank You Lord that we believe this Holy Book, the Holy Bible, to be Thy Word spoken by Thy Prophets in ancient times, even talking about times long past their day, past their death, really their life, their second life to be with Thee.--Prophecies You gave them then so we'd read them & hear them now & know what's going to happen to us now & tomorrow!

       121. NO WONDER, LORD, YOU HAD TO PROPHESY SO LONG AGO, BECAUSE PROPHETS HAVE BEEN SO FEW SINCE THEN!--So few men of God have been willing to tell the Truth! So few men of Thine have been willing to speak out & say the Truth & what You had to say for the fear of their lives, lest they be killed & martyred & persecuted like the Prophets of old were! We've had very few Prophets since then, Lord.

       122. WE THANK YOU, LORD, THAT YOU'VE RAISED UP TODAY THOUSANDS OF PROPHETS IN THIS LAST DAY!--Thy Children, every one a Prophet of God! Every one proclaiming the Truth! A Prophet being a forth-teller of truth.--Not only a fore-teller, not only a predictor, but a forth-teller: One who tells forth, proclaims forth, preaches the Gospel, the Truth! Hallelujah for every one of our Prophets, Lord! Even little Prophets, tiny children singing on the street corners & testifying & telling the truth, depicting it in skits & preaching the Gospel! Every tiny little child of ours is a Prophet of Thine, Lord, telling the Truth, forth-telling the Gospel & fore-telling the future, even in their songs! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       123. PRAISE YOU LORD FOR THY PROPHETS & THOSE WILLING TO STAND FOR THE TRUTH, SUFFER FOR THE TRUTH & EVEN DIE FOR THE TRUTH! We have said it, Lord, it's the Truth! Here we stand, we can do no other! It's Thy Word! You said it, Lord, we're only reading it & explaining it. Help these who are watching & listening, to believe it & to follow it accordingly, & make sure they're on the right side when the time comes. TYL! Which is really neither side, neither West nor East, neither U.S. nor U.S.S.R., but Thy side, God's side, Your side, Jesus!

       124. WE ARE ON THE LORD'S SIDE! TYJ! We can join one side or the other if we want to, temporarily, whatever's best for us & our safety & the Gospel & our activities & freedom of preaching it. We can even join the winner for awhile if we want to, Russia & the Communists, because we know they're going to win. Your Word predicts it. And even if we didn't know a thing about the Bible, Lord, we could read it in every newspaper, how they're winning the World & how dumb the United States & the West are, how weak they are, how retreating they are! In spite of the new U.S. President's new great militant belligerent stand, it's not going to save him!

       125. PRECIOUS LORD, BLESS & KEEP US, HELP US TO STAY ON THE RIGHT SIDE, YOUR SIDE, the Lord's side, & be willing to die for it, in Jesus' name! Help us be willing to live & die for You, Jesus, & for those who need You. Bless those watching & listening & make them a blessing to many. You promised in those Last Days that the wise should instruct many, so we ask Thee to help them now to understand.

       126. "THEY OF UNDERSTANDING SHALL INSTRUCT MANY" (Da.11:33) & only the wise should understand. So give them the wisdom of Thy Word from these studies now that they may in the Future understand & instruct many about what's going to happen to prepare them for it, in Jesus' name!--Amen. TYJ! PTL! GBY! X! WLY! Good night, & we trust you'll enjoy these studies & gain much from them. PTL? Amen? Well, I said goodnight two or three times, when are you going to shut the door? Ha! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family